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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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primary election results are in. a clear win tonight paves the way to a new term for baltimore's mayor. i'm vic carter >> and i'm denise. here's what people are talking about tonight >> it is election night tonight in baltimore. stephanie rawlings blake takes the race. kai jackson hit it iss the street. >> reporter: well, vic,
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stephanie rawlings blake was a favor to win and a win tonight assures a win in november. >> major stephanie rawlings blake celebrating her primary win in heavy democrat baltimore city. it means a win in november >> as i said before i will say again, i love my hometown. >> reporter: the major failsed four opponents and brought the city through a budget deficit >> i think she did an incredible job given the fact there were things she had never done >> she is not afraid to take the strong stance on anything. she is slr fair very fair and smart >> we are here tonight standing together as one city with one future moving forward
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together. con 000 0002congratulations to each and every one of your for rising to the challenge and working together for our city >> reporter: the governor were here to support and celebrate with rawlings blake. back to you now >> thank you. here's where the major's primary race is now. she won over her challengeers. sglls kai >> kai jackson tonights from city hall >> the voting booth is where citizens make their voices heard. they hope the major and the counsel are hearing them after primary election day. ambition plans are
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what candidates are promising >> i'd like to see someone strong on education >> food isn't the only topic on the table, so is pop licks in the city. the primary election is the time to talk about job, education and the economy. cities citizens say what they expect from if candidate >> if you are not trained, if you're not aware of where the growth in jobs are, then the children are not prepared >> those we spoke with tonight acknowledged that baltimore has challenges in the future, but they believe the next major will provide that leadership to solve the challenges >> i think the most important thing for the major is to focus on the city and turning the city around 0003>> i think one thing this that next major and majors of other cities like baltimore need to do is call upon the president to make unemployment a
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national issue >> whoever wins the general election in november, baltimore and its citizens will have challenges that need to be met. back to you the other big race, city counsel president. jack young will head to the november election. he wins the democrat primary by a large mar begin. the results of counsel races are running at the bottom of your screen. we invite you to stay with for coverage. a brutal beating inside a mcdonalds, now one of the teens who attacked a transgender woman got sentenced. >> over and other again, two teenagers girl attacked and beat christy president obama ty
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in a mcdonalds until she went into a seizier. the video sparkeded community out rage and two girls were locked in girl testimony . the transgender choose not to be in court >> she can be seen trying to stop the attack. she ended up punched in the eye herself >> in court she said i'm sorry, my mother did not raise me like this. i would like to apologize to the victim. that a pology not accepted, according to a letter chrissy wrote to the judge. she said, i thought i was going to die that day. i fear being alone. i have i have flash backs 0004about the attack >> i don't care who the victim is, this wasn't about a
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political statement, it was about produce cuting people for a crime they committed >> the civil case is just beginning. chrissy has filed a lawsuit against mcdonalds because one of their employees did not stop the fight and one of their employees was video taping the fight while laughing the suspect confessed she could stay locked up in juvenile detention until she turns 21. this there are a murder mystery. the police found a man stabbed to death. police have not identified the victim. officers are looking for clues in the shooting death always of nicole mcnair. she was a bonds woman. police are looking for the killer in both cases high profile help. the man expected in the disappearance of a maryland
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woman in abu a gets a new lawyer. jose baez janed giordano's defense team. she he defended casey anthony. rob ro bin vafrjed on vase indication with him. helmet to helmet hit, that's what killed a frost berg football player. meghan has his story and the dangerous of head injuries on the football field >> reporter: an autopsy reveals he died from a trauma i can train injury and they held a memorial in his honor. 0005football was his life. it was the game that ended it
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>> coach told me that god doesn't make mistakes >> reporter: the 22-year-old collapsed during practice and died two days later. >> it is a collision sport. injury is going to happen >> reporter: helmet to helmet contact is blamed for his death >> it's a young man that would be one of the coronerer stones of his programs. >> reporter: his family says it was an accident >> players are bigger, stronger, fastener this day and age than they were a generation ago >> reporter: the nfl is trying to make the game safer, researching the facts. this doctor is involved with the study, along with ravens study, mat birk who will donate his brain to the study after he dies >> i'm passionate í about about
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football. >> reporter: the helmets aren't foolproof >> they will not prevents all head virs vent all head injuries >> reporter: the officials say they will review the medical exam ners findings to make sure they're doing everything they can to protect players thank you. another memorial service will be hell next month at the church in good faithering berg flooding frustratations. the water is gone but 0006people have a huge mess to clean up >> the mud in port deposit is several feet thick. for hellsly, it's heartbreaking >> i have people helping me an i
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can't tell them what to do >> she has a about the same time covered a basement covered in mud. the river covered main street, covering cars an buildings. the river rose to its third highest level, which is what left behind this dirty mess. federal help is on its way. neighbors are helping each other too. the wetter it is the more it sticks to the shovel >> we were over whelmed. >> floods def at defr devastated howard county. it could be next spring before the roads are reopened. some feel abandoned with no place to go. the water is gone but the frustration is building >> we are human beings that need
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help. i'll never give up on this town and i won't give up on making things right in this town >> reporter: right now there are buildings that are unsafe to occupy. many of the roads that are closed right now in baltimore county could reopen by the end of the week. this is wjz eyewitness news a group of prisoners are being spent to help clean up there 0007 it littered the chesapeake bay. a satellite picture shows a muddy mess. all that debris is dangerous >> the close up pictures were incredible of what came down. up next, dangerous driving, see this high speed chase and the frightening end >> my worst nightmare had just
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unfolded right in front of me. >> breaking the silence, the acquisitions casey anthony's parents are making since the verdict a big cool down headed our way. i'll have the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. a big cool down headed our way. i'll have the forecast coming up next. it is 71 degrees with clear skies. the forecast is coming up. an incredible police pursuit in astray yeah. the driver is wanted for steeling the car an using it in robber ris. at one point he loses a tire an then spins out. the suspect gets into a second car, crashs that one. police were there to arrest him. he now faces charges a coordinated daylight attack in the afghan capitol strikes at the embassy and nato head quarters. u.s. troops had to take cover on the roof. the taliban used rockets. no americans were injured. the attacks
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coincided with suicide bombings else you 0008 the fight for the freedom is here. the u.s. sub subcontractor was arrested in 2009 after trying to bring the internet to the cuba community. >> a note was delivered to me by the cuban government saying they were ready to discuss the allen gross issue. i'm disappointed >> a lawyer says the family is heartbroken. the parents of casey anthony are spooking out for the first time since their daughter's murder trial. we have more from the exclusive interview on the dr. fill show.
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we the jury find the defendant not guilty >> on july 5th a florida jury aquites casey anthony. it prompts the question what really happened. now for the first time the anthony family tries to provide some answers >> i wanted to know if casey knew something that she wasn't telling us >> george and and cathy sit down with drchl dr. fill going through the case >> you have to understand in the background i have feel telling me from the sheriff's department, even from family members that they felt that casey was hiding caylee from me on purpose >> another moment comes as the anthony's watch one of
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0009their jailhouse talkings with casey. >> what was that question >> i didn't know if casey had her hidden away somewhere q. speck somewhere >> speculation over the loss of their granddaughter is clear >> i know caylee isn't with us anymore. i know that. i know that. >> reporter: drill fill dr. fill did not pay them for their ber interview. you can see part two of this interview tomorrow at 3:00 right here. changes are coming to the way children are screened at airport security check points. the tsa say it will do away with pat downs for children under the age of 12. children will no longer have to remove their shoes when going through security. the changes are expected within a few weeks
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ravens fans have savor the opening game win thanks to sports al s illustrated. the ravens are on the cover of the magazine. you can see the game right here sunld sunday at 1 p.m. >> that means only twice a year will bob buy sports illustrated >> it's going to fool like football waterer this weekends in tennessee. it's going to be a great, great 0010weekend. beautiful fall weather headed our way. there may be a shower tomorrow night or thursday. it's 71 right now. very light southwest winds right now. 74 in ocean city 63 in í oakland. a southwest wind will keep us in warm air for one more day an
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then we begin to cool down, stepping down on thursday and way down on friday. much cooler air moving our way. this front to the north of us did cause showers in new york to tonight. it's going to dry out. the next front is much stronger, a lot of shower activity with that. that's going to press southeast and bring us a risk of a shower maybe tomorrow evening, a better chance on thursday as some chilly air will move in. maria, there it goes out to sea. it's going to cause an inch or two of rain in bermuda. it will have no e if he can on effect on our weather. there may be a shower or two on thursday morning. thursday afternoon the cooler air moves in. friday, clear, breezy and chilly, only in the 60s for
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highs. south winds tomorrow ahead of that front. so tonight, partly cloudy. 64 by morning. tomorrow maybe a shower late in the night, better chance tomorrow night. 86 tomorrow. 77 on thursday with a chance of a shower, 49 as it clears out at night. 67 a. maybe and 47 friday night. fall temperatures headed this way. >> i can tell. thank you, bob. check in with marty 0011tomorrow morning for the updated forecast >> the orioles get a chance to chance the post season picture. mark talks to us next in,,,,,,,,
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mark is here with our sports report. it's like football weather, but we're still playing baseball >> the ravens are off today. we'll check in on the orioles. they still get a chance to effect the play off race, taking an tampa bay. the rays are in the wild card hunt chasing boston. the gold glove with a front row seat to see the rock rookie take a possible home run away. weaners hitting a towers home run to the left field. it's the 19th of the season for him. tampa bay is in this thing.
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because baas boston won tonight that tampa bay is behind in the wild card race. the ravens prepare for their first road game. it's in tennessee. news from college park, the university of maryland has vote today name the basketball court in honor of gary williams. williams stepped down this year after 22 seasons of head coach. he is the winningist coach in history. he is honored by the recognition. the dedication is scheduled for december 9th. i'll be at the ravens practice i'll be at the ravens practice tomorrow and we'll get t [ female announcer ] this is trish. trish uses aetna's personal health record to track her kids' immunizations, get lab results, see her family medical history,
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and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy. even on the go. see for yourself, ♪ aetna. know more. get better.
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here's the entertainment world. tyler perry earned 0012130 million dollars last year. he is best known for playing the role of madea. today is his birthday. he is on the forbes list a chicago company has created the world's largest chocolate bar. the 1200 pound bar is too big for a vepd vending machine. the king size bar will travel to various schools. that's just torturement it will be. it will be used to teach children about portion control and active
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