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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the bar is pretty high. in order to really create a new category of devices, those devices are going to have to be far better and doing some key tasks and we call it the ipad. >> one of the greatest inventors is dead at the age of 356 -- 56. this morning we'll reflect back on the life of steve jobs. another nice day start.
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clear, but chilly. sharon will have your traffic right after meteorologist tim williams. good morning, everyone, definitely another one of those days where you start off cool. seasonably chilly, 50 degrees around central maryland. 61 down on the shore. high pressure is in control of our forecast. we will have a beautiful day. all the cool, blustery wet weather is off to the east. we'll call it 68. what awaits you on the way to work and or school, sharon gibala. >> we already cleared up our second morning of the accident. it was on 295. speeds on -- on the beltway
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still looking good. as we take a look at the traffic camera, everything is looking nice. everything is moving smoothly on 295 and 175. remember, wjz is always on. you can log on to here's what people will be talking about today, the death of america's genius. check out the web page of apple. >> reporter: flowers and balloons cover a benefit of -- bench outside of apple's headquarters. the company announce the death of its ceo on wednesday. >> steve jobs said he wanted to put a dent in the universe. i think he clearly did that. >> reporter: a college dropout land computer wiz kid, jobs
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cofounded apple. he was 21 and forced out in the mid-1980s after he clashed with the company's board. 12 years later he was back as ceo creating gadgets like the iphone, ipod and ipad. >> you will be blown away. >> reporter: it revolutionized the industry. in a statement president obama said there may be no greater tribute to steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of list passing on a device he intented. he earned a reputation as a tough, almost ruthless boss but cocofounder steve wozniak said jobs made it what it is today. jobs beat pancreatic cancer in
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2004. five years later undertook a liver transplant. he was forced to take a second leave of absence. steve jobs was 56 years old. >> and overnight everyone from microsoft's bill gates to dell to music executives all released statements. the family said steve died peacefully surrounded by his family steve jobs dead at the age of 56. some of the most popular prescription drugs needed to keep people alive are still in the available and congressman elijah cummings is fighting for
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that. his action was prompted by university of maryland women's basketball coach frese whose son uses lam-- leukemia drugs. >> sell them four to five times, i think if it's not criminal, this should be made a crime. >> cummings has opened up a tip line for price gouging. for a link to this go to and click on news. a beloved couple who touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands school children have been laid to rest after a fire tore through their baltimore home. monique griego has more. good morning. >> reporter: the couple first
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met hear -- here last students in the 1950s. several decades later fate would bring them together. hundreds filled morgan state university. the couple died when their house caught fire. >> they will be sorely missed. >> reporter: 80-year-old jennye was a retired teacher and principal and a 60-year member of the delta sigma theta sorority. >> they have affected the lives of many, many people. >> reporter: 78-year-old donald also graduated from lower gan state, was an educator and became stawnts superintendent of city schools. he belonged to the omega psi phi fraternity. >> worked very heard with students. >> reporter: the couple didn't
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marry until 1987 when they worked together at greenspring junior high. >> the students can see what commitment to the community does. >> reporter: we're told the mayor did meet with the family in private before the service. don? >> firefighters still haven't determined the cause for that fire. a drive home from a coffee shop ends in a big scare for a harford county teenager. she said her coffee spilled. when she reached over to clean it up, she accidentally hit the gas, sendinged car over an embankment. she was not dead. investigators say the man was driving erratically down the roa.d the trooper said he was holding the wheel like this swerving purposely across lanes of traffic. the chase ended with this blue
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pickup truck wrapped around the tree, the driver dead. >> he moved into the slow lane closer to the trooper. >> reporter: the man lost control of the truck doing a 360 in the middle of the road. when the trooper approached again, he sped lay way going close to 100 miles an hour. >> the vehicles were trying to get out of the way. >> reporter: the truck ran up an embankment from high above you could see the traffic nightmare. >> that's crazy. that's no respect for anybody. i'm surprised this didn't turn into a pileup. >> reporter: maryland state police have not identified the driver. they say he is not the owner of the car. it is believed he borrowed the car from a friend.
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more federal funds are headed here to help deal with weather problems. the areas were declared disaster areas from flooding. the people are now eligible for federal disaster loans. friendly's ice cream has filed for bankruptcy protection. the chain hams announced the close -- has announced the closure of 63 underperforming locations. turning to sports, the winner of tonight's new york yankees and rangers. david freese had a great night
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helping his time to a win over the philadelphia phillies. all the playoffs are tied at two games a piece. the atlanta dream and minnesota lynx square off in game two of the wnba finals. a dream play per surpassed -- player surpassed her record scoring 38 points. still, the lynx would win 101-95. >> meet be the whom basketball you see with the nba lockout happening right now. >> you got that receipt. no preseason and maybe the first couple of games of the reg lar season, if there is one will be canceled soon. >> this will be a great weekend to be down at the stadium with 80-degree temperatures, nicer than last week. >> and cold and rainy.
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>> and rainy. >> 68 today with sunshine. we're looking at temperatures going down to 50. it's going to be a receipt something nice weekend shaping up. it's going to be a gorgeous weekend shaping up. 80 by the weekend. >> all right. and the ronster is out by the mansion house this morning. druid hill park. >> reporter: a little brisk this morning. i threw my jacket on. hey, we're at the maryland zoo. we're nine days away from the 11th annual baltimore running festival. lee, the man who started it all. how many people will be running? >> 25, 000 total. >> reporter: 25,000 people. why are we at the zoo? we'll tell you when the,,,,,,,,,
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good morning towson and everyone else. we're looking at a chilly start, 50? towson. 41 your dew point. the winds have calmed down a little bit, still coming in from the north and ?owft -- northwest. high pressure is in control. it's going to be a really nice day. 46 in oakland. 47 in elkton. 60 down on the shore. we have 46 in westminster and bel air. 55 on kent island. 55 in annapolis. the winds from the northwest, the courtesy of high pressure that's moving in and really bringing in that clockwise flow around the high. the winds will shift over the next day or so. with the shift comes warmer air.
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what we're dealing with is high pressure up and down the eastern sea bred -- bored-- board. what we will be dealing with is this cold front that slides in back behind the high pressure. it will drop our temperatures for today. with the high building back in, warmer air comes back. we start to see a gradual increase through the weekend. we'll get up to 80 degrees. still keeping an eye on philippe. it is still a tropical storm, moving to the north, northeast and away from all -- any land interests. sunset is at 6:41, going up to
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68 today, nice with sunshine. overnight lows down to 44, clear to partly cloudy skies. 76 on saturday, 80 on sunday and monday. we're looking at our first delay of the morning. it's on 95. watch for a delay approaching the ft. mchenry tunnel. the left is getting by. there's a southbound delay of three minutes to o'donnell. speeds starting to slow. the west side outer loop down to 50 miles an hour with a 12-minute drive time. there's a look. it stays slow into then it nell. whitemarsh, no delays there.
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this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the camry. it's ready. are you? back over to you. >> and ron matz is outside his summer residence. >> reporter: we were just talking, don, tim, somebody lived there at one time. >> they did quite well. >> reporter: yes, they did. you guys doing all right? doing all right. a little chilly you said. >> reporter: a let nip in the air. we're at the maryland zoo and there is a connection here with the under armour running festival which is nine days away. lee corrigan of corrigan sports, nice to join me. let's talk about the growth of the marathon. >> this is the 11th year.
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we're at 12,000. we started at 6500 and managed to keep growing about 10 to 20% every year. >> reporter: you have runners from everywhere. >> all 50 states will be represented. we also have 24, 25 countries. >> reporter: it will start downtown. >> right in front of camden yards. it makes it very convenient for the runners. and then run throughout the entire city. one of the highlights we're going to the zoo this year. that is new. >> reporter: you will be coming -- the route will take you right through the maryland zoo. >> that is definitely new and something we like to do. highlight the iconic spots. we're going right through under armour's headquarters. great job with the water stop.
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it will jazz it up. we'll go through the inner harbor, fells point, patterson park, lake mon they bella all the way down to utah plaza. >> reporter: can you wager on the marathon this year? >> we have an inner office thing. >> reporter: this is a great idea. you're doing something called sneaker week. that's the under armour sneaker. >> we're heading up a charge to donate $1 for every dray for anybody in the city to wear sneakers. they can learn or by going to sneaker week these are the microg's, which are awesome. it's a great cause and another
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great charity. >> reporter: what a great idea. you do raise a lot of money for charity. >> it's really been a success story. last year we were able to generate over a million dollars for charity, something we could be proud of. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. always a pleasure. the baltimore marathon, running festival just nine days away. don, tim, get your sneakers on. wear them to work. >> i would love to do that. >> reporter: you can now. have a great day, guys. >> thank you, ronald. >> i have a pair of under armour sneakers with a big purple stripe down the side. i wear them to ravens games. we're taking a break and coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're a quarter of the way through the pizza boli's pro football challenge. >> there is a tight race for first place, tied with 46 point.
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a tie for second place and marty bass, bob turk and me right behind them with 44 points. this week's big winner mark schaefer, who got 15 out of 16 games correctly. congratulations, he wins gift cards from pis -- pizza boli's. >> the ravens will return sunday october 16th to play host to the houston texans. it's a game we'll bring you live on wjz. up ahead a brilliant mind and innovator has died. no one wants to die. even people hop want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there.
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how he took apple from a garage and turned it into the most valuable company. an elderly couple killed in a fire is remembered by those who knew and loved them. >> three months before the first republican primaries. sarah palin makes a decision about running. i'm susan mcginnis in washington. that story coming up. sharon gibala in traffic control. starting to see delays in two spots. details on that. let's send it over to tim. >> in for marty bass, it's going to be a nice one. >> grammy award winning singer barry manny law talks -- manny low talks about a condition he suffers from, atrial
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fibrillation. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the ipod and the ipod mini fits great in there. ever wonder what this pocket is for? i always wondered that. well, now we know because this is the new ipod mini. >> the man some have dubbed the modern day edison has died at the age of 56. what's happening out on the beltway, it's a nice day. a little on the cold side once again. sharon's watching the roads and tim williams in for marty bass. you will definitely need your hoodie or light jacket. 50 degrees our temperature across much of central maryland. everyone falling within that
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range, a little warmer. 46 in oakland. high pressure is come from nateing our forecast, bringing us a bit of a cool breeze. today will be the coolest. we're going to a daytime high of 60 degrees. we'll have your look ahead in a few minutes. >> we are experiencing a little tunnel trouble. here's sharon gibala. >> there's some technical issues. we can take a live look at the tunnel. everything is getting by in the left tube. watch for delays back to whitemarsh boulevard. we have delays on the west side of the beltway. there's a graphic. 43 miles an hour is the slowest spot. there's a look at 895. everything is running smoothly. you are looking at delays running on 95 southbound
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starting at whitemarsh. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the all new reinvented camry. at the top of the news the loss of an icon. steve jobs, who cofounded apple and row shaped tech -- reshaped technology is dead. flags are now flying at half-staff at apple's headquarters in cupertino, california. >> reporter: steve jobs was the face at apple, a college dropout land computer wiz kid he cofounded apple in the family garage. he was 6. he revolutionized the pc with
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the mack intosh. he was forced out of apple in the 190s after a tiff with the board but was back in. jobs transformed the music industry with the ipod and made i-tunes the world's largest music store. he had the web surfing iphone and then the east pad. one of the richest people in the world steve jobs made a black turtle income and jeans his trademarks. >> when you see one of these, you will be blown away. >> reporter: he beat pancreatic cancer in 2004. jobs shot back with humor. >> i just wanted to mention this. >> reporter: but jobs health deteriorated and he had to undergo a liver transplant. this was during a second medical leave of absence that jobs decided to step down as ceo of
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apple, giving up control of the company he helped start. >> when jobs went back to apple, he managed to turn a company that was going broke into one of the most valuable. i-tune users havedown loaded more than 16 billion songs since that service was unvaled. the company is worth about $350 billion today, not bad for a company that began in a garage by a man who was fired from it for awhile. a baltimore police officer is charged with assault. brian eaton beat up his girlfriend a couple weeks ago. the ex-girlfriend is also a police officer in that same baltimore county precinct. a lifetime spent opening
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doors and opportunities through education, a beloved elderly couple who spent decades as educators, has been laid to rest a week after dying in a house fire. it's a story we brought you pass breaking news last week. wjz and monique griego stay on the story at moore gan -- morgan state university. >> reporter: family members say it was only right to hold the service here because this is where the couple met 60 years ago. the funeral service for jennye and donald patterson was held. er that house caught fire. >> they will be sorely missed because they still had so much more to give and they were continuing to give. >> reporter: 80-year-old jenny was a row tired principal and a member of the delta sigma theta
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sorority. >> they have affected the lives of many, many people. that's why you see such an outpouring of love. >> reporter: 78-year-old donald also graduated from morgan state and was an educator. he belonged to the omega psi phi fraternity. >> worked very hard with students in moving them ahead. even after they retired, they still worked with young people. >> reporter: the couple married after working together at green spring high. firefighters say that couple may have become trapped in their broom during that fear because of security bars on the windows. don? >> neighbors said they heard smoke alarms going whoever in the house. new charges have been filed by the owners of -- against the
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owners of a queen anne's' horse farm. she is charged with not providing the horses with enough food, water and shelter. >> a new and very tall sign will greet drivers. the town of perryville has approved the sign to be built near the hollywood casino that can be seen from the interstate. many believe it will help support the local community. so far this has generated about $100 million in new tax revenue. the protest against wall street continues today and across the country, including in new york city where the movement continues to grow. thousands fed up with what they call corporate greed. police used baton and pepper
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spray to keep protesters from reaching wall street. republican presidential candidate herman cain called the protesters antiamericans and anticapital list tick. >> the field for republican hopefuls appear set and sarah palin has made up her mind about running. >> i know beyond a shadow of a doubt i can be on the right path, not as a clawnd for president at this time -- candidate for president at this time. >> reporter: she announced that she will not be jumping into the gop race.
6:39 am
>> the consideration of what candidate vie does to or -- candidacy does to or for a family that weighed heavy. >> reporter: her decision have the chris christie decided not to run leaves the field set. a poll shows mitt romney and herman cain tied for the lead with perry slipping to third. just because palin isn't running for office doesn't men you won't see her on the -- mean you won't see her on the campaign trail. >> you're allowed to be even more active. >> palin has yet to make up her mind. after six days of problems, the bank of america has revealed what's going on with its website. the bank blames slowness on a system upgrade combined with heavy web traffic. customers have started having
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problems last friday after the company announced it would start charging a fee to use its debit card. >> here, pimlico race course will be in the pink. there will be a pink lighting ceremony along the mayor. a wall will be baightsed in pink to raise awareness of breast cancer and to promote breast cancer research. out of the 3 teams in the -- 32 teams in the nfl, the ravens were ranked 14th favorite. the ravens will return sunday october 16th when they play host to the houston texans. it's a game we'll bring you live at 4:00 on wjz 13.
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>> as long as the polls are accurate, depending on which fans you ask week to week. we don't know if they're the favorites or the bums. >> and a forecast a week from this sunday with not be accurate, too. >> i really wish they were in town playing this week. you almost feel like you're wasting this because the ravens aren't in town. 0 on sunday. overnight lows going down into the 40s. tomorrow we start a run of temperatures 70s and near 80 for the next few days. it will be a nice weekend. >> all right. coming up on this morning's coffee with, it's barry manilow, not talking -- talking about not talking -- talking about talk -- talking about,,,,,, when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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i could use all the help i can get.
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like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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the eclairs are about the size of a football. 50 degrees is your temperature at bwi-marshall. 41 is your poi.d -- dew point. high pressure is in control. for us dry conditions, blue sky and a light breeze. it's keeping us cool. 45 in oakland. 60 down at the shore. we have temperatures in the 40s, crossing that 50-degree mark from columbia over to rock hall. closer to the mid-50s from annapolis to kent island. the northwest wind, courtesy of high pressure in control bringing us that nice clockwise flow around that high. what we will be dealing with is a very dry cold front that will drift in from eastern canada. it will slip in behind the cold front. it will slip in behind the high
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pressure i should say. it will dip our temperatures a little bit. 76 yesterday. today five to 10 degrees cooler. so we'll get to about 68. with the high now building in behind that, we'll see warm air. the winds will shift heading into the weekend. temperatures will start to go back up. still keeping an eye on philippe. it is moving away from all and interests, bermuda. the system is moving away. sustained winds moving to the north, northeast at eight miles an hour. we have our sunset at 6:41. the small craft advisory lifted. 68 today nice with some sunshine. 70 on friday. 82 on tuesday.
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don. and sharon is at wjz traffic control. as far as traffic still some delays on 95. we have all lanes open in the northbound and southbound direction at the ft. mchenry tunnel. watch for an accident 648 at mountain road. there's a look at your speeds seeing delays, 47 miles an hour on the outer loop. there's a live look at 795. no delays at cockeysville. visit your toyota dealer and test drive the camry. it's ready. are you? back over to you. our coffee with guest is
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barry manilow. >> ladies and gentlemen, barry manilow is talking about getting back in rhythm. the last time you were on is when your album dropped. and everyone said what's he like. a cream puff interview. you're easy. >> thank you. i don't like to talk about my personal life, my heart but this is important. this time it really was important. i'm talking about this condition that i have that 2.5 million people have. it's called atrial fibrillation, a mouth full, with your heart.
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it's when your heart starts to skip a boat and goes faster and faster and goes whacky, out of rhythm. it's very dangerous but i've been taking care of myself for 15 years. i was told that a lot of people feel what i've been feeling but they don't call their doctor and they don't go on a regimen. this can turn into something really serious like heart disease, heart attacks, strokes. so i say okay. i'll talk about it. you can't just ignore it. >> i just thought this was my wife's perfume. >> no comment on my part. >> sometimes that may trigger it. >> we got a big satellite delay.
6:50 am
doc, you take it away. >> we're trying to ema size and appreciate barry's input. we want pel to -- people to take care of themselves. they ned to see their doctor, see if they have atrial fibrillation. we have all kinds of approaches. we want to get people back in rhythm. that's going to be an ongoing discussion with your doctor to keep you in normal rhythm but we want to restore people's lives back to them so they can be creative. >> that's so great. we have a website called get back in if this sounds familiar to any of your viewers, they should check this website out. don't worry about me.
6:51 am
i'm okay. i'm just worried about your viewers. >> is there one particular treatment that most doctors recommend or most people end up having? >> each person is different and unique. we have to taylor it. seeing the doctor. he knows you and knows how to tailor a specific thing for you. you may have other illnesses that change that profile. it's an ongoing process. >> i just texted my wife. i swear don will confess to you. i said barry manilow said it was a fib and not your perfume.
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here's the website. ultimately, this can lead to death, not just fixable problems. so let's know with we're talking about. educate ourselves. barry, thanks for being a standup guy and saying i will front this issue. barry, seriously, of all the people -- we do a lot of threaps interviews, you're -- these interviews, you're a great guy. >> i second that. >> i'm still doing copa cabana in my head.
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>> we've got first warning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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now for a look at weather. temperatures have been around the 50-degree mark with a daytime high of 68. 76 on saturday. a run of 80s with overnight lows in the 50s to about the mid-50s. now for a check on the roads, let's send it over to sharon
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gibala. we cleared up that tunnel trouble. now we have a new problem a disabled vehicle. watch for that accident on 295 northbound still blocking the left lane. an accident at glen burnie. there's a lock at your speeds in the 40s. slight delays on 795. there's a live look at 795. as you approach the beltway, you'll have to tap your delays. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call at 888-888-home or log on to home family and friends come together to say good-bye to a prominent couple. jennye and donald patterson died last week when their house
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caught fire. both were long time city school educators. also coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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