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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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panic a high school student opens fire killing one injuring four. >> dozens sent screaming through the halls ducking under tables. hi i am kayak son. >> i am mary but ball la. >> screams and -- bubala. >> screamchaos inside a high school, manuel reports, parents heard the news and came running. >> reporter: parents cried and hugged their children outside of chardon high school after a student opened fire in the school cafeteria, one student dead, four injured. >> we feel so disheartened. >> a teacher may have saved lives running after the suspect. >> one of the teachers happened to chase the shooting suspect out of the building immediately
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at this point, our officers entered the building, went to the five injured student that is were injured, and got ems in there right behind the door behind them. >> there was just one shooter he turned himself in students who witnessed the attack says there was chaos people screaming and running down the halls. 1100 students are enrolled at chardon high school 30 miles outside cleveland parents describe it as a tight knit community everyone knows each other. as swat teams rushed to the scene, teachers ushered students into the elementary school across the street. parents lined up outside to collect their kids. >> our teaching staff did an excellent job, in a horrible traumatic experience this morning. >> officials say the victims are four boya girl one witness said he recognized the shooter as an out cast who may have been bullied since he is a juvenile police have not identified the suspect but they
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have his handgun and are running a background check. in chardon ohio, eyewitness news. the school is planning a candlelight vigil tomorrow evening and making grief counsellors available to studentteachers. a frightening armed robbery, a towel son man shot by a burglar inside his own home. new details of the violent attack, andrea. today a judge denied bail to a man who broke into the moment and shot the homeowner in the neck. 29-year-old bradford is charged with attempted assault and burglary. he broke into the home allegheny avenue 65-year-old man arrived home, he made him walk to the basement where he shot him in the neck the victim was able to call 911 and describe the shooter, he was arrested a short distance away. >> the unidentified homeowner is expected to survive his
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injuries hear about the suspect's violent past. major robert marcanti killed inside a surprise attack inside a secure building in afghanistan. >> reporter: that soldiers body is being returned not united states, and expected to arrive at dover airforce base around 5:00 p.m. >> he was just the best soldier. aaron and his sister leah are mourning the loss of their father, 48-year-old robert marcanti outrage of the burning of the koran has lead to out bursts. they were shot in what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas of a government ministry building. >> we don't know anything about what happened. >> his family aware of the
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ongoing violence in afghanistan, choosing to remember how the father of four lived and how he loved his wife. >> take care of mommy. >> take care of my sweet heart. >> if anything ever happens to me that is what we are going to do. >> he left his mark on more than just his own family for years he worked as a phys-ed teacher at baltimore county schools, his own children reflect on the loss of a man who meant so much. >> my father has been my idol and my hero, and i grew up flying to be just like -- trying to be just like him and i hope and pray i can be even 50% what that man was. >> if more fathers could be like he was i feel this would be a better place with men like him. >> the majors family says he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. wjz eyewitness news. the major was a gym teacher in baltimore county, bjz speaks
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to principal all new at 5. the search on for a suspect who assaulted a university of maryland college park student police are stepping up patrols on the prince georges county campus a female student woke up in her dorm room to find a man touching her leg the suspect ran off witnesses say they saw two men walking the hallways trying door handles of rooms to find an unlocked door anyone with information is asked to call prince georges county police. >> also in prince georges county, two young firefighters recovering after being critically burned at a house fire. more from their very concerned parents. >> both of those firefighters went into a burning home to rescue the people inside. >> underneath it all we are all one big family and although some of us are strangers, we are all the same. >> reporter: parents of the three firefighter s with the most severe injuries recall the harrowing moments after getting the phone call every parent
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dreads. >> the longest ride in the world, 4.5 hours from new york and not knowing what to expect. >> kevin oh tool has severe burns over 40% of his body and is facing more than 8 months of medical treatment ethan sorell has respiratory system burns and breathing through a tube. >> he is in some pain from the tubes and all other than that ethan is doing well. >> the third firefighter, mike mcclearry has severe burns to his hands and bruised ribs fireinvestigators are trying to determine how that fire began. >> we attempted to darken down the fire from the outside first. >> attention all units, 6334, 57th avenue. >> ethan and kevin come from fire fighting families that live almost a thousand miles apart but never the less united by an unbreakable bond. >> all three firefighters are expected to be okay. i am jealous coo, wj -- jessica
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wjz eyewitness news. >> all three firefighters are expected to survive their injuries at least 9 apartments were damaged in the fire. >> we are enjoying warmer weather today outside a mixture of sun and cloud, the mild air is back wjz has weather and traffic together, bernadette woods is here hi bernadette. >> hell hoe. what a -- hello, what a fantastic afternoon there is a front passing by but doing very little for us snow off to our north a couple showers south, we saw a couple clouds that is about it, but take a look at a term tore when you ares, up to 6 -- temperatures, up to 64 degrees look at the 60s across that map compared to yesterday at this time we are on the order of 10 to 20 degrees warmer that is what the front has done. your forecast coming up. >> thanks let's check in on our roads christy breslin hi
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christy. >> hi everyone. we are starting out with a couple problems on the roadways let's start looking at the accident we have on the top side of the inner loop, charles street, that has the delay back to providence road, blocking that right hand lane expect 15 minutes 70 to security boulevard and southbound 95, just a minor slow down as you make your way towards white march boulevard, hammond lane, baltimore national pike at ingleside and a second one, academy road ed monoson avenue. if you are travelling on the outer loop, 83 to 95, 58-mile per hour average, 11 minutes to get through. as you can see traffic is flowing normal pace look at the belt way old court road this traffic report is brought to you by the cock rain firm if you or someone you know suffered an injury, visit them online for a free consultation over to you. >> thank you a tight race rick
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santorum and mitt romney are neck and neck going into tomorrow's gop primaries michigan and arizona. danielle nottingham reports from wjz detroit. >> mitt romney told workers in his home state of michigan he will be better at turning around the economy than rick santorum. >> i have spent 25 years in business, senator santorum is a nice guy but never had a job in the private sector. >> reporter: michigan and arizona hold primaries tuesday both men have concentrated their time in michigan, the latest polls here show the two candidates in a virtual dead head. santorum is trying to convince voters he is the true conservative. >> i don't believe in government telling us what to do we need someone like that running against barack obama not someone who did obama care light. >> reporter: the detroit cars are king romney and santorum, oppose the government bailout of the auto companies that isn't stopping the front
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runners from reaching out the to auto workers who will be voting in the republican primary. >> terry bow man says he is part of a growing number of conservatives in the auto union. >> not the case where union members are primarily democrat, there is a lot of diversification out there. >> reporter: bow man works on the production line at ford and took a big pay cut when the industry collapsed he believes michigan needs more than just automobile jobs. >> i rally wanted to know who best -- really wanted to know who best represents not only my views but what is best in michigan for job creation, job growth that has why i finally chose mitt romney. >> reporter: with the race so close romney and santorum are focused on getting their supporters to the polls tuesday. in detroit michigan, danielle nottingham wjz eyewitness news. >> ron paul and newt gingrich are trailing far behind in michigan polls. >> still ahead, doctor suess discovered her she helped
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change the lives of millions of children the literary world is mourning the loss of one of its greatest. >> he asked taylor swift to prom on facebook she says no but makes her own offer. ground breaking discovery for women who thing they are infertile. >> chill of the weekend is gone any more winter in the forecast? coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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her work helped charm preschools for half a century, jan bernstein who with her husband wrote and illustrated bernstein bears she died friday from a stroke she was 88 years old. dr. seuss gave the creative couple their start in 1962, the bernstein's published over 400 different stories, stan bernstein died in 2005 at the
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age of 82. love love love their books. well, no injuries but a lot of property damage when a controlled burn goes out of control the owners of the farm in romney indiana were burning wood that had been part of a torn down structure wind shifted and the entire pile of rubble caught fire the flames reached nearby railroad ties. a teen battling leukemia need as date for the prom he asked country star taylor swift, emily green reports from pennsylvania, you will never believe what happens next >> i am so sorry but i won't be able to make it to your prom but i was wondering the acm awards are coming up i would like you to be my date love taylor. [ applause ] >> kevin maguire is hardly ever at as will for words >> i don't know what to say. >> what do you say when your 18- year-old boy and one to have hottest country music stars in the country asked you to be her date >> i was trying not to throw
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up >> it started when kevin told his sister how worried he was about his upcoming prom in june he is in the middle of a ferocious battle with leukemia he knows what the treatment can do to his appearance >> i will be bald a little chunky. >> he told his sister he wanted a prom date to make him feel confident. >> that would be taylor swift. >> he is always happy always has a smile on his face >> his sister victoria hit facebook and twitter asking taylor swift to be her brothers date. it took off like wild fire within days 80,000 facebook supporters, pleas from stagers on youtube, so many tweets were were all skeptical after reading the posting on taylor swift's facebook page then the singers publicist called my cell phone. >> taylor swift posted that herself on her facebook page it is the real deal.
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>> acm awards air april 1st you can belt kevin will take a lot of pictures. a big day today on wall street. the dow spent most of the day over the 13,000 mark but the dow ends down a point, just below that 13,000 mark s&p up 2, nasdaq also up 2 go to new york where alexis has today's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: gas prices continue to hit new records, national average of $3.70 a gallon is the highest ever for this time of year, but many drivers are paying $4 or more to fill up and some isolated cases especially in california, gas is going to more than $5 a gallon. economists are concerned high gas prices could hurt the ex234078ic recovery. more evidence -- economic recovery. >> more evidence the economy is
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under way. the national association of realtors said its index sales agreement rose 2% the highest since april 2010 the last month buyers could qualify for a federal home buying tax credit. >> german lawmakers approved a second greek bailout, they signed off on the $173 billion loan package after german chancellor said it would be irresponsible to allow greece to go bankrupt that is your money watch for more go to cbs money in new york,. thousands opt to take stairs instead of the elevator the 15th annual hustle up in chicago it raises money to fight lung disease the fastest runners finished the 94 floor climb in 9 minutes i don't know how you do that i am tired just thinking about it my goodness 9 minutes. >> that would take me an hour.
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>> wow. >> i mean you know climbing stairs. >> yeah, i would just thing walking at a moderate pace by itself would be very difficult to do. >> right but look at that. >> 94 flights. >> you know what i get winded carrying the laundry up my stairs at home right? other people are like yes >> i understand absolutely. >> coming up wjz eyewitness news at 4, death toll rises and criminal probe widens. confiscated items at discounted prices bwi travelers may find their own items taken by airport security >> it is a gorgeous monday afternoon sun and a few clouds get your updated first warning weather forecast. >> wjz 13 is always on, on instant updates and first warning weather all the time click
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i mean what can we say we don't have words. >> trying to come up with new words how warm and amazing this winter has been >> i know.
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>> once again, colder air briefly over the weekend. this must be what it is like when you live like in california, the weather is always consistent and nice so they must just say another beautiful day. >> it is more like that it really is you haven't seen much of winter take a look today, where we topped out 60s once again, way above average our average 48 degrees, hit 64, we started out at 25, and then you can see right now we are still at the 64, 62 cumberland a little cooler just along the coast in ocean city a little inland, the bay temperatures still in the 40s if you get close to that water you are going to have that cooler effect compared to yesterday at this time look at this swing, 10 to 18 degrees warmer this southwest wind, really started to pick up, down toward our
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southwest. you also noticed cold air, making its way back into the country for us it is really not going to effect us, because the jet stream is going to restrict across the north next couple days, locking up the arctic air we will get a shot of cooler air southern side of a couple different storm that is will keep temperatures at or above average the first storm was passing through this afternoon, it may be a couple clouds from it that will now be leaving us behind it the winds turn around for the northwest tomorrow bring in cooler air still going up to 50 degrees, then the next one is going to move our way, this one will come up from the southwest, a lot more moisture with it, tuesday night then wednesday rain breaks up could be heavy at time this is will take until thursday morning to get out of here with all this rain around and the length of this storm, we will get strapped in the 40s for our highs wednesday, very close to our average, right up in the 50s. the forecast looks like this small craft advisory in effect,
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northwest winds that is where we are turning as we get rid of this front it will start to come down during the day tomorrow the forecast tonight breezy at times 33 degrees then tomorrow, sunshine mixed with some clouds out there, 53 for our high cooler day, still at 53, we will see the clouds come in tomorrow night and then rain on wednesday 40s for that, then that rain gets out of here and we are right back up into the 50s for the second half of the week, as we turn around to march. >> can you believe that? >> who says we are tired of sounding like a broken record? broken records some times sound nice >> you like it? >> i do. >> it is nice. it is nice. >> don't miss tonight's cbs prime timeline up tonight at 10:00 p.m. new episode of hawaii five-o james kahn and dennis miller followed by eyewitness news at 11. the father of scott kahn. >> scott has a preview what is
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coming up tonight. >> patients treated for a have atity of illnesses are take -- variety of illnesses are taking more medications than they can keep track of we will look at side-effects many americans are suffering from taking too many prescription drugs. another costa cruise ship, ale graph adrift without power. >> nightmare for carnival cruise passengers, robbed at gun point. the attack continued despite a call to end violence in syria, can the violence be stopped. denise right after this ,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29 a.m., 64 degrees
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sunny, hello thanks for staying with eyewitness news i am denise koch a maryland national army guards man killed in the up rising in afghanistan. he was killed fly day night during a pro -- friday night during a protesting of the u.s. burning of the koran he was due home this summer he was one of two americans killed dooring that riot, tina has the latest for wjz on the increasing violence. >> reporter: a suicide bomber struck this nato military base in eastern afghanistan as u.s. forces were coming off duty. the blast killed at least nine afghans and injured dozens more including several american soldiers. the taliban called the attack pay back for the koran burnings at a u.s. air base last monday. over the weekend, an afghan policeman killed two u.s. officers at the interior ministry in kabul, colonel john, was a decorated airmen
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from kentucky he died alongside a u.s. major. riots are raging across afghanistan despite continued apologies from president obama and military commanders who called the koran burning an accident. >> we deeply regret the incident that has lead to these protests we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms. >> furious protestors threw a hand grenade into a base saturday injuring 7 american special forces the violence prompted the un to evacuate internash staff from the area. -- international staff from the area. despite the pull back commanders say america is committed to its mission in afghanistan. a mission that involves training afghan troops, u.s. soldiers, aren't always sure they can trust. tina cause wjz eyewitness news. now 40 people have been
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killed so far in protests and related attacks to the koran burnings chough. syria's government -- syria's government, deadly attacks remain kai. >> more than half the edgable reporters cast ballots on that constitutional draft despite unrest in the country. in the wake of that vote opposition groups say 22 people were killed, today, now residents there say the vote was of little concern as they fear the next government rocket will hit their home. the president described the constitution draft as a move toward reform the opposition dismissed it as a sham it won't really bring any real change to syria. the vote and attacks come as the european union imposes new sanctions on syria they froze assets of seven ministers of the regime and denied them
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entry into the eu. italian prosecutors widened their probe as the death toll rises investigation now includes seven employees three of those weren't on the ship when it ran aground last month the cruise company says all staff acted correctly during the incident, the death toll has risen to 25, 7 people are still missing. rescue vessels on their way to a costa cruise line ship drifting near seychelles is the allegra lost power after a fire in the engine room the coast guard says a tug and merchant ships in the area are heading toward the allegra. some carnival cruise passengers are home after an adventure they did not plan on, john blackstone reports police in mexico are looking for bandits who robbed 22 passengers on a day trip. when the carnival splendour
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docked at long beach this weekend passengers got off with a memorable if unpleasant vacation story. an encounter with a masked gunman. >> he said in spanish he wanted everything we had, pulled hi money out of his wallet and said no i want everything backpacks and all. >> whatever they had on them, passports, cash, whatever was in their backpacks. >> judy from utah was among the 22 passenger who is left the ship to hike a nature trail >> he had his gun brand dished up here brought it down and pulled up his shirt to show the knife. >> when the gun wasn't looking, she snapped his picture. >> i was really scared but a little angry because we were just out minding our business enjoying the day. >> in a state. the cruise line said carnival sincerely apologizes to guests for this very unfortunate disturbing event. carnival also owns costa cruise lines and is still recovering from the sinking of the costa
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concordia, off the coast of it will which killed 32 passengers more than 22 million tourists visit mexico every year. >> reporter: mexico has an image problem too it recently has been combating worries about visitor safety with a series of commercials featuring enthusiastic returning tourists. then i thought, you know, try to be calm, try to be cool. >> but there is a much different message coming from one tourists unusual vacation photo. that was as you heard john blackstone carnival is working with the victims to reimburse them for what they lost. >> for 60 years doctors believed women are born with all the eggs they will ever use, but now, new findings are challenging that, and mary bubala is in the newsroom with details. the harvard scientists say they discovered the ovaries of young women harbour very rare stem cells capable of producing
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new eggs harnessing those stem cells may lead to better treatments for women left infertile because of disease or age. a key is to see if other labs can verify the work if that happens it would take years of additional research to learn how to use those stem cells. >> thank you mary, the scientists have long thought all female mammals are born with a finite supply of egg cells that runs out in middle age. today mark it is 20th straight day of rising prices at the pump let's look at wjz's pump watch the national average is 3.70 for a gallon of regular gas a month ago the national average was 3.39 higher oil prices are one reason for the increase. let's look at gas prices in our area right now the average price for a gallon of regular in baltimore is $3.65 compared to 3.40 just a month ago. and now let's look at conditions outside much more pleasant, than looking at gas prices a beautiful day, the sun
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was shining warm, feels like spring there is a happy cruise ship nothing going on there except people getting ready to vacation. wjz has weather and traffic together bob is here with the updated numbers. >> speaking of cruise ships going right down there. look at radar nothing around here, nice and quiet, incredibly mag niche sent, fun day, -- magnificent fun day, 64 degrees can you believe that, 24% humidity, southwest wind, warmed us up after a chilling and frosty start. take a look at temperatures around the state the only cool spot down by the oakland, 54 oakland, 56 easton and everybody else, low to mid-60s these temperatures are 16 degrees higher than they were yesterday at the same time looks like tomorrow we will cool down just a bit maybe another 8 or 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today but it will be dry and sunny for the most part. >> thank you bob let's check on
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the roads with christy breslin hello christy >> hi denise, hi everyone. 95 definitely going to be an issue for you this afternoon if you are travelling northbound direction we have an accident there, blocking the left-hand lane at the tunnel, that is really beginning to back things up. 95 southbound, at the belt way northeast side on the right hand shoulder, definitely attracting attention. on the north side inner loop, providence road around charles street, the west side inner loop continues to back down baltimore national pike around security boulevard as far as accidents go quite a few to talk about, academy road edmund son avenue, harper road at echo dale and lastly east earn avenue at south grundy the belt way not looking too bad. this traffic report brought to you by bills, bills has it all for you call them 1-877-75 bills. thank you christy some
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whale watchers get a surprise visit from a stampede of dolphins look at this hundreds of dolphins surround the california whale watching boat in dana point it is very rare to see so many together. they say something possibly a predator in the water, may have trig forked all the dolphins to rush off at -- triggered all the dolphins to rush off at the same time >> beautiful. straight ahead, stepping up security, will the violence in iraq stop long enough for peace meetings. a fight in an alley over a boy an 11-year-old girl dead and why police are calling it a homicide. and warm today, will it last. bob sup dating your first -- bob is updating your first warning forecast coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a car bombing leaving three people dead in nigh veer gentleman, witnesses say a -- nigh jere gentleman, witnesses say -- nigeria, witnesses say a
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car crashed through, at least 38 people were hurt a radical islamic group claimed responsibility for the attack. the air rack league summit will go on as planned iraqi officials say members of the arab league, plan the summit, last week al qaeda launched a series of attacks, targeting muslims across the country. a fifth grade inner california is dead after a fight with one of her classmates. kai. the coroner's office ruled the case a homicide, the 11- year-old was rushed to the emergency room she died of a blood clot hours later joanna and another girl were fighting over a boy family members say joanna kept a journal that described being bully bid the girl a few girls tried to stop the fight, but boys held them back denise. kai so far no criminal charges have been filed.
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tsa is investigating a security breech in california, five people walked through an empty security check point. thousands of items at tsa that that is i have confiscated up and down the east coast are being sold in pennsylvania, as chris reports, one person's loss could be your gain. so it is very important you know, to know what you are taking on a plane before you get on. or else it winds up here. and here is the state surplus warehouse where you will find all sorts of things people tried to take on to a plane and failed. there is power tools, utility knives, snow globes, sunglasses, scissors and wrenches and then even samurai swords, giant spoon ammunition, and of course, fuzzy handcuffs. >> we have things from ohio, new york, new jersey, maryland,
4:45 pm
delaware little regional airports as well. >> all but three states have a surplus program but when tsa confiscates material at airport check points much of it comes to pennsylvania because we have one of the largest operations in this site to handle the volume, amazingly since 2004 the state made $700,000 in revenue from this program which goes into the general fund for the state to spend. the state surplus warehouse is open to the public monday through friday, 9 to 2:45 p.m. >> not necessarily something that you know, is brought on to the plane for the most part with malicious intent and when you are dealing with different cultures some times those things are more decoration not for use. >> state of pennsylvania is planning to launch an online store in april. three students are expelled from an elementary school in california after they allegedly tried to poison their teacher police say the students put rat poison in their teachers coffee
4:46 pm
but then had second thoughts later they allegedly tried to poison the frosting of a cupcake and give it to the same teacher but she did not eat it. baseball and softball season are quickly approaching pediatricians are listing new guidelines to help keep unathletes from getting hurt. >> reporter: ryan is learning how to play baseball from the pros. >> i want to try my best to be in the mlb because like i want to be a first baseman in there and all that. >> reporter: he is only 9 years old so his dad wants to make sure he is taking precautions. >> not over using them, making sure they stretch before the game. >> reporter: american academy of pediatrics is putting out new guidelines to keep young athletes safe they recommend teaching kids proper throwing techniques, training and
4:47 pm
conditioning to prevent injuries because children are prone to hurt their shoulders and elbows. >> as they are growing if they over use their arms or shoulders too much, they wind up causing bone problems as well as muscle problems. >> reporter: baseball is one of the most popular sports in the u.s., more than 8 million kids ages 6 to 17 play the game every year and organize recreational league. doctors advice no throwing curve balls until after age 14 and no sliders until age 16, young pitchers should not pitch competitively more than 8 months of the year. >> there is a lot of stuff and a lot of information out there, that gives you the guidelines, but the guidelines have to be followed. >> ryan's dad is glad his son is learning the right way to playoff the bat >> they have the right technique they will perform better >> he doesn't want his son to end up on the disabled list. terrell brown wjz eyewitness news. guidelines also call for young people to wear the right safety equipment and those
4:48 pm
children with the lowest skill levels should use the lowest impact balls when they play. >> mary jo butafuco marries her long time boyfriend. amy joe fisher shot her in 1992, fisher spent 7 years in jail for the shooting, joe served prison time for statutory rape mary jo under went several surgeries. mark has more from hollywood on the post oscar parties. >> coming up entertainment tonight you saw the oscars now only we can tell you what the stars did after the show we are taking you inside the exclusive vanity fair party first the star body parts that stole the show. ♪ [ music ] angelina's leg the star
4:49 pm
striking a pose in black versace. jennifer's dress was it too sheer. jlo arriving with boyfriend also per smart she told us how this moment came to be. >> you decided during rehearsal. >> yes we were like we should totally just like and they weren't ready for it you know, so we were like one, two, three. less than three hours after angie walked the carpet her leg had its own twitter account with over 5,000 followers, but after the show, chaos as brad, angelina, george and stacy left craig's restaurant on melrose ♪ [ music ] >> of course the place to be was vanity fair, tom and katie posting with the beckhams, gwyneth paltro side by side with claire and jane. sofia stunning in strapless
4:50 pm
white. also tonight from gwyneth and more coming up later, on entertainment tonight. >> that is at 7:30 p.m. wjz 13. it is beautiful today will march come in like a lamb the updated first warning forecast coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i love the winter of 2012. >> unbelievable. >> the best i can ever remember. >> thank you jet stream. had it not been here the jet stream that dipbrings in that canadian air has been stuck for the most part, canada northern canada alaska really cold all winter long, europe, the jet stream cold there. we have been blessed with mostly pacific air, some gulf air and that has been extremely mild period, i think after thursday we will know exactly how mild this winter is, we have to end up february 1st but we will get all the numbers and
4:54 pm
let you know. right now unbelievably comfortable, afternoon, frigid start, it is 64 degrees now, humidity at 23%, very dry air, dew points way down 26 degrees winds south, southwest, barometer holding steady, 30.16, 64 washington, 63 hagerstown and it is cooler by the water of course because the water is so cold, 54 and cooler 52 oakland, 64 over the mountain valley, 64 and columbia, right now, annapolis 67, just a beautiful beautiful day this morning look at this, 25 degrees at the airport, many suburban neighbourhoods were 22, 23, heavy frost, sun came out winds went back to the southwest, and boom, back into the 60s our normal high now is 48, normal low jumped up to 29, the record 76, and 9 back in 1930 when it was a cold year by
4:55 pm
the way. southwest, winds, breezy, come down quite a bit later tonight over the next couple days, the only real thing we have to look at way out west mild air again looks like we have a chance of rain moving here wednesday, and with winds coming back over the ocean, looks like it will be a cool damp day wednesday, and once that is through things will warm up again as we start march looks like it will be mild side, maybe a little breezy, typical, in the meantime tomorrow cool down as winds go back more to the northwest by wednesday another storm way out to the west, drags a warm front across the region gets shower activity breaking out, probably maybe early wednesday, throughout the day looks like a damp afternoon winds in the bay difinishing at 10 -- diminishing at 10, it will stay cool. cool tonight 33, 38 city, 53 tomorrow, another nice day, certainly cooler than today, sunshine and then some clouds tomorrow night, may rain as
4:56 pm
early as wednesday morning, and then looks like a damp wednesday temps probably staying 40s low 50s wednesday we need the rain. thank you bob still to come eyewitness news tonight. baltimore national guards man assassinated in afghanistan i am derek, i will tell you why his death thousands of miles away is being felt by students and teachers here in baltimore county coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> coming up next on wjz news at 5:00, a student accused of shooting his classmates in ohio. an update tonight on the victims and the teenager
4:59 pm
suspected of pulling the trigger. he's 16 and accused of killing his dad inside this home in bell air. i'm mike hellgren i'll tell you what happened to the teenager inside a hartford county courtroom. check in for more on these stories and more on the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. murdered in afghanistan a maryland army major gunned down inside a heavily guarded building. >> all because of the alleged burns of a koran book. today the pentagon confirms the murder of a high ranking baltimore


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