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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 4, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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close call, shocking revelations about a bomb discovered on a cargo plane headed for america. >> how just a few short minutes stood between it defusing or detonating over the unite. >> reporter: hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch here is what people are talking about tonight. >> 17 minute, that's how close one of the bombs came to
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defusing. the explosion almost happened right over the united states. >> reporter: the scene, enland's mideast land's airport on october 29th and the clock was ticking. for several hours, local police tipped to a terror plot had been inspecting cargo from ups flight 222 bound for the u.s. but came up empty. then a little after 2:00 p.m. after another tip, investigators searched the packages again finally discovering a powerful bomb found inside this printer cartilage. today the french president said the bomb was defused just 17 minutes before it was due to go off. something the white house today said it could not confirm. >> al-qaida gave us another warning. they are obsessed with attacking us through the aviation sector. >> reporter: had things gone according to plan, the ups package could have been on the ground in philadelphia or on a
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plane to chicago when the cartilage packed with the explosive pten was set to explode. one idea being examined, the ignition source of the bomb may well have been a cell phone battery coupled with a charge from the flash of its built in camera. despite the failed bombing attempts an intelligence force told us al-qaida sees the attacks as a success because of the chaos and fear they've created. cbs news, new york. >> and there was panic for almost 500 people on a quantu flight. passengers shot this video from inside the plane. you can see there's a hole in the wing, the double decker air bus 380 was headed to australia. 459 people were on board but no one was hurt. just minutes ago those passengerred boarded another flight to their destination. a stunning development tonight in the trial of a howard county junior rotc
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instructor charged with sexually abusing a student. after only 3-1/2 hours of deliberating, the jury told the judge that they were deadlocked and could not come to a decision. the attorney for sergeant charles moore asked for a mistrial and the judge granted it. >> the only issue in the case is reasonable doubt. >> the judge sealed the jury's notes so no one knows which way those jurors will leaning. moore will be retried in february. it's known as the drowning while black case. hundreds of marylanders claim state troopers pulled them over all because of the color of their skin. kelly mcpherson is reporting, the case is now headed to court. >> reporter: the aclu is asking for thousands of documents to be released that would show if the state police are making sure that racial profiling is not being tolerated in maryland. driving while black became the
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term for six plaintiffs suing the maryland state police for racial profiling on the highways. the case is taking another big step this week. >> very threatening, it was a pretty terrifying experience. >> he said then you would not mind me searching your car then. >> reporter: those men took a settlement several years ago, their lawsuit created new policies including additional investigations into complaints of racial profiling. 100 drivers complained that they were pulled over because of their race. the state police investigated and found that all of its troopers acted properly. the aclu wants to see the paper work associated with that investigation. >> we're trying to get a handle on how vigorously the state police investigate complaints of discrimination that are made by citizens. >> reporter: the last time this case was heard was in the special appeals court. at the time the attorney general defended keeping the documents sealed. >> it said the documents should not be disclosed. going on what the general
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assembly said, we have an obligation to defend those records. >> we've agreed to take all documents with names redacted of all troopers concealed. >> reporter: the hearing will be tomorrow. reporting live, kelly mcpherson wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, kelly. the court will likely make a ruling several months after tomorrow's hearing. a murdered teenager's family wants to know who killed him on halloween night. dozens of family and friends lit candle for burke tonight. he was shot along with two other boys during an argument. dequan was in the big brothers, big sisters mentoring program. if you know anything about his murder you should call police. the phony election calls that went out right here in maryland, the message to democrats on election day, stay
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home from the polls. derek valcourt reports from the nation's top investigator. >> i was cooking dinner. >> reporter: clifford honda one of hundreds of registered democrats to get the call. >> the polls are correct and we took it. we're okay. relax, everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. congratulations and thank you. >> this has got to be a crime. they are telling you, they are trying to dupe you into not going and voting. >> i think it's unconsciousable for people to do this. >> reporter: news of the robocall angered reppive
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cummings so much that he recorded his own robocall that night. those robocalls came from a washington, d.c. area code. ant tonight more of maryland's democrats are labeling it a dirty trick. >> i think we should investigate it and come down hard on whoever did that. it's not american, it's not right, and clearly it didn't work. >> it was aimed at minority voters to keep them home from voting. >> reporter: this letter had been sent to eric holder into what is called deceptive
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tactics. derek valcourt, wjz news. a breakthrough in catching lung cancer and two maryland hospitals help find it. researchers studied patients at john hopkins and other hospitals, they screened heavy smokers with either a chest x- ray or a more sensitive cat scan ct scan. after five years those who got the scans had 20% fewer deaths from lung cancer. the study proves ct scans are more effective at finding cancer sooner. and a couple says that their apartment was a bedbug nightmare. you can read more in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. a dog owner takes the
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city's leash law to court. don donte let her two chocolate labs off their leash. today she asked the judge to drop her fines saying the city is to blame for not giving pets enough places to run free. the judge cut the fine to $175. hyper active small and feisty. that's how nasa is describing the new comet. it's all thanks to some maryland scientists. kai jackson has the pictures from space. >> reporter: maryland scientists are leading the way as this hunk of ice and dust reveals secrets of our solar system. nasa scientist were all smiles today as the opoxi spacecraft
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captured incredible images of the comet. success never tasted to sweet. >> this is just spectacular. i certainly would like to thank everybody on the project. >> we're trying to figure out what the solar system was like at the time everything was put together. >> reporter: the apoxi spacecraft is an unmanned machine who has been gathering data on the heartily two comet. >> just like you preserve your food by keeping it cold in the refrigerator. comments have done that with the material that the universe formed. comets have preserved that material. >> reporter: a device similar to this is on the spacecraft now sending information back to scientists here on earth. >> it's amazing that we can take instruments like these and
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point them at astronomical objects at comets and figure out what they are made of by using devices like these. >> reporter: emitting jets of poisonous gases. >> ultimately what we want to use this for is to figure out how did we get here. what materials came to earth 4- 1/2 million years ago that enabled life to exist here. >> reporter: when the apoxi spacecraft took those pictures of heartily 2 it came within 435,000 miles of that comet. they are both 13 million miles from earth so that's basically like grabbing the heartily 2 comet out of space and putting it here on earth. >> scientists estimate the solar system was formed, picture this if you can, 4-1/2 billion years ago. >> no, can't do it. former president's all time
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low. george w. bush reveals what he says was the worse moment of his presidency and it's not what you expect. and we have a cool weekend headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete weather forecast coming up next. the yardley love tragedy. the harassment and the abuse, what's being done to stop dating violence, next. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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more opportunities happen.
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>> it is 48 degrees and cloudy. as if an earthquake and cholera outbreak is not enough, haiti is now bracing for tropical storm thomas. thomas is packing winds of up to 50 miles per hour. it's expected to strengthen overnight. five to 10 inches of rain is expected for tomorrow. the death of yardley love got people talking about how
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dangerous dating violence can be. >> reporter: college student yardley love is brutally murdered when she tried to break up with boyfriend hughley. he is now accused of beating her to death. police confiscate both their computers checking for threatening e-mails and text messages. >> you have a real nightmare on your hands with this type of thing. >> reporter: the yardly love case is not unusual. 1/3 of teenage girls say they have been a victim of dating violence. it is something the parents of christian mitchell know so well. their daughter's boyfriend cyber stalked her before he killed her. endless, relentless text messages and e-mails. >> it was almost endless, just
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checking up on her. she called a friend and said he wouldn't leave then the phone went dead. >> reporter: the horse back rider had just graduated from john hopkins university. when she tried to break up with him, he stabbed her 59 times. >> since this happened, dating violence has just exploded. >> reporter: just as disturbing, more than 80% of teens parents had no idea. >> had you said to kristin, this boy you are dating who's texting you 30 times at the beach, you better watch out he could be -- he could be a dangerous fellow with a dangerous temper. >> parents ultimately don't really know enough. and i'll come right out and say the fathers are clueless. >> reporter: the deaths of
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yardley love and mitchell made people more aware of how technology allows obsessive behavior to go unnoticed. >> reporter: the privacy of texting lets people know where you are, what you're doing 24/7. parents and friends need to know the warning signs in order to learn what could be deadly results. >> i remember thinking and i think we talked about that something very positive would have to come out of something this bad or this horrible. >> reporter: the hoáut of ruth is on the a -- the house of ruth is on the attack against dating violence. encouraging families to talk to their children about dating violence. >> i think kristin's story has given a lot of people permission to talk to their kids in a different way. take action, potentially save somebody's life. >> reporter: the fifth annual kristin's crusade 5k run will take place this week in
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philadelphia. you can learn more about it on a transgender athlete is expected to compete. guy says he grew up as a female tomboy and became his transformation last year. the season begins on november 13th. george w. bush says the lowest moment of his presidency is all thanks to hip hop star kanye west. in his upcoming memoire that he resented when kanye blurted out on tv, george bush doesn't
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care. kanye apologized for the incident. >> i gave a letter to the postman, he put it in his house. ♪ the next morning he brought my letter back. returned to sender, address unknown. >> you can hear more of pena on tonight's night show with letterman. that's immediately after our news. >> this guy is such a celebrity now. >> after all he went through, he gets to do this. we've had an inch to 1.25 of rain. it's going to get a little chillier tonight. the cold spot and it's been stuck here for the last couple of hours, it's been 32,
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freezing in oakland. 48 ocean city, 49 in dc. the dewpoints way up there. so still a lot of moisture. and a little bit of rain down to our south. we see that coming up in the next few hours. northwest winds haven't brought in much dry air. in the next few hours i expect to see some sun pop in. it this because of two low pressures. one up to our north, one to the coast that continues to move off the coast and away from the region. but there's still some of that rain, that's what's going through our region right now. some dry air did come in and cleared us up earlier this evening. now tomorrow we get into a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day. chilly air coming in, means good chance of snow showers in
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south-western shower. now unfortunately for haiti, tomas has strengthened tonight. it's going to bring from six inches to a foot of rain to western haiti. it's going to go right through the west wind passage and ends in the atlantic where it dries off. you're going to see major flooding and problems in haiti over the next couple of days, unfortunately for those people. gusts to 20 knots tomorrow, the bay temp at 58. tonight still a little bit more rain and spotty showers from time to time. 39degrees, 53 with clouds and sun, maybe a shower tomorrow. but a better weekend, sunshine 52, 50 warm enough. 59 and 62 here by next tuesday. denise. >> all right, 62.
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i'll feel good after this. thank you bob. rain drives the ravens indoors today. >> mark breaks down the preparations for sunday's game, next in spsp,,,,,, can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ? can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ? droid can with lookout mobile security, one of thousands of free apps for the droid x and droid 2 by motorola. available on the ever-expanding android market.
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when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does.
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the ravens haven't lost at home. that's the set up right here in baltimore where the ravens are favored to keep their home streak going. rain forced the ravens to hold practice indoors. we keep an eye on stallworth, could make the the season debut on sunday. also fielding punts during tonight's practice. the ravens have won six in a row at home. if you don't have a ticket, we'll bring the game to your home. see the ravens and dolphins right here sunday at 1:00. the nfl continues it's crack down on violent hits. and james harrison hit with another fine. $25,000 for that shot on drew
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brees. harrison has been fined three times this season for a total of $135,000. blacksburg virginia, georgia tech won the game. a hall of famer spark anderson, one of the best hall of famers of all time. later guided the detroit tigers to a championship. became the first manager to win it all on both leagues. sparky anderson was 76 years old, he died of complications from dimension. texas lost to san francisco in five game, washington a leading candidate to be named manager of the year.
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