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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i can't thank him enough. love you... and thank you so much. you have changed some things with us. okay? we'll never forget this. never. - the last time that i cried before this experience was probably when i won the heisman trophy. when i saw cindy crying, uh, it made me want to cry. the tears were overflowing. - so you stay in touch, please, 'cause i'm going to twitter you. - all right, guys. - all right. thanks again. - oh, the ring. - huh? - the ring. [laughter] - the ring. - the ring. if you really want it back. after this, i have a different attitude. i think i'm going to get cindy out of the house a little bit more and get myself going, motivated. we have a whole new life to look forward to. - i'll see you later. - take care. - thank you. see you guys later.
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>> from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage, it is wjz, maryland's news station. good evening and thank you for joining us. we have pretty nasty weather moveing into the area after part parts of the states hammered earlier today. we will start with tim williams tracking the latest rounds of storms on live doppler radar. anything severe out there, tim.
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>> nothing severe just yet but we have flash flood warnings. we've had really horrible weather across the area. we started and ended with the same system. we are watching strong storms across the west edge of sate. lets walk you through what we have right now m we are taking you in to some storms that are moving across westminster, carroll county, down toward columbia, take you down a little further to the south near dc and just down toward buoy and toward the southern portion of the state. st. maries and moving over toward salisbury. that has been the source of a lot of rain. let's talk about the watches and warnings in effect. we've had a lot of watches but the warnings right now are for prince georges county until 1230 the frederick and montgomery until 1:00 a.m. we've had a lot f o rain coming down in a short bit of time. let's give you an idea of how
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these totals. millington has had 7.30-inchs in late 24 hours. these are 24 hour totals. parkville in baltimore county about 3.25. 3.39 inches in salisbury. pleasant hills near harper county, the science center in baltimore and rose vail just around 2. a5 inches. these are 24 hour totals and as you can see we are adding to those over the next few hours. adam we will keep you posted. all right. thank you. the heavy rains trill regard flash flooding up and down the entire east coast. drivers were trapped in rising water. >> from the carolinas through maryland and up to new england a strong line of rain accident r leads to accidents and rescues saturday and sunday. some intersecs turned into lake and numerous driver had to abandon their vehicles. that includes one person
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rescued by boat. they also had to clear storm drains where an underpass was closed for hours because of rising water. >> also raged businesses along the flood-proned water and meadow mill closed as a precaution. in ahartford down phi, if rain may have been' park factor in this two-car accident. one person dieed and fie were hospitalized. -- five were hospitalizeed. >> new york stay exam new jersey also saw heavy flooding leaving drivers left swimming for safety. >> that crash picture was courtesy of the bash of bell air. >> in southern porings of maryland. we will keep on top of that. to stay with us for a live look at doppler radar and the latest watchings and warnings bog on
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to look at the giant crash. a wind gust of nearly 70 miles per hour is to blame. they were waiting to see sugarland. they were just told severe weather was possible in the area. >> it was raining and the wind. >> all the sudden the center stage just plops down on everybody. >> they canceled all ago tiffties as they begin the long process of trying to determine whether the proper safety precautions were in place. in the chaotic january shooting outside of a downtown night club just days after dramatic video. there's new detail about the lengthy investigation. we have more on what's
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inside that report. derek. >> reporter: this report gets into the nitty-gritty, who fired how many shots and it names names. dozens of witnesses, what they saw and what they didn't see. >> surveillance captured the moments when gun fire erupted according to this lengthy police report obtained by our immediate e i can't partner. 33-year-old officer william was wearing plain clothes, with only this badge around his neck to identify him as a police officer, when he was punched in face can beaten to ground by a group of males. you can see some of the fight in this video. he pulled out his own gun and began firing shooting and killing sean gambell, but when four others assumed he was a civilian and opened fire hitting him 20 times. in all 42 shots discharged that
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night, all of them by police harry fired 14, -- and craig 5 shots and officer william four. the attorney decided not to criminally charge any of the officers involved. >> if they acted reasonly in the use of deadly force to protect both thecheses exam the other -- themselves and others. >> outrage and anger. >> friend and the sister say they're upset with the decision not to prosecute the officers and disturbed by this report. >> baltimore city we are not safe. look what happened, they killed their own person. criminal charges may though the be over, but the case far from over.
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civil late lawsuits are likely as early as this week. the man detained in aruba could soon walk free. robin gardener disappeared two week ago while vacationing, he claims that gardenerdrifted away but they're not buying his story. today his lawyer asked for his immediate release saying there's no sol i have had ed -- solid evidence. >> the department of defense has confirmed a baltimore man was one of five soldiers killed. freeman was on patrol and city
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police tonight are searching for a killer after a hand was gunned down for error of gunshots. police later discovered that victim was there with a fatal gunshot wound to his body. 52-year-old man has been charge with choking his mother and stabbing his step father. he got into a fight with his mother early this morning and then allege edly stab his father father for trying to intervene. michelle bachmann continues her campaign, she lost one rival today, but gained another. >> reporter: michelle bachmann
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is energized by the win in ohio. >> we will take country back. i know it is going to happen. >> voters at this republican funds raiser are responding to her message. >> we don't get tired of hearing what she has to say, you know. bachmann has one less opponent. tim dropped out on sunday, but rick who finished behind him says he is going strong. >> i call our campaign the little engine that could campaign. >> rick perry is making the first swing after joining race on saturday. >> it takes me a while to get into something like this presidential race but i'm in all the way. >> he's going win. he's the kind of guy we want as commander and chief. >> perry and -- are looking to win support from the same
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crowd. >> president obama supporters say so far the republican karyn di dates are -- candidates are all trying to fit the tea party mold. >> it is so similar that they might as well be lego's. three states critical for his re-election. >> daniel nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> we are getting a small silver lineing from this turmoil. gas is actually getting cheaper, the survey finds that the average price is down $0.09 nationwide and aaa says it could drop another 0 40á cents due to falling crude oil
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prices. right now gas is $3.611, it was closer to $0.07 last week. we are paying about is dollars more than last year. a little more still to come. back to scene of crime, the suspect of the massacre gives police a show and tell. we will tell you what a shacking account by a platinum sell. >> imagine that an ohio. >> you have to be kidding me. >> an ohio woman wake up to surprise of a lifetime. ready said shop. maryland begins the tack free days, what it'd mean for the economy and for your vet --
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>> in for woods. we will have your answer and complete updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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the violent riots. >> police are continuing their raid where thousands of dollars were stolen. they're using facebook and twitter to track down more suspected looters: morere than 1800 people have now been arrested in connection with the unrest. the man accused of killing dozens o ever people at a youth camp was back at the scene of crime today. authorities transported an dears to the camp to reconstruct that massacre for police. officials say that the 32-year- old showed no regret, and he gave a very detailed account of his shooting spree even simulating gunshots in water. 69 people died in the attack. the game is in hot water tonight. it is all thanks to his twitter account. he could be faced misdemeanor charges for tweeting the phone number to the sheriff's station. he made the post in connection
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with a music internship he's offering. it delayed the response because of a number of you aregent call that came in. he claims that it was hacked. >> today is tax-free shopping week. for many this is just in time for back to school shopping and some shoppers say it is good small way to save during this tough economy. >> the statewide week long suspension of the 6% sales tax has many stores rolling out the welcome back mat. and shopper are flopping in. >> when we have bus trips to save tack it must mean something. >> michael humphrey has beefed up the number of players. >> maryland is one of 16 states offering the tax free days. the state could lose as much as $15 million because of the roll back, but the trade off is that more customers spending cash.
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during a week economy. >> our economy is stuck in limbo. we need to urge our citizen to open up their wallets and do their purchases. >> bob and barbara cannon aren't doing any back to school shopping but they know neighbors who are. they believe it will keep maryland shoppers and their dollar. >> in these times a lot of people are really hurting and having trouble finding money to buy ebbing at extra things, it is terrific. >> everything is not tax free. shopper will get a 6% sales tax shoes and everything else umbrellas, watches and even sun sun glasses come with the tax. >> now back to you. good time to shop. state lawmaker passed the tax free days back in 2007. an elderly woman in ohio gets an unexpect approximated wake
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up call when a fly away blimp made a crash landing. >> don't be surprised if you see a lot of policemen in your backyard. i said oh what's going on. he said you have a blimp in your back yesterday. and i said you're got to be kidding me. >> she never thought she would say that sen the tense in her life. she heard a big bang and didn't think much of it because there was a thrown dear storm. no one was hurt. -- thunderstorm. no one was hurt. we must have a thin roof on the studio because you can hear the rain. >> we have heard a few seconds ago. >> with the microphone up to it. you can see the light flashing. it is it is pouring -- >> if you have a pool, it is probably full right now. >> it has been a while day, we had rain at the beginning and rain at the end.
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and right now what we are dealing with is another batch. we still have flash flood warnings for frederick, prince george and montgomery counties until about 2:00 or so. so those warning now with all of the rain in place, this these storms are moving through the region down toward the state. the watches and warnings we've had very heavy rain and very quick fashion. so flash flood warnings for the light green and flash flood watches. in the middle of the day we had sunshine. that sun warmed us up nightly. still did not get up to 86. this rain is not really cooling us down. there's still warm air with this wind at 10. 66 is the dew point. which is why so much rain is coming down so quickly.
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61 oakland. 64 cumberland. and 73 in ocean city, around the immediate many metro area. with the winds from the west southwest. some central areas, with 13 miles per hour winds with coming in. rain is staying through monday but we will see drying out as high pressure build back into the region. we will see improvement tomorrow and even today. we will definitely see clearing into the middle of the week. pleasant conditions as the high push offshore. we are keep an eye on the seventh system of the season so far a. not expected to mainland fall or impact on the east sea board but we are watching this system sunrise is at 6:18.
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a couple of shower and thunderstorms, one shine on wednesday, 85 and 86 on thursday and friday. >> definitely want that umbrella tomorrow. >> check in with us at 4:55 a.m. we will have the late glees coming up the ravens punch in the clock against the kansas city steves. a camp up tait and more coming up in sports,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> ravens getting ready for kansas city. >> still on only the preseason, ravens practice, where jimmy smith and safety william ran with the first team defense. maybe it is a sign of roster perm nancy to come. this is a fairly active week of
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roster maneuvering. lee evans is productive and ricky williams walking a straight line these days, no longer a weed head. >> i think i respect the game more and i appreciate the game more than i did. but i am not 20 anymore, and so my priorities are a little different. but i appreciate the game, and i love the to compete, and i you know, i use my mind more than i use my body. but still the body is strong and i enjoy playing the game. >> ravens, kansas city here in baltimore. nick's 2-1 homer in the first. 2-0. and joe joe despite surrender thing homer to santiag ordinary care. we move ahead now 5-9. the birds were ahead in the top of the inning but tigers call it back to make it 8-5. here is the final pitch of the day, the
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pop up and nolan -- running right into the game. the birdswin 8-5. o's a's in oak lapped oakland for three starting tomorrow night. this is to the core to a three game -- to win a major using a long putter. it is the 24-year-old rookie second-pga win. his first major championship in vegas. >> we were going to show you the fight but we are out of time because this weather is having importance. that's sports for now. >> thank you. still to come, it is a race like you're never seen before, some real characters take to some real characters take to strig[ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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