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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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public service number one. the city and state mourn the loss of former mayor, governor donald shaffer. >> those who really like public life think it's the greatest career to have. >> reporter: tonight one of the most powerful politicians in the history of maryland passes away at the age of 89. >> when i jumped in the pool. people liked that. they expected me to do things like that. >> from the inner harbor to every street and alley in baltimore, we heard the same words. >> we care, that's what i want on that tombstone. >> his life, career, and how he
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changed maryland forever. >> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. a career and a legend. >> william donald shaffer was a brilliant mayor and utterly unique human being. i had the honor of sitting down with him in 1984 shortly before he ended his second term as governor. his passing tonight dims the light in the city he loved. >> reporter: baltimore may never have a better champion. william donald shaffer. >> come down to harbor place, the greatest place in the united states. >> reporter: oriole park at camden yards. the building of m & t bank stadium. and the light rail system. >> hi, how are you. >> i'm fine, how are you. >> doing fine. good to see you. >> reporter: yet he personally answered phone calls, scoured alleys for trash and put on
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funny costumes to promote the city he loved. the city he was born in and never really left. after a public school education, shaffer served in world war ii and then followed his father into law. in 1965 he won his first elected office. a seat on the city council after three terms as councilman, four at council president. shaffer was elected mayor. >> mayor is the most satisfying job. i spend all of my time looking at alleys and looking at streets and looking at neighborhoods. i used to wrap on doors and say anything we can do for you. >> reporter: when he was elected governor shown here with first posted hilda may. he took that do it now attitude to annapolis. >> if you don't like the world do it now, use the word deliberate speed. >> i preached to the cabinet, i want you to help one person. do something for one person. >> reporter: and as eight years
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as governor, he kept it personally. he built up bad feelings by always saying exactly what he thought. >> somebody wrote me a nasty letter and i wrote back and said, i hope you recover. >> you still hope you did it? >> no, i don't. >> i hate to see a man cry. >> reporter: william donald shaffer was a man of another era. >> what's the first thing you want people to say, thank you? >> no, i cared. that's what i want on the tombstone. even after carving it myself. that's what i want. >> reporter: he cared. >> that's all, he cared. and political figures across maryland are sharing their
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sadness over this loss. tonight former governor bob eurlich, in part marylanders knew of all his his love for everything baltimore and everything maryland. they just don't make them like that anymore. >> reporter: starting tomorrow in honor of governor shaffer's life and legacy. he was the type of person who was larger than life but if you saw him or met him you certainly felt like you knew him for a lifetime. and those who didn't know him benefited by shaffer's life and legacy. tonight we have a number of just beautiful messages tonight from people such as governor martin o'malley telling us tonight here at the state capital that governor shaffer was indeed and icon but a man who got things done. he was a mentor to governor
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o'malley when he was in the council. but also a friend. mike golden who was governor shaffer's press secretary for a number of years remembered him fondly. he said members of governor shaffer's staff got together. he had been battling a bout of pneumonia. while it's not completely official, but it appears that governor shaffer did pass away from respiratory failure. so once again across baltimore, mayor blake talked about how his life and legacy helped transform the inner harbor. she said a very profound statement. she said governor shaffer was larger than life. but he was larger than life so baltimore could be a bigger and better place. baltimore raven stadium, oriole park, harbor place all of these things are part of the legacy
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of william donald shaffer, also the aquarium. you couldn't go any where and find someone who had not been touched by governor william donald shaffer. he's going to miss by many and even reporters who are better for having met him. >> memorial service and funeral services are being planned. but dates and plans still have not been decided. shaffer will be buried at dalaney. stay with wjz for the latest on william donald schaefer. for more information go to our website and click on this story. a horrific deadly accident on the bay bridge. tonight investigators are
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trying to figure out how a car colliding with a truck toss the driver into the bay. kelly mcpherson talked to a woman who saw it happen. >> reporter: there was a collision and suddenly he was in the bay. i spoke to one woman who was right behind the truck when it all happened. a man in his 60s fell to his death when he got out of his broken down car on the bay bridge. as he stood by his honda accord. a large truck hit the car pushing the man over the side. falling 52.5 feet below into the chesapeake bay. lonnie schumaker was driving the car behind the truck. >> he must have been going pretty fast because it spun the car and the car was facing toward me. >> reporter: schumaker says there was no traffic leading up
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to where the car had been disabled so she believes it had been there only for a short amount of time. >> when they said there was somebody in the water i would never have suspected that they were pushed. my thought was that he jumped. >> reporter: a marine found the man in the water, he was pronounced dead in the hospital. >> at this time it appears that the individual went over the bridge when the accident happened. >> it took him a few seconds to get out. he immediately ran to the car then the next thing you know he looked over both sides of the bridge. >> reporter: within six hours of the driver going into the bay, mdta police also responded to two other reports of people in the water. those two people are recovered and are not expected to survive. they are not related to this crash. the driver in the original incident has not yet been identified. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz news. if you saw the accident, mdta wants to hear from you.
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call them at 443-324-8894. hundreds of people are recovering after a system produced more tornadoes than any other in history. a man in north carolina called his wife as he experienced one twister firsthand. >> i love you. i'm okay. >> reporter: steven hoe was repairing a street light when he ended up in the path of a tornado. the storm system is blamed for a total of 45 deaths across the south. here in maryland we're spared the worse of the system. the tornadoes did their share of their damage. in carol county at least one house had its roof taken off. in montgomery county, a woman who was kayaking lost control of her boat.
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she clung to a tree until she could be rescued. >> reporter: the strongest of three tornadoes that hit maryland over the weekend touched down here in mount eerie. >> it's incredible that this amount of damage can be done this quickly. take a look at the two by four driven through the roof. >> reporter: the tornado sent people running. >> it was sort of a greenic color looking toward the tornado. looking toward the southwest, a very light colored green. which i knew then we need to take cover. >> reporter: now power crews are working to get the lights back on while those with property damage scramble to get it cleaned up before the next storm. >> people have that expression, looks like a tornado came through here. yeah, it looks like a tornado came through here because it did. >> reporter: another danger from this wild weather is
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rising water, on the banks of the patomic, 14 boy scouts had to be rescued. no deaths or injuries were reported here in maryland. reporting from mount airy. tonight we learn there was some minor flooding. tornado season kills on average 70 people each year. new rules, a rash of cases of air traffic controllers caught sleeping on the job. tonight the changes being made and one suggestion that's being vetoed. grand jury indictment, a person faces charging for the death of love. [ waves crashing ]
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between shifts. a proposal to allow controllers to take on the job naps was turned down. a baltimore county teenagers is accused of pointing a laser at state police helicopters. the two pilots and paramedic were on a training mission when they were temporary blinded. officers recovered the laser, the 13-year-old is charged as a juvenile with reckless endangerment and laser pointer misuse. the crime causes shock waves, now the man accused of murdering yeardley love.
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>> reporter: the defense attorney argued they needed till mid-february to collect more evidence. hughley is accused of murder. >> reporter: last week during a detailed preliminary hearing that lasted nine hours with 20 witnesses, hughley's lacrosse teammates described him as very drunk. that he had slurred speech during the hours before his confrontation with love. >> i think it gives the defense to say, there's two sides to this story. this guy was intoxicated, he did not mean to kill her. >> reporter: hughley reports shaking love but denies knowing about her death.
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>> hughley only learned of the death from police. the baltimore city school system's teacher buy out plan is likely to move forward. 332 teachers have accepted the early retirement incentive plan. school officials say that's close enough to the goal of 350, but they plan to be successful in saving the district money. friday was the deadline for teachers with more than 10 years experience to accept the offer. lights, cameras, action, as the city is expected to be the location for another hbo series. the cable network has picked up the political satire beep. the pilot was shot here. filming is expected to start in the fall. the crew says there's nothing funny about being vice president, hopefully there's
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something funny about the show. >> get prepared for your close up. you never know when they'll catch you. she is so funny too. we have dropped some of the weather warnings. we do still have flood warnings in effect along the patomic. for the next cycle or two. this is still going to be an issue then things start to die down. at the same time we have another storm coming our way. we had sunshine to start out. then clouds came in and a couple of spotty showers but a lot of that didn't make it to the ground. then we cleared out as we head into the evening hours. for the most part today, winds die down a little bit at this hour. they are a little all over the place. they brought up some really warm air. 64degrees here in baltimore. 62 in dc. 65 in eastton. a warm night across the region and we topped out at 73 degrees today.
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above the average of 65. this is where we're going to be the next couple of days. so above that average. we get rid of one storm passing off to the north of us today. but here's the next one coming our way. this is going to be another huge maker for the news as far as severe weather goes. it makes its way across the midwest. it'll be a severe outbreak then it'll move in our direction. for us it's not going to be quite as strong. what we're watching for already showers out to the west. the clouds come in. couple of showers during the day tomorrow. maybe a few thunderstorms. then the cold front part of it comes through on wednesday. again with the chance for a few showers or thunderstorms before this getting out of here. of course if anything does remain strong as it moves farther east we'll let you know about that. so we'll be monitoring the situation for you. out on the water, small craft advisory in effect till tuesday night as those winds go up. here's that forecast, 54. it's going to be a warm one. tomorrow spotty showers, a couple of thunderstorms are possible. close to a 74 hour high.
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then we're close to 80 degrees on wednesday. then a cold front comes through, a little bit of a break on thursday before another storm starting to come our way. it could be some showers on friday and again so on saturday. denise and vic. >> thank you, bernadette. check in tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. the orioles are back home and looking to end a losing streak. mark takes us to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a's aren't that happy at camden yards. >> you keep saying it's early in the year but it's going slow. losing game, losing patience. when are the o's going to start making a run? minnesota twins in town
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tonight. the o's face francisco uriano. 3-0 twins, o's finally get some runs. they hit two homers in the seventh. one by adam jones, this one by matt weiters. but it gets out of hand in the ninth as reliever kevin gray gets call on to keep it close. but the twins score twice off greg. and he continues to struggle out of the bullpen. his first season with the team and it's not going well. remember how the o's swept tampa bay. they've moved past the o's already. tampa bay playing sensational defense. robbing the white house of a hit. plays like that kept the sox from scoring at all. this to the back of price who was outstanding through four shut out innings andtampa bay
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victory. they've passed the o's in the nl east standings. the heat is on, dwayne wade and the miami heat play host to philadelphia. wade swiped it, he will take it the other way. cleared for landing. socked two of his 28 points. more of the run and gun for miami. blocked shot leads to another great. lebron james with the jam. 94-73 heat they go up 3-0 in the series. a record breaking day for kenya's jeffrey motai. he completed 26.2 miles in two hours, three minutes. that's the fastest time ever. but his time won't stand as a record because he was aided by
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a tail wind. >> and our producer is not here because she ran the marathon. she finished in three hours and 50 minutes. pretty darn great. >> we expect her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the volkswagen beetle gets a make over. this is the first change since 1988 when the new beetle was introduced. the changes are designed to
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appeal to the male buyers. one wireless company has released its own version of will and kate's walk down the aisle. >> i wish it would be like that. the video is being called a congratulatory message. but i don't think the ,,,,,,
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letterman is next with chris rock. that's it for tonight. i'm vic


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