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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  October 26, 2011 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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here. great friend, debbie, who these two have concerns. these guys all have concerns. everybody agrees on one thing. they all think monette is a terrific woman. they all think anthony is a really great guy, quality guy. right? i mean, nobody doubts that. and let me tell you seriously what i think about this. but i want you to know truthfully that i think if you two get married, the chance of it working is somewhere around zero. i'm just telling you the truth. as i see it. now, does that have to be the case? no, it doesn't. it doesn't have to be the case. there are things you can do that could actually make this the one that defies the statistics, defies the trend, defies the logic. now, we both know that you lost your father at a young age, and
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it was a very painful thing to you, because this is someone that really loved you. and as long as he was alive, you knew there was one person in this world that thought you were a wonderful, terrific, special person. and i can see when i bring this up right now that that is as raw with you today as it was the day that it happened. and you've never dealt with that. i suspect that you've never fully grieved that loss. that you've never really healed those wounds. and so what you've gotten is a series of fixes along the way that as long as somebody is infatuated with you and in love with you and lifts you up and everything is wonderful, then it's kind of like substitute daddy. but then when the new wears off of that, and you don't have that special feeling anymore, it's like, well, this isn't working
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anymore. i need to go get this filled up again. and you're confusing love with infatuation. you're confusing falling in love with being in love, and those are two very different but equal quality things. you have got a very immature approach to relationships. and you have a quality guy here. we asked this guy a million questions. and he's not exactly a chatterbox. >> yeah. >> dr. phil: but he was very honest and very forthcoming. because he really does love you. you've got a guy that loves you and is committed to you, and you're going to screw it up because you're going to do the same thing in 11 that you did in 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. and when the bloom is off of that, you're going to think something's wrong, but there's nothing wrong. love evolves into a more predictable, comfortable,
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secure -- and you've never allowed yourself to get into that. so you need some work on that. you need some pre-marital work. now, can you get that done by 11/11/11? i don't know. but i will tell you this -- i will arrange for someone, a professional in your town, to sit down with you and take you through, take you through a pre-marital boot camp, and i would highly recommend that you get the "relationship rescue" book which i will hand you backstage. >> thank you. >> dr. phil: and you two actually sit down and go through the written parts of that which force you to answer some hard questions that you have run from like a hundred meter sprinter. it's time you stopped running, turn around and say, okay, let's deal with this, because i've got one that is worth keeping. and if you really, really care about him, you'll do the work and forget about the cutesy
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11/11/11 stuff and get married when you're ready whether it's then or later. you'll do the work and get it done. does that make sense to you? does it make sense to you guys, to actually do the work? [applause] . all right. we've got to move on. next, we're going to meet a woman who says she loves 90% of her boyfriend. but it's the other 10% that she says could be a deal-breaker. we're going to find out what's wrong in that 10% when we come back. >> i would like to marry stephen, but he can be very rude and very insensitive. most of the time our relationship is great. it's very loving. but sometimes things aren't great. >> she gets frustrated or angry towards me. she has had a way of just up and leaving me. >> i can't continue to date someone who treats me this way. >> announcer: tomorrow on an all-new "dr. phil" --
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>> dr. phil: well, we're talking with couples who say they won't say i do until their relationship concerns get figured out, get sorted out. stacey wrote me a letter about her boyfriend, stephen, who she says is 90% perfect.
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it's just the other 10%. >> i would like to marry stephen, but he can be very rude and very insensitive. he says i'm selfish, self-centered, a b-word. i feel that i'm not. >> i always speak from the heart. there's times i probably should think through what i have to say, but i'm very passionate. that's who i am. >> he also tries to control me. that's a red flag. he's always on my case about my makeup, that i wear too much makeup and that i have a heavy hand. >> i think she wears a little more than maybe she should. she's naturally a pretty woman and beautiful. i just like more of a natural look, just how i feel. >> most of the time our relationship is great. very loving. but sometimes things aren't great. >> she gets frustrated or angry towards me or she has had a way of just up and leaving the situation, in essence leaving me. one time she decided to leave. i was left standing on the kish in the middle of new york. >> he called me [bleep] and that
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was enough. >> i would never try to be deliberately mean or hurtful to her. i've tried to apologize and move forward. >> before i can walk down the aisle with stephen, i need to feel comfortable and safe around him. if things don't change, i'm breaking up with him. i can't continue to date someone who treats me this way. >> dr. phil: well, stacey is here, but we have an empty chair next to her because of a fight stacey and stephen had at the hotel before the show. now, tell us what happened. bring us up to date here. >> so i live in new york. stephen lives in dallas. so we're in a long-distance relationship. we hadn't seen each other for two weeks. flew in. had a great day together on saturday. things were going great. we were getting ready tore dinner and he had lived in l.a. before. we had a whole night planned for us, some great place, supposed to be a surprise for dinner. as we started getting ready, he started saying hurtful things,
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yelled at me for five minutes. i said, stephen, if you're going to be this way, i don't want to go out to dinner. we're both tired. i think it's best if we stay in the hotel. he said, no, i'm not going to let you do this. we're having a dinner. i changed out of my dress. sat on the bed. i said, stephen, thank you for planning a great night for us. i'm tired. i don't think it's the right thing to do. at that point, he started picking me up off the bed, sat me on the floor and said you're going to get dressed. we're going to go out. i said, stephen, i'm not. i'm not. i said i'm not going out. he kicked a pillow at me. at that point, that's when i got afraid that things could get worse and i could hear people in the room next to us. i thought, okay, his voice carries anyway. i knew they could hear what was going on. i thought if i could yell security, they could bring someone in to interrupt the situation. i ran to the adjoining door and knocked on it and the girl said we got it.
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we called security 20 minutes ago. and then he picked me up after i had my phone and picked me up and pushed me and i fell down, hit my tailbone and hit the back of my head on a not very well padded floor and i cried. i heard a pop or crack. security came a minute after that happened, thank god. >> dr. phil: they called the police. >> correct. whenever all that happened, hotel security came in. the fire department came in. and the -- you know, medical assistants came. they were with me, i would say, 45 minutes in the room. i was laying in there. i couldn't move my head at the time. i was concerned about that. also, i was shaking, visibly shaking, and they had me try to grip, and i couldn't grip my arm, so they were afraid there could be more damage because of that. meanwhile, i heard him outside. i know he was trying to get back in. security would not let him back in. i had no idea what was going on with him until much later at the hospital when i talked to the police. >> dr. phil: so they took him to jail. >> yes. >> dr. phil: put him under arrest and charged with what? >> from what i understand, he --
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it's now a felony cohabitation domestic violence. >> dr. phil: okay. now, stephen was arrested. this was two days ago. for cohabitation abuse i think is what they called it. he actually called us yesterday from jail to tell us his version. here's what he had to say. >> a lot of things took place that shouldn't have between her and i. we had a great afternoon. checked into the hotel. everything was fine for a while. she was completely negative toward me and being disrespectful. i felt the need to stand my ground. she's like, do you want to hit me, stephen? do you want to hit me? i'm like, no, i don't want to hit you. she was baiting me. she goes and knocks on the door between the two rooms. i grabbed her from behind. i was going to pick her up and sit on the bed and talk about
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that. when that happened, i lost my balance and we both fell. she fell harder than me. she was hurt and was laying there and about that time is when the security from the hotel knocked on the door. [sirens] stacey, i feel so bad about what happened between us last night. my feelings are still strong. i'm very sorry. i want you to know that. i hope you will forgive me and know that i do love you. >> dr. phil: what's your reaction to what he had to say? >> i'm nodding my head the whole time because i agree with everything. and as crazy as it is, i've wanted to talk to him and i've wanted to tell him -- not that i apologize, but i feel bad about the situation that he's in. i'm a compassionate person, and i -- i feel bad. he hurt me, and i don't feel bad about that. i'll never apologize. i'm not perfect. did i have a part in our
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argument? absolutely. i said hurtful things. that's the thing, dr. phil. there's so much passion between us. it can be amazing and the best feelings ever or it can be what happened. that's what i was afraid of. that's what i wrote in about. the 10%, when does that outweigh the 90% of the other stuff? you saw him. he's a charming, handsome, loving person. i've never felt this way about anyone. that was my concern. could this become physical and when do you get out and when is it too much and can he change? >> dr. phil: well, that's a compound question. every part of it important. i'm going to answer them all when we come back. ♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you... ♪ pure joy. pure togetherness.
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>> dr. phil: okay. we're talking with men and women who don't want to say i do until certain concerns they have with their partners are cleared up. now, stacey called stephen controlling, misogynistic and self-centered. so why did she consider marrying him even before what we just talked about? there are some issues here that i want to be very, very, very clear about. and in your defense, you don't really have a history of this with him. this is the first time you've
3:23 am
wound up in the hospital and he's been arrested and all that. so you don't have a history of domestic violence here. but you had concerns about him being controlling and things of that nature. i get that. but things got worse. let me see your bruises here. you know, this -- that's an ugly bruise. and we're not going to shave your head to see what it looks like. but you got into a situation that could have resulted in a serious injury with you. now he's in jail and i understand his bail is substantial. i don't know, but i think somewhere over a quarter of a million dollars or something for his bail. it's been picked up on the internet now, because you were coming here, and when my name's attached, things sometimes get bigger. i want you to think about this and what i think you should do. that's what you want to know, right? >> absolutely. thank you. >> dr. phil: we asked y'all a
3:24 am
million questions to which you were very forthcoming. and you talked about a lot of relationship issues. you said we're very passionate. we're like a tornado meeting a hurricane. i'm not sure we're going to be destructive or bring world peace, but we are a powerful, passionate force. and he says that you don't pay enough attention to him out in public, that you've left him standing, that you change your mind, that you're manipulative, which is probably what he's describing here, where you want to go to dinner, now you don't want to go, you've been to clubs, you'd leave him outside, go back in. you've always got a friend with you and he's concerned about those sort of things. he has called you names. >> uh-huh. >> dr. phil: you say he's called you the [bleep], the b-word and a whole lot of other things like containing the crazy gene, materialistic, self-centered, bad taste in friends, your friends are bitchy, ditzy, clueless. >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> dr. phil: you've said he is misogynistic, he comes between you and your friends, criticizes your makeup. and you know what?
3:25 am
those things don't bother me, frankly. >> okay. >> dr. phil: because those are relationship issues. >> uh-huh. >> dr. phil: we're now talking about a safety issue. >> yes. >> dr. phil: and that is a completely different situation here. you came here to ask me, you know, dr. phil, this is basically a good guy, but we have some differences in the way we see things. can we resolve those? my answer probably would have been yes. you can resolve those things. relationships are a negotiation, and negotiation never ends. if you have problems, you resolve them. i mean, you get through them. but when i talk about relationships, there are a few things that are what i consider drop-dead deal-breakers. and physical violence is one of the short list of things that are drop-dead deal-breakers. drug addiction is a drop-dead deal-breaker. once you get in that situation, your very life could be in danger. does it mean he wants to hurt you? he doesn't have to want to.
3:26 am
if he drops you on the floor and you hit your head and you get a clot and you have a stroke and you die, you're just as dead whether he meant to do it or whether he didn't. that's why it's a zero tolerance situation. you do not put your hands on a woman in anger ever, period. [applause] zero tolerance. nor should you put your hands on him in anger. but that's not what we're talking about here. this is a deal-breaker. and you should not be alone with him again unless and until a professional has been involved in this situation, has worked out whatever dynamic causes him to give himself license to get physical with you, and that objective professional tells you that in their professional opinion, you are safe to proceed. until that happens, you should not be around this person. i'm sorry.
3:27 am
i don't mean he's a bad guy. and i'm very sensitive about this, because he's not here to defend himself. you know, i would love to hear his side of this. so everything i'm talking about here is one-sided. it's your side of it. not that i think you're lying. but i don't care how flat you make a pancake, it's got two sides, until it comes to putting your hand on a woman in violence. and that is -- that is not -- that is not okay under any theory. you are in danger here. and should you continue your relationship with him? absolutely, unequivocally not unless it is under the supervision of some professionals who can work out these things. if he has anger issues, he needs to resolve them. if you two have a dynamic where you come together in a spark way, that needs to be resolved. but at this point, i'm telling you you should not be around somebody who has put their hands on you in anger and violence. i'm sure he's sorry that this took place. i'm sure you're sorry that it took place. i'm sure you didn't intend for
3:28 am
him to be arrested and be sitting there with a quarter million plus bail on his head if that's what it is. so now you've got a big problem. >> yes. >> dr. phil: but when you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences, and that's what he chose to do, and he needs help with this. maybe this will be the spark that gets him that help. maybe this will be the thing where he says, you know, this obviously is not okay. but if he's alone with you in a room to the point that you're having to go beat on a door and call for help, then you don't want to get back in that situation until something dramatic has happened to change it. do you agree with what i'm saying? >> i do. thank you, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: these things are all negotiable. this is non-negotiable. >> agreed. >> dr. phil: do you get my point? >> agreed. if things changed, the show would have been a hundred percent different if saturday night hadn't happened. >> dr. phil: there wasn't a history of this before, but there is now, so that changes the dynamic. i would be happy to speak with him. >> great. >> dr. phil: i will be happy to make available to him in dallas
3:29 am
the kind of help and counsel he needs to get a handle on this. in fact, i've already made some calls about that. >> thank you. >> dr. phil: so we will help him. but the first thing he's got to do is get out of jail, then get permission to leave california. it gets to be a problem. we'll be right back. are you sure this is going to work? [ male announcer ] something new. something pooh. ohh. [ male announcer ] coming home on blu. disney's "winnie the... pooh." [ male announcer ] on combo packs today. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.
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exercise, eat a heart-healthy diet and above all, listen to your body. learn more at womenheart dot org. now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. george clooney's big night with stacy by his side. >> what he only told me backstage at the hollywood awards. nancy on stage. hosting the show. >> well, good evening, everybody. and her private conversations offstage and the moment that she didn't expect. plus, the night's big winners. >> she does do that well. and oall of the fashion in royal purple. who were the night's best and worst dressed. dog the bounty hunter's
3:38 am
grandson beaten by his father. new information in "entertainment tonight's" investigati investigation. we have the new audio tape. oprah in red with ralph lauren. >> i'm trying to get him to take it all in. >> she d she recycle the dress. plus, halloween at the biggest loser, who gained five pounds? it's the "entertainment tonight" at the hollywood awards hi, everybody. i'm nancy o'dell here at the hollywood awards where george clooney's the big winner with his gorgeous new girlfriend by his side. hi, i'm mark steines here in studio 4. but the big question tonight, who has longer legs? nancy o'dell or stacy keibler. now, nancy, take it away. >> well, good evening, everybody.
3:39 am
what a thrill it is to be here tonight. on the red carpet, clooney with keibler. striking in a royal purple dress. only we were backstage where it was george's wardrobe that was causing a commotion. george getting ready, using the "e.t." mike as a brush. >> use the microphone. but, thattensy's private moment with george was interrupted by her hosting duties. >> it's like double duty here. finally, they got to have their interview, well, almost. >> do you feel like you get to be a little relaxed. >> did the lights go off? >> what is happening here? >> did you see my grandmother waved at me. >> actually, chaos did rein supreme backstage. >> double duty.
3:40 am
>> you're like multitasking. >> your like back and forth. you're amazing. i don't know how you do >> it backstage interviews and then nancy raced on stage to host the awards presented by starz. it wasn't smooth. >> i had a slight problem, i didn't know that i was going to be up here and you down there. and i'm on a short dress. oprah i'm putting you in charge on spanx alert. >> you looked good. >> the candid moments that only "e.t." cameras caught were priceless. anne hathaway chatting up harvey weinstein. >> you didn't seem nervous >> i was nervous. >> and presented the breakthrough award for joseph gordon levitt. >> i highly recommend anne
3:41 am
hathaway say your name into a microphone, it's a very pleasant experience. >> joseph gordon-levitt >> i put a little spin on it for you. >> whatever it is it's worth waiting for. michelle williams was named hollywood actress of the year in part because of my week with marilyn. >> was that intimidating playing marilyn monroe? >> what a compliment. >> i didn't imagine that i would be holding something heavy at that. i thought i would be holding my own heavy heart. >> please welcome julianne hough. >> carey mulligan received a secret on how she calms those nerve. >> reporter: you listen to the "glee" sound track before the awards show? >> yes. >> maybe we'll be seeing you in
3:42 am
the upcoming season. >> i have been saying this forever. >> look right there and say "glee." she wants to come on. >> emma stone and company were the ensemble winners for the help. >> now, you guys seem like a group that's going to go out and celebrate tonight. is that true? >> you're not allowed. >> also turning, marion and husband ted. >> crushing the interview was moneyball's jonah hill. >> we all work hard. a bunch of sisters hanging out on set. >> didn't seem helpful to see a white guy in a maid uniform. but it was great. we loved jonah. >> nancy did finally get that chat with george. he was humble to the end. >> look at all of the peers that are out there. almost like an oscar-filled arena. >> it's fun to be here.
3:43 am
it's extremely nice. they mellow out. not a whole lot of pressure. everybody seems to enjoy it. >> you got a standing ovation out there. >> they were actually getting up to leave. oh. i'm sure. >> and wait until you hear what george told me about stacy's legs. there's that leg story again, can't wait for that, nancy. but right now, we're headed to new york for oprah in red. it's the first stop with our celebrity gps. in manhattan, our oprah exclusive, on stage at lincoln center with our christina mclarty, honoring designer ralph lauren. >> i'm going to go through the closet. >> i have had the whole ralph lauren team. >> does her red ralph lauren gown look familiar?
3:44 am
it was familiar to the dress that she wore to the legends ball in 2005. >> something is so ralph lauren and people know exactly what you mean. >> plenmichael j. fox with trac pollack and gayle king. hosted by oprah winfrey. >> also in new york, eddie murphy. >> oh, it's crazy. >> the comedian lights up the night at his tower heist premier. sarah jessica parker was a showstopper with matthew brodrick and her son james. >> i keep my criminal behavior under wrap. but i'm actually pretty shady. >> she's great in this movie.
3:45 am
still to come -- the exclusive dog the bounty hunter audio tape. we're on set with leonardo di cap rio, as j. edgar hoover plus a sneak peek at tim allen's hoalloween episode. much more from the glamorous hollywood awards at the beverly hilton as "e.t." rolls on. woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment. woman: that changed my life. man: at that moment, it hit me -- this is why i joined the guard. we're soldiers, always ready to protect our country, but we've also got communities -- family, friends, neighbors -- who count on us. i couldn't believe it.
3:46 am
i just saved a life. somebody from my hometown. announcer: see what it means to be a citizen-soldier, at "entertainment tonight," at the hollywood awards continues. here's again is the show's host our nancy o'dell. >> the fashionistas were out in force today. we'll show you the best dressed and worsz dressed in minutes. but first, a huge star racking
3:47 am
up a lot of nominations this year, leonardo dicaprio the news is buzzing over his new movie. >> leonardo as j. edgar hoover, the film directed by clint eastwood. grazer says the creator of the fbi drew him in. >> i'm fascinated with characters that have a lot of power. >> for the young man in the 1930s to an elderly hoover in the 1960s, what was it like to see that transformation. >> he was amazing. he would sit there for eight hours with the prostoretic. >> he tried to take jfk and his brother. >> he lasted through six presidents and he was able to do that because he always had information on them, files on the presidents. >> this is new footage from the
3:48 am
top-secret movie. >> private information on someone in power. >> he said that clint was the perfect man to direct this movie. >> j. edgar is just the latest achievement for clint eastwood. we're turning our spotlight on california to the oscar winners' hometown of carmel. >> do i feel lucky? >> well, do you? >> clint eastwood's role as dirty harry was set in the city of new york. >> i started living here in the '60s. it's right in wean. it's not too far from los angeles and san francisco. and, yet it's a little bit rural. >> carmel is a special place for clint. he has restored and still owns the historic mission ranch.
3:49 am
even served a term as the city's mayor in 1986. >> campaigning is very difficult. i much say. much more difficult than making a movie >> eastwood is a fan of many other california regions as well. >> most recently the oscar winner held a special hometown screening of j. edgar >> i want you to be my number two man. >> visit california and start exploring. still ahead on "e.t." -- the best and worst dressed at the hollywood awards. >> who wore it well and who should have stayed home? find out in the fashion's hits and misses. plus -- someone who gained weight on the biggest loser? when "e.t." returns.
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"e.t.'s" coverage continues from the hollywood awards. hosted by our nancy o'dell. i'm here at the stars' afterparty where everyone's gathering. there are a few stars who really put their best fashion foot forward. starting with rosie huntington whiteley, in emilio pucci split at the knee. anne hathaway with a form-fitting blue floral pattern. >> you made our best dressed list. this is now the "e.t." best dressed. >> a good dress to wear. thank you very much. >> there you go.
3:54 am
congratulations. and you can gave a speech. >> allow me to present to you this best dressed award. >> all right. >> george's gal stacy keibler takes the carpet solo in a marialuciahahn gown. >> stacy and i have measured our legs. we have the same length. >> that's very helpful? >> i don't know what you could use that far. >> i'm wearing heels now. >> i know, she's tall. >> deep colors, solid, viola davis. julianne hough wore a dress by nakeem haan. >> it's a little chilly. >> at number one, our best dressed of the night, michelle
3:55 am
williams. >> her midnight blue silk chiffon gown with embroidered neckline by nina ricci. >> you got a little marilyn monroe going on. >> yeah, a little. >> put you on our best dressed list. >> thank you. i'll take it. >> now you got two awards. just who should have check their full-length mirror before they got out. our worst dressed is coming up in seconds. nancy, some wild outfits on tim allen's new episode tonight. the halloween episode of last man standing. tim goes commando. while his tv wife, plays a naughty pirate. >> we're used to seeing more as a mom and less than a prostitute. >> tim's television comeback is a big hit. >> this is to intimidate.
3:56 am
i have weapons. more weapons on this stage. >> we asked to leave the guns at home. >> spooky. >> lose 100 pounds together. >> a frightful challenge tonight on an all-new biggest loser on abc. >> when it comes to halloween, weird things happen. >> some sort of medieaval torture chamber in there now, "entertainment tonight" is making headlines around the world with our special report on fat discrimination with new jersey housewife melissa gorda. london's daily mail. huffington post, "us weekly," they're all running our photos of melissa in times square, weighing 400 pounds. two days away from our special report that you don't want to
3:57 am
miss. starting thursday -- a real housewife of new jersey. young, rich, beautiful and thin. >> from 115 pounds to 400 pounds. >> melissa's shocking fat suit transformation. >> i think i'm going to cry. >> from new york city. "e.t.'s" special report on fat discrimination. >> one fat suit, five hours of makeup. seven hidden cameras. >> these glasses had a hidden camera. >> unable to tie her own shoes, struggling to hail a cab. taunted on the subway. >> one kid said, how much do you eat? >> thursday, only on "entertainment tonight." yesterday, we played the audio tape of what's alleged to be dog the bounty hunter's grandson being beaten by his father. only we have new audio, tonight's "e.t." special
3:58 am
investigation. >> you didn't spank him or beat him or none of that? >> i have spankd him three times. >> right. >> duane chapman on the phone with travis, trying to get an explanation about a disturbing audio recording where the father acollegely beat dog the bounty hunter's grandson. on a recording we played yesterday, taken by a neighbor, little travis was allegedly hit 13 times the boy was taken away and turned over to the bounty hunter the warm reunion recorded by star tv. >> it was through his clothing and three to five hits on his rear. >> there's bad blood between dog bounty hunter and mims. he's close to his grandfather
3:59 am
who took care of him after daughter barbara was killed in a car crash. he told chapman that the spanking was tough love. >> yeah, you can't spank if they got them spanking you. >> three times is nothing. this has been going on since day one, dude, you spank your kid. >> yeah, but you can't hit them. >> a court hearing is scheduled for november 4th. we'll keep a close eye on this story and bring you all of the latest news in the days to come. don't go away, we're coming back with the worst dressed star from the hollywood awards. "entertainment tonight" birthdays -- which singer's cat has her own blog? katy perry, lady gaga or pink? your answer is next in the "e.t. birthdays."
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[whisper] shh, i have bipolar disorder. [normal] hey, i'm marc kullman and i do have bipolar disorder. why do i have to whisper it? i could say i have cancer or diabetes or any other illness and it doesn't require a whisper. bipolar requires a whisper because it carries a stigma. and that stigma, stops people from getting help. but i have good news for you. this year, the national bipolar foundation has been formed. visit our web site at national bipolar we have a hope. in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays -- ciara turns 26. and which singer's cat has her own blog? that is katy perry who today
4:03 am
turns 27. and our dubious worst dressed honor at the hollywood film awards goes to penelope, miller. great designers all, but the vintage look may be a little too vintage. and the look hides such a great figure. >> i think she looked gorgeous in my book. there you have it. only 82 days left until we're right back here for the golden globe awards, can you believe it, mark? right now, i'm headed to the airport because i will be talking to you from new york city tomorrow. >> enjoy the city, nancy and safe travels. on tomorrow show -- we have the emmy award winning star of mike and molly. why is she dressed up as a queen?
4:04 am
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