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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. driver charge, a john hopkins university student is left in a coma after he's run over while riding his bike. tonight the investigation
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and the controversy surrounding the action taken against the driver. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch, here is what people are talking about. >> we learned if driver will keep to keep her license and will not face jail time. mike hellgren with the decision and whether the victim's family think it's enough. >> reporter: the 83-year-old driver who hit and seriously injured john hopkins student nathan crosnopolo has been ticketed. a traffic citations include negligent driving and failure to yield. a maximum penalty is $500 fine. but janet walker can keep her
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driver's license. walker represents the family. >> they are concerned she should not be driving. >> reporter: the district attorney issued a statement that says in part, our combined investigation found no gross negligent. we will prosecute drivers who harm cyclists to the fullest extend of the law. poler will never really recover from his injuries. his brain was cut off from oxygen for too long. >> three seconds would have prevented all of that. maybe two seconds. he just needed to wait. if you see a bicycle you really need to pay attention where it is. if that means waiting a few seconds. just wait the few seconds. because our life has been turned upside down. >> the punishment in this case could never fit the conduct that took place. it is a true tragedy in every sense of the word. no one benefits from this. >> reporter: facing just two minor traffic ticket, the
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driver may never appear in court. reporting live in north baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz news. >> mike, thank you. wjz was unable to reach the comment tonight for comment. the victim remains in the hospital. the victim was hit and killed by his own truck. the 53-year-old parked his work truck this morning. a spokesperson for the maryland transportation authority tells us as he walked away the truck starting rolling and the man was hit was while whying trying to stop it. an argument between two sisters leads to a stand off. police say white was threatening suicide while her sister and a teenage daughter
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hid in the bathroom. no one else in the house was hurt. one of the largest planes until the world hits a smaller plane causing it to violently spin more than 90 degrees. the collision was caught on camera. manuel gallegus reports for wjz. investigators are trying to determine how it happened. >> reporter: this video shows an impact between a 780 and a delta comment plane as they strike at kennedy airport. the largest plane in the world hits the commuter plane spinning it almost 90 degrees. >> a plane has just hit us. >> respond coal 32. >> reporter: they were 510 passengers and crew aboard the air france flight bound for paris monday night. but it was a scarier ride for the dozens on board the commuter train just in from boston. >> we were just waiting. we were kind of all having a
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chat and saying it was a bit annoying. and suddenly there's a big bang from one side of the plane. >> it sounded like smashing glass or something, like something breaking. >> reporter: audio recordings between air traffic control and the pilot show that the smaller plane was trying to exit the taxi way. but may have stopped short because of congestion at the gate. aviation experts also say the super jumbo air bus is known in the industry to have blind spots. >> because of the enormous wingspan of the 380. the pilot's left wind protruded into and down the taxi way mike where the jet was. >> reporter: the collision tore a wing on the air bus and bent the tail on the commuter jet. the ntsb will review both aircrafts flight recorders, air traffic control tapes and airline data. manuel gallegus, new york. the damage is still being
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assessed. no one was hurt during the collision. new details tonight out of egypt. the president is hospitalized. protesters started picketing where mumbarak was hospitalized for heart trouble. tonight japan insists radiation leaks are declining at the fukushima nuclear plant. but the crisis is still ranked at the highest possible level. that ranking is the second worse in history after the 1986 disaster. the upgrade does not mean radiation is getting worse but it indicates concern about long term health risks. workers are still trying to restore cooling systems at the plant a process that is likely to take months. the city's new state's attorney is preparing to try
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his first case. greg bernstein took office defeating pat jesemie. he criticized her for not trying cases herself. this week bernstein is prosecuting a man accused of killing two teenagers. and they were able to target ten locations and police say they committed crimes at each of them. -- >> reporter: it's a useful piece of evidence. surveillance video where you can actually clearly see the faces of two suspected robbers. this is one of a string of 10 armed robberies that police say these two young men pulled off
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before noon on tuesday. >> that's all in one morning? >> in a couple of hours. >> wow, that's amazing. i hope they catch them. >> reporter: you can see the two suspects walk into the store, look at each other as if giving the go ahead. the one carrying a gun pistol whips a customer. another with a red hood pushes another customer out of the way. the prosecutors targeted baltimore sun delivery people. this spot is where one salesperson was nearly robbed and the suspect tried to shoot his gun. two others were attacked while selling papers as well. the two struck downtowns including here on busy st. pall street. >> there's always, you know somebody walking at all hours of the night because there's always something to do. >> reporter: police say this was stop number six of 10 for the two suspects. a bus stop in the heart of the mount vernon. they say the two men approached someone on the street just
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before 10:00 in the morning. >> it's devastating to me to just know such thing. it just lets you know i don't care where you live, you must always be on point, on guard. >> reporter: we don't know how much money the pair got away with. police said the two were driving a green lesabre during the string. >> if you recognize the men, you can call city police. you can rewatch the video by going to our website baltimore major called on women to take back the night. mayor blake launched a 24 hour hot line to rape victims. it comes after the city's criticism over rape cases. starting today, victims can call the number you see on the screen to give information on a rape. the legislative session
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brings new laws to maryland. some that will affect you in a big way. governor o'malley -- lawmakers hope that will help close the budget gap while still funding school. also approved the dream act allowing instate tuition for children of illegal immigrants. toby the lab fell through the thin ice. his owner said he was chasing geese when it happened. then baltimore search and rescue stepped in. >> i put my arm out. he tried to come right into the water. he was dragging me across the ice trying to get back to his owner. >> reporter: the humane today honored them with a plaque
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today thanking them for saving toby and saving him during the process. a woman blacks out behind the wheel with her daughter in the car. >> my mom was talking to my mom on the phone all of a sudden she just dropped the phone and grabbed her chest and started crying. and on the bp oil spill got all the attention, but there were two other oil spills on that same day. why oil spills might happen more than you think they do. and i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast coming up next.
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it is 52 degrees with clouds and some scattered showers in central maryland right now. the complete weather forecast is coming up. at first you may not believe your eyes. this pickup truck in minnesota looks like it's driving across a river. it is actually going over a flooded roadway. minnesota is one of many states having flooding problems. many roads in the eastern and central part of that state are closed. a cvs news investigation turns out staggering numbers
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that shows how many crude oils and toxic spills happen in the u.s. while we were all aware of the bp oil disaster. cbs news discovered 6,500 reports of spills. those numbers were compiled from three federal agencies and 23 oil and gas producing states. in response to that report, they say they have made significant progress in reducing spills. new information on the murder case of yeardley love. >> reporter: george hughley's drinking could save him time behind bars for the murder of
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love. during a preliminary hearing that lasted for nine hours. hughley's friends describe him as very drunk. that he had slurred speech before his altercation with love. one of the defenses is that hughleg did not mean to kill love. >> hughley only found out about the death of love after the prosecutor told her. >> reporter: love grew up here in cockysville. several left court after
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hearing grizzly details of her death. hughley says he shook love and repeatedly hit her head on a wall. hughley said it could have been something else like a fall or aderol that was found in her system. >> there's no knowing what the jury will do. >> reporter: the case will head to trial unless the two reach an agreement avoiding a very painful showdown. an 11-year-old pennsylvania girl is being called a hero for what she did while driving with her mom. pet era suffered a seizure while driving home from a shopping trip. >> she saved my life. she saved her life and she saved other people's lives because i don't know what could
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have happened if she didn't do that. >> i don't think it's such a big deal. but everybody is saying it is. i'm just glad that we're both okay. i'm more glad that she's okay though. science gets behind the old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. a sharp drop in bad cholesterol after eating apples every day for a year has been found. reseveralers say two compounds in the fruit -- researchers say two compound in the fruit help explain the effect. the people in the research also lost about 3 pounds. and ray rice was wearing a milk mustache. the play 60 program promotes exercise and a healthy diet for
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children. >> notice how that milk mustache goes with purple so well. >> it goes with everything. >> suit, a shirt. >> you have a grizzly chilly night. still some rain around. there hasn't been much in the city but we've had some rain. it's been moderate to heavy. particularly off to the northeast of us. there you go. just across the harper county line. up toward cecil. that's where the heaviest rain is. west of us another batch across southwestern areas of west virginia. that's all moving to the north. around the area just very light pockets of rain. overnight we see some of this stuff across virginia rotating again across virginia. so still some rain across the valley. right now we're at 52-degree. remember yesterday we were at 85 for a tied record high. 85% humidity. east winds continue off the
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atlantic ocean. the barometer has been rising. temperature wise 54 down to 44 in oakland. a cool damp not a very pleasant night out there. compared to how we saw it yesterday. it was such a difference in change. the dewpoints 49. the temperature 52. we're still pretty socked with humidity. low 50s down by the water. winds continue east northeast tomorrow they'll begin to shift more to the west northwest. that will allow some what more drier air to move in. we might see some sunlight. but i'm not positive that's going to happen. the high pressure sitting over virginia. slowly beginning to move out. very slowly. some of this rain would seem to be dying out tonight may break into some clearing. a little bit of clearing maybe late in the day. still right now we have a breakthrough central maryland. rain to the east and to the west. as you see that circulation continues. this stuff up here is still going to rotate down through
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our region overnight. so still look for more rain. probably in the morning. then finally we'll dry out and milder conditions for thursday and friday. late friday night some clouds. saturday this front and a low pressure means another chance of rain here beginning on your weekend. north winds gusting at 20 miles per hour. storm back up to hopefully 60. a lot of clouds, maybe some morning showers, maybe a little sun late in the afternoon hopefully. 68, beautiful thursday. 67 friday. good chance of showers on saturday and 62 with partly cloudy skies here on sunday. denise. >> thank you, bob. the ravens make plans to play football games even though the nfl is closed for business. >> mark has schedule news coming up next in sports. why would i shop anywhere else? at giant, we want to thank you for making us
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>> well looks like they're going to play ball, they are
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planning to any way. >> no baseball because, but planning on football. the nfl has been locked out, but still today the league did release the schedule. the ravens are scheduled to play in philadelphia. then two games in baltimore against kansas city. and thursday night august 25th against the redskins then on the road at atlanta. likely september 1st. now regarding the lock out. derrick mason appeared on espn today. the receiver commented on a judges ruling that the owners and players must restart talks today with a mediator present. >> it gives us hope that a negotiation must be done. she doesn't have to put in a decision where she has to make a decision. because if she has to make it,
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somebody is going to be unhappy. >> reporter: unhappy in baseball. no game for the orioles tonight. the opener of that three game series with the yankees got the news of the postponement. starting pitchers from tonight pushed till tomorrow. aj bernett for the yankees. rain in the new york forecast for tomorrow as well. from rain to pain. the texas rangers playing today. josh hamilton suffered a fracture in his arm. hamilton is the american league most valuable player. after the game he blamed the play on his third base coach
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who sent him home. and second at-bat. he riped a home run to left field off joe blanton. werth also hit a double and stole the base. now phillies fans made up most of the sparse crowd even though it was in dc. they made the trip from philadelphia to boo werth. that was one of the nat fans clapping. but give philly fans credit they go all out. >> i should say. thank you mark. elvis' memory lives on in graceland. it looks just like it but believe it or not this isn't the real thing. the real thing. coming up, we'll tell you bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at
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today is the 115th anniversary of the civil war. the bombardment began the four year conflict between the union and the confederacy. it is viva denmark as the king of rock & roll is heading out on the road. an exact copy of graceland will open in the danish city of randolf. it'll be the only permanent elvis exhibit outside of ,,,,,,,
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