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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 26, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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students lower their school loans? eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. ♪[ music ] death by alcohol. coroner rules how singer amy winehouse dies. >> now, how her family is dealing with the news. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> she drank herself to death. three months after british singer amy winehouse died suddenly, a coroner determines the singer did not die from drugs but alcohol poisoning. tina kraus reports from london.
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>> reporter: a brittish coroner says singer amy winehouse died from drinking too much. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the official cause is death by misadventure. the courthouse says winehouse voluntarily consumed alcohol and risked the consequences. the 27-year-old grammy-award- winning artist was found dead at her home on october 23rd. many people assumed she but aer said that winehouse was five times over the legal drunk driving limit when she die. -- died. and her parents learned that she hit the bottle after being dry for three weeks. winehouse's boss said he thought she was sleeping. but when he checked on her again several hours later, she hadn't moved. >> reporter: detectives say they found empty vodka bottles scattered around her bedroom.
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her director said the singer was tipsy but calm the night she died and talked about her upcoming birthday. the autopsy revealed winehouse was not taking illegal drugs, but doctors say she had huge amounts of alcohol in her system, which might have stopped her breathing and sent her into a coma. a spokesman for the family said winehouse was working hard to conquer her battle with alcohol and said it was a source of pain that she could not win. >> winehouse's father, mitch, is writing a book about the late singer, due out next summer. the listeria outbreak is claiming more lives. jessica kartalija is live in the centers for disease control. >> reporter: 28 deaths are now linked to the foodborn illness from tainted cantaloupe. the cdc says in addition, 105
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people have become sick. dirty equipment at jensen farms is believed to be the problem. they have removed the cantaloupe, but the incubation period is up to three months. occupy protestors in oakland, california. police fire flash grenades and rubber bullets. protestors pushed police and they pulled out clubs. now, officers are staking out several sites, including here in baltimore. the occupy group has been told to pack it up. >> we have just learned the afl- cio has written a letter to the mayor, asking them not to evict anyone here. and despite the rain we're
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seeing, we have quite a group out here. so far, no one has made a move to evict anyone on the square. >> reporter: in oakland, california, police and "occupy" protestors clash, after officers raided the "occupy oakland" encampment. >> they shot tear gas in the crowd, flash-bangs. >> the issue was not the business, the issue was the safety of the people who were staying overnight. >> reporter: and after the fourth week of "occupy baltimore" protests, it seemed the city had had enough of the tent city. the city issuing an ultimatum, the overnight campground must go, which did not sit well with protestors. >> that's unacceptable. and for us to follow those types of guidelines and do what they say goes against -- goes
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against everything that we're here for in the first place. >> the city says they want to protect free speech in order to compromise the number that limit the protestors to two. it's unclear if and when protestors can be forced out, whether this can be in other cities. >> the balancing act. i support their right to free speech. but we also have -- i don't think there's any part, whether it's a city park, national park, anywhere in the country that allows for, you know, perpetual and unending campout. >> the occupy group sent out messages for more group people to -- more people to come to their encampment. and flood the mayor's office about their eviction. >> this is completely ridiculous. >> the hope is that for what happened in california not to happen here. >> that was in oakland. you're looking live now at
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mceldon square. no one has been evacuated here. we have seen the chopper overhead, but no move to evacuate. we will have more new reaction from people here and the mayor, coming up next hour. for now, we're live downtown, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. there is a similar situation in atlanta. the city has cleared protestors out of woodruff park. >> a developing story from baltimore city right now. police need your help finding a vehicle linked to a violent sexual assault. it happened sunday, october 23rd in the 1500 block of leslie street. a 14-year-old girl was offered a ride by several men in a two- tone tan and brown van. police say the girl was sexually assaulted. the van has thin, white swirl lines on the side and curtains covering the windows. anyone can urged to call crimestoppers. a high-profile politician takes the witness stand in the ulysses currie trial today.
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former governor bob ehrlich testifies in the case against the powerful senator. governor ehrlich says currie has a high level of integrity. prosecutors say he was selling his influence. defense attorneys claimed currie had no idea he was breaking the law. she killed jayna murray but didn't plan on it. that's what the defense attorneys say. monique griego is live from the trial. >> reporter: the attorney said his client, quote, "lost it" following an angry fight with jayna murray. murray was found at the store, she had been beaten to death. norwood's attorney says she did not premeditate the killing, and therefore should not be found guilty of first-degree murder. >> and the state's attorney says norwood attacked norwood with at least half a dozen
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weapons and then staged the crime scene to make it look like they had both been attacked. >> thank you. norwood faces life in prison without parole. student loan debt. it's a worry for many families. today, president obama unveils a plan designed to help americans better plan retirement. >> reporter: president obama ended his three-day western swing in front of a cheering crowd of university of colorado students. eager to hear his plan to help americans drowning in student loan debt. and when a big chunk of every paycheck goes fors student loans, instead of being spent on other things, that's not just tough for middle class families, that's painful for the whole economy. >> reporter: it reduces it to 10% and helps them consolidate certain loans. graduate student shakia seabrook is one of more than 7 million americans who could benefit from the president's
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plan. >> i don't think it's enough. but i think that him just recognizing that we do need help is a step forward. >> it's no coincidence, the president is promoting programs targeting struggling graduates. young voters help put him in the white house. and he needs their support in 2012. >> reporter: the president says the economy can't wait. the white house will go around congress once again and get this plan rolling through an executive order. grad student jason diaz is worried the student loan help could mean higher taxes down the road. >> it's great for me. but at the same time, it could hurt me. because, like, where are they getting that money from? >> reporter: student loans are now the number 2 source of debt in american homes, just behind mortgages. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house is pushing lenders to redo the paperwork associated with student loans, making the terms more clear for borrowers. >> it is a gray day outside, as
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clouds move into maryland right now. it's a spritz of rain. meteorologist bernadette woods, tim williams tracking our weather. and hurricane rena. we'll start with tim. >> well, good afternoon, mary. good afternoon, everyone. it has been a gloomy afternoon. the only saving grace is that the temperatures have been relatively mild. our average now is down around 64 degrees. we have been around that range much of the day, but changes are coming. temperatures are 58 at bwi maryland. 63 in ocean city. first warning live doppler radar shows what is moving across the region. clouds have kind of locked our temperatures in place. so there's not a real variance from across the state, from north to west to east, down to the shore. 60 degrees out at last check. but of course, you've seen as of our last update, just a few moments ago, temperatures have dropped just a little bit. we are also keeping an eye on rena. as mary just mentioned. that is tropical storm,
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hurricane now down in the tropics. we'll take it over to meteorologist bernadette woods for the latest. >> hello, tim. and since our last update, this was a little bit ago. when it was a strong category 2. what an amazing view there. you can see the spiraling around the store. we have the latest statistics on rena. we'll take you over to our weather machine and show you, it is back down to a category 1. was category 2. potentially bordering 3. but we are back on our way down again. with this track, it take its off to the northwest. basically, just bordering or somewhat interfering with the yucatan peninsula. doesn't necessarily look like a landfall. but it will make the eastern turn and head to the strait. on this path, it is going to go back down to a tropical storm. and hear how the forecast models take it. off to the north, you see pretty much everywhere, there is a lot of variance with this storm. we will keep you updated. >> let's check on the roads
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with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. well, the rain definitely complicating things for us out there. on the west side inner loop, the delay up to 30 minutes there. that's from 295 to liberty road. and the north side inner loop, we're looking at 25 minutes there from the jones falls expressway to harford road. delays on the outer loop as well. from providence road to charles street. and traffic now moving at 30 miles an hour. 70 westbound is bumper to bumper there, from 29 to marriottsville road. and several accidents to talk about. york road at lufkin circle. edmondson avenue. eastbound 32 at 97. piney orchard parkway at strawberry lake lane. and also, aurora avenue at north rosedale in baltimore city. let's now take a live look. as you can see, things are definitely building there. that's a look 50 eastbound at 424 on the eastern shore. this traffic report is brought
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to you by disney on ice. all of your favorite disney princesses are coming to town when disney presents dare to dream. you can still get your tickets at disney on and still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. s.a.t. scandal. how the cheating discovered last month may change the way high school students take the test. cbs icon hospitalized. we'll update you on the condition of long-time "60 minutes" commentator, andy rooney. wait until you see where germs really are. don't miss healthwatch. and clouds are bringing rain to maryland. when it will start and how long it will last. ,,,,
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three weeks after his final commentary on "60 minutes," andy rooney is in the hospital. cbs says rooney is in stable condition after serious complications from surgery. his family won't release any more information. in his last commentary, rooney said he was very private and hoped the public would understand his gruffness when they approached him. andy rooney was 92 years old -- is 92 years old. jim axelrod reports for we'll. because of a reporting scandal, there is now a major review of test-taking procedures. >> reporter: it was this arrest last month in a college entrance exam completing scand -- cheating scandal in great neck that sparked the steps in test security. we are being sure to do everything we can that the test has all the integrity it can. >> reporter: sam eshegov is charged with using fake ids
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with six other students. including a female. for as much as 2500 per person. the new york school of superintendents was not surprised. >> this has to have been going on for years. this is not the first time students created fraudulent ids for the test. >> this is not just a long island problem, a new york state problem. this is a national problem. >> reporter: critics blame a college entrance and scholarship problem that heavily weights the s.a.t.s. scott far ber runs a test company and some of his students live in great neck. >> i think a lot of things we see in terms of cheating and staying up way too late and getting incredibly nervous and breaking down in tears is they are 16 and 17 years old. it's not fair for them to internalize all of that pressure, but they keep hearing the drum beat every day. >> reporter: critics say they
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are doing overkill and all that is necessary to avoid falsifying identity is to have students take the tests at their own schools. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> officials say they're also considering having students' pictures taken when they get to a school to take the test. a good picture emerging from wall street today. [ stock bell ringing ] >> all the major markets posted gains. the dow is up 152. s&p up 13. nasdaq up 12. let's go to new york right now. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch updates. a former goldman sachs board member has been indicted on insider trading. 63-year-old rijat gupta surrenner -- surrendered today. he is accused of giving hedge fund information to raj raja
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ratna. he is the highest to face criminal charges in the government investigation. it is a big day for boeing. the aircraft impressed investors with a better-than- expected profit report. alnipon airways. sales of new homes rose nearly 6% in september, as builders slashed prices, and buyers took advantage of historically low mortgage rates. the average sales price nationwide, fell 3% to more than $2,000. that's the lowest in about a year. and the rich are getting richer. a new report says incomes of the weth -- wealthiest 1% of americans nearly triples between 2009 and 2011. that's your money watch.
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for more. you can stay with at the new york stock exchange. i'm alexis christoforous. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. harry potter fans, listen up. the movies are being pulled from store shelves. find out when. found dead inside a hollywood mansion. how dr. phil is connected with this case. >> reporter: scattered showers are falling across the area. and there's more changes coming. >> wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. taking a live look outside. it is cloudy. a little dreary out there, tim, compared to yesterday. >> yeah. >> well, would you rather have a frosty pumpkin or a floating pumpkin? >> wow. i don't know. >> definitely not the frost. >> well, i might give you a little taste of both. depending how the weather changes. i mean, we do have some changes on the way. temperatures have been right around the 60-degree range. so today may be a little taste of the floating pumpkin. a little rain in the forecast.
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we have been watching temperatures fluctuating. around 58 degrees. 54, the dew point. relative humidity at 86% with a south/southwesterly wind now at 10 miles per hour. it is a mild wind blowing across the region. clouds are keeping temperatures locked in place. no warmth we generate throughout the day. that is one benefit of the clouds. but they are bringing also, some rain into the forecast. 63 in cumberland. 69 on the shore. the warm spot, patuxent river, at 73 this evening. and we're going around the region. everyone is right in that upper 50 to low 60 range. one of the warmer spots down toward d.c., at 64. winds are coming in at 10 miles per hour around the southwest from baltimore to hagerstown, even on the shore. patuxent river also seeing the 12-mile-per-hour winds. we are not expecting things to get too gusty. but we're expecting a chance of showers. can't rule that out through the afternoon. here are the clouds. we see more clear skies, where
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the temperatures have gotten up to around 70 degrees. but right now, there is a slug of moisture moving in from the panhandle of west virginia, straight over into baltimore county. and a separate area right down across west virginia and into the eastern shore, right across the d.c. region. in the bigger picture, take a look at this. this is something to definitely point out to you. denver, that area around the four corners region, denver and over towards phoenix, all of that area has seen some rain. and the temperature fluctuations have taken denver from 82 degrees down now to just around, i think, they're around 29. so that air is moving loosely into our region. this is the front moving through now. we'll get a bit of a break heading into friday. then we'll get another round of rain moving through with another front. the radar -- way it all plays out. and here's that temperature. 80 and 29 as of last check there. you can see where the front is seeing those temperatures. up around 60 degrees now will be in the 50s over the next few days.
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the front comes through. brings us a chance of rain. we'll get a bit of a break. and friday night into saturday. the second slug of moisture moves through. we'll state right around that 60-degree range. your sunset today is at 6:12. tomorrow, at 10 to 15 knots. 58, mainly cloudy with a couple of showers. and of course, tomorrow, right back up to about 65, breezy, with periods of rain and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. >> all right, tim. you're getting me thinking about my pumpkins. you're carving them. >> all right. >> yes. >> all right. well, don't miss all-new episodes in tonight's prime time lineup. it starts at 8:00 with survivor, south pacific. and ends at 10:00, with a new csi, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. because of the rain monday night, the ravens game was preempted. at 1:30, you can see two and a half men and mike and molly at 2:07.
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and to see the rest of the shows and when they'll air, go to, and click on the entertainment section. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. it's one of the biggest bumper crops of apples these farmers have ever seen. but they may lose millions this year. and watch those apples rot away. we'll tell you why, tonight on the cbs evening news. flu shot. why this year's version may not be as effective as you think. joy amid the sorrow. the latest on the death toll in earthquake-torn turkey. the testimony that brings dr. conrad murray to tears. eyewitness news continues with eyewitness news continues with vic right after everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. eyewitness news continues with vic right after and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama.
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ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. mississippi has wonderful people, great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled.
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it is 4:30.
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58 degrees with light rain in some areas. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carty. de -- carter. denise is off today. here's what people are talking about. brought to tears. after weeks of damaging testimony, dr. conrad murray hears witnesses try to repair his reputation. karen brown reports from los angeles on the michael jackson death trial. >> did that leave a vacuum? >> reporter: dr. conrad murray dabbed tears from his eyes as witnesses took the stand on his behalf. some of his patients spoke about his charitable work and his kind manner. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring. >> and i just don't think he did what he's being accused of. >> and i'm alive today because of that man. >> reporter: the defense said that murray is a good doctor and that money did not motivate him. >> i explained to him that i couldn't afford to do a lot of stuff. so he did it for me free. >> reporter: the prosecution got a chance to cross-examine
4:33 pm
the character witnesses as they showed they treat -- he treated the superstar patient differently. >> dr. murray never gave you propofol in your bedroom, did he? >> no, sir. >> reporter: murray's lawyers are suggesting that the singer was a desperate man who would do anything to get sleep. they say he was taking the powerful anesthetic on and off for a decade. the defense is expected to wrap up its case on thursday. jurors could start deliberating dr. murray's fate, as soon as next week. in los angeles, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> murray agreed to become jackson's personal physician for $150,000 a month but was never paid because the singer died before the contract was ever signed. death toll in turkey quickly rises following a devastating earthquake. >> reporter: crews are searching around the clock. but officials say time is running out for people still buried. this morning, police freed a 25-
4:34 pm
year-old teacher from beneath the rubble of a building. she had been there since the 7.2 magnitude quake struck a week ago. crew -- the death toll now stands at 461. turkey's prime minister claims dozens, even hundreds of deaths could have been avoided if the buildings were built up to code. >> crews are now working to distribute food and provide shelter to tens of thousands of people who were left homeless. all four people charged with holding a group of mentally disabled people captive in philadelphia, appeared in a hearing. that was the judge's ruling during a short hearing for the fourth suspect, jean macintosh. she was arrested after police charged her and four other men with locking people inside a boiler room. investigators say they were stealing their social security checks. a gas station owner is found guilty.
4:35 pm
took the jury just hours to find walter bishop guilty in ray porter's death penalty trial. jurors saw video of bishop confessing to the murder saying he had been hired by the victim's wife, carla porter. we'll have live reaction to this verdict coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. in healthwatch, doctors have been pushing everyone to get that annual flu shot. but do they actually work? bigat shivan reports with the surprising new results of a study. >> reporter: paul witty is here to get the flu shot, in order to keep his nearly 2-year-old twins healthy. >> it's miserable when they're sick. so you don't want to be part of it -- or part of the reason that they're getting sick. >> reporter: about 100 million americans will get the flu shot this year. but a new study shows it may not be as effective as you think. the study in the journal "the lancet" shows that over the last four decades, the shot
4:36 pm
only kept the flu away from healthy adults about 59% of the time. but researchers say the nasal spray vaccine for children under 7, wards off the flu 87% of the time. >> young adults and older children have the best immune response to the vaccine. and older patients have always had a weak response to a vaccine. >> reporter: the centers for disease control recommends everyone, over 6 months old, get vaccinated for the flu. and doctors say this study doesn't change that. >> besides washing hands and general healthcare measures, there is nothing better that will help prevent the flu but the vaccine itself. >> and the doctor says he will still get his children vaccinated. >> those are still pretty good bet being odds, 50%. i'll take those odds. >> the study shows the nasal spray is very effective for younger children, the cdc doesn't recommend one vaccine
4:37 pm
over another. also in healthwatch, as we get deeper into flu season, you may be surprised at all of the places where you can come in contact with those types of germs. mary is live in the newsroom with details of the study. mary? >> reporter: well, vic, most people know to watch out for germs in schools, the office, the bathroom, but not as many are thinking about their health when they fill up their gas tank. and they should be. gas pumps are among the dirtiest things you touch. there were high levels of contamination. so where else should you be on guard? the study found mailbox handles, escalator rails and atm buttons were also havens for germs. back to you, vic. and newsrooms, mary. >> yes. all over there place. >> researchers say the best defense is washing your hands with plain soap and water. it is a gloomy day. outside, it's cloudy with light
4:38 pm
rain falling some in -- in some areas. bob is here with the updated numbers. >> we had a little rain earlier today. a little sun. now a little rain moving through. take a look at radar. right now, the rains south and east of the baltimore, washington area. continues to head over to the eastern shore. and it will do that this evening. later tonight, we'll see a little more rain moving in. and tomorrow, take a look at this front through the area. today it's going to stall out. low pressure will come right through the region. that means we'll see rain tomorrow. followed by a real cooldown after that. in fact, friday morning, and late thursday night, they have a freeze watch issued for extreme northern maryland and southern pa as you can see. we haven't seen any freezing temperatures in a while. if you have tender plants outside, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, or friday, take them in. because they may not survive the chill on friday morning. vic? >> bob, thank you. let's check the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic
4:39 pm
control. >> hi, vic. hi, everyone. well, the worst of the delays are definitely on the beltway. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, we're already up to a 30-minute delay in that direction. we're looking at another 30 minutes around the outer loop from stevenson road to baltimore national pike. traffic just crawling at this point, at about 40 miles an hour. on the top side inner loop, at least 25 minutes there from jones falls expressway to harford road. and 70 eastbound, stop and go there from 29 to the beltway. as far as accidents go, still plenty to talk about. village queen drive in the owings mills area. old court road at melrose avenue. eastbound 32 at 97. and also, east monument at north dean street in baltimore city. let's now take a live look. as you can see, one good spot there, 895 at potee street. everything seems to be sailing along. this traffic report is brought to you by auto service plus, service you can trust. check out their fall and winter maintenance specials, up to $65
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in additional rebates. to find an additional location nearest you, go to auto service the statue of liberty's birthday, lady liberty will be fitted with five web cams held high. the web cams go live on friday, during a ceremony, marking the 125th anniversary of the statue's dedication. video from the cameras will stream online. and straight ahead t. frightening fire. how a baby doll saves the lives of a sleeping family, inside a burning house. serial rapist. the safety alert and the group of women being targeted. and could showers turn into thunderstorms? get your updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new investigation is under way after a san diego woman is found dead inside her california mansion. the family of rebecca zahu say
4:44 pm
they will resume her body from her grave for more testing. zahu was found hanged inside her home in july. initially, it was said she committed suicide. but her family is skeptical of the findings. the finding will be revealed on the dr. phil show here on wjz. derek valcourt has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: nebraska police say four children are in the custody of social services, after being found in an unsafe and unsanitary trailer home. police were called to the home for a welfare check inside. they found a 3-year-old and his 5-year-old brother. they were inside of a wired dog kennel. officers also found trash, animal feces and the stench of urine in the house. the mother allegedly said she put the boys in the kennel to keep them from escaping the house at night. >> four adults have been arrested with felony child
4:45 pm
abuse, first-degree child abuse and misdemeanor. robbyrobbie owens reports, investigators say he's targeting members of sorority groups in several towns. >> investigators say -- released this video. with attacks dating back to november of last year. he's described as a large, heavily-built black man, in his middle to late 30s and 40s. >> we believe there is somebody out there, that once they see this video, they see his walk, they see his dress, possibly the way he carries himself, that somebody out there may know who this person is. >> reporter: the rapist victims have all been black women, alumni of the same sorority. they have been attacked in their own home. >> these women have been violated in the worst form.
4:46 pm
and it happened in the one place that they felt the safest. >> reporter: police wouldn't say how the suspect is gaining entrance to the homes but have offered home safety checks to the sorority's alumni members and are urging them to be extra cautious until this man is caught. making sure doors doors and windows are blocked, including the doors from the garage. they say it's a good idea to keep a charged cell phone nearby at all times and if you have an intrusion alarm, use it. >> even if it's only 10, 15 minutes you have to run down the road, set the alarm. because that's 10 or 15 minutes someone else could be waiting for you upon your return. >> this is high priority with each of these agencies right now. >> the crimes took place in three different cities over an 11-month time period. the delta sigma theta sorority has advised its members to avoid wearing clothing that
4:47 pm
identifies them as members. georgia police say a customer fire-bombed them. the customer was upset over a lack of meat. police say he returned to the restaurant and threw a molotov cocktail at the building, burning the building. police are still looking for the suspect. no one was injured. crying baby saves the lives of a family. and the baby wasn't real. it was a school experiment. she realized her family's house was on fire. everyone, including the doll and the family pet got out of the house unharmed. a woman in california wants to sell a tiny piece of moonrock, dust that she's owned for nearly a decade. but when she tries to make the move, she's arrested by government agents. >> i just walked over. >> 74-year-old grandmother joanne davis thought she was going to her local denny's for a simple business transaction. but then is gets ugly.
4:48 pm
>> i get in -- someone is grabbing me from the back. now they're pulling me out of the booth. and they have a hold of me pretty darn good. and the force was like unnecessary on my part because i'm like 110, i'm 4'11." >> she expected to sell a tiny speck of moon rock, encased in a painweight she claims was given to her space engineer husband a year ago. but after she contacted nasa to see if they could find a buyer, federal agents set up a sting. they suspected she was dealing in stolen property. >> it's not stolen. i know it and they know it, too. but how else are they going to credit themselves with how they took it? >> reporter: nasa declines to comment on an ongoing investigation. yet, five months after being detained and questioned for two hours, davis still hasn't been charged with anything. >> there is no such law that
4:49 pm
moon rocks belong to the federal government. there are laws about stealing from the federal government. and i understand that. and if anybody could show that these moon rocks were stolen from the federal government, that's a horse of a different color, but they haven't shown that. >> davis's attorney now said the federal agents won't ever charge her with breaking laws, but she likely won't get the moon rock back either. by some estimates, it could be worth more than $1 million. harry potter fans will need to act fast if they want the dvd. they will stop shipping dvd and blue ray. final installment hit stores on the lichth. -- 11th. warner brothers is pulling the dvds in hopes of boosting sales for the holiday. one house in riverside is a hit. ♪ [ music ]
4:50 pm
>> hundreds of people come to see the house sing and dance every night. and hundreds more watching it on you tube. the owner takes a week off work every year to install the 5,000 lights. the tradition started with michael jackson's thriller in 2008 and features a different soundtrack every year. this year, it's party rock anthem. the house owner says he didn't decorate for christmas. rain showers today, and even more changes tomorrow. bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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not sure what it's like where you are. but here, we've got a reappearance of the sun. we'll see a little color out there, bob? >> a little rain moved through. it is all pretty much gone for the time being. but it's going to be back. and we have a little sun here in maryland. south and east of us, still shower activity, south of washington. and over in the eastern shore. take a look at radar. you see that batch moving through the baltimore region. and d.c. and annapolis. heading toward dover and denton. easton. very light stuff. nothing heavy. just a few pockets there.
4:54 pm
maybe a little heavier activity. but for the most part, it's quiet, until late tonight, when we'll see more rain developing. this front that is moving through now is going to stall out. and thal area of low pressure will -- bring more moisture with it. wind the out of the south/southwest will bring more humidity. dew point is 54. may get down to the mid-50s. barometer, 29.83, currently holding steady. right now, 54, oakland. 65, hagerstown. 73 in pax river. southern virginia today. mid- to upper 70s. pretty warm air down there. and yes, there's a lot of cool air to the north. that's one of the reasons for rain. light rain headed in your direction. not a whole lot. temperatures ranging from the mid- to upper 50s to the low 60s. southwest winds currently in the region. that will keep us in mild air until later in the day tomorrow. once that low pressure passes the region, the winds will go back to the north and northwest. and that's when some very
4:55 pm
chilly air will start heading into the eegz. take a look -- into the region. take a look at clouds here and there. that's why it gets so warm down there. during the day, a little batch of rain. you can see it continuing to move across the region. to our north is a lot of clearing skies. so this front, kind of hanging up across maryland and virginia. mild air to the south. low pressure with the front. and high pressure moves in. sunshine for the most part. now, friday night and saturday, another area of low pressure expected to develop somewhere along the carolina coast. expected, not necessarily guaranteed, but expected to throw some moisture in the region. chilly temperatures could see a very cool rain on saturday morning. late, late friday night. and we already told you. northern sections of maryland, friday morning, before that rain and clouds come in. could see some freezing conditions. northwest winds, 10 to 15 knots. the bay temp around 63 degrees. tonight, look for a little rain here and there. particularly later on.
4:56 pm
58. not going to drop much, might even go over a bit. mid-60s for a while. rain, breezy and even thunder before the cooler air moves in. and it clears out tomorrow night. that's why friday morning, there could be frost and freezing conditions across northern maryland and southern pa. first time we've had it this year. actually, it's kind of late. >> that's fine with us. >> better late than never. >> still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> "occupy" troubles. i'm mike hellgren. the city could be in for a showdown with occupy baltimore protestors. i'll tell you what the mayor has to say. what the protestors are saying. we'll have more about violent ,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
coming at 5:00. breaking news. in the murder-for-hire plot. we'll is live with the jury's decision. cracking down on the "occupy wall street" movement. will police shut down baltimore's protests? one of maryland's most popular republicans comes to the defense of a democrat in legal trouble. i'm adam may. the latest twist in senator senator currie's corruption trial is coming up. >> check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. quality eyewitness news at 5:00 "starts now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> we have breaking news. a verdict in th


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