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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 16, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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burst of radiation. levels caused workers to evacuate this morning. they later returned but it appears conditions are getting worse. >> damage to the cause to the three units. unit 1, 2, and 3, has been confirmed. >> reporter: crews are struggling to pump in water. as a backup plan, officials ran a drill to see if helicopters could use bucketsets to dump water on the reactors. the u.s. is telling american citizens, living within 50 miles of the power plant to evacuate. radiation levels have risen. and very slight increases can be detected as far away as tokyo. officials say it is not far enough away to be dangerous. but many are avoiding the city. >> reporter: after the united nations council, they held a moment of silence in japan. the u.s. is helping to coordinate relief effort. >> reporter: in the town of
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ofanatu, british and american rescue crews are searching for survivors. >> trying to access underneath. obviously, you can see very, very difficult conditions. chances of survival. >> reporter: crews continue to recover bodies from the wreckage. many times, family members are there to mourn their loved ones. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. the u.s. government says military pilots cannot go within 50 miles of the reactor. pilots flying within 70 miles are taking potassium iodide tablets. if a disaster hits the east coast, the situation in japan could play out right here in maryland. wjz is live. mike hellgren explains how local officials are preparing for the worst. mike? >> reporter: mary, they're constantly reviewing plans. they have a number of real-life drills and exercises and say they plan to learn what's happening in japan right now. >> reporter: floods. hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.
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the three nuclear plants, closest to baltimore are vulnerable to them all. and it's richard mute's job as director of the maryland emergency management agency to make sure plans are in place in case of disaster. >> the planes are actually reviewed annually. >> reporter: those living in the shadow of the only reactors in maryland at calvert cliff feel uneasy. >> you always think that it can never happen to you. but then there's always that chance. looking at japan, you do really wonder. >> reporter: the energy secretary warned congress, the japanese crisis could be more perilous than three-mile island. >> the government has said there is the possibility of what it calls a meltdown. >> reporter: in 1979, the most serious nuclear reaction in u.s. history. the reactor is within 50 miles of u.s. and harford county. >> the number of reactors with similar designs. and we're going to look at what went wrong in terms of that
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double-barreled whammy of this huge, huge earthquake. and then a huge tsunami. >> reporter: the peach bottom nuclear plant about five miles north of maryland, uses the same boiling water as the troubled plant in japan. in japan, the uncertainty is fueling concerns at his home about the safety of nuclear energy. >> certainly is very devastating what they're going through. and from an emergency manager's perspective, i can only imagine the stress they're going through, trying to resolve those issues. >> reporter: and representatives from all of the plants in our area say they are safe, that they face strict regulations. but some in congress want more hearings about plant safety. back to you. >> reporter: okay, mike. thank you. the crisis in japan continues to weigh heavily on the international markets, including wall street. stocks opened low and dropped sharply in the afternoon. dow was down 242 points. that's 2% of its value. s&p off 25. nasdaq down 51. stay with wjz for complete
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coverage of the disaster in japan. for updates on the nuclear situation, and new pictures of the devastation, log onto mayor stephanie rawlings- blake says she's done nothing wrong. a report in our media partner, the baltimore sun, raises questions about the mayor, her husband and ethics. as adam may explains, the son's own editorial board agrees with the mayor. >> hopkins medicine employs more than 20,000 people. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake responds to a sun article her staff calls exaggerated. >> let me be clear. not one single routine item that was approved by the board of ethics since december has had anything to do with my husband's job. >> reporter: kent blake was recently hired by hop hopkins community physicians as an
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intake patient accord favorite- - coordinator. but according to this list of grants obtained by wjz, the $900,000 in question does not involve her husband's direct employer. instead, most of the money is for hiv prevention and treatment. >> reporter: the city is now reviewing the ethics cold. he also said that it's clear the mayor's husband currently works for a single entity than johns hopkins itself. >> while i'm waiting for a full briefing, based on the votes that avine -- i've taken. he sees no problem. >> it writes the mayor has voted on a dozen contracts, involving the sprawling entity that is johns hopkins. but none of them directly involve the branch her husband works for. they also suggest the mayor could have avoided this entire issue, if she had been more open about her husband's new job. >> reporter: and since december, mayor rawlings-blake has abstained from a number of
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votes that could be viewed as a potential flict conflict of interest. >> the mayor is waiting to proceed. a college student from frederick tells his roommate, "i'll be right back." that was five days ago, and no one has seen him. vic has more on the search right now. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is a junior at rochester institute. george delaney was last seen in his apartment. his car was found sunday in an abandoned field. wjz spoke with george's mother in frederick. she said his entire family is concerned and worried about him and they hope everyone keeps him in their prayers. delaney was last seen saturday. but only reported officially missing saturday. >> delaney is a political science major. lottery lies. trying to scam lottery ticket winners out of their money and keeping it for themselves.
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derek valcourt explains how she did it and how she was caught. >> reporter: lottery investigators routinely go undercover to make sure the people who sell their lottery tickets are not cheating the system. and this time, it was the undercover investigators who hit the jackpot. >> reporter: melissa stone, under arrest, in what blis describe as a lottery scam. the 39-year-old owner of roth liquors in baltimore county, caught in an undercover sting by lottery investigators, accused of lying to a winning scratchoff ticket holder, telling him the ticket was a loser, so she could profit. this isoutrageous. they got a winner and she's taking the winnings for herself, ask cashing the -- and cashing the ticket? unbelievable. she should be put in jail. >> reporter: lottery officials began conducting routine compliance checks since last year. they have gone undercover 663
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times catching someone. >> reporter: an investigator brought a $10,000 winning ticket to the store and tried to cash it in. they say stone told the investigator it was not a winner. and instead, she brought the ticket to lottery headquarters and tried to cash it in herself. >> reporter: county police arrested stone and charged her with grand theft, a shock to those who frequent her north point store. >> she's a really nice woman. i don't think she'd do something like that. >> had you ever bought a lottery ticket? >> yeah. a lot. she always gave me my money. >> i would be locked up for it. i think she should be locked up for it. >> reporter: lottery officials admit it is impossible to tell how many customers, if any others fell victim to the scam. that's because lottery winnings under $600 can be paid right
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through the storeclerk without having to go to the commission. >> stone's lottery license has been suspended. she has been released from jail while awaiting trial on grand theft charges. a hotel scam is under investigation. police say someone is calling guests of a downtown hotel after they check out. the caller tries to get credit card information, by claiming to be a night auditor, checking their information. baltimore police say you should never give out your credit card information to someone who calls you. 7-year-old amanda mitchell was bitten by two american bulldogs near her dundalk home. tina baker, the dog's owner, must now pay pine -- fines. she will not be criminally charged. flames erupt inside a home, burning a woman inside. tonight, investigators say it was arson. that fire started this morning in a home in the 7900 block of
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east baltimore street. firefighters quickly extinguished the flames. the woman inside the home is being treated at johns hopkins burn center. it will soon feel more like may than march. mix of sun and clouds. and a big warmup around the corner. bob turk has the first warning weather forecast for us. >> let's take a look at radar. it's cleared out, well, for the most part. all of the rains now, up across portions of eastern maine, up toward caribou. right up 95. up the east coast there. 58 degrees now. kind of nice. let's take a look at rainfall numbers we had last night and this morning. easton, 81/100ths. at the airport, officially 6/10ths of an inch. hagerstown, about a quarter inch. the most i could find, pax river, 94/100ths up in sparks. tv hill, the same thing. most areas picking up a half to three-quarters of an inch of rain.
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but we've got two warm and very pleasantly mild and warm dry days and dry days headed our way. beautiful forecast. we'll have that coming up in a few minutes. mary? >> okay, bob. thank you. still to come. man of mystery. he was caught in baltimore, pretending to be a rockefeller. tonight, his response to murder charges. radiation at the airport. just how safe are those body scanners. women, are you looking for a job that includes helping people, solving mystery and giving back to the community? i'll have more on that coming up next. hang up your winter coat. the big warmup is getting closer. bob has your updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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education funding gets extra attention in the wake of a massive teacher protest. wjz is live.
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political reporter pat warren has more on a revised budget plan. lawmakers probably didn't expect a massive pushback they were going to get when they first mentioned education cuts. governor o'malley's favorite word turned against him for his proposed budget cuts. is one word worth a thousand pictures in the hands of riled- up teachers? the results state delegates put on their thinking class to look for ways to restore state funding. and they get an a for that. >> yes. definitely. we need that. we need the money. >> reporter: a budget designed to curb state spending may end up restoring instead of reducing state budgets by $58 million. some think they can do that by increasing fees in some areas and making cuts in others.
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they're also looking to rescue the countery. but some lawmakers consider the plan unrealistic in the face of a $2.7 billion sit. >> they're finding ways to spend $60, 70, 80 million. >> reporter: schools will be fully funded. >> not good enough to take away more than what you give back and think that you've done us a favor. >> teachers are all hoping it works out. >> i hope we all get through this moment of crisis and make a lot more progress. >> reporter: but that may be too much hope, riding on too little money. >> it's as harry truman used to say, it's not hell, i'm just telling the truth and they just think it's hell. >> reporter: gotta keep those thinking caps on. reporting live from annapolis, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> thank you, pat. the general assembly is also considering an increase in the gas tax to help shore up the
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budget. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with courtney. rush hour starting to build. we are seeing delays out there. we're going to bring slowing from the harbor tunnel. traffic is basically crawling between york road and delaney really road. you can see they're going about 24 miles per hour there. staying on the inner loop, but on the west side, it's a short delay from 70 to 70 boulevard. traffic is jammed from 29 to marriottsville road. there is one in the bel air area of harford county. emerton road at crafton road. and lutherville road, there's one at east timonium road. you can see lanes closest to us. and we'll hop on over to 895.
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harford tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by cirque du soleil. returns to baltimore for the latest production. tickets on sale now at cirque du the baltimore city police department is looking for a few good women. studies show women do better at some police duties. >> city police sergeant sharon tally makes sure they are safe as part of the executive protections division. >> it's a big responsibility. >> it's just a huge responsibility. it's a huge responsibility. i no room for error. i have to be on my toes at all times. >> you like that? >> i love it. >> reporter: right now, only 16% of officers are women. >> there's a lot of studies that talk about women are able to communicate better.
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they diffuse situations. they're involved in fewer excessive force cases. and so, there is a big demand and a need for women in law enforcement. >> reporter: deputy commissioner laura owens worked her way up from officer to the number 2 spot. and she wishes more women would not stop at sergeant. >> there are lots of women that would say they are this whole glass ceiling thing and they can't get to the top. but i've never experienced that. >> reporter: a special recruitment drive is under way to attract female officers. >> you can do it all on friday. there's an informational meeting at noon. then take the civil service exam at 1:00. saturday morning, you can start agility test. >> starting salary begins at $41,000 as a cadet. >> i tell people, 90% of my job is a good thing. 90% of my day is a wonderful day. you have 10% that you actually have to do some type of enforcement that not everybody is going to come out happy. >> reporter: suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> you can find a link to all
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of the information about city police hiring at click on "seen on tv" and scroll down to the story. we are following breaking news root now. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene of a child hit by a car. >> reporter: we have an 8-year- old struck. we're in the 1300 block of gilford road. police called here for a child struck. you can see, the child is struck in the driveway, being attended to by paramedics. it appears the person who struck the child has remained on the scene. gilford road, closed in both directions. it is a residential neighborhood. we have no idea how serious the injuries are. >> we hope the child is okay. thank you, captain mike. we've got warmer weather headed our way. really warm by friday. you can see a big difference. northwest winds at 8. come back and take a look at
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the end of the forecast and the last two days of winter. after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. the sun tried to come out this afternoon. we still have a few clouds around the area. but should clear out later on. temperatures overnight, going to get a little cool, back in the upper 30s to low 40s. but a big warmup headed this way. big difference in the temperatures. thursday and friday. we'll take a look at that in just a minute. take a look at temperatures now. actually, it's about as warm as i've seen today. 58. 59 in ocean city. they were at 64 just last hour. cool spots in oakland at 53. dc and pax river, 52 degrees. locally, low to mid-50s. annapolis, 48. and kent island as wells -- at 48 degrees. coming out of the west/northwest. that is going to allow some much warmer air to move in. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. should be a beautiful spring- like day on the last thursday of winter. spring arrives on sunday, by the way, this year. so tomorrow, being st.
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patrick's day, should be a little green in some areas. in fact, will even be seeing some daffodils beginning to bloom in many spots. the rain we saw last night, about half to two-thirds of an inch. there it goes. clear skies coming in from the southwest. although we still have a lot of leftover clouds you can see in the area. those clouds will finally move out later tonight. and the winds go back to the south and southwest. here comes that really nice warmup. high pressure moves off the east coast. here comes that nice, warm air. beautiful conditions. thursday, back in the mid-60s. friday, we're looking at mid- 70s. some areas could get like 77, 78 degrees. across southern virginia. probably hitting 80 from fredericksburg south into richmond area. that will be the warmest day we've seen since last october, by the way. now, friday night, this front will move across the region. some clouds. maybe a brief shower or sprinkle. then it will turn a little
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cooler on saturday and a little cooler on sunday. not a bad weekend. west winds, 5 knots. very light. the bay temp around 44. tonight, partly cloudy later on. 38 to low 40s in the city. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. light, light breeze out of the southwest. beautiful, nice afternoon. high of 65 degrees. normal high is 54. so we're really looking good. and probably 10 degrees warmer on friday. mid-70s, it will make your head go crazy. >> yeah. >> we will be cheering. thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. panic across the pacific. a pill to fight off radiation. why people are rushing to buy it in california. time for the believe it -- the public to stand up for what's right. and what they love. a harford county. i'm gigi barnett. the answer is straight ahead. a remarkable recovery continues tonight. new details about congressman
5:27 pm
giffords' new morning roro,,,,,,
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it's 5:29. 58 degrees. mainly cloudy with some sun. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. murder mystery, a 3-year-old harford county homicide still unsolved. and the victim's birthday, the family renews its plea for witnesses to come forward. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: this small family gathering would have been a birthday celebration for tariq
5:30 pm
alston. at 22, he was gunned down at a private party in harford county, three years ago. without any witnesses, alston's case remains unsolved. >> it's not a cold case to me. it's very, very hot. i live with this every day. and it's going to get hotter because it's time to put this behind us and get some closure. >> reporter: robert and daphne alston are tereek's parents. they pleaded for witnesses to come forward since the night of their son's murder. >> --thee feelings, they come and go. and you just try to live it, day by day. you will never forget it. >> reporter: harford county sheriff's office is still passing out reward flyers in the case. in 2008, alston attended a party on mountain road. that's when someone shot him in the head. he died minutes later at the hospital. >> he was killed like gangster
5:31 pm
style. you know, it was horrible. what young person has that much hate in them that they could do that? >> we're encouraging the community. you've got any information, bring it to us. call our detectives. we're looking for firsthand information. >> reporter: sheriff's office spokeswoman monica whirl says the case is still active. it was one of three homicides in harford county in 2008. detectives say much of the evidence in this case is circumstantial. but for alston's family, the plea for witnesses continues. >> time for the public to stand up for what's right and say what they know. >> reporter: and daphne alston says she is doing something about her son's murder. she started a group called m.o.m.s, mothers of murdered sons. >> police say there is still a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in alston's case. anne arundel county police have arrested two people in the
5:32 pm
murder of a food deliveryman last december. charged with first- and second- degree murder as well as robbery and assault. they say the two teens assaulted and robbed a man as he was making a food delivery. the man was flown to shock trauma, where he later died of stab wounds. his time on the run came to an end right here in baltimore. tonight, the man who claimed to be a rockefeller is once again in trouble with the law. vic is in the newsroom to explain to us. vic? >> this time, he's charged with murder. but the man of many aliases insists he's innocent. they charged christian gerhart slider. -- shrider. but they say he is not atrade of -- afraid of new charges. he was arrested for kidnapping his daughter. he is now serving a 4- to 5- year sentence. >> he has been under suspicion
5:33 pm
for the california man's death for the past three years. toyota and subaru are scaling back in america because its expected supply problems in japan. both automakers are trying to conserve parts. the shipments were delayed from asia, due to the quakes and tsunami. toyota's hybrid is only made in japan. disaster causing a panic on the north american west coast. radiation concerns in japan have spread to america. people are rushing to buy medication to protect themselves. >> reporter: americans are watching the disaster unfold at jal pan's nuclear facility, with explosion -- japan's nuclear facility, with explosions and nuclear reactors. >> a new store looking for potassium iodide. >> reporter: it's an over-the- counter drug that protects the thyroid from radiation. >> we started getting calls at the end of last week. into saturday.
5:34 pm
anything we had on the shelf disappeared. >> reporter: what does the pill do? >> if you give a lot of cold iodine, that is potassium iodine that is not radioactive, the thyroid gland gets flooded with cold iodine. therefore, it couldn't soak up the radioactive iodine. >> reporter: experts warn against getting it on the internet, where it may be overpriced or fake. >> reporter: this website was selling what should be a $10 drug for $100. and it had an expiration date of 2007. but most medical experts say buying radioactive iodine is an overreaction. even the president felt the need to calm fears. >> i've been assured that any nuclear release dissipates by the time it gets even to hawaii, much less to the main land of the united states.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: potassium iodide is nuclear-free. while it protects the thyroid, you are still vulnerable to a host of other illnesses, if you're exposed to radiation fallout. american doctors are urging people not to take the medicine, unless you are instructed to do so. it can present a danger to people with allergies, to iodine, shellfish and people with thyroid problems. stay with wjz for complete coverage in japan. for updates, log onto alarming news out of libya tonight. the new york sometime -- times says four of its journalists are missing from the country. editors say they have had no contact with the journalists since tuesday morning. the paper has received second hand reports that members of its reporting team were there. did the u.s. government pay for the release of a cia agent.
5:36 pm
secretary hillary clinton denied payment. the 36-year-old was killed in january. the lawyer connected with the case said more than $2 million in blood money was paid to the victim's family. pleading guilty tomorrow. the lawyer for raymond clark says it's part of a plea deal. clark is accused of strangling annie lay and hiding her body inside a wall at a research lab. her body was found on the day she was supposed to be married. the house approved a temporary spending measure. and the senate is expected to pass it before congress recesses on friday. the bill will fund the government for another three weeks. republican senator mitch mcconnell says any future budget legislation will have to contain funding for the pentagon. the debate over funding has taken place on capitol hill.
5:37 pm
one passenger is a state lawmaker from alaska. >> sharon sisna describes her experience with airport security as an assault. >> she yanks me back and says, very rudely, keep your eye on your bag. yet i'm supposed to stand or sit in certain ways to have her feeling me up. >> reporter: she went through the full body scan. but her mastectomy made her a candidate for a full body patdown as well. she told her story on capitol hill, where the concern is both the invasion of privacy and the safety of x-rays. >> a lot of people have worked hard on understanding how thoroughly useless this technology currently is. >> reporter: there are currently about 500 of the advanced screening machines in use at 78 airports across the country. that includes here at l.a.x. and a concern is whether the radiation causes cancer. >> reporter: a radiation expert testified the cancer risk is
5:38 pm
only about one in 10 million. but with so many people being scanned each year, the numbers add up. >> and the number is around 100, cancers a year, produced by a billion scans. >> reporter: security officials say the procedures are a reality of the war against terror. sto. >> the technology is vital to our nation's ability to keep passengers safe in this post- 9/11 world. >> most agree. >> i think it's very important. i think it's for our own safety. >> reporter: polls find the vast majority support tougher security at our airports. >> reporter: kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> as for the safety of the full body scans. experts say frequent flyers are at a higher risk, along with airport personnel who pass through the machines more often. astronaut mark kelly says he's optimistic, his wife, wound wood congresswoman gabrielle giffords can attend the space shuttle launch next month. giffords is undergoing treatment in houston, where her husband is training for his
5:39 pm
mission. kelly says he spends each morning at the hospital, bringing a newspaper and a cup of coffee. last friday, giffords' doctor announced that she has been speaking in full sentences and even able to walk with assistance. time now for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. why the archdiocese refuses to lease its vacant school space to charter schools. and how some are reacting to local college teams in the tournament. for all of these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from the first warning weather team. speaking of march madness, it is here. we want you to try your hand at the wjz annapolis subaru challenge. you can challenge don, marty, mark stan tim, mark, me. just go to click on the link at the top of
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the home page. and the tournament kicks off live here on wjz tomorrow afternoon. you can see clemson play west virginia at noon. and that game will be followed by princeton and kentucky at 2:30. tomorrow night, beginning at 7:00, you can see wofford college, versus byu. that game will be followed by gonzaga and st. johns. all of those games are live here on wjz 13 tomorrow. still ahead on eyewitness news. wild crash. police officers unhurt after this accident. what led up to it? surviving a lightning strike. best friends now able to tell their amazing story. bob turk. first warning weather center. major spring warmup on tap. i'll have the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. it's going to clear out tonight. maybe a little cooler tonight. upper 30s to low 40s. st. patrick's day is going to be better by the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will warm up into the mid-60s by middle afternoon. and sometime around 4:00, 5:00,
5:44 pm
64. maybe 65 degrees. so a nice day headed our way. and look at friday. yes, that's correct. 77 degrees. maybe a shower late at night or early saturday. 63 on saturday. it will cool down somewhat on sunday. 56 and 58, still above normal on monday. the first full day of spring, by the way. >> mary? >> hallelujah, bob. >> today's energy saver. are phantom loads overloading your bge bill. this is power consumed by a device that are turned often or p or in standby mode. experts say plug all of your computer components into a power switch and flip that switch off when you head out for the day. go to our website and click on our special section. delicate rescue in washington state. rescue crews were able to pull
5:45 pm
the van upright. they were able to pull them to safety and guide them out of the van. firefighters say the mud slide which hit the vehicle was 40 feet wide and 3 feet deep. a wild scene in st. louis, as police officers barely escape injury on a highway. watch closely. they were diverting closely from an accident scene when a car smashes into a patrol car, blocking the road. no other injuries were reported from the collision. >> tragedy at the long beach airport. five people were killed when their plane crashed and burned during takeoff. the other was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the half. plane came to rest on a grassy median. the faa says the plane was departing for salt lake city. two friends in utah survived the unthinkable. they were hit by lightning while waiting for a ride home from school. >> reporter: it was october 5th, 2010. a thunderstorm was rolling
5:46 pm
through st. george, utah. best friends, alex lamson and dave zuniche were waiting for a ride home from school. suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit dane in the head, passed through him, striking alex as well. >> alexander, his clothes are gone. they're just gone. and they're smoldering around the edges. >> reporter: teacher ron hanson was first on the scene and found both boys unconscious. he started cpr on alex. >> all i'm smell suggest smoke. and i'm thinking his lungs are burnt right out. >> reporter: school officials stayed on this until the medical personnel came. the doctor on call at the emergency room said dane had no pulse for 38 minutes. >> he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. clinically, he was dead. >> reporter: miraculously, they saved the boys. >> i thank you for all of your hopes and prayers that you've
5:47 pm
given me. >> reporter: burned over 40% of his body, he had to relearn how to work. -- walk. >> i have chronic nerve pain. that's pretty much the extent of my injuries right now. and these scars up on my neck. >> right. >> i mean, who would have thought he'd ever walk again, much less run? >> even when you think there's no hope, don't stop. because my son is pretty much back to the way he was before the strike. >> i have lost a lot of weight. >> yeah. >> as you can probably tell. but other than that, i've been recovering pretty well. >> reporter: priya david clemens. >> experts say the odds of someone getting struck by lightning are 1 in 500,000. >> unbelievable. vic is in the newsroom with a story for us. >> breakthrough treatment that could reverse the symptoms of
5:48 pm
parkinsons disease. how maryland's largest winery is checking the environment. >> okay, vic. thank you. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. this is mark viviano with the orioles. spring training at sarasota, where a blast from orioles past is helping this year's team in [ male announcer ] verizon believes that no small business should be invisible, so we decided to help a real small business
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former orioles is back as coach. sports director mark viviano was caught up with o's hall-of- famer, brady anderson. looks like brady still has some game. >> reporter: he still is removed as glory days. even as he nears the age of 50, brady anderson is in better shape as most active leaguers. and he's bringing his fitness and baseball knowledge to the o's. anderson worked with josh bell, nolan rimolds and jones in california in the winter.
5:52 pm
whipping all of them into better shape. anderson brings 15 years of playing experience to the present day as an instructor. he works with the team hitting, fielding and base running. and years later, anderson enjoys the impact he can have now. >> i never thought i'd get that genuine thrill from coaching. but once i got it and saw how i can help a person's career, how to resrect careers in some cases -- resurrect careers in some cases, like jerry harris, it just gave me a thrill i didn't think i could get out of coaching. >> it's a thrill, being passed down to others. i keep my ear tuned his way. and i try to learn as much as i can for him and put it into practice and add it to my repertoire. add it to my game. >> reporter: the o's play in exhibition game against tampa tonight. regular season starts april 1st. and the home opener, april 4th.
5:53 pm
our coverage comes your way at 2:00 that afternoon. more on basketball's basketball's march madness is under way. details ahead in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. in tonight's health watch, age-conscious people are watching this. a chef says before you go under the knife, pick up a fork and try his collagen cuisine. >> reporter: london chef ian pengely has a secret ingredient he says will make you look beautiful. he is injecting his dishes with collagen, a protein you wouldn't normally expect to find in the kitchen. >> the jelly will dissolve and you have your fix of collagen for the day. >> reporter: he has rolled out an eat yourself beautiful menu at his pan-asian american restaurant. some diners are eat being up the idea. >> yummy, really.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: for $10, there's the collagen inside out dumpling. how about clear soup with collagen jelly. >> i am scared of drugs and needles. couldn't do botox. so i'll try anything. >> reporter: dermatologist tologi dermatologisttologi sts aren't convinced about this collage edgeen phase. >> when you ingest collagen it will be broken down. there is no clear path for it to be transported into the skin. >> reporter: the doctor says it must be injected deep into the skin to have effect. but the chef knowledges in his collagen creations. he says japanese women swear by edible collagen. >> and they take it. so it cartle r can't be that bad really. i mean, i'm 68. >> reporter: doctors say drinking water and eating healthy foods are the best
5:55 pm
recipes for staying young. tina kraus, cbs news, london. the chef says 90% of the diners that try his collagen menu are women, of course. also tonight, a 40-year study finds the number of heavy smokers in the united states has dropped dramatically. the latest shows just 7% of americans smoke a pack a day or more. that's a major decline since 1969 when 23% of american smoked heavily. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a headline in the baltimore sun puts ,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up next at 6:00. more signs that there is a nuclear crisis in japan. the mayor under investigation. surprising twist in the story. lottery lies. wait until you hear the scam this woman is accused of pulling off on her customers. i'll tell you all about it coming up on eyewitness news. tracking a big warmup. how high will temperatures go? >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
nuclear crisis. evacuations ordered in japan. >> thousands trying to outrun spreading radiation. tonight, why everyone fears the worst. >> i'm adam may. here's what people are talking about now. >> frantic efforts to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. tonight, there are new signs of potential problems. wjz has complete coverage of the disaster in japan. mike hellgren reports on maryland's preparations on a similar crisis. but first, randall pinkston has the latest on a meltd down fear- - meltdown fear in japan. a cloud of white smoke may have been a burst of radiation, according to the japanese government. elevated radiation levels caused workers to evacuate later this morning. they later returned. but it appears damage is getting worse.


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