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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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covered in snow, a snowstorm hits the region leaving the road slick and dangerous. tonight the conditions north, south, east and west. the forecast and the potential for problems in the morning. hello everyone i'm vik carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about. >> as the snow started falling, and continues to fall. the cause of the road conditions they are implementing snow emergency
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plans for baltimore county. here is what it looks like to the south in montgomery county. you can see the snow sticking to the roads and the sidewalks. here is a live look downtown where the jfk. no school advisories just yet but we'll let you know as soon as any decisions are made. wjz is live with first warning weather. kelly mcpherson is live tracking on area roadways. but first let's go to bob turk. >> the snow is winding down. you can see the bulk of the activity now to the east of the baltimore, annapolis area. but there's still pretty moderate snowfalling. just to the west of owins mill. light to moderate snow in the city. and moderate snows going on
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across portions of cecil county and much of delaware as well. not much at all, just some scattered showers. clearing going on very quickly out to the west. until 3:00 a.m. officially for the baltimore area, much of north central m. maryland and the eastern shores. winter storm warning continue for delaware. come back in a few minutes i'll tell you how this is all going to affect your morning commute. first warning weather coverage continues now live. kelly mcpherson is out in the mess. >> reporter: denise, it has really tapered off here. it's really pretty out right now. what's not so pretty is out here on the roads. the conditions are very slick in some spots of melted snow can turn into icy patches overnight. just about everyone in maryland is seeing snow outside. and dealing with it's effects.
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>> we will usually go out aáepb get two or three -- go out and get two or three hours in, but we just went out and got four hours in and tried to get to the market and back to the house. >> reporter: driving is becoming tricky in spots. >> take your time to get to where you have to go. >> reporter: the state highway administration is ready for however many inches fall. >> salt and brine was the first treatment. we're in good shape salt wise. >> reporter: there is concerns about the morning commute. >> sliding in the snow while we're driving. pretty bad. >> reporter: nonnative marylanders question decisions about schools closing over a few inches of snow. >> i remember literally going to school. snow was up to here. we were taking the bus to
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school. >> i love the snow. i didn't get enough last year. >> you didn't get enough during the blizzard. >> i love it. we get some more. >> reporter: you can see how much we got. you can see the accumulation here. highway crews will be out monitoring the temperature sensors that are on the roads. that will let the operation sterno if there are roads that are getting too cold where they need to put out more salt to prevent patches. if something looks slick, it might not be water, it might be ice so take it easy on the roads. >> stay with wjz for the weather coverage. for information on closings and delay, log on to the cold temperatures most likely set off a water main break. that section is expected to be
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closed through the morning rush hour. the city fire department report says it's the third water main break in just the last three years. a heartbreaking discovery in the bitter cold. an elderly couple missing from their pennsylvania home have been found dead in a farm field off rout 340 near fredrick. what police believe happened to them. >> reporter: the search for 86- year-old bill thrash and his wife kelly came to a bitter end. investigators say they got disoriented after leaving their daughters home and drove 100 miles to maryland where their car eventually got stuck. >> they left about 5:15, they said they wanted to get home before it got too dark. we have a thing that we do with each other where we always check in and say we got home safely. >> the car was not able to drive out of the ravine it was
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in. there's no body damage. however, when these folks got out we believe they were trying to walk to a local residents or summon help of some sort. >> reporter: police found the couple outside of their honda but near each other. they likely died of the cold. >> it is not uncommon for disorientation to take place. the couples family scoured the area for days, keeping up face never imagining their lives would ends this way. >> i think within all of us, within ourselves is a little dark. we have some dark times. >> these cases, although they are not uncommon, it's been a while since we had one that resulted when we discovered the victim had been deceased. but especially this time of year it is a concern when folks get lost because of the weather. >> reporter: the couple did have a cell phone but they did not take it with them the day they disappeared.
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reporting from fredrick, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. that couple is survived by a number of children and grand children. tragedy in tucson, the first official tribute to the victims of the attacks was held tonight. hundreds of mourners gathered at a church just blocks from the attack. also tonight police are revealing a set of notes found at the accused gunman's home. one said i planned ahead. another simply said giffords. gabrielle giffords was the apparent target of the shooting. an arizona lawmakers have just passed emergency legislation to stop the fundamentalist westboro baptist church from picketing at the funeral of the one of the victims. the church says it is picketing because quote god sent the children to deal with america. and wjz is live at city
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police headquarters tonight. kai jackson explains how friends and family are remembering a fallen officer. >> reporter: police keeps keeps details of the investigation closed: but people who lived close to the officer, are speaking out. >> he put people first. people first, family first. it wasn't all about will, it was about people. >> reporter: the officer was on duty when he was shot and killed outside a club. the veteran was trying to split up a fight. the officer was shot by fellow officers, 41 shots were fired. >> he was a role model for a lot of these guys out here. >> reporter: police and the mayor are promising a thorough
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investigation. >> we will release factual information as it becomes confirmed and available. >> i think the police department is doing the right thing in waiting until they are able to gather and analyze all the facts before releasing any information. >> reporter: this vigil was organized by the community. a neighborhood that says that the officer was a good cop who respected the people who lived here. it's clear by the vigil that they in turn respected him. >> he had a thing about him that he respected everyone. >> reporter: campbell, a father and fiancee, his family held a vigil sunday. >> this isn't going to be washed out like it didn't happen. because it did, and it's hurting all of us. >> reporter: three civilians were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. however we have no updates on their conditions at this time. >> kai, thank you. police have promised to release details of the investigation within the next three weeks. prince george's county police are investigating their
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11th murder in as many days as this latest victim is the university of maryland student. police say the student was shot to death in the 8800 block of 38th avenue just before noon. a man in a black ski mask was seen running from the scene. police believe the incident may be drug related. well for the second time in two months, a stash of illegal drugs is found here in baltimore on board, royal caribbean's enchantment of the sea's cruise ship. drug sniffing dogs led them to more than $100,000 of cocaine in a locker. three workers on the same ship were arrested at the port of baltimore charged with conspiring to smuggle drugs into the country. no one has been arrested in this case yet. dr. cosby spoke to raise
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funds. raleigh served as chief of s taff. black and purple against black and gold. the ravens are on the road to the super bowl. we are inching closer to this weekend's match up between the steelers and the fanned are pumped. web hosted his weekly radio show. and the snow did not keep fans from showing their spirit and their support. terrance cody talked about the big challenge ahead in steelers country. you can catch all of the play off action as the ravens take on the steelers. coverage kicks off live 4:30 only here on wjz13.
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sports director mark viviano will continue wjz's continuing coverage direct from pittsburgh. >> got to be a fun saturday. dangerous explosion brings a building to rubble. major developments in michael jackson's death investigation. what it means for dr. conrad murray. fame has its negative turn for a homeless man turned radio personality. and i'm bob turk, i'll have the latest weather for you, next. with pickles, mustard and bubbly cheese. crank up the flavor at subway.
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it is 27 degrees with some flurries. you can see those slick roads we've been talking about. the complete weather forcast is coming up, but first. watch as the walls collapse and half the building comes tumbling down. investigators say the fire started with a burglary attempt. they say four men were using torches to cut through a metal gate. the men have been arrested on theft charges. charges have been filed against the man accused of murdering a vegas dancer with ties to maryland. griffith appeared before a judge and was ordered to be held without bail. he is accused of strangling and then dismembered the body of nevaez. the body of the 23-year-old was
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found on saturday. she moved to las vegas two years ago. the physician who was in michael jackson's home when the singer died will stand trial. as manuel gallegos reports, dr. conrad murray could go to prison if convicted. >> reporter: michael jackson's personal physician will stand trial for manslaughter. a los angeles judge made the ruling after a six day preliminary hearing in which prosecutors blame dr. conrad murray for jackson's death. investigators claim murray was on the phone and did not properly monitor the singer after giving him the drug. the doctor did not administer cpr correctly, delead calling 911 and withheld information about the singers condition. jackson was working on a come back tour when he lost his
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life. he suffered from imsonia and took propophol to sleep. he says jackson's children followed him into the room and paris jackson screamed daddy and started crying. members of the jackson family attended the preliminary hearing daily. in murray's defense, his attorney suggested that jackson administered the propophol to himself. on tuesday the coroner testified that everyone if that were the case, jackson's death would still be considered a homicide because of murray's actions. if convicted at trial, dr. murray faces up to four years many prison. manuel gallegos. the judge also suspended dr. murray's license to practice medicine in los angeles. ted williams and his daughter were brought in after police responded to a disturbance report. the two got into a heated argument at a hollywood hotel.
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williams was in town to appear on entertainment tonight and the dr. phil show. police call the incident between william and his daughter minor. it is a marriage made in technology heaven. verizon will start selling verizon iphones. the iphone was exclusive to at&t. verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the united states. the iphone four will hit the verizon on february 4th. i guess that means sinefeld is the president. production begins in late february. this will be the fifth hbo program shot in maryland. >> i guess that means her other show has been dropped. i didn't know that. >> i guess so. it's been for a while. >> a little messy shooting out
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there tonight. that's for sure. all right, let's take a look at radar. the snow has now moved just to the east of the baltimore metro. continues to snow pretty good across northeast and eastern portions of our state. and right now as you can see just west of the city, fredrick now reporting cloudy skies everyone had a little starlight around the region. around the baltimore region, the end of that snow jest just west of the city. from columbia west. everyone a few breaks in the clouds. for the most part the storm is now winding down at least for our area. it continues to be affecting most of delaware, south of p. a. and east ward it's going to get heavier through the night. the dewpoint is at 27 which means our humidity socked in at 100%. maybe a little freezing drizzle is possible. north wind not everyone moving
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now. barometer 2.9. currently holding steady, but may drop a little bit more as that storm wind up. down to 32 in ocean city. may see freezing drizzle there. 28 up in elkton and 21 out to the west. dewpoint as i said, creating some local fog and that fog can create a little bit of slick ice in the sea spots we'll call them black ice if you will. everybody though we have snow in the ground any where where cleaned off and not salt, may see a little bit of freezing drizzle. northwest winds during the day tomorrow. as that low off the coast is really getting the act together. tomorrow during southern new england heavy snow expected. new york, connecticut, mass, may be seeing some thunder snow in connecticut and massachusetts. that could produce heavy amounts of snow. for us overnight tonight, still a chance of a few scattered
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flurries but the bulk of the snow is gone. just cold air for the rest of the week. by the weekend maybe back up to 40 degrees. winds may gust up to 40. and the bay temp around 44 degrees. what's left for tonight, the snow may be ending. tomorrow 35. sun in the afternoon, the next five days still cold. 45 and 40 with partly sunny skies here on sunday. >> thank you, bob. the ravens get ready for the steelers. >> how big is the play off battle. mark has the latest from the team comes up in sports. ,,,,,,
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are they locked down and secretive in owins mills. >> when you're playing the
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packers, you do. today's practice was closed to tv cameras. first time the ravens have imposed a media black out during a practice. whenever the ravens and steelers win it's high hitting and high stake. everyone more so at play off time. it is considered league wise to be the most incense rivalry. some ravens do the best to keep a more even keel approach. >> it's a big game. but my perspective you should treat every game the same. because if you treat every became the same, you don't go into those weeks and there's extra pressure. now you have to watch more film, i have to be more focused this week. if you treat every week the same, you can play as well just like you do every single week. i think most of the guys in the team have been treating every single week the same way. >> just a play off game in pittsburgh. not a big deal right. you can see it right here on
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wjz. kick off 4:30, i will be there for the game and to lead wjz's complete coverage direct from pittsburgh. the carolina panthers have a new coach. juan rivera was introduced today. rivera is a former bear's linebacker. most recently was a coordinator for the chargers. he's an nfl head coach for the first time. one of baseball's all time best call to quits relief a trevor hoffman announced a retirement after 18 seasons. 41 more than mariano rivera who is still active. he retires at age 43, no doubt headed to the hall of fame. i'm headed to owins mills tomorrow. we'll see if they let me watch a little. >> you're a nice guy. you won't tell. >> a quick school advisory to tell you about. prince george's county schools have just announced a two hour
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