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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjztv, wjzhd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. campus tragedy. a college freshman stabbed to death in her dorm. her roommate stands accused. >> how her classmates honor her tonight. >> reporter: hello, everybody, here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a tearful tribute to a murdered student at bowie university. tonight's memorial service and new information about the
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victim. >> reporter: these ribbons were handed out tonight in bowie state's school colors, the university coming together in the wake of this tragedy ♪ i need you now. >> reporter: an emotional tribute to a woman friends say brought happiness everywhere she went. >> i couldn't believe it was you, but it was. >> i wake up every morning and tell myself that she's not gone. >> reporter: stabbed to death last thursday inside her dorm room. witnesses say her roommate pulled out a knife as the two fought over an i-pod. >> we pray for a lexus and we pray that she is held accountable in some way, shape or form. >> tonight the school came together with frazer's family to heal. >> we should give thanks that
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she was in our lives, that those of us who knew her had a chons to know her. >> reporter: as classmates mourn we are learning more about the 18-year-old in her own words. >> i want to give y'all some of my insight. >> reporter: frazer posted these videos of herself. >> i welcome you into my world. i know, i look forward to this. you prepared me for this. >> reporter: words from an aspiring poet who has now been silenced. reporting live, i'm megan mccork will. thank you, megan. dominick frazer will be laid to rest this -- breaking news tonight in georgia. the supreme court refuses a last minute request to stop is
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execution of a convicted murder. he was convicted of killing an off duty police officer back in 1991. since then several witnesses have come forward to change their story. these are live pictures right now where davis will be executed in the next few minutes. hundreds of people have been keeping vigil all day there. they have been praying for the justices to save his life but he has run out of options. after two years in a iranian prison, reports for wjz on the emotional reunion. >> u.s. hikers josh and shane bounded down the stairs of an air force jet and into the arms of their cheering families. >> oh my god, 781 days. >> reporter: both 29 looked
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healthy but slimmer. they were released from a tehran prison. a judge granted their release after a 1 million-dollar bail was paid for their freedom. >> we are so relieved we are free. >> 2 years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners in america and iran. >> reporter: also greeting the pair was fellow hiker sara shore. she was arrested, too, but was released a year ago. she emembraced -- embraced -- since the u.s. has no relations with tehran. they were free just minutes before president obama addressed the un general assembly. iranian president promised last week the hikers' release was
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imminent. he is now preparing for his address at the un on thursday. the hikers are expected to be back in the u.s. in days. welcome home signs are already up. oman's government paid the 1 million-dollar bail to release the two men. hundreds of thousands feel forgotten after hurricane irene irene -- bg workers worked to get their lights on. live downtown, kai jackson explains who could be paying for it. >> it's unclear whether or not bg customers will shell out more money for bills. what is clear is that even the idea has some people fuming. >> it was a nail biting time. marylanders were on edge as the storm rolled through in august. it had utility crews working
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around the clock. >> for 7 days we were in the dark. we made the best we could. we tried to eat all the food we could but we couldn't eat it all so a lot of it went bad. >> for the brunt of this storm. >> reporter: the company estimates it costs $81 million to restore power to homes and businesses and that begs the question, who pays for it. >> right now they are bourn by the shareholders. >> reporter: yet that may not remain the case. >> we will request the recovery of costs of the storm. >> reporter: the bill doesn't fit well with residents in this northwest baltimore neighborhood. they lost power for a week. >> i feel it is unfair to raise the rates because especially for an elder. >> reporter: burt graham, who is retired uses a ventilator at night. he says a rate hike would eat
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into his fixed income. >> that would be pretty hard on me, with a fixed income. >> reporter: well, first of all customers should rest assured there can't be rate hikes without approval. a day after governor mccaly expresses concern. staffers tell eyewitness news it is unfair if bg customers who were in the dark could be asked to pay for not having power. saying they don't agree with that characterization. >> beg tells us they had 650 employees out in the fields in the day afterirene. 8 deaths are blamed on cantaloupes in colorado. this is the first known maryland death. the fruit may be labeled jenson
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or sweet rocky fords but not all has a sticker. says the number of illnesses could grow because it takes up to a month for list ear i can't to grow. if you believe you have a contaminated cantaloupe throw it out immediately. information about two police officers charged. continues to investigate the video taped account. stays on this controversial account from college park. >> 2 prince george's police officers face 25 years in jail for the beating of student jack mckenna. he had a con suggestion and needed stitches. wjz has -- following a basketball victory against duke last march. >> i would say it was definitely chaotic that night. but i think a lot of students
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were confused afterwards. >> reporter: mckena was one of several injured students. interviewed dozens of officers before bringing charges. >> the officers are charged with first degree assault. >> reporter: that video shot from a window in this dorm was a key piece of evidence. says prosecuting police police officers is not something she takes lightly. >> >> the police were indiscriminately pepper spraying people. >> they should go to jail. and my intent was it was assault with intent to murder or at a minimum assault with intent to maim. >> reporter: while first degree assault is a felony, second degree assault is a
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misdemeanor. in college park, mike halgren. prosecutors have not ruled out other charges against other police officers. get ready to pay more to cross maryland's bridges and tunnels. the -- will vote tomorrow. but the rate hike won't be as drastic as first planned. starting in november you will have to pay $4 to cross the bridge. scaled back after many drivers complained. doesn't have to worry about affording those tolls. forbes names, is the only person from the baltimore area to make the list this year. he is worth $330 billion. bill gates is the richest american, warren buffet still number 2, despite losing $6 billion last year. and bob turk dropped to number 6, i believe.
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>> no, you said -- was the only one from maryland. so i guess he's off the list. the controversial comments tony bennett made about 9/11 and why he's changing his tune now. >> it was humiliating,. >> on her usual trip the reason tsa agents comb through that woman's hair. all to find a teenager. i'm jane with the life threatening stunt that started it all coming up. >> our rain chances continue through the weekend. i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete weather forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch and sports with mark viviano.
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it is 70 degrees and cloudy in central marry lands right now. breaking news in garage a. convicted killer troy davis has just been executed. the execution was delayed for 4 hours but they ultimately rejected his request. several witnesses have come forward to change their story, but davis has now been executed. in japan a powerful typhoon
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brings -- 13 people are listed as dead or missing. brought up to 72 inches of rain. hundreds of survivors were forced to evacuate for fear of flooding and mudslides. singer tony bennett hits a sour note. he makes some controversial remarks on 9/11. >> we caused it because we were bombing them and they told us to stop. they said, what are you doing. >> reporter: those remarks were made on the howard stern radio show. bennett has since apologized for saying the americans provoked the 9/11. bennett said he proudly served in world war ii, however -- led him to believe violence begets violence. if you find it difficult to
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breathe that's because baltimore's air pollution is among the worst in the nation. ranks it as the -- pollutants from other states as well as traffic are listed as the main cause. so far we've had 23 unhealthy air days. another teenager is arrested for aiming a laser pointer at a police helicopter. police immediately sought out the suspect. >> 11:00 tuesday night this helicopter was on a mission when something blasted the chopper. in an instant the pilot became victims to a green laser pointer. police say a 14-year-old was shining it from half a mile away. the crew flew straight there and beamed right back. >> we kept the lights on the front porch and within minutes police officers were there. >> reporter: in fact, 6 minutes
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after he layed the plane, the teenager was in handcuffs. the light can blind the pilots for several moments. >> it's pretty scary that it can crash at any time. >> reporter: when we reported a special -- we found the number doubled in the last year. when the laser strikes a chopper the beam lights up the cockpit. >> now you have a danger in front of your face. >> reporter: police say that's why catching those behind the laser is critical. >> pointing this at an aircraft is not a video game. it is not a video game. it affects people's lives. >> reporter: are not releasing the name of the 14-year-old because he is charged as a juvenile. he is charged with many things
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including attempted assault on police. eyewitness news. police say the teenager is back in his parents' custody waiting to learn what the penalties will learn. a traveler from texas said she was humiliated by agents who searched her hair for explosives. said she left security and then two agents ran after her and proceeded to check her after rough in public. say the woman left before her screens was complete and then refused to be screened in private. >> and the more al of the -- moral of the story is, big hair. see if there's any rain in the region. there's actually some heavy showers. look at this radar right now pushing into frederick county right now. only had .01 of an inch.
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up through liberty town and hanover, that's all moving away from the region. there may be a little bit more overnight. temperature wise right now, not going down much. 70, dewpoint 69. 69 ocean city. a light east wind right now. that's going to probably stay with us overnight. now, to the south of us, had some showers today. that's all moved to the north. now, tomorrow this will probably refeed again. moisture down on the gulf coast. we are stuck in a pattern where the shortly flow will continue to bring a lot of moisture. between now and monday you could see an inch or 2. in some spots 2 1/2 inches of rain. we'll get some shower activity probably in the afternoon. we also may see some sunshine. but we're stuck in a pretty slow moving pattern. a slow moving front just kind
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of hanging in the area. the risk of showers put tonight, tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday and monday, maybe even tuesday. quick look at the tropics. hasn't changed at all but it's moving out to the west. and also by the time it gets north of the islands here, not expected to be a hurricane. all the models once again have it making a big turn again. some of these models don't go out that far but they all have it turning away from the united states. bay temp 68. 66 tomorrow. showers, maybe a thundershower in the afternoon. the next 5 days, not much improvement, 75, 76, maybe another drive in weekend and more showers on monday. back to practice for the ravens. getting ready for another road game. mark has the latest on the team's preparation for the ,,,,,
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mark is here with our wjz sports report and the ravens are getting ready for another big sunday. >> they are facing forward for sure. it might be over the anguish of that defeat in tennessee. but some of the pain is missing. 7 ravens missed practice today because of injuries. lee evans and david reid are out. so the spotlight turns to rookies. neither has caught a pass in a real nfl game. dos hasn't even played in a game yet, but it might be time for the young ones to grow up and grow up soon. >> they are going to be called on. they are going to have to go out there and make catches for our team and we're going to have to have trust in them.
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i don't know if we should or shouldn't. i think we should. >> right now i'm trying to make the best of my opportunity. >> how hungry are you to step on an nfl field in a regular season. >> i'm ready. i've been waiting to do it my whole life. >> chris carr practiced today after he had missed a practice. dominique also practiced after talk that he might need a rest. the ravens play at st. louis sunday. see the game here, they will kick it off sunday at 4:00. it's more than football at the university of maryland, the terps announced they will be wears this version of the 32 possible combinations of uniforms. it looks good when they win, and the terps take on -- saturday. a game we'll bring to you right on wjz. coverage will come your way at noon. the orioles continue to blast
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the playoff -- mark reynolds big night against josh beck et. reynolds -- this one a 2 run shot to tie the game in the 7 7th inning. 36 homers for reynolds. beck et is knocked out. bar arrow hits a -- 6-4 final. the os win 3 out of 4 at fenway but tampa bay lost twice today. orioles play at detroit tomorrow. having fun to the ends. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a colorado man's efforts to sell his house is -- put up a sign warning potential buyers that he isn't the ideal next door neighbor. he announced he has -- he wants potential buyers to know what's on the other side of their fence. a dog named survives, quite a -- well, we adopt know the -- don't know the name. the owners say goldie disappeared last week. several days later they heard a with him perking -- whimpering from a hole. from a hole. she's a ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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