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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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concern. a prominent group of pediatricians makes an announcement for a recall. the search is over. 11-year-old william mcquain's body is found in a wooded area. who is responsible? >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. kai is off today. here is what everyone is talking about. it is the end everyone feared. officials say they found the body of 11-year-old william mcquain. mike hellgren is live with more on where the boy's remains were found. mike? >> mary, no one wanted to see it. and this way, we're still
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waiting for official confirmation from the medical examiner's office. you can see, it is still a very active scene. police tell us he may have been dumped airline r october 1st. >> police found the remains of william mccain. >> probably all of us were hoping that we had that little shred of hope that we would find william. that maybe the suspect dropped him off somewhere and said, you know, keep william. that's what we were praying for. >> reporter: william hadn't been seen since september 30th. last week, police found his mother dead in germantown. they charged her husband, william lopez with her murder. he is being brought back.
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>> he will not be charged while he is in north carolina. we'll wait until he gets back here to charge him. and that could be any time. we have 10 days to bring him back to north carolina. and we'll do that very soon. >> reporter: loved ones say william and his mother were inseparable. now, the nationwide search for his whereabouts is over. a tragic end. >> i wish they would have found him alive. i swear i do. but i knew after all this time that they weren't going to find him alive. >> reporter: just such a sad end to this. police also say they have surveillance video of william and his stepdad, going into and out of a storage unit on october 1st. i'll tell you how that plays into all of this, coming up tonight new at 5:00. for now, we're live at the scene in montgomery county, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness
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news. >> investigators say they are still collecting forensic evidence. and they're not sure if the boy was killed where they found his body. fear is growing in one baltimore neighborhood while the cause of a young woman's mysterious death is investigate the. vic is in the newsroom with more on the second death in a year. and the same trash shoot at baltimore's park charles area. >> they say the body is 23-year- old emily haus of pennsylvania. police say there are no signs of foul play. and an autopsy is under way right now. but residents are extremely worried about the bizarre incidents. some even refusing to take their trash out. some saying it is nearly impossible to climb into the chute without help. mary, back to you. >> all right, vic. thank you. in august of last year, a johns hopkins university student died after going down the garbage chute there. shot and robbed in the
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heart of charles village. today, police say they have arrested a suspect. 21-year-old duane mccoy of catonsville is out on $275,000 bail. police say he robbed and shot a man on st. paul street on october 26th. police were led to him by a number on his license plate. looking to solve a heinous crime. this is a sketch of a suspect just into wjz. a 13-year-old girl says this man grabbed her off the street, pulled her into a vacant building and raped her. it happened in the 800 block of north carolina street. the alleged victim describes the assailant as being in his late 40s to early 50s. police are reviewing tapes of the surveillance in the area. social security checks are being cashed by their captors. today, we learned a convicted murderer and two alleged
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accomplices. >> police are interviewing potential witnesses outside the philadelphia home, where four mentally-disabled adults were held captive in the basement. the accused ringleader and two accomplices beat them. >> she did this to me, too. >> reporter: 41-year-old durwin macnamaya. >> that was real dirty of you. that was wrong. >> reporter: the owner of the building says he discovered the four victims this past weekend when he noticed the lights out in the basement and dogs barking. >> i got a flashlight to follow the dogs' sound. >> reporter: he pulled chains off the door and saw the captives. >> i said, who are you? how did you get here? no answers. >> reporter: police believe weston posed as a caregiver and was stealing social security
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checks. authorities say the victims have the mental capacity of 10- year-olds. neighbors were horrified to hear about the basement dunkon. >> when you're holding someone, torturing them for a little bit of money, like ssi payments, that's hell. >> reporter: police found dozens of id cards in the apartment. they are investigating whether other people were victimized. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> weston was convicted in the starvation death of a man nearly 30 years ago. her bail in this crime is set at more than $2 million. keep the series tobacco- free. senators from texas and missouri are asking the players' union are asking not to chew tobacco during the upcoming world series. they say when players use smokeless tobacco, they endanger their own health, as well as the health of the children who watch them play. they want to start off in game
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1 in the world series. 31,000 pounds of trash. that's what they have collected so far, thanks to hurricane irene. more than 2700 volunteers helped pick up everything from a kitchen countertop to a flagpole in the 25th annual coastal cleanup. organizers believed they washed ashore. among other items hauled away, a bmx bicycle, a woman's wig, a car bumper and a rain gutter. here is a live look outside now. mostly sunny, mild conditions. just spectacular out there today. wjz has weather and traffic together. we'll talk to kristy in a second. but let's go to bob turk in the first warning weather center. bob? >> 74 is warmer today than it was yesterday with a lot of sunshine. that's going to change. right now, no issues as far as weather is concerned. but to the west of us and to
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the south of us, we have precipitation, raining out across indiana and ohio, down into the tennessee valley. and a bunch of rain from atlanta to charleston, northern florida. however, looks like now, the bulk of this activity will pass to our west and east. take a look at the latest models. it means things for us won't be nearly as bad as we thought it would be. the heaviest rain to the shore. we may end up with a ripoff, maybe a half inch of rain. but it's going to be wet tomorrow. so prepare for that. it will rain on your wednesday. mainly east and then west. but it will be wet, regardless. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. we'll take a look at our roads with kristy breslin. >> well, you will see some trouble out there on the inner loop. we have an accident on the key bridge. it has a steady delay back to the curtis draw bridge. as far as the delay there, that's jammed up from the
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baltimore national pike. it will take you at least 20 minutes to get through. on the west side outer loop, also congestion there from liberty road to security boulevard. and delays on the north side inner loop from charles street to harford road. traffic moving about 30 miles an hour. stop and go, from 175 to the beltway on the southwest side. and a couple of accidents out there in reisterstown. reisterstown road at franklin boulevard. and in baltimore, north point road at ergman avenue. let's now take a live look. as you can see, plenty of congestion there on the beltway, on the west side at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or these them for your free consultation. >> kristy, thank you. limiting bathroom breaks. the school rules forcing students to hold it, and the reason behind it. taking leave from maryland.
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new guidelines from pediatricians on the use of baby crib bumpers. and why one player insisted. and we're enjoying above- normal temperatures. but it's going to get cooler. and it's going to rain. bob will have more in his first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a tour bus rear-ends a tractor-trailer, causing a trash. it happened on the new york state threw way. eight people were hurt. but only the driver of the bus was taken to the hospital. he is listed in stable condition. the bus was taking 16 people to new york city. police say it looks like the bus hit the truck when the truck slowed down to let another car merge. a man lets his 9-year-old daughter get behind the wheel because he is drunk.
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>> i'm drunk. >> that sound is from a call the girl's father made. surveillance video from the gas station in detroit shows the van leaving. another driver saw her driving and called police. when police pulled her over, she said she thought she was actually driving pretty well. her father is facing child abuse charges. maryland was the first state to ban baby crib bumpers. and now doctors across the country agree they are dangerous. karen brown reports from los angeles. >> reporter: laura and kyle maxwell miss their son. >> he was such a sweet baby. loved being held and cuddled. >> reporter: they put a bumper in his crib, thinking it would make him more secure. but the 7-month-old rolled into a corner. >> one of his nostrils pressed into the mattress and the other into the bumper pad. >> i just pressed into him and
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could see he had no life in him whatsoever. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics is updating its guidelines. for keeping babies safe while they sleep, as well as protecting them against sudden infant death syndrome. the group now says crib bumpers should never be used. >> suffocation and strangulation and entrapment. those are the three major ways that babies can die, with the bumper pads. >> reporter: 2,000 babies die each year in sleep-related accidents. and another 2500 die from sides. >> -- sids. >> reporter: they now recommend that women breast-feed because it could lower the risk. so can having children vaccinated. >> babies who get immunized are half as likely to die of sids. >> reporter: it's been a year and a half since the maxwells lost their son. >> i knew nothing of the dangers of bumper pads. and what killed him, kills me
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inside. >> reporter: they hope their story can protect someone else. >> the updated guidelines also reminds parents to put babies to sleep on their backs, not stomachs. and using a pacifier can also reduce the risk of sids. a big afternoon on wall street. the dow was down all morning but rebounded in the afternoon. the dow ends up 180 points. s&p up 25. nasdaq up 43. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: stocks rallied as investors sorted through another round of profit reports. goldman sachs had a rare profit missed on wall street. the firm reported only a second quarterly loss since going public in 1999. bank of america reversed its loss from a year ago and turned a profit of more than $6 billion last quarter. federal reserve chairman
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ben bernanke says the lesson learned from the 2008 financial crisis is that central banks must have a dual goal of controlling inflation and moving forward. he says the steps the feds took proved to be crucial. they expanded its portfolio of treasury. european leaders appear far apart on a solution to their debt problem. making matters worse, moody's is warning it may downgrade france's top-notch credit rating in another month. and credit card users are having trouble paying their bills. five of the nation's top credit card issuers say late payments of more than 30 days rose last month. it's the first time that has happened happened in nearly three years. for more, stay with at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. a scrabble scandal overseas
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is grabbing headline. a player in a championship game asks to have his opponent strip- searched. >> reporter: more than a word game, scrabble can become a competition of who is smarter than whom. and sometimes a battle of who is cheating whom, which can get a little personal. >> there's an emotional attachment to it. people get really into it, really into it. >> reporter: at this year's world scrabble championships in poland, a player from thailand accused his opponent of hiding it the letter g and asked for a strip search to prove it. tournament officials denied the request, saying there was not enough to say it was there. >> you feel like someone's head is going to explode in front of you because it's so intense. >> reporter: this reminds us of how frustrating the word game can be. yet we come back for more.
4:19 pm
created by american architect, alfred butts, scrabble is now sold in 29 different countries. >> i love scrabble for the reason that 50 million other people do. >> reporter: charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> the winner was from new zealand and scored 96 points on the word omniified to take home the $20,000 pride prize. -- prize. was there classified vehicle inside a stolen government vehicle? breaking a sweat with the ravens. why are dozens of kids getting a workout at m&t bank stadium? i'm andrea fujii. ahead. a warmer than normal autumn day. but rain is on the way. wjz is on the way. for instant updates all the time, go to -- ,,,,,,,,,,
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so beautiful outside, bob. i mean, it's perfect. >> perfect day. beautiful afternoon.
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>> mid-october. >> we talk about rain coming away. and we talked about a lot of rain tomorrow. looks like we'll see rain. but the bulk of the rain is east or west of central maryland. way out west, or way out east, that's a good thing. we certainly don't need much more in the way of rain. temperature-wise, we're at 72 now. actually 74 last hour. dew points not too bad at 48. humidity still pretty low at 42%. east/southeast winds at 10. and that will bring in more moisture, high dew point. barometer, 28.80. remember, the winds are coming in off the ocean. so a little cooler down there. 73 in easton. so very, very pleasant afternoon. no issues at all today. low 70s, can't beat that really. really, really pleasant. southeast winds, once again, over the next 24 hours. the winds will bring in that moisture. the dew point will come up. clouds will bring in clouds and get lower in the sky.
4:24 pm
probably between 3:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning. mabel from this -- mainly from this system out west, which is going topaz to -- to pass to our west. also, this region over southern florida has now moved into southern georgia. it's weakened, actually. did not develop into an area that is strong. but it's got rain with us. most of that is going to go offshore. looks like southern jersey, maybe lower portions of delaware. the lower portions of maryland. may see 1 to 2 inches of rain. west of that region, central maryland, maybe half an inch. and the mountains, out to the west, could see an inch, inch and a half of rain. we're caught in between both of these systems. it will be rainy tomorrow. but we're not looking forward to any big deluge. once it passes, the winds go back to the west/southwest. cooler and dryer air and a bit of a breeze. both of those lows really wind
4:25 pm
up. so it will dry up. maybe a few clouds still left on thursday. perhaps a sprinkle. but for the most part, looks like the bulk of the rains over by wednesday evening. 66, bay temp. tonight, then, we'll call it increasing clouds. maybe a period of rain by about 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. 56 tonight. rain in the morning, tapering off to just a couple of showers late in the afternoon. so it will be a wet drive tomorrow morning. tomorrow's high, maybe 70 degrees. >> all right. >> then it gets breezy and chilly after that. >> we'll need serious rain. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's primetime lineup. it's a new episode of "unforgettable." and then be sure to watch eyewitness news at 11:00. scott pelley has a preview of the evening news. we move along, as police make a bust inside a billion- dollar smuggling business. but the reality is, they're losing the battle and only
4:26 pm
capturing a fracture of the criminals. we'll tell you why, tonight on the cbs evening news. listeria outbreak. what the fda thinks is the root cause of the dangerous bacteria. he made the catch of a lifetime. hear from the humble firefighter who caught a young boy, thrown three stories from a burning building. free at last. a welcome home for an israeli soldier, after years as a palestinian prisoner. now, the stern warning for the hundreds of militants, freed in exchange. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 72 degrees and mostly sunny. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. one life, 4,000. israeli soldiers followed a controversial exchange between the israelis and the palestinians. as tina kraus reports for wjz, israel's prime minister had a
4:30 pm
stern message for the former inmates. >> reporter: freed israeli soldier gilad shalit. then for the first time in five years, hugged his father. a convoy carried shalit back through the cheering crowds to his hometown in northern israel. he thanked supporters and told them gilad would need time to recover from the physical and psychological wounds during his time in captivity. >> he will be treated by the army authorities. and hopefully he will be -- he will recover very soon. >> reporter: israel is freeing 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for his release. many had been serving life sentences for deadly attacks on israel. thousands of people jammed the streets of gaza to celebrate. hamas hailed the thousand for one swap as a victory and called the freed palestinians
4:31 pm
heroes in a struggle for statewood -- statehood. hamas says palestinian rival, mahmoud abbas called the prisoners freedom fighters. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: but israel's prime minister is warning, anyone who returns to terror will be held accountable. some israelis fought the release of palestinian inmates. they say israel will pay the price for making such an uneven deal. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> 447 palestinian prisoners were released in today's swap. another 550 are set to be released in about two months. another story wjz has been following all day. a search for a missing maryland boy comes to a tragic end. police say they have found the remains of a young boy they believe to be william mcquain. >> reporter: denise, the search team made the gruesome
4:32 pm
discovery this morning in a wooded area of montgomery county. investigators say it appears the remains have been at the location for more than two weeks. police issued an amber alert for the 11-year-old, shortly after his mother, jane mcquaib was found dead inside their germantown home. the husband was arrested later in north carolina. lopez waived his extradition and is on his way back to montgomery county and is going to face murder charges in his ex-wife's death. >> wjz is liva at the scene where the young boy's body was found. we'll have an update at 5:00. an update to a brazen shooting inside a parking garage at the university of maryland downtown. police are confirming initial reports that the unidentified man shot in that robbery was also the victim of a home invasion and stabbing back in march. the unidentified man is now recovering from three gunshot wounds to the back. no arrests have been made. an amazing rescue, as
4:33 pm
jonathan elias reports. as a firefighter talks. >> a touching moment. that's boston firefighter, kissing the head of 6-year-old xavier. the two now have a special bond. >> reporter: here at this roxbury three-story apartment building, fire was racing through it. 23 people were trapped. judith lamb was one of them. >> my grandson came. and i put him between me. and i screamed, i wanted to get my grandson out. >> reporter: she was on the third story, and getting ready to drop her grandson xavier. >> he was dangling. and i knew she wouldn't be able to hold him forever until we could effect a rescue. >> lamb, not wanting him to die, dropped him. >> i just prayed, god don't let him miss the catch. he made the catch.
4:34 pm
>> it's the first time i had to make a rescue like that. and i hope it's the last time i have to make a rescue like that. >> i was thinking i was superman. >> you can understand this reunion and the happiness on the firefighter's face. and the kiss on the head. >> of but this is only one of the rescues. everyone got out alive. her thoughts are now with lieutenant mcgillray. >> thank god for him. thank god for him. >> reporter: the fire destroyed more than 40 apartments. one of the building residents is facing ar61 charges. the fbi-- facing arson charges. the fbi is facing a unique truck. the truck was parked in this hotel park being lot in richmond, virginia. someone stole it just one day ahead of the president's visit tomorrow. government officials say the truck and its contents have since been found. three california hikers recently spent years in an
4:35 pm
iranian jail are are now endorsing the "occupy washington" movement. they spoke at the "occupy oakland" raty yesterday. "occupy" demonstrators have received a lot of public support this week. yesterday, the mayors of oakland, berkeley, and richmond joined them in protest. this is video shot as the dust storm, called a haboob, rolled in. visibility dropped to zero. and the high winds damaged hundreds of homes and several airplanes. no one was hurt. that certainly isn't the case in our area. very few clouds of any kind outside to ruin a warm, sunny day. wjz is here and bob turk has the updated numbers. >> it's called a haboob. absolutely right. it's a dust storm. it happens in north africa. and sometimes in north texas, when it's dry like it has been around here. it's die for the time okay. -- time being. i guess the good news is, it's not going to rain
4:36 pm
as much as we thought yesterday. the heaviest rain will pass to the south and southeast. take a look at this graphic. looks like the bulk of the low pressure is going to head off the east coast, the gulf storm. so the heaviest rain is out over the atlantic ocean. or maybe along the coast. and also to the west of us. that low pressure means a pretty good round of rain in ohio, indiana and western pennsylvania. in between, we may pick up a half inch of rain. so it will rain tomorrow, but not as much as we thought earlier. denise? >> that's good. thank you, bob. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. hello, denise. hi, everyone. the problem now is on the east side of the outer loop. we have an accident blocking the right lanes there. backed up to the curtis creek draw bridge. we also had the left lane blocked on the inner loop. as far as the north side inner loop, that's jammed up there from charles street to harford road. another 20 minutes away on the west side inner loop, from 95
4:37 pm
to baltimore national pike. and you'll also see some brake lights on the west side outer loop. that's from liberty road to security boulevard. 70 westbound, heavy there from 29 to marriottsville road. and a couple of new accidents out there in the parkville area. harford road at east jobba. -- joppa. also, east coldspring lane in baltimore city. let's take a live look. you can see, we have plenty of congestion at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the amazon mobile app. it's available now for iphone, blackberry and on windows 7. back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking a sweat with the ravens. dozens of students spent the day exercising on m&t bank field. andrea fujii explains, it's a national initiative. >> reporter: getting the athletes a welcome onto the ravens home field. about 100 students are participating in the first-ever try ravens tournament.
4:38 pm
various athletic games, promoting play 60. the nfl movement to get kids active for an hour a day. >> exercising is good for you. it helps you. >> reporter: and to show them how important physical activity is. ravens players, tory smith and others played along. >> it's an opportunity to give back. just have fun. >> they take a lot back. they focus on staying healthy and being in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. >> reporter: this is part of a healthy initiative. all 32 teams are paiptdzing in this. >> reporter: students say it's a once november in-a-lifetime activity. and they'll never forget what being healthy is all about. >> playing games. and, like, exercising. and having fun. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the ravens are back on the road next week. monday night football in
4:39 pm
jacksonville. you can see the game against the jaguars here on wjz. our coverage kicks off at 8:00 p.m. >> all right. we have monday night football with the ravens. straight ahead with wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. they're getting younger every day. can the new generation really benefit from today's technology. mourning the loss. tributes continue to pour in for a young indy driver. and an autopsy confirms the cause of death. and the kids may need an umbrella at the bus stop tomorrow. bob is updating the first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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biker gang violence. a high-ranking member of the hell's angels is murdered at the funeral for the club's president. 52-year-old steve towson was shot and killed at the funeral in san jose. a member of a rival gang is believed to be the gunman.
4:43 pm
heavily-armed members of the police department were at the funeral because of rising tensions between the gangs. 4,000 people attended the funeral, but no one can describe the suspect. a man escapes from a burning car just moments before it explodes. he pulled over and found a body slouched over the steering wheel of a crashed toyota prius. the man dragged the unconscious person 20 yards down the interstate, and ended up saving his life, before the car exploded. a toddler falls and survives. jessica kartalija has more. >> reporter: police say the 4- year-old boy's injuries are not life-threatening. they say it happened yesterday afternoon, around 3:30 at an apartment building at showa road. officials say the boy fell out of the window. and when they got there, they found him behind the building. the boy was conscious and taken for treatment. >> more details on the boy's fall have not been released. tributes continue to pour in this morning for dan
4:44 pm
wheldon, the indianapolis 500 driver who died in a crash. wheldon's autopsy report has been released. >> reporter: an autopsy has confirmed, it was blunt head trauma that killed indy car super star dan wheldon. his death has left the entire racing community stunned. from outside, shocked fans gathered to mourn the two-time indy 500 champion. >> his personality was such that you just felt like you knew him, even though you didn't. he was outgoing and a family man. and just a devastating loss. >> reporter: to facebook and twitter, where strangers eulogized wheldon, with words like live fast, die young, rest in peace, dan wheldon. >> reporter: back in his native england, his family remembered the man they knew as brother ask son. >> daniel was born to be a racer. and he left us doing what he loved to do.
4:45 pm
he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. >> reporter: off the track, the debate continues, over whether sunday's race at the short oval track at the las vegas motor speedway was too dangerous for the faster indy cars. >> i've never gone 200 miles an hour. >> reporter: on monday, five- time nascar champion, jimmy johnson, who watched sunday's crash at home with his daughter said it's not wort the risk. >> those cars are going so fast. they can get airborne. i wouldn't run them. you can't need to. you can't control the vehicle when it's off the ground. >> reporter: wheldon's good friend and fellow indy driver, ed carpenter, survived sunday's 15-car pileup. >> it's easy to look back on something like this and pick apart what went wrong. i think it was a tragedy. and a great champion and a great guy lost his life. >> reporter: just before the race on sunday, the 33-year-old married father of two young sons signed a multi-year deal
4:46 pm
to replace danica patrick for andretti motor sports. a california couple is behind bars for leaving their baby in a car to go gambling. a man spotted the baby and told casino managers. managers paged the license plate over the intercomsystem, asking the owners to come forward. eventually, they did. the baby is now with a grandparent. new information on exactly where the leadly listeria outbreak originated. so far, 20 people in 25 states, including maryland, have died. as rick sallinger reports, the fda is about to release its preliminary findings. >> reporter: the outbreak was quickly tied to jenson farms, deep in the arkansas valley, near the kansas border. but the owners of the farm have been told no bacteria was found on the farm itself. however, the deadly germs were located here, a few miles away at the farm's packing facility
4:47 pm
in granada. bill marley is representing several of the victims agency families. we spoke to him via skype. >> the packing center is where you believe it is centered? >> listeria loves cool temperatures. that's where it grows the best. so i'm not surprised that the facility may have been less than sterl. sterile. >> reporter: the farm's owner, eric jenson says that it was found during an initial inspection but did not turn up later during an environmental assessment. from the field, cantaloupe are harvested and transported to the shed. here, they are being washed before being shipped. and moisture may be a key factor in the outbreak. >> that's when you're cooling down a product. and you're getting a product wet. it's the perfect environment for listeria contamination. >> reporter: the farm owners insist the packing facility was cleaned regularly.
4:48 pm
and don't understand how the bacteria could have turned up on its equipment. >> now, the fda report will deal with not only the cause of the outbreak but will determine how to prevent this in the future. students will be given backpacks per semester. if they use more than three, they will be given extra classtime. parents of students say the rule is too strict. school administrators have no comment. dancing with the stars contestants are shimmying off the pounds. nancy o'dell has more from hollywood. >> reporter: coming up on entertainment tonight. how much weight has the dancing stars lost? richard simmons goes backstage with a scale. >> reporter: simmons and the audience, and backstage for et, as dancing wins in the rating. 17.5 million tuning in. >> you've lost weight, vicky.
4:49 pm
>> i have. you can tell, right? >> i have. >> tell people how much you have lost. >> i haven't weighed myself. >> i have a scale here. it is amazing how richard simmons travels with a scale. >> was any dancer brave enough to get on richard's scale? okay then. how about some tough questions? >> do you want to know? and i'm here to get you the truth. okay. what do you sleep in? >> nothing. >> huh? you don't find it kind of uncomfortable, like when you turn and stuff? >> no. it's nice. >> oh. oh. the lion king. like the rhythm. i can't believe i'm going to say this, i'm sorry. your turby looks -- tushy looks great, chaz. >> well, thank you. >> they got a lot of closeups and they were firm. >> reporter: also, get a look at aniston's plunging neckline. and britney spear's controversial new music video. we'll have that and more on entertainment tonight.
4:50 pm
we have breaking news right now. let's go live to captain mike perry, who is live in sky eye chopper 13. >> hello, vic. we have a horrific accident. this is towson, baltimore county, along event east joppa road. correction. just west of oakley road. you can see a motorcycle and a car collided head-on. at least one operator, the motorcycle driver, is being transported to shock trauma. by maryland state police medivac helicopter. it has landed at a church nearby. right here at the intersection of joppa road near oakleigh. any injuries to the driver of the car are unknown at this time. joppa road is closed in both directions, between lock raven and perring parkway. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. well, open the windows and enjoy in beautiful weather. because it's not going to last. >> bob turk has the updated ,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
very, very pleasant afternoon. 74. or go down to 72. very comfortable. east/southeast winds at 10. barometer holding steady at 29.80 inches. it will start falling later tonight.
4:54 pm
64 in oakland. 72, 72, 72. pleasant air around the region. 68, ocean city. we do have a wind off the atlantic ocean. that's bringing the dew point back up again. right now issue it's still pretty low at 48. late tonight, it will be in the 50s. tomorrow, back in the 60s. and temperatures tomorrow, in the upper 60s. we'll be pretty much saturated with rain moving in overnight. 72. just a very comfortable afternoon. there you see the southeast winds that will continue to moisten up the atmosphere. as the winds come off the atlantic ocean, the moisture builds. and eventually, the clouds move in. we'll see rain to the west. and rain to the south to virginia tonight. and moving into our region, probably between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning. probably most of us going to work. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 a.m. we'll be dealing with rain. rain to the west. this system, the low pressure associated with this is going to be moving through ohio, up toward cleveland and buffalo. so the bulk of that rain will be to the west.
4:55 pm
the other low pressure that we have been watching, causing still a lot of rain in south florida. they have a tornado watch. all of south florida now. pretty good showers down there. that's going to move off the coast, towards savannah and charleston. and eventually up to new england. the bulk of that rain will be to our we have the. -- our east. in between, we're caught between two systems over central maryland at least. so we're not looking for heavy amounts of rain. we'll see rain tonight, probably in the morning. much moves up. looking more like a half inch, rather than 1, 2, 3 inches of rain. heaviest along the coast and out to the west. it will be a wet wednesday. but not as damp as we thought. but it will be chilly afterwards, once this low passes, the winds go back to the west/northwest. breezy, much cooler air coming in for late thursday wednesday -- late wednesday night. thursday and friday will be cooler, with clouds. temperatures struggling to get to the 60-degree mark. bay temp around 66 degrees.
4:56 pm
tonight, then, look for showers developing by early morning. 56 overnight, with increasing clouds. and tomorrow, near 70. but rain will taper off to showers in the afternoon. by this time tomorrow night, most of the rain should be ending. >> good. >> okay. >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the search for william is over. police find the body of a missing 11-year-old boy. tonight, we're ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news. police discover the remains of a missing 11-year-old boy. what happened to william mcquain and who is responsible. a young woman falls to her death on the trash chute of
4:59 pm
this luxury apartment complex downtown. i'm adam may. why residents are alarmed because this is the second time it's happened. the story is coming up. a captured soldier, finally released. but will his freedom come with a price? the fallout from a controversial prisoner swap? check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news starts now. discover said dead. the search for a missing middle school student comes to a tragic end. >> police look for what happened. >> i'm mary bubala. >> i'm vic carter. >> police discovered the body


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