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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. gunman turns a beauty shop in a southern california beach town into a killing zone. eight people are dead ninth is in critical can be and the suspect is behind bars. investigators are focusing on bitter custody battle that may have sparked the shooting spry. >> planned for american soil this as officials say there could be more attacks planned. we will check in with senator john mccain about what the u.s. should do next. millions of blackberry users in the u.s. and around the world are fed up after the worst outage in years lasts into its
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fourth day. we will tell you when service is expected to be up and running and why the latest disruption could cripple the country. >> how do you spell surprise? here is a hint at military rank. for this young girl the big surprise at her spelling bee wasn't getting the word right, it was dad, just home from iraq. we will check in with dad, his daughter and his son and ask about that emotional reunion, "early" this thursday morning, october 13th, 2011. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of welcome welcome top welcome to the "the early show." > sop >> so much attention on the police aeight people were killed in a shooting and the
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ex-husband of an employee is under arrest suspected of murder. cbs' elizabeth sanchez at the scene in seal beach, california and she joins us from there. >> reporter: this is a small beach community now stunned by this deadly rampage. the deadliest in orange county history and it seems that a bitter custody dispute may have triggered it all. police say scott dekraai was dead set on mass murder. wednesday afternoon, witnesses say the 42-year-old stormed into salon meritage and opened fire. by the time he left six were dead and three injured. two of the wounded later died. another is in critical condition. >> i've lived here for 25 years and never, ever heard anything like this. >> reporter: every styling station at the upscale salon was filled. david mcgee's wife was in the salon.
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when she heard shots rang out, she ran for cover. >> she ran in a room and locked the door. >> reporter: police have not identified the victims but dekraai's target appears to be nis ex-wife michelle who worked as a stylist at the salon. friends say the two had been involved in a bitter custody suit over their young son. she had filed a restraining order against him this week. after gunning down his victims, police say dekraai was stopped a half mile away and police took him into custody without incident. he had multiple weapons and was wearing body armor. >> he had a bullet proof vest on him. >> reporter: police worked through the night looking for clues and searched dekraai home. thereof only been eight homicide over the past decade here in
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seal beach but just in one day, that number doubled. >> cbs' elizabeth sanchez in seal beach, california for us thank you. the obama administration is blaming iran calling this a dangerous escalation and this morning officials believe iran it considering other terror attacks. senior white house correspondent bill plante has more for us this morning. >> good morning to you, erica. >> reporter: the saudi ambassador plot was comically amateurish but the obama officials believes this may not be the only plot. >> there may be a chain of these things. >> reporter: dianne feinstein says there is information that the iranians may have other targets. >> i think we need to explore whether there are other plots going on into other countries. >> reporter: the administration
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has also rushed to take advantage of the plot to turn up the pressure on iran. u.s. officials say the called soft pressures against iran for its refusal to give up nuclear ambitions has raised tensions there. they hope that increases the chance that the iranian middle class will force change from within. secretary of state clinton repeated the u.s. insistence that iran be held accountable. >> we call on other nations could to join us in this threat to international peace and security. >> reporter: the next step is pressure on the united nations security council for some kind of international com deny nation of iran and pressure on china and russia to stop doing business there. in addition to that there are other steps that could be taken by the united states sanctions on iran's central bank targeting the oil shipments from iran. but those would only escalate the situation when nobody here is quite sure just how high the level of approval went in iran. erica? >> bill plante at the white
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house, thanks. joining us from capitol hill is john mccain, arizona senator. based on the information that you have been given, how serious an escalation is this from iran and the let to the united states and americans? >> firstively i think how ridiculously inept it was because these people with very good at what they do and i think we ought to keep it in the context of their other activities, whether it be their unrelenting pursuit to acquire nuclear weapons which would have central incredible destabilizing effect to their interference on other countries, hezbollah and hamas, copper tipped ieds into afghanistan, into iraq which killed americans and they are meddling in afghanistan and trying to get into event in
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bahrain and very little doubt they are exciting expert a persian himagino. i think the sanctions on their bank and oil and others and consider other options as well. but there is no doubt they are a threat to the region and so no reason to think this is an isolated incidence, but it is surprising to me how inept it was. >> so based on that how inept it seems to be and others called it comically amateurish. how high do you think this went up the chain of command? do you think this was authorized by president ahmadinejad or even the ayatollah? >> the information that we have and i can't say it's absolutely true but the information we have is that chief of the quds force who reports directly to the ayatollah, the religious leader, is the one who is responsible for this. it doesn't mean ahmadinejad was involved, but is certainly did
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does mean that it was approved at the highest level of the iranian government hierarchy. >> does this change the way that the u.s. looks at fighting terrorism and terror plots if it could end up being something which was first referred to as a hollywood movie plot it seems so unthinkable and this morning we are hearing it's comical and inept. >> well, i think the intent is what we have to worry about. when the iranian demonstrators were in the streets in 2009' president obama refused to support this we could have supported them and they could have overthrown the government then. but the main point here is that they are a threat in the region. they have done a lot of very bad things, and the acquisition of nuclear weapons means the reckless behavior they have displayed here could be a serious problem. >> are you saying the
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president's actions or inactions at that particular time may have influenced this particular plot? >> no. i think the president's inaction of the iranian demonstrators in early 2009 when they were chanting in the streets, obama, are you bus or with them he said he didn't want to jeopardize his position with the iranians. i think if we had supported the demonstrators at the time it could have meant a significant change in government of iran. >> we need to move on to diagram politics. i know you voted no in the senate on tuesday night but you were working on your own jobs proposal. give us an idea, what will be in that plan that is different? >> first of all, the president's plan is a movie we have seen before. it's more of the same borrow spend, tax. and we have a very different view. we want to deregulate we want to cut people's taxes, give them a fair flatter tax code we want
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to put a moratorium on new regulations, we want to have offshore drilling and we want to stimulate this economy by providing an environment of job investment and job creation. we believe this senator paul and portman and many others have been involved in this and we will be unveiling it today. >> real quickly. will it include any of the parts of the president's proposal which are now going to be split up or none at all? nothing similar? >> i think there's some areas of common ground we can find but philosophically, the president believes government creates job. we believe business creates jobs and we want to provide an environment for that to happen. >> senator john mccain, appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you erica. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. overnight a frightening train collision in oakland, california. one amtrak train hit another at a station and 16 people were
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hurt there. anne makovec is in oakland with the latest this morning. anne, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. >> reporter: both of the trains are still on the track here in oakland right now. they are investigating any damage to those trains as well as some concern that the rail could be warped. so train traffic in this entire area is going to be affected by this for the next several hours. at least 18 people were injured in this crash. six of them taken to the hospital. everybody is expected to survive. it was the coast star light train that was stopped at the station that goes from los angeles to seattle. it was letting passengers off here in oakland when a commuter train coming from bakersfield hit it head-on. the impact sent the coast star light off the rail and slamming into a concrete platform. the other train's engine also derailed. according to amtrak workers a few factors here in the investigate that is ongoing this morning. the commuter train ran a red light according to local firefighters. also it looks like a switch was
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not thrown that would have moved the commuter train to another track. that switch is actually operated by a dispatch center over in nebraska. the other issue with the coach star light train was not scheduled to be at this station. we have state and federal and local investigators here at the scene. in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray his defense teams will cross-examine witnesses today. the witnesses so far have cast murray as grossly negligent. yesterday a tense exchange in court between murray's lawyer and a cardiologist over murray's use of propofol to help dr. jackson spent. >> dr. murray just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep and now you tell me he should awaken him? >> he shouldn't be putting him to sleep in the first place. propofol is not indicated for sleep. if you give propofol afterwards
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they are still sleeping and something is wrong you need to arouse the paisht and figure out what level of sedation is because something could be going wrong. >> murray's defense has dropped the previous claim that jackson brought on his own death by taking on propofol orally. warren buffett is now revealing that his total income last year was more than $62 million and his adjusted gross income after deductions was more than $39 million. he paid just under $7 million in federal taxes. that 17.4% of his taxable income which buffett has said is way too low. that is because most of buffett buffett's income is only taxed at 15%, the relatively low capital gains
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if have you a blackberry you may be missing something this morning. >> hundreds of messages are hung up because of a worldwide system failure that has many customers fed up. cbs news john blackstone has more. >> reporter: a time of frustration for many of the 70 million around the world who depend on their blackberry for e-mail any time anywhere. >> i get about 50 a hundred e-mails every day. this is -- this is going to be very inconvenient. >> reporter: blackberry users in europe were first hit by the problem on monday. >> i have had no communication
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or e-mails for two days and it's really annoying jo for what it's worth, a company spokesman did have an explanation. >> this is about a core switch backup failure. the >> reporter: in other words, the backup failed too. with blackberry system in europe having problems e-mail began clogging up around the world. the trouble spread to africa asia and south america and hit devices here. >> it's irritating. >> reporter: exactly why it happens doesn't really matter says c-net's brian cooley. >> consumers don't want to deal with this. whether a personal phone or blackberry they don't want to think what am i missing. >> reporter: blackberry a device not long ago was a device for anyone wanting to stay connected has quickly been falling behind apple's iphone and android's smart phone. joining is john abell.
7:16 am
a lot of people at home right now saying what is going on here? so you hear this. core switch and redunnedancy. people don't care about those words. they want to know how did does this happen. >>? they had a computer problem. that happens. the backup system failed. the problem now, if you'll pardon the expression blackberry has a messaging problem that can't explain what is going on in words of one syllable and people don't like that. >> we are doing everything in our power to restore regular service everywhere and to restore your trust in us is what blackberry is saying. you are basically admitting you have lost their trust. >> right. they are reinforcing the fact that they don't know the scope of the problem. they have no idea when it's going to end and they have nothing to tell it you except we are working as hard as we possibly can. >> bo you buy this? chris and i haven't had e-mails on our blackberries 24 hours and one glimpse yesterday and it's
7:17 am
gone again. what is happening? that is what is happening. the reason that it's important to have seamless service is because people keep trying to do things and they stack up because that's the way it should work. and then when the computer works again or half works, you have all of these messages that still need to go which is why it's spread outside the initial trouble areas. >> what does this mean for the company? erica mentioned when the trust is no longer there and you got the iphone out and all of the attention they get is this a maximum exodus? >> i'm not sure about that and i'm not a progress not prognosticator. they have a year to catch up to compete with apple to compete with android because, otherwise, people have so many choices now that they don't need this any more. >> a time when blackberry was the only player in this game. >> that's right. they invented it. it's kind of staedad but that's where we are.
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>> still ahead this morning, the chicago cubs are known as the loveable losers of major league baseball. could their luck be changing, though? >> we will tell you about the big move they hope will reverse the curse. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. ♪ ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days it's been 3 weeks. so i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good...
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new details emerging now in the e maim hacking case which seemed to target celebrity. police say the suspect found revealing photos and movie scripts and even financial information among the stars who had been hacked. including the stars scarlett johansson and mila kunis and christina aguilera. >> we will tell you how the man arrested was able to gain access to all of that info coming up. >> announcer: this morgs of "the early show" sponsored by prudential. every challenge is an opportunity. prudential.
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we will have traffic after the winning weather. >> we have light rain over central maryland. that is still the case. we will deal with that in the next few hours or so. the last area of that, moving up near washington and southern areas of the viewing area and over the state. live, by about 10:00 or so. the forecast today, starting with temperatures in the 60s and up to a high of about 75. fog will stick around.
7:26 am
tomorrow, with the few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, the temperatures up to about 74 before we clear out. good morning. the weather is not helping, some problems, including an accident on the topside, the inside loop ramps, watch for south bound, blocking all lanes and the crash on washington boulevard at montgomery and one at 175 and the speeds on the beltway, 23 miles per hour on the west side and delays on the harrisburg express way and we have some fog. home for the holidays, that is friday through sunday, the details, back over to you. thank you, in the news, the
7:27 am
wife of the former raven's majority owner has died. we have more outside the opera house reporter: in her hater years, she was known for giving back, not just to the opera house, but to organizations around the city. she died at the age of 806789 she was a -- 80. she was a successful act stress, starring on the general hospital soap. she moved to the area with her husband art and they worked together and left their mark. an amber alert over the state. an 11-year-old was last seen on september 30th. his 51 year old mother was found dead in their apartment and he may have been taken and
7:28 am
in his mother's honda. call 911 immediate hey if you have information -- did the man that helped break the curse in
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. a little bit of fog out there, a little rain and foggy in your eyes this morning. >> it will burn off. >> there you go. it's marine layer. ahead this morning, dr. conrad murray's lawyers, you know what? never mind. which marks a very important shift in strategy at the manslaughter trial for michael jackson's former doctor. the defense had argued that jackson could have swallowed a fatal dose of a powerful sleep drug on his own. >> but now they are dropping that claim. turns out there is no science to back it up so we are going to look that claim and also hear testimony from another doctor who says better medical
7:31 am
treatment could have saved michael jackson's life. we want to get you more on this which is unraveling at this point. the man accused hacking the personal e-mail of scarlett johansson and christina aguilera among other stars will be back in court tomorrow. >> he is facing 21 years behind bar. cbs news national correspondent ben tracy hat story. >> ready? together! >> reporter: celebrities make their living living in the public eye. and now it's not paparazzi hounding them it's hackerazzi hacking them. wons the fbi announced arrest of christopher chaney in florida after 11-month investigation dubbed "operation hackerazsi." he is accused of hacking into the e-mail accounts of scarlett johansson and mila kunis and christina aguilera. >> once he illegal hacked into
7:32 am
these e-mail accounts mr. chaney were able to see the e-mails that had been received and sent. >> reporter: chaney allegedly hacked into their e-mail accounts and took control of the forwarding feet so that a copy of every e-mail was sent virtually snantiousinstantaneously to his own e-mail account. authorities say he stole photos and financial information and movie scripts and say chaney offered that information to celebrity blogs but don't believe he was trying to make money. >> unfortunately, mr. chaney was able to access nude photos of some of the celebrities, photos that were unfortunately, uploaded on to the internet. >> reporter: including nude photos of scarlett johansson that appeared online earlier this year. >> just because you're in the spotlight or just because you're an actor or make films or whatever doesn't mean you're not entitled to your own personal privacy privacy. >> reporter: in all the fbi says chaney hacked more than 50 people, all of them with ties to the entertainment industry. other stars reportedly hacked
7:33 am
recently including jessica alba and miley cyrus and vanessa hudgens. since most people in the chaney indictment are only identified by initials it's unclear if they are his victims. >> celebrities will continue to be a target. we see how the paparazzi takes to them. >> reporter: when you live your life in the public eye, few things stay private. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> chaney is free on $10,000 bail. a judge ordered him to stay away from computers and stay offline. how about that? >> that will be interesting claim there here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. >> i ask why do you even keep the pictures on your phone? not that the hacking is okay in the first place. >> maybe it will change now. thank you for making sure jeffrey. good morning, everyone at home. the man behind a horrendous shooting rampage may be
7:34 am
targeting his wife. eight people were killed there. dekraai was wearing body armor when arrested half a mile away. witnesses say he is the ex-husband of a salon employee. the so-called underwear bomber abdulmutallab pled guilty yesterday. he told the judge yesterday he tried to blow up a jetliner on christmas day in 2009 as revenge for the deaths of muslims worldwide. the resort island of bali was struck by an earthquake this morning. you can see people running out into the streets. a magnitude 6.1 quake centered 60 miles southwest of the island. there was some damage and dozens were hurt but no deaths are reported right now. in mexico five people killed along the pacific coast as hurricane jova came ashore. a hundred-mile-an-hour winds triggered mudslides and as the
7:35 am
it is raining. central murder mard will clear up in the next few hours. the temperatures are mile, in the 60s. we are in the upper 50s and to the west. starting with the 60s. we will get up to about 75. we will be warm, look for the thunderstorms around, the lows just ahead, a middle school girl is kidnapped by a school security guard. it takes her an entire decade to get away from him. >> we will tell you her incredible story of survival when we come back right here on "the early show." ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,...
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held nine months and jaycee dugard was held capture for more than eight years. >> one woman named tanya kach held as a decade as a virtual slave and now written a book about that deal. she spoke with lynne hayes-free land of whh-tv. >> tanya was already a troubled teenager when this started and the man she ran to for help and protection turned out to be her captor. in 1996 tanya kach was a 14-year-old girl carrying around grown-up problems. her parents were splitting up and like most girls that age, adjusting to the teenage years were tough. >> my mother wasn't in my life at that point. you know my dad completely forgot he even had a doubt you know and we were living under
7:40 am
the same roof, you know just i was hanging around the wrong crowd. >> reporter: that combination made kach the perfect target for thomas hose. he worked as a security guard at her middle school and they soon became fast friends, meeting under the stairwell there, kach believed she was starting a relationship with a man 25 years her senior. a man who was taking charge. >> he was an authority figure. you know wearing a uniform and a badge, you know? somebody that you would trust, you know, and he befriended me. >> reporter: but kach quickly got in over her head when she ran away from home she ran to hose who was living in this house with his parents and a son. hose kept her hidden away in a second floor bedroom for ten years. even his parents say they never knew she was there. to the outside world, tanya kach was a missing milk carton kid. thus, the title of her book. >> absolutely horrible. sitting, stuck in a room, you
7:41 am
know 24/7, you know being led downstairs maybe once a week to get a shower. >> reporter: there were times that you didn't have access to a bathroom? >> he put a bucket in there and said that is your bathroom. i was so brain-washed. i feel humiliated now, absolutely. >> reporter: kach says her worst memories are the holidays. christmas eve in particular. she spent four of them inside a closet on the second floor of the hose home. >> it broke my heart. i thought of my family. wondering if they were thinking about me. >> reporter: after time hose allowed kach to go on the back porch of the house when he was getting ready for work. she didn't leave because he promised to hunt her down and threatened her life. >> he would just point. i was like a dog. i did what my master told me.
7:42 am
i went in the closet. >> reporter: that lasted for years. hose made kach change her hair color and her name and with those came limited freedoms. as she got out kach wanted more. she one day confided in a convenience store manager that her name was tanya and she was the girl police had been looking for a decade. he called police and hose was arrested. thomas hose is now serving a prison sentence but he is eligible for payroll in february. >> he is an absolutely monster. oh, just no words to explain him. >> reporter: so what is next for tanya kach? she is working on an associate's degree and hopes to be a realtor but still looming over her head is the possibility that thomas hose could be eligible for payroll in february of 2012. >> let me ask you you a question about that. is she a little nervous about
7:43 am
this? she was held captive for ten years. he serves less than five. you mention he is eligible for payroll in february. i'm sure that's a concern. >> reporter: it is a huge concern for her. in fact, she has not lost sight of the fact that he could be eligible for payroll and half the time she spent in his home so at this point, she does not want to testify at the hearing but she does plan to submit testimony either written testimony or via videotape. >> lynne hayes-freeland in pittsburgh for us this morning, thanks so much. we will be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪ ♪
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7:47 am
player. >> the news is the apparent eminent hiring of theo epstein away from the boston red sox to join the chicago cubs. >> reporter: it's no wonder chicago cubs fans are excited over rumors of their newest acquisition. >> the cubs are getting theo epstein. >> reporter: the 30-year-old broke the curse of the bambino by winning two championships for the boston red sox after an 86-year drought. cubs fans should be so lucky. they last won the world series in '08. that is 190. and many believe a curse is behind their decades of few ill at this time. >> a capacity crowd on hand. >> reporter: during the 1945 world series a local tavern owner cursed the cubs because a pet goat was bothering the cubs fans. the cubs lost the series and haven't been back. since then the curse has crushed the cubs fans repeatedly. in 1969 a black cat runs on to
7:48 am
the field as the cubs play the new york mets. the team goes on to collapse down the stretch, missing the playoffs. in 1984, the curse takes the form of a routine grounder. >> right through his legs! >> reporter: but somehow e leads first baseman leon durham. then in 2003 with the chicago cubs just five outs away from the world series an overzealous fan reaching for a foul ball prevents it being caught. the team subsequently falls apart, losing the game and a chance to get back to the world series. the offending baseball was blown to smithereens as a chicago restaurant. so if the rumors are true the cubs new owners went out and did what any self-respecting want to win team would do. they bought themselves a multimillion dollar hex buster. >> the curse of the goat and the bambino bambino. i think if he can do that, he will be here for not only five years, maybe 20. he'll be here forever. >> breaking the curse of boston
7:49 am
and coming to chicago and breaking that curse, all fame no question about it. >> reporter: a lot of question for a guy who won't play a game but if he breaks the curse, theo epstein will be king of the second city. cynthia bowers cbs news chicago. >> just remind everybody this is just a general manager. he doesn't actually play so see what he can do. another one of those red sox/cubs correlations there? big buckner, he was a former cub. now when he was playing for the red sox in that world series versus the mets be when the ball went under his leg, he had a -- >> coming up lawyers for michael jackson doctor make an important shift in strategy and look at that when we come back. stay with us. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. so, look for these special packs to see how you can help your local volunteers. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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7:55 am
. we will have your traffic right after this first morning weather. we are locking at the last of the showers moving over the area. clearing in the afternoon, but with that, the sun will heat up and we could see thunderstorms. we will go up, thunderstorms co move in by this evening and overnight lows, some rain and drizzle, 60 defrees and 74 tomorrow, showers and
7:56 am
thunderstorms, the temperatures in the mid 70s. another check of the roads, traffic control. >> busy out there and on our our traffic cameras, the accident on the east side, on the toll plaza, on the north side of the beltway, back to the ramp to the harrisburg express way. this is at montgomery in the area with the 175 area. there is a lock at the speeds out there on the beltway, slow on the west side, slow on the south side, too. looking at the delay and fog. this is a traffic report brought to you by bill's carpet. thank you, at the top of the news, the wife of raven's
7:57 am
owner has died. >> she in her later years known for giving back, not just to the opera house, but to the city itself. she was a successful actress in television and film, starring in the people's choice, "general hospital "and several movies. the mission of the couple was to give back, the couple left their mark on the city. >> the bitter battle over the take over of the consollation energy has taken another turn. the state of maryland is being accused of imposing unnecessary rules. a major development in the trial doctor charged in michael jack
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ female announcer ] can a health insurance company be ahead of the curve and still completely behind you? dave thinks so. he's putting two kids through college. ♪ ♪ and aetna's payment estimator lets him compare in-network specialists and out-of-pocket costs. ♪ ♪ so he knows what to expect before getting the bill. money saved. ♪ ♪ see the savings. aetna. know more. get better.
8:00 am
my dad. >> your dad? >> boys and girls, we have a very special sergeant here. >> that was one heck of a surprise that army staff sergeant mr. johnson there and his daughter skylar who hadn't seen each other since christmas. johnson's kids had no idea he was home on leave from iraq. we will ask them how they pulled this whole thing off. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. do a lot of stories on these.
8:01 am
i love to see the emotions and the tears between these two. cannot wait. >> it never gets old. that is a favorite story not only of the day but the week. also ahead, an edgy tv commercial for diet soda just for men. you may have heard there is this new variety of dr pepper coming out. only 10 calories per serving. here is the catch. it's in the advertising. it's not for women. so, ladies you just check out here. it's a new trend, though, commercials aimed specifically at men to put a spin on products like light beer and not forget the old spice guy. i don't want to forget the old spice guy. take a look at why the ads may be working or if they are perhaps reinforcing some old stereotypes and ticking people off. >> i didn't think from a diet soda point it could get much masculine than tab or fresca. >> i love fresca. but then that really -- it's your whole argument, isn't it?
8:02 am
>> you love old spice! first, the latest on the michael jackson manslaughter trial. on wednesday a cardiologist who received his medical treatment testified that jackson could have been saved if dr. conrad murray had not made several mistakes. >> all those deviations giving propofol in an unmonitored setting without personnel, without appropriate monitoring without the appropriate equipment, not being prepared, not doing appropriately reacting to the arrest, not calling 911 on a timely fashion, all directly impact -- impacted his his -- his life. because if these definite deviations would not have happened michael jackson would be alive. >> joining us now is jean casarez, correspondent for in
8:03 am
session on trutv. good morning jean. >> good morning. >> how stunning a revelation to hear this doctor testify that he could have been saved had the proper care been administered. >> you know, it was amazing. it was quite a day for the prosecution yesterday, and so many gross deviations from the standard of care. that was the terminology. but one by one, talking about what conrad murray did not do and what he did in that bedroom that ultimately helped cause the death of michael jackson. but i think the most emotional one -- and, remember katherine and joe jackson, a mother and a father, are sitting in that courtroom and they hear that because 911 wasn't called in that small window of time that michael jackson's life could be saved because his airways were obstructed. he couldn't get oxygen. if they had gotten emergency personnel to get him oxygen, he would be alive today and that is very strong for the prosecution and katherine and joe jackson
8:04 am
just sat. i saw joe jackson hang his head at points in that courtroom. >> let's talk about kind of the reversal in strategy that you had mentioned earlier, that the judge and the prosecution, actually not going to try to prove that michael jackson killed himself by drinking the propofol. this whole kind of reversal here, why? what does this mean? >> well, believe it or not, there was a study in chili since michael jackson died it was a human study. we would never do this in the united states, but students volunteer to drink propofol and they were given substantial amounts and the issue was will you die if you drink propofol? well, they all lived. originally thifs a phonei think it was a phone cal from chile, we did a study and they all lived. it's going to be presented at the national association of
8:05 am
anesthesiologists on friday. the defense said we conducted our own study. you do not die from drinking propofol but let's look at the other side here. conrad murray is saying i didn't put all of those drugs in michael jackson. i put some of them, yes, but not everything the toxicology report showed and michael jackson is not here and can't tell us what he may have done. defense is trying to figure out how the other drugs got in him. the way they are going to go. there was a syringe found on the night stand and needle found on the floor. they will say michael injected himself with propofol. >> the jury look look at this strange to see the defense change course. >> the jury has no idea what the original position of the defense was. a tough year for harrisburg, pennsylvania. last year flooding forced more than 10,000 residents to leave their home and on top of that
8:06 am
the city is battling a huge debt problem and on wednesday, it filed for bankruptcy. our affiliate robb hanrahan has more for us. there was a 4-3 vote by the city council to actually file for bankruptcy, but it doesn't have a ton of support in the city. >> reporter: well, no, it doesn't, erica. as the city of harrisburg gets started today, people driving in to work they are under the dubious distinction of being one of the first capital cities in the country to file for bankruptcy. the headline in this morning's paper simply says "train wreck." this all came about, as you said in a surprise city council meeting tuesday night when the council voted 4-3 to hire its own counsel and file for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. that's a move the governor, state lawmakers and the mayor all say is illegal. >> they say it's illegal but they are moving forward with it? >> reporter: a lot of reasons they say it is illegal. one, the city has been considered a distressed city in
8:07 am
the state under its act 47 plan since last spring and so before the legislature broke, it actually amended the physical code to say the capital city would not be allowed lawfully to file for bankruptcy. the second thing is the mayor says it was unlawful for the council to hire its own solicit tor, its own lawyer without her approval. thirdly the state lawmakers are taking up a position to take over the city. >> the city is in a major mess and we will continue to follow it. thanks. >> reporter: we are talking about 300 million of debt. a lot of people point to 1972 when the harrisburg incinerateor project began to burn trash and create steam heat downtown. it never really made a whole lot of money and it was closed in 2003. opened in 2008 after some pollution revamping was done however, it's not made enough money to make up for the 300 million dollar deficit.
8:08 am
>> robb hanrahan in harrisburg pennsylvania, thanks again here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. good morning to you. police say a hair salon was packed and every station occupied when a gunman opened fire yesterday in california. scott evans dekraii is accused of killing eight people yesterday. he was captured near seal beach wearing a bullet proof vest a half mile from that scene. witnesses say he was targeting his ex-wife, a stylist in that salon. congress is sending three long awaited free trade agreements with president obama today. they finally passed after five-year political standoff. the president said he will happily sign them. he dined last night with the south korean president who will address congress today. the white house says it will boost u.s. exports by $13 billion and says the deal with south korea alone with will support 70,000 jobs.
8:09 am
senator, senator john mccain and others introduce what they call is a better option than the president's jobs bill. the president's plan was stopped in the senate this week. this morning mccain told us he believes business creates jobs not government. >> we want to cut people's taxes, give them a fair and flatter tax code. we want to put a moratorium on new regulations. we want to have offshore drilling. we want to stimulate this economy by providing an environment of investment and job creation. >> the white house is working to get parts of its proposal passed by congress. overnight amtrak train crashed into at amtrak train. the moving train ran a red outside the window, the fog is burning off, but the clouds are there and the rain in the area. going up to 75 today, a little
8:10 am
rain early, that will start to taper off, but a thunderstorm in the afternoon. we will see the sun, mild in the evening. 60 overnight, then tomorrow, some sun, the showers, this >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by party city. nobody has more hall ren for less. coming up next food has an expiration date even when it doesn't go rotten. we will you what you need to know to get the most off your groceries. this is "the early show" on cbs.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have high fever confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. is today your day? talk to your doctor... and go to for a free 30-capsule trial offer. depression hurts . cymbalta can help. ♪ in this morning's "healthwatch" the shelf life of food. we have talked a lot this week about vitamins and supplements. two new studies point out to the risks in taking them. >> we have also looked at the getting your vitamins and nutrients from the food that you eat.
8:14 am
it's important to know though, the food in your pantry and your refrigerator can lose its nutritional value over time even if it doesn't have an expiration date. here to help us is keri glassman who is a contributing editor to "women's health" magazine. nice to have you with us. >> nice to be here. >> things we probably don't think about we start off with fruits and vets we know the shelf life get to that olive oil and box of tea in your cupboard those expire technically? >> you are correct. olive oil i say do not buy in bulk. we know it is loaded with antioxidants that are important for heart health and super powerful nutrients. but after about six months you're going to lose about 40% of those antioxidants. >> wow. >> tea as well. you want to store in a dark place in a sealed container because after about six months all of those powerful antioxidants lose about 32% of their power. >> i need to clean out my cupboards. >> you have to stay focused on that. people leave tea for years.
8:15 am
>> olive oil, that surprises me. >> six months is not a long period of time. >> olive oil buy it in a stainless steel container or glass and that will help preserve the nutrients. >> this clear glass is not ideal? >> not ideal. >> sorry phillip. >> our bad. fresh fruits and vegetables. >> you don't have control over that but things to think about. two main factors. one is ripeness. there are certain produce like these peaches and apples that actually they reach their peak ripeness after they have been harp vested so they need to be harvested early to make sure when they hit your fridge or table you're getting the maximum amount of nutrition. others get the most amount of vitamin c and reach their ripeness on their host plant like the berries and ask your produce guy when were these delivered to the store and handling. if you didn't want to eat the bruised apple when you were younger you were not necessarily
8:16 am
wrong. bruising can affect the nutrient value. >> i like that. i don't think a bruised apple. frozen fruits and vegetables if you can't get fresh ones or during the winter this is a great alternative. do they hold on their nutrients and vitamins? >> absolutely. they are actually picked at peak ripeness and flash frozen so they can have even more nutrients than some of the fresh fruits and vegetables you may be buying. then canned observe gets a bad wrap. however, also picked at peak ripeness. the only thing to worry about can it may have added salts and sugar so i do prefer the frozen over the canned. >> always read your labels correct. >> exactly. >> in of the nutritional value i guess is a little bit off when the fruit is cut, correct? >> exactly. you want to keep your fruit whole in the fridge. so keep it cool and then keep it whole until you're ready to eat it. we see this is turning brown. it's not just that it looks unappealing, it means it is
8:17 am
oxidizing and you're losing a little bit of the nutritional value and don't overcook your fruits and values that will also depress the nutrients. >> don't buy cut up melon because it will be less nutrition for us. >> we have to get our fruits and vegetables in. we are not eating enough of them! >> we will have a snack and be back with more. >> lots of antiobjectionxidants there. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by ostoe biflex. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand. we all want our candy in october. our turkeys in november. and want to pick up our gifts in december. that's why sears layaway let's you reserve any item you want, whenever you want, and with no finance charges. that's real choices for real joy.
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8:19 am
you've been sending us your personal finance questions on everything from rents property to credit cards. >> business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is ready to give you your answers as we ask it early this morning. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> our first question we have on tape comes to us from rose in
8:20 am
chicago. >> my family owns a property that we're having trouble finding tenants for and it is difficult to manage and we were wondering when to walk away from it. >> a lot of people can relate to that. >> a lot of people can. first question you want to ask yourself could you rent it at a lower price and still pay for the mortgage, on top of that pay the taxes and the insurance? if you could you might want to consider lowering the rental price before putting it on the market. second thing to ask yourself. she said it's tough to find the tenants and manage the tenants. there are rental management companies if you're willing to part with 10% of the monthly rent. you pay them they take it off your hands. but if she thinks this isn't going to work out and the market there for local real estate makes sense to sell it let's say the local real estate is actually increasing in value, you can check with a local real estate agent or go to for a sense where things are. that might make it time to sell and it would make sense for her
8:21 am
to do that under these circumstances but there isn't a one size fits all model here. >> next question from twitter. richard tweets is silver something to buy right now? i can't buy gold any more. just too much. silver is it the next gold? stock up or down? >> this has gotten a lot of attention because silver is sort of the poor man's gold and 40 times less expensive to buy than gold so a lot of people who say i can't afford thousands of dollars to buy one ounce of gold look at silver instead. the issue here is that it's very volatile. so if you're thinking about buying silver or gold you have to know that you're getting into volatility. second of all never do it all at once. so if you are going to stock up on silver don't. buy it very gradually and know that ultimately if it's a part of your retirement savings plan it shouldn't be more than 5% of your total retirement savings. >> finally, our last question has to deal with credit cards versus debit cards for students. >> i'm julie. i'm sending my daughter to college and wonder if i should
8:22 am
get her a debit card to monitor her spending or if i should get her a credit card with a limit on it. >> very popular question julie. i'm glad at least she is thinking about this ahead of time. i would say you can do both with some calf jets. first off, get a low credit card because you want to make sure it doesn't have a lot of accessibility. you don't want your kid to have a $15,000 limit when they go to college. have a talk before they go to school. tell them this isn't for you to spend money on this is for you to build your credit so later in life you have the ability to buy a home buy a car or expand a business. use that debit card to pay for your daily expenses the good thing is there is always a cap on it because a debit card will only let you take out what you already have in your checking account. >> you can plan not to have the overdraft protection if you'd like with a lot of accounts so you teach your kid a lesson there. >> great point. >> i've been out of college for 20 years and don't have a $15,000 credit limit yet. >> why would they ever give you
8:23 am
a $15,000 credit limit? >> you don't need it as a college student. >> you certainly don't. >> we will be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. wsk bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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8:25 am
. it is not raining at this moment. raining over much of the area in the next few moments. a big batch moving up from washington d.c. and the western edge and if you are over in the columbia area, you will see that and that is pretty much the order of the day, light showers in the area. we will see the sun, the temperatures up to about 75 and down to about 60 tonight with the mild temperatures and some
8:26 am
rain and drizzle. for a check of the roads, we have traffic control. good morning. not a great morning on the roads, a big problem on the delays, an accident, causing a 42-minute delay from the beltway with an average speed of 14 miles per hour. there is a look, look for this accident and another at middle river. this is in between the areas with accidents and big delays on the topside of the express way. this is brought to you by a.m. a zone. -- am a son. the owner of the raven's
8:27 am
wife has died reporter: in her later years, known for giving back, to organizations over the city. she died at 80, following months of health problems. she was known as a successful act stress, starring in the "people's choice ," general hospital "and some movies. their mission was to give back and they did leave their mark on the city. >> a man is in serious condition after being boat enwith a bat. it is a robbery with serious injuries, the police are looking into this attack -- family and friends are looking into the death of a pasadena teen. she hit a house and they are trying to determine if speed or
8:28 am
wet roads contributed to the crash. up next, how for tourists are giving our economy a value
8:29 am
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour now on your thursday. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. ahead, trucks beer and steak. that's how i like to spend a friday night. kidding. manually products marketed at men. if you don't believe that just
8:31 am
look at the commercials. what about the products that may not be so traditionally masculine like a diet soda? >> very masculine. >> madison avenue is now hoping to sort of man up its approach to some of these products in an effort to span the number of people who are buying them but does it work? ah the question. we will investigate. >> you want to man up watch your calories. we have got a wonderful reunion to tell you about. a little girl and her brother hadn't seen their dad in almost a year. he is serving in iraq and he wanted to come back and surprise his kids so he and his teachers set up this elaborate plan and it worked perfectly! we will show you how it happened. how about wave before we have you on coming up? >> they are there! >> we are so happy to bring that to you. >> best story of the week. looking forward to that. a silver lining for tough economy. foreign tourists spend an average 4,000 when they visit
8:32 am
the u.s. >> a lot of money and good news for businesses. they are making international shopperers one of their most valuable imports. here is debbye turner bell. >> reporter: for these savvy shoppers there is only reason to ride on a bus for an hour. >> you save money. you can buy four t-shirts instead of two. >> reporter: the majority much these bargain hunters are not american. where are you from? >> germany, from berlin. >> london. >> we are from china. >> reporter: but they are all looking for a good old fashioned american discount. >> we are the united nations of shoppers. >> reporter: director of marketing at woodbury common premium outlet christine greek says international shoppers are essential to the mall's bottom line. >> they will shop longer and spend more because it's a destination. they are making the trip to come here. >> reporter: retailers around the country like woodbury common on wooing international customers to help get foreign shopping dollars which could
8:33 am
help boost the flagging american economy easement economy. >> we are looking at into $8 million with the boost of foreign shoppers. >> reporter: that influx could create an estimated 1.3 million new jobs over the next decade and lawmakers are even trying to improve the visa process for people from europe china, and brazil, like the abu family. what are your plans for the suitcase? >> we want to stuff it with a whole bunch of shopping and buying and everything. >> reporter: they can hardly believe the price tags. >> stuff like this is double the price in my country, come and shop here at less than the normal price at the store. it's fantastic for me. >> additional 20% off. >> reporter: it's not just about the good deal. i would say you're having a successful day? >> very success. maybe not to the bank account. >> reporter: it turns out, foreign shoppers love american
8:34 am
brands. debbye turner bell, cbs news, central valley, new york. >> retail experts too say the market is only going to grow over the next few decades, exploding growth in china, india and brazil is expected to create millions more international travelers. >> everybody loves to come here and buy the goods and take them back home. >> who doesn't love a bargain? >> get a good deal while you can. >> jeff glor at the news desk. a guy who doesn't meet a bad deal. >> what i'm not buying today is a blackberry p. many blackberry users are waiting to get their service back this morning. this has been a mess. a good portion of the 70 million blackberry users around the world have been affected by e-mail outages this week especially yesterday and this morning in one way or another. the company said the situation is better today but a backlog of e-mail and messages. research in motion say they don't know when service will be fully restored. >> we understand that the frustration our customers are
8:35 am
feeling about the lack of lack berry service so our priority here is to ensure that network is up and running as soon as possible. >> reporter: rim has struggled badly in recent years going from almost 50% of the smart phone market in 2008 to less than 15% this year. president obama's campaign said this morning it's raised more than $70 million for his re-election and the democratic party this summer they say that exceeds their goal. six months after william and kate a new royal we hadding is getting the world's attention this morning. the wedding of the dragon king. celia hatton reports. >> reporter: high in him lay yeahs with woven robes, they hosted a wedding fit for the global stage. in elaborate buddhist ceremony the country's beloved 31-year-old king jing me married his long time girlfriend by placing a silk drown on her head.
8:36 am
the dragon king as he is known wanted his wedding to be simple and traditional, putting ordinary citizens on the guest list instead of foreign dignitaries. the ceremony months in the planning, meticulous in its preparation. captivated the small nation and drew in spectators from all over the world. >> it's such a wonderful place and it's just more wonderful when the king is getting married and everything, yeah. >> reporter: with this kind of fairy tale is nothing new. striking in similarities to the dream wedding of prince william to kate middleton in britain when another commoner married her prince. just like kate and william, this royal couple are so popular that a national holiday was declared so butan's 700,000 people could watch three days of wedding celebration broadcast live when television was only introduced in the country in 1999.
8:37 am
. the temperatures in the mid 60s. going up 10 to 15 warmer than where we are now. 65 down in ocean city and 55 in oak lapped and then more from marshall. 75, the temperature high today, warm with thunderstorms around this afternoon. 60 overnight low with rain and drizzl the ballots of the sexes is heating up in the ad world. >> yeah. in this this morning, a soft drink company is getting flak for a ad saying this is not as for forwomen. it's taking a new kind of commercial aimed at men to an entirely new level. >> men down! ♪ >> w.o.o.! >> hey, what are you doing? >> saving you from unmanually behavior. >> i bet it's the strawberry body wash.
8:38 am
>> no, it's this beer. >> reporter: miller lite and its man up campaign is one advertisement in long line of ads today hyping hypermasculinity to its product. >> hello, lajs. does your man look like me? can he smell like me? yes. >> reporter: they challenge men to smell good and look buff. the ploy worked. last year, according to ad week sales for the body wash at one point were up more than 100%. >> i'll have the french fry -- i mean the fruit cup! >> reporter: pepsi max geared toward men has zero calories but makes no mention of the word diet on its black can or in ads. >> hey lajsdies. enjoying the film? of course not. >> reporter: now dr pepper is getting in the game announcing a low calorie drink for men only called dr pepper 10. >> it's our soda.
8:39 am
only ten manually calories. >> they are really trying to push an idea that in order to be a real man, a man's man, you can't be sensitive. you've got to drink beer. you've got to be into physicality. and if nothing else you can't tap into that feminine side. >> another miller lite. >> i'll watch your purse. >> it's a carry-on! it's striking a cord with men at a time when more women are finding more professional success. >> if you haven't been and to keep up with them this is a way you can. forget about the women. they are not your competition. now you can reclaim your territory and be the king of the jungle. >> reporter: it's a redrawing of old battle lines and stereo typical roles between men and women. >> so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. we are good. >> reporter: betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. it's getting a pretty good
8:40 am
reaction here in the studio. >> good ad! ladies, enjoy the movie? i don't think so. >> joining us is mary lou quinlan who is ceo of the marketing company "just ask a woman." so we will ask a woman. the ad is funny. is this the best way to market or is it going to be offensive to some people? >> some of them are funny and guys like to laugh at themselves and women like to laugh at themselves. >> we like to laugh at men too. >> so you think what part of it do you find -- >> not the commercial but if you look at their viral presence. >> let me say this. i'm a huge diet dr pepper fan. when i first saw the ad in written word, i didn't even know what it was all about. and i thought, okay this is a little offensive. we are talking about a soda here but to see the commercial it does kind of play totally different, i think. >> yeah. the commercial is gun butfun but if you go on the facebook page women
8:41 am
are excluded from the page. guys can shoot high heels and a lot of insulting things happening so it is fun. >> a lot of that isn't playing so well. is dr pepper handling it correctly? certain posts being taken down from the facebook page. if you put it up there you have to take the heat that comes with it. >> exactly. when they withdraw and they don't take the comments and respond, they are cutting off the conversation only inflaming the dialogue which might be what they want anyway. it's not a big brand so maybe they want to make a little fuss here. >> as long as they are talking about it, right? >> you heard the dr. talk about reclaiming their territory. to talk about that and diet soda in the same sentence seems a little territory. and i drink diet soda. do they believe this is the best way to get through that market you're talking about? >> humor works with beer and soda and diet strengths are kind of girly in men's eyes. they need to push it in your
8:42 am
face to pay attention. >> there is coke zero and pepsi max so been these and they were all obvious in the beginning too. maybe not with their advertising but saying we want to go after the men. we know you drink diet soda and this will make you feel more manually. have they been successful? >> humor sells, it really does. if you take it to old spice, that has blown off the shelves, talking about how to be a guy and smell like man but the thing about that is women like it too. 75% of the conversations online about old spice are women talking about isaiah. >> i was going to say, we are talking about him. he actually has been a guest on "the early show." we are talking about him not necessarily -- i think old spice i think of my dad and i like the smell because it smells like my dad but i don't want my husband to smell like my dad. >> this is a whole new smell. >> ladies you want me to leave? >> so you mentioned it's not working in their print campaign in the information that they put out there and maybe online.
8:43 am
is it that detrimental you think it has an impact on this new brand of dr pepper? >> women buy more soda than men do and women are buying the soda for their chubby husbands so i would say don't tick her off. have fun with it but don't make her mad. >> again it's diet soda. dr pepper want to get the word out and i guess if you want to do it you make a bit of a splash and you have to tick people off along the way. >> here we are talking about it. >> i'd like to go on the record saying i like a good action movie. >> but you love beer. >> i do! >> and trucks. she loves fire engines, too. mary lou, thank you very much. >> thank you. turn to the story has made our day, frankly, our week. a 9-year-old girl got the surprise of her life last week. doing a spelling bee at school and she was given the word
8:44 am
sergeants and then the teacher asked, do you know any sergeants? that is when her dad comes? >> my dad. >> your dad? boys and girls, we have a special sergeant here today. >> staff sergeant therron johnson had been on duty since christmas. sergeant johnson and skylar and her brother christian. great to have you all with us this morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> hello. >> you did some advantage planning on this one going so far as to change the date you told your kids you would be home correct? >> yeah, yeah. i kind of messed up and told them i was going to be home at the end of september which was correct, but because of the spelling bee thing that we created, i had to change it and tell them, you know something
8:45 am
different. so it worked out. >> so skylar when you heard from your dad he wouldn't be home as early as you thought, that might have been tough news to get. >> yeah. i kind of cried after that after i got off the phone. >> do you think it was worth it now? >> yes. >> yeah? so take us back. you spelled the word sergeant perfectly, skylar. no big surprise there probably to your dad or even to your teacher, but when you realized it was your dad there on the stage, if you can tell us what that was like for you. what was it like to have your dad hug you? >> it was amazing. like you can't even describe it. >> did it feel real? >> yes, very real. >> what about you, sergeant? did it feel real to you? >> oh, yeah. i couldn't wait. i was behind the curtain and i kept feeling my cue and telling the lady operating the curtain, one of their assistants there, open the curtain, i'm ready.
8:46 am
you know? she was only like three feet in front of me. we were that close but the curtain separated us and she didn't even know. >> what a fantastic surprise. christian, you're at a different school but you got a little surprise of your own, right? >> yes. they told me i was going to early dismissal and i didn't know what i was going to do so i walked up to the stage and i saw my dad in his uniform with my sister. >> what was that like for you when you realized dad was home early and he came to surprise you? >> i felt like it was a dream that came to real life. >> so you guys have had nice time together. i know you have a few more days sir, before you have to go back. what have you been up to? >> we are at disney. >> disney world. >> not so bad to come home and take them to disney! >> it's been one time. >> this may be tough to top, sergeant johnson. will you continue the surprises next time you come home do you think? >> i guess they will expect it
8:47 am
next time. i doubt i can top this. this has come unexpected for them and the way mr. roberts and mr. ryan changed everything there at the elementary school, they made it special. >> they helped you put this moment together. correct me if i'm wrong, but they actually staged the spelling bee in many ways so that you could do this with skylar? >> yes. it was was staged. i contacted them a month before i came back to let them know and then we worked it all. we had a month to do it so it was plenty of time to plan and it worked out. it was very special. i mean, little did i realize it was going to be the feel good story of the week i guess is what people are calling it. >> it's fantastic. it's always doing someone's heart good to see a reunion of one of our members in the military with their kids but, boy, you really topped a lot of of them. sergeant, thank you for being with us and thank you for your service, sir. >> thank you. praise god. thank you. >> you guys enjoy your few days with your dad and give him lots
8:48 am
of hugs to take back with him. we know you'll have more when he gets home next time. >> thank you. >> bye. >> bye! >> the one thing you know when you're setting up a deal like that if you're dealing with someone in the military presix is key. >> there on time, ready to go. >> down to the letter. congratulations to them though, great story. ahead, one of the most well-known symbols of freedom is in america, it is now being duplicated. >> we will hear from the man who now owns a little statue of liberty. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury.
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8:50 am
thorpgis morning, laid liberty has a new sister. >> cbs bigad shaban has more for you right now. >> she is timeless. symbol lick and a 151 feet tall. a gift from france the statue of liberty has stood as a symbol
8:51 am
of freedom in america for nearly 125 years. about ten miles away in the shadows of manhattan's madison avenue skyscrapers there is a new lady liberty in town. >> you see the light? the detail? >> the broken chains represent the broken chains of bondage. >> reporter: real estate tycoon leonard stern brought her her from france with ties to the original. the question everyone wants to know, how much did it cost? >> well over a million dollars and just stop there. >> was it worth it? >> priceless. what it represents. it represents our fundamental values in this country. >> reporter: before ever creating the actual statue of liberty, the sculptor made a model 16 times smaller and france made that model to cast the new lady liberty.
8:52 am
the french government is allowing only 1 copies to be made and when stern heard about the production, he knew he had to have one of them. >> whatever it was, i would have paid. >> reporter: with this 9 1/2 foot version, no assembly required unlike the full-size the statue that had to be shipped in 1945. it took four months to put back together and it would welcome 12 million immigrants as they made their way by ellis ziledisland. >> i've come to understand the stature of liberty is america to me. >> reporter: but this november the statue of liberty will close for a year' worth of repairs and that could mean more visitors for her new miniature manhattan twin. just don't expect any walking tours to the top. bigad shaban cbs news new york. >> pretty cool. >> yeah.
8:53 am
nice to have one there. one in vegas to a touch of liberty everywhere. >> that's going to do it for us this morning. but we will be back tomorrow. >> your local news is next. see you tomorrow here on "the early show." >> have a great day.
8:54 am
8:55 am
. it is not foggy where you are, then it is probably raining. good morning. a damp thursday, shaping up, clearing out and this afternoon, right now, an area of rain moving over the area and over the beltway now. the chance of thunderstorms,. down to about 60 and 0eu for
8:56 am
tomorrow, the thunderstorms before it clears up for the weekend. at the top of the news, a wife of the rach's owner has died. here is more on her story reporter: in her later years, she was known to give back, not just to the opera house, but over the city. she died at 80. she was a successful actress that stard in the people's choice and general hospital and some movies. they moved to pallet more and their mission was to give back and have really made their mark on the community -- more ton the home land on september 24á 30th. they think that the child was
8:57 am
tanned and be in the mother's honda. if you have information, call 911 medicinally. a man was beat with a baseball bat. the 28-year-old was attacked and he had suffered serious injury. police are looking for who attacked him. they are expected to call a former maryland transportation secretary today. giving you the 411 now on the area code for this area in
8:58 am
a few months. the 667 will be introduce that will add about 800,000 new numbers. a look at weather and traffic coming up at noon
8:59 am
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