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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 24, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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>> mikow aesndpn getting aeception not just f but the jacksonv eswepnll. great pyears. so respecleague. gets theespn espn guy whimper. missed the firstespn games lasn
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impeagueespn in ut that co would have to miss.espn e the guy w comes with neck out andespn harukiraespn rep all esthpne clock.espnespn . of these runs have takes it nr a mosh pit style. theserpne's not a lomisdirectio. banging up inside.espnespn pn mike: 20 es as huddle here. gabbert asks for the play oespn the playespn espn helmet
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sh after 15. espnespn >> mike: blitz coming from the espnend. johnsonespn to down.espn sal paolantonio. ravens report espnshoulder. espn quest see ed reed esrupnnning a they cleared sideline pastespn the coaches b. to dig down.espn >> mik going through bbert at the top of the f this est way to
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they got ray earlier in thethis. ray lewis.espnespn it forever. time to ta flaccoespn about esat th in this pn there's no questigoing to go wi twicespn punts again.espn for himespn inside the 5 a earlier. webb the fairespn catch righ es. ravens who have 56espn yards e n
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n ormance espn that's why we penesgtpnh requires gesrepn castrongth technology. just as demaespnespn prouesd pnspr for a chance to wn a trip to super bowlpn it's more tha espn castrongth technology. just as demaespnespn
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sundays at 10am on espn espn up on espn espnn in ravens have twoespn tg espn9-0.
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a dixon.espn wonespn landry mathis hit him espn continue to bring espn d, they feel they canespn gtoes. llespn in a cond and five.lmost good get off the the pass is complete tofor the . exploded off football. offes pnthe ball and get flacc. to the metal withespn
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offeespnespn flacco' torrespn matespn contested every t tonight. t over the wide receive gh.e week played 12 a snap an fumesblpne. snaps tonight.espn second and one feslapncc is completepn dennis pitta. espn roethlisioned chick.espn only forescepnd theespnfumble, lisberger down. espn flacco. pass get camespn firstespn down.spn get big n: .
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noespn huddle andespn 2:0 comi th cam cameron has c of theseespn plays slowing raven th to put the pedaeslpn re. the clock isespn th enemy. espngo. siespn bolion with the espn caller to the quarterback'esspn telling them whic. es>pn> ron: it depends on w are with the espnqua i assum joe flacco, theyespnmillion tim.
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ort. man-to- situation time >> mike:yard.espn flacco. vonta -- ed dixon, sh midfield.espn to the 3:00 espnespn >> ron: tempo espn lethargic now forespn the ravens. >> mike: you c harbaugh. espn tempo espnespn flacco,espn a shot towardhe getn two deep man-to-man once again, derek put a coupleespn st of his helmet after performance. he's job,espn whether
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boldin,espn torrey williams. eshepn'srmance tonight for the jaguars.espnesp. he flacco, in trouble as goes to the dennis pitta, pushed ochick. fthose of youes jpnust tuning i cardinals espn4-2 3-2 lead. espn to get to espnespn5-1 yards onesshutespn out. this dll game. of the worst anpnces in years but th es. paespn incomplete with reed espn
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sideline.espn eseen jack that make so good? cornespn mathis andespnespn dere jags' defense.espnespnespnespnen go.espn flacco, backfield to thefirst down rice. warning.espn >> ron: that espn miami-dre tim tebow andespn then unt0. let's see if we kind of finishespn
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>> mike leesftpn. esheld on to it. what a catch by torre he got nailed over at 4 yard es tpnhink the espnnse. flachole between the cornerlet's see if b in. >> mike: it doesn't sn't have an chal come espn dow on the play. medical staff to come out.espn took the ball to the espnground ruled a catch onespn ille is out of cha the 5. espnespnespnespnespnen
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ormance espn that's why eswepn pength requires gre espn castrongth technesolpno. just as demaespnespn proud spr for a chance to win a trip to supeesr pnbo it's more tpn espn castrongth technesolpno. just as demaespnespn from other cities. espnonse times in madrid, espnespn ton d.c.,espn espn built ofre, espn and o.
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let's build a smarter withplanespn >>pittsburgh weekespn one 35-7. steelecincinnati off estopn a gn the onespn tenn roadespn in nashville. to he night,espn e.espnespn eespn a first the teshipnrd can get within two hn back of espnboldin,
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! espnespnespnespn >> ron: btespn patt ravens after espn lot of tough times.espnespnespn yard drive,espn ravens onlespnn mark. watching game. on game ended, theyin. they've onsideespn kick >> jon: you see anquan bt pattern
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lowery. great th right here, esrbaugh going league.cundiff who is the hecks last wee espn stadiumespn their own the 2:00espn drill, time-o left.ffes ipns going to of the field ofespn going to makeespn j offense and g themselves a balh to winespn inside ofes 5pn:00 o kickoff, t espn was touched byturner. if you're think it, if you kick do an espn stop them espn time-outs propeheespn ball
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f will go the onside loose. didn't gespn touchedamura. it hitespn the 10 yardt?spn the flagespn isespn thrown. toun espn travels 10.espn here, guys.espnespnespnespn 44.7 y almost kicked it too perfectly.espn espn inches further, it's raven' aveled 10 yards and come back to versa
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all butespn one of thefficiatin of the pn theprotect the jones-drew who has sthasize that right here.espn yards.ncking team recovered the that's iespn onville.espnnarom the dead >> jon: i they didn't kick t here with billy the ravens are timobviously criticalespn that h because heespn felonside kick.espn inches of beingespn
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ls from 50 yards es right now. espnthey did yardage. pn the 2:00 warning. here in comes atespn 1:57. come back.espn every second. bthe e flightsext 20 years, espn ibm stemeren't espn espn to help espn makil systems smarter. and in respn espn that' i'esm pnan ibmer.
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♪ turn your worldn ith ir effortlessly. get y "monday night footba you. steve: we'll check in with theen >> mike: wlm everything for then ad night in ti.
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fourth time. to average nearly go over 100 yards heretonight. an all-out n by two.espn time-. they took the free safetespnespn >> mike at jones-drew, p he goes inside. mckinney with the espn time-out at 1 remaining. juesstpn a couple points on t as we mentioned, if touceshpned esbepn reespn bounced espn cov the reason the o'clesocpnkstart
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ball is tougespn team. by not b jacksonesvipnllrved a ouple s on the good side ravens toespn use don't get imize posit's aespn longespn fattempt. >> m post game coming up e.espnespn third andrew right up to the eld goal will be about 51 es us finaat 1:48. es pnthe esceivin that it stayed of the espn preserve for baltimorkicked the
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ball as iespn said the question, esscpnobee, ifmis he's kickhem esfopnr 54 espn17-27. but if he ms get the at the 42 yard line w more thanespn enough time i'm sure jim harbaughnking that. heespn scobee missing >> mike: this is a 51 attemptes. he almost got thesepnre nails a third 50espn yarder! pointespn jaguar lead.en unbelie they are right down middle. are long field goalens came wio scobeeespn kick this holds,
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look at th pn pn remarkable 50 yarders in one espn nfl record for espn here tn m.espno kic the ball and you'g n his rav offensive line pass esn time they had pnust took it 80 up in this espnespn >> ron: and kick w. position.ess pnwould like to ge
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would like to upespn to kick s isespn danger. espn running down second esthp. espntime-out?resets for espnesn ille was late getting o huddle, lateespn organized. joespn harbaugh wants to knyou . espn ad 13espn on the seaso aboutes n
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players. harbaugh has everyespn getespn set.11 players. playground.espn concerned by teshapnt. ous. are you ready now,espn e go.espn es1:pnespn >> ron:espn kicked it espnuprights. wouldespn give y chance. >> j ugly foo espnways. a lot ofes pn the last esdepnca joe flacco esomething . he has that can make
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escksonville has got to bith ra out of the backfield after the espn espnespn espn1:43 flacco,espn inco between theespn zone job by the they squeezed that window wind. you'l boldin comees opnff the t. escopnx does exp room to put ballespn in. a lot of they're goingice against a lot ofespn tespn zoneespnespn >> mike:espn interceesptpned.
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the ravensespn go down.ter the inesvopnt possession.espnespn >> jon: the tamespn two coverage.espn middln man read flacco'sespn raesvepnns. that espn linebackers all the quarterespn eyes.espnespn them inespn the back del rio aespn lot of
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nobody, nobody teshopnught thg saturday enthusiasm for a tespn games they were enjoyingespn playing they had a gooesdpn doesn't alw enjoying practice g reesadpny for the nation"espnesn >> jon: happenes pnin the league. i talking abespn and espn es>>pn mike: menti team that ha around orespn el got his defense to comeplay aga ravens . espnthat offensive h offense?esjacksonv
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es takes a knee. from his you k garrardespn as t quarteesrbpnack opener. they c esarted luke mccown a games. then del rio pressure was onespn staff. us. we didn't want a rookie lost hesispn first fours starter. he's got hesisin onespn bbert did not turn teshepn that's all you canespnquarterba et some offeesnspne. many gam yards. he.espn congratu nfl victory. up deal for t.
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blaiespn he cannd of ray le you're on the field with future hall lewises apnnd ngata and e. its five iny go to houston. the theespn ravens fa4-2. tes week. final jacksonville 7.espn pnespn line.t es atespn arrogood night from ,,,,,,
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murdered by maryland's most dangerous plan. >> just disfor a maryland family. the multimillion-dollar pay-out and the message they want to send. hello everybody i'm denise cope. >> and isaac carter. >> $18.5 million. >> that is how much a maryland jury has awarded the family of an inmate murdered by another supermax prisoner. meghan mc corkell spoke with the family after the jury announced its decision >> reporter: a jury found the state of maryland and four corrections officers negligent in the death of phillip parker, jr. parker's family says they hope this serves as a walk up call in the prison system. phillip parker, jr. was halfway through his sentence for attempted robbery when he boarded a prison bus in hagerstown in 2005. when the bus arrived


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