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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ready for rehab. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords could leave the hospital as soon as tomorrow. as her alleged shooter is indicted by a federal grand jury. toast of the town. china's president is honored with a state dinner at the white house. but may find a much different reception today on capitol hill. and reunited. a long lost daughter cracks her own kidnapping case more than a long lost daughter cracks her own kidnapping case more than two decades after the crime. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. on this thursday. good to see you i'm terrell
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brown in for betty nguyen. a federal grand jury in tucson has indicted jared lee loughner who's charged in the attempted assassination of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the attempted murder of two of her aides. a preliminary hearing is set for monday in phoenix. more charges are pending. six people were killed and 13 wounded in that attack. meanwhile, 12 days after a bullet ripped through her brain, the congresswoman continues to make amazing progress. she's poised to take another giant step on her road to recovery. >> she was able to stand on her own with assistance. we're able to put her in a chair. we put her in front of the window so she could see the mountain. >> reporter: after less than two weeks in the hospital, the congresswoman is set to be released tomorrow and flown to a rehabilitation center in houston. it's not clear if she can speak or how well she can see. in an e-mail to friends her parents wrote, there is a team of medical specialists involved, including military surgeons who specialize in bullet wounds to the head. they want to start aggressive rehab immediately.
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giffords' medical team has been astonished at her progress. experts caution, though, her recovery won't always move so quickly. >> it is, in the long run, more of a marathon than a sprint. so, we like to tell people and families, pace yourself. this is going to be a long run. it's going to be weeks to months. >> reporter: giffords' husband, astronaut mark kelly, says she knows she's been in the hospital, but she does not know why. she hasn't been told about the shooting or that six people died, including her young aide gabe zimmerman. >> i talked to the doctors about that. they said the best thing to do in this case, with this kind of situation, is not to -- not to tell her all at once. but to, when she starts asking questions about it, just answer the questions. >> reporter: as we reported, surveillance tapes show the rampage in chilling detail. the gunman shot giffords in the forehead at point blank range then blasted 31 more shots in just 15 seconds. the tapes also shed more light on the heroic actions of federal judge john roll, a friend of
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giffords who was attending that event. authorities say the footage showed he used his body as a shield to cover an injured man before being shot in the back. roll died of his injuries. meanwhile chinese president hu jintao may get a toast of no-holds-barred american politics when he visits capitol hill today. congress has been highly critical of china's human rights record. most congressional leaders skipped last night's state dinner. later today hu will address business leaders. scott goldberg is in washington with more this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. president hu will likely face a tougher audience today when he meets with lawmakers after spending yesterday with president obama and attending that state dinner that many saw as a sign the relationship between the u.s. and china is improving. chinese president hu jintao isn't expected to give the same warm welcome on capitol hill today as he did at the white house. >> to our people, the citizens of the people's republic of china and the united states of america.
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>> reporter: last night president obama and the first lady treated him to a lavish state dinner, complete with a celebrity-filled guest list. the 225 attendees feasted on an all-american themed menu, including maine lobster and rib eye steak, before enjoying a performance by jazz great kirby hancock. ♪ this morning, president hu will face congressional leaders, many of whom skipped last night's state dinner and already have openly criticized china's government. wednesday president obama tried to ease economic concerns by announcing $45 billion in new export deals with the country. >> from machinery to software, from aviation to agriculture, these deals will support some 235,000 american jobs. >> reporter: but the president admitted the u.s. still believes china's currency is undervalued, hurting american businesses. >> i told president hu that we welcome china's increasing the flexibility of its currency. >> reporter: but the two leaders
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also discussed human rights. >> i have been very candid with president hu about these issues. >> reporter: president hu brushed off a question on the subject, claiming his translation device wasn't working. when asked again he said china had made progress on the issue but admitted more work needs to be done. after his visit to the capitol, president hu will head to chicago. it is the only city outside of washington he's visiting on his trip. the city with strong business and tourism ties to china. terrell. >> president obama's hometown. scott goldberg in washington for us this morning. thank you so much. to no one's surprise, the republican-controlled house voted to repeal president obama's health care overhaul. gop leaders say the next step is to try and change the legislation to congressional committee. last night's vote 245-189 was preceded by more passionate debate. republicans labeled the law a job killer. one democrat raised eyebrows and said the law reminded him of nazi propaganda. >> you say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie,
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you repeat the lie, eventually people believe it. the germans said enough about the jews, and the people believed it, and you had the holocaust. >> even changes to the law will require senate's approval and it's unclear if the senate, still controlled by democrats, will even take up the proposal. this morning, parts of the midwest are getting hit with another snowstorm. moderate snow is forecast for the ohio and mid-mississippi valleys. accumulations of 6 to 10 inches are expected in some areas. that will make for a tricky morning commute in parts of missouri, ohio and pennsylvania. the storm then heads to the northeast where it may intensify. now to a gruesome story in philadelphia, and we want to warn you you may find this story disturbing this morning. a doctor who runs an abortion clinic is under arrest charged with eight counts of murder. prosecutors describe the conditions of that clinic as barbaric. the question this morning is why regulators ignored complaints for years. elaine quijano has our report. >> reporter: it has been described as a house of horrors. this west philadelphia abortion
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clinic, where 69-year-old dr. kermit gosnell operated for more than 30 years. >> children were born, and then killed. killed by putting scissors in the back of their necks and snipping their spinal cord. >> reporter: the adult victim, prosecutors say, was 41-year-old karnamaya monger who died in 2009 after receiving an overdose of anesthesia. the nearly 300-page investigative report said paramedics who arrived at the clinic found her lifeless and said gosnell was just standing there, not doing anything. photos from inside the clinic visited mostly by minority and immigrant women show unsanitary, squalid conditions. with jars and bags of aborted fetuses. >> there were fetal remains in the same exact refrigerator that the employees had their lunch in that day. >> reporter: authorities say gosnell has been named in 46 lawsuits. but that his clinic had not been inspected by state officials
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since 1993. none of the employees had any medical training. nine, including his wife, have also been arrested. >> he even employed a university city high school student. as an anesthesiologist. >> reporter: the district attorney said the doctor used unsterilized instruments, infecting patients with venereal disease and often punctured uteruses and intestines. >> the grand jury went to the scene wearing hazmat suits. it was filthy. >> reporter: in an interview last year with cbs affiliate kyw gosnell defended his 30-year practice. >> i know that i have done my very best to provide the very best of responsive care to my patients. >> reporter: but this former patient told kyw last year she endured a botched procedure by gosnell and will never forget his words to her afterwards. >> wake up, wake up, i need you to put your clothes on, i have an ambulance waiting for you outside, i did something to you, and i don't know what i did. >> reporter: investigators say
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most patients were heavily sedated and had no idea their babies were born alive. dr. gosnell is now in police custody. prosecutors have not ruled out seeking the death penalty. elaine quijano, cbs news, philadelphia. just ahead on the "morning news" retail giant walmart jumps on the healthy food bandwagon. plus you'll like this story. how facebook saved a disabled man's life. we'll talk about it coming up. this is the "morning news." [ female announcer ] looking for long-lasting freshness? try snuggle! ultra snuggle blue sparkle with fresh release technology keeps clothes smelling fresh up to 14 days. and has the ultimate in snuggly softness® your family loves... you can always count on snuggle.
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. ♪ ♪ i'm not just someone who's quitting with chantix and support, we share recipes. i'm your coworker. neighbor. teammate. -friend. -friend. -friend. [ male announcer ] over 7 million people nationwide have talked to their doctor about chantix. chances are, you could be one of them. talk to your doctor. find out if chantix is right for you. the florida preacher who threatened a public burning of the muslim holy book has been banned from britain. terry jones had accepted an invitation to speak to an anti-muslim group called england is ours. he was also invited to join protest against the construction of mosques in britain. the british government said jones is not welcome and barred him from entering the country. "cbs moneywatch" time now on this thursday. stocks pulled back in asia this morning.
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ashley morrison is here in new york with that. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: good morning to you, terrell. asian markets were dragged down by inflation figures from china. japan's nikkei slid more than 1% while hong kong's hang seng lost more than 1.5%. today wall street gets a look at the weekly jobless claim numbers and leading economic indicators. on wednesday stocks slipped. the dow dipped 12 points while the nasdaq lost 40. the s&p 500 had its biggest one-day decline since november as weak bank earnings pulled the market lower. goldman sachs reported a 53% drop in profits last quarter, and their stock, along with jpmorgan chase and bank of america, each fell more than 2%. home builders stocks were also down on news that 2010 was the second worst year for building homes on record. americans are doing a better job with their household finances. major lenders say more people are paying their bills on time. credit card defaults are down, and fewer mortgages are going bad. even defaults on student loans,
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usually a pretty steady number, fell as more borrowers made their monthly payments. and walmart is going on a diet. today the world's largest retailer is set to announce a plan to make thousands of its packaged foods lower in salt, fat and sugar, and to drop prices on fruits and vegetables. the changes would be phased in over five years. "the new york times" reports the company was convinced to do so after a series of meetings with first lady michelle obama. who worked in the announcement today. terrell? >> ashley morrison here in new york. good to see you. thank you so much. critics of facebook -- you know what, all they'll say is that it's a waste of time. may not want to tell that to bob chambers of spokane, washington. you won't believe this story. chambers has severe muscular dystrophy. but he can use a computer. when his toaster caught fire this week he feared being trapped and asked other facebook users to help. >> i was online playing with the games with facebook and i just
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started typing, i need help. there's a fire in the kitchen. tell the police, call the spokane fire department and put my address, and i'm on the internet. >> within 15 minutes the game player 1500 miles away had called spokane 911. >> my caller is actually in indiana and was playing online and someone posted that he was disabled and his stove was on fire and he couldn't get out. and that's all we know. >> firefighters put out the burning toaster, and chambers was taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation. he is back home this morning. facebook saving lives. coming up this morning, take a look at yours thursday morning weather. in sports, he's 38. of course he has his ups and downs but shaq stays on track for the celtics. sports coming up. "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil. introducing vagisil wash with odor block. the confident clean.
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of the number one-rated behr paint. now, just $2.94. did you know up to 50% of new cavities form between teeth, in places you can't even see? aquafresh iso-active whitening is a breakthrough gel that transforms into an active foam. its active fluoride formula penetrates deep, surrounding and protecting the whole tooth against cavities -- front, back and in-between. for strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime, try triple protection iso-active whitening from aquafresh. amazing. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. mostly cloudy and 33 in new york. 80 degrees and partly cloudy in miami. unbelievable. cloudy and 20 in chicago. 45 degrees and light showers in dallas. and 72 degrees and sunny in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows overcast skies in the northeast, the central plains and the snowstorm pushes east.
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the west coast is clear. later today, the southeast and northwest see rain. snow will fall in the ohio river valley as the storm system moves across the country. and the southwest is mild again. plenty of sunshine. in sports this morning, an overtime squeaker for new orleans. the grizzlies led late in the fourth quarter but it was tied when time ran out, after a steal, a reverse lay-up for a 103-102 lead and the grizzlies last shot went off the rim. game over. in boston, the big man showed he still got game, 38-year-old shaquille o'neal played hard and paying the price. he had a dozen rebounds and as many points, including a one-handed -- are we going to see it? alley-oop! right there in the fourth! the celtics went on to beat the pistons. get 'em, shaq, 86-82. college basketball, purdue doing it but just barely. the 14th ranked boilermakers have their hands full with penn state.
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back and forth lead changes in the second half ended when johnson hit a three pointer with seconds left. penn state lost the ball on the inbound pass. purdue with the "w" 63-62. finally, super bowl xlv will definitely be super in one way. we're talking about attendance. more than 100,000 fans are likely to jam cowboys stadium february 6th. and if chicago is in that game, that could include a big fan, president obama who has pledged to attend if his hometown bears win this sunday. there will be more security at the game than actual people. we'll take a quick break this morning. another quick look at the top stories on the way and a kidnapping found two decades later. the amazing story behind the abduction case. amazing story behind the abduction case. think we'll be there soon? >> ...feel even longer. >> you said we'll be there soon. i hope we're not lost. >> so i always make sure i've got the right guidance. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> mother: we're here! >> father: i'm like that with taxes too. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me to every deduction and credit i deserve. for home, medical,
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more variety. more value. more of what you want. not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. [ man ] it's up, and it is good! [ male announcer ] more than a snack. on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. there's a new system tracking across the country through the heartland. it will be entering the eastern half of the nation with snow to the north and rain to the south.
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the southwest will stay sunny and warm. and more rain is on the way for the northwest. here's a look at this morning's top stories on a thursday. china's president hu jintao is honored with a state dinner at the white house. today he'll face a tougher audience when he visits lawmakers on capitol hill. and alleged tucson gunman jared loughner has been indicted by a federal grand jury. loughner is accused of trying to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle giffords and trying to kill two of her aides. here in new york city, a 22-year-old baby abduction case has been solved. the baby, now a woman, tracked down her biological family as she suspected she did not belong to the family who raised her. she reunited with her birth mother on friday, and again wednesday night. our new york station wcbs reports. >> this is the best. she's alive. >> reporter: prayers answered for the family of a missing woman, kidnapped as a baby from
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harlem hospital two decades ago. 24 years later that baby, carlina white, has come home, reunited with her biological mother joy white who spoke to cbs 2 news as a 16-year-old pleading with the kidnappers. >> just give me my baby back, please. i just want her back. >> reporter: it became one of the nypd's most baffling cases. the only known kidnapping from a new york hospital. police immediately suspecting a mysterious woman who'd been hanging around acting like a nurse. carlina was eventually raised by another family in connecticut but always wondered about her true identity and started looking. with the help of the center for missing and exploited children, carlina found her way home. but questions linger over carlina's decades-old kidnapping. the fbi investigated, and family members rejoiced. >> we never gave up hope. we always, you know, were saying one day that she would come back. >> reporter: mother and daughter have not yet returned to the family's apartment here in the bronx. they're waiting to go public with their incredible, and emotional story.
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in the bronx, cbs 2 news. >> isn't that incredible? amazing story. this morning on "the early show," the best places to retire in america. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." wabout readingl and put it here. introducing nookcolor. experience books, magazines, newspapers and children's books like never before. nookcolor by barnes & noble. to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ try snuggle! ultra snuggle blue sparkle with fresh release technology keeps clothes smelling fresh up to 14 days. and has the ultimate in snuggly softness® your family loves... you can always count on snuggle.
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marty is in the first warning weather center. >> we're not looking at the biggest winter storm. we'll throw it in motion. i'll tell you about 6:00 tonight you'll see a flurry. it will be over with by this time tomorrow morning, one to three inches, boom. between now and then a clear day start larks cloudy afternoon, temps in the mid-30s. in the news, a fallen firefighter in baltimore and a blast that left thousands injured. a controversy on the court.
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a seventh grader is forced to sit on the bench because of her religious believes. and mutant bed bugs? more news, weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a couple minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello again. there's a live look outside. nothing disturbing about this day. i think that will carry over to traffic. >> how a


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