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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  October 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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spirit good morning. coming up next, 15 dead. the latest in the frantic efforts to stop a wisteria outbreak. why it is so hard to contain. rules of the road. prefer texting laws. and the ravens welcome some familiar faces back to baltimore. sports director gets us ready with a showdown with the jets. as. and taking a live look with a cloudy, cold morning. meteorologist tim williams tells us that they will return. >> and it's the ultimate block party. we will tell you all about it
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in just a few. eyewitness news is second subway. same neck of this is wjz tv, wjz hd. >> from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 40s across the state. it's a pretty cold start to the day. it's a pretty cloudy start. has showers roll through here yesterday. fortunately, most of them are late. didn't interfere with the plant today. we have a few light scattered showers around the region. that's going to be the case throughout the day.
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that's going to be the order. the clubs will stay with us, the temperatures in the cool spot. 46 degrees, 49 ocean city, 34 in oakland where light snow showers fell last night. with the low move out of here, it's going to be a little breezy. it will get your attention as we move on. starting in the 40s. widely scattered showers with tortures getting up into the 50s to near 60 and then back down into the 40s. your complete update coming up in a moment. >> here's what people are talking about this morning. at least 84 people and night in different states have not been infected with wisteria linked to tainted cantaloupe. 15 people are dead including a maryland man whose family is doing the colorado farms at the center of the outbreak. part of the problem is that symptoms can take weeks to surface. >> reporter: up to now many people may have had little or no
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idea what wisteria is or as in the case of an 87-year-old maryland man, have it and not know it. health officials knew what clarence wells and his sister did not know. >> when donna called anu if i had asked about the listeria, i thought it was wisteria. >> she says she wasn't sure either when their 87-year-old daughter -- >> he had known there was tainted cantaloupe. he never would have eaten camel plug-in. >> the family is suing janssen farms. >> i feel really badly for the other families of the victims. i also feel badly for the farmers. i know, obviously, this was not their intent. >> symptoms can develop weeks
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and months after the exposure. spent according to dr. michael don burke, listeria is often hard to trace. >> it's harder to remember what you ate two months ago. >> the family says a well did eat camel although they are not sure where it was purchased. >> there are a million and a half cantaloupe and my father is one of the people who ate the cantaloupe and castaway. it is just mind-boggling. >> the state health department says as of now, no other cases have been reported in maryland. back to you. spent thank you. janssen farms issued a recall of on september 14th. two other people turned up dead in school valley street park. the bodies of a man and woman were found on the baltimore county side. police said the two appeared to be young adults but exactly how they died remains a mystery this
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morning. baltimore county police are also investigating a deadly crash on a busy highway. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on i-83. police say that one person died at the scene after they were ejected from their car. the crash slowed traffic for several hours. rules of the road. maryland's tougher texting laws have received a lot of attention lately but several other measures aimed at making state roads safer also go into effect this weekend. >> reporter: lawmakers banned sending text while driving two years ago. now starting this weekend, reading them are against the law to. it's a primary offense which means police officers need no other reason to pull drivers over. >> even if you are stuck in traffic or stopped at a red light, it's illegal. >> this is one of the new traffic laws. during this year's general assembly, lawmakers also toughened up the vehicular manslaughter law. drivers can be prosecuted under a criminal penalty.
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>> in many cases before, we were seeing that people were literally killing people with their vehicles and paying fines, not even having to appear in court. >> a speeding tractor-trailer driver killed this woman's husband. back in 2008, a reckless driver struck and killed 15-year-old connor cole. this year families urged lawmakers to pass house bill 363. it's a law they spent more than a decade fighting for. >> i think perhaps maybe even spending a week or two in a local jail facility might have gotten the point across. what he was doing in the way he was driving was a serious problem. it was extremely irresponsible. >> and a third law is also in effect as we can. the date -- the state has extended the interop program to track down on drunk driving. they say you can't go home again,
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and that's especially true for one montgomery county man. stephen armstrong was convicted of trying to intimidate his latino neighbors by slashing the tires over a two-year period. a judge has banned him from returning to his home after he finishes his prison sentence. others are being warned. the cecil county health department says a cat test positive for rabies after biting to people. the cat is described as an all female with calico coloring. anyone who may have been scratched or bitten recently is urged to contact their doctor immediately. rabies can be fatal in humans and animals. ravens get ready for a showdown with the new york jets and some from interfaces reside in the big apple. sports director michael d on all has more on the blossoming rivalry. >> good morning.
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for those of you saying all week you can't wait, the day has arrived. the ravens and jets get set to go head to head here in baltimore. new york rolls into town as a familiar foe. jets head coach rex ryan and four of his assistants all work with the ravens at one point, plus, but that's have others who played here. bart scott is the one who made famous the one phrase, can't wait. throw slugs sported a teacher this week. on the practice field this week, preparations for a jets team that has much in common with the ravens. very familiar with one another with a number of former ravens with new york. a family reunion or maybe a foot all family feud. it plays out tonight. can't wait. >> i've got tremendous or sex for and love but we've got a job to do. in a way, what we are trained
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to do. >> once they leave, everybody knows the rule. you are no longer a raven. you could start here, but once you leave their go to do everything. >> and we find out at game time whether ben grubbs is able to play. he's listed as questionable. the ravens will be without lee evans for a second straight game. he's out with an ankle injury. the ravens return to the comfort of home after they played the last two at home. they lost at tennessee and won big at st. louis. home is clearly an advantage for the ravens. the crowd will be allowed at the stadium tonight. >> all right. the ravens are favored by 4 points to win it. >> that's a good thing. >> take your rain jacket. >> just in case. it's not going to be commercial
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downpours, but when was the last time we had a homework assignment for whether x have you ever had one? >> of a homework assignment for everyone who is a ravens fan who especially may be going to the game tonight, go out side within the next 15 minutes. if you can handle the conditions outside right now, you can handle the conditions for the game tonight. >> okay. that's a good test. >> went to be pretty chilly tonight. with that i will have the forecast in just a second. but that is your assignment. if you can handle that, definitely you will be able to deal with the conditions. it's going to be in the 40s. 46 degrees right now at bwi. 42 is the dewpoint. dodgers drop into the evening as was kicked off around 50 degrees. so this is where we bubble out. there is a chance of showers. nothing fragile but one could be sleeping through much like we have out there right now.
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so this is really what you're dealing with in the overnight hours. 85 percent relative humidity, winds from the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. 29.83 is your barometer reading. the butchers in the 30s and 40s. a light snow showers reported all through the night last night. 49 in ocean city, temperatures ranging from 43 in westminster up to about 48 in kent island. at winds from the west northwest coming in courtesy of two culprits. there is a low pressure system moving up the coastline. they are tapping into some pretty cool canadian air as a result. the low starting at the coastline moving into new england and providing that counterclockwise spin. it's pretty much just off the jersey coast and moving past pennsylvania. it's good to bring us widely scattered showers.
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this is the first time we have seen any pink car forecast this year or at least this season. the frozen precipitation moving through northwestern pennsylvania, higher elevations. this is the forecast coming in by monday or so. we deal with more sunshine expecting temperatures to go up more. no high around 72 degrees. we see drier conditions. it stays relatively cool what we get closer to the normal high. as far as the tropics are concerned, zero feel it is not really impacting us. this storm has gotten to a category four. it is skirting along very quickly. we will likely not be talking about it passed today. your next high tide at 10:50. your sunset at 6:49. more clouds than sun today.
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mainly early we will see maybe a chance of showers, but it stays cool. temperatures in the near 58 to 60-degree range today. down into the 40s tonight with considerable cloudiness into tomorrow. 8:20 kickoff. in temperature of 50 degrees. 67 tuesday, backup to comfortable conditions with this post full week of october. >> still to come, a strange journey. how a sea lion in california found it both a long ways from home. >> plus, why a utah movie theater is in hot water for showing one of the summer's most popular. we will explain. >> and in just a few hours the ultimate block or he will begin here. and this one is for kids. we will tell you about it after the break. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. first, saturday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. we are back in just a moment. ,,
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>> eyewitness news on this sunday morning, the first sundays starting in the month. i want to show you first when we give you an idea of how the
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whole rest of this weekend is shaping up. that's what it's doing is providing a bit of a spin. you can see a distinguished rotation there. that's why we see widely scattered showers. the bulk of the muster is a cordon of england and on the western edge over toward buffalo and the great lakes. we are going to get the lower edge of that. that's where we see the chance of showers. the forecast for today goes up to around 54 degrees. we've actually dropped that because it's not enough sun and the winds are going to breed and that cooler air. it's just cool through the night. 46 degrees with a shower in spots but it will not wash off again. 58 degrees tomorrow. considerable cloudiness and then if i did for forecast was dirt to see improvements. >> thank you. first, back to some of the other stories people are talking about. rescuers in the philippines scrambled to deliver food and water to those on rooftops.
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look at the devastation left behind. at least 55 people have died in that region. ferocious winds and rain that left streets flooded and thousands of people all of basic necessities. >> a sealand lucky to be alive after wandering on a busy highway. animal rescue workers say a sealand likely became ashore at a nearby lagoon. it managed to avoid the ads off on traffic before stopping on the side of the road. this ui and is being treated at a marine rescue center before it's released back into the wild. the movie theater in utah experiences a real-life headache for screening the hangover part two while serving a few adult beverages. the raunchy comedy family features a group of friends who are not always wearing clothes. in utah it against the law to serve alcohol while showing nudity. so the theater was left with a $1600 fine. apparently the whole issue came up when a strip club complained
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that it wasn't fair for that the movie theater was allowed to show nudity while serving drinks when the club couldn't. stomach is called the ultimate block artie. today the inner harbor plays host. >> wbz life where we joined sharon gibala. she explains what the event is about and why everyone is out there this morning. good morning. >> good morning, guys. this one is for kids. it's the ultimate block party. you can see behind me they are setting up. everything is little. these are for kids. more than 35 events today. the best thing is it is all free. free parking, free activities. we have susan here who is the president of the ultimate block for you. you are telling me, this is the third year for the ultimate block party but the first time it's in maryland. >> we are thrilled. we did it first in central park. we had over 75,000 families,.
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a huge success. we are really excited to be here today. why baltimore? >> ultima is happening. it's a model for bringing learning and play together. there so many things happening all over the city from john hopkins university, goddard schools, all kinds of great institutions that are really bringing play and learning together. we wanted to showcase it. >> and they are going to be here. >> absolutely. folks doing genetics with fish, all kinds of performances. we have a dance contest. we have the world's largest set, and so much more. >> fantastic. you were telling me there's some big names here. the creator of blues clues will be here. and there is music all day. it starts at 11:00 and goes till 5:00. everything is free. got to you guys. and it still to come,. >> mushrooms you have never seen before and passed you never
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want to see again. why are they popping up everywhere,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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smith we will drop down through the 50s and into the 40s tonight for the game. 12 chance of showers in the 58 degrees. 70, 72 and 75 through the week. the normal height is 72. we will be 71 by about
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wednesday. >> we have already had a record rainfall. that rain in recent weeks is causing plenty of new problems for unwanted growth in the front yard to exploding populations above. >> reader dang explains the issues and what you can do about them. >> reporter: the wettest september on record, but it made getting around a pain. >> i'm really sick of it. i am. >> but the conditions are near perfect for these two girls are you funny looking fungi growing just about everywhere. simply are seeing things they haven't seen before. >> grant pathologist -- plant pathologist give us a close look at the mushrooms. dr. clements says folks might consider the spores and eyesore, but they are important in nature. >> fungi get a bad rap. everybody thinks they are bad. they always cause problems or they cause disease in plants. in reality, there's an awful lot that are beneficial. >> the rain has also sought --
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also done some damage. nearly 13 inches, 10 inches more than normal. traber mobile businesses can barely keep up. >> it makes it so much easier to put it but -- pull it out of the ground. >> exterminators are swamped to. mosquitoes, spiders, and ants among the many bugs the water has pushed out. >> we want to look shoot shelter. >> just when you thought signs of the historic storms were going away, reminders are prominent. with so much water, experts say it's hard to tell for how much longer. >> read tape -- wjz, eyewitness news. >> researchers say they may not have seen this many.
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>> he says fungi. so who is right? i am that fungi. >> more to come on eyewitness news. building backlash, protest on wall street. now demonstrators are kicking to the street. >> the growing questions surrounding the death of an army veteran in dc. >> retail. how muslims in maryland are helping ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> its wjz, maryland's new station. >> welcome back. img g barnett. >> temperatures are kind of locked in the 40s. not really going up much from here today. when you think that the average high is about 72, 10 degrees from 40s is not a whole lot. we will top out in the mid-50s to about 60 degrees in some areas. cloud cover is not going to allow the sun to come through. winds come in from the northwest keeping cool air right over the states. between the two, we really stay in this range for the next 24 hours or so before we see improvement. 49 degrees in ocean city, 34 in
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oakland where we have seen light snow showers in the overnight hours. this is the reason the winds coming from the northwest. high pressure trying to build in. that high will win out and we will have a pretty nice week ahead. we have to get through today and tomorrow. 54 degrees in some areas. we will call it 58 degrees as our daytime high. her complete update coming up. >> thank you, tim. here's what people talk about. new york police arrested hundreds of people as that of protesters swarmed wall street. demonstrators say they are heavy with the direction america is headed and time to take action. cary at iraq reports from lower manhattan. >> reporter: protesters blocked traffic saturday afternoon. police took hundreds of people into custody and formed a huge wall trying to keep more demonstrators from getting onto the bridge. the protesters are part of the movement called occupy wall
8:31 am
street, and they are upset over social inequality, bank bailout, incorporated agreed. >> it's about time for the people to rise up and say, we are the public and we should decide what is right. >> demonstrators started camping out and holding marches near you -- near new york's financial district. this movement is unorganized. the protesters claim they don't need one focus. >> we have a lot. the basic issue is that our democratic structure is broken. >> when one congressman showed up -- >> we have to take our country back. >> demonstrators made it clear it's not working. >> these protesters say they are encouraged. the crowds here are growing and the movement is spreading to cds around the country. >> people rallied in new mexico and marched to city hall in los angeles saturday as a sign of solidarity. in the midwest, the crowd outside the federal reserve bank
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started growing a week ago. protesters in new york say they just want their voices heard and pledged to keep demonstrating through the winter. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> several unions plan to join protesters for a march this week. new york mayor michael bloomberg say he is does not know how long he will let protesters campout. 's searching for a gunman. both victims found early the yesterday morning in the captain circle area. one brown in critical condition. right now police are not sure what led to the shooting. questions continue to surface about the moments leading up to the death of an army veteran killed outside a washington dc restaurant. patrick casey served more than four years in the army. he and two friends were inside a mcdonald's when they exchanged heated words with another group of men.
8:33 am
a fight broke out and casey felt the ground getting his head. his parents say their son tried to break up the fight but police are not so sure. >> i would say at this case for the evidence doesn't sustain that. the initial push came from either we believe mr. casey created it may have been someone with him. >> please say the other three men involved have now come forward areas so far no charges have been filed in this case. his death sparked a global debate. they'll try davis is laid to rest. he was put to death by lethal injection last month for the murder of an off-duty police officer in 1989. more than 1000 people attended the funeral in georgia yesterday. it was billed as a celebration of davis' life. strike the u.s. state department issues a warning up about the risk of anti-american violence following the death of an american born.
8:34 am
the state department says the death led to the retaliation against u.s. citizens worldwide. we are also learning more today about the strike that killed him. a secret justice department memo authorizing air strike after a review of legal issues about the killing of a u.s. citizen. and with islamic extremists in the global spotlight, american muslims here try to distance themselves from the violent fractions of their religion. mike shue shows us one way muslims here in baltimore are reaching out to their communities. >> this is a joyous time. >> pretty much where making spaghetti, corn, garlic right. >> foods handed out by muslims to anyone in need. it is an annual service project area segment i have been here a
8:35 am
lot of times. i do this nearly every year. my dad used to work with a sponsor of day of dignity. >> foods, supplies, and being a muslim in this damage can be hard. >> in some places they are like terrorists and stuff. >> the muslims here in baltimore are taking this to distance themselves. zach it's not a good feeling. some people judge. they say all muslims are evil, bad people who burn up buildings and kill people, but that's not it. on 9/11 i was just as shocked as everyone else. >> i just show what it is. what we are doing today, this is what islam does. >> there is hope that the radicals, no matter where they live, will stop with the violence.
8:36 am
so innocents like an eight-year- old can continue to answer this question this way. >> does anybody treat you different because you are muslim? they met no. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> love comes in 18 other cities participated in the day of dignity as 60 people are left looking for places to stay when a fire rips through their laurel apartment building. investigators say a faulty furnace ignited the blaze in the prince george's county version of the city. those with insurance spend the night in hotels. residents rely on family and friends and the red cross for help your does permit spending spikes. a baltimore police department hands out 40% more overtime pay during the last fiscal year. data obtained by our media partner shows overtime is on track to rise another 40% in the next year. the city says officers are working more overtime because of the short staffing. they are stephanie rawlings has opposed hiring 300 additional
8:37 am
officers. >> turning to sports and football. the towson tigers make the short trip down i-95 for their first- ever meeting with the university of maryland terrapins. neither coach was happy with their team's performance in the first half but the turks award on the small tigers in the second. maryland punters home three touchdowns in the second half. they suffer their first loss of the season. just on the road, the naval academy hosting air force completed a 19 k for comeback to send the game into overtime. it was unfortunate in the end. the long extra point after that ... 15 yards. they win the game 35-34.
8:38 am
>> wow. >> i've never seen that happen. they got backed up 15 yards for taunting, 15 yards for the extra. . i've never seen anyone get that up for the extra point. that's heartbreaking. >> you just go celebrate. >> it's hard. they are excited. i guess you have to stay the course like the navy officers. hopefully, we don't have problems like that tonight. no talking, nothing's going to cause this game to get out of hand. of course, it's going to be exciting. it's going to beat chile. that's the key. if you are going out, don't be surprised or did if the real first brush of football weather. it's been pretty nice that tonight is rob. 40 degrees or it's going to be in the 40-degree range. as you see the production in the harbor is just great. a lot of cloud cover.
8:39 am
a lot of activity downtown. folks going to see the ships on display. if you are out and about, just keep a jacket. we have a guest in studio here in shorts. he's here for a good reason talking about running. if you are outside doing any of those activities, you want to dress right. but he will tell you how to do it the right way. for a 6 degrees right now. temperature -- 85% billeted humidity. winds from the west northwest. 29.83 is the barometer reading. we have 48 degrees and 48 in annapolis. water temperature in the bay around 70 degrees. that's moderating temperatures around the water's edge. so we are in the mid-40s. wind from the west northwest keeping us in the cool zone. we are not going to get anywhere near the normal height of about 72. below that is really the culprit for all of that is moving on up the coast are yet it's trying to
8:40 am
get out of here. high-pressure trying to move on in. it's going to be breezy because the air pressure between the systems is going to be pushed right on through. look at this. think and blues in our forecast. that is frozen precipitation. this is the reason we had light snow showers moving through the region last night. high-pressure will eventually win out. we will see drier conditions and not too much rain after we get past mara. the drier conditions and sunshine means temperatures go back up to about 70 degrees which is normally the high for this time of year. ophelia, still keeping an eye on that. this will be the last weekend we will really talk about this. ophelia died out and then came back. now is moving in around 30 miles port our top -- but toward the canadian maritime. it's kind of skirting the area. it's moving away. a sunset at 6:49.
8:41 am
winds on the bay are pretty strong gusting up to about 20, sustained at 15 -- roughly 10 to 15 knots. our forecast going up to 5 4 degrees. in overnight low going into the 40s. with 54 we stay in the 40s for much of the day. for the game tonight we are going to start the game at around 50 degrees. 8:20 is the kickoff. of course, mostly cloudy and chilly. we start to see some improvement. pretty nice week for the first week of october. >> tonight it's good to be some real fall football. >> yes, it will. >> still to come, the baltimore marathon is back and a whole host of other events are popping up around maryland. >> coming up, we will show you some tricks to make sure you last all of those miles. >> and the ultimate block party setup is underway. it will begin in just a couple hours. and this was just her i am a face unclogger.
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i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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i'm losing energy... i need a home performance with energy star audit to find out why! this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! hm... need some heating and cooling system work. and insulation will help stop the drafts. for a limited time, get up to five-thousand five-hundred and fifty dollars in rebates to make your home more energy efficient. visit bge smart energy dot com. ahhh, now i'm comfortable-- and energy efficient! >> we are looking at 45 degrees. i'm getting cue from my
8:45 am
weather. at 8:44 sunday morning, while 43 welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. in a few hours baltimore hosts the ultimate lock party. it's a celebration of how the power of plate can teach kids how to win. >> backout live to share this morning. i guess the real power is to tire them out so they go home and go to sleep. >> absolutely. i was already thinking it might be a good activity for us today. this begins at 11:00. this one is just for kids for you this is the third year they've had the ultimate block party but the first time in baltimore. we have susan here to tell us a little bit. she's the president of the ultimate block party. good morning. tell us, why did you come up with this concept? seem that we know of out play and learning. we really wanted to have an opportunity to have children play and talk to parents about how play and learning really go hand in
8:46 am
hand. we are very excited. >> you even hand out a little packet or a little book for parents to take home. >> we have the ultimate playbook. there are lots of activities you can do at home for very little money or free. for example, indent a sandwich. what better way to help kids understand creative problem-solving, vertical thinking, collaboration, and integrate sandwich. >> absolutely. in the meantime, lots of activities they can do and everything is free. >> over 30 activities including baltimore clay works. we have play works which is an amazing physical activity playground area books on the beaches here from the jcc and some amazing with picking books, reading books, and according to children's stories. got her schools is here. we have a dance party. we have a simon says. lots of storytellers.
8:47 am
>> it sounds like a kid's dream and parents dream. they have even brought in a little chairs and tables to keep them happy. again, this is that rush field. it begins at 11:00 and goes till 5:00. everything is free. that to you guys. >> thank you very much. go out and get some exercise. when was the last time you heard simon says becks it's been a long time. >> simon says -- i don't know. >> warm-up before you run. >> simon says, still ahead on eyewitness news how the weather is getting downright chilly. that makes it even more important for all runners to take care of their bodies. >> you heard simon say that. >> personal trainer john schaefer is here to show us the best way to make sure the next run is relatively pain-free. >> and as part of our continuing community that, restaurants and
8:48 am
caterers are coming together on october 23rd. offering signature effort tigers, entries, and desserts. all along with other option items. it's all to benefit the gilchrist center in howard county. >> tickets available to purchase, but be the lucky winner of four tickets to the culinary event. enter to win by going to cbs about ultima's website. click on the content page and look for the taste and auction off howard county. >> the winner will be announced on the weekend of october ,,,,,,,,,
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> it's cold outside, but that means this is the season to run. >> trainer to the stars john schaefer is here.
8:51 am
he's here to talk about how you can start training for the maryland marathon coming up soon. >> well, if you are deciding from watching the news today that now is time to start, you should have started a little while ago. maybe we have to wait until next year. now it's time to make the decision, but we've got a lot of people in our city. all of this hard work and all of this sacrifice can come to fruition in a couple weeks. >> what is it? you have run 10 marathons area i will driver on the city and see people running in the rain and cold. i'm just thinking, what are you doing? what is it about that of session? >> it gets going and you just keep owing with it. it is very exciting. i feel like a big part of baltimore city when i'm running through it. i think a lot of people get
8:52 am
that feeling. it's wonderful to do all of these things with all these people. we are all going to line up and we are going to be 26.2 miles together. steve, roderick. >> yeah. we will die together. [. >> when we finished, we drink our water together and celebrate. >> we've been talking about the weather. it has changed now. you are saying this is actually going to be the perfect weather and there are somethings you can do to kind of counteract or your. >> if you can guess he us this weather for the 15th, it would be wonderful. i'm thinking it is a little colder. when you are standing there getting ready, like a lot of runners stretch and they do these hate static stretches. what you want to do is dynamic flexibility. >> give us some ideas. >> it's really simple. if something has been giving you trouble, you are going to make sure you stretch it out. so we are standing there and
8:53 am
moving. you work your upper body when you run, so we want to a cop for that. >> just working the joints. >> you are going through your range of motion. this is what we are going to do for a long time. so you want everything ready. like this is a great one because as runners we have him working a certain muscles a lot. so our hamstrings tend to get sort of too tight and dominant. doing something like this before i get going, that's going to take me through that range of motion. when i am coming on my feet, it's going to be a little more warmed up. we are always going for balance. running will make you in balance if that's all you do. and that is what i prefer to do. i love to run, but i know i have to strength train to balance everything out. the weapon in all of this is if we get a really good strong core.
8:54 am
>> before we run out of time, one exercise you can show us. >> the most simple thing in between commercials but a simple plan. these guys didn't dress for this. they set me up to have to do it. but my shoulder is directly above my elbow. you are just locked in and you are engaging your abs. they are really tight right now. like you have a belted muscle. >> how long do you hold that collects. >> in the very beginning you might not be able to do it for long, but a minute is good. take a little break and do another one. but that does is that trains our deep stabilizers which makes you are running easier. as you are going along, think, i've got a strong abs like i've been doing on the floor at my house. >> maxwell missed is your website. >> we've got the mac express.
8:55 am
we are trained to make all of this stuff fun. so come check us out and we will get you strong. get you strong. >> all right, ,,,,,,
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woman: we love ordering sushi, butso to save some money...e. man: looks great, hun... woman: ...and we're not real proud of this. man: no...we're not. woman: teen: have you guys seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? all around? teen: uh, they're fish, they live in a bowl. dad: what're gonna do? anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: there's an easier way to save. teen: whatever. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. anncr: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> all right. that's our report. we wil,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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