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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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,,,, this is wjztv, wjzhd and wjz. com baltimore. from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood, now, it's complete coverage it's wjz maryland's news
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station. snow way an october storm slams the northeast. how maryland is fairing tonight. what a surprise good evening and thanks for joining us i am acame may -- adam may. october snowstorm blanketing the northeast look at what it looked like earlier today when wet snow piled up in frederick county and slicked up a lot of the highways. it also accumulated on the trees which are covered with fall colored leaves. now in hearford and northern baltimore they broke out the snow brushes dusting out cars before hit willing the roads. winds were swaying the trees. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage we have a look at the hardest hit areas but first bernadette woods tracking first warning live doppler radar with the latest. >> the worst of the storm is gone but we are taking you back to show you what happened earlier. let's look at first warning doppler radar. look at this making its way
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across the state some calm continue to heavy and from the north -- came down heavy and from the northwest there's another area that changed to snow passing through and then during the evening hours every thing really started to taper off and it tapered off nicely. what we are looking at what's left from the storm, snowfall totals, rain around the region obviously. the farther north and west those are the higher amounts. union mills at 5 inches. westminster 3 to 4. a foot in frostburg from the city south and east barely anything. other thing, too, we have lost our winter storm warnings but there's freeze warning in effect for the overnight hours and in some case people got the first snow before they got the first freeze. that's what we are dealing with right now. the forecast coming up adam. >> unusual for this time year. thank you. first warning weather coverage continues live with weija jiang with how the
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october storm left its mark on maryland. >> reporter: we have been all over maryland today and everyone seems to be telling us the same thing. they were stunned to see the snow and not ready to deal with the mess that it brings along especially on the roads. across the state any signs of fall completely trumped by signs of winter. it is nearly two months away, many are shocked to see the unseasonable saturday snowfall. >> it's like i went to-- a winter wonderland. things are out of nowhere. >> reporter: the last time we saw snow this early was 1979, the most accumulation in october fell in 1925. >> never. never. i never -- i remember a lot of rain on halloween but not snow at all. >> reporter: did you think you would be clearing snow off the car in october? >> no, i didn't to be honest. first time i can remember. >> reporter: and hereford everything from signs to cars to streets were covered. many residential yards became sheets of white and bel air dealt with a nasty mix of rain
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and snow. highway crews treated the roads work through the night to prevent freezing. transportation authorities say one of the biggest problem is not just the roads but what they are seeing drivers do on them. >> they are wet and they are take it way to fast and cut off trucks and some of the trucks have jackknifed. >> we saw a accident on 795 somebody swerved into the median and facing the opposite direction. >> reporter: western maryland and carroll county took the hardest hit. other than precipitation they are monitoring high winds with so much rainfall this year, ground is saturated so trees could topple. especially because the leaves are on them and snow could weigh them down. bge has recorded thousands of outages linked to the storm. and at this moment, there's more than 1200bge customers in the dark as a result of the storm. and bge warns there could be even more power outages if more
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trees fall on power lines. reporting live in baltimore, weija jiang, wjz "eyewitness news." >> and black ice is a concern too. thanks so much. the national weather service says that this october snowfall is smashing records in several states. drew levinson reports from washington, d.c. through new england the halloween weekend storm is packing quite a powerful punch. >> reporter: the powerful nor'easter dropped heavy snow downing trees and cut power to millions of people. from washington, d.c. to new england. near allentown pennsylvania, homeowners tried to keep up with the trees piling up in the yards. >> it's like a war zone. >> reporter: drivers worked to navigate blocked roads. >> i don't think there's a single block that i went through that i either didn't have to go in another lane of traffic or around broken down trees. >> reporter: the snow and strong wind is proving to be too much for trees that have not lost their leaves yet. especially in new york central park. >> that combination is causing
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normally healthy trees to snap branches and trees to come down. >> reporter: because of all the downed limbs, officials tried to block off entrance to the park in hopes protecting the people in in 30 years don't think we have seen a tree halloween snowstorm of this vossity. >> reporter: it's piling up from maryland to new jersey and a foot is being speced in the northeast as the storm marches north. some plows are trying to clear the roads in parts of connecticut one of many to issue state of emergency. in boston travel delays canceling flights at logan airport many some people are taking this early snow in stride. >> it's not so bad. >> reporter: but it looks more like christmas than the weekend before halloween. in new york, drew levinson, wjz "eyewitness news." >> hard to believe we are showing this. because of the power outages and dangerous travel conditions, governors in new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts declared states of emergency. stay with wjz and for complete coverage of the
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october snow. find the updated first warning forecast and track the storm there on the top of the home page. look for the red banner across the top. in other news tonight, family and friends and a germantown woman and her son were laid to rest. jane mcqueen and her son william were remembered in clarksburg. the bodies were found in separate locations earlier this month. jane's husband 45-year-old curtis lopez has been charged with her death and he is a suspect in william's death as well. a suicide bomber kills 17 people including american soldiers in the capital of afghanistan. randall pinkston reports thattonight the taliban is claiming they are behind the strike. >> reporter: a nato bus carrying american soldiers burst into flames after a suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into a military convoy. thick black smoke poured out of the wreckage along a highway in the southwestern section of
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kabul the capital. minutes after the blast, coalition forces surrounded the scene and carrying victims to safety while helicopters airlifted injured soldiers to hospitals. this man was not far from the explosion. he. >> he says it was a huge blast. i went closer to the convoy and saw several americans on fire. >> reporter: a nato spokesman says at least 12 americans including u.s. troops and civilian contractors died in the attack. officials say the blast also killed several afghans. the taliban took responsibility saying the bomb packed 1500 pounds of explosives into the vehicle. taliban fighters say they will continue to attack until all foreign forces leave afghanistan. the attack happened while nato leaders met with afghan officials in kabul to talk about shifting more control to afghan forces. >> we are at a moment in time where it's time to think aboutreckon sillization and inter-- reconciliation and integration
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and it's not the time to kill innocent people. >> reporter: violence in afghanistan is at its worst since the war began ten years ago n new york randall pinkston, wjz "eyewitness news." there are three accept from the attacks on coalition forces and afghan locations earlier today. police swarm a baltimore city home after a man is reported to have bur cadeed -- barricaded himself inside on bel air road that is back open at this hour after it was closed for hours. police told us that after investigating no one was found inside the residence. but the investigation does continue tonight. they are legal but police say there's widespread abuse of prescription drugs nationwide. now this weekend federal agents are offering an easy way to turn in unused medication gigi barnett explains how. >> thank you ma'am. >> reporter: fast, easy and convenient and works like drive throughs. except the folks here are not picking up. they are dropping off.
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old prescription drugs. >> this is how to properly dispose of it at home have a nice day drive safely. >> reporter: twice a year dea agents nationwide hold a prescription drug take back. this weekend agents camped out in the sleet and snow at several drop off points across the state. >> right now, the nonmedical use of prescription drugs is second to marijuana. >> reporter: the take back spot in harford county has one of the highest turn in rates in maryland. >> in our county, 80% of our deaths related to dryings and alcohol -- drugs and alcohol direct are related to pre-- deaths are related to prescription drug overdose. >> reporter: most believe they can dispose of them by themselves but dea agents say this is the best way because if you keep it in your house our a you're more subseptemberrible to crime. >> we have dumpster diving which is why we say don't throw it into the trash and they will try to steal it in your trash. >> reporter: agents have no
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questions asked about the drugs and the next take back comes in the spring. in harford county gigi barnett, wjz "eyewitness news." and teed take back was free -- and today's take back was free to the general public. dozens laced up to participate in the trick or trot 5k run. it was hosted by buck show walter and his wife the second annual event took place in canton. it benefits kids peace a charity dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children and their families. >> baseball is not pressure exhaled to -- compared to what the kid go through so you keep a sense of reality. >> the top runners and those with the most creative halloween costumes were awarded prizes today. still to come on wjz "eyewitness news" tonight a. city under water. flood waters force families from their thailand homes. is relief on the way?
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>> we are locking the doors and checking them four times and no one is going to be home alone. >> it's a neighborhood nightmare. this teen found murdered inside her home. hopefully -- who police are looking for. and fired up over banking fees? we will tell you which banks are rethinking a controversial debit card fee. i am mike schuh in cherry hill. what would get volunteers out in this weather? it has to be amazing. the living answer when "eyewitness news" continues. i am meteorologist bernadette woods. storm has come and gone but some people will see the effects linger. the complete first warning weather forecast coming up after the break. complete coverage continues with adam may, and meteorologistbernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cold 36 degrees but finally clearing in central maryland. bern dit det has the -- ben det has the fore-- bernadette has the forecast coming up. flooding in thailand leaves the country under water. the worst could be yet to come. they are experienced the worst floods in over half a century in the last couple months killing hundreds of people and driving thousands more out of their homes from a 14-year-old girl in illinois murdered when she confronts a burglar inside her home. she had just gotten off the bus and walked into the family's home when she was fatally stabbed. police believe she walked into
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a burglary in progress. she what just entered the freshman year of high school and the death hit students hard. >> she had so many friend. no one disliked her. >> she had like the brightest smile on her face. she was so funny. and she was really nice. >> as of right now police have no suspects in the brutal case. a private investigator returned to kansas to consult the family of missing baby lisa irwin, the 11-month-old disappeared more than three weeks ago. investigators arrival comes one day after irwin's parents canceled the police interview with heysa's half brothers -- lisa's half brothers. a attorney brought in nine days ago says she is no longer work for the girl's parents. some of the biggest banks in the nation back off plans to charge a monthly fee for their debit cards. bank of america angered a lot of customers and rolled out a $5 fee last month. now the company is reportedly
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rethinking the decision. several bank of america's competitors have decided not to charge customers for debit card purchases. the list includes jp morgan chase, and citibank. a little winter weather has not put a damper on the occupy wall street protests in new york city snow dusted the manhattan park where the grew set up earlier or set up months ago. some raised doubts whether they would stick around when the harsh weather comes but they say they are not going anywhere. >> the spirit is not going to die. this is the start of the movement. the movement is going to go with the rain, shine or cold we will be out here to make sure it works. >> today's storm makes this the snowiest october in history forparts of new york city. in this weather, most of us are trying to find ways to avoid going outside. so who would think that this is a good time to spend a few hours volunteering in the rain, slush and snow? mike schuh has the answer from
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cherry hill. >> reporter: honestly, to be out in this weather it better be pretty important. >> just planting trees and we have been out here for an hour and a half. >> reporter: planting trees? you couldn't pay people to be out here and they are not. >> you can't get people to come out in the weather. you are telling meow are doing it for free. >> yes. >> reporter: 80 volunteers getting 350 trees going into the ground on a miserable day. >> a lot of people forget when it's raining you can do stuff outside in the proper gear and proper attitude. the people today were great and what great attitude and wanted to plant trees and get dirty and gave community effort. >> reporter: the group tree baltimore has bowl of a million trees planted in baltimore by 2030. in effect to rebuild the tree canopy like this. today, they pick a 2 school campus in cherry hill. >> the school is wouldn't few areas we have the opportunity to plant a lot of trees. creating a place to cool the air and filter it and give the
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kids a escape from the pavement. >> reporter: in addition to the 350 trees planted today and yesterday tree baltimore what goal to give away 100 native trees to people who live in the city. in cherry hill, mike schuh, wjz "eyewitness news." >> thanks. tree baltimore is part of the city department of parks and recreation. let's check back in with meteorologist bernadette. the other thing that's crazy is there's half the people in the state barely got anything. >> it is really wild. we talk about the topography and how it ranges but today it was an example of that. you didn't have to drive that far to the northwest because you were in snow from the city and then as soon as you get to the pennsylvania border, measurable snow and as we talked about western maryland, nearly a foot in frostburg where in the city it was rain over to a slush. >> and it varied within a couple miles because at my
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house kind of a dusting or an inch to be generous. i drove two miles to a friend's house and they had 3 inches on top of the cars. >> absolutely. incredible. >> yeah and up and down, too really mattered with this storm but it's leaving us. >> gone. >> ready for fall to come back. >> let's look at what it left behind. this is the case. we do still have some warnings in effect a freeze warning is in effect for almost the entire area. we talked about this at the top of the show. some places saw their first snowfall before they got their first freeze. that's absolutely incredible. the thing is, though, these are the snowfall amounts and some of the cases there was a frost in some of the areas. 5 1á inches same for tawnytown and down to mount airy three inches. but bwi-marshall a trace of snow. back a few hours, you saw the
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rain mixes in the pink and the blue was the snow and wrapped upand it pulled outch last couple hours, and as that is happening, things are clearing out. but the other thing with this storm leaving us no wind are up out of the northwest bringing in a drier and cooler air. it's chilly but we are going down a couple degrees overnight. so currently, it's 36 degrees in baltimore. but it's 30 in hagerstown and 30s in ocean city. we are going below freezing for most of us. so do watch for icy spots if you are driving about in the next few hours to the early morning hours. all of that wetness is on the road and could be freezing up before it dries up. one thing to take note of. 43 the high today. that was at midnight. we have been falling since. 36 is where we sit right now. that's the low so far on the day. and here's that storm. we open it up. came up from the south and not only are we getting this, but you heard adam talking about this. look at the entire northeast. a complete nor'easter. breaking records right and left
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from philadelphia to new york city all the way up into new england and there are a lot of power outages where they are getting it worse than a lot of us. here's the storm leaving. sunshine returns tomorrow but it will be chilly and breezy. monday some clouds as another system comes up the coast on tuesday. not nearly as big of a storm. so the forecast looks like this. on the waters, small craft adrisery in effect on sunday. -- advisory in effect on sunday. tonight 30 for the low a windy chilly one and tomorrow, sunshine and we are up to 47 degrees and if you are going to the game, it's going to be chilly. 40 degrees at kick off at one. now the next five days, look at this. showers monday night and into tuesday but we think it is after trick or treating hours. so, we will keep you updated on that adam. >> fingers crossed thanks. coming next in sports, naivey on road at notre dame -- naivey on road at notre dame -- navy on the road at ,,,,,,
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore,
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now for the wjz the fap sports report with stan. >> the firstp poe -- 6 position scored on navy and southern bend indiana ment navy hoped to end the five-game losing streak knowing notre dame would provide every and anything but smooth sailing. they battled choppy seas and they were losing 14-7 when miller hits green for navy's first touchdown of the day following notre dame fumble. middle -- little consolation. navy loses 6 in a row. next week, navy welcomes troy. meantime, another struggling in- state team university of maryland terrapins occupying sole possession of last place dropping a 28-17 decision to boston college n college park too little too late when o'brien who shared quarterback dutieswith brown. 55 yard score but boston
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college win the first conference game of the year. next week maryland back in college park against virginia. moving on from towson. west 157 yard this evening against delaware and four touchdown of the northwestern high school grabbed 18 touchdowns and leads the nation. 52 second left. towson trailing 35-30. and before blocking this field goal attempt. a chance for towson investigatory. second now. hail mary from the quarterback as time runs out and there's no divine intervention. game over. towson 6-2, 4-1 in the caa and they lose 35-30. also on the frosty chilly saturday, where's the hash marks and the out of bound? this is new york city today. yale columbia ivy league amid a ton of snow. it's october 29th. not christmas eve. as yale beats columbia 16-13.
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and big 10 action, perdue -- purdue visited michigan and got a states of fits jerald and he find the seam and weaves in and out of the defense like artwork and scored on 69 yard and michigan easily over purdue 36- 14. all right. ravens tomorrow i say they win 28-10 we will see what happens. >> i hope you are right. thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mayor of a town in west virginia has taken the halloween thing sear cowsly. the mayor griffith adored the home with around 3,000 pumpkins and hundreds of volunteers from the town spent hours handcar fg
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each of them. and this is the end result. a spooky display when the sun goes down covered in snow tonight hopefully it will ,,,,,,
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