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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. we're following breaking news. >> the if fbi gets involved in the search of a missing maryland woman in aruba. they have just raided the suspect's home. police are not confidence they will find gardener alive. >> reporter: police in aruba believe robin gardener is dead
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and they're trying to hold jordan gardiano in jail while they build a case against him. gardener's brother spoke but asked that his face not be shown. >> rob robin is a very loving, caring person. she told me to live every day like it's your last. ever since she told me that i try to do that and i know she does as well. >> reporter: gardiano says gardener went missing in an area known for snorkeling. but gardiano has been charged. >> he video taped intimate acts without her knowledge. he threatened he would postthem
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on facebook. >> reporter: gardiano got a very contentious divorce. >> i thought calculating would be a good way of describing him. >> reporter: fbi are looking at surveillance video from hotels, restaurants anything to solve this mystery. >> my gut feeling and instinct is she's out there to be found. >> reporter: our judge is expected to decide on monday whether giordiano can continue to be detained under aruban law he can be detained for 60 days before charges are filed. >> reporter: aruban police found gardener's passport so they are confident she has not left the island. >> reporter: the situation got scary when a car hit a gas line. you can see from sky chopper 13 when the car landed inside the home. the driver was taken to the hospital. a spike in hit and run
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crashes involves bicyclist. police in anne arundel county got a spike in bicyclists. police need help finding two other drivers. >> reporter: tonight while they're happy one of those alleged hit and run drivers is behind bars they say much more needs to be done. on this stretch, 59-year-old steven segal was struck. the driver didn't stop but a witness snapped this picture of the alleged car. it's what led police to william kerby and his damaged vehicle. >> i'm glad the guy got caught. i hope he pays his dues. >> reporter: still, the victim's neighbor and fellow bicyclist, says many more have
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gotten away. within the last month three cyclists in anne arundel have been hit by cyclists who fled. a man struck on boney road died. police put out this sketch of the driver. penny troutman says as the number of cyclists picks up pace, drivers are not keeping up. she says the city needs to improve bike lanes. >> if you compare us to other states our record is to poor in helping cyclists. >> reporter: penny says if roads and rules aren't fixed things are going to get worse. >> reporter: kerby is facing several charges. he is currently being held in jail on a $75,000 bond.
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reporting live in hamden, monique griego. wall street finishes the week on a very positive note. we didn't see the huge swings in the market today but investors still had plenty of reasons to smile when the bell rang. the nasdaq gains 15. the dow was up 125 points. credit card scam busted. police in prince george's county say they have stopped a waiter who repeatedly stole from his customers. kai jackson says some alert customers helped stop the scam. >> reporter: it could happen in a flash. this you tube video shows how easy it is for a waiter to steal your credit card information with a skimmer. police say that's exactly what bryan adams did when he worked as a waiter at the laurel tgi friday. >> the more you see it on tv
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and the news reports, you have to wonder. not everybody is honest anymore. >> reporter: a skimmer is an electronic device that can read credit card information even if it's in your pocket. adams skimmed 73 cards, sold the information and rang up $3,300. but police say he made a mistake when he skimmed the cards of two secret agents. they noticed the extra charges. but not everybody can be a secret service agent but you do need to stay aware. >> you need to check your bank statement, to check your credit record and be extra careful on how you use your credit card. more than 9 million people have their credit card information stolen every year.
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a judge sides with prosecutors and says donald red needs to be held until his trial. red is accused of selling drugs usually in uniform and from his police precinct. at least three times, people wanted to kill schaefer. in 1973, 1976 and 1990. he died earlier this year at the age of 89. it's one of the most controversial issues. now opponents of the dream act fire their latest battle. pat warren has the new twist in the heated battle. >> reporter: opponents are
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saying they should not allow a lawsuit by casa demaryland to derail the plan. >> i don't see how we should be supporting them while we're having so many difficult times. >> this is not the type of law that can be referred to a referendum. because it provides funding for a state program. >> reporter: it's a similar argument before the same judge that ruled for slots. that slots ruling was overturned and the question went on the ballot. there's been no written opinion. and dream act opponents continue that a foul. >> this must stay still until there's a new law and written opinion. >> reporter: attacking a judge may be an easy way for a politician to get their name on the paper but most americans
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prefer that their legislators spent their time trying to fix the critical issues. wjz found students largely in favor of the dream act. >> i'm completely in support of anyone being able to come. if they're a resident having in state tuition, absolutely. >> reporter: but opponents are confident there are enough votes out there to kill the whole thing if given a chance. >> this case cannot move forward as long as the opinion on petitions does not come out on the court of appeals. it's like saying we want to go out and play a football game today and we're going to play without the football. it won't work. >> reporter: now the maryland attorney general is defending the state board of elections against the lawsuit and a spokesperson for that office says it will wait on the court's good time to get that written opinion. reporting live from downtown baltimore outside baltimore city community college, i'm pat warren, now back to you. >> pat, thank you. unless the petitions are thrown out by the courts, the dream act will appear in the ballot on november 2012.
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the race is on in iowa. republicans running for the house are just hours away from an important vote. michelle bachmann is favored. it is believed texas governor rick perry will join the field of candidates tomorrow. sarah palin, she's in iowa but still won't say whether she's running. some local school children are ready to head back to class thanks to ray rice. the ravens running back came loaded with supplies for about 1,000 children. ray rice partnered to make a difference in this kids' lives. >> and all the parents know that's a big help. and no longer bearing all at airports. the big changes to protect your privacy. a new way to reach 911, the high tech way you'll be able to report an energy. a beloved family pet stabbed in her own front yard. i'm mary bubala, who killed
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princess. i'll have that story just ahead on eyewitness news. changes headed our way for the week weekend. i'm bob turk, i'll have your forwarn weather coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a wild scene in louisville. we're getting the first look at the site of attack where 30 u.s. troops killed in an attack. the defense department says all of the soldiers remains have been positively identified. the investigation continues into whether any other factors contributed to the crash. airport security at vwi marshal is taking a more modest approach to passenger screenings thanks to new technology. security screeners are using 10 upgraded scanners. they replaced a controversial body scans that many believed were too revealing. the new scanners still see through clothes but use only a generic body outline. we asked some travelers how they felt about the new method. >> i'm okay with it. i'm all right with it. >> you think it's an
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improvement? >> i think it's an improvement. yes. >> i don't think anybody should really have an issue with that, i wouldn't think any way. i don't think it infringes on too much. >> reporter: the tsa says the new technology is more efficient because everything is handled at the screening station. baltimore county police are investigateing the fatal stabbing of a beloved family pet. mary bubala talks to the family who says someone killed their dog in the middle of night. >> reporter: the owners of 3- year-old princess are heartbroken. their dog was stabbed in their own yard behind the fence. >> the only place we see blood is right here. and up on the steps right here to this part of the porch where she was basically up on the porch came down and shook her head when they came screaming and about it. we ran outside. and that's when we found it. >> reporter: the screams came from robin ostene and her daughter they had just returned to find princess with a deep stab wound to her neck. robin rushed her to the vet and at first it seemed like she was
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going to survive. >> i went to get her from the vet. they called yesterday morning when i was in school to tell me she had died. >> reporter: the ostene's says their streets gets lots and lots of foot traffic because of this pedestrian street that leads right up williams to their house. the ostene's says once someone walked up to the dog and spit on her because she was barking on them. but the ostene's do not know why someone would stab their dog. >> he was my baby. he was my baby. >> reporter: the the vet tells ostene's that the stab wound appears to be from a knife and that information is part of the police report. authorities say animal cruelty charges will be filed if and when a suspect is named.
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in an attempt to speed up responses to emergency calls you may soon be able to text for help. the fcc is working on alternate ways to contact 911 operators. they say the system upgrades will allow you to send videos and pictures to emergency dispatchers. text programs are being worked on. -- the cakes passed the audition and went from silver plates to the silver screen. >> can't you just taste it just by looking at it. >> i'm telling you. >> must be delicious. >> there's a smart business person. really. let's look into the weekend. changes coming our way.
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if you want to see meteors the meteor showers will be visible tonight. you might see 100 per hour. that's a lot. 69 now. no wind at all. 88, 62 today. the average of 86 and 66. the records 99 and 54. right now real close to 70 expect over in washington still 75. the coolest spot out in oakland at 63. locally some upper 60s to low 70s. another pleasant night. just a couple of degrees warmer than it was last night. some areas north of the city maybe 57, 58, 59 before things start to warm up during the day tomorrow. right now hardly any wind at all. tomorrow the winds are going to start coming back to the south and southeast. that will bring in some low level moisture. eventually some clouds. by tomorrow night maybe late in
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the evening a shower. late tomorrow night at midnight we could see a thundershower. on sunday it looks like as low pressure developing out to the west moves in our direction. it's going to push up all this moisture. thundershower activity. could be some moderate to heavy rain here in the region on sunday. already a few clouds, rain here in michigan and shower activity down in the carolina mountains. so eventually it's going to get wet here by the second half of the weekend. tonight no problem. kind of combined into one by monday. really good chance to receive some decent rain. might see as much as two inches of rain between late saturday night and monday. on monday, some left over clouds maybe a shower. looks like finally by monday night this low is far enough away, that some dry air can
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move in. tuesday looks pretty nice. south winds in the bay, five to 10 knots. generally clear, a few high clouds right now. they'll clear out 64, meteor shower 3:00 a.m. look to the east. sunshine and clouds it'll be warm tomorrow about 88. a little more humidity as well. as we head to the next few days, rain here, showers on sunday. still left over shower monday. only 81, 82 drying out. 85 and 86 for tuesday and wednesday. that's normal. denise. >> nice to be normal. thank you bob. check in with gigi barnett and tim williams tomorrow morning on eyewitness news starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated forewarning weather forecast. coming up a phone call to buffalo makes the ravens team a better team. better team. mark [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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the fan sports report. >> football wheeling and dealing. the ravens get lee evans to come to baltimore for a trade. evans had his best game against the ravens last year in baltimore. caught three touchdown passes then ended being upbeating ravens in overtime. evans had speed and durability. missed just three games in his seven seasons. head coaching debut for jim
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harbaugh brother of the ravens coach took his team to new orleans for the season opener. san fran gets burned. going 79-yards for the touchdown. saints win big. the 49ers will come to baltimore for a thanksgiving game. orioles open the sere series with the detroit tigers. two home runs tonight. one in the first-inning, this one in the fifth. 23 home runs for j.j. hardy this season. the birds were down by a run in the 8th inning. adam jones up to bat he hits the drive that could tie the game but austin jackson will leap above the center field fence robbing jones of a home run. big play and another defeat for the last place o's 5-4 the final. a parade of young players in aberdine this evening. opening ceremony for the cal
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ripkin championship. a full schedule of games begins tomorrow. a champion is crowned a week from sunday. >> don't forget the pga championship comes to you tomorrow here tomorrow and sunday. no tiger woods. have a great weekend everybody. >> thank you, mark, you too. speaking of golfers, mark you will want to stick around to see this one. to see this one. >> the[ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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