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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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demonstrators for those injured in oakland, california. the tension also continues to build here in baltimore tonight. wjz is live in mceldon square in the inner harbor, where the debate is raging over whether to evict the protestors overnight. mike hellgren has new reaction from union leaders. mike? >> yeah, mary, about a dozen of them are telling the mayor, these folks should stay put. now, it's raining here now. the people have not moved. we have heard that they may be evicted tonight. but it's a waiting game. and anyone's guess at this hour. >> reporter: despite the city's move, occupy baltimore protestors are still here. unions, including the fraternal order of police, hand delivered this letter to the mayor. and we believe it would be wise for the city of baltimore to act with restraint and responsibility. >> you've seen what happened in oakland. we don't want baltimore to be another oakland. >> that's where more than 100
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people were arrested. officers used tear gas and hundreds were arrested. >> unfortunately, some great moments in history were written in blood. and i'm to the point where i'm ready to sign that check in my own blood. >> reporter: patience in cities coast to coast is weighing thin. in los angeles, the mayor is moving occupiers. in denver, they are living in tents in blankets of snow. in new york city, they took to the streets, marching after the violence in oakland. >> reporter: some have started doing health and safety inspections at the campsite. >> reporter: they include boston, where protestors have been allowed to stay. but what is baltimore city going to do? that's unclear. while the mayor calls overnight camping illegal, negotiations are still under way with those living here. >> city hall told me that nobody was going to -- no action was being taken. you know, for last night, which
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was a great thing. but that was last night. what happened today? we still don't know. >> and we're on an island here, kind of separated from the store fronts: so far, we have heard no major complaints from business owners. reporting live, mike hellgren. >> occupy baltimore applied for a permit with the city, but they were turned down. mceldon square is a designated area for demonstrations. >> reporter: a judge released shocking evidence. photos during the lu lu lemon murder trial. vic is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: prosecutors say britney norwood used at least six different weapons to kill jayna murray inside the athletics store they worked. this is a picture the of the weapons norwood allegedly used, including a hammer, several knives and a box cutter. prosecutors say that she schemed and told people they had both been attacked.
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>> the defense acknowledges that britney norwood killed murray, following a heated fight. but they say it lacked the premeditation required for a first-degree murder conviction. >> his life is literally in ray jury's-- a jury's hands. a baltimore man is sentenced to die. in a murder-for-hire plot. it was moved for high publicity. weijia jiang has more on the important decision the jury made today. >> reporter: mary, it took the jury the same amount of time to reach a guilty verdict. they decided he is guilty of the death penalty. now his life is in their hands. >> the same jury is now deciding whether he'll live or die. >> he has five children. and i know he loves his children. because he talks about his boys all the time, and he always took care of his girls.
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taking the father innocent going to help -- isn't going to help the kids any. >> bishop was charged with kiing ray porter. his wife, carla porter is the accused master mind of a pardon for hire mot. bishop says she offered to pay him $nain,000. >> reporter: it wassish-- $9,000. >> it was caught on tape. >> i came towards its face i just closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. >> reporter: under a new law, a suspect can be eligible for the death penalty, but only if he has a videotaped confession. but his attorneys say it was only because they baited him. they also say that bishop had no idea he was being recorded.
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but prosecutors fired back, saying police are not obligated to disclose any cameras. now, they have to decide whether he deserves it. >> i don't want to see him get the death penalty. he's my nephew. and -- auto -- it's just going to kill all the people. >> the defense attorneys asked for tomorrow off to have extra time to prepare to plead for their client's life. the judge said no, so jurors will return tomorrow to decide how to sentence walter bishop. reporting live at the courthouse, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> if bishop does not receive the death penalty, he will be sentenced to life in prison, either with or without parole. a truck carrying 3,000 gallons of fuel crashes and catches fire near the conowingo dam. take a look at video from our m- dot camera. you can see the dam is still closed, while hazmat crews
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clean up fuel. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. jurors in the federal bribery trial, against powerful senator ulysses currie, hear from his closest ally. his wife. derek valcourt explains, defense attorneys are hoping they can help the cause. >> reporter: senator curriy -- currie's wife said that she blames herself for the truck he now faces. >> reporter: reverend shirley gray walked to the white house -- to the courthouse, hoping to convince the jury not to convict ulysses currie, the former chair of the powerful budget and taxation committee, faces charges that he accepted nearly a quarter million in bribes from grocery giant shoppers food in exchange for his political tower tower -- power. it was perfectly legal, said
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his attorneys, though they do acknowledge that he failed to disclose his work for the grocery chain as required on the state ethics form. and that mistake, his wife told jurors, was her fault. she testified because her husband was unorganized and messy. she did all of the paperwork in the household, including filling out his ethics forms. saying, i was copying the ethics forms from the year before. and i didn't think i was doing anything wrong. she said, i feel in a way that i failed him. in a time that he should be enjoying the golden years, he is fighting for has integrity. if i were more diligent, we wouldn't be where we are today. >> but prosecutors pointed to the jury, that it was senator curr ise -- currie's responsibility to make sure his forms were complete and accurate, and not his wife's
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responsibility. >> tough case. closing arguments are expected wednesday. we had a rainy night. and tonight the temperatures will drop. some parts of the state could even see frost overnight. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the first warning forecast. >> take a look at radar. we have a bunch of showers moving through the region. as a cold front is beginning to move across the region. it's much colder to the north and west. we'll show you that in a minute. locally, some heavier showers, south and west of the city there. from towson down through columbia. a few heavy pockets. down by the washington area, approaching college park and columbia area. that's all moving off to the south and southeast behind us, we'll start seeing some clearing. and then it gets chilly. tim has a look at temperatures and what we can expect maybe by tomorrow morning. >> definitely. this front is by nature a cold front. brings colder temperatures. and beeron the -- we're on the mild side of it now. but as bob mentioned, we're
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moving through. on the western edge of this, you see the drop in temperatures. look it up. and look towards scranton, back towards pittsburgh. we're at 63 now. those areas are about 20 degrees or a little more colder than we are. those are areas the front has already pushed through. with the colder air moving in tonight, there is a freeze warning in effect for carroll county, all the way out to the panhandle of west virginia. and the western edge of allegheny county. again, that's issued when the first freeze of the season is expected in tender vegetation and tender crops, sensitive crops, could be damaged as a result. if you have any of those, cover them when you bring them in. and talk about the potential for a bit of a wintry mix, sometime this weekend. back inside. there is a new push tonight to help a maryland man in prison, in cuba. today, secretary of state hillary clinton is calling for the release of allen gross. >> i will underscore, we think it is a gross violation of his human rights.
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and a humanitarian abuse that he has not been returned to his family. and we would like to see that happen as soon as possible. >> allen gross has been jailed since 2009, after cuba accused him of spying. gross said he was only trying to provide internet access to the island's jewish community. it's a huge day on wall street. stocks soar after european leaders reach a deal to prevent the debt crisis from spreading around the world. the dow was up 340 points. s&p up 42. nasdaq up 88. alexis christoforous reports from the new york stock exchange, with more on the big gains. >> the news out of europe was exactly what wall street was waiting for. stocks surged, with the dow closing more than 300 points higher, after leaders of 17 nations agreed on a plan to rescue debt-laden greece and strengthen the finances of other european countries. >> and i think some of nareally gives the investors feelings that things are moving in the right direction.
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>> reporter: the announcement came after more than eight hours of locations in brussels. as part of the deal, banks will accept 50% losses on the greek bonds they hold. and the european union will double its rescue fund to help countries at risk of default, like spain and italy. >> in taking today's decisions, we lay the foundations for our future. all members of the euro summit are determined to fall out. >> it's that unified front coming out of europe that really won over u.s. investors. wall street was on edge all week. and the news came as a relief. >> once everybody gets together on the same side of the table, everyone looks at it as a very positive effect. and positive motion on our market. >> reporter: president obama said the agreement is an important first step. >> the key now is to make sure that it is implemented fully and decisively. and i have great confidence in the european leadership to make that happen. >> reporter: e.u. leaders must still finalize
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details of the deal. they expect to finish by the first of december. >> on wall street, alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> european leaders are hoping cash-rich countries like china can contribute to europe's rescue. bad accident in harford county. captain mike perry above it with more. >> another one. bad one, mary. up on the route 1 bel air bypass, near route 24. several-vehicle accident. look like a total of 5 involved. one of them a police car. you see the second in line here. this is a five-vehicle, rear- end-style collision. occurred about 50 minutes ago. there are several injuries we see several medical units on the scene. looks like at least one or two people are going to be transported to the hospital. this does appear to be sort of a stop-and-go action. this is a problem in the bel air area. it doesn't look extremely serious. however, it is completely shut down.
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the route 1 bel air bypass, southbound, north of route 24. and you can expect delays, perhaps even half an hour before police will even reopen this roadway. back to you on tv hill. >> good to see that. exotic animals debate. leopards and bears escape ohio. will the surviving animals return to their owner's farm? light cameras. saving lives? or a costly government intrusion. i'm mike schuh. the results of the new five- year study when we return. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, coming home. that story as eyewitness news continues. it is going to be a chilly night. bob is updating the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,
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do red-light cameras make roads safer? that's the claim. a five-year study backs up that claim. >> reporter: it seems like they're on every corner. >> have you gotten a ticket? >> yes. >> and at $60 a flash, governments say that people should learn to stop, rather than go. a five-year study seems to confirm that. in areas with cameras, fatal red-light crashes are down by 20%. >> that's good then, i guess. they're helpful. >> reporter: the study shows 159 lives were saved. >> reporter: who says that? >> insurance highway institute study. >> yeah. okay. >> you don't buy it? >> no. >> how come? >> i just don't. >> that figure seems to me like it would be accurate. and then people would think before they went through a red light. because they would be afraid of getting a ticket. so i'm fine with it. >> reporter: so if those statistics are to believe, many
5:18 pm
people are changing their behavior to avoid getting a ticket. many people believe those are just a way to get ahead of the government for more money. >> just lengthening the yellow can reduce the red-light running to do more. but are these doing both? saving lives and generating money? >> there are others who feel that they are strictly a money- generating business. >> that's what i think. >> mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> the insurance institute says if red light cameras had been installed in all u.s. cities of populations above 200,000, 815 deaths would have been prevented. >> if you are waiting for someone to get home from work, we're going to check on our roads at wjz traffic control. hi, mary. hi, everyone. let's check in on that accident that captain mike just reported on. it is in bel air, at the bel air bypass.
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route 24. it's in the southbound direction. right now, it is shut down southbound. and we're looking at a 30- minute delay. so the best-case scenario would be to avoid that area, if at all possible. as far as other delays go, if you're traveling on the harrisburg expressway, in the northbound direction heavy delays there, from warren road to belfast. 15 minutes at the top side inner loop. that's thinned out just a bit. and another 15 minutes around the outer loop, from bel air road to the jones falls expressway. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, you're going to see some brake lights there, from wilkens avenue to security boulevard. average speed, as you can see by our sensor there, about 37 miles an hour. and we do villain have an accident -- do have an accident, as well. 70 eastbound. delays from the potaps co river bridge. let's take a live look. you can see, plenty of traffic to deal with there on the beltway, north of dogwood road. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet,
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hardwood and laminate, too. back over to you. >> kristy, thank you. after a year at war, an emotional homecoming for members of maryland's national guard. alex demetrick reports, difficult separations were bridged in an instant. >> reporter: you know how it's going to end, even if you can't hear it. after goodbyes one year ago. >> how does it compare? [ laughter ] >> well, at least this is a happy day. last year was a sad day. >> reporter: and the last morning of waiting came at aberdeen proving grounds in harford county. families of 80 maryland national guard members. >> they worked through iraq and afghanistan. and they supervised and managed aviation maintenance for all of the aviation units in both countries. >> reporter: and families managed in their own ways. mary sinclaire carried out a photo of her husband, called flat bill. >> family is always there for things in the house.
5:21 pm
storms, earthquakes, hurricanes. but survived it. >> reporter: for family, technology like skype made a long year survivable. >> thankfully, we had the technology to stay in contact with each other. >> reporter: and what did all of that high-tech come down to? >> i love you. >> reporter: not even rain could wash out a moment like this, as the buses that took them away brought them home. and 12 months apart ended with a single word. [ cheering ] >> this is my dad. >> everybody is all excited about being home. it's great to see everybody. family members and all. it's super. this is great. >> reporter: alexalex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and you know, real bill is so much better than flat bill. she's like throwing that away in the garbage. well, while it may not be the first in their minds.
5:22 pm
tonight, returning guard members are in line for a unit citation for excellence. congratulations to all of them. and welcome home! >> to see that emotion. let's take a look at temperatures around the region. pretty warm out there. 63. but that's going to change. we'll look at that friday and weekend forecast after this. ,,,
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some rain. bright in the sky to the west. still a chance of a few more showers, until about 8:00, 9:00. it's going to get quite chilly overnight. back in the upper 30s, many places. take a look at temps right now. very warm in eastern sections. 71 in ocean city. 51 in hagerstown. and 37 in oakland. maryland. american miniature. 37 to 71. there's a cold front right through there. and that front is moving through the area. very shortly, we'll be cooling down. down to 57 in westminster. and 66, kent island. across the region, you'll see a 10-degree difference. winds go back to the west/northwest. chilly air coming in. in fact, we'll be backing up to 30s as you mentioned.
5:26 pm
frost likely from carroll county west by tomorrow morning. now, over the weekend, saturday morning, this low pressure over north texas, with snow there, is going to head across arkansas off the atlantic coast. coldira -- colder air moving in behind it. we have a chance in the city of a few wet snowflakes. west and north of the city, there may be a slight accumulation of wet snow. low pressure. there you see it. tomorrow, it starts moving across the south. offshore. and boom, there comes the precip. it could grow a little bit. so there could be a period of rain. then maybe a change for a few hours to some wet snow. in the colder air, primarily, north and west of the city. but that storm track could bring us more activity. now, rena has almost gone, thank goodness, down to 58 miles an hour. and expected to not do anything except die out right there around yucatan, over the next couple of days. in fact, all of the models have it sitting right where it is.
5:27 pm
if you're heading to cozumel, cancun, hit a ray in there. northeast winds on the bay. 5 to 10 knots. bay temps, 62. rain for a little while and colder. 39 by morning. 54 tomorrow. nice day with sun and clouds. rain moving in after midnight. saturday before it ends, saturday afternoon. >> still ahead at 5:00, everybody. where is baby lisa. tonight, police launch a massive new search for the missing child. where they're looking and why. the defense is calling its final witnesses in the michael jackson death trial. when will the jury then get the case? >> the elderly man murdered. now after a year investigation, a suspect is behind bars. i'm gigi barnett. that story is just ahead. ,,,,,,
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suspect about hind bars. gigi barnett has more. waiting for a phone call
5:31 pm
from baltimore detectives, telling her that a suspect was behind bars for killing her 70- year-old 70-year-old father, milton hill last year. but this morning, the call came. >> still kind of like in a state of shock to know that they did find somebody. >> reporter: this is the suspect. 18-year-old james johnson. police say johnson's motive for shooting hill several times last year was robbery. the teen allegedly wanted hill's green scooter. it happened in an alley behind the church. hill worked there as a handyman. the question why still haunts haunts fat -- the family. >> to leave him there all night long? >> reporter: last summer, police gathered. police say they relied heavily on witnesses to gather information on the case. >> this was members of the community working with detectives. >> reporter: hill's daughter says the arrest brings some closure, but there's still a
5:32 pm
trial to attend. >> i don't have any anger. i don't want the death penalty because it would be too easy. i just want him to serve his time and get maybe life? >> now police arrested johnson last night and charged him with first-degree murder, robbery and a handgun violation. mary, back to you. >> all right, gigi. thank you. johnson is behind bars at central booking right now. >> in anne arundel county, a man is attacked this a grocery store parking lot. it happened at the giant in glen burnie. a 24-year-old man was in his car when another man walked up and started hitting him over the head with a gun. the suspect stole the victim's prescription medication and ran away. police are still searching for him tonight. the victim is being treated at shock trauma. a teenager vanishes while babysitting in utah. now, police find her dead. and they plan to file criminal charges in the case. denise is in the newsroom with more on this investigation for us. denise? >> as you say, it happened in
5:33 pm
utah. police say the people who hired the teen as a babysitter, now considered persons of interest in her death. 16-year-old alexis rasmussen vanished after watching eric and dia miller's other miller's children. they said they left to meet a friend. but that friend said they never had plans to meet. the state's attorney says the couple will soon face charges that could face body desecration to capital murder. >> the motive in this case is unclear. the couple has a long criminal history, including prescription drug fraud. the defense is calling witnesses in the drug trial of michael jackson's personal physician. it is still unclear if dr. conrad murray will take the stand in his own defense. >> reporter: an expert in addiction medicine testified, there is evidence michael jackson was addicted to
5:34 pm
painkillers in the months before his death. >> were not as addictive? >> possibly. >> reporter: he examined medical records from his dermatologist. >> i would suggest that 230 milligrams over 30 minutes is a large dose. >> reporter: the dallas is trying to show that jackson was on many different drugs. but during an often contentious cross-examination, the prosecutor questioned how waldman cungted his a -- conducted his analysis. >> when it did not support your opinion, you did not bring in outside statements. >> gross misstatement. >> reporter: they say that dr. conrad murray is responsible. the autopsy found no demmerol in jackson's body. . >> reporter: dr. murray is not listed as a defense witness. but the judge reminded the cardiologist, he does have the right to take the stand in his own defense. >> the way this trial is going, as poorly as it has gone for
5:35 pm
him, i would strongly consider that option. and we'll know that soon. >> reporter: closing arguments are expected early next week. then jurors will decide if murray is responsible for the singer's death or if jackson himself was to blame. karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> murray faces four years in prison if convicted but that could turn into house arrest since california's prisons are overcrowded with violent criminals. rescue crews in turkey pull a man alive from a trapped building. the man in his late 20s -- in his late 20s. emergency workers rushed him to an ambulance today, after they freed him from the rubble. more than 530 people are confirmed dead from the quake. rain and snow in the area is making life miserable for the thousands left homeless by the disaster. kansas city police expand their search for 11-month-old lisa irwin. investigators scoured a pond today, two miles from the family's home. police will not say what led
5:36 pm
them to the water. baby lisa vanished from her home back on october 4th. lisa's mother has become under scrutiny after admitting she was drinking on the night her baby went missing. bernie madoff. for the first time, we're learning that madoff and his wife tried to commit suicide in the wake of the scandal. jessica kartalija shows us the explosive interview. >> reporter: in the only interview ruth madoff has given about her husband's crimes, she tells "60 minutes," morley schaefer, she and her husband were so upset, they tried to take their lives. >> reporter: bernie madoff is convicted of masterminding the largest ponzi scheme in u.s. history, stealing nearly $50 billion from his investors. after his arrest in 2008, the madoffs were so hated they attempted suicide. >> i don't know whose idea it was. but we decided to kill
5:37 pm
ourselves because it was -- it was so hor rend kows, what was -- horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail, just beyond anything. and i said, i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. >> i couldn't understand how she could do this. i mean, what were they thinking? >> it was very impulsive. and i'm glad we woke up. >> bernard madoff is behind bars, serving a 150-year prison sentence. you can see the entire interview this sunday, on 60 minutes at 7:00 p.m. here on wjz. an update now on the exotic animals set loose in ohio. officials have ordered the six surviving animals to be quarantined. three leopards and a grizzly bear are among the animals set free by the owner before he killed himself. the owner's wife wanted to bring them back.
5:38 pm
but today's order puts a stop to her plans. as danielle nottingham reports for wjz, clinton faced tough questions about securing peace in afghanistan and whether pakistan is committed to that process. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton defended the united states' relationship with afghanistan and pakistan before a panel of skeptical house lawmakers. >> i will be the first to admit that working with our afghan and pakistani partners is not always easy. but these relationships are advancing america's national security interests. >> reporter: fresh from a trip to those countries, secretary clinton said u.s. and afghan forces have increased the grip. and that they have a role to play securing the peace in afghanistan and pakistan. >> we should not let up. >> congress is questioning if pakistan is the true ally in
5:39 pm
the war on terror. lawmakers accuse the country of providing safe havens for terror networks and encouraging attacks on american forces. >> cannot sustain a partnership with islamabad if it pursues policies that are hostile to u.s. interests and jeopardize american lives. >> reporter: lawmakers also had questions about afghan president hamid karzai's recent suggestions that he would support pakistan if it went to war with the u.s. secretary of state clinton says the u.s. believes his statement was taken out of context. preparing to take 100,000 troops from afghanistan over the next three years. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the state department says clinton will visit turkey next week. she'll be participating in a conference on afghanistan security and cooperation. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll
5:40 pm
find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. an eastern shore family, whose name is becoming synonymous with the state police. up close. ravens defensive lineup. and how you can become a ghost hunter. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. >> well, opera is back in baltimore. years after the baltimore opera company is closed down. music is returning to the newly- renovated stage at the model performing arts center. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: gracing the stage at the model art center for two nights only. it will star elizabeth can tral. >> latraviatta is one of my favorite operas and i think maybe my favorite role right
5:41 pm
now. it's a gorgeous opera and has a beautiful story. >> reporter: the production features the baltimore symphony orchestra in the pit for the first time in more than 20 years. [ singing ] >> reporter: the cost -- cast is thrilled to be part of the rebirth of opera in baltimore. >> it's great, great music. we have beautiful, lavish sets and costumes here. and wonderful cast singing with me. and the baltimore symphony orchestra, playing for us. so it's going to be an exciting production. >> bravo! >> tickets start at $40. the performances will be only on friday, november 4th. and then sunday, november 6th. >> she has a beautiful voice. >> she's gorgeous, too. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight.
5:42 pm
a cat gets lost and lives inside an airport for two months. how it happened. and how he was finally found. it is the hallmark side of new york city. but honking comes with a price. why city leaders are planning to crack down on cab drivers first blowing their horns. bob turk. first warning weather center. it's going to be a colder weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. ,,,,, woman: day care can be expensive.
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the tight race continues in the pizza bolis pro football challenge. jessica cartiala -- kartalija is in this week's standings. only four points separates the top of the leader board. adam may. i'm trying to close in on him at 72 points. four-way tie for third. and don, you're not doing too bad with 69 points. this week's big winner, steve harris of baltimore. correctly picked the games.
5:46 pm
way to go, steve. you can still sign up to play. just come here to click on pro football challenge. under quick links on the home page. back to you. it's the leader bobble. and unfortunately, mary is not into the leader bobble now. ravens hope to put another win in the win column. the team is also hoping this rainy weather will clear out before sunday's game at m&t bank stadium. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk had have a look at what we can expect. let's take a look at the forecast tomorrow. yes, it will not be too bad, after some rain moves out of here. we'll have clearing skies. cold morning, upper 30s to low 50s by evening. clouds move back. look for rain late, late tomorrow night. might even change to wet snow. tim has a look at that. >> that wet snow could happen by midday on saturday.
5:47 pm
and the concern will be all of that snow maybe on some very heavy wet leaves and branches. could bring down some of those branches. we'll keep you posted on that. that's on saturday. temperature only going to 42 and dropping. sunday looks like it could be a pretty nice day for the ravens game. 56 on monday. 58 on tuesday. and feels like out back, it's getting ready to get blown away out here. it's going to be a pretty decent week. now, for your energy saver tip of the day. in today's energy saver, if you have a fireplace, close the flu damper when it's not in use. the use of a wood-burning fireplace can actually draw hot air out of a room, unless you have glass doors or an insert to lock that heat in. for more information, you can go to, scroll down to the right-hand side of the page, and click on our special section. back inside. >> a man's car plunges off an overpass in florida and he survived. it happened near st.
5:48 pm
petersburg. the car landed near a parking lot below the interstate. when crews got to the scene, they found a driver sitting outside the vehicle. he apparently crawled out of the wreckage on his own. there's no word on exactly how the crash happened. a woman's pet cat escapes from a cage and lives inside jfk airport for two months. the animal is finally discovered but it's now fighting for its life. >> reporter: this was supposed to be the first stop on the way to a new life in california. for jack the cat and its owner. but the big orange cat with amber eyes, gave their employees shortly after he was checked in. >> an hour later, she was called and told jack had gotten out of his crate and they couldn't find him. >> mary is the best friend of jack's owner. she started a facebook page so people would know the cat was missing and there was a reward for his safe return.
5:49 pm
but despite thousands of hits, jack wandered around jfk for two months. then last night, the cat was found when he suddenly fell through ceiling tile similar to these in the american airlines terminal. >> instincts take over after a while. they will look to find food to eat. >> it's those instinct survivals that has allowed cats and dogs to survive for millions of years. >> reporter: jack has only been given a 50-50 chance of surviving. >> he's storing fat in his cells. now he has what is called a fatty liver. that's a pretty serious illness. >> reporter: the diagnosis is a direct result of being malnourished for so long. supporters hope that after all he's been through, this courageous cat has at least one more life left in him. >> american airlines said once jack is ready to travel, the airline will fly him to california to be reunited with
5:50 pm
his owner. it is the most familiar sound on the streets of new york city. but now, it could cost cab drivers a pretty penny. yeah. new york city is actually stepping up its enforcement of its no-honking law. i didn't even know they had that. the price is a $350 fine. most cabbies say that is really the only way to get the attention of distracted drivers. so far, only 188 tickets have been issued this year. so there's still plenty of honking to go around. new york city and honking go together. combatting cancer with aspirin. a report says popping a popular pill could slash your risk in half. the new study you have to hear about. a guilty plea from one of two men, accused of pulling off the biggest historical heists in history.
5:51 pm
i'm monique griego. we'll have the latest coming up. check in for more on these stories. >> all right, vic. thank you. still to come tonight. the ravens coaching staff, under fire still after the monday night flameout. >> that's right. cam cameron answers the critics today. mark has the latest coming up ne,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 pm
well, the ravens are preparing for the game against arizona. there is still plenty to talk about from their loss monday night. sports director mark viviano has more. >> offensive coordinator, cam cameron says he didn't listen to newspaper comments. that being said, he realizes he is the subject of much discussion. cameron has been on the receiving end of fan discontent off and on for a few years. and the criticism toward him peerked -- peaked monday night. cameron stepped up to the microphone to say he and the team are working hard to correct what went wrong. and focus now is forward.
5:55 pm
>> offensively, we know we have to go to work. i think that's the bottom line. and we got arizona coming in here. and you guys know that i'm not damaging anything. -- dodging anything. but the bottom line is, when something like that takes place, you have to find it and move on. i have a ton of players. we've got the kind of guys to make sure that we're going to do everything that that doesn't happen again. i think that's the best thing we can do. at some point in time, you have to move forward. >> the ravens' offense is again unlikely to have receiver lee evans. he missed another practice with his lingering ankle injury. coming up next hour, receiver anquan boldin speaks up for the offense. and there is bad news for the university of maryland basketball team. an injury to a key player. and a record run for a horse at laurel park. all of that ahead in sports at 6:00. kai, back to you for now. >> mark. thank you. still ahead on eyewitness
5:56 pm
news. to occupy or to evict? i'm mike hellgren, at the inner harbor. will the "occupy" people be ,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. getting the boot in baltimore. will occupy protestors be allowed to stay? or will the mayor make them move out? the latest on the growing fight. the same jury that
5:59 pm
convicted a triggerman in a high-profile murder plot is now deciding whether he'll live or die. i'm weijia jiang, from inside the sentencing hearing coming up next. in her husband's defense. why the wife of a powerful state senator believes she's to blame for his legal trouble. wet and cloudy and cold. the big changes in the first warning weather forecast. check in for these and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. to occupy. or evacuate. >> tonight, the new support for demonstrators who want to


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