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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm dr. william reha. i earned my mba from strayer university. good morning. it's wednesday, february 22, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. u.s. facilities in afghanistan are under siege in a second day of angry protests over can you ran burnings. we'll get reaction from the gop candidates ahead of the debate tonight and we'll talk with business legend jack welch. i'm gayle king. we'll have crucial information for women about surviving a heart attack and when i see you at 8:00, alan alda is here in studio 57. i'm erica hill. he was on the run for nearly two decades. we have the first tv interview with the woman who turned in her own father-in-law after learning
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he was an international fugitive. it's something you'll see only on krb this morning. but first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> anti-american protests explode in afghanistan. >> the u.s. embassy in kabul has lockdown in the second day of protests. copies of the quran were burned. >> i'm not a visionary. i'm from a steel town. >> rick santorum targets his republican rivals on the eve of the gop debate. >> plan on winning. hope to win. >> the 20th republican debate which explains that new campaign slogan. vote mitt romney or else we'll keep doing this. breaking news out of syria. two western journalists were killed in heavy shelling by syrian government forces. >> the u.n. atomic agency says
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the inspection team in iran has been denied access to military sites. police investigating five people dead inside a health spa northeast of atlanta. gusts up to 180 miles per hour. >> singer adele continues heroining streak at the britt awards. she flips the middle finger on stage after her acceptance stage was cut short. >> so tired of talking about warren buffett. write a check and shut up. >> all that. >> with someone who doesn't like kittens have one in each hand. >> i don't drink. i don't drink wine either. >> i couldn't live like that. >> they're ready to rock. >> and all that matters. >> here's wade. great catch. the highlight reels roll. >> king of the blues. mr. b.b. king. >> on "cbs this morning." ♪ sweet home chicago
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the president can sing. welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with breaking news in afghanistan where anti-american protests are spreading after the burning of muslim holy books by u.s. troops. >> the u.s. embassy and the capital of kabul is reportedly under lockdown at this hour. at least three people have been killed in today's protests. charlie d'agata is with us from london. good morning. >> good morning, erica. a u.s. military source tells cbs news demonstrators set fire to six fuel trucks outside the area where gentleman lal bad. all travel has been suspended there. meanwhile, they're struggling to get vie al water supplies into o the baghram base as it shows no signs of slowing down. protestors set fire to a compound that houses foreign contract workers in the capital one of several scenes where anger erupted into violence
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again today. witnesses say police fired live rounds into crowds of demonstrators when they charged police lines. afghan officials say at least three people have been killed and more than two dozen wounded. thousands of protestors shouted death to america and death to afghan president hamid karzai. the u.s. embassy suspended all unnecessary travel for staff and urged u.s. citizens to avoid areas where westerners kong grate. it started yesterday after charred copies of the quran were found outside the baghram air base. it's gained pace today despite the apology from the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. >> i offered my sincere apologies to the president, the to the government of afghanistan, but most importantly to the people, the noble people of afghanistan. >> u.s. officials have warned that the demonstrations could continue for days. now, the head of security at the u.s. embassy told cbs news this morning, international workers
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have been advised to restrict movements outside the embassy. local staff are ordered to go home. it's essentially in lockdown until further notice. >> charlie, thank you. we want to turn to the politics of gas prices. the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.59. that's up more than 20 cents in the last month and in some areas as many of you know, the prices are much higher. you can expect gas prices to come up at tonight's republican debate in arizona and as the candidates for that this evening. a new nationwide poll shows rick santorum leading mitt romney by 9 points. political correspondent jan trau ford is in phoenix this morning. jan, good morning. >> good morning, erica. there have been signs for the last several weeks that the economy is on the way back to a recovery. that of course, would be good news for the president in his reelection chances. the economy is an issue voters care most about. but, of course, that could rob all the republican candidates of an issue that they've been hammering the president for. with gas prices on the rise,
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there's a new area of concern they're targeting and they're hammering the president for that too. >> why are gasoline prices so high? >> newt gingrich this week has made gas prices a centerpiece of his campaign. he's blaming barack obama and promising change. >> it is perfectly reasonable to try to get to somewhere between $2 and $2.50 a gallon. >> rick santorum also blames the president saying his decisions, like limiting oil exploration, have led to higher prices at the pump. >> because of the rad al environmentalist policies of this president. >> there's been some good news. unemployment, for example, rose through much of his term and down to 2009 levels. sips he took office, gas prices have been steadily on the rise. that's a challenge and a problem. >> rising gasoline prices have become a big political issue because it affects everybody
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every week. >> that's why promising to lower gas prices is standard election fare. >> drill baby drill. >> it's entirely possible for us to get back to inexpensive energy. >> those republican and democratic administrations have taken fire on gas prices and they've had similar responses. it's not our fault. >> there are no magic solutions to rising oil prices and the pain that americans feel at the pump. >> energy economists say in the short term, the current price of gas has more do with world events than anything a politician can accomplish right away. >> the reality is that there's not a quick domestic fix. it's really what happens in the world market. and in this rising situation of tension with iran, that will determine it. >> now, with this of course an important issue for voters, you can expect that it will come up
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with the debate tonight. the economy, the energy policies of the president, social issues. there's a very full plate and it's going to be a lot to watch. >> jan, if michigan is so crucial, how crucial is this debate for the results that we may see in michigan on the 28th? >> well, charlie, i mean, obviously, it seems like we've had a hundred of these debates since the campaign started. but this is one that could matter a lot because it's the first -- i mean, it's really the last debate between now and super tuesday. and the first debate since we've had the new front-runner, rick santorum shoot to the top of the pack taking over mitt romney. so there is a lot at stake for all these candidates, but especially for rick santorum. he's going to be in the center stage, he's the man people will be looking at, voters will want to see from him, is he presidential? that's the question he has to answer tonight. he's done very well in these debates up until this point. >> jan, thanks. this morning, president obama is proposing to overhaul the federal tax code for korpgs.
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cutting tax rates and loopholes. chief white house correspondent norah o'donnell has been looking at the president's plan. what can you tell us so far about this plan? >> under the current tax system, the u.s. is soon going to have one. highest corporate tax rate in the world. that puts u.s. businesses and manufacturers at a disadvantage so the president today going to announce this overhaul, this this plan for reforming the corporate tax code, bringing down the rate currently at 35% to 28%. with a better rate for manufacturers. but the reason this comes today is because just two days from now, mitt romney is going to be unveiling his own economic speech in detroit. so make no mistake, the president's political advisers want an election year debate. not just about the corporate tax code system, but also the whole tax system in general. and so that's why they're setting up that debate this week for the president to make that, but there is little chance this year that this tax reform
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proposal will make it through the congress because there's too much politics going on. >> norah, one question. when you factor in the deductions and the exemptions, will corporations play a slight increase in the amount of money they pay in taxes? >> they probably will, charlie. because the tresh i department is proposing a minimum tax on u.s. corporations so they have to pay something. in the end, though, the goal from the treasury department and they've been working on this proposal for a long time, in coordination with a lot of corporations who have long said that this corporate tax rate is outdated, it should be changed, it should be scrapped. it makes us uncompetitive. it should make the system simpler and fairer. >> norah, thank you very much. with us now jack welch, former ceo of electric and founder of the jack welch institute. good morning. >> good morning, charlie, how are you? >> what does it mean that the dow jones had the success it had yesterday and does it mean, in
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fact, that the economic recovery is under way? >> well, it is a reflection of the better economic times that we have seen over the last five months or so. there's no question the economy is picking up. you've seen it in all the numbers. it's even moved in the last few weeks into the construction area where you're seeing a glimmer of hope where there hasn't been any light at all. >> because of housing? >> yes. >> when you look at what the president is proposing, you have been long time advocate of lower corporate taxes. is the president going in the right direction as far as you're concerned? >> clearly, he is. and this is the political season, as you know better than anybody else, and we're going to have dueling tax proposals and -- as long as they go in this direction, it's all good. there won't be anything done this year. >> speaking of taxes, i want you
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to listen to this sound bite of governor christie on television last night. here it is. >> how many billionaires are there in new jersey? >> don't know the answer to that question. >> roughly? >> i really i have not a clue. how about this the top 1% of people in new jersey pay 41% of the income tax. >> are all the billionaires going to get 10% income tax reduction. >> everybody will get 10%. >> you know where i'm going. >> i don't understand where -- >> warren buffett is screaming to be taxed more. >> he should just write a check and shut up. >> do you agree with the governor or with warren buffett, there ought to be more tax. >> charlie, i pay over 30% every year. it depends where you come from. if you're in a corporation and you get a w-2 form, you pay 28 to 35%. if you're an investor, you get a different number. it depends on where we want to
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go. i don't feel undertaxed in any way at all. >> but most of the people are in your economic bracket tell me they're prepared to pay more taxes if in fact, they could be sure where the money was going. >> well, i mean, that's an argument that people have and if we thought it would go to deficit reduction and not more silly programs, maybe that would be a good argument. >> what do you see as a crucial issue in the michigan debate between rick santorum and your candidate, mitt romney, the man you have supported? >> i think it's going to be -- it's going to depend on who has the best economic program, who, in fact, can can assure the american people that they're interested in jobs, creating a better economy, jobs for everybody, and i think the republicans have gotten a little bit off the jobs kick in the last two weeks whether it's the
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media or their own methods. >> focusing on social issues. >> social issues, yeah. i don't think that's going to be constructive in in debate. >> could gas prices be a big issue for the president if in fact they continue to rise? >> well, the president's getting a bit of a break here, charlie, in that natural gas has dropped precipitously. it's now 2 1/2 dollars per million btu's. over 16 million homes in america are heated with natural gas. they're seeing a wonderful income break this year. but, of course, gasoline prices have always been a political hotbed, whether it's republican or democrat. and the republicans will use it to their advantage. if we see numbers over $4 across the spectrum. >> if rick santorum wins in michigan and becomes the nominee, can you support him?
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>> i will support any republican nominee against the current incumbent. >> do you believe as speaker gingrich said yesterday on this program, that it's important in the interest of national security to beat president obama? >> no. that's something i'm not going there. i'm talking about the economy, about more jobs for more people, a better society. i'm all there. i'm not into the foreign policy issue. i think the president has done a reasonable job in foreign policy. in my opinion, it's been one of his strongest areas. >> but you believe in economic recovery reflected by the stock market may be under way? >> i mean, charlie, we have printed $7 trillion of money in the -- since 2007 around the world. in the last six months, there's
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been 103 easings in financial policy to enhance growth. everyone is pumping, priming the pump. so this economy and the global economy is going to recover. greece, look what they started bailing out greece. so the economy is going to recover. there's no question. >> from florida, jack welch, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, charlie. two more western reporters, one of them an american, died today covering the fighting in syria. american marie colvin and french photographer remi osleek were killed in the city of homs as syrian forces shelled the city. yesterday colvin reported for cnn on the unrelenting attacks. >> it's a complete and utter lie they're only going after terrorists. there are rockets, tank shells and aircraft being fired into the city. the syrian army is shelling
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cold, starving civilians. >> activists inside homs say at least 19 people have been killed in today's attack. united nations says the latest nuclear talks with iran have failed. the u.n. nuclear inspection team arrived in vienna today following two days of talks. it was not allowed to visit a site where iran is believed to be working on nuclear weapons. in a statement today, the u.n. said, no agreement was reached on resolving the "possible military dimensions of the iranian program." he said his country does not seek nuclear weapons because they are useless, harmful and dangerous. in norcross, georgia, northeast of atlanta, five people are dead after a shooting spree at a day spa. police are calling it a murder-suicide. surveillance video reportedly shows a man walking into the spa getting into an argument with someone and then opening fire. >> upon arrival, we found
7:18 am
actually five people, it appears, are deceased inside this building. we've recovered one firearm. >> three men and two women were killed. no other suspects are believed to be involved. time to show you some of the morning headlines from around the globe. we've done several stories on shortages of cancer drugs putting patients at risk. now the new york times reports two of those drugs, methotrexate are being imported to take up the slack. the philadelphia enquirer sans johnson & johnson ceo is retiring. the company has gone through a series of embarrassing drug recalls. last week, it recalled 600,000 bottles of children's tylenol. girl scouts are protesting at the capital in indiana after the lawmaker accused them of supporting abortion, sex and gays. the fort wayne journal gazette says the speaker of the indiana house bought more than 200 boxes of girl scout cookies to hand
7:19 am
out. on this ash wednesday, usa today has a story on ashes to go. more than 70 episcopal priests in 18 states are hitting the streets offering ashes to the faithful who are too busy to go to church. a white castle in lafayette, indiana, serving wine with hamburgers. >> love that story. one woman who tried it says the merlot goes best with the sliders. keep that in mind next time you're at a white good morning, a mixture of clouds and sun, a pleasant morning temperature, just shy of 40, 12 to 15 degrees warmer right now than at this time yesterday. we are going for a high temperature today of right around 62 degrees. a mixture of clouds and sun. tonight showers, 44 your low. tomorrow clearing skies, 65, if no
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this national weather report sponsored by usaa. proudly serving the financial needs of the military veterans and their families. a crime and cover-up that began in england unraffled theerly 20 years later and some 4,000 miles away in missouri. you'll hear from the woman who blew the whistle on fast eddie. a man who just happened to be her father-in-law. it is something you'll see only on cbs this morning.
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♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ [ applause ] ♪ sweet home chicago the president singing the blues was at a star studded concert the white house. charlie likes it. we'll bring you more of the music later.
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we'll bring you back to that. i like the blues. there's a suspected armored truck robber. fast eddie arrested in missouri 19 years after he now 26 past 7:00, a touch -- excuse me, a touch cloudy for this day start but also warmer. >> we are averaging 12 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. it is around 40, clouds and sun, breezy, mild, sudden be a nice afternoon with a high of 62. yesterday we never cracked out of the 48, 49 degree difference. now, here is sharon gibala, wjz tv traffic control. >> the morning commute not so bad. two accidents, one of them on route 100, the other in the city on east 35th. on the beltway speeds mid to
7:27 am
upper 30s. there is a live look outside at 95. we can say the same situation there. slow and go from white marsh boulevard don to down to 895. this is brought to you by your lexus dealers. back over to you. >> a man faces assault charges after a case of road rage escalates in anne arundel county. we are learning more about what happened from witnesses who saw it all. andrea fujii is live with the latest. >> reporter: don, 911 calls detail the frightening ordeal. >> -- okay, what is going on? >> there has been a stabbing and a car accident. >> witnesses say the 44-year- old driver of an suv was switching seats with his wife at a red light when he got into a confrontation with 23-year- old ross sudbrook, the passenger of ap of the pt
7:28 am
cruiser. sudbrook stabbed them and then ran and the vehicled ended up in a ditch. he knocked out sudbrook. back to you. >> this shooting happened in baltimore city. a pair stealing cash and cigarettes before shooting a customer in the chest and running away. the condition of the customer shot is not known. a close call for a hartford county family when fire engulfs their home. sky chopper 13 over the house. everyone was out by the time firefighters arrived but they did rescue two dogs. they believe it started on the rear deck. stay with wjz 13.
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up next hear from the woman who brought down fast eddie and heart attack symptoms for women heart attack symptoms for women and a ,,
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the bridge in steubenville, ohio stood for 83 years. it took seconds to bring it down yesterday. don't worry, a new bridge has been built to replace it. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a british man faces a court hearing in missouri accused of spending 19 years on the run. police in england say he's a thief and international fugitive who was finally tracked down in a most unlikely place. special correspondent jeff glor spoke with the relative who turned him in and is afraid for her life. good morning. >> erica, good morning. it was called the perfect crime
7:31 am
that became the imperfect secret. stretching from england to ozark, missouri. it is over now because of fast eddie maher's daughter-in-law. she's currently at a safe house but we managed to arrange an interview on camera and she has quite a story. >> he would talk about it as if it was so cool that he had been here illegally. his dad is a famous bank robber as if it was something really cool to brag about. >> the mystery was nearly as old as the woman who ended it. 25-year-old jessica king. >> when i saw the picture of fast eddie maher 20 years, i knew it was him. if you ever see the man's eyes, it's him. >> fast eddie maher, the driver of an armored car on the east coast of england in january 1993. a million and a half dollars went missing and so did maher. >> 30 officers are now involved girlfriend, debra brett and
7:32 am
their three-year-old son. >> the police have launched an international search for him. it's thought he may have gonna broad. >> this was at the wedding. >> until 19 years later when a newly married jessica king says she heard a seemingly unbelievable story from her drunk husband, lee. >> that him and his mom and his dad were all illegal aliens, his birth certificate was fake, his social security card was fake, his dad robbed a bunch of money from england and they've been moving from state to state here in the united states ever since. just stuff you wouldn't ever believe if somebody just was telling you. >> he gives you all these details. you still thought it was too hard to believe? >> i didn't believe it but i was on the edge. i was concerned how he could come up with such details if it's just a lie. >> what pushed her over the edge, she says, was when her husband became abusive.
7:33 am
>> started out with pushing me into corners or up against the wall. i tried to walk myself in the bedroom and he would kick the door down. >> pushing led to punching says jessica. and the lee king adamantly denies nia bus charges, swres ka says there was more. a dire warning from her father-in-law. >> he looked me in my eyes and said that i know that you know. i will kill you. i will bloody kill you. >> do you feel he's a guy that will follow through on those threats? >> absolutely. >> on february 6th, jessica walked into a local police station and told detectives what she knew. the manhunt that had baffled english authorities for almost two decades. >> photographs of mr. maher and ms. brett are being sent to police forces across europe. >> was over. >> ending at this house in quiet ozark, missouri. 4400 miles from the crime scene.
7:34 am
the mahers had apparently lived in at least five states. fast eddie working as a cable tv repairman. >> eddie maher is now sitting in this green county, missouri, jail at the time being not a threat to jessica king. but jessica says her ex-husband is a different story. >> that's because lee king remains in missouri. >> i don't think he realized that he let it slip. >> jessica, now ten weeks pregnant with lee's child, remains in a safe house. >> sometimes i feel like maybe lee isn't going to track me down. then other times, i'm extremely paranoid, is he following me, is he going to find me? how mad is he that his dad is in prison and these secrets are out? my biggest fear is how long do i have to hide? how long do i have to be scared? >> this is a fascinating story. >> it is. >> what's the most interesting thing for you?
7:35 am
>> the most interesting thing for me is when lee knew is one big question here. jessica says that he knew for a long time. this is the son of fast eddie maher. lee says that he just found out recently. so -- and the question is, what happens to lee then? when i spoke to him, he says he's in the process of being sent back to england along with his mother, as we mentioned fast eddie maher is still in jail, likely also he's going back to england to face charges there. >> what's surprising, where he ended up. somebody committed this crime would find an island in the caribbean and the pacific not the ozark. >> they flew to the u.s. after this happened 19 years ago, lived in at least five different states at the time. never made any friends with anyone, jessica says. never wanted their pictures taken. jessica says even at the wedding. they reluctantly agreed to have one or two pictures taken. they said away from people,
7:36 am
worked quiet. worked as a cable tv repairman and kept moving. >> not quiet enough. >> he declared bankruptcy at one point. >> good question, what happened to the money. he declared bankruptcy in 2010. jessica says any time they asked for money, they gave it to them. >> cash. >> they gave them money. >> he's now on the way back to england? >> presumably. he's still in this green county, missouri, jail. he will have a hearing today. not much will likely come out of that hearing. but then eventually, the presumption is that he will be sent back to england. >> they offered a reward in 1993. who gets the reward in. >> a very good question. because right now jessica says she's entitled to it. the 100,000 pounds was offered at the time by the armored car company. we don't know whether that was still in effect. the armored car company now merged with another company. jessica and her lawyers are in touch with that company. she says she turned him in, she
7:37 am
solved the crime, she deserves it. >> sounds like a movie to me. >> i would think so. >> probably not too good morning, got high clouds in the area but a pleasant day start, and averaging about 12 to 15 degrees warmer right now than at this time yesterday, right about 41 degrees going to go for a mixture of clouds and sun with a high around 62, dinnertime is a secondary shot of warm humid air moves our way. maybe showers overnight, low of 44. tomorrow a mixture of most of the time we're told a heart attack starts with a pain in the chest. a good warning sign. but it turns out many women never have that classic symptom. so they don't get the right help. we'll show you how to rec naz a heart attack even without that pain and hopefully save a life. tomorrow, what's next on the growing threat. we'll ask former national
7:38 am
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in today's "healthwatch," women and heart attack symptoms. a new study finds women are more likely to have a heart attack without chest pain. so they're less likely to get immediate treatment and they're more likely to die in the hospital especially when it comes to younger women. >> lour lori mosca is here from columbia medical center. i'm pleased to have her here this morning. what's the significance of this, especially for women? >> this is really important news for women because they need to be aware that the symptoms of a heart attack may be different than they might expect. it's not the classic hollywood heart attack. it occurs the less common symptoms occur more frequently in women than they do men. >> so what's the message for women? what should they do knowing this is the reality? >> the most important thing
7:43 am
women need do is be aware of what we call atypical symptoms of a heart attack are. when they're aware of the symptoms, they're more likely to take the appropriate action. this study was actually important because it linked not knowing what those symptoms were to having worse outcome. >> but we do know what some of the symptoms are. what are things to be aware of? >> important to be aware that lightheadedness for example, shortness of breath, pain in the upper body that can radiate to the neck, the back, the arms. indigestion, stomach upset. generally just breaking out into a sweat. and the other thing that a lot of women aren't aware of, overwhelming fatigue is a symptom of a heart attack. >> these are all things that are tough for women to grab on to. we talk about how women treat themselves last. are they also using the right terms when they see the doctor? what are things we should be saying to pay attention to the symptoms in the right way. >> that's an important area, erica.
7:44 am
when we go to the doctor, we need to be informed about what our risk factors for heart disease are. then we can put the symptoms in context. as you pointed out, busy mom, you often will feel fatigued, you might be lightheaded. you didn't eat that day. it's important to put the symptoms in context. know what your risk for heart disease is. know your risk factors. >> here's what i don't understand. why is it different for women than men? >> charlie, i wish i knew the answer to that. we don't actually know why women present more -- with more unusual symptoms of a heart attack. this study was important because it showed there was an important gender difference. about 42% of women, when they had a heart attack, presented with nonchest pain symptoms and only 30% of men. we don't know why. >> what are possible explanations? >> there is a theory that the biology of heart disease in women might be a little bit different. that our plaques are different compared to men. this might explain it.
7:45 am
women also with diabetes tend to have different symptoms and women may have more diabetes than men. that may influence how they experience chest pain. >> you're engaged in preventative heart care, main thing is don't smoke, watch your diet. what else? >> absolutely important. the three most important things are lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. as you point out x don't smoke, eat a better diet. importantly, get up and move. regular physical activity. these two things, nutrition and exercise affect one of the most common risk factors for having a heart attack. that is being overweight. we need to maintain a healthy weight. very important in preventing heart disease. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. another sensitive medical issue is a political football. find out what one candidate says about prenatal testing. we'll look at a change that could change so much for pregnant women and expectant families in general. you're watching "cbs this
7:46 am
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experience love that lasts. if that weren't enough, i hear he doesn't even like kittens. >> really? would someone who doesn't like kittens have one in each hand? >> stephen colbert, our own gayle king is in the control room with what's coming up in the next hour. gayle. i don't know. i'm allergic to kittens. what does that mean? thank you, charlie. lying about military service is a disgrace some say. the supreme court will decide if one man is guilty of committing crime with his lies. alan alda is teaming up with jennifer aniston and paul rudd in the new movie, wander lust. we'll take you inside the white house of blues. picture this. mick jagger and hands president obama the mike, what does the president could? there you see it. can eating dessert for
7:51 am
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want to take a moment to say more about marie colvin and remi osleek, the two reporters killed while covering the uprising in syria. it's one more example of how reporters go in to war and risk their lives. it's not only not comfortable but they're risking their lives to bring stories to us. there are threats, there are often risks we don't know about. one more time we see two reporters who were covering a war and killed in action. >> you see marie colvin. we heard yesterday from others
7:56 am
that the dangers she and her team took to get there. you see the possible consequences. it's a terrible thing to for you four minutes before 8:00. we have clouds but still another gorgeous get up and go. it feels nicer as well. sharon is watching the roads. marty is over at first warning weather. >> temperatures right now 40, going to 62. we will watch for showers dinnertime through bedtime. now over to sharon gibala, wjz tv traffic control. good morning. >> hi, marty, good morning, everyone, a new accident on the east side, outer loop at eastern boulevard blocking the right lane. also watch for an accident in aberdeen there and 95
7:57 am
southbound 19 minutes from white marsh to 895. there is a look. this is brought to you by baltimore hyundai. back over to you. >> thank you. we are learning more about a case of road rage that left one man stabbed and another man injured. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: don 911 calls detail the frightening ordeal. >> okay. what is going on? >> there has been a stabbing and a car accident. >> witnesses say the driver of an suv was switching seats with his wife when he got into a confrontation with the passenger of a the pt cruiser. he stabbed him. they followed him and the vehicled ended up in a ditch. the victim knocked out sudbrook. both are expected to recover.
7:58 am
>> stay with us. up next what one presidential candidate is saying about prenatal testing and the effect it could have on thousands of pregnant women. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
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i can't believe i'm about to cut off -- i'm so sorry. >> can i just say this? goodbye and i'll see you next time around. >> oh, no. don't cut off adele. she got mad and made that universal, we're number one. they tried to shut her up at the brit awards in london last night. lesson learned. they apologized to adele. it's 8:00, welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. i'm charlie rose with erica hill. this morning, the supreme court takes up a case about honor and dishonor. >> lying about receiving a military medal is a disgrace. but should it be a crime? national correspondent chip reid is at the supreme court this morning. chip, good morning. >> well, good morning to you. xavier alvarez admits he was
8:01 am
lying in 2007 when he said he had earned the medal of honor, the nation's highest military award. today the supreme court will hear arguments over whether that lie was a crime. the medal of honor is bestowed on only a few. and doug sterner a vietnam veteran and two time recipient of the bronze star wants it to stay that way. sterner is on a mission. from his virginia home, he pokes he ises about people who lie about honors they receive. >> in your experience, what motivates people who do this? >> it can be anything from trying to pick up a good looking woman in a bar with your fascinating military history to trying to get elected to political office. >> xavier alvarez is one of those who tried to get away with it. in 2007 while serving on a local government board in california, he told an audience he had been in the marines for 25 years and received the medal of honor. a complete fabrication.
8:02 am
alvarez was charged and convicted under a 2006 federal law that makes lying about military honors a crime. he's appealing to the supreme court arguing the law violates his right to free speech. civil liberties advocates agree. >> people have to feel they can speak without being criminally punished. we don't need to start to criminalize all things that the government declares to be lies. >> according to court documents, 45 people have been prosecuted under stolen valor. >> i was trained 18 months of that crap. >> jesse macbeth was sentenced to five months in prison after claiming he received the purple heart for service in iraq. turns out, he never made it out of army basic training. >> it's wrong. ethically it's wrorng. >> leo thorsness received the medal of honor for his heroic actions in vietnam where he spent six years as a prisoner of war. he says those who lie about
8:03 am
military awards deserve to be punished. he is diminishing the honor of the people who won it, who dee certificate it. >> doug sterner agrees. >> if i don't address the phonies when i find them, they pervert the history of the men and women who really did earn these awards. >> sterner says that, while only 45 people have been prosecuted under the stolen valor act, over the years in his research, he's come across more than 2,000 people who have lied about their military awards. >> chip, what happens then if supreme court does strike down a law? >> well, keep in mind one thing. it was already a federal crime, even before this law to wear a military award that you didn't earn. that will stay in place. if this law is struck down, congress is already working on a replacement that would make it a crime if you lie about military award for the purpose of earning a profit. let me tell you, nia ward, any piece of legislation intended to protect military heroes flies
8:04 am
through congress. >> you can imagine. chip x thanks very got some overcast skies. could we get that shot of the capitol? isn't that a pretty shot? been looking at the sunrise all morning long. mid-40s dc, 40 here, forecast high today 62. clouds, sun, breezy, mild, dinn can you really lose weight if you have dessert for breakfast? what an amazing idea. i like it. we'll look at the latest research on that. you are watching "cbs this morning." [ lane ] is your anti-wrinkle cream gone...
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when was the last time you had a piece of pie or a soft drink or any sugar at all? was it that date, may 10th? >> yeah, i haven't had dessert.
8:09 am
i'm not supposed to eat grapes. but if there's nothing else -- >> i love grapes much i eat a lot of carrots. you can't eat carrot. >> not that many carrots. cucumbe cucumbers. this gets more depressing the more we talk about it. >> i know. what i can eat. >> i'm dairy-free. >> you can't eat dairy. what do you eat? stuff you find in your pocket? >> what does alec -- >> hmm. >> good eating. as we looked around, we found a few reasons to make a long story short. wall street is focusing on men and women who were literally fashion victims. if you're tired of too tight colors, cinched belts can damg a nerve in your leg and high heels, not getting into that. >> don't need to worry about that. tight jeans as well. huffington said bobby brown is looking to publish a book on his marriage to whitney houston. he offered his story four years
8:10 am
ago. at the time nobody took him up on it. >> please let that continue. one of four copies of the famous painting scream by edward monk could sell for more than $80 million. >> according to gizmo, scientists think eating dessert for breakfast may help you lose weight. a low carb, low calorie diet that dpifs you the choice of cookies, chocolate cake or ice cream at breakfast. when you think about it, you have a whole day to work it off. >> it doesn't make sense to me. but i'll have a banana pudding for two please. i love that. >> bruce springsteen can find his newest song online. jack of all trades is on the new album "wrecking ball." it's on a dutch website. what's exciting about that is wrecking ball album, they've been releasing a song every different day on a different site and wrecking ball comes out next month. i cannot wait. >> i can't either.
8:11 am
can we get him at the table in studio p 57. would you pull some strings, gayle? >> me no speak english. wouldn't we love that. >> we would. >> we would love that. >> on a more serious note, p prenatal screening giving women something to think about. it can check if the babies have down syndrome earlier than before. you'll meet one mom who had to deal with a similar decision. you're watching "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning," sponsored by turbo tax software. turbo tax, choose easy. i've dealt with all types of tax problems. one thing has never changed-- people want to know their taxes have been done right. to help, you can get free one-on-one expert tax advice. if you have a question, just call
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8:14 am
chris christie seems to have the fundamental misunderstanding of marriage equality. specifically the equality part.
8:15 am
it's surprising since he too is a member of a group that's a side that doesn't grant a full measure of respect. i'm referring to christie's choice to live as an obese american. i wonder what his position would be on this marriage question if the national discussion went thusly. >> i'm not in favor. fat. >> i don't think you can redefine. >> fat marriage is wrong. >> we fought hard at preventing massachusetts from becoming the las vegas of fat marnl. >> ouch. prenatal testing has turned into an unlikely campaign issue. presidential candidate rick santorum said this week that some tests in his words encourage abortion. >> this morning we take a look at a new test revealing abnormalities at an earlier stage than before giving expectant mothers and their families a lot to think about. >> take one look at the smiling face of four-year-old grace and
8:16 am
it's easy to see what why she's a the love of her mother's life. >> i almost lost out on the best thing in my life. >> midway through her second trimester, melanie mclaughlin and her husband discovered their baby would be born with down syndrome. stunned and what it would mean to their future, they considered ending the pregnancy. >> this is definitely the most difficult decision i have ever had in my life. i think i already loved the baby. i couldn't do it. i couldn't terminate. and that's just where i was at. i had to -- i had to look at my husband and say i can't terminate this pregnancy. >> that early diagnosis helped them prepare for the challenges that would come after birth. getting the news involved some risk. melanie had a procedure called amniocentesis. it removes a small amount of fluid identifying several genetic disorders but can also result in miscarriage.
8:17 am
>> recent advancements in genetics helped doctors develop a safer test for down syndrome. it can be administered at ten weeks and at nearly 100% accurate. the test, maternity 21, analyzes the mother's blood and counts fragments from the dna to detect the presence of an extra chromosome significant mi fieing downs. according to geneticist at children's hospital boston, this is the beginning of a new era of prenatal screening. >> there's no risk to the fetus. a simple blood drop from your arm. this raises a provocative question of how much do we test for and do we as a society draw the line? >> ex peck tants parents are routinely offered prenatal testing for various genetic disorders. not just down's syndrome. decisions which could become more difficult. >> if it's not for down's syndrome, is it for homosexuality, is it for breast cancer, alzheimer's, autism?
8:18 am
you're going to need to ask those questions. they're coming. >> the last four years have been anything but easy for the mclaughlins. they never want to imagine life without grace. >> grace is amazing. >> grace is very cute too. dr. paul root wolpe is joining us now from atlanta. welcome doctor. >> good morning. >> good morning. it's my understanding that unlike amniocentesis, the test that we're familiar with, this latest test allows you to do it so much earlier before the pregnancy is visible to others. my question is what's the impact, do you think, on that in. >> well, the fact that it's earlier simply means that mothers are going to be challenged with this decision earlier in their pregnancies and if they choose to terminate the pregnancy, it will be less complicated procedure. notice that melanie said that she had to face a very tough decision. i think more and more women are going to be facing tough
8:19 am
decisions as this test and similar tests are developed. >> the research shows that for most women over 90%, given the option, if they know they're having a baby down's, would make the decision to have an abortion. do you think that this could lead to a world without down's syndrome kids? >> well, first of all, i'm not sure that's high. that was one study from the uk. the statistics may be lower in the united states. but i don't think so. first of all, some women will not get the test, other women choose as melanie did, not to abort. even though they have the information. so i don't think that we're going to end up at least in the foreseeable future in a world without kids with down's syndrome and many parents, i think actually take the path that melanie took and, like melanie, end up very glad they did. >> a lot of parents, too, will choose not even to have the tests. you're presented with this barrage of tests when you're pregnant that are options for
8:20 am
you. as an ethicist, when you look at the questions and the tests coming, there's talk of how really you can tell the sex of a baby, choosing eye color, how does that lead to the decision to actually present these tests to expectant mothers? >> first of all, things like choosing eye color, choosing gender, that happens much more often in in vitro fertilization when you have a dish with embryos and you can decide which to implant. it doesn't happen at least at this point in terms of aborting a child. the kind of tests that we do in pregnant women, prenatally tend to be disease-oriented tests. then parents are faced with a challenge. should they actually maintain the pregnancy in the face of sometimes devastating disabilities in their children. i think that that's a decision that each couple, each mother, each parent needs to make individually. >> the case that some people make for having the tests too
8:21 am
and knowing that is that once the child is born, it makes it easier because they know what's ahead of them. is that a legitimate point that's being made, do you think? does it make it easier, in fact, to deal with what comes with a birth of a child who may have some sort of an abnormality? >> i think it's clear that knowing that your child is going to need special care of some kind allows parents to plan for that early on. and down's syndrome, the special care may not be particularly complex. but in some of these conditions, you may actually need to set up things like ventilators and other kinds of home care if you plan to take that child home. >> i always think, too, doctor, you really don't know what you're going to do until you're in the position. i'll tell you, i have friends who have children with down's syndrome and to a person, everybody says, it has enhanced my life for the better. i don't know anybody who has had a down's syndrome child who has
8:22 am
any regrets about that once the baby is born. >> i think that that's true. on the other hand, you know, it is an enormous commitment for parents to raise a child with special needs. i think what we have decided in this society at least for now, is that parents need to make those decisions. you know, we can advocate for certain kinds of decisions, we can suggest that, with particular kinds of conditions, parents need to think very carefully and long about how they want to handle it. but i think that the decision has to remain with the parents. >> as you point out, only a parent can make at that decision and you only know what's right in the moment. we'll be back with more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
it is 25 meants minutes past the hour. sharon is here to wrap up the rush right after marty first warning weather. >> an interesting shot. take a look at the forecast for the day, clouds sunshine around, 44 now. 11 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. going for a high of 62. by dinnertime scattered showers in the area. now, here is sharon gibala at wjz tv traffic control. >> still following accidents, major delays on the jfx, if you are headed out on the outer loop an accident on the east side blocking the right lane, another accident at aberdeen. one more in glen burnie at
8:26 am
richie highway. 95 southbound looking at 28 minutes. 83 southbound 15 minutes. there is your average drive times and speeds, the west side the slowest spot. there is 885 at o'donnell street. this traffic report is brought to you by volunteers of america. back over to you. >> thank you. in the news this morning a man is facing assault charges in a road rage inspect incident that escalated into violence. we have this story. >> reporter: 911 calls detail the frightening ordeal. >> what is going on? >> there has been a stabbing and an accident. >> witnesses say the driver was switching seats with his wife
8:27 am
when he got into a confrontation. a man stabbed the victim, who followed him and the two vehicles ended up in a ditch. the victim knocked out sudbrook. both are expected to recover. back to you. >> a half-hour from now deliberations should begin in the murder trial of george huguely. defense attorneys claim her defense was accidental. huguely faces live in prison if he is convicted. baltimore county police are blaming a speeding driver for a fatal crash in randallstown. he drove into oncoming traffic slamming head on into another car, both of those men are dead. an suv also got tangled up but its driver was not hurt. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, up next emmy and golden globe
8:28 am
next emmy and golden globe winning what do you get when you combine the home depot with this weekend? the cure for cabin fever. because with get-it-done savings on everything we need... we can turn this weekend into a fresh floor... or an updated bathroom... or a brand-new look. so let's hit those orange aisles, and make today the day, we make a big difference, no matter how big our budget. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot
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8:30 am
. ♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ same old place ♪ sweet home chicago . mick jagger hands the president the mike and that's what happened. president obama b.b. king and more. that was from last night's big concert at the white house of blues. we'll have more on that in a
8:31 am
bit. welcome back to "cbs this morning." for 40 years, we have known alan alda as a really good guy and hawkeye pierce from the classic tv series m.a.s.h. he's been a best selling author, starred in more than two dozen films. in the latest role he played the leader of a commune in a new movie called "wander lust". >> just remember, money buys nothing. >> nothing important. >> no, no. money literally buys nothing. >> i think you mean metaphorically. >> no, literally nothing. >> literally, money buys most things. >> no, nothing. >> i'm saying literally -- >> i'm saying literally money buys nothing. >> it buys nothing. >> money pace for nothing. >> that's right. >> what a voice. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> if you were president, you could sing with mick jagger and b.b. king and have a night of blues at the white house. >> as soon as you're president,
8:32 am
you're able to sing, is that it? >> seems to go that way. >> you can sing who you want to. >> when you're president, nobody tells you, you can't sing. >> you but he's pretty good. >> he sounded good. >> tell us approximate this movie wander lust. >> paul rudd and jennifer aniston play a couple who lose their jobs and have to move away and wind up without realizing it, they think they're staying overnight in the place and really, it's really a free love commune. founded by me. >> could i just say alan alda, when i saw the movie, i'm thinking you had to crack up when you were reading the script. there were a lot of swinging penises around the movie. there were lots of them swinging around. >> can you say that this early in the morning? >> you actually can. you actually can. did you crack up? you know what i mean, alan alda. >> my father was in burlesque when i was two and three years old. i used to stand in the wings watching burlesque. it wasn't anything in this movie
8:33 am
i hadn't seen before. >> but was it fun? >> it was -- you know what was fun about this movie. i never saw this happen. the spirit of the commune sort of took over the cast and the crew. and everybody stuck together virtually, anyway, after the movie. everybody e-mails everybody. a year later after we made the movie. we're all in touch with one another. so maybe that will happen to the audience. maybe it will go out of the theater -- they'll all try to touch each other. >> from the commune to your own household, we were talking before we started. i said i loved your wife. >> so do i. >> this is news to me about you. >> and you said that when you're at dinner, you'll hear her having an interesting conversation. >> when we have dinner at somebody's house and they often like to separate the couples. she'll be at the other end of a long table, i try to hear what she's saying because she always says something different. i don't know when she has time to do all this thinking.
8:34 am
she comes up with new stuff. >> i'm at my end of the table telling storist is she's heard a hundred times. >> how long have you been married in. >> in a month or so, 55 years. >> what is it that the two of you know that so many of us don't know about what it takes sm. >> i don't think we know anything. >> it's not such a secret. we love each other. try that. a lot of people maybe don't try that. >> there's also this about you. life after m.a.s.h. you're working as much as you ever wanted to work. not only movies, but science series for public television. >> yeah. i wrote a play about a play. i do things apart from that. i have a wonderful program at stony brook university where we teach scientists to communicate more effectively, with more clarity. called the center for communicating science. it's thrilling for me.
8:35 am
i put them through things that they don't expect. like improvising, of course. where scientists learn to improvise so when they're in front of an audience they're more at ease and personable and let the science come out but the person come out too. i have an exciting life. i goat to experiment with these things. >> it's still exciting to you after all this time, still? >> i still am a kid. >> how old are you, alan alda? >> 76. but i still have a picture on the wall of this old guy. i just -- it's nice to have these senior citizens on this program. >> in your mind, how do you see yourself? >> i'm a kid. i think you're a kid not because of how you look, but because of what you're trying to accomplish, trying to get better at things. >> do you still try to get better at things? >> yes. i have a lot to get better at. >> we all do. you know what's nice about getting -- having longer lives
8:36 am
now. we may have a chance do two or three different careers. that would be wonderful. we're really, try something completely different. >> you've also had brush or two with death as well. >> we both did. >> almost around the same time. >> we've talked about that before. >> are there any regrets for you? when you look at this remarkable life and this remarkable marriage and the fact that you were such a huge television star and a movie star. >> i don't regret being a huge star, no. >> that's pretty good. >> you know, i don't have any regrets. it's really kind of a two sided thing. i don't have any regrets and yet, every once in a while, i'll remember something from the distant past and i'll wince. what a jerk i was that day. i'll go -- i'll be driving and go like this. arlene will say what's the matter sh i said, it was 30
8:37 am
years ago. never mind. what are you bothering, 30 years ago. on the other hand, i don't have any regrets. >> you're a good man. good to talk with you. >> with a good career. our pest to arlene. >> thank you. >> i'd like to know the secret. >> she's probably home know saying why is he telling that story. why didn't he leave me alone? >> i'm thinking she loves you too. thank you alan alda. the movie wander lust opens on friday in theaters. if you need a laugh, you should go. >> your co-star, jennifer aniston, i talked to her in california recently. we'll have that for you on monday. former democratic senator says the united states failed to respond to the challenges of 9/11. good morning, temperatures right now mid-40s. pleasant day start, barely a breeze, what is moving our way is where it is warm, south- southwest, forecast calls for a
8:38 am
high temperature of 62 degrees today, by dinnertime a couple of showers, 44 your overnight low. your overnight low is two degrees shy of your normal daytime high tomorrow, clouds and sun, warmer than the forecast high of 6,,,,,,,,,,
8:39 am
how many billionaires are there in new jersey? don't know the answer to that question. >> roufly? >> i have not a clue.
8:40 am
the top 1% of new jersey paid 41% of the income tax. >> are all the billionaires in new jersey going to get 10% income tax reduction. >> everybody will get 10%. >> you know where i'm going with that. >> i understand -- ten years after 9/11 america is still under threat. however, russ feingold believes the threat is not just from america's enemies. it's from ourselves. >> the former democratic senator's best known for his work on campaign finance reform. he offers a roadmap for the next ten years in his new book "while america sleeps" a wakeup call for the post 9/11 era. senator, welcome. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> what is it we need to know and what do we need to learn as we look ahead? >> i think we all remember, we were completely shocked on 9/11. i don't need to tell the people around here that. i think we all said, we need to make sure that we never forget about what's going on in the rest of the world. we made some terrible missteps with regard to iraq and sort of invading country by country. not taking a global view of the world.
8:41 am
now it seems to me, we've taken the attitude that bin laden is gone and sure am glad that's gone. that's not the reality. the reality is we need a better connection and understanding to the rest of the world. people in government. also all of us as individuals. the country seems to know more about us -- >> he worries about america's understanding of foreign policy. >> exactly. i mean, winston churchill, the reason i call the book "while america sleeps" he wrote a book called while england slept. >> this was jack kennedy. >> kennedy wrote a book responding to that. he said to the british people in the floor of the house of commons, do you understand what's going on in germany? do you understand the buildup over there? and he said, we're used to being an island nation speaking of england. we're sort of used to being in effect an island nation having the seas on each side. woe we know that's not going to work.
8:42 am
with the globalization of the economy an the internet and all the things that happened, we'll never be able to sit here and wait for things to be done to us. my belief is we don't know enough about the rest of the world. we mock our politicians if they know something about the rest of the world. gingrich ran an ad attacking romney for knowing french. i don't think it's a bad thing for somebody to be able to communicate overseas. gingrich said several days ago that he worries about america's national security if barack obama is re-elected. you stepped forward to say, i worry about america's security if republicans are elected. is this the rhetoric we should be having? >> i think the rhetoric should be about the fact that this is an area where we can work together much the republican field is choosing only those things that talk about a foreign policy where they think they can hurt the president. they think in iran that's the way to go. what about what he's done? the president has been terrific in terms of reaching out to the islamic and muslim world, to the
8:43 am
cairo speech, indonesia, india. no more osama bin laden, no morale awlaki. he's provided a better -- than i think any president. that's a good thing. turning to a guy who like gingrich who is hostile to the world would be a step backwards. >> i wonder what's happening to us in terms of a country, the snarkiness. and meanness. what newt gingrich said the other day on the program. you were in the senate for a long time and just left last year. when did it become so difficult and so nasty? you were there when it was good. we were really getting along and now when we can't seem to get together. >> there's always partisanship but you're right, things went downhill in the early '90s. as the tea party rose. they didn't want to talk about certain things, at the they wanted to blame obama for everything five minutes after he
8:44 am
was president. they wanted to rule out talking about foreign policy. herman cain was the ultimate example. uz becky, becky, stand stan stan and made fun of it. it's just to the north of pakistan, afghanistan. it's an important country. we shouldn't make fun of it. we should understand it and all americans should be part of trying to understand what's going on in the rest of the world. >> let me look at the general election coming up. david brooks wrote a column saying where are the liberals. he suggested the following. that most people in america agree with the liberal understanding of the issues. but at the same time, they disagreed with the instrument of change which is government. >> well, i think most americans realize if you completely abandon any role of government at all if you have difficulties, that's a mistake. it has to be a partnership between the private sector and when you need government, you have to use it. i think the president was right to propose a stimulus package. the truth is, we've had positive
8:45 am
job growth for almost two years and they've jumped all over him and said it was a disaster before it started. frankly, i've never seen a president treated this way. here's a guy elected by a big margin and they tried to destroy his administration from the beginning. we never did that to george bush. he didn't really necessarily win that election and ee didn't do that to him. yet, president obama is coming through this domestically and internationally in a way -- >> but you've been critical on the president two instances, guantanamo and second you've been critical over the fact that he is going to a super pac because he says he needs to do that. >> that's exactly the kind of president he is. he has asked me to be one of his co-chairs of his campaign. i gladly accepted even though i have criticized him. >> do you want him to reverse his position -- >> absolutely not. i said it, it's a mistake. i think it's no harder for him to win without that money. we'll end up as corporate democrats that do trade a dpreemts and allowing wall
8:46 am
street do what it wants. here's a guy that encourages people to disagree him. i agree with him 95% of the issues but not the super pac. >> you call him a centrist or liberal? >> i don't want to label him. he's capable and he has a vision for the world. i don't think the label means anything. i think he's a good president. i think he's going to be a great president by the time it's over snoomt thank you for coming, senator. good to see you. >> really good to see you. >> president obama was belting out a little blues last night. mick jagger and b.b. king were his backup singers. we're going out to the white house after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ mick jagger. singing the blues at the white
8:49 am
house last night. didn't have anything at all to do with politics. >> b.b. king and mick jagger were there for a concert to be shown next week on pbs. bill plante said there was a surprise perform an. bill, good morning. >> well, good morning, erica. you know, the president channeled al green a few weeks ago and he's gotten his groove on. he did it again and you'll see that. it was a great show last night. ♪ >> the king of the blues himself kicked off last night. belting out his rendition of let the good times roll. ♪ >> b.b. king backed by on allstar lineup turned the white house into a cozy blues club in honor of black history month. as we celebrate black history month, the blues reminds us we've been through tougher times before.
8:50 am
>> president obama and the first lady swayed in their seats to blues legends ♪ ♪ >> and rising stars like trombone shorty. ♪ ♪ >> allstar jeff beck mellowed things out. before it was mick jagger's turn. >> ladies and gentlemen, mick jagger! >> the rolling stones front man danced his way in, then brought the crowd to it feet with an electrifying performance of i can't turn you loose. ♪ ♪ >> what an honor it is to be here and doing the show for the blues. something i fell in love with when i was about 12 years old. >> this is the 8th time the obamas played host to musical
8:51 am
legends at the white house. ♪ >> last year stevie wonder honored the world of motown. kris kristofferson sang country. as last night's series wrapped up, the president couldn't resist singing the blues himself. helping pay tribute to his hometown. ♪ baby don't you want to go >> same old place snoet ♪ sweet home chicago snoet ♪ reminded the president that he had done some al green. the president seemed reluctant at first. but then he gave in. it was a great show to watch. >> bill, how do you resist when mick jagger hands you the microphone at the time to do that song, moves like jagger. how do you resist when mick
8:52 am
jagger is handing you the microphone? >> absolutely not. the president did say, it's hard to get out when you're president and it is. but he said, of course, when you're president you can have some guys over to just jam at home. >> nice collection of guys you just have over, too. works out pretty well. >> one of the side benefits of being president. you can invite them over to come in the white house and make it the house of blues. >> absolutely. >> i was also impressed with henson's introduction to mick jagger. she was very enthusiastic in introducing mick to the stage. >> she sure was. >> mick, after all these years. it goes to show you that age really is a number. doesn't he look fantastic? >> he looks like mick usinger. >> he does. >> moves like mick jagger. >> fair enough, bill. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow right here at this table on "cbs this we'll see you tomorrow right here at this table on "cbs this morning." -- captions by vitac --
8:53 am
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creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. now five minutes before 9:00. it is getting a lot warmer outside. >> look at that. >> i didn't know the loch ness monster had a boat. >> he is a modern kind of guy. >> marty is over at first warning weather. >> forecast day calls for a high temperature of about 62. it is in the mid-40s now, averaging 11 to 13 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. a couple of evening showers tonight. an additional push of warm and humid air. 44 is your overnight low. the moisture out of here by the morning, clouds and sun. 65 tomorrow if not even warmer. let me show you the 5 day all
8:56 am
the way through monday, no winter woes moving our way. >> a man is facing assault charges after a case of road rage escalated into violence. we are learning about what took place from witnesses. andrea fujii stays on the story. >> reporter: don, 911 calls details the frightening ordeal. >> what is going on. >> there has been a stabbing and an accident. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver of an suv was switching seats with his wife when he got into a confrontation with the passenger of the pt cruiser. the passenger stabbed him, and the victim followed him and they ended up in a ditch. they are both expected to
8:57 am
recover. >> a person was shot in this robbery, the robbers stealing cash and cigarettes before shooting the customer in the chest and running away. his condition is not known. deliberations are set to begin today in the murder trial of george huguely. he is cra is accused of beating yeardly love to death. defense attorneys claim her death was accidental. huguely faces life in prison if convicted of first degree murder. same sex marriage in maryland is now headed to the full senate. yesterday a committee moved it forward despite opposition from some who say it does not adequately protect religious liberties. baltimore city is expected to approve a contract with the new organizers of the grand
8:58 am
prix keeping it here through 2016. it does call for the finances to be kept private as requested by down force racing. the new race management team. stay with wjz 13, maryland news station, complete news and ,,,,,,,,
8:59 am
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