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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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control slamming her car into a house. wjz is live at the news in pasadena. derek has inner. >> reporter: this young girl died in a mountain road stretched in pasadena. the father of 17-year-old is overcome with grief of the sight of his deadly's car accident. it was just after 7:30 morning. >> we heard a bang and -- >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the entire accident. kayla was drives her car eastbound on mountain road and ultimately slammed into that abandoned house leaving a hole in the wall and a hole in her family's heart. >> we saw it on the cameras on
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the building. >> reporter: not only is the stretch of mountain road is busy, people say it's treacherous. it's a dangerous zone. neighbors complained the road is where the most accident happens. the middle turn lane turns to one way traffic during peak rush hours causing confusion and speeding. how bad is it? >> about 4:30 it starts. then it looks by daytona 500. >> reporter: police investigates whether speed and wet road may have played a factor. we're live in millersville. thank you. the baltimore ravens a member of their extended family. patricia with a look back at a
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remarkable life. >> reporter: the wife of former ravens died after this afternoon after a long illness. she was a long time television actress who appeared on most television show in history. she also appeared on stage and in many movies. she married art model in 1969 and retired in axing at that time to emmers herself in family and community involvement. she was 80 years old. >> she and art are quite the couple. thank you very much. the model gave a 3.5-year-old gift to the olira opera house. a baltimore high school loses two students to violence just weaks apart. one of the victim's family is speaking only to wjz. weija jiang has at heart break and the search for two killers. >> reporter: police do not
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know if these two murders are linked together. the two boys were friends both eager to graduate from high school. a dream that will now never come true. >> i will never see my son again. >> reporter: latonya said she hasn't stopped crying since her 17-year-old son was gunned down and killed monday night. >> who gives a personal right to take somebody's life. >> reporter: singletary is the second student at baltimore savage institute for visual art killed in the past month. police say it happen on the 1400 block of kuper place. >> it was two young kids that did it. nobody knows who they were. >> reporter: police say after he was shot singletary made it
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around the corner. he knocked on one of the doors for help and someone inside called police. it's the second tragedy to fall on the family this year. the teen's father, spoke to wjz. >> that's all i got to remember him by is pictures. >> reporter: now he said he was turning his life around. i spokesperson for baltimore city schools will not comment about the double killing only calling them a tragic coincidence. police continue to look for suspects. reporting live weija jiang,
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eyewitness news. singletary's family is preparing to lay him to rest at the gary marvel funeral home. a surprised guilty flee for the under wear bomber, stunned a federal courtroom when he announced he would plead guilty. including attempted murder and a use of weapons of mass destruction. he was trying to sell off explosives in his underwear. he's expected to get a life sentence. on another terror plot foiled a plan to cincinnati the saudi arabiaian ambassador to the u.s. now a worldwide warning has been issued for all americans. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton wants iran held accountable for the alleged plot. she called a dangerous escalation of iran support of
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terrorism. >> this kind of reckless act undermine international norms and the international system. >> reporter: prosecutors charged 56-year-old with planning a foiled scheme of killing saudi ambassador as he died at a washington restaurant. u.s. officials believe the iranian government had a hand in directing the country's first attack on american soil. they have stepped up their sanctions on iran's government and now asking other countries to do the same. >> join us in condemning this threat to international peace and security. >> reporter: state department leaders want to get the support of other countries in condemning iran. they are telling their diplomats around the world to share detail about the plot. administration officials won't say exactly what the next steps will be. >> we will continue to take measures to put pressure on iran. >> reporter: iran's government
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denies its involvement in the alleged plan. but american officials are confident it played a role. they're warning u.s. citizens around the globe to be alert for new terror attacks in response to the disrupted plot. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations briefed members of the security council about the plot today. a day after a gloomy wednesday. bob is in the weather center. >> yes, it will clear up for the weekend. we had some rain move this afternoon about a quarter of an inch. there was a bit of -- heaviest rain out southern pa there. around the baltimore region, some light rain, south of the city is pretty much lighter and to the west, just some spotty
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rains. south and west of the d.c. area just a little patch. not a lot more accumulations. we actually clear out tonight and see some fog developing overnight and some sun tomorrow. but later in the day tomorrow, we have another area low pressure with a front coming through. late tomorrow and maybe some thundershowers that would probably last. then clear out just in time for the weekend. well race fans rejoice. the baltimore grand prix was such a success this year it is coming back again next labor day. pat? >> reporter: they can keep their fingers crossed if they won't have days like this one come next labor day weekend. in the meantime race officials are looking at the possible ways they can improve what they senior to have been a
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successful grand prix. they love the ease, the comfort. and the pleasure. >> great speed. the noise, i love it. >> fantastic. >> reporter: jay davids tell wjz they will do it again next labor day weekend. the second year in a 5 year contract with the city to run the baltimore grand prix. >> that was what we always want. we needed the cooperation of the orioles and major league baseball. >> reporter: race officials estimate more than 150,000 people attended the race through the weekend. businesses told wjz it worked to their advantage. >> the labor day for us is not a weekend we look forward to in the restaurant business downtown. >> reporter: for other
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businesses outside the fence so to speak, it was a flop. the family in little italy is hoping for some changes next year. >> we set everything up to let people here. nobody came. i hope in the future that they will. >> reporter: organizers agree there could be some tweaking. o, first year down. certainly, we had some pick- ups. >> reporter: in the days following the race -- >> this is about baltimore and baltimore rock. >> reporter: baltimore rolled. >> and the detailed economic impact report is expected later this month. i'm pat warren reporting live from federal hill. >> thank you. detailed account of the race economic impact should be released later this month.
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ravens get ready to host the houston, texas. >> reporter: they're getting ready to face the houston texans coming up on today after resting their mind and body. the elderly statesman ray lewis stay family time is even more important the more years he's in the league. >> you spend a lot of time with your family. i got a chance to see all of my kids play, thursday, friday and saturday. it was just a good break. >> reporter: back to the physical grind and a brutally physical sport. the time to rest and heal aching body is appreciated. >> this season is long. you're in a car crash every
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play. it's about us knowing what we have to do. >> for the majority of the week, i took care of my body and came back and i feel really good. >> reporter: bodies rested and minds at ease. terrell suggs let's loose before practice. >> it's a long season. it's always great to get away and relax your mind a bit. >> it's really hard to relax. you got so intense. >> you get away, get away. it's always great to get away and just relax. >> reporter: boys being boys. trust me it's all business when
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coach john blows the whistle. back to you. the houston texans comes to town this sunday. if you don't have tickets, you can watch it here. still to come tonight on wjz, eyewitness news. blackberry blackout. big problem for many people who own the phone. 4 a 441 or a 443? soon you could have all new area code. i'll explain next on wjz. usual calls to 911 that describe the entire scene. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> baltimore county police released the 911 call. two women used dangerous household chemicals during a fight in a busy wal-mart. >> reporter: a lot of people are inside that wal-mart witnessed bizarre attack and called 911. this wal-mart was fulled shoppers saturday when suddenly a fight broke out in aisle 11 stocked with cleaning products. >> there's a fight at the wal- mart. >> reporter: police got numerous calls describing the fight between theresa jefferson
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and another woman. >> are there any weapons involved? >> no they're using chemicals to throw at each other. liquid, bleach. >> throwing bleach on each other? >> reporter: the victim, escaped and ran to the bathroom with burning eyes. almost 20 other shoppers were treated for exposure. >> it was an act that occurred in the middle of a public place. >> reporter: prosecutors argued jefferson remains a danger to the victim and her boyfriend. the boyfriend's own father sides with jefferson. >> i will not defend he son. >> reporter: court record reveals they have a child together and they have a history of dispute. >> think it's also telling that jefferson left the store and went right to the police station to complain about these people attacking him. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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the past doesn't excuse these current allegations. adam may, wjz, eyewitness news. everyone treated for injuries in that attack has been released. prosecutors still in the witnesses in the federal bribery trial, an i.r.s. official testified today about kerry's federal tax return from 2003 to 2007. that showed kerry incurred an income $350,000. kerry was taken that money from grocery store shoppers for food. defense argued what kerry did was perfectly legal. have trouble keeping track of codes and numbers? now baltimore has added another area code. >> reporter: are you a 410 or
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443? now maryland is adding new numbers to the digits. >> i'm still getting over the 301 change. >> why? have we run out of 443s? >> reporter: in just a few months, all the 410s and 443s will be used up. >> adding a new area code adds about 8 million new numbers. >> reporter: right now my work phone is 410 and my personal phone 443. if i add another phone to the mix, this could likely be a 667. >> i don't want no 667. it's already confusing. >> reporter: areas affected include anne arundel, baltimore
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county, baltimore city, harford and carol county. for the most part, marylanders don't mind the change and say they could get used to the new 667. >> i could, i'm very flexible. >> reporter: can you get used to a 667? >> i'll get used to it. change comes anyway. >> reporter: if you have a 410 or a 443 or 301 or 240, you are all set. this affects the new only. >> this is not going to affect bob's rotary dial? the fcc makes the new area code announcement 10 months in advance because maryland is running out of numbers quickly and the change will come in the spring. >> i'm a 410er. >> but you have more than one
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. >> some light rain move through the area this afternoon. most of that is off to the
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northeast and to the baltimore. northeast maryland and pretty decent rain. right now kind of a quiet zone. this is not heavy rain. later on, this will all clear out and we probably will have some fog forming and it certainly will appear this way. 63 now, the high humidity dew point is at 62 which means almost totally saturated. it leader out to the west of us. ocean city pretty mild considering 67. and because that warm air sitting right down here tomorrow, that warm air is going to move down to our region. with warmer air tomorrow and some sun with a sun coming through, there's a good shot late in the day tomorrow evening of some scattered thundershower activity.
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66 d.c. and annapolis and 60 up in westminster. tied is running about a foot in a half above normal and around the d.c. area, they actually have a coastal flood warning and running two feet above normal. that continues to bring in that moisture air and cool damp air from the ocean. it's all moved through the region. we didn't get that much compared to what we had expected. still a risk. we'll have more shower activity with that next system coming in from the west. this is kind of getting juiced up with some cold air coming. low pressure developing and that's going to thin out in direction into thursday night and friday. before it clear out, we will see some shower and activity and it dries out just in time for late friday night and weekend. sunshine here on saturday.
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lot of things going on this week. southeast winds tomorrow only 5. tonight, look for rain early on and then some fog maybe drizzle overnight. 58. tomorrow back up in the mid-70s and we'll some sun and then some late afternoon or evening shower activity perhaps some thundershowers and a couple spots into friday afternoon as that front moves through. still more rain activity. could see more of a front we seen in this particular area of low pressure. still to come on wjz, eyewitness news. making paint look mainly. why these construction workers wearing paint hard hat this month? that's just ahead on wjz, eyewitness news. baltimore raider matthew
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fires weapons in war against gadhafi forces. stunning change this strategy. why dr. conrad murray ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is 6:30. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a stunning reversal in the trial of dr. conrad murray. his attorneys are is dropping the claim that michael jackson accidentally killed himself. >> reporter: the defense delivered a big surprise, abandoning its claim that michael jackson sexual lowed a -- swallowed a fatal dose of propofol. the jury was out the room.
6:31 pm
it is unclear whether the defense will argue the singer injected the powerful drug. jackson died in his los angeles mansion in june of 2009. a cardiologist found six instances of gross negligence on the day he died. >> he should have never given propofol in the first place. he didn't -- he wasn't ready for an emergency. didn't have an emergency plan. if you put all of those together, yes, he's responsible. >> reporter: dr. murray made another critical mistake, because he didn't call 911 when jackson lost consciousness. >> had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson would still be here today? >> yes sir. >> reporter: the prosecution is wrapping up its case. murray's attorney is expected to call witnesses next week.
6:32 pm
now dr. murray is charged with unvoluntary manslaughter. he faces 4 years in prison. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the death trial of michael jackson. also from california side, police are on the scene of a mass shooting at a hair salon. six people that i were killed and three wounded inside of that salon. several gun were seized no word yet on a possible motive. what started as a road rage turned to something serious when a gun was involved. >> reporter: police say two men were involved in a road rage incident when one man pulled out a handgun. the other man drove away and called police. as far as were speaking with the -- officers were speaking with the victim. police ordered them to stop
6:33 pm
that's when 27-year-old benjamin gray tried to get away. after a brief police chase, police arrested both of them, they now face several charges. vic, back to you. no one was hurt. a baltimore writer wants them to take up arms. >> reporter: matthew caught on camera. a number of rebels fighting gadhafi forces in libya. baltimore writer matthew van dyke seen her firing anti- aircraft gun. he came here in march to support a libyan friend. he was caught and held for nearly 6 months. >> i came to this country willing to kill people for freedom. it's something i struggle with. >> reporter: the writer turned
6:34 pm
warrior made front page news here in baltimore. his family said they are supporting him. people won't rally to his cause. >> this is his decision and that's on him. >> i told him once he turned that offer down, he was on his own. i can't go back to the government or to the ngos looking for him. >> reporter: it appears the rebels matthew is fighting with are making progress. in this gun fight they captured a sniper taking him away and moving his line of fire forward. matthew family said they speak with him from time to time where he's now fighting. they continue to post updates on a facebook page still called free matthew van dyke. >> matthew said he will return to baltimore when he find three friends. time quick look at some stories you will find on the
6:35 pm
baltimore sun. a man who run this saturday's baltimore marathon while pushing his special needs son in a special wheelchair. these stories and much more and read the baltimore sun. >> reporter: getting down and dirty in pink. kenneth is one of dozens of workers who is working a cat for breast cancer month. >> my mother is a survivor since '92. >> reporter: this is the third year the company has come
6:36 pm
together to encourage early cancer detection. as they work on a new women's care tower. project manager lorri is a breast cancer survivor. >> just have the support and wearing their hat and showing they support me. >> reporter: according to the cancer society, more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and maryland ranks 8th in country. men often wear pink to bring awareness to the cause. ravens and jet players wore special shoes and laces earlier this month. and the workers will be wearing at hats all throughout october. some like kenneth wear his everyday. >> this is no joke. this cancer thing touches everybody. >> reporter: in 2010, there were more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivers in the u.s. real men. that's what they are. nearly 40,000 women in the
6:37 pm
u.s. dice from breast cancer. -- dies. still tonight, a family gets lost inside of a corn maze. where is baby lisa. the search for the missing infant. >> for the weekend, it looks like. exclusive first warning forecast. [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality.
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. >> a plane makes a crash land in the middle of busy highway. the plane went down on the turnpike in the middle of miami. two people were on board and right now we got to word on their injury. traffic was brought to a complete standstill. new video shows the mother of missing missouri baby shops hours before her alleged abduction. in the video you see deborah bradley shopping with an unknown man. the same night she last saw her baby. 10-month-old lisa irwin was reported missing when father came home discovered she wasn't in her crib. the san francisco giants
6:41 pm
fan who was severely beaten outside of the stadium this year marks a major milestone this thinks recovery. this picture shows brian stone leaving the san francisco hospital. he is now being treated under a rehabilitation center as he continues to recover from a dramatic brain injury. in you used a blackberry, you probably not having a good day. the smartphones are experiencing sporadic outages around the world. >> millions of blackberry users in the united states and canada can't get their e-mails or instant messages. >> having trouble sending and receiving. >> reporter: the problem began overseas. the canadian phone company, research in motion, says a crucial link in its infrastructure as well as its backup failed 3 days ago.
6:42 pm
it waited until now. we are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. blackberry is using twitter to update outages. one popular tweet, what did one blackberry user say to other blackberry users, none. blackberry control all of its e- mail and other data through its own system. >> that's a good thing and they can apply extra execute and that's why a -- security. it creates a single point of failure. >> reporter: the company stock is approaching a 5 year low. the timing for blackberry's trouble couldn't be worse. its main competitor, apple, it's starting to sell its new iphone. all of the problems have some blackberry users thinking about
6:43 pm
a change. >> ly try a new z -- i'm going to try a new iphone or android. research in motion, branched out and released a tablet computer. it was never a commercial success. for tradition gone wrong. a massachusetts family gets stuck inside a corn maze. the couple got lost when their 3 week old daughter, they spent several areas trying to find a way out. turns out the family was only about 25 feet from the exit. that has got to be the most confusing maze i ever seen. >> i always thought what would happen if you couldn't get out. i figure somebody comes around and check. >> most of the time they have these flags and spotters. >> don't go in the maze without
6:44 pm
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. >> a cool gloomy mid-october evening. a live look outside, as you can tell bring your umbrella. bob is in the weather center with the updated forecast. >> some light rain and drizzle. then some fog overnight, tomorrow wake up for some fog. watch out for that and lot of low clouds. we'll see some sunshine and temperatures jump back up into the mid-70s. late afternoon and tomorrow night, some more showers and couple thundershowers in a few spots. again on friday, still risk of some more showers and more thundershowers. it finally cools down friday afternoon and it will cool down 51 at night and 72, dry nice
6:48 pm
weekend. thank you from pop star to film action hero an up close look at justin timberlake's movie. >> coming up on entertainment tonight we have your first look of behind the scenes of justin timberlake's new big screen thriller, in time. justin timberlake action star. this isn't a stunt double. watch it closely. j.t. is on the run in this new thriller. in the not so distant future people stop aging at 25. the rich live forever and the poor, like justin die young. >> imagine if you knew you only had a day to live but there's a way you could live another day. imagine you had to steal it from someone just to survive. >> reporter: justin kidnaps amanda because she can give him
6:49 pm
more time. >> mom, i'm going to get out of here. >> i wouldn't know what to do if i lost you. >> reporter: also tonight, richard simmons comes et to talk about startling appearance with dancing with the stars. you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30 here on wjz. still to come eyewitness news news tonight the ravens preparing to face a player they weren't expected to see. bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places. 3-way cfls really click with my style. go to participating retailers for bge's instant
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. >> of play is a car reck. i thought, is that graphic or what. >> it is graphic and it is true. derrick mason, he is in position to be part of perhaps never seen before feat. he will be facing the ravens with two different team. mason was with the jets and
6:53 pm
last night he was traded to houston. mason lasted just five games in new york. he spent 6 years here in baltimore. he caught two passes. afterward he was critical of the jet's offense. mason's criticism had nothing to do with the trade. the jets considers mason expendable. the ravens reacted today with the news of facing their former teammate for a second straight game. >> i was surprised. i really thought he was will fit in up there. mason is one of my buddies. i definitely wish him success. wherever he's at. overall, he was a guy that we looked up to make plays here. >> i don't know what to think of it. whatever the jets went through with him they go through with him. >> reporter: ravens
6:54 pm
defensiveback chris carr and jimmy smith. the only players to miss practice. the ravens tend to be strong coming off 5 weeks, 3-0 after coach harbaugh. they put that perfect record to the test on sunday. houston comes to town and you can see it here on wjz. in baseball more movement in the orioles front office. not only are they looking for a gm, they also need to find a new scouting director after joe jordan jumped ship to go to work for the philadelphia phillys. jordan seen here with dylan bundy was with the o's 7 years. the news of jordan departure is considered a surprise by the orioles hierarchy. but his position may have been in jeopardy with some questionable draft picks in recent years. a major shake up continues
6:55 pm
in boston, gm is leaving epstein is levering to take over the chicago cubs. epstein was with the red sox for 10 years helping build two championship teams. in college park today maryland's mu basketball coach posed with the players. newest of chirps basketball in for a challenging season with just eight scholarship players led by senior shawn mosley. one intriguing new come, 7- footer from the ukraine. the big guy has not been cleared yet to play college football in the u.s. by the ncaa. decision on his eligibility is expected this week. first game coming up in 4 weeks. wheal hear from the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
. >> that's it for us tonight. we'll >> pelley: tonight, the u.s. takes aim at iran over the
6:59 pm
alleged assassination plot. >> iran must be held accountable for its actions. >> pelley: norah o'donnell on what actions the u.s. might take. attention, holiday air travelers-- expect fewer seats and higher prices. ben tracy on operation hackerazzi, the f.b.i. arrests a man accused of hacking into the personnel e-mail accounts of hollywood celebrities. and dewey bozella wouldn't let a terrible injustice defeat him. now he's fighting for his dream. >> don't let nobody tell you what you can do, and that's what i'm doing. i'm letting my dream come to reality. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama slapped new sanctions on iran today, and the white house said there could be more to come. all of that in response to that alleged plot to assassinati


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