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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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up between jesepi. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> bernstein is gunning for jessepi. kelly mcpherson breaks down the attacks and response. >> reporter: both can dates are putting out statistics to prove their point that he or she would be best suited for the job here at the states attorney's office. it is clear they do not agree on much after today's debate. jessepie is under a debate attack this season. >> we lost five children and a parent because the state's attorney's office mismanaged the program. we have the highest crime rate, the lowest conviction rate.
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>> reporter: greg bernstien is recruiting another voice. hickley. >> pack trick got his son killed. he understood that if you get rid of the witness, you will get out of jail. >> reporter: and commissioner tpeld not so private bernstein endorsement and this race is getting interesting. >> i would have said a couple of weeks ago, he didn't have enough of a battle. my opinion now is he has an uphill battle but he has a chance. >> reporter: and both differ on sentences. >> they are not to be used as bargaining chips to get a lesser or reduced sentence. >> we do use mandatory penalties, we use mandatory sentences for killers. >> we present the cases in a well prepared effective manner which is not happening and
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that's why the convictions are so low that you will start seeing juries prosecuting defendants. >> and that most important apartment is the community and that's what opponent wants to leave out. >> the primary is september 14th. in tonight's campaign 2010, the race for governor remains too close to call. the new survey from opinion works find that governor o' malley is leading bob ehrlich
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with a 4% margin of error. the two men are in a dead heat. is the economic recovery failing? that question follows a home sales drop. some economists are concerned the struggling housing market could effect the over all economy. the news led to nervous sell off on wall street today. anne arundel county executive john leopold facing accusations of sexual harassment. >> reporter: john leopold is being sued by carla robinson his former press aid. >> the county executive has created an environment in his office of absolute fare and terror. any proceed of royal is grounds for retaliation and there's no
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getting away from it. >> reporter: carla robinson's suit said it started in 2007 when leopold interviewed her. he asked, if you were single i would ask you out because you seem like a lot of fun. >> demeaning fashion to women, demanding, it's almost like sitting on pins and needles the entire day that he could flip at any moment. >> reporter: robinson allegedly once grabbed her by the upper arms, twisted her arm so that she faced him and yelled into her face, i want you to turn and face you like this and get your hair out of your face. >> hen he grabbed me out of
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anger, it was emotionally devastating. i mean it was, it was frightening. >> reporter: allegations of sexual harassment have made headlines in the past but they have been countered by leopold other women staffers. >> we have not seen any inappropriate behavior. we are the ones that work with him every single day, this has got to stop. >> reporter: but carla robinson says after she complained of leopold she was transferred immediately. and leopold's attorney says the suit is groundless and he will move to remove it. >> attorney's general for maryland and 16 other states are calling for a change on the craigslist website. they ask that craigslist get
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rid of its adult page. the family of a preteen who says she was raped at state world wants to see that rink shut down. kai jackson spoke to the allege's victims lawyers tonight. >> reporter: that's right, vic. the family of the alleged victim is furious of the claims of the 14-year-old girl. surveillance video inside skate works seems to be raising more questions than answers. after a 12-year-old girl claims she was gang raped by two teens and a 24-year-old man last week inside the popular roller rink. >> the victim's story of how she got inside the room does not match up with the footage. >> reporter: did she know any of the people who attacked her? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: now the family of the girl is furious that her
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creditability is being questioned by the owners of the skate works. >> they were outraged and came to their daughter's defense of falsely being accused of being inconsistent. surveillance video clearly shows the 12-year-old girl wasn't dragged to a room as she told police, rather that she went willingly with at least two other men who were later charged. but the attorney for that girl says, there are at least two problems with that claim. first janet bledsoe says if tape was edited, not shown in its entirety. >> the storage room was in a room after a door that she was taken by the defendants that is shown on the edited video tape. >> reporter: the second issue is the claim that the 12-year- old went willingly with the men. >> a 12-year-old cannot give
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consent, not only did could she not give consent, she did not do this willingly. >> the law is very clear, a 12- year-old girl cannot give consent. >> reporter: now three of the men are in custody. >> skate works have had previous problems and there have been calls to shut it down. if you have old prescription drugs hanging around the fends want to take them out of your hands. saturday september 25th, drug enforcement officials and local police will collect expired medications at a number of locations in baltimore. the drugs will then be destroyed. on the field, he is protected by men twice his size but on the streets, baltimore ravens ray rice knows he is as vulnerable as any of us to the deadly potential of a drunk
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driver. today rice joins state officials in kicking off a plan on arresting drunk drivers and saving lives. >> reporter: he moves down the field with power and grace but make no mistake about it, ray rice is in touch with his mortality. he has suffered loss. >> we got the phone call saying that he didn't make it. his wife died instantly. so today i'm just left with a memory. >> reporter: rice is remembering his cousin mishon rice and his wife who were both killed by a drunk driver in 1998. >> he's fighting for his life, the doctor said he never was going to be the same again. he probably wasn't going to make it. my family decided as a whole to pull the plugs on him because he was hit by a drunk driver. >> reporter: rice joins state transportation and law enforcement officials in kicking off this year's check point strike point. a series of sobriety check points to get drunk drivers off maryland roads. >> last year in maryland, 152 of our neighbors were killed
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due to drunk driving. and 24,000 people were arrested for driving while impaired. that is almost 66 dui arrests a day. >> i've been out before, but i've never ever got behind the wheel drunk. >> do the smart thing, don't drink and drive. if we catch you, you will be arrested and spend time behind bars. >> over the next few weeks, the air waves and newspapers will be saturated with ads targeted at young men. and deli meats, another major food recall, what you need to know to protect your family. big news from maryland schools, the state has won one of the coveted race to the top grant. we'll tell you how much money
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is coming to the state in grants. after a damp and seasonal bring cool day, we'll have the latest forecast in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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it is 68 degrees and partly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning
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forecast is coming up. first incredible video from an ohio state troopers cam. the driver of the 1985 pontiac fire bird survived without a major injury. investigators are trying to determine just how fast the car was going. the government says it will quickly appeal a court ruling which stops federal funding for stem cell research. today's preliminary injunction means 22 projects aimed at fighting spinal cord injuries and other illnesses will be stopped. today's ruling even prohibits the most restricted research allowed during the bush administration. inside today's school reports. maryland is getting millions of the dollars for schools. our state is among the winner in the battle for race to the
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top grant money. >> reporter: 35 states across the u.s. competed for this coveted education money. it is part of president obama's plan to improve struggling schools and boost graduation rates. maryland, washington, d.c. and eight other states are the chosen ones to split the $3.4 billion in race to the top funding. i was with state school superintendent before she learned the news. >> now i feel we'll have the money to do the effort. >> reporter: prince george's county will get 20.9. baltimore county 15.4, anne arundel county 6.1 and hartford county $6.6 million skr-z fantastic news, it's a gift for the opening of schools.
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it's tremendous for maryland. tremendous for the city, it's a reflection of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. >> because of these dollars from the obama administration we are going to be able to make investments very quickly in recruiting great leaders and great principals to some of our hardest to teach areas. >> reporter: maryland toughened standards to focus on low performing schools. >> no child is going to have to attend a failing school by accident of the zip code where that child lives. so the tolerance for any continuing low performing schools just will not exist. and we're going to set new standards for our teachers and for our principals. >> reporter: students will see changes this year. they'll be exposed to international curriculum and she says it'll be more rigorous
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for students. back to you. >> the awards range from $75 million -- from $7.5 million for rhode island and $75 million for new york. a major recall by wal-mart due to tainted deli meat used in the store's sandwiches. no illnesses have been reported. it is not known how many stores sold the tainted sandwiched which were labeled market side grab and go. most of the affected products have already been consumed. a sample collected in georgia tested positive for listeria.
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the organism can create problems for people with weakened conditions. members of the u.s. army's golden nights parachuted into the ballpark. they all made it expect for this one. there's one right there. the soldier gets caught on the flag pole. he was not hurt and was able to free himself, the sky diver simply jumped a few feet below to a platform. and obviously they train for that kind of thing, all the time. >> and that's why the weather is so important. >> absolutely. you have to know those wind currents. >> shifting winds. >> i'm getting ideas of how to make my entrance in the wj z outback. what do you think? that's a tall order. what we're seeing just a few light showers on the radar, that is really all we have to
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show for the cloudiness and the problems we had today with wind coming in from the northeast. we'll show you how that has been just a little bit of a challenge for some parts of the area. as we open up the scan and give you an idea of the big picture. there's still a bit of a rotation . and one that's down closer to the surface that's moving on right along from the carolinas across mid-atlantic really. we still because of the two of them getting cloud and the chance of some showers and some sprinkles right on into tomorrow evening and thursday morning. so, this is how it all shapes up for us this evening. 55degrees at vmi marshall. 75 is your relatively humidity. winds seven north-northeast and steady is your barometer reading. coming down from a daytime high of 74. ten degrees below the average for this day. 68 at vwi marshall, 57 the cool
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spot down in oakland but not by far. and toward eastton, 66 up in elkton as well. and down toward the dc suburbs where the winds were coming in from the northeast. east westerly flow has been pretty persistent all week long. again, we do have nearly full moon and a high tide about a foot to a foot and a half above normal. we've soon cloud cover off and on throughout the day. it'll be the same story tomorrow with this low passing up to the northeast. we'll see more and more sun breaking through. again we cannot rule out spotty showers right on through wednesday. drier conditions will eventually take over. with that high pressure takes control into the weekend. for right now, we are just hampered by this low. and eventually we'll start to
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see temperatures warm up. danielle back to hurricane status. we will continue to keep you posted on this. it is projected to stay away from the east coast but we are expecting it to intensify to a category two storm. sun vise tomorrow at 6:29. mostly cloudy with a shower and drizzle. 85 on saturday and 88 on sunday. denise and vic. >> thank you, tim. coming up the orioles take coming up the orioles take their show ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baltimore celebrates cal ripkin's -- baltimore native gavin floyd pitching for the white sox.
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luke scott continues his power surge with a towering homer to right field. his 25th of the season. ties his career high that he reached last year with 1-0, o's in the fourth. all even 7th inning. and this guthrie pitch deep to center field. that was the big blow 7-5 the final. the o's record falls to 44-82. that clenches a losing year for the birds. at ravens park in owens mill, in preparation for the giants who come on friday. today an update on a ravens rookie who's not yet part of the team. sergio kindell who worked out with the ravens continues to
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recover from a head injury. >> some of this has come from sergio who's very optimistic but also from the doctors who's ahead of schedule. he's really recovering quickly which is encouraging. that's why we want to make sure we get him here, have doctors compare notes with the people down in dallas and see where he's at. >> reporter: meanwhile offensive line men jared says he's been diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back. not a muscle tear which the team reported. jared says he won't play until he's completely healthy. the ravens has injuries and they've caused some. friday night against the jets, mcnabb was hurt when he was brought hard by mcclain in the game three nights ago. their final exhibition game september 2nd at arizona. the season hasn't started for real and a lot of guys ,,,,
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it was a paddling frenzy. kansas city kansas for st. charles, missouri. the 300-mile event is billed as the longest nonstop river race. each team has 48 hours to complete the race. last year 2/3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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