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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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strengthening its sights. the winds blew off roofs and downed power lines. residents of wrightsville beach, north carolina are scrambling to get their boat safely stored away, as irene takes aim at the seaboard. on the outer banks, people are evacuating the island. the only way to do that is by boat or ferry. dozens of people packed up and took the ferry to the mainland. wjz is live. weijia jiang has more on the possible hilt from the storm. but first up, bob is in the weather center, tracking where irene is now and where she's heading. >> reporter: last report, we just told you a few minutes ago, that the storm is now the center of it. it was about 215 miles southeast of nassau there, in central and southern bahamas. it is still a category 3 storm. hasn't changed since 2:00 this afternoon. the winds, however, up to 120 miles an hour, with the very strong storm, moving off to the northwest, around 12 miles an hour. and hurricane winds extend out
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about 60 miles from the center. and tropical storm forced winds extend out 230 miles. i mean, that's like from elkton to ocean city. the damage possibilities from the storm really quite extensive. particularly around the coastal areas. carolina coast, looks like saturday morning. by the time it gets to us, sunday morning. it's going to speed up. going to pick up a lot of speed by the time it gets up. and it will also begin to weaken. however, because we think it will still be out of the ocean, it will probably be maintaining its strength a little longer, even though the water here is a little colder than it is in the bahamas. it will start the brairveg down. -- breakdown. it may be a category 1 or still a category 2 storm. in most places, it's probably going to make landfall. passing east of our area, looks like right now, about 125 miles due east of ocean city.
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sometime saturday night or early sunday. and best to see the heaviest rain and wind from the storm. i think ocean city may see some gale and maybe hurricane forced winds briefly. west of that region, west of the bay, may see a couple of wind gusts to 40 to 45 miles an hour. certainly strong enough to cause trees and power lines to come down along the region. and as far as rainfall, we talked about that a little earlier. looks like the heaviest rain maybe as much as 4 to 8 inches. and beach erosion. interesting fact is, because of the storm, we hope to pass it to the east. winds may actually draw water out of the chesapeake bay, rather than filling up the chesapeake bay. kai? >> first warning weather coverage continues right now with weijia jiang. she has more on how the state is ready just in case. weijia? >> emergency managers say the trickiest part about dealing with the hurricane is not knowing exactly what it's going
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to do. so they have to plan for several different scenarios, including the worst. a monster event. >> reporter: maryland emergency planners are carefully tracking hurricane irene as she threatens to rip through. >> the storm is a very serious storm. and we have to watch it very closely. we know that it's gaining in size. some models are actually coming in at a category 4 hurricane. >> reporter: all anticipate orders to fully activate at the reisterstown command center in less than 48 hours. they're working with local jurisdictions and homeland security, to deploy teams wherever necessary. bge is employing widespread power outages. >> we've made requests for several out-of-state linemen and support staff to come in. >> reporter: plannerless also urge family-- planners also urge families to put a kit together. >> prepare for the worst. and then hope for the best. >> reporter: and planners say
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if you live in a particularly vulnerable area, you may each want to consider relocating to a safer spot until the storm rolls through. we're live in baltimore tonight, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia. stay with wjz first warning weather coverage. for the latest on irene's track, and its potential impact on maryland and the united states, log onto, and click on the special section at the top of our home page. well, wjz is following breaking news right now. a journalist from maryland captured in libya is free tonight. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with the latest on matthew van dyke. >> matthew's mother and girlfriend spoke with him just hours ago, saying he managed to escape from prison, he disappeared back in march in the city of bregga. he was working as a freelance journalist. in july, we learned that he was alive and was being held in tripoli. his mother says she spoke with her son this afternoon. he told her fellow prisoners helped him to escape.
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denise? >> wonderful. thank you, jessica. wjz is speaking with van dyke's mother. the other big story tonight, 24 hours after the earthquake that rocked maryland and the east coast, the damage is still being assessed in these videos is now surfacing. in washington, d.c., the national cathedral remains shut down because of damage. several spires came crumbling down. the damage is estimated in the millions. take a look at the video on you tube. a man makes a look at a presentation in his office. also in our nation's capital, the washington monument is closed because of some cracks there. wjz is live with extensive complete coverage of the aftermath of the east coast earthquake. it caught everyone off guard. mike hellgren has a look at the videos. but first, we'll get to derek valcourt who has more on the first phone calls made to 911. >> reporter: in the hours after the quake, maryland's many 911
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centers around the state were literally flooded with thousands of calls, some people asking what that was, other people trying to report an earthquake. >> reporter: some 911 callers were already on the phone, reporting another emergency when the quake hit. >> what is that? >> an earthquake. >> did you feel it shaking, too? >> yeah. what's happening? >> an earthquake. >> reporter: then the avalanche of calls began. >> i'm just trying to figure out what in the crap happened here in joppatowne. >> my entire house just shook. i thought i saw the whole inside moving. >> okay. is there an emergency there? any fire, smoke? >> no, no. one of -- none of that. >> my house went into a shaking spasm. >> yes, ma'am. it happened here in towson also. >> here at harford county's 911 center, they normally take around 30 calls an hour.
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but after the earthquake, it was one of the busiest hours they've had. >> we had 428 911 calls. >> harford county's emergency manager said in the hours after the earthquake, they took 428, 911 calls. baltimore county reports taking 780. and the city's 911 center says more than 421 people called in about the quake. harford county utilized its emergency notification system to broadcast texts and e-mails about the quake to people who have signed up for them. >> we did notice after that message went out, the calls were dramatically declined. >> reporter: but in some cases, the 911 calls continued for hours as much as we have reports of an earthquake in virginia. >> oh, moo i god, was that what it was? >> yes, ma'am. >> oh, i thought, what in the world is going on here. >> reporter: emergency officials say this quake is a great example of why people ought to sign up for their emergency text or e-mail noteification systems in --
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noteification systems in area. we have a link on our website, >> thank you, derek. complete coverage continues now with mike hellgren. cameras everywhere captured the the exact instant the earthquake struck. cost $100,000. $100 million in damage on the east coast. this is one of the ones damaged. it has now been condemned. this camera shows a destruction. at this home office, papers fell to the floor. >> reporter: the bottles of wine clatterred at this liquor store in maryland. some fell from shelves. at a good will, tvs toppled. this was the strongest quake to hit the area in almost a
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generation. >> it was like somebody was taking the bottom of the building and pulling it and pushing it. >> reporter: and many ran for cover. >> five seconds, 10 seconds in, really knew people started saying, let's get out of the building. >> reporter: the elephants here at the maryland zoo in baltimore may have felt the earthquake before any of us. >> reporter: the four huddled together, trunks touching for protection. >> -- their experience of the world is different from ours. and part of that is they can hear infrasonic sounds. they sort of sense sounds that are way below our frequency. >> reporter: it's not just an elephant. this cat ran out of a home in severna park. 20 seconds later, the road to the earthquake sent the family scrambling, too. all of them rattled more than a few nerves. >> it's like a little thing. and i got scared. >> obviously a little thing. then it started rumbling. only thing it could have been was a higher power.
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>> reporter: it was powerful and rare here. from the white house to your house. frightening minutes few will forget. >> reporter: and there were no serious injuries reported in maryland. however, several hundred people are homeless tonight in prince george's county, after their apartment buildings were condemned. reporting live in southeast baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. inspections are still being done on buildings and bridges across maryland. complete coverage continues now with alex demetrick who has more on this. alex? >> reporter: well, kai, building inspectors and structural engineers have been busy in maryland inspecting damage. and looking for potential weak spots caused by tuesday's earthquake. >> reporter: sometimes, there's no missing what tuesday's quake shook loose. a large section of brick wall in southeast baltimore. a pile of heavy stones on the sidewalk in front of st. patrick's catholic church in fells point. potentially, lethal damage from above. >> we thank the lord that no one was injured throughout the
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area. but certainly here in the church or in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but there is still a risk, if you know where to look. >> go up, almost to the peak. look up to the right there, there's a crack. >> reporter: baltimore's archbishop was shown what structural engineers have found and what construction crews must now secure. >> the crosses are all hanging down. a lot of concrete came off the side of the pillars. some of it fell already and looked to the pavement earlier. >> reporter: alt m&t bank stadium, there was no obvious damage. and while crews prepared for a game tomorrow, they brought in structural engineers to make sure. the result? >> it fared really, really well. of course, we're quite a distance from the epicenter of the earthquake. but obviously onents a high level of confidence that this building is safe and ready to use. >> but where there is damage to clean up and the potential for more to occur, repair work and what it will cost, were still unknown. >> the cranes will come in this afternoon, and they'll probably be here for months.
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so that's got to be something. but we have to be sure our people are served here. and we will make sure of that. >> reporter: building examiners also examined a number of areas of schools and historic landmarks. >> thank you, alex dein trick, reporting live. the magnitude 5.8 quake was felt from georgia to canada. major monuments in washington are closed today. complete coverage continues with danielle nottingham what with more on the cleanup in the small virginia town of mineral, the epicenter of the quake. >> reporter: stone masons and hard hats got a firsthand look at the damage tuesday's earthquake did to the washington national cathedral. >> without a doubt, this top of the tower is the absolute worst. >> reporter: the 5.8 magnitude quake knocked statues loose and set capstones from the highest parts of the towers, crashing down to the roof. the cathedral remains close. and so does the washington monument. national park service crews
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found at least one crack in the top part of the 555-foot landmark. it's off limits to visitors until further notice. >> i feel kind of sad because we didn't get to go to it. >> reporter: the washington monument may be closed. but it is business as usual at virtually every other museum and memorial, here on the national mall. >> reporter: about 80 miles away, at the quake's epicenter, in the small town of mineral, virginia, things are anything but ordinary. store owners are cleaning up the mess left behind. this was the scene inside miller's market. the moment the ground started shaking. virginia's governor surveyed the damage. >> there's going to be a long recovery period. >> reporter: as many as 12 million people felt the biggest earthquake to hit the east coast since 1944. while most communities made it through with just minor damage, inspectors are still checking
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for structural problems. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and stay with wjz and for complete coverage of the east coast earthquake. we'll have updates and video, plus a slide show of damage. log onto baltimore county police make an arrest in the murder of a young man. 19-year-old bradley robinson was found shot to death in front of a townhouse on jack pine place in parkville. detectives have linked kevin durant to the killing. he's charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail. tonight, baltimore city police are looking for the suspect who broke into a home in charles village. instead of the homeowner. the 25-year-old victim and his girlfriend were woken up last night around 11:00, by their dog barking. when the man went downstairs, he confront the suspect in the living room. he was taken to johns hopkins, where he is in stable condition. just released photograph
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showed missing maryland woman, robyn gardner, just hours before she disappeared in aruba. >> reporter: prosecutors say the photographs were taken just about two hours before robyn gardner was reported missing. they show her leaving a restaurant with gary giordano, the man suspected in her disappearance. he says they went snorkeling and she never resurfaced. giordano, who is also from maryland, has been held since august 5th. investigators in aruba help releasing these pictures will help jog people's memories and help them find gardner. there's been no sign of her since august 2nd. >> giordano has not been charged in this case. still ahead on eyewitness news. real-life drama. the scare for late show host craig ferguson. how it involves threats. a milestone in maryland means new life in the state. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news, maryland sees its lowest infant mortality rate ever. a tow truck driver is
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killed in a hit-and-run. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll lut know the car you need to be looking for. tracking the threat of storms. don't miss the updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in tent's healthwatch, maryland's infant motallity rate dropped. and lowering that rate remains a state priority.
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cameron jones was the star of the show at the governor's news conference this morning. >> this is cameron. cameron and i will be appearing here all week. >> reporter: maryland celebrates its lowest infant motality rate in history. >> and the biggest gains we had last year were among african american moms and their babies. [ applause ] >> reporter: but regrettably, there are still great losses. in maryland last year, african american infants were five times more likely than whites to die of birth-related complications. four times more likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome and low birth weight. and 3 times more likely to die from complications of pregnancy. >> reporter: cameron's tearful pom participates in be more for healthy babies. >> they are just giving us a lot of information about how to better care for the babies. and tay helped a -- they helped a whole lot. i'm just grateful baltimore has
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these programs. >> reporter: the number of infant deaths went down in 2010. 295 were infants born to african american women. 178 to whites. 42 to hispanic and 17 born to asian women. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us. this is not a time to say mission accomplished. but i do think that over the years, good people of persistence and dedication, we figured out what works. >> reporter: maryland continues to match mothers and mothers to be with people who are dedicated to bringing people into the world. >> maryland saw a 10% decline in the infant mortality rate last year. coming together to raise cancer awareness. the lpga is lending a hand in the great prostate cancer challenge. local celebrities will team up october 17th. designed to raise money for cancer research and screening. participants will also receive dinner and prizes. and if golf isn't your bag,
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remember the great prostate cancer challenge. september 25th at towson university. it's all part of towson's continuing community commitment. a lot of weather coming our way. >> let's talk about the near term first. then we'll get to the weekend. right now, very pleasant, 83. south winds, 7. the barometer beginning to fall. the front from the northwest approaches. we'll talk about irene right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
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nice right now. but things are going to be changing. strong front may mean thunderstorm activity. could be some heavy downpours. gusty winds. just what we need, right? just like we saw last weekend in some areas, it could happen again. 73, oakland. 77, ocean city. we're at 83. the dew point has come up yesterday afternoon. it was 48, 49 degrees. now, it's up to 63. so it's definitely more humid than we see recently. 85 in washington, locally. i mean, it's comfortable, low 80s. 81 in rock hall, kent island. let's go right to irene.
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it's still a category 3 storm, which it became this morning. it got a little stronger. the winds are 120. now, those 120-mile-an-hour winds, extend that about 50 to 60 miles, not 120 all the time. but that's just under the eye of the storm, which is actually the eye appearing. now, earlier this afternoon, it was a category 2. the direction is off to the northwest, around 12 miles an hour. there you see it. it is approaching nassau later tonight. by the time gets to our latitude, probably a category 2 storm, with winds about 90 miles an hour. however, as you mentioned, the strongest are east of the center, hopefully staying out of the atlantic ocean. as you're heading west to the center, it all depends on the exact track. literally, if that track moves 50, 60, 70 miles closer to the coast. then it could would be a greater risk to new jersey, delaware. and particularly the carolina coast. west of the area, the portion
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of the state. and from our area west. wind gusts may get to 40, maybe 45 miles an hour. and that's certainly enough to cause trees to and down on power lines. i don't think we'll see a whole lot of rain here locally. the heaviest rain on the coast. maybe 80s. most of them out of the ocean. i think they may have a direct hit, however, right along new england's southern coast. by sunday morning, it's east of us. by late in the afternoon, sunday, we'll see clearing skies. but in the meantime, we've got a front coming in from the northwest. and that front is going to give us, as i said, a risk of gusty thunderstorm activity tomorrow afternoon, as it passes across the region. friday, starting to be close by. probably lingering showers. south winds, 10 to 15 on the bay tomorrow. and a small craft advisory, throughout thursday afternoon. tonight then, partly cloudy and warmer. not a terrible night.
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68. low 70s in the city. 89, a hot afternoon. humidity in the afternoon. and maybe a thunderstorm that could be locally strong. tomorrow afternoon, heavy downpours. gusty winds are certainly possible. >> okay, bob. thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news. escape in libya. wjz talks with the family of baltimore journalist matthew van dyke, held captive by the gadhafi regime. remembering september 11th. two steel beams from the world trade center are set in place for the maryland memorial. i'm andrea fujii, that's just ahead on we'll eyewitness news. inspectors find some damage to federal buildings and landmarks, following the earthquake. i'm adam may, a lo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. 83 degrees and mostly sunny. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. we're going to update the news we have been following. the baltimore journalist, captured in libya, is a free man tonight. meghan mccorkell is out on the
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scene with more reaction. meghan? >> reporter: kai, both van dyke's mother and his girlfriend are incredibly relieved tonight. they got that phone call that they have been waiting for for 5 fafl months. -- 5 1/2 months. now, matthew's girlfriend said she got a call around 2:00 this afternoon. from matthew. he had borrowed a cell phone from a libyan. he escaped a tripoli prison. he said other inmates helped him escape. he's been held in that prison in solitary confinement for the past five and a half months. his mother says he doesn't even remember being captured. >> he remembers staying in bregga. and he remembers he told me out walking around, children playing. and just a normal day in gregga. and then next thing, he said he woke up to the sounds of someone being tortured. >> reporter: and we should mention that matthew van dyke has traveled extensively around the middle east.
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he's been to libya before, both iraq and afghanistan. he does speak arabic. at this time, he is being held at a libyan compound. and he is safe. he is trying to get back here to baltimore. we'll continue following the story. for now, i'm meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz will have much more on this breaking story from sharon van dyke herself at 11:00. more than 20 hours later, the historic 5.8 quake rattled the east coast. this is the scene in vienna, virginia, as part of the wall collapsed on cars. complete coverage continues with adam may, who reports from washington, where the damage is still being surveyed. >> reporter: inspectors have determined that most of the federal government buildings and landmarks here in washington are structurally sound after this earthquake. but a couple of them, including the washington monument have been deemed unsafe. >> reporter: when the ground shook at washington, d.c. tuesday afternoon, from a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, national park crews found at least one
6:33 pm
crack in the washington monument. it's near the top part of the 555-foot high tower. >> based on the fact that it's a very tall building, we had a substantial movement here. it's something that we need to address. >> reporter: stone masons also assess damage to the washington national cathedral. statues were knocked loose and capstones crashed to the ground below. >> without a doubt, this top of the tower is the absolute worst. >> reporter: the damage is not structural. but repairs cost will -- will cost millions of dollars. not far, the north nuclear plant was shut down. >> the power plant is safe. the operators responded well. both units are shut down. it maintained a safe shutdown position. >> reporter: the plant is designed to withstand earthquakes up to 6.2, making this quake close to maximum. the u.s. capital was spared significant damage but minor cracks to walls and ceilings
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now need repair. >> there's no telling when tourists will be allowed inside the washington monument. it was closed indefinitely. in washington, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> complete coverage continues with mary bubala, live in the newsroom with more on what may have been a warning about the quake at least in one location. >> staff at the national zoo in washington made a long list of changes in animal behavior, minutes before the quake. the list describes a noisy, frantic scene, just before the ground started to shake. and orangutans began screaming. many of the other apes began screaming and climbing to the trees. the flamingos all flock together. the zookeepers say the two pandas did not exhibit any unusual behavior. back to you, kai. >> that's right, mary. wjz 13 is always on. check in for complete coverage of the aftermat of the east coast -- aftermath of the east coast earthquake. for additional information and to post your comments, log onto
6:35 pm well, right now, a powerful category 3 hurricane, irene, is barreling towards the bahamas. people across the island are boarding up their homes and businesses, preparing for the worst. for the first time in three years, this storm may set in the east coast in the united states. bob turk is in the weather center where he continues to track where irene is now and where she's going. >> obviously, every one of these models keep changing a little bit here, a little there. and that's going to be the key to exactly where this storm ends up by the time it gets to our latitude. take a look at the current position there. the storm is about 250 miles southeast of nassau. and the tropical storm force winds extend out about 240 miles. even though the storm may pass well to the east of the region, it's very likely that at least in some areas, the carolinas, and probably the virginia coastal areas. maryland, delaware, jersey, may see some hurricane forced wins
6:36 pm
saturday night into early sunday. as it passes by our region. probably with a category 2 storm. i think it may make a direct hit into southern new england, as either a strong category 1 or weak category 2 storm. still plenty of damage possible with that. now, as far as the models go, you can see most of them still have to track offshore from our region. generally, looking at maybe 125 miles east of ocean city for the center. storms. that means tropical storm forced winds can extend inland over the eastern shore of maryland. maybe just as far west as the baltimore area, sometime late saturday night and on sunday. as far as rain goes. west of us, just too far away. looks like not much rain at all, from baltimore east. that's where the rains are beginning to pick up. inch or two here. two to four east of the bay bridge. and up to eight inches expected with very, very rough surf. probably coastal flooding along the coastal areas. and beach erosion. unfortunately for areas all along the atlantic.
6:37 pm
carolinas to new england. i think they'll have the worst damage across southern new england as a direct hit maybe on early sunday morning. of course, we keep updating you as the models keep changing, day to day. denise? >> thank you, bob. stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage. for the latest on irene's track, and its potential impact on maryland, log on and click on the special section at the top of our home page. tonight, anne arundel county police are asking for the public's help to track down a hit-and-run driver. a tow truck driver was struck and killed while on the job. monique griego has more on the description from the suspect vehicle. route 100 in glen burnie shut down for several hours, after 38-year-old james shriver junior, a tow truck operator, was struck and killed by a hit- and-run driver. >> i'd like to catch the person. >> reporter: matt says shriver had been a good friend and a beloved employee of his for 12
6:38 pm
years. >> family man, excellent person. excellent worker. i would call him my right-hand man. we're all going to be devastated without him. >> reporter: police say shriver was on the side of the road, helping a stranded sewage truck when he was hit. >> we're seeking help. we need help from the public if they know anything. >> reporter: witnesses say this is what the runaway vehicle looked like. a 1987 to 1995 nizzan pathfinder, -- nissan pathfinder. police believe it may have front end damage and missing a headlight. >> while this is the first time a driver from ted's towing has been killed, ziegler says several others had been hurt while working the side of the road. . >> very dangerous on the side of the road. >> reporter: ziegler hopes the driver who took off realizes that shriver's wife and two young kids need closure. >> i would hope if they have any conscience, they would go to the police department. >> reporter: zigler says unlike
6:39 pm
emergency vehicles, right now, there aren't any laws that protect tow truck drivers on the side of the road while they're working. he's pushing to change that. >> monique, thank you. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call ann anne arundel county police. another significant water main break. the 12-inch main. crews are working to fix it. the pipe supplies water to about 200 homes and several businesses in that area. no word how long the repairs will take. they're 25 feet long and weigh more than two tons. and they're a big piece of american history that will be unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. andrea fujii has the story. the centerpiece for the maryland 9/11 memorial has arrived, outside the baltimore world trade center. these beams span between the 94 and 97th nears of the world trade center north tower before tumbling to the ground on
6:40 pm
september 11th, 2001. >> we wanted to remove some of the loose paint. but we didn't want it to be a shiny piece of metal. >> 13 marylanders died in the towers. 53 in the pentagon. and two on flight 93. this memorial is dedicated to them. >> 100 years from now, when children will be there walking around. wow, look at that. >> reporter: this is what the finished memorial will look like. >> once the memorial is unveiled, people will be able to touch these metal beams. >> reporter: it's already becoming a teaching tool for the dodd family, visiting from virginia. >> we were going over to the aquarium. it wases a nice chance to-- was a nice chance to give the boys a history lesson. >> reporter: a permanent
6:41 pm
remindir for the 68 maryland heroes two die -- who died. >> the local 9/11 ceremony will be held september 11th, 3:00 p.m. outside the baltimore world trade center. time now for a look at the baltimore sun. will a curfew help stem a recent spike in flash mob robberies? a preview of tomorrow night's showdown between the redskins and ravens. and the university of maryland basketball terps are making news. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from the wjz first warning weather team. still ahead on eyewitness news. no ordinary school day. hear from students after their bus explodes in flames. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. tracking irene. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a terrifying end to one day in school when a bus goes up in flames. the driver managed to pull over and the children evacuated just in time before the bus exploded. middle schoolers noticed something was wrong when smoke started pouring from the steering wheel. >> all of the smoke started coming out more.
6:45 pm
and it caught on fire and kept like popping. like the gas part. people were screaming, like they they all said, we're going to die, we're going to die. but we all came out fine. >> the 16 students on board came out fine. the fire remains under investigation. >> glad they did. while the late-night tv world is facing death threats for the second time this week. someone sent an envelope of white powder with a note reading "anthrax" to show host craig ferguson. ferguson tweeted his thanks to officers who tested the powder and determined it was harm harmless. this follows death threats made to host david letterman. the fbi is investigating. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. and we'll be right back [ male announcer ] ,,,,,,,, looking for a complete picture of your money?
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meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪ a string of pleasant, late- night evenings. take advantage. because things will be changing. and bob has more on what we can expect the next five days. >> tomorrow afternoon, denise. look out for thunderstorm activity. could be locally strong storms after 4:00, 5:00. and talking heavy rain, gusty
6:49 pm
winds. watch out for that. tomorrow's high, close to 98 degrees. >> front kind of stalling out. and on saturday night, that's when the real rain from irene gets here. but the steady heavier rain will be saturday night into noon. after 3:00, 4:00, it might clear up, believe it or not. nice start to next week. and school starts off. 84 for a high, with sunshine and a nice breeze, drying out during the afternoon monday. >> thank you, bob. still to come. the ravens continue to make their roster. their roster. mark has the latest to the big , ÷xp
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mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> that's right. get your roster right. newest raven passed his. mckinney is an enormous man who has shown potential for talent. he was reportedly cut by the vikings. mckinney says he's going to
6:53 pm
play less tackle with the ravens. that would mean michael oher moves to the right side. preseason game, number 3, is tomorrow night. the ravens second straight home warmup, taking on the washington redskins. ravens coming off a preseason victory over kansas city. beating the steelers and colts in the warmup game. former ravens john beck, including a pass to donte stallworth. >> you're going to go against a team that is playing really well in the preseason. watch the tape. they're dominating. it's a huge test for us. they've done a great job, obviously with their team. and it's a great opportunity to see if they can get better. starting center matt burric has started out. ravens hope to have him ready for the season opener. ravens-redskins tomorrow night. we'll bring it to you here on wjz 13. our special coverage kicks offer from the stadium at 7:30.
6:54 pm
among our features. i'll chat with new receiver ray evans. other football news. quarterback carey collins comes out of this brief retirement. he is joining the indianapolis colts. collins played with tennessee last season. some colts not so keen on the signing. if collins is indy starter, that's a step backwards. to baseball, the orioles go for three wins in a row. center fielder adam jones is back in the lineup. he was hospitalized last night with shortness of breath. says he's fine. o's pitching was in the lineup. starter alfredo simone drew what he called his best inning of the year. going 8 innings, struck out 8. allowed the twins just one run.
6:55 pm
manager thankful. it's the first time an orioles starter has 13 eight inns since three months ago. college basketball news. maryland's new coach unveils the schedule for his new season. the tipoff at home on the 13th against wilmington. early conference includes illinois, alabama, notre dame and temple. maryland will play both duke and north carolina temple twice this coming season. and happy birthday, cal cal ripken, 51 today. >> happy birthday. thank you, mark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. thank you for watching wjz maryland's news station. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including tracking irene. a live report from north carolina and are homeowners prepared? we now take you to new york
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, irene-- the name means peace, the hurricane means business. we're tracking the storm as it takes aim at the east coast with reports from mark strassmann, jim axelrod, and david bernard. chip reid tells us the earthquake did more damage than we thought. barry peterson in tripoli, walks us through qaddafi's inner sanctum. we'll give you an early look at the new 9/11 memorial. and as america opens another memorial, byron pitts finds the photographer who immortalized a king. >> what i most wanted to capture was the inner light. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the first hurricane of the season is on a collision course with the east coast. here's the view from space. irene looks like an organized storm around a well-defined eye.


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