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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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through his running club? exactly. esteban was bragging to horatio about his running team and how he logs his runs. this information is from a gps pedometer. so, whenever he runs, it logs exactly where he is and uploads it to this site. all right, let's take a look at esteban's activity from this morning. he started his run from the clinic at 6:00 a.m. somewhere along this run of his, he had to pay angela a visit. what do those markings indicate? the gps-- it marks the runner's speed every tenth of a mile. like this, look-- 7.4, 7.2. that's fast. yeah, but then it slows all the way down to 0.2. or he stopped. that's where he's hiding her. yeah, send me those coordinates asap. (siren wailing) (siren stops)
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plus or minus 100 meters, this is where navarro stopped along his run. caine: did you see anybody else out there? kemp: best that i could tell, there was a van out there on the fire road. (panting) hey, eric. swamp guy said he saw a van out there, didn't he? delko: yeah, that's right. caine: maybe he meant an ambulance. this is csi delko requesting backup to the corner of sixth and crestline. that's sixth and crestline.
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search the building now! ♪
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it's her. it's her, eric. angela? angela? she's alive. she is alive, gentlemen. angela? angela, we're friends. i'm a friend. here we go. good job. you're okay. good job. i'm not getting a signal. i'm gonna get an ambulance. hurry! good job. you made it.
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navarro used the ambulance to transport all the women. yeah, well, we can't get any of esteban's fingerprints from either the vehicle or the building. and all that running route evidence, that's circumstantial at best. angela can't i.d. her attacker, either. you know, i just... we should be holding this guy. i know. well, we would be if navarro wasn't who he is. o'shay did such a number on the state attorney, he's not gonna press charges. hey. officer. hey. nat, this is, uh... elizabeth clark. hi. elizabeth. okay, i'll, uh, catch up with you later. all right. so elizabeth, huh? what were you expecting? angel? trixie, maybe? no. i'm just glad you're here.
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well, you were right. someone did hurt me, and i should probably deal with that. but i'm not making any promises, okay? well, i am. and i'll drive you to the center right now. all right, let me just go get my stuff and clock out. okay. then i'll wait here. all right. thank you. for everything. i'll be right back. i assume you're not here to turn over your son. just here to talk. lieutenant, all that i need in this life is my family. there must be something that you need.
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you know, diego, offering a police officer a bribe is a crime. (laughs) so is allowing these girls to be murdered. diego, i'm gonna take your son off the street one way or another. unless i take you off first. hey, diego. it might not be that easy. (line ringing) (cell phone ringing)
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(sighs) jennifer. jennifer, jennifer. i guess next time, i'll have to take you and your sister. then there will be no one left to go to the cops. like i said, esteban, it's not gonna be that easy. captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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still searching five days after a young boy disappears and his mother is murdered. the focus of a nationwide search shifts back to maryland. >> >> good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. montgomery police serb offed the woods, for the boy we has been missing ever since his mother was murdered. >> >> derrick has more on this. >> reporter: police will say it is investigate tv information that lead them to search two parks in montgomery county, one in damascus, the other -- >> teams of police officers volunteers and even cadaver dogs searched the woods in damascus recreation alt park on sunday, following the latest lead of the disappearance of 11- year-old william mcquain. his mother was found beaten and stabbed to death in their germantown home. the boy's father was arrested
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and charged with the murder, but 11-year-old william has not been seen for weeks. >> we have the investigation open, hoping that william will be found alive. detectives cannot ignore bonafide information that is causing him to be here, today. >> police will not say what where the information came from, only 0 people spent the day searched for the little boy's body, finding nothing. police may not know yet whether 11-year-old william is alive. but they say they do expect answers soon. >> >> a police search for his body, not what these people are looking for. >> doesn't look good. >> reporter: the search heartbreaking to those that live in the neighborhood surrounding damascus park. >> we took the dogs out, heartbroken, manning if we found something and what would we do.
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>> >> reporter: some of jane's friends organized their own search of the germantown neighborhood near her home. the search for young william continues, so does the criminal case against his stepfather, curtis lopez is expected to appear in a north carolina courtroom tomorrow. at issue, his extra dickion to maryland. >> >> police say so far they have not found anything significant in their search. they may search the parks again tomorrow. >> >> a horrible discovery inside of a downtown baltimore parking garage. the body of a woman found in a dumpster around 8:00. on charles street. this is the second time a body has turned up at that dumpster at the park charles apartment complex. back in august of 2010, a man died after falling 20 stories down a trash chute. >> >> it has been a bloody weekend
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here in baltimore. a 20-year-old, shot to death. jones, one of three people woe was murdered in baltimore since friday night. >> >> we are follow breaking news tonight, a suspected drunk driver slams into a carful of passengers and swerves right into a nearby home. >> i was sitting at my computer, i heard a loud "bang" i came outside, the front door and it was a vehicle in my front porch. >> here's the video into our newsrooms leaked. you can see the after math from the crash. this is the intersection of frankfurt avenue in northeast baltimore. the driver of the gray s.u.v. was taken into custody. despite all of the damage, no one was hurt in either vehicle. the homeowner said this is actually the second time someone has smashed into his house over the last few years. >> >> going global, occupy wall street movement is picking up
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steam. the group, occupy baltimore is still staked out, making their voices heard the protests in charm city have remained very peaceful, but as drew levin son reports, that has not been the case elsewhere. >> reporter: occupy movement got an early start when chicago police arrested 175 protesters. members of the group demonstrating against corporate greed refused to take down their tents and leave a park that had been closed for the night. the anti-wall street sentiment that began in new york a month ago now stretches from coast-to- coast and beyond. their mess san struck a chord with the family of dr. martin luther king jr as his father's memorial dedication in washington. dr. martin luther king the third said the new movement is about fairness. >> young people to occupy movement all over this country and throughout the world, seeking justice. >> reporter: protesters here in
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new york say they will stay at this as long as it takes and they are being heard the question is weather their message change anything on wall street or in washington? republican presidential candidate herman cane said the message is money. >> what is that message? that's unclear. if the message is "let's punish the rich." i don't empathoses with that method. >> reporter: but some say the movement reflects -- >> any middle class americans are finding their incomes are not keeping up with their costs and it's getting more difficult to make ends meet. >> reporter: this weekend, the occupy movement spreads their message around the world now, they will need to see if it makes a difference. >> >> organizers of the occupy wall street protest said they have collected almost $300 thousand in donations to keep the demonstrations going. >> >> desperate for answers, the family of a murdered baltimore
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man makes an emotional plea. back in april, james everyones was involved in an argument stopped at a red light in east baltimore. the argument turned physical and everyones was fatally stabbed. no arrests have ever been made and his family is still searching for the killer. >> it's a bill hole in my heart. >> don't cry, mom. >> he wouldn't hurt no one, so whoever you are, please turn yourself in. >> the family is looking for answers, anyone with information on everyones' murders, asked to call baltimore homicide at 410-396- 2100. >> >> a suspect in an armed home invasion is caught on tape using the victim's atm car. take a look. baltimore police say this man right here, one of three suspects who forced his way into a home 200 block of amity street in west baltimore. the suspects took money,
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jewelry and an atm card. this man in the photo is accused of using the card to withdraw money at the rite aid store. >> >> president obama and other civic leaders dedicate the dr. martin luther king monument. it was delayed for two months because of hurricane irene. but as "wjz" reports, huge crowds showed up. >> president obama toured the dr. martin luther king memorial and dedicated it to a man he says changed history. >> a man who stirred our conscious and there by, helped to make our often your more perfect. >> reporter: he called on the nation to use dr. king as inspiration during tough economic times. >> i have a dream -- >> without dr. king's glorious words, we night not have had the courage to come as far as we have. >> reporter: the monument is
11:25 pm
the first on the national mall to honor a black leader and teach features a 30-foot tall scroll tour. dedication included music by stevie wonder and aretha franklin. and speeches by members of king's family. >> here i am, overjoyed and humbled to see this great day when my brother, martin, takes his symbolic place on the national mall -- >> reporter: thousands attended the dedication here on the national mall in washington. many came to remember and honor dr. king's legacy. >> this is so important to the country, you know and to our society. >> dr. king's daughter said the memorial represents a move machine. >> it symbolizes that a black preacher, prophet from the south effected a social change that helps to redeem the soul of america. >> >> president obama called on americans to keep working
11:26 pm
towards dr. king's dream. in washington, susan mcginnnis, "wjz." and the king memorial. very personal for president obama. he credits the civil rights leader of paving his path to the white house. >> >> baltimore's inner harbor, a taste of farm living. you don't see this every day, the 4th annual harbor harvest celebrates the bounty of fall. petting zoo and with halloween coming up, decorating some pumpkins out there. >> >> there is a record breaking fund-raiser and the fight against breast cancer. today, thousands of people raised a half million dollar. . >> more than 7,000 marylanders are making strides against breast cancer. this four mile walk included many survivors >> when i first found out that i had breast cancer, my daughter just went away to college.
11:27 pm
i was a single parent, we were both devastated. >> reporter: that was 10 years ago, now, valerie is part of the growing fund-raiser for the american cancer society where pink was the color of the day. >> i know people that have lost people to breast cancer. so we really wanted to support. >> reporter: as part of our community commitment. "wjz" is a proud sponsor. >> today, the american cancer society hopes to turn this great awareness into positive action. >> reporter: this year, they raised $500 thousand. >> to make sure we are able to provide programs to people that have been touched, as well as their caregivers and make sure we are investing in research. >> reporter: their goal, create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays. >> you never know when breast cancer will affect someone in your family. >> hoping awareness saves lives. >> that money stays in baltimore. american cancer society has
11:28 pm
granted more than $4 million to maryland hospitals currently researching a cure for breast cancer. >> >> still to come, the national guard, now brought in to help in the search for a missing baby girl in missouri. we'll have the latest on efforts to try to find lisa irwin. >> the mere fact that individuals would treat disadvantaged people like this is ridiculous. >> >> and it's really quite horrifying. police make the stomach turning discovery inside of this philadelphia house. >> >> also, a fiery crash, a racing superstar, killed on the track, we'll have reaction to this tragic accident, coming up. >> >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods after a beautiful weekend weather-wise, coming our way, your first warning forecast, after this break -- . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now, it's 66 degrees. the complete first warning forecast coming up in a few. > >> some 8 million people have been affected. it is leading to shortages of drinking water, food across the
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southeastation nation today, missouri's governor deployed 25 guardsmen to aid in the search of lisa irwin she disappeared almost two weeks ago from her parents home. a $100 thousand reward has been offered for her safe return. police so far have no solid leads in the case. >> >> philadelphia police discover four mentally handicapped adults chained up in a basement. officers were investigating a report of squatters and that's when they found three men and a women in a 15 by 15 feet room locked behind a steel door three people have been arrested, accused of holding the people captive and stealing their social security checks. >> we know it's a horrible, horrible crime. we are glad we found these people when we did. they deserve a lot better than this. >> the victims who have the mental capacity of 10-year- olds, suffering from bed sores
11:33 pm
and were malnourished. they are in stable condition tonight. >> >> a las vegas indy car race turnsdeadly when more than a dozen cars crash in a fiery wreck. as manuel gallegas reporteds, it was all caught on tape. >> reporter: in a matter of moments, several indy cars collided and burst into flames. british driver dan weldon was killed when his car was caught in a fiery 15 car pileup on the 13th lap. it flu over another vehicle and landed just outside of turn two. three other drivers were hurt in the pileup. weldon was working his way forward the camera on his car shows the crash as he approaches it. another driver's camera catches number 12 flipping over and catching fire. >> even if you are 300-yards behind it, you cannot stop
11:34 pm
this. >> reporter: weldon wonned indy 500, twice. indy car canceled the race and announced weldon's death. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family, today. >> fellow indy drivers were visibly shaken by weldon's passing. >> one minute, you are joking around in driver intro and the next -- the man is gone, dan is gone. >> we are all going to mace him. a little bit of everyone in indy car racing died today. >> >> reporter: they participated in a salute, mourning the race's first death in five years. >> >> weldon came to the u.s. in 1999. >> >> on a lighter note, two zebras have broken out of a boston 00 zoo. a female and her baby got out of the exhibit saturday. the baby returned on


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