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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now, it's complete coverage, it's wjz,
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maryland's news station. more than a dozen people treated after an attack inside a wal-mart. >> new information on the suspect. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> here is what people are talking about today. the details on this weekend's household cleaner attack and the baltimore county woman accused of causing a hazmat situation at a wal-mart wit. adam may is live to explain. >> reporter: this attack is tied to a fight over a man at a baltimore county woman is locked up in jail. a wal-mart in western baltimore evacuated, 18 people treated for eye irritation and a hazmat situation over the weekend. teresa jefferson used cleaning chemicals to attack another woman who started dating jefferson's ex-boyfriend. >> the suspect grabbed bleach and ammonia and poured it on
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the victim. because of the mixture, it caused a hazmat seen. >> reporter: jefferson has a wrap sheet that includes domestic violence, auto theft and drug possessions. neighbors say she never talked about her former boyfriend or the woman who was attacked. >> she is a hard worker and don't mess with anyone, takes care of oh her children and helps in the community. it's out of character. she probably had to be provoked. >> she is a good neighbor and minds her business. >> reporter: jefferson faces charges of first and second degree assault, bail at 350,000 dollars and a court appearance expected tomorrow. adam may, eye witness news. wal-mart condemns such in store behavior and apologizes for the inconvenience to customers. a fatal police involved shooting happened saturday on
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the 1800 block of hope street. police say san officer responded to the area where a man shot his ex-wife in the neck. the suspect reportedly shot at the officer who returned fire, killing him. the woman remains hospitalized but there is no word on her current condition. concerns about maryland native and freelance journalist, van dyk, photos suggest he joined the fight against gadhafi instead of just covering it. he got ow of prison over the summer. his mother tells the baltimore sun, now that he has chosen sides, she worrys he could find himself in danger overseas. the occupy wall street movement is spreading beyond lower manhattan. organizers are calling on more people to join them. >> reporter: organizers are inviting parents to bring children to rallys to
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experience democracy in pro grease. protesters are okay -- progress. they are protesting corporate agreed and the cap between the rich and poor. demonstrations have been peaceful, that's not the case everywhere. in iowa, state troopers forcibly broke up an occupy group that gathered outside the state house. several people were arrested after they refused to move. more than 700 protesters were arrested in new york for disrupting traffic during a march. yesterday thousands of the protesters in new york city marched north to washington square. it was the largest gathering there since the movement began 24 days ago. nation's biggest banks are set to report earnings this week and that could mean bad news for fee weary customers. more banks may debut fees like bank of america's decision to charge $5 per month to use the
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debit card. bank revenues fell 4% last quarter. they maybe paying more fees at the bank but driver are getting relief at the pump. survey shows the average price of gas continues to fall with regular down $0.13 over the past two weeks. how much is the gas in your neighborhood? the average price for a gallon of regular in maryland is about $3.32. down $0.25 from this time last month. still more than the $2.74 last year. the republican presidential hopefuls will be preparing for a debate in new hampshire. the big story had less to do with politics and more with the religious beliefs of mitt romney. here is daniel notingham. >> reporter: former utah governor, huntsman is in new hampshire trying to win over voters with foreign policy plans. >> advocating more ships, more troops, and more weapons, is not a viable path forward. >> reporter: the former
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ambassador to china is calling for spending cuts at the pentagon. it's a position that puts him at odds with the rest of the gop field. the latest poll shows huntsman in fourth place in new hampshire. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has a commanding lead in that state. with 3 7% of the vote. all candidates are heading to new hampshire for tomorrow night's debate and while romney holds the clear lead there, it could change. only 11% of those polled say they've definitely made up their mind. one issue that could play a role with voters is religion. a controversy erupted over the weekend when a supporter of texas governor rick perry, questioned romney's mormon beliefs. >> i said, mormonism is a cult and give credence to a cult. >> reporter: other candidates weighed in. >> we don't have a test for people when they go in to the
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white house. we believe in tolerance and liberty. >> we are running for president of united states of america. >> reporter: romney tried to yell yell concerns in the past. new hampshire holds the first primary in nation. it could be held in january or late december. depending on whether other states move the primaries or caucuses forward. we can't ask for a lot more weather wise than the gorgeous weather we already have. a live look outside, it feels like spring on this columbus day. tim williams is enjoying it in the outback and meteorologist, bernadette woods, is bringing sunshine back here. welcome back. we are excited to see you. >> thank you. good to see all of you guys too. for the weather, beautiful this past weekend. some of that is hanging on
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until today. we will start to see changes. 76 degrees baltimore, above the average we experience this time of year. 54 cumberland. 70s to the ocean on this afternoon. now, let's head over and check on the radar. tropical disturbance hanging around. it will continue moving in that direction. for more on that and how it's going to affect us, we send to it tim in the beautiful outback. >> reporter: high pressure in control for the last few days. the high is going to ease off. as the high starts to ease, this dome will give way, that low will start to advance our way. we will see the clouds by tomorrow. the rain won't be far behind. a bit more on the timing of it and how it's going to impact your week ahead coming up. weather shouldn't stop thousands of ravens fans from gathering at mt bank stadium.
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the event is geared towards women, offers them insight in to the game it plays and players and hand on, on field activities. the admission is $40. the event is from 4:00 until 10:00 tonight. the ravens will be back in the practice field holding the textians. see it live here on wjz 13, sunday afternoon at 4:00. >> with the coal, you sound like you could announce for them. still to come on wjz 13, chaos in cairo what leaders are doing. never mind, netflix is backing out of a highly publicized new deal, what is happening now? if you are off of work for columbus day rs you probably should head out and enjoy this weather. tim williams and bernadette woods are updating our forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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emergency action in egypt after a night of deadly riots. this was the scene in cairo as
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thousands of egyptian christians crashed with police. many took to the streets to protest a recent attack on a church. the cabinet will hold a emergency meeting today. top members of the justice department will have to answer tough questions about controversial gun trafficking operation. later this week, republican congressman says he will subpoena attorney general eric holder regarding operation fast and curious. we uncovered the program which let guns go in to mexico with the hopes of tracking drug cartel members. investigators lost track of the weapons and some used in the murder of an american bored agent. good news for apple and its investors. the new iphone 4s is already a big success. apple says first they preorders of the phone topped a million breaking a record set by last year's model. there is netflix news this
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noon, the company is scrapping plans to split up dvd and internet video streaming services. subscribe is blasted the plan. it would have split up the oler business on to a new web state called quickster. for now, netflix will stay as it is. mba fans are keeping a close eye on labor negotiations. stern says a deal must be made today. the owners locked the players out four months ago as they discussed a revenue sharing agreement. looking outside this noon, the sunshine and high clouds and our wasp that's bothering our harbor cam. >> i watch it out of the corner of my eye, it's hard to stay focused. >> on the lens it looks like the size of a mac truck, it's not. your forecast is coming up. ,,,,
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now, first weather, complete forecasts. warming up nicely this afternoon, take a look at the 76 degrees baltimore, 77, if you are lucky enough to be at the ocean. cooler in the mountains at cumberland. from 60s to low 70s.
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going to top out in the 70s along the water. the water temperatures are cooler. we are getting in to the 80s this afternoon. the winds are lite. tomorrow they are going to turn around sp bringing this storm system our way. it's the one that's down there the past few days. really bringing a lot of rain and stormy weather. but going to drift north and moisture with it. for us , the clouds start to thicken up a little bit tonight, tomorrow they will start to takeover. we may see a few showers, more so wednesday in to thursday as this center of the storm passes by, we are going to see the bulk of the rain. when it gets out of here, over the middle of the country, another storm system. that's going to follow behind it. that one is directing all of this tropical moisture our way. when it gets out of here, all of it cooler air will follow as we head in to the weekend. the forecast comes together like this, on the waters east winds five to 10 knots. today, we are going up in to the 80s, we will see high clouds coming in from time to
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time, tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. 55 for the low. it will be mild. tomorrow, we go up to 75, clouds start to take over. rain by tomorrow and it's wednesday that will be the wetter day around here. >> enough about the weather. have you been keeping busy? >> what happened the last few weeks? >> earlier than planned. >> everything started earlier than we would have liked but, a little bit of bedrest, then the boys came earlier but everyone is healthy and happy now. >> and darling one looks like you and one just like mat, your husband. >> it is funny. one is blondish and one is brown. nice to tell them apart. so i don't get confused. >> congratulations. everyone has been asking about you, i'm excited you are here. welcome back. cracking down to save lives what one state is doing to bring down skin cancer rates
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coming up in health watch. wjz 13 is always on for you, here are the stories we are following on our website at this hour. for updates of the news and first warning weather forecast, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in health watch, minors in the state of california will no longer be allowed to use
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tanning beds. jerry brown signed a bill in to law sunday making it illegal for teenagers dun ter age of 18 to use the beds. california is the first state to set the age limit. the law is in effect january 1st. exercise may offer a drug free way to prevent migraines. a swedish study found aerobic exercise worked just as well as relaxation therapy or popular medications in preventing the headaches. it included 91 women between 18 and 65. the nation appears to be making progress in the battle against the bulge. according to a gallop poll the panel of americans overweight fell slightly in the third quarter of this year. obese and overweight americans account for 60% of the population. check back in with wjz 13 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. more is not always better. a study on older women who take multivitamins yield surprising results. the debate that is to set
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off a bat of the sexes , the debate about lying. join us for that at 4:00 after dr. phil. your five day forecast is next. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back everybody. look at that beautiful shot. >> everybody is on the water. >> there is that bug still
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hanging around enjoying the warm weather. yes, we have changes coming, for the bad news, send it off to tim. >> reporter: the bad, geez, thank you. wonder if it was like this when columbus sailed in to the inner harbor. burden of proof we are looking at pretty decent day today. it's already heading up in to the 80s, we will be up, high above the aj high of 69. we start to drop down, increased clouds tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, better chance of rain wednesday, rain lingers thursday and 69 and 67 as we clear up by the weekend. we cool down to temperatures closer to normal. back inside. don't miss the prime time line up at 10:00, hawaii five- o, followed by eye witness news at 11:00. this noon, for the third time former beetle paul mccartney is beginning his
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honeymoon. it's his third marriage and second for his new wife. >> does she know he was a beetle? >> i don't know. she is very pretty, though. thanks for watching eye witness news on wjz 13. >> have a great day. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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