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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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neglected and suffering. more than 100 horses rescued from a farm on maryland's eastern shore. >> how the horses were discovered. the problems they are facing and how they are being helped tonight. hello i'm vic carter >> and i'm denise koch. >> and more than 400 horses found in terrible condition. the horses were seized and some had to be put down, kelly.
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>> reporter: denise canterburry farm claims to be the owner of a very expensive horse. but the spca has been watching this farm and today they seized 33 horses dying of starvation and neglect. >> to see a situation of this magnitude. is just it's heartbreaking. >> online the farm labels itself as america's largest breeder of polish arabian horses. publishing buyers they'll be watching puppies in horse clothing when they arrive. >> the horses are significantly under weight. parasites, dental work, hoof horse, lice infestation. >> there's no muscle fat or fat
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tissue on their body. what their body has done is cannibalize it to survive. >> reporter: days in farm and paradise stables are taking 83 of the neglected horses. they all need critical care which costs $2,500 per month per horse. the malnourished horses are still skidish. they may have never had a way. >> when you shake a can of green they put their head up and come toward you because they know it's food. >> to see them for the first time ever on grass is awesome. not everybody in their lifetime has the opportunity to say that's my thumbprint, i made a difference. >> the courts will decide who gets custody of all 133 horses. rescuers say it will take six
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to eight months to rehabilitate each animal. kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. the queen anne sheriff's department seized seven horses from the same farm earlier in the week. six were so sick they had to be euthanized. >> the death toll still urges higher tonight from the powerful tornadoes. two days later, southern states are still trying to assess the damage. 239 people were killed and hundreds are still not accounted for. president obama visited the tornado zone to bring comfort to the victims. >> we've taken teachers and we've called and nobody has seen them. >> our biggest priority now is to help our community recover. tonight it is confirmed an ef5 tornado hit alabama. that's the worse that state has seen since 1932 for more than 230 people died daily. we didn't experience devastation any where near like that back there. tonight the national weather service said a tornado did in
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fact, touch down in maryland. kai jackson has the video that a man captured. >> the violent weather that rolled through maryland this week indeed left his mark and a member of the air force captured video of it. it was a frightening seen in prince george's county. directly in the path was andrew's base. and the person behind the camera capturing the scene. >> the sirens came on about 20 minutes before the storm happened. >> reporter: it knocked down trees and blew debris. >> how often do you get a twister in dc. i just wanted to be a part of it and get it captured. >> reporter: that same system
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damaged homes and property in virginia. mujioski says despite the danger, he wouldn't hesitate to do it again. back to you denise. >> thank you very much kai. wills and kate yesterday. the duke and duchess. a much different story here earlier as the world watched prince william and catherine. >> reporter: a late night toast for the royal couple from well wishers outside of buckingham palace. >> what's your wish for the royal couple? >> just to live happily ever
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after. >> reporter: prince harry's all night afterparty for the newlyweds. there's even talk of a british breakfast being served up at 6:00 a.m. for the die hards. it was a flawless wedding day. the bride wore alexander mcqueen. as cate enters westminster abbey, the father asks are you okay? she says yeah. at the altar william says she looks beautiful. and jokes with his father-in- law we were just supposed to have a small family affair. many brits are inspired by a new generation of royals. >> we're going to have a new king, a new bride ruling the country properly. >> reporter: the couples already seen to be moving in new direction. a ride through the streets in a
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convertible with a just wed license plate. and two kisses at the balcony. and the only one not captivated by the whole thing, williams god daughter. this little girl was just not impressed by the whole event. and prince william and kate will move back to their home in whales. the agency has had a series of embarrassing incidents where con controllers were caught seen sleeping on the job or making crucial mistakes. and experts will visit a number of the busiest towers and take another look at how new controllers are trained.
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mike hellgren explains from federal court they're fighting to get that money back. this federal inindictment lays down in detail what prosecutors call a woman's scheme to steal big money from the united way. a charity that serves the needy in baltimore city and every surrounding county. >> it came to the attention of the fbi. an exhausting investigation -- took $400,000 over several years. >> she was an employee and she also had a position of trust. she was supposed to receive these moneys in place in mere appropriate accounts. the united way wanted shields to close a bank account, but she instead funneled donors checks into it so no one would know and use the money for herself. talbot wasn't home when she arrived in baltimore county, the address linked to that bank account. >> what do you think hearing she was indicted for stealing hundreds of thousands of
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dollars. >> that is shocking because i didn't think she would do anything like that. >> reporter: the charity took immediate steps to avoid an acould occurrence of such a breech. >> we're seeking to recall the $400,000 -- recover the $400,000 or substitute assets. >> reporter: the sheriff believes talbot was acting alone. at the federal courthouse. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. the united way commended what it called the aggressive prosecution of this case. saying it's critical to protect both its donors and people in need. homicide that is what the -- police say he was treated
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for multiple traumatic injuries. he died four days later. police are not releasing any more information and the case is uninvestigation. some are calling it a miracle. a little boy falls four stories and tonight he is okay. you can still see the screen where the boy plunged to the ground. a neighbor helped the boy and amazingly, police found the boy conscious and alert. >> the mom was distraught. and the boy was distraught. you really need to make sure you have the screens on the windows and you check all the areas that is easier for younger children to get. the little boy was taking john hopkins pediatric, he is expected to be okay. get out your polls, catch a snake head fish and win a prize. maryland's department of -- is offering prices and fishing discounts to anyone who catches the destructive species.
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the northern snake head is not native to our state and it is destroying the echo's system balance. that's incentive isn't it. free stuff. donald trump uncensored. pathetic leadership. >> just minutes away, his shocking streak, oil prices and if he is really running for president. you won't believe the deal that went down at an elementary school. >> the battered body of a woman is found in this field. we'll tell you what investigators are doing to find her killer. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forecast coming up next.
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new york city police say a third grader sold a gun to
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another student. the father faces felony gun charges. the wounded congresswoman did get a visit from president obama. the first family was also at the kennedy space center hoping to witness the launch. close friends of giffords say she will likely stay in florida while nasa works to fix the shuttles two -- donald trump continues to dish out criticism about the white house during a speech in las vegas he went on an expletive loaded tirade. >> they want to go in and raise the price of oil because we have nobody in washington that sits back and says you're not going to raise that [ bleep ] price you understand me >> reporter: trump's speech fuels speculation that he will
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run for president in 2008. he reiterated that decision will come in june. police call her an innocent bistandard. now someone has been arrested in the death of woman. two others were shot in the march 12th incident. a scenic farm becomes a crime scene when a murdered woman's body is found. police now are working to solve the case. the victim is a former talk show host. >> reporter: murder victim 28- year-old lindsay crispino had a rough life. she everyone appeared on the jerry springer show four years ago to talk about her addiction to heroin. >> once i start getting high i just keep getting high because more guilt comes. just for hours, i'm stabbing my arms, i cry and stay high for
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seven or eight days. i walk around acting stranger, can you please take me and make me go to sleep tonight. >> reporter: police were called to this farm field wednesday and they found the battered body of lindsay crispino. she had moved to denton after serving time in baltimore on drug and prostitution charges. >> the body had a trauma so we're positive it is a homicide. >> reporter: crispino's mother said on the show that she believes her daughter became a heroin addict after an accident at 16 years old. a teenager died in that crash. she drives off toward a housing project, her battered body is
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found the next day. susan collins, wjz eyewitness news. now the missing impala if you have seen it give police a call. how to raise money for road repairs without increasing the state's gas tax. that is one of the questions for governor o'malley's proposal. it is possible that a revised proposal will come before it is made law. and a church officer turns cart wheels. the acrobatic man was just expressing his joy. and he likely will not be
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punished. >> and at least we know he was fully clothed. >> that was a good thing. and temperatures were very comfortable, 55 now. winds are calming down. the barometer on the way back down. dewpoints down already to 38 degrees. some neighborhoods overnight tonight north of the city clear skies. the winds quick, could get down to 38. already 50 in hagueerston. northern areas away from the city obviously and these are rural areas will get down to 38, 39 degrees tonight. don't think there's any frost here. it's going to get pretty chilly. northwest winds as you can see. they are calming down from what they were earlier. six in ocean city, eight in the
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baltimore region. the big storm that caused all the havoc in the south is now way back in the atlantic. some sun most of the sun was south and east of baltimore. right now the clouds are moving away as the system continues to exit off to the east northeast. clearing skies tonight, a lot of sun tomorrow. maybe a few high clouds just showing up there. and generally a very pleasant day and a really nice sunday a little warmer by sunday. as that warm air comes in. maybe a sprinkle or brief shower. by monday the next front another chance of some showers at night. north winds five to 10 knots. clearing skies chilly. generally in the low 40s which is close to normalful tomorrow a really nice day. sunny, light breeze, really pretty temperatures near 70. and on sunday low 70s, we see
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clouds moving in. a better chance monday night into tuesday. 68, 68 and chance of rain coming back here on wednesday. but cool only 64, denise. >> thank you bob. check in tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. they'll have the full weather forecast. [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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there's a lot going on that's supposed to be a celebration of future. leave it to the federation to ruin the fun again.
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the owners get a favorable ruling from the eighth circuit court to keep the stalemate on. the draft continues with rounds two and three. two more picks from the ravens tonight and they don't have to to far for a pass catcher. former raven peter bowen makes the decision. the ravens had their eye on the speedy receiver for some time. one of the fasters in the country. smith caught 12 touchdown catches for the terps. he is an immediate addition to the defense for the ravens ravens. >> we just added a three point shooter you can say. at any time the ball gets to his hand and billy is out kicking an extra point. >> it's just a great fit to our offense. what he can do and bring to the
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table. but the biggest thing is toughness. he's been through a lot and he's a strong player, we like that a lot. reed of central florida, here he is in his combine work out. the ravens have six more picks tomorrow. the o's having fun in chicago. whipping the struggling white sox. birds down 3-0 early. that didn't last. lou scott helped the rally to right field. fourthof the season for scott. that one tied the game 3-0. that wasn't all. weeders would -- wieters comes up. big night for wieters he drove in four runs total. it's a 4-10 victory. good start to a seven game road trip. the o's suddenly hot now they've won three of their last four games. hockey play offs round two. washington, d.c., tampa bay lightning. game ties the lightning takes a lead on the goal by steven
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santos. they add one more, tampa takes a lead in the best of seven series with the top seeded caps. college lacrosse tomorrow among many games. good local rivalry. you wouldn't want to get in these ladies way. >> it's the chaotic running of the brides. coming up, watch them vie for the title.
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