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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wolfe: you pull the trigger? he paid me to. he said it wouldn't come back to me. who paid you? jerry blackburn? no, matthew. turn around. turn around! come on. (handcuffs clicking) let's go. ♪ so you're saying that your best friend had you shoot him in the head? frankly, i thought you'd have a more authentic story than that, raj. it's the truth. and all that talk about not wanting the money-- that was a lie. it's funny how naive you can be at 20. i thought money was evil. i got older, i saw matt's life, his mansion, his private jet-- i wanted that, too. i wanted my money. you think i'm still clomping around in birkenstocks going to sweat lodges?
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i want my share! you gave it up... when you walked out on me and the business we started. yeah, that's right-- our business. i deserve the billions just as much as you do. tv on. weatherman: ...another gorgeous sunny afternoon... shower on. (shower running) stereo on! (music blasting) what the hell are you doing? you think you can drown me out? if you want the money so bad... then earn it. earn it how? kill me. complicated way to commit suicide. i thought it was the cancer talking. then he showed me the prototype for the pw-ten. he was serious. i designed it myself. you want me to kill you with this? you're out of your mind. do you want the money or not?
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(beeping) (gunshot) matt planned everything. so he had you hack into heidi taylor's phone... to frame an innocent girl in your place? matt said she wouldn't be, said there was a reason to do it that way. and he didn't share that reason with you. no. he said it was the only way to save tim's life. his dead brother? it didn't make any sense; i didn't argue. his plan for me was clear. and the inheritance was a payment for killing him. he had me change the will the same day. have a seat, please. so if stone's dying of cancer, why would he go to all the trouble to kill himself? 'cause he's sending a message. he could've done that online, he could've had a press conference... he would've had no credibility. that's why he selected heidi taylor.
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and again, why heidi taylor? it could've been anyone. he knew it was the last place blackburn would have looked. you have got to be kidding me. so you're saying that someone's trying to pin the murder on me? just like a power-crat, trying to blame the working class. we actually think he was trying to draw attention to you for a different reason. did he ever give you anything? oh, you mean when he came down here and we shared a hookah? look, i have been e-mailing that douche for over a year now, and he only just sent me a "dear insert-name-here." boa vista: can we see that e-mail? it wasn't electronic. it was... it was snail mail-- one of those form letters. do you still have it? wolfe: "and thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns. "we look forward to hearing from you again. sincerely-- mathew stone, ceo." it certainly sounds like a form letter. yeah. you know, calleigh, the logo on this is in ink, it's raised...
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i think it's magnetic stripping. i think you've been reading too many spy books. i'm not kidding; take a look. it's possible. credit card companies use magnetic stripping to store personal information. maybe matthew embedded information on this for us to find. okay, here we go. you were right. "2:30, overwatch point, pw-ten, 10,000 units"" calleigh, those are the details of a weapons sale. overwatch point is the headquarters of a private military contractor. those guns weren't just prototypes. jerry blackburn lied. he's been mass producing faulty weapons. ryan, this deal's going down now. we got to go. let's go. (indistinct voice over phone) blackburn.
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yeah, let me call you back. is there a problem? want to get out of the car, please? this transaction has been cancelled. on what grounds? on the grounds you're selling defective weapons. the atf approved our designs... the atf has revoked your license. we let them know you falsified test results of the prototypes. you have no proof of that. matthew stone pointed us in the right direction. matthew... wanted the impossible. the perfect gun-- there is no such thing. i'm not gonna let you sell those weapons, jerry. they're not ready. do you realize how leveraged we are on this thing? i'm ceo now-- i say what's ready. then i'll go to the press,
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and we'll see what the authorities say when they find out... you're delusional. the cancer treatment impaired your thinking. who do you think's gonna listen to you? nobody. (sighs) i couldn't let him bankrupt solamyrge on his obsession. i was just trying to protect the company. you just protected yourself into a penitentiary. take him, frank. turn around. turn around, put your hands behind your back. (handcuffs clicking) let's go. hey, so, uh, i heard you got into it with sam today. (snorts) yeah. yeah, not really sure how to clear the air on that one. (sighs): yeah. um... i think this'll do the trick.
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you sure about this? (smacks lips) yeah, you need it more than i do. hey, wolfe, don't look at me like that. (laughing): what look? we've been down this road before, when natalia first got here. oh. let's not do that again. yeah, let's not. (clears throat) besides, man... you don't think you really have a shot with samantha, do you? no, no. so we're, uh, we're cool? we're cool. thanks, man. you're welcome. you rea... you don't... you don't think i have a shot? well, maybe.
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♪ hey. come here, you got to see this. hey, man, look, if one more person tells me how this phone's gonna change my life... will you just look? i found this hidden on stone's phone. i bet you're wondering why it had to be like this. it was my last resort. the only way i could get people to believe me. no one knew what i had put in motion. but i knew the officers of the miami-dade police department could decipher my message. i needed people with no agenda, people who could right a wrong, who would follow an investigation no matter where it went. we make choices every day. some we're conscious of, others we're not. these choices... they affect others, not just ourselves, and...
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[ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. inspirational struggle, one year after the horror of the tucson shooting rampage, gabriel giffords leads an emowingal remembrance. tonight, the emotion at
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memorial. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. it was one year ago that a gunman opened fire outside of an arizona supermarket and killed six people and injuries dozens of others, including gabriel giffords. she is still recovering from her injuries, but she publicly joined a day of remembrance. >> reporter: arizona congresswoman appeared measured, sunday night. >> one nation, under god, indiesible with liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: giffords and tucson have come a long way in a year it was just after 10:00 am january 8th, 2011 when life there changed. giffords was making an appearance outside of a safeway
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store when a gunman started to fire on a crowd gathered in the parking lot. giffords was shot in the head. among the dead, a judge and a nine-year-old, kristina -- the weekend's memorial events are helping her to heal. >> i can't bring christine that back, but i can take her with me forward and seeing all of these people doing the same and getting out warms my heart. >> reporter: giffords has amazed her doctors with her recovery and return to washington to make an appearance on capital hill last summer. but she has a a long way to go. she returned to the shooting scene for the first time saturday. her husband tweeted this picture of her pointing to where she parked her car that day as for the accused gunman, pleading not guilty to 49 charges. he is receiving treatment for mental illness in a missouri prison while awaiting trial. "wjz," "eyewitness news." >> >> and that nine-year-old,
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kristina taylor green was born in maryland on the day of the september 11th at the >> reporter: attacks. her father was a scout for the baltimore orioles. >> >> republican presidential hopefuls square off in their second debate in 12 hours. mitt romny has a double digit advance, but he is losing a little ground. other gop contenders this morning's debate on the offensive, trying to put a egg bigger dent in that lead. >> if his governor was so good in massachusetts, why didn't he run for reelectionion. >> >> gingrich took the gloves off. a new poll shows john huntsman has surged into third place behind ron paul. >> an alderman from annapolis gets and unwelcome visit from
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city police, based on a tip about drug activity. when police entered the second appointment, kentett kirby was found. he is not accused of any wrongdoing ang police are investigating the mix up. a virginia man gunned down while visiting family in south baltimore. 34-year-old raymond, hit with multiple gunshots in a relative's home in brooklyn, this morning. he later died at shock trauma. right now, investigators have no suspects a serial rapist is off the streets. investigators have linked the suspect could three separate attacks. bigi barnett explains there may be more victims. >> reporter: the list of charges against clifford is long. baltimore detectives say he is responsible for three different rape cases throughout the city. >> i don't know how to describe this individual other than a
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predator. >> reporter: place say the first rape happened in early november. in that attack, clifford climbed through a woman's window and raped her while her two children were in the neck room. it happened again a few days later, this time, detectives say in the 700 block of lennox street and the third time, last month of 900 block of harlem avenue. this time, police say he used an ice pick to threaten the victim. clifford always attacks at nights, victims say and link all of the assaults with dna. >> clifford has a unique mo. we were confident prior that nelson clifford was the individual responsible for these incidents. >> reporter: jeannie recently moved into one of the neighborhoods clifford targeted. she said even though he is off the street, she won't stop taking precautions >> i have a pitbull.
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he is a very friendly dog, but people are intimidated by him. >> reporter: police found him hiding out. his third and latest victim came forward while he was behind bars. >> >> police are asking anyone who may have victim of cliffords's to call investigators. >> >> five men in prince george's county face charges after one of them was accidentally shot during a hunting trip. it happened in a park in fort washington. investigators say a dear startled the group and one of the hunters opened fire it with a shotgun, hitting another man in the stomach. >> all of the charges are related to the illegal hunting accusation, not the shooting. the man who was shot is expected to survive his injuries. >> >> a search dog in prince george's county prompts his own rescue mission.
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vito is signed to the urban rescue team. during his training, he spotted a dog -- dog and took off. he found out that the dog was the subject of a pretty intensive search >> i got a call at 10:30 and a gentlemen, he was so calm it was amazing, he said "you are looking for your dog, i have your dog." >> very happy trainer. she said she plans to have the dog vito microchipped in case he wanders off again. >> >> more speed cameras if the county council approves a new contract. "wjz" is live on the story. derrick has more on how many cameras they are asking for. >> reporter: they say they want 14, seven speed cameras and seven red light cameras. >> reporter: one of several
11:26 pm
locations under consideration for a new speed camera. police looking for permission to add seven more to the roster of 15 already scattered around the county, an idea that raises a lot of questions for some drivers. >> people are getting tickets, how much revenue is it generating? what are they doing with it? >> reporter: those are the questions that the county wants the answers to. this october, reports on the maryland public interest research group warns local governments to review the traffic camera contracts with a critical eye. county police have not said where the seven new speed cameras or seven new red light cameras will go, but say the cameras already in place are making school zone safers. >> >> the cameras mean millions in revenue to the county and private company but to many
11:27 pm
drivers, adding more is a tough sell. >> that's only near the school, but i'm a little on the fence for anywhere else. >> there are kids that are not paying attention all of the time, for their safety, it's beneficial. >> it's just a money making thing. >> just making revenue for the state that's what that is all about. >> i don't know, i don't like the fact that i get a ticket, but if it saves someone's life, it's worth it. >> the council is expected to review that contract when it has its work session on tuesday afternoon, but an actual vote is not expected until the meeting on january 17th. >> >> under the terms of the contract, baltimore county police will determine where the cameras are needed most. >> >> riders on the train, today, hundreds road them without their pants on, the no pants
11:28 pm
metro die, inspired by a similar event. it has been held every year since 2002. the price doesn't have a particular message. they have not been protesting anything. their only objective is to have a little fun. in that's the case, shouldn't they be doing this in the summer? >> more to come on "wjz" "eyewitness news" -- can you imagine this? a bungy jump goes horribly wrong. the cable snaps in half. more on this video and the aftermath of the frightening stunt. >> >> bloody on the streets of oakland occupy protesters, why city leaders say this could have been worst. gas prices continue it rise for the fifth consecutive week. i'm tim williams, more on what analysts say we may be
11:29 pm
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>> >> check this out, adventure gone terribly wrong in australia -- . that does not look fun. she fell more than 300 feet into a river in zimbabwe after a bungy chord snapped in the middle of her jump after this happened, she had to swim through the raps with her feet still tied together. luckily, that tourist only suffered a couple of minor bruises. >> >> british police now know the identity of a woman whose body was found right on queen elizabeth's estate. dna helped investigators discover this 17-year-old, her body was three miles from the queen's estate on her property. police have not said what caused her death, but they have ruled it a homicide. >> >> allison stone and her
11:33 pm
housedress tor, hospitalized with burns tonight, police say the bomb was beside their home in a paper bag with their names written on it. they found the package saturday and put it in their car and it exploded when allison started to open it. >> it appears they were in the street, maybe in the car, we don't know that and someone said they -- withins reported the woman outside of the car running around saying "call 9-1- 1." >> denver post is reporting that allison stone received death threats after a dog bit her and the case went to court. so far, no one has been arrested. >> >> an occupy protest gets really fiery in oakland, california. after all of this, six people were arrested. -- . one demonstrator even had a stick of dynamite in their possession.
11:34 pm
the latest violence comes amid- tensions between protesters and city police that are growing. a couple is rescued at sea after their plane crashes in the bahamas. the pilot signaled for help after his engine died and u.s. coast guard crews from miami are sent out, they located the couple, clinging onto this inflatable raft, hoisted to safety and flown to a hospital to get checked out. >> >> u.s. gasoline prices kick off 2012 can the highest number ever to start a new year. priss of regular unleaded rose eight cents in the last week. as tim williams explains, the climb may continue through the end of summer. >> >> fireworks marked a new year by going up, so did gas prices across the country. >> consistent with what we saw at the end of 2011, gas prices as well as crude oil prices


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