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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the first time he threatened other lives on the road. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm vic carter. kai is off tonight. police are identifying the man behind a wild chase that put other drivers in danger. now we're learning he shouldn't have been behind the wheel in the first place. weijia jiang has the man's disturbing record on the road. weijia? >> reporter: police say aside from all of the erratic driving, this man broke the law as soon as he got on the road because his license was taken away years ago. >> reporter: police identified the man they say threatened several lives on route 100 in linthicum, as 50-year-old brian mcnutt of glen burnie. they also say he wasn't allowed to be driving. mva records reveal mcnutt's license plate was revoked since 2008. he had to complete a driver improvement in 2009. and just two days before the crash, he applied for a new license. mcnutt has a new charge for
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drunk driving. >> the forensic technology will come back. and that may give us more information about whether this driver was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. >> reporter: police say nothing nut was driving a blue pickup truck, registered to some with speeds over 100 miles an hour. mcnutt died when the truck crashed and wrapped around a tree. >> he was speeding out in front of eight or 10 cars. he could have hit thousands of people and killed them all. >> reporter: neighbors say they didn't know mcnutt but sure knew his truck. >> you noticed it because you had to come to a stop sign. and he would just fly right by it. >> reporter: the speed limit on mcnutt's street is 25 miles per hour. george soro says he worried about the truck hiding kids, including his own three. others had the same fear. >> i would say on average, about 45, 50 miles an hour, i
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would see this car, this truck go by. and it was disturb. disturbing. >> reporter: the motive for this wild ride is still unclear. many just glad it's over. >> thank god nobody else was hurt. >> reporter: and even though mcnutt had applied for a license, a spokesperson for the mva says they had decided not to try to reinstate it. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> court records revealed mcnutt also has a history of drug use. >> another deadly crash is under investigation now in anne arundel county. police say a occur crashed -- car crashed. it struck at route 258. and nutwell sudley road. a 20-year-old man died and an older man was flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a murder mystery. an elderly woman comes home to find her husband stabbed to death inside their home. police are issuing a new plea for help to solve the case. denise is in the newsroom with
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an update. >> reporter: it has been one years since the murder of 78- year-old sterling palmer. and police still have no leads. palmer's wife returned from the grocery store to find him stabbed to death. that was october 2010. it happened inside the couple's home in the 2600 block of edison highway. police initially received some promising information, but nothing has led to a suspect. today, they are urging them to give a call. >> whoever killed palmer stole money from his pocket but didn't take anything from his home. a drastic change from prostate cancer screening. it is a controversial announcement that could affect millions of men. jessica kartalija speaks to doctors about the debate. jessica? >> reporter: well, mary, the same group that came out and said that mammograms may not be necessary are now questioning a test used to diagnose prostate cancer. and at least one local doctor says this is ridiculous. >> reporter: prostate-specific
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ca prostate-specificca nt gens or psa is a specific test. now, the u.s. preventive services task force is giving the test a "d" grade, meaning the harm outweighs the benefits. >> the problem with this, some groups are saying, it is not a highly accurate test, there can be false positives, leading to unnecessary radiation, surgery, and leading to things like incontinence. >> reporter: 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the u.s. every year. of those, 28,000 will die of the disease. here at chesapeake urology, the doctor says psa tests are critical. >> it sends the wrong message to people. men's lives have been saved because of psa. psa really came into full use in the 1990s. and since then, the number of men dying from prostate cancer
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has decreased significantly. >> reporter: milton says the test saved his life. >> in my case, through the years, it was being watched. and eventually caught it at a very early situation. and now i'm under the radiation therapy here. >> reporter: the study also says often a detected cancer is so small and slow-growing, they never pos a risk to -- pose a risk to the patient. dr. siegel isn't convinced. >> if you take that away, i truly believe you're going to see death rates go up significantly. and men will be dying from prostate cancer. and dying from prostate cancer is not a good way to die. >> reporter: men over the age of 40 who have a family history of prostate cancer are urged to get screenings every year. we're live at union memorial hospital, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> doctors who oppose the study's findings say mortality rates are down. they attribute that to early
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detection with psa tests. new insight into the final hours of michael jackson's life. for the first time ever, we are hearing in a recording, a police interviewing the singer's doctor. kendis gibson has the latest for wjz from the courthouse in los angeles. >> conrad roberts murray. >> reporter: jurors are hearing a police interview, with dr. conrad murray, conducted two days after michael jackson died. it begins with murray detailing how he first met jackson and signed on to be his personal doctor, while he trained for his comeback tour. >> difficult to be doing the concert tours. and mr. jackson would very much like me to be part of the trip. and to be there for the concerts. >> during two-hour meeting, dr. murray detailed the treatments he gave jackson in the hours before his death, including administering the powerful anesthetic propofol. dr. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for causing jackson's overdose.
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but dallas says that jackson administered the dose himself. he said he found propofol in jackson's blood and urine. >> the defense focused on the iv bag found in jackson's bedroom. >> was it found to contain any drugs whatsoever? >> no. >> reporter: michael jackson was rehearsing for a series of comeback concerts, when he suddenly died at the age of 50. dr. murray told detectives after jackson's death, that he was afraid the singer was addicted to propofol and was trying to wean him off. kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. dr. murray may eventually take the stand in his own defense. and we invite you to stay tuned throughout this trial. we'll continue to bring you the latest from the courtroom. he's been in charge of one of the largest school systems in the country for more than a decade. now, dr. joe hairston says his current contract will be his last. gigi barnett speaks with
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parents about the news. gigi? >> well, the new contract may not be in hairston's future. and this news for parents is bringing mixed reaction. >> baltimore county school superintendent, dr. joe hairston says this school year will be his last. and he won't sign a new contract when the current one ends in june. the reaction tonight from parents is mixed. some parents give hairston's leadership high marks. >> i've been very happy with the school district. i think that as we've had each of our children has had different needs in the schools, and they've been addressed very well. >> reporter: while others say a new superintendent may have new ideas upon. >> in many ways, i think it's a very solid foundation here. so we always worry about things that are unpredictable. but when somebody new comes in, you hope for positive changes. >> we think ahead, and we move forward. >> reporter: dr. hairston recently addressed teachers and principals in august, just before the start of the new
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school year. after 12 years at the helm, hairston led the assistance to higher attendance rates. and boosted music education in the county. but in recent years, you've come under fire for overcrowded schools and being unresponsive to parents and teachers' ideas to improve the district. >> you think you kind of feel the pressure to move on? >> oh, definitely. >> reporter: well, baltimore county isn't the only school district that may not have a leader at the helm. howard county is looking for a new superintornadoent. -- superintendent. meanwhile, dr. hairston says he will outline his plans next week. >> i guess you could say maryland is hiring for a few key positions, gigi. thank you. the school board says it will soon launch a search for dr. hairston's replacement. we're enjoying another picture-perfect fall day. the skies are clear. and we couldn't ask for a better friday night. let's check in with bob.
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>> beautiful day. looks like the weekend is going to be even warmer than we've seen. right now, however, clear skies. light winds tonight. there will be a pretty good chance we'll see fog form being to the west of us. they have issued or will issue late tonight, a dense fog advisory, those area as you can see to the west of us, washington, allegheny county, down into west virginia and virginia. some of those valleys getting pretty dense fog overnight. watch out for that. for the most part, the weekend is going to be even better. bit of a breeze from the south. it will warm things up saturday and again sunday and monday, we probably will get to about 80 degrees. mary? >> sounds great, bob. we are following breaking news. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene of the accident. captain mike perry. you're above it right now. >> we're in park heights. this is a personal injury accident, with rescue. two people trapped inside the sport utility vehicle. the second vehicle of the white one you see here on the right
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side of the screen was pushed back out of the way. that driver is being attended to by paramedics. it's not clear what occurred here, but if this does have northbound park heights avenue closed, this is right near the city-county line on park heights so you can expect delays in the area. in fact, looks like police have closed north and southbound park heights in its entirety. no word how seriously the victims are injured. >> doesn't look good. captain mike, thank you. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. amanda knox's untold story. her disturbing revelations about her time behind bars in italy. a baby vanishes from home. why parents say they stopped cooperating with the investigation. saying goodbye. friends and family gather for a final farewell to orlando brown. and could this weather get any better? bob will tell us what to expect in the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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the untold story. new information about amanda knox's years in an italian prison will be revealed tomorrow in a special broadcast of 48 hours mystery. peter vanzant has revelations, and we spoke with him today about what he's learned. >> there's so much that we don't know about her life inside prison, and diabetes -- and during the course of our hour, her best friend who visited her for more than 10 months, she kept a video diary after her meetings with amanda knox. and she details what life was like inside that prison. we also learned for the first time that there was sexual harassment going on inside. that an administrator would take amanda knox up into his office, alone at night, she was terrified, and he would talk to her about sex. >> reporter: you also talk the with amanda's father. what does he reveal?
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>> curt knox is an extraordinary man, and he has talked -- opened up more and more about this case and more about what his daughter has gone through. >> you know, she's almost kind of reborn in a way. i mean, leaving -- living for four years inside a concrete- and-steel, you know, prison, and now being able to just kind of look around, smell the air, and just do what she wants to do, hopefully when she wants to do it, it makes a huge difference. >> we know bits and pieces on amanda, you know more. she says she wants a normal life. is that possible? >> i think it's going to be difficult for a while. she can't even go out of her house right now, here in seattle. and she's hoping to transition back to university, earn her degree. and she wants to become an advocate for the wrongfully accused. >> and you can see amanda knox: the untold story, saturday at 10:00, here on wjz 13. if you're waiting for
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someone to get home from work, let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin, live at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, vic. let's go back and take a live look. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of the accident. as you can see, a lot of emergency medical equipment on the scene there. it's park heights at pinkne road. both are closed at this point right near the city-county line. so the best way to avoid all of the chaos would be to take reisterstown road as your alternate. as far as the beltway goes, we're still looking at significant delays there. 35 minutes from park heights avenue to bel air road. also, 25 minutes on the west side inner loop, from the bw parkway to security boulevard. and the outer loop, that has stretched into one long delay, from harford road to baltimore national pike. as i said, 45 minutes. 70 eastbound, slow there, towards the beltway. westbound, also heavy. 29 to marriottsville road. and several accidents to talk about.
5:18 pm
owings mills boulevard. aviation road. and we have a car fire, garrison boulevard, at alton road. let's take a live look. as can you see, unfortunately, any improvement there, a look at 70 and 29. this traffic report is brought to you by navy federal credit union. serving the military for over 75 years. if you are a family member in the navy, army, air force, marine corps or department of defense, they're proud to serve you and your family. it's one of the hottest foots. and baltimore is on the way to paving it to popularity. more on the food truck and where you can get a taste tonight. >> reporter: fine food from a full-sized kitchen, in a truck. >> it's probably one of the hottest new trends in america right now. what you do is you're able to get gourmet-quality food on the street. >> reporter: bill irvin helps run cooper's chow hound wagon. this restaurant on wheels serves up gourmet burgers from
5:19 pm
various city locations city wide. and the customers are coming. >> it's economical, delicious. >> not to be confined to a restaurant is one of the biggest attractions. >> reporter: but getting people to buy fine food from a wagon window wasn't easy. >> so we started -- they're like, oh, it's a roach coach. then they're like, wait a second. that's really good. >> reporter: that roach torch stigma seems to be stamped out. >> it's just as good as a restaurant, if not better. >> reporter: for business owners, the truck makes sense economically. and now, more are popping up. >> we serve lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese with a license. >> now, his crew is getting ready to take part in the gathering, take 4. a rallying that takes part tonight in fells point. the last rally that was held in this parking lot on names and wolf was expected to draw a few hundred people. instead, thousands showed up. >> all of a sudden, swarms of people from -- i mean, it was like the stink bugs out there.
5:20 pm
>> reporter: irvin says crowds are craving something new. and he's just happy he's helping fill their appetite. monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> food truck rally is tonight in fells point, from 5:00 to 10:00. >> it's going on right now. >> that's right. >> i want to get there. >> i can smell those burgers, the breeze coming up. >> i know. >> let's take a look at this. great night to have a nice little dinner outside. 69 degrees right now. east winds at 7. well, actually, the wind will be blowing in toward catonsville. barometer, 30.44 inches, way up there. we'll come back and take a look at a great weekend after this. ♪
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beautiful out there. >> yes. >> i'm still thinking about those burgers. >> severe clear. >> it is. >> like this. not a cloud in sight. >> gorgeous. >> just amazing weather. and after the kind of weather we've had the last two months, we deserve some nice drying. and it's really drying things out, quite nicely. let's take a look at temps around the area, with bright sunshine. it did get a little warmer this afternoon, low 70s.
5:24 pm
right now, we're at 69. the warm spot. to the south of us, where lots of sun. we're at 73 in washington, easton. also, cumberland there at 73. now, late tonight, from hagerstown west, there will probably be dense fog forming in some of the valleys. watch out. locally, some of the areas west of the city, probably north of the city, we'll probably see some patchy fog at least in some of the valleys. 47, the dew point. that's probably going to be a low by tomorrow morning. mid- to upper 40s. 71 in westminster. clump yeah rock hall, mid- to mid to -- columbia, rock hall, mid- to upper 40s. and the east wind is pushing a little water on the western bay. i don't think we'll have any minor flooding issues. but it's possible. a couple of inches above normal. and that's about it. we haven't had that real strong wind for a long time. most areas, very -- very, very light wind now. shower activity. south of florida, we have been talking about this. and during the day, we see the winds bringing in warm moisture over florida.
5:25 pm
lots of showers down there. we think something may develop there and eventually head up toward our region, as a little bucket of rain perhaps here on wednesday and thursday. i say a little bucket, it may rain a little bit. stop and come back again. and a front out to the west. this front with some showers today, and snow in the rockies, is going to move across the country, kind of draw some of namoisture on the east coast. in the moment, quiet, beautiful weekend. no issues at all. very nice weather. and heres and the warmer -- here comes the warmer air, behind that low pressure. warm air coming in for saturday, sunday, and monday. quick look look at the tropics. philippe coming in as a weak system. you can see it's moving our way. but the clouds, south of florida, that's what we'll have to keep our eye on the next four or five days. bay temp in the mid-60s. so tonight, clear, except for that patchy fog in the morning. 45. 52 in the city. 76, great-looking start to the
5:26 pm
weekend. even warmer on sunday. beautiful. >> okay. >> you might want to try it. >> no. he's telling you, wash your car. >> we listen, bob. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. charging people to use their own money. how one angry customer is fighting back against bank of america. new information about new york city's deadly helicopter crash. what they are revealing about the helicopter's engine. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, edgar allen poe. action hero. that story as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:29. 69 degrees and clear out there. good evening, everybody. and thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. an emotional farewell. former raven orlando brown is remembered at his funeral. wjz is live. mike schuh spoke with those who attended the service today. mike? >> reporter: well, mary, born in d.c., his funeral was held in the suburb of clinton, maryland, near the andrews air force base. a packed house to say goodbye to zeus. >> reporter: it took eight strong men, plus hundreds of family and friends, to take zeus home today. at 6'7," orlando brown towered over most men. still in the womb, his mother nicknamed him zeus, the greek god of thunder. but he earned that name. tenacious, intimidating, dom nant, but a -- dominant, but a
5:30 pm
gentleman off the field. said. >> reporter: he was at the time, one of the highest-paid offensive linemen in the league. hundreds packed baptistist church. hundreds of players, past and present, stood out. his son, high school player named little zeus. his team dressed in support. a religious man, fond memories followed his path. >> even though it was his size, the name gentle giant really fit him because he was very easy going and laid back. >> he always had something to say. and no one loved his family more than orlando did. >> reporter: brown died two weeks ago, of complications from undiagnosed diabetes. >> reporter: he leaves behind five children. his son said it is now his time to lead this family like his father did. reporting live, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. mary, back to you.
5:31 pm
>> orlando brown will be buried in south carolina. we're following breaking news in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of a building. captain mike perry has more. >> looks like a private transportation van, vic. it was northbound on windsor mill road, south of rolling road in the woodlawn area of baltimore county. and for whatever reason, it lost control and crashed into the front of a building. now, this building appears to be, perhaps, part residential, maybe part business. but at this point, they called for rescue. but they have canceled the rescue now. it appears there may be some minor injury to the driver of the vehicle. but there does not appear to be any significant injury to anyone inside the building. the baltimore county police do have northbound windsor mill road closed, in both directions, south of rolling road. so you expect delays in the area. we'll continue to monitor the situation and update you as the situation dictates. back to you.
5:32 pm
>> okay, captain mike perry. thank you. two masked men rob a towson convenience store. it happened in the 1500 block of jobba road. the men displayed a gun inside. then robbed a customer in the parking lot on the way out. anyone with information should call police. a new twist in the search for a missing baby girl in kansas city. >> well, mary, police say that the parents of 10-month-old lisa irwin stopped cooperating with detectives. but the parents say that's not true. deborah bradley says she's upset because police are treating her like a suspect. she said detectives told her she failed a lie detector test, but they never showed her the results. lisa's father, jeremy irwin offered to take a lie detector test, but police say he did not have to. he was abducted late monday or early tuesday. >> late today, police began searching a landfill in connection with the baby's disappearance. >> reporter: today marks a decade since the start of the war in afghanistan. since then, hundreds of
5:33 pm
american soldiers have lost their lives, and billions of dollars have been spent. tina kraus reports for wjz, on where we are, 10 years later. >> reporter: hundreds of angry protestors rallied on the streets of kabul. they want american troops to get out of afghanistan, 10 years after the u.s.-led invasion began. these demonstrators say too many afghan civilianless have been killed in the conflict. about 100,000 american troops remain in afghanistan. nearly 1800 have died. >> i think that the way that this conflict turns out is going to be looked out for years to come as a defining moment. >> reporter: the biggest success for u.s. forces came in may, when navy seals killed osama bin laden in neighboring pakistan. but troops say they are still facing a fierce insurgency. >> well, we got a crafty enemy. the insurgents that operate in this area are determined. >> reporter: u.s. soldiers have
5:34 pm
already handed over much of security to afghan forces. they're planning to give them complete control by the end of 2014. when all u.s. forces are set to pull out. >> reporter: this man says during the past 10 years, we have just seen war and more war. we didn't see any benefit from the presence of foreigners. but some afghan women say they're grateful to america for freeing them from taliban rule. >> she says 10 years ago, women couldn't go out without a man. now, we're able to shop and work. but on the tenth anniversary of the war, the taliban is leading an insurgency. determined to derail u.s. plans to stabilize the country. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama said he will pull 10,000 troops out of afghanistan this year. and 23,000 more by next september. >> new information about the helicopter that crashed into new york city's east river. investigators are determined there is no evidence that the
5:35 pm
engine failed. a 40-year-old brittish tourist died from the accident. we're also learning one of the surviving passengers is in critical condition, with possible damage to her lungs and brain. investigators have interviewed the pilot twice to try to understand what happened. more americans are back on the job. but it's not enough to even make a dent in the nation's high unemployment rate. alexis christoforous reports for wjz with the new jobs report from wall street. >> reporter: justin leasia traveled from flint, michigan to join the occupy wall street protest. the college graduate is unimpressed by new numbers from the labor department that showed u.s. employers created 100,000 jobs in september. >> when you have people who, even with masters degrees are going from, you know, $20 to $30 an hour job, to working, you know, $12 an hour. you know, there's a real problem. >> reporter: he is one of an estimated 14 million unemployed
5:36 pm
americans. and according to new numbers from the labor department, the unemployment rate for september held steady at 9.1%. >> the american people got sold out. >> reporter: frustration with economic inquality seems to be growing. as angry protests grow nationwide. >> reporter: many people say they plan to stay or keep coming back to protest until the country's financial situation changes for the better. >> reporter: but there are few signs of when that will happen. >> yes, we're moving in the right direction. yes, it's doing the right thing. but i think we need to move the ball a lot more. >> reporter: analysts say the report shows, while the economy is not gaining much momentum, it is at least easing fears of a double-dip recession. >> we do not believe that it will happen. but there is no question that the economy has slowed. >> reporter: president obama says the solution is his $447 billion jobs bill. but republicans argue the president and his policies are to blame.
5:37 pm
alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: maryland has an unemployment rate of 7.4%, more than 200,000 people in our state are without jobs. >> bank of america's latest fee has many of its customers fired up. and one woman in washington, d.c. is fighting back. 22-year-old molly catchpol started a petition after the company announced it would charge customers a $5 monthly fee for debit cards. she gathered 150,000 signatures and brought them with her to close her account. >> thousands of people right now. an extra $60 a year to companies that they just bailed out with their own tax money. it's not okay. >> reporter: bank of america blames the fees on a wall street reform that limits how much they can charge stores for debit card transactions. wells fargo is also testing a $3 monthly fee in several states. a new proposal could save your families a lot of hardship in the future. it's a plan to have them pass a
5:38 pm
literacy course. it is an economic necessity. >> reporter: carroll county students play the money game. in november 2009, wjz visited this class at francis scott key high school, where students learned to manage their money. >> my parents should have taught me. and when i went off to college, there were a lot of things i didn't know or didn't remember. >> reporter: asking the general assembly to make financial literacy. >> as soon as i started it, i quickly caught onto the financial concepts. and the thing i found interesting was, it's not hard. it's not hard to manage your finances. just have to know how to do it. >> reporter: the bill passed the senate but stalled in the house. >> a lot of people say the legislature should take the financial literacy course. >> reporter: peter franchot is a champion of champion cause. >> i tell people to look at their hands and realize that their fingerprints are unique. and they're obviously permanent. but if they get into financial
5:39 pm
trouble and they get a bad credit score, it's easy to change the fingerprint than it is to change that bad credit score. >> reporter: advocates are hoping to get 10,000 signatures on a petition to take to annapolis in january. while the state adds up the value, you might want to consider gathering the kids around you the next time you pay the bills. >> pat, thank you. carroll, harford are the only districts districts that have financial literacy requirements. of course, students have to pass in order to graduate. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. find out about the local tied to the nobel peace prize winner, eileen johnson surly. a preview of navy's game against mississippi as the mids try to win their first. and an attempt to see if they speed up the game.
5:40 pm
for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. you know, it is never too late for your closeup. alex demetrick reports, edgar allen poe died 162 years ago today in baltimore but is about to be resurrected by hollywood. >> reporter: edgar allen poe died october 7th, 1849. and he was buried at the westminster cemetery in baltimore. it is a day often marked by a rose and his poetry. >> once, upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered, weak and weary. many acquaint a curious volume. >> reporter: suddenly, there came a tapping of hollywood, not-so-gently rapping. >> no matter how many times, i will kill him. >> reporter: yes. that poem turned to movie title. and a propotion with a date too good to ignore. they are visiting the city the move is set in. >> i love the way it sort of
5:41 pm
melded aspects of posed life with posed stories. >> reporter: catch the killer and put baltimore back to where it was. unfortunately, he has to work with what he believes is some vulgar right. and entertains people with these murders that my character has to deal with in reality. >> reporter: actor john cusack plays poe, but was a no-show except on screen. >> it cannot be disputed. your imagination is the inspiration. >> while set here in baltimore, the movie was actually shot in rumania. although, we do get a brief cameo. >> one of the shots you see in the film, you see the baltimore harbor, the washington monument, if you look closely. >> reporter: still, a bit of showmanship came to town, a procession led by the two pose grade. >> some -- to poe's grave. >> a visitor and nothing more. >> if you want to see the movie, you have to be patient.
5:42 pm
you have to wait until next march for the release. >> i can't wait then. >> i know. it looks good. i can't believe they used romania, instead of baltimore. >> i guess older buildings and so forth? >> maybe. >> i guess the light rail may look a little funny. >> maybe. just a little bit. still to come. flight disrupted. a man tries to break out of a plane. how another passenger jumped into action. a fresh warning about tainted cantaloupes. how a pregnant woman's ordeal is sparking growing fears. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. a perfect weekend coming up. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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oh, man. severe clear. gorgeous weather all weekend long. if you're heading out tomorrow, here's what you expect. maybe a little patchy fog can form in some spots overnight. generally in the far western
5:46 pm
areas of the state. temperatures generally in the 40s to mid-50s downtown upper 60s to the mid-70s. and in the weekend, look at this. 82 now on sunday and monday. some increasing clouds we think on tuesday. and yes, probably a chance of showers coming back here wednesday. with a high of 75 degrees. today's energy saver, use portable fans for spot cooking. you can move it into position, wherever you want. for information on how you can become an energy saver, go to, scroll down the right- hand side of the page and click on our special section. a freight train carrying ethanol derails, forcing 800
5:47 pm
people to evacuate. one resident said she heard the explosion and could feel the heat from a mile away. a passenger tries to open the exit door twice during their flight. it happened yesterday on a flight from new york to indianapolis. he went to open the exit door. that's when they took things into their own hands. just pulled on the my stuff and jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. >> was he grabbing for the handle of the door? >> yes. it was obvious he was trying to get out of the plane. >> after that, the man did not try anything for the remainder of the flight. the tsa says there were no red flags for this man. the investigation continues, but the suspect has not been charged. a massive sinkhole destroys
5:48 pm
a california road. and it is all caught on tape. take a look, as the middle of the road collapses. it happened near the university of california san diego campus. police shut down roads and redirected traffic. officials determined a ruptured water pipe is to blame. the hole grew nearly 50 feet long and 10 feet deep. luckily, nobody was injured. >> wow. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is standing by with a preview. a story of a naval academy graduate, giving up nfl riches for the greater good. and an amish mob. the reason behind their campaign intimidation. we'll have these stories and more coming up at 6:00. now, back to mary. a tradition returns to baltimore on sunday. and there's lots of excitement. the city's columbus day parade is back, after a two-year absence. ron matz reports, the people in little italy couldn't be more proud. >> reporter: the christopher columbus statue looks out over
5:49 pm
the streets of little italy. streets that mary surgy knows why. she's lived here for more than 70 years and is looking forward to sunday's columbus day parade. >> it's just the heritage. christopher columbus. i mean, he discovered this wonderful world, this wonderful country that we live in. >> reporter: chairman al mossam says it all starts sunday at 2:00. >> it will start at key highway and light street. it will proceed north on light. east on pratt. and south on president's street. and the reviewing stand will be right here at the foot of eastern avenue. >> reporter: economic reasons led to the parade's cancellations for two years. but the little italy community has worked hard to bring it back. >> i think by celebrating your heritage and the accomplishments from those that came before us, you can carry that pride into the next year and the year after that. and hopefully the tradition will continue forever. >> reporter: you'll have a chance to see the u.s. naval
5:50 pm
academy, marching band. an antique fire truck from italy. and vintage cars. the parade ends right here at the christopher columbus statue. >> after that, there's plenty good food, you know, about little italy. okay, there's a lot of good things going on sunday. and we are so happy to off all of this work to let the people join. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and sunday, there will be a wreath-laying ceremony at the columbus statue. and a mass at st. leo's church. >> a parade and good food. what more could you ask for? that's right. >> that's about all you need. and good weather. >> that's right. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. the maryland terrapins are prepping for the first road trip of the year. >> stan has a preview coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
hopefully the roller coaster ride takes a trip up for the team tomorrow. stan has more tomorrow on what to expect in the acc affair. stan, you can explain that all to me. >> yes. here's the deal. maryland hits the road at tech tomorrow. and former skipper of navy says the terps have played good and
5:54 pm
bad and in between so far. good, bad, and in between. so it's a big game for the terps who are still in search of an identity. now that they've split four games, with two wins and two losses. coach johnson said it's pretty hard to get a good beat on just which yellow jacket team they will face saturday. nonetheless, in the acc game, they are first on the road this year. tech is the two-touchdown favorite. >> we've played some good defenses already. well, coach, they try to make you make a mistake. and get it back to their offense. we have to be really sharp in executions. i feel like it's a really big challenge for offense. >> maybe it's maryland's weekend. we'll just have to see. switching to the pros. the ravens have this week off, but they do return sunday, october 16th, playing host to the houston texans. we'll bring you that game live at 4:00 p.m., right here on wjz 13. meantime, coming up new at 6:00, a look at how the towson university tigers have more
5:55 pm
than double the their wins from a season ago. and only four games. and yankees, trying to avoid play-off elimination. could they do it last night? we'll tell you that and more, as it's back to you. vic? >> okay, stan. we'll be looking forward to it. an outbreak in cantaloupe lesseria is now a responsible for a death. this comes as a pregnant woman suffers a miscarriage. health officials say her case highlights the seriousness of listeria in expect apt mothers because their immune system is weakened. pollution may also be more dangerous for women. too much air pollution could be putting pregnant women and their babies in danger. university of california researchers looked at 100,000 birds in the state. and found traffic-related air pollution may lead to 30% increase in premature births. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> deadly driver identified. shocking new details about the
5:56 pm
man police say created a nightmare on route 100 in maryland. i'm weijia jiang, with th,, medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement insurance plans can help pay... some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save... thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare... you should know about this card -- it's the only one of its kind endorsed by aarp; see if it's right for you. all medicare supplement plans let you keep your own doctor, or hospital that accepts medicare. there are no networks and no referrals needed.
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help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote.
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5:59 pm
what local doctors are saying and why many call it bogus. >> remembering a raven. a moving tribute to the larger- than-life legacy of orlando brown. and the first warning weather team tells us what's on tap for the weekend. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. wild ride. a glen burnie man puts lives at risk during a high-speed chase. >> tonight, his driving record. and what neighbors say they saw him doing. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a police pursuit ends with e


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