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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 31, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: hours later, fire went off inside the mount washington tavern. >> has anything been locked inside. >> the owner says most of the building, which was built in the late 1800s was totaled. >> woo are worried about our customers, we have families who have been with us for 25 years. we are concerned about our clientele. they're like family to us. >> you always saw people you knew when you went there. last year, me and friends, our parents were out of town. so we spent christmas there. >> in fact, when we bought our house, the day we signed on it, my husband and i came here for dinner. >> we're going to rebuild and be back better than ever. it's going to be a while. >> the shutdown is going to affect a lot of smaller bees here next door.
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>> there's no way we can let them go. >> reporter: the owner worries about the less foot traffic. >> we hope everybody comes to help support us this time. >> on top of the fire, a few are the nearby businesses recently went under. but survivors remain optimistic. >> we're a strong village. everybody sticks together. and hopefully, as the mount washington tavern comes back and comes to rebuild, we'll be a wonderful village again. if you have ever been out here to mount washington tavern, you probably recognize some of the faces here. they have been all standing out here all night long, kind of watching what has been happening here. you can get a closer look at the building. it looks intact from outside. but when you go up, you can see the damage. they're still putting water in the middle of the building, actually. kind of to the middle entrance
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of the skybar. i'm told there is a concrete floor that kind of caved in. we're live in mount washington, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> those of us in the media know the mount washington tavern really well. it was originally a gentleman store built in the 1800s. >> chilly testimony about the night a woman was murdered inside the lulu store in bethesda. denise explains why it could have been stopped. >> two witnesses admitted they heard cries for help coming from the yoga store the night jayna murray was murdered. two employees who worked next door told the jury they could hear noises coming through an adjoining wall, including something being hit or dragged, along with grunting and thudding. they say they alerted a security guard, after they heard a woman yelling "please help me." both security guards working that night were fired.
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>> norwood's attorney says his client admits to killing murray but says it was not premeditated. a snowstorm leaves millions without power. wjz has extensive coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods shows us how much show. >> reporter: crews are hard at work in northern new jersey. using chain saws to clear trees that have fallen on homes. on yards. and on power lines. more than 2 million people from maryland to maine are still without power two days after the unusual fall snowstorm. >> the way things look, it's probably going to be a couple of weeks before we are caught up to all of this stuff. there's trees down everywhere. >> there were close calls. >> all of a sudden, there was a noise and the house shook. >> a branch pierced through the ceiling of the office. >> must have been pretty scary, huh? >> no. it went like this. >> in many, the first snowfall
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of the season caused more damage than hurricane irene. this will cause major repairs after a 100 foot tree fell on top of it. woo have trees down all across the northern part of the state that have taken wires down, both supply wires, transmission lines, and lines directly to homes. >> it's the same situations in parts of massachusetts and connecticut, where crews are trying to repair sagging or severed power lines. >> it looks kind of like what i would expect a war zone to look like. >> hundreds may not get their power back until the end of the week. >> first warning weather coverage continues right now. meteorologist bernadette woods has a closer look the -- at the storm's path and how much it left behind. >> this is an incredible time of year. we'll take you back to what it did in maryland. started out as rain for a lot
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of people. then changed over to snow. north and west of the city, we saw the hugest amounts. the farther southeast you went, there it is wrapping up the evening hours. this is what it left. snowfall amounts, ranging up to nearly a foot in frostburg. then there's that swath up into new england. they got over a foot worth of snow. so yes, there was a pounding with this storm, that's for sure. that is gone now. and we'll have our forecast coming up here in just a bit. >> stay with wjz for first warning weather. for forecast updates, live doppler radar, and the latest on any closings or delays, go to coming up new at 6:00, wjz travels to western maryland to see the problems there. should he live or die?
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a baltimore man is convicted of killing a gas station owner. should he receive the death penalty? derek valcourt has the latest developments from court for us. derek? >> they called in prison experts as they plead for mercy from the jury. >> reporter: walter bishop fired the shots that killed hess gas station owner ray porter, promised $9,000 for the murder by the victim's wife, carla porter. there was no doubt from the jury's mind, they heard it from his own mouth in a recorded congestion. -- confession. >> he turned the corner and i just went like this. >> reporter: his conviction last week now leaves the jury to decide whether he should be put to death. it's a punishment he should be eligible for. monday, defense attorneys called prison expert dr. paul johnson, to testify about the effects of a sentence of life
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in prison without parole. >> life without parole and the death penalty are both death sentences. i call life without parole, death by incarceration. because you're sentencing the person to die in incarceration. in one case, in the lethal injection chamber, and the other case, by either natural causes or violence, but they both amount to death sentences. >> reporter: several were also called to testify about bishop's troubled childhood, saying it resulted in a border line personality disorder. >> and defense attorneys will continue to try to pull at the heartstrings of jurors. they will remind the jury that bishop has five young daughters and they will call a number of his family members to testify about how much he is loved. testimony in this sentencing phase of the trial resumes tomorrow. live in harford county, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> prosecutors will also seek the death penalty in carla porter in her trial. three workers became stuck in a high-rise building after their scaffolding collapsed. they were hanging between the 8th and 9th floors. the workers are expected to be fine. ravens fans are talking about surviving a major scare. mark viviano join uss with the ravens comeback that avoided disaster. >> you know, ghosts say boo. and apparently so do fans. when the team plays at home against an opponent they're expected to beat. they rallied to avoid what would have been a second straight embarrassing loss. >> we thought the ravens got their wake-up call last monday, in jacksonville. well, they apparently hit.
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>> and swept through a mistake- filled first half arizona. ravens fans were upset to see their team fall behind by 21 points at home. >> i'm sure when people are booing, it doesn't feel good. it could really affect our guys. we have to stay strong or mentally tough and not let it get to us. >> we have the best fans in the world and they stuck with us. >> a second half comeback. and three touchdowns to gain the lead. then a last-second goal to finish it. we asked you, did you have faith that the ravens would rally? >> absolutely. i've seen games change in the last two minutes. >> i didn't think they had a chance of coming back, unless the defense scored. defense didn't score. but the offense proved me
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wrong. >> i was a little worried in the beginning, but they pulled through. >> i had faith. this is a strong team. they have a of heart. and they came back and delivered. >> i always keep the faith. >> let's keep going. steelers this weekend. we are going to win. 100%. >> yeah. speaking of scary. on the road to pittsburgh is next. coach john harbaugh talked about the road conference today. and we'll be hearing from him later in sports. and ravens are actually on the road against pittsburgh. they head out to seattle. a chilly night for trick-or- treating. outside now, calm and sunny, but colder than usual. bob turk is updating our first warning weather conditions. got into the mid-50s today, which is a little below average. still low to mid-50s. no precip for the time being. but to the west of us, there's showers out there.
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and to the south as well. but looks like any shower activity that gets to our region will be very late tonight. this is moving southeast of our region. stuff out to the west of us. not much is going to survive. i think late tonight, there may be just a few showers. if you're heading out the next few hours, temperatures ranging from about 47 to low 50s. you'll need some kind of jacket. but certainly not bitter cold like it could be. >> thank you, bob. stroir stranded for eight hours, without food, water or toilet. did he make a mistake? michael jackson's doctor on trial. what a star witness is admitting about dr. conrad murray's actions. a pretty scary situation when it comes to america's economy these days. why that isn't stopping us from
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prosecutors are questioning the final defense witness at the manslaughter trial for michael jackson's doctor. karen brown has the latest from the wjz courthouse in los angeles. a key defense witness is admitting dr. conrad murray made mistakes on the day michael jackson died. >> yeah, i think he should have called 911 sooner. i do not, however, think it would have made a difference in the outcome of this case. >> prosecutors grilled dr. paul white about the care he gave his patients. >> have you ever administered propofol being administered to someone in their bedroom?
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>> no, i have not. >> have you heard of that happening prior to this case? >> no, i have not. >> would you leave that person alone, if you were of the opinion they like to push propofol themselves, would you leave them alone in that situation? >> no, i would not leave them alone. >> thank you. >> jackson's doctor -- prosecutors believe murray overdosed jackson. while the defense says jackson did it himself. the doctor says the that jackson could give himself the drug was a crazy scenario. >> he testified that jackson would have been too groggy to give himself a shot. prosecutors claim he gave more propofol than he admits and that it led to his death.
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mur secharged with involuntary manslaughter. jurors will likely begin deliberations later this week. and dr. white also told jurors he has been paid $11,000 so far for his work on this case. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the traffic with traffic control. harrisburg expressway continues to slow down. we're looking at 30 minutes. that's on the inner loop from green spring avenue to harford road. traffic is crawling along there at 40 miles an hour. the outer loop heavy there from york to charles street. and heavy from 95 to security boulevard. about 15 minutes to get through. as far as accidents go. northbound york road at love ton farms. and northbound 95 at route 100 on the right-hand shoulder.
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let's now take a live look. and we'll take another live look. well, you can see the congestion building there on the right side there, 83 at shawan road. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. call them at 1-877-75-bills. back to you. it's time to trick or treat. and despite the economy, this is a day for trick-or-treating upon. >> i managed to track down trick or treaters before they got in on all of the action. these are timonium locals. judging by the lines at both places, consumers aren't feeling as much of an impact as
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would have thought. some estimate that people will spend as much as $700. >> consumers stock up and candy and do r do r -- decor. >> they sell a lot of merchandise this year. >> according to the national retail federation, americans plan to spend almost $7 billion this halloween. that's a "b" as in boo. $2.5 billion is expected to go towards costumes. and $2 billion on candy. >> even though in a recession, i mean, i'm working. so i'm good. i'm not in a recession. >> i'm going to be like sandra dee. so i already have the pants that i already own ask a black shirt and stuff. >> so you're saving money this halloween? >> yes. >> and here in baltimore county, we caught up with their
5:20 pm
holiday parade. and you can see the parents did a great job with their holiday shopping. >> i want to be a teacher when i grow up. that's why i'm a teacher. >> you went to party city and did it up, huh? >> these boys and girls didn't have to break the bank. it'sault about mummy and daddy. >> it's fun being together. watching the children just at their glory and being something that they may dream of being. >> and taking a live look from sky eye chopper 13. trick or treaters, things are already getting under way before it even gets dark. now, back here on the ground in timonium, michael jackson just joined us. things are going to get a
5:21 pm
little crazy now. we should mention, kids aren't the only ones getting in on the action. 70%, you guys, of all adults are expected to party tonight. we're live in timonium. we're going to hang out and kai and mary, we're going to go look for halloween candy. back to you on tv hill. >> bring us some back. thank you, kids. halloween spending declined in 2009 and bounced back. >> those are some of the most well-behaved children i've ever seen. storelooks like a nice night tonight. late showers. 54 now. humidity 46%. southeast winds, not strong at all. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at that night and tuesday forecast after this. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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all right. some trick or treaters out there, enjoying the relatively decent weather. not wet, not windy, not particularly cold. pretty normal for this time of year.
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right now, it's 41 with clouds in oakland. 50, cumberland, hagerstown. and yes, there is still snow adding. easton at 56. and 57. dew points still pretty low. still pretty dry air. any prosof l sufficient r -- precip, don't expect a lot. southeast of the region. you folks on the lowerp eastern shore. lower delaware. the stuff moving in from western maryland may try up. we'll have a shower late tonight. but not a big chance. even further north, a little more, as much as 5 inches fell at limeborough. parkton had about 3 1/2 inches. by the time they got to the city, zip. the airport had officially a
5:26 pm
trace of snow. southeast winds right now in the books, it will go down as a trace there. winds southeast at 5 miles per hour. there are two systems. a lot of it is breaking up. awe lod -- a lot of rain in cocoa beach. most of this rain you see is going to pass southeast of our region. the stuff to the west will probably break up. best chances, south and east of baltimore. and out in garrett county. high pressure builds in. a lot of sunshine for tuesday afternoon and wednesday as well. on the bay tomorrow, north winds coming in behind that front at 5 to 10 knots. and the bay temp, down to 58.
5:27 pm
tonight, then, increasing clouds. most of the showers southeast. 42. 56 degrees tomorrow. sunshine and by the afternoon, after some morning clouds. all in all, very nice start to november already. hard to believe it. >> i know. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. good news for debit card controversies. why bank of america may be dropping its $5 debit card fee. how herman cain might be responding to allegations of his over. >> we're going to let you know why things didn't go as planned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:30. what a beautiful sunset. 54 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. hundreds of college students will spend the rest of their semester sleeping on a cruise ship. why? it's because of a huge mold problem. monique griego reports from college. >> reporter: this is said to be home for the students. the students were ready to get on board today. but once again, things department go as planned. >> from dorm room to dock side.
5:31 pm
>> i kind of thought it was a joke at first. >> >> it was the pipes in the ceiling. so we never really saw it. but i'm pretty sure it did. >> students were put up in holts. but they were too far away from campus. so joe fargo said an alumni talked about a vacant cruise ship. >> i think they've done an amazing job of pullinging it altogether in such a short amount of time. >> sounds like they're going to have more amenities on the ship than they did in the dorm. like housekeeping service. >> reporter: just as they were to make their way down the ramp, school leaders announced there was a problem with getting the ship to dock. and that meant their moving day was going to be pushed back another 24 hours. >> i'm ready to be settled
5:32 pm
somewhere. i want to have a home. >> reporter: allison and the are the students will have to head back to the hotel until their adventure on the voyager can begin. >> reporter: school leaders now say they hope to have the students on board sometime tomorrow night. reporting live, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> the relocation is expected to cost st. mary's, $1.5 million. they hope to have all of the mold cleaned up by next january. what caused an ice cream truck to crash into the side of a day care? witnesses say the truck crashed. no one inside the home was hurt, though. the driver was taken to the hospital for evaluation. inspectors are also looking to see if the building is safe for occupancy. more than 100 jet blue passengers are stranded on a plane without food, water, or working bathrooms for highway 8 hours -- for eight hours.
5:33 pm
>> it was supposed to be a two- hour flight, but it turned into a travel nightmare. snow stranded eight flight. -- a flight. passengers stuck on the tarmac for more than seven hours say the bathrooms were backed up and it was hard to breathe on board. at one point, the pilot begged air traffic control for help. >> you know, we can't seem to get any help from our own company. i apologize for this. but is there any way you can get us a tug and a to bar out here and get us towed to a gate or something? i don't care. my priority right now is a tug and a to bar. -- tow bar. if you just give me a welding shop, i'll be willing to make one myself. >> reporter: jet blue is apologizing, saying power outages compounded the situation. the ntsb is investigating. >> i would have gone berserk. the airline could face $25,000 for each passenger for
5:34 pm
violating rules that say they cannot keep passengers for over three hours. 48 people had to spend the night after a rock slide blocked their path. it was stuck for 14 hours. but fortunately, they had electricity the entire time. and there was plenty of food and water to go around. the train was originally traveling from new york to boston. the murder trial that terrified boston just got bigir. investigators think six more murders are linked to the alleged grim sleeper. >> reporter: he's been dubbed the longest-running serial killer west of the mississippi. now, lonnie junior's list of victims may be gring. they have linked him to six more slayings, after reviewing cold cases, missing persons reports and a cache of photos found inside his home. >> he has been arrested. the district attorney's office
5:35 pm
is filing multicounts. -- multiple counts. >> reporter: investigators say he killed from 1985 to 1988 and again from 2002 to 2007. the gap gave him the name grim sleeper, although police never really believed he stopped. >> lonnie franklin's franklin's reign of terror in the city of los angeles, was span said well over two decades, culminating with almost a dozen murder victims. certainly needs to be investigated further. and we certainly do not believe that we are so lucky or so good as to know all of his victims. >> reporter: at the time, detectives said they would be working to link the 59-year-old mechanic to unsolved crimes. ballistics have linked him to three murders. the evidence, items found at his home and a phone call are being used to link him to the other three. franklin's attorney said she is skeptical of the additional cases frvment day -- from day
5:36 pm
1, we've heard the lapd would be trying to solve every unsolved mystery. she says this is an attempt to taint the jury pool and make him look gety for every unsolved crime in the city. >> reporter: franklin has pled guilty -- not guilty to 10 counts of murder. saturday night's blast claimed the lives of six people and killed two others. no cause has been given. but. allegations of public harassment are following herman cain. cain is denying the decades old accusations. in all of my over 40 years of business experience, running
5:37 pm
businesses and corporations, i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> an anonymous source told politico, it happened in 1990. the candidate insisted, an investigation turned up no evidence to support the claims. >> i was falsely accused of sexual harassment. >> cain called this a witch hunt as they were pry -- trying to promote his 9-9-9 tax plan. >> yes, it's a bold idea and a bold plan. but america can't wait. >> reporter: cain is coming under more scrutiny now. >> during a visit to a washington, d.c. think tank, cain gave credit to the grass recents movement that is supporting him and poked fun at gop strategists who predicted
5:38 pm
he would fail. >> this flavor of the week is now the flavor of the month. and it still tastes good. >> reporter: cain is eager to put the focus back on his 999 plan. something that helped propel him to the front of the pack. >> reporter: at the white house tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the national restaurant association wouldn't comment on the allegations, saying there were personnel issues that took place nearly 15 years ago. bank of america is rethinking its controversial decision to charge fees to debit card users. the bank is reportedly considering dropping the $5 monthly charge for those who have direct deposit or keep a monthly balance. well, despite today's losses, the dow jones still had its best month since october of 2002. the month did end with the dow losing 276 points to finish below the 2, 000 mark.
5:39 pm
nasdaq dropped 53. the two ceos, working to fix constellation and exelon energy, spent the day working to convince lawmakers. it is a good deal. >> the companies are offering a quarter billion to show their good intentions. >> mayo shaduck is the mayor. chris crane is ceo for exelon. a chicago-based company, looking to buy constellation in a merger. >> how would berg be treated in a -- bge be treated in a post- merged company? >> reporter: and how would that show up on electric bills? some legislators are outright opposed to the merger. >> it is a fact of the matter when you're selling off or selling out, a fortune 500 company, like constellation, you better be careful. >> a merger would benefit
5:40 pm
exelon that convinces them to benefit bge customers. >> the companies are offering $250 million in benefits to cover $110 million in credits which work out to a $100 million credit per customer. $70 million philanthropic gifts. >> bge customers are not going to be harmed here. that's what the process is all about. looking at, will customers be harmed? and is there a benefit to the public? >> so is pulling off the merger for the two ceos. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> maryland's public service commission will rule on the merger, january 5th. prepare to pay extra. maryland's toll increases take effect tomorrow. the fee to drive across the key bridge and the fort mchenry tunnel will rise from $2 to $3. and people crossing the bay
5:41 pm
bridge will now pay $4. state officials say the pay hikes will pay for aging repairs and bridges and tunnels. time now for a quick look at some of the for stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. the name changes as the legg mason building becomes the transamerica power. more on the backlash against banks, adding more fees for services that had been free. and which teams are on top this week in high school sports? for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still to come. close encounter. a surfer survives a shark attack. why he was literally inches away from death. a u.s. airways flight attendant. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. pretty decent week headed our way. from ghouls and goblins to
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no weather issues at all. but maybe some showers late tonight into early morning hours. then your tuesday. bernadette has a look at what we expect to happen tomorrow. >> that's right. tomorrow morning, still a few showers. as we head through the afternoon, that storm leaves us. tomorrow evening, though, those temperatures start to drop once again. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. after tomorrow's clouds, it will clear out with temperatures in the mid-50s like today. more clouds on thursday.
5:46 pm
maybe a shower at night. and a chance of a sure or two on friday. and more sun coming back on the weekend. >> in today's energy saver, if you turned the heat on this weekend, i'm sure everybody did. now is a good time to clean or replace filters on your furnace. and make sure baseball heaters, radiators are being blocked by furniture, carpeting or draperies. for more information, go to scroll down the right-hand side of your page. police make an arrest in a flight attendant's murder. 26-year-old nick aaronson. his luggage was strewn about the room. and there was no sign of forced entry. they used security cameras to identify and locate the suspect. the taliban ran against some violence with foreigners.
5:47 pm
several takens hit nato forces hard. rita nissin reports for wjz on the growing force. >> rubble filled the streets. first, an insurgent drove a pickup truck, loaded with explosives into a checkpoint in the southern city of kandahar. this eyewitness says, "i was in my house when a huge explosion broke all of the windows and woke up my children. then, three insurgents stormed the area and took control of at least one building. touching a gun battle with afghan forces. the fight lasted nearly two hours before the attacker was killed. this was the second major assault on foreigners in three days. on saturday, a suicide car bomb struck a nato convoy, killing 17 people, including a dozen americans. the brazen attack in the middle of the day, came just hours
5:48 pm
after aftergan and western officials met to discuss security handovers. it was the deadliest single ground attack against the coalition since the war began. with the latest attacks, insurgents are sending the message. they're still a force to be reckoned with. rita nissan, wjz eyewitness news. >> the u.s.-led coalition is slowly handing over security to afghan forces and plans to completely withdraw from the country by the end of 2014. just days after he's attacked by a shark, a california surfer comes home. 27-year-old eric tarrantino was surfing when he was bitten in the neck and arm. look at his surf board here. you can see the teeth marks of the left behind by the shark. his friends say after they saw the sharks, they tried to piddal back to shore as fast as they can, but it was too late. >> he just said, call 911. and 259, i could see his arm
5:49 pm
was bleeding pretty badly. >> tarrantino was bleeding pretty hard, where the doctors say the bite narrowly missed his jugular vein. just 72 days after walking down the aisle, kim kardashian is filing for divorce from nba player kris humphries. humphries reportedly wanted to settle down in his native minnesota, and kardashian didn't agree. and i guess they never talked about it before. she issued a statement, saying sometimes things don't work out as planned. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for these stories and more, coming up, denise is standing by with a preview. on the defense. but will state senator ulysses currie take the stand in his bribery trial as his high- profile case reaches a critical point. inside the fbi sting. how agents tracked a spy. check in for these stories and
5:50 pm
more on the breaking news coming up at 6:00. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. bargain hunters get ready. black friday shopping is starting earlier than ever. >> that's right. we'll tell you the plans ,,,,,,,
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the world's population surpasses a major milestone today, as it reaches 7 billion. now, since it's impossible to pinpoint the 7 billionth birthday, they designate today with symbolic births. black friday shoppers can start buying at the stroke of midnight. macy's says they will open their doors as soon as thanksgiving ends. it is the earliest open for black friday. expect other chains to announce black friday specials in the next few weeks. one in six homes nationwide
5:54 pm
is involved in a short sale. the process keeps the homeowners from a foreclosure, and saves the banks the cost incurred in foreclosing. but as sandra hughes reports, buyers and sellers think the process is unnecessarily slow. >> reporter: matt and nicollette slipich have been on a long and frustrating search for the house of your dreams. >> it's hard because they say don't fall in love with the house. >> they still don't have an offer they made in january. that's because the sellers are trying to do a short sale. it's an increasingly popular option for those. allowing them to sell for less than the mortgage balance. it requires approval from the banks since they take the hit. >> you don't know if you're going to be moving or not moving or if you're going to get it, if you need to make other plans. >> reporter: nationwide in august, 17% of home sales were short sales. that number is almost doubled
5:55 pm
in california. especially hard hit, the southern part of the state. >> i would say right now, in ventura county, it's probably about 70% are short sales. >> reporter: broker car dean mossa says in her area, 500 homes are awaiting bank approval. >> i really think it should be going faster. i think it could help push the economy forward if it was going faster. >> for many homeowners, short sales are the last option before foreclosure. and much less damaging to their credit history. to qualify, they need to prove financial hardship. and when the sales go through, they cost about 25% less than the other homes on the market. which is what attracts buyers like the slich itches. this time, they banking on a deal and have started making repairs on the home before they even own it. >> we'll just primer all of the drive spots. >> reporter: and according to one foreclosure data firm,
5:56 pm
short sales jumped 19% nationwide during the second quarter of this year. >> it's interesting. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. unexpected october snowfall. i'm mike hellgren in the mountains of western maryland. i'll tell you how people here are coping with more than a foot of snow ,,,, [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price --
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. surprise snow. and it is causing major problems across parts of the state.
5:59 pm
wjz is in western maryland with more. a baltimore landmark goes up in flames. i'm adam may. how the loss of this neighborhood will cost -- the bar will cost the entire neighborhood. it was a wild and crazy game. ravens have done something they never did before. what the team and the fans are saying today. a pretty scary situation when it comes to america's economy these days. i'm jessica kartalija. why that isn't stopping us from shopping this halloween. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at ix:00 starts now.


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