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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] deadly storms, severe weather moves through maryland leaving destruction in its wake. good evening, thanks for
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joining us. i'm adam may, that's what people are talking about tonight. we begin with all this information on severe weather. a woman has been crushed by a fallen tree. right now tens of thousands of people are actually without power. here is some video just into the eyewitness newsroom. this is down from the dc suburbs of montgomery county and prince george's county where you can see monstrous trees collapse tonight. bernadette woods will have a closer look at the path of that storm, but let's begin with derrek valcourt and a view of all the damage. >> reporter: in some cases those storms rolled through in just a couple of minutes, but that was enough to do damage and kill a woman. >> i was told that the tree fell down as the car was coming through. two people were in the car. >> reporter: the storm caught
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some of the worse damage in the washington dc suburbs, from bethesda to chevy chase. >> i looked out the window, it was a dark gray horizontal movement of green and gray. >> reporter: a wjz viewer snapped these images where strong winds toppled tents. wind damage wreaked havoc on power lines across the area. the storms caught many marylanders by surprise. >> i was lying by the pool. my wife says looks like a storm coming. >> reporter: within seconds, a storm was rearing down on them. >> i grabbed my towel and shoes, and ran toward the barn. >> reporter: by then the strong winds were already on them. snapping trees around the house. >> i could see these trees all
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coming down. then small stuff was going that way. but small trees were going one after the other. i thought it would be more damage. >> reporter: the winds even toppled down this tree, the chimney kept it from falling on the home. the coast guard said they rescued 77 people out on the bay. at last check 55,000 people tonight are still without power. most of them down in anne arundel county and prince george's county. derek valcourt, wjz news. right now our forecast coverage continues with bernadette woods. >> it was a very fast moving system. we want to take you out here. we started with a tornado warning out west. you can see two different areas
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of very complex thunderstorms. producing mainly wind damage are the reports we heard. then continues out to sea, and it's no longer with us. wind damage reports area wide with wind gusts as high as as 70 miles per hour. even a tornado watch for montgomery county. one of the big reasons all of this happened was the heat. we're going to show you today, not only did we have all those strong thunderstorms but we topped out at a record high temperature once again of 100 degrees. but, with this front going through, we're going to see a little bit of relief on this front, and we'll have that coming up. stay with wjz for first warning coverage. we're always updating it right there on a major story tonight, an innocent passer by is killed in
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the midst of a chaotic hit and run. it was when he crashed into that civilian car, a honda civic you see there in the background that the accident turned fatal. the victim is a 25-year-old woman from virginia, and hicks was eventually arrested. >> he's going to face a litany of charges, narcotic charges, evading police. >> now police says that hicks has an extensive criminal history and is wanted on an open warrant right now. early this morning, another fatal police accident. this one left a motorcycle dead and a city police officer suspended. that officer is accused of engaging in an unauthorized chase. >> reporter: the body of 26-
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year-old haynes hollingsworth on the street. police say he was trying to get away from officer beal. >> he was asked to seize the assist of this motorcycle chase, and for some reason he didn't. >> reporter: beal chased the motorcyclist, at 3:00 a.m. the fatal crash an exit on the beltway. >> the motorcyclist was ejected from the motorcycle on to the hood of the car and on to the roadway. >> reporter: findings of the investigation will be turned over to the police department for possible charges. >> we have some concerns, i'll be blunt. there's no chase policy unless of course they are going after
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a criminal who poses a significant threat to life. the preliminary investigation suggests none of that at this time. >> reporter: a month ago that same motorcyclist was arrested for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. sergio kendall fell down two flights of stairs in austin texas over the weekend. right now he's in stable condition and members of the ravens staff are in connection with him in houston texas. nearly 100,000 classified documents have been leaked. the new york times plans to reveal details of the war in afghanistan that have never been released before. among the exposed information, a number of unreported civilian deaths at the hands of nato forces. nato leaders fear that pakistan and iran are behind the insurgency.
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the source of the leak is a u.s. army analyst who was recently arrested in iraq. u.s. and nato forces are searching eastern afghanistan for two missing american forces. one was killed in a gunfight and one had been captured. american officials are stopping and searching vehicles currently trying to find the men. now to the gulf of mexico where there has been major developments tonight. in fact, we're learning that the ceo of bp could be replaced at any moment. kenneth gibson reports tonight for wjz. >> cbs news has learned bp's chief executive is expected to step down sometime after monday's board of director's meeting. a spokesperson said tony hayward remains the ceo of bp. he has the confident of the
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board and senior management. dudley was considered for ceo in 2007 but lost out to hayward. dudley is an american born just 65 miles from the gulf coast. as the news of hayward's departure started circulating, the government's point man for the spill, thad allen detailed his job. but all along the gulf coast talk turned to hayward. >> if you're the captain of the ship, if it sinks or something happens it's your fault. >> i want my life back. >> reporter: now that tropical storm bonnie is away from the coast, crews are back to work. the fishermen expect to get the call any day now from bp to resume oil spotting and clean up work.
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for most, it's the only work they can get. >> anything bp can throw at us we'll take it. >> regardless of who is in charge at bp, people who live along the gulf coast hope to get their lives back. candyce gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> get this, on tuesday bp is expected to report huge second quarter earnings of $5 billion. well, baltimore's highly debated container tax went into effect today all bottle beverages both alcoholic and nonalcoholic will now be taxed 2-cents per container. mayor blake believes the tax will help baltimore close the budget gap. still to come here tonight, an ungodly crime, several cars go up in flames and at the time their owners were in church, how it happened. and a comic book convention
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turned violent. medical marijuana, does it have a place in veteran's hospitals? high heat, deadly summer. the number of heat related deaths is up. and the high temp has knocked out power. i'm gigi barnett that story is still ahead. the strong thunderstorms have come to an end and they're going to bring us a bit of relief from the extreme heat. we'll have that complete forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,
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unbelievable crime in south carolina. several cars went up in flames while their owners were in church. tonight investigators believe the flames started under the hood of one of the vehicles and they don't suspect any wrong doing. the world's biggest comic book convention turns violent when one man stabs another in the eye with a pen. police say other convention visitors helped detain the suspects until officers arrived. this is the first incident of its kind at this conviction. >> people at this convention are usually well behaved.
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we have no problem with the attendees at comicon. >> the victim was treated at a hospital as a precaution. back here in maryland, an important creek has a funny name. but today volunteers are trying to clean up the bread and cheese water way. it feeds right into the chesapeake bay. >> that's what we're worried about. >> reporter: with gloves in hand and boots at the ready, john long and his volunteers go about their tireless vision of cleaning up the bread and cheese creek. >> we've done approximately half the creek so far. we've taken out half a ton of garbage. we've taken out three shopping carts so far. >> reporter: it was used for travel and battle during the war of 1812. for the last years, the battle had been to remove waste from its path before it washes
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downstream. now they've gotten help. >> we've gotten bags from the county as well as the alliance from the chesapeake bay. but things that aren't supplied i pay for it out of pocket. $500 which is about what it costs for one dumpster is a little bit out of my budget. >> reporter: in the past, dumpsters were donated, the budget is now depleted. volunteers hope their efforts will get a needed boost, a donation for at least a dumpster. >> our hope is if we set an example, and we show that it can get done that we can make something good happen. >> reporter: at 3.71 miles the creek is not very long but it's the third most polluted tributary. >> my grandfather always said, many hands make work of light, and that's what it comes down to. >> for more information on the bread and cheese clean up, go
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to and now some hospitals are allowed to use medical marijuana. that policy is intended to clarify some rules that say they can't use some medications if they use drugs. well, before today's storms cooled things off considerably, the heat took its toll at a boy scout parade in washington, d.c. the scouts are celebrating their organization's 100th anniversary. a lot of people stayed cool at the event with plenty of water and taking sprinkler tents. they evaluated thousands of people for heat related complaints, they even transported several people to the hospital. once again we did hit 100 degrees in baltimore. it's leading to a spike in heat related deaths. >> reporter: the report breaking heat is causing havoc in maryland. ac units are down and windows
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are up. street lights went out last night. some houses are without powerand the sweltering heat is up. >> pg & e is seeing an increase usage. there are some outages and our crews are responding to those. >> reporter: this year's heat related deaths have almost tripled. >> i've been around a long time, so i've seen it hotter. >> reporter: richard bode and edwards along a road where neighbors lost power. and they both agree that the best way to avoid heat related injuries is to drink something cold. >> if you start to experience
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those early warning signs of weakness and fatigue, if you feel like you're going to pass out, get out of heat and get into a cooler environment. >> and beat the heat. >> after all the excitement we had this afternoon, we almost forgot that a few hours before that, it was 100 degrees today, again. >> again, the seventh time this year. we've been breaking records left and right this year. from the winter to the summer. for the seventh time this year we've had 100 plus. and that ties the record number of times it's happened before in 1988. this is the only time that's happened before. we have all of august to go. >> we're going to remember this summer just like we'll remember this winter. >> this is what we're dealing with this afternoon. in the midst of all of that heat, very strong thunderstorms that came through. tornado warnings again for howard county and montgomery county. a lot of wind damage reported.
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now all of that is out of here at the 8:00 hour. wind turning around to the north. the northerly wind is going to move in. humidity still is very high. this will start to drop tomorrow. and temperatures, still getting up to 90 degrees. but not the triple digits we've had the last few days. this low of 76 happened during the thunderstorms. this morning it was still 82 degrees outside. so we want to open this up and show you, this is the front making its way through the entire mid-atlantic region. as it pushes to the southeast, it's taking the thunderstorms with it and the intensities. a little bit of a break is coming our way. it's going to be warm but slightly drier air comes in at least for a day or so before we start to warm it up once again. this is how it all works out.
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here's that front, pushes that extreme heat out of the way temporarily with the thunderstorms. by wednesday, the next front is coming our way. there's a chance for a late storm. then on thursday, it's going to be a warm muggy day with a better chance for thunderstorms before we have an actual legit cool down later this week. out in the water, small craft advisories still in effect through tomorrow morning with those winds out of the north. tonight things starting to calm down, we're going down to 76 degrees. not as intense as it has been. still very warm out there. take a look at this up and down. 19 on monday, 89 tuesday, but behind this cold front right here. not only are we looking at the coolest day we've seen in a while but probably below average as we go into next weekend. >> it'll be a shocker. be sure to check in tomorrow
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with today's loss to minnesota, the same year as the o's set a franchise record for 107 losses. birds and twins in the series finale. arietta worked out of trouble in the 7th inning. driving it to deep right center for the grand slam. twins go on to mop up the birds by a final of 10-4. arieta gave up four in 5 innings. >> there's just no excuses. i was very prepared for this.
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just didn't execute at all. and it's just upsetting. the twins smashed four home runs today, while the o's finished the two game stand. and congratulations and kudos are in order for miller. miller was awarded for major contributions made to baseball broadcasting. mariners making things happen. quarterback ej, hooked up and
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it's good for six. and this time yarbrough doesn't stop till he gets enough. finishing the season undefeated at 16-0 to win the 2010 afis. the brickyard 400 at indianapolis, juan pablo montoya led for most of the day. montoya ended up 22nd. sprint cup points winner kevin harvick ran second. >> congrats to the mariners. bowling is a great ,,,,,,,,,
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