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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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(buoy bell ringing) boa vista: we still don't know what derek was hit with. we didn't find any weapon at the scene. maybe derek here can help us out with that. boa vista: damn, those are some nice abs. this guy must have lived at the gym. where did he find time to squeeze in all the women? always time to squeeze in women. especially if they're paying. (scoffs) a lot of coagulated blood. probably suffered an intracranial hemorrhage. my guess is he would have bled out if the propane hadn't gotten to him first. got a little something in this wound. would you do me a favor
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and hand me the magnifying glass and tweezers, please? gracias. mm-hmm. yeah. are those dandruff flakes? maybe from our gigolo joe. his dandruff could have fallen onto the vic when he attacked him. care to take it to trace? thank you. the flakes are pvc plastic. but i can't think of anything made of pvc heavy enough to fracture a skull. what if it were part of a weapon? hmm? this may help. the flakes are coated with water and glycerin. why would that be on the outside of a weapon?
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it's not what's on the outside. it's what's on the inside. hmm. i'm totally lost. okay. when i was a little, my dad used to take me to the derby. i loved horses. and i would always beg him to buy me a horse. so my dad bought me a snow globe with a stallion on the inside. so, you're saying that the flakes we found on the body is actually snow from inside a snow globe? exactly. it's the water-glycerin mixture that makes the snow float. what if these leaked out when derek was hit on the head? what kind of guy brings a snow globe to attack someone? could be a woman. you know, joe did say that a lot of women give gifts to the gigolos. maybe one of the women bought it as a gift but ended up using it as a weapon. ♪
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really? ♪
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got paris here. vacation. perfect place to pick up a souvenir. right? "la tour d'argent, musee d'orsay, louvre, claudine cadeaux, bon marche. wait-wait-wait. go back. was that claudine cadeaux? it's "claudine's gifts." "maison du chocolat... uh... a boule de neige." "snow globe." that's the snow globe! whose statement is that? boa vista: it's gretchen, our housewife. ah! (sirens wailing) (indistinct radio transmission) i told you it's not here. i gave the snow globe to derek. he kept it in the cabana. anyone could have hit him with it.
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well, if that's the case, ms. cambridge, then you have nothing to worry about, right? caine: eric. sticky. (indistinct radio transmission)
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this hammer's got some white flakes on it. i'll bet you this was used to smash the snow globe. where's the trash? mrs. cambridge? do you recognize that? it's a piece of a snow globe. and can you tell me how it got that way? gretchen: i... uh... i, uh... i hit derek on the back of the head with it. you hit him on the back of the head? that's... that's strange, because derek was actually hit on the front of the head. mrs. cambridge, you are clearly covering for someone. gretchen: no, no, listen, you have to believe me.
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i'm telling you the truth. it's me. it's me. enough! enough. all right? no more lies. i suspected you were cheating on me, so i waited until you left the house, and i followed you. it couldn't have been you... you weren't... i came back from my business trip a day early. gretchen: that was amazing. derek: good night. caine: and that's when you confronted derek. i thought i could convince him to stop seeing her. just leave my wife alone. well, maybe if you paid better attention to her, she'd stop coming back to me. where did you get this? gretchen gave it to me.
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(groaning) steven: i saw you buy that snow globe when we were in paris. i just assumed it was for me. (sighs) and when i saw it at the cabana... i lost it. all those nights alone... all those endless business trips...
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i thought you stopped loving me. steven: i never did. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. don't. mr. cambridge, one more question. did you break the valve on the fireplace before or after the attack on derek? i don't know what you're talking about. i didn't go anywhere near the fireplace. take him. i believe him. so do i. well, if he didn't cause the gas leak, that leaves one question. who did?
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♪ that's made of leather. simmons: that doesn't belong in a fireplace. are those traction ridges? they are. it's from the sole of a shoe. yeah, the killer must've left it behind after he kicked the valve. so we find the shoe that matches... we find the killer.
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(elevator bell dings) delko: h... i got something on the propane leak. based on the flow rate and the size of the cabana, it would've taken about two hours for the propane to become deadly. yeah, but there was no guarantee that derek would stay in there the entire time. okay... maybe the killer didn't plan to suffocate him. well, that's true, because i think they were counting on him
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to light the fireplace, to cause an explosion. that's a good plan in theory, except the victim would have smelled the gas and decided to leave. unless the killer knew he wouldn't. well, hector romero wouldn't have had a motive, then. 'cause he was making a lot of money off derek. he certainly was, which means somebody else knew about the propane. (sirens wailing) hang on a second, folks. we posted bail. they said i could leave. why do you want to talk to my dad again? i don't want to talk to your dad. i want to talk to you. you run the day-to-day operations at the hotel. yes, so? so, you would know that the propane was odorless. let me see your shoes, please.
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they're clean. they may be, but the foot isn't, is it? you just weren't wearing these shoes last night. you had open-toe shoes on? how do you know that? because you have frostbite. boa vista: it's from exposure to propane. from when you kicked the valve on the fireplace. (grunts) (gas hissing) want to tell us what happened? derek and i were seeing each other. what?! you were with that gigolo? i knew what he was, and i thought i could handle it. but then i kept seeing... those checks. here, babe. this should cover the rest of this week's rent. hmm.
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busy week. oh, i'm sorry. sorry enough to quit? we've been through this. i know. but um... i'm falling in love with you. me, too. i'm gonna hit the showers. (groans) luisa: i knew the next girl he brought in here, he'd light the fireplace and they'd both die. (grunting)
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caine: i hope you're satisfied. take her, please. come on. no, no. no, no, no. dad? ♪ ♪
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♪ (sinister laughing) that's not funny, walter. (cackling) come on! not funny!
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fire starter, tonight, the man police say set a tire shop on fire is behind bars. >> >> good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. the smoke could be seen for miles in what firefighters called one of the most intense fires they have battled in years. now, the man accused of intentionally starting it is locked up in jail. he is a familiar face to the store owners, customers and neighbors. >> >> reporter: the man arrested was an employee of the tire shop. what the police have not told us was the motive. >> locked up and facing arson
11:25 pm
charged one month after flames destroyed the tire store where he worked . >> it was a financial loss for the family that operated the lunch for several decades. >> when i heard one of my co- workers yell "fire, fire" and i looked an the fire was already touching the ceiling. i panicked and told everybody "let's just get out of here." don't even worry about putting it out. >> >> reporter: putting the fire out took it with days. the owner is is not surprised who was arrested. >> maxwell said he called the the police on hicks several times and warned the bell i have doctor store owner about mr. hicks >> i keep telling mr.
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washington that guy is a trouble maker. >> reporter: there is nothing left of the burned building, a back hoe sits in its place, spare tires being sold across the street while the tire store employees and the owner wait for the wheels of justice to turn. >> >> baltimore police are expected to release more information on that arrest tomorrow. >> we have some breaking news tonight, baltimore city police have shot an armed suspect in the 3600 block of saint victor street. police tell "wjz" that an armed adult man was shot in the torso. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. an investigation into that incident is is ongoing, "eyewitness news" is currently on the scene of that shooting. >> >> a car crash in baltimore county sends five people to the hospital the two car accident happened around 1:00 this
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afternoon in the 6400 block of liberty road. injuries are believed to be life-threatening. a fifth person on the scene went into cardiac arrest. > >> state department warns americans traveling around the world to be an alert. it comes after a u.s. military strike killed an al-qaida leader in yes, ma'amen. the unusual person now defending the obama's administration's use of force. >> reporter: supports of an american-born cleric, killed in yes, ma'amen could try to avenge his death. he died in a military drone strike wednesday. he spoke fluent english and used the internet to gain a worldwide network. >> he was the leader of external operations for al- qaida.
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linked the fort hood shootings and failed underwear popping christmas day 2009. the state department issued a worldwide travel alert, saying supporters of him might retaliate. john and lynn ya' are traveling and realize there is a threat. >> i trust our security and we feel very comfortable traveling. >> reporter: friday's attack killed american samir khan. he was -- civil liberties groups raised concerns about targeting u.s. citizens, but former vice president dick cheney defended president obama. >> i think the president ought to have that authority to order that kind of strike, even when it envelopes an american citizen when it's clear evidence he is part of al- qaida. >> reporter: at newark libly international airport, "wjz,"
11:29 pm
"eyewitness news." >> >> top yes, ma'am meni official said that it strike killed al- qaida's top bomb maker are not true. >> >> war protesters are taking over new york city. now in its 15th day, the occupy wall street movement has attracted hundreds of people to process corporate greed and inequality. yesterday, dozens tried to cross other the brooklyn bridge only to be met by a contingency of police. >> >> will he run or won't he? new jersey governor chris christy -- he already ruled out running for president, but in the last couple of weeks, he has been reconsidering joining race for the republican nomination. martin o'malley, maryland's governor, sharing his thoughts on this possible candidate.
11:30 pm
i think at the end of the day, what this race will come down to is effectiveness. whateverrent continuement value governor christie might bring to the race. his record in new jersey has not been effective republicans say it is a 50/50 chance he will jump in the race. >> >> finally positive news when it comes to gas prices. this weekend, they hit a six- month low. in the pump watch report, we learned prices could fall even more, but don't get too used to it. >> drivers give it a big thumbs up, gas falls under $3.50 a gallon. a big difference for people like scott mel ton. >> i have a small business, so
11:31 pm
i spend $00, $90 a month. he is hoping for a bigger drop and aaa says it is on the way. refineries are switching to a lower winter fuel. a now report shows that americans are saving will evidence to pay for their petro. >> drop a couple of dollars, we will be all right. pennies are not making a much of a difference. . >> i have got to get it so i get it, it's crazy. >> gas prices were $1.60 a gallon and it wasn't that long ago, christmas of 2008. >> if cab rides in washington, d.c just got more expensive.
11:32 pm
this week, the district of columbia taxi cab commission removing the $19 cap on fares. ultimate block party. dozens of activities hope to show parents how important play time is for the development of children in the last would decades. >> purple pride is shining through, even from hollywood. tonight, baltimore native and long time ravens fan actor josh charles cheered on his hometown teen. he currently stars in cbs's show "the good wife."
11:33 pm
he told us how dedicated he is to our purple birds >> the ravens were not even good at that point. that will give you an idea of how big of a ravens fan i am. >> that is dedication. he is having a good time out there. you can watch josh in "the good wife" every sunday and as for the ravens, stan will have highlights and reaction later on in sports. >> >> forced out by heavy flooding, a second typhoon ripped through the philippines. a look at the incredible damage tonight. >> >> freedom has been taken away for four years for something she hasn't done. >> >> could this be amanda knox' final night in prison. 24 hours before a verdict is expected. >> >> find out about temporary marriage licenses. . protecting mother nature,
11:34 pm
how a new fall festival is designed to do it. i'm gigi barnett. >> >> sunny warmer days are on the way. your first completed 24-hour warning forecast coming up in just a few minutes. . ,,,,


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