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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 30, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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vanished, a 15-year-old girl visiting baltimore for the holidays disappears. tonight her family's rescue search to find her. hello everyone i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. without a trace. concern is growing tonight for
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a 15-year-old girl from north carolina who is now missing. kelly mcpherson talked to family members who haven't seen her in two days. >> reporter: her family describes her as an a student who was on track to graduating high school early. but tonight they have no idea where she is. the barns family in northwest baltimore is at a loss. they can't find their sister felicia who is visiting from north carolina for the holidays. >> this isn't a run away, a child that is having a bad day or bad night. we don't think she fell in love because that's not in her character. >> reporter: felicia was sleeping when she left her baltimore apartment. a family friend last saw the girl at 1:00 p.m. on tuesday. her last facebook page
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mentioned being hungry. so her family wondering if he walked to a near by market. >> i tried to text message her, call her, nothing. >> my daughter's friends came home and the door was unlocked, and the music was loud. that's all they could tell me. >> reporter: the 16-year-old has only visited baltimore a handful of times to see her dad and siblings. when she left her house she was only wearing his slippers and left behind her money. >> we don't want to anticipate something bad happened. but we know she's missing and known has seen her. >> my heart just broke basically. very upset. >> reporter: you can't put it in words when you're missing your child. you can't put -- you're missing your daughter and you know your daughter is fragile, she's fragile. >> the family has posted fliers across northwest baltimore.
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baltimore city police and m. maryland state police have taken on this case. but say that they have little on this case and really need to hear from the public. >> let's hope they find her soon. kelly, thank you. if you have any information on felicia barnes you can call the missing person's unit at this number it is there on the screen. we're learning more tonight about that refired police officer who stopped an armed man from robbing a restaurant. wjz cameras were at the scene. state law requires retired officers to carry a gun if they have a permit. news right now in college part where people are headed to
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the hospital sick from a hazardous leak. this happened between college park. prince george's county investigators aren't saying what led to the hazmat leak. a warning is going out about the dangers of carbon monoxide. mike hellgren shows us how firefighters are making sure you are aware of the hazards. >> reporter: five people have died and nearly two dozen have been hospitalized from carbon monoxide intoxication this month. firefighters went door to door in pikesville where five people died from the odorless, colorless gas. >> we're very scared because it
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could have happened to anyone. >> there's one in the basement, one in the kid's room. you buy a house to be comfortable in, that home can turn around and take your life. >> reporter: the concern is growing in the city where carbon monoxide probably from an oven killed two. it's critical to have your furnace and chimney inspected every year. >> the exposure of carbon monoxide at low levels or high concentrations for a low period of time both can be deadly. in the two cases that resulted in death, the amount of carbon monoxide was 11 time it is lethal level. >> i would advise people to go and get it. go wherever they sell it if they can get it free, it can save a life. >> reporter: firefighters here also distributed smoke detectors to neighbors.
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reporting from pikesville, mike hellgren, eyewitness news. baltimore city requires landlords to install carbon monoxide detectors in their rentals. and -- edwards faces charges of second degree assault and reckless endangerment. he was released after posting $25,000 bond. edwards is a former reporter for wjz tv. there appear to be some possible signs coming from the job market tonight. the number of job market claims took a hike. the number of people who signed contracts to buy homes climbed in november. the unemployment rate remains at 8.5%, many economists expect that to improve when the
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december numbers come out next week. this time tomorrow night, i'll be live at the interharbor for the ports america new year's eve spectacular. you can watch it right here as derek valcourt explains, it is an event that brings big bucks to charm city. >> i'm making a cob salad, one of our specialties. >> reporter: the chef getting ready for the rush. two new year's eve parties set up. >> we're fortunate enough to get it and sell it out in about a week and a half. >> reporter: last new year's eve brought 50,000 visitors to the harbor that brought 96 in state's taxes. >> this year with the weather being nicer, we could expect 100,000 people. >> reporter: at the intercontinental hotel. >> i'm trying to locate more champane glasses. >> reporter: sold out
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reservations already mean a better year than last. >> this is kind of the last ha rah for the year to get the last dollars. >> reporter: last year out of towners made 80% of the crowd. the sold out hotel monoco ready for lots of locals. >> we have 150 reservations. about 145 are completely local. local to m. maryland, it's amazing. >> we try to do everything around new year's eve for families and kids if we can. >> reporter: they're expecting hundreds for a ball drop designed for kids. people who come to take in on the fireworks also take in a restaurant while here. derek valcourt. crews spent the day putting
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together the last minute preparations for the fireworks displays. you can see the last minute preparations live right here on wjz. it all starts at 1:00 p.m. friday right here on wjz13. honesty pays and it's never too late. too phrases that describe an unusual act 64 years in the making. this one involves a library book checked out in downtown baltimore that traveled half way around the world and finally found it's way back home. >> reporter: this strong looking soldier is john wolf. nearly 50 years ago he was recooperate rating from surgery and came to baltimore with other soldiers to see the sites -- recooperating from surgery. he decided to learn more about the culture and the language. >> i saw this book and knowing and thinking that i was going to go to the pacific, i thought that might come in handy so i
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borrowed it. and then i didn't go to the pacific i went to italy instead. >> reporter: the book sound and symbol in chinese made the trip to europe. when wolf left the military, he moved to france. >> i ran across it in our library just a few months ago, i thought, i better get this back, the late fees are going to be substantial. so i sent them back to them. >> reporter: what's more amazing about this story, is this was apparently a popular book in its prime. >> it has all these dates from the 30s and the 40s. so it's just amazing, when you see something from 1937, 1938 and all the people that read through it. >> what about those late fees? >> the rate right now is 20- cents a day. if we calculate everything back to 1946 it's going to be about more than $4,700. the good news is, here at the pratt library, once it passes 30 days it can't go over $6 for
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an adult book. >> i was grateful for their generousty of forgiving the fees. >> when asked pratt why he didn't just forget about it and keep the book, he simply said, i didn't belong to me. and it's a interview oprah winfrey has been after for more than a decade and tonight she's being told it will never happen. >> you feel helpless, you can't lift a car. the car lifts more than i can or anyone can lift up. a tragedy in a maryland car wash when a car runs over two people killing one. how it happened. there's panic when a pet fall into the inner harbor, but
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it leads to an amazing rescue. and we have a pretty decent first week of the new year. we'll have your complete forewarn weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we'll have the complete forecast coming up. watch as the man runs into the
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store wielding a large tree branch, the worker becomes trapped behind the counter and is eventually thrown to the ground. the store clerk was not seriously injured. freak accident in a car wash in rockboro leaves one employee dead and another critically injured. a jeep driven by an employee careened into the car wash. the two victims were pinned under it and dragged across the street. a police officer that was in line witnessed the tragic accident. >> i came around and saw two men pinned understood beneath the vehicle. it's a freak tragic accident when you see these kind of things go down like that. >> reporter: investigators say a long with examining the vehicle for defects they will also see if chemicals on the
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pavement played a role in the accident. did michael jackson commit pseudo? murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson a powerful sleep aid. a preliminary hearing is set for tuesday. oprah learned that an interview with susan smith has been denied. nikki haley made the decision to deny oprah's request. the flu season looks to be picking up. the number of state's with widespread outbreaks has risen from zero to five in the last week. the report lists new york and
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virginia as some of the hardest hit states. baltimore police officer goes beyond the call of duty. as susan collins explains, this member of the police unit dove into the freezing waters of the harbor to save a pet. >> reporter: the marine police told us here at their headquarters, they had to put on wet suits to keep her from drowning. penny is being kept at the vet's office after running away yesterday and nearly drowning at the inner harbor. >> i opened the door to sign for a package and penny ran out of the house. >> reporter: but today penny and her owner is able to say thank you in person to those who saved her life. >> reporter: it was 6:30 on wednesday when the call came into 911, a dog in distress here in the water near harbor view on cue highway. at that time the temperature was just 38 degrees. >> he was struggling, he was at that point he was exhausted.
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you can see he was going underneath the water. he was trying to hang on to some' some rebar that was underneath the structure over there to stay over water. >> reporter: the owner looked for penny all last night and this morning. then there was relief when she found out that the dog was with animal services. officer rangel says he's a cat person, he doesn't have any dogs. but he was happy to see penny
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doing better today. >> the dog has never been swimming before and hates taking a bath. probably not going to go back and do that. >> i believe it. the only dealings we have at the harbor tomorrow are going to be on dry land. >> and positive. >> and in the sky: we're coming down from a daytime high of 47 degrees. we do have an average temperature on this date of 42. overnight lows have been right on target. we have nowhere near the record, 58 and minus three, negative three the record for this day. we're at 30 degrees right now. 32 is the dewpoint. very dry air out there, despite the relative humidity, reflective of very weak moisture that moved across the region. and also contributed to our cloud cover earlier today. most of us didn't see more than just a few clouds and sprinkles across the area. 37 now the oakland, 31 in elkton, we're falling some
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where between these numbers, 35 in dc and 36 in pack river are the warm spots on the map. with calm readings as far as your winds are concerned. that's going to be the case pretty much through tomorrow. things get pretty calm and high pressure is still dominating our weather. we're going to be up in the 50s tomorrow. some parts of the area are going to be a little bit above. what we're going to be keeping an eye on, this system moving south from virginia out to sea. that is what evaporated as we pushed in the pressure. we're going to be watching a very slow moving front that's going to push in here by saturday evening into sunday. so for your new year's day, and the day after we're talking saturday night into sunday. we'll stay with the mild temperatures because of that high pressure it's kind of shielding us from that front now. but the mild air is going to
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stay with us right on through the weekend. the front comes here, hopefully it'll be here in time for the ravens to start the game. no advisory on the bay, a south wind at five knots. so we're going down tonight to just around 26 degrees. patchy clouds, seasonably chilly. the average is about 25. partly sunny and mild. if you plan ongoing down to the new year's eve celebration, 37 degrees at midnight, a few clouds around but very mild. for the next seven days, 51 on saturday, showers in the evening tapering off on sunday. 51, 50, and 41 and 42 for monday and tuesday the first few days of the year. >> thank you, very much. starting at 4:55, get your ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,st.
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i think everybody is really ready for the game on sunday. >> play off time for the ravens, if they beat the bengals ravens goes to the super bowl. the ravens feel they play better at the epd end of the season. they are ranked in the nfl's top ten still making adjustments at the end of the year. >> now we're really starting to gel with each other. now we know what this person is going to do, all these different guys we're mixing in now. i think that's what it is, a lot of great chemistry. >> they will not have to worry about chad ochocinco he's out along with terrell owens who
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has a knee injury. everyone without him, the ravens welcome them to town sunday. you can see the game right here on in college football, the university of maryland interviewed coach leech. a busy week for college bowl games. syracuse goes deep, taking the lead in the fourth quarter. marcus will haul in a touchdown pass. the orange holds on for a wild win. some future college players on display at the chesapeake bowl in townsend. the south team in red. players from maryland and virginia get tricky. jennings in motion gets the ball and throws it back to the
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quarterback. breaking out the trick plays for an all star game. the south would win in chesapeake. more than 50 division one prospects in the game. the north stars from pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. women's college basketball, sanford the last team to beat uconn, that was 6.5 years ago. the cardinals never trailed on their court. a streak of 98 straight victories for the huskies come to an end. รบ@@ got ,,
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in spain, one person makes a cup of coffee so beautiful you may not want to drink it. the latte artists say his cup requires training and the perfect consistency of the foam's layer. if this camps on you might be saying, wake up and smell the art. you're looking at the man up sandwich. it's 2.5-pound creation containing a bayon cheese ,,,,,,
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