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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> warned too late. virginia tech has found negligence for the way it handled the deadliest campus shooting. >> hello everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a jury rules virginia tech didn't do enough to protect its students during the 2007 rampage. wjz is live. meghan has more on the land mark case, meghan. >> reporter: a jury awarded $4 million to the families of two students killed in the massacre. now one survivor tells wjz this
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is a major step forward. tears in the courtroom as they rule virginia tech negligent in the death of two students. when fellow -- >> she always put herself in a position to speak for people who were too weak to do it themselves. >> we had to get more truth. >> reporter: the university waited two and a half hours to notify students of a double homicide inside a resident's hall. by that time he was already opening fire again. >> i would not have got in my car and gone to class.
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>> reporter: he was shot four times hiding under his desk and spoke with wjz today. >> i hope this does put students around the country in a bigger position. >> reporter: they said we are disappointed by today's decision and stand by our decision that the administration and law enforcement at virginia tech did their best with the information available. the state has filed to appeal the $4 million given to the families. >> the u.s. department of education has fined virginia tech for not giving a timely warning. >> smoke fills the air with a brush fire. two brush fires broke out during rush hour this evening. the flames caused more smoke than damage as crews got it under control quickly. >> the governor goes to the mat
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for a hike in the state's gas tax. today he took his plead to law makers. derek reports at the same time outside the capitol, protesters made their voices heard. >> reporter: he makes his case arguing an increase in gas tax will create new jobs. like the building of the red line from woodland to john hopkins. he says it will help insure the safety of maryland's deteriorating roads and bridges. >> none of us want to pay more at the pump. we do not have to do this. you here know that if we do not we will pay for that too because in action, specially in this case, those have a cost. >> reporter: with gas prices up 24-cents from one month ago, adding to the gas tax infuriates many including many protesters who brought their
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message. >> if you're for jobs, you can't be for a big tax on people going to their job. >> reporter: resent polls show these folks aren't alone. under the governor's plan, the state's 6% sales tax would be phased into the price of a gallon. >> per gallon, per mile, per day, it ats up. >> reporter: the senate president said a gas tax increase may have more luck getting through in a special session if the price of gas falls later this year but he's asking law makers to push it through this session. >> maryland's current gas tax of 23.5 centss per gallon was set in 1992. >> u.s. defense secretary flies over seas to quail the out rage in afghanistan. the army soldier accused of killing 16 civilians is is
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being held in kuwait. the shooting combined with the mistaken burning of the koran has fueled violent protests by afghans. the u.s. military has video surveillance of sunday's attack that could be key to the investigation. >> actor george clooney was on capitol hill today telling what he saw. >> the same three men -- these are innocent men, women and children. that is a fact. >> clooney believes without aid a quarter of a million people could face famine by next month. a surprising trend at
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retail stores in maryland and across america. tide laundry detergent is being stolen and sold on the market for profit. >> reporter: containers of tide detergent are flying off shelves. some of it being stolen. this is a surveillance video. patrick in minnesota pleaded guilty to stealing as much as 6,000 dollars worth of detergent from wal-mart. why tide? between 8 and $20 a bottle a full cart like this is worth hundreds. it can be sold forless -- for less than retail and some are selling it for drugs. >> they realize they can have you go steal something and get your $10 or tell you i want five bottles of tide instead. then they can turn around and give them to me and i take them
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to the dirty store down the road and sale them for 6 bucks a piece. >> it is a problem including here in maryland where police have broken up one theft ring. they stole several thousand dollars of tide in several months. they arrested 18 people in one ring. most shoppers aren't even aware. >> if you're here with children managing our kids. >> now places like cvs are placing security devices on tide. >> they are selling it to mom and pop stores and with no serial numbers it's impossible to trace. other popular black market resale items is baby formula, razor blades and over the
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counter medication. >> david crashed his truck trying to avoid hitting a deal. his load of crabs spilled into the road. some of the crabs did make a get away. >> seven months after an unexpected earthquake shook the east coast, two national treasures are still in bad shape. the washington monument and national cathedral both with major constructional damage. >> reporter: damage from that earthquake is being measured in dollars and cents. the washington monument is majestic and towers over the district of columbia. last august occupants were rattled. >> it was absolutely terrifying. the fear was so high i was sure we were under attack. i didn't realize it was an earthquake. >> reporter: it was an
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earthquake. engineers found structural damage. now experts are using metal survey disk from the ground to see if the monument has tilted. if it has, they believe it's minimal. >> from what we're seeing roughly two to three mill -- millimeters. the weight of a building can cause it to settle or require repairs. >> since it was finished in 1884, it has settled about 5.2 cents -- centimeters. >> reporter: repairing and renovations will cost an estimating -- estimated $50 million. >> thank you.
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geologist says the monument sitting on land that was once a swamp. >> big musical act and some maryland representation. >> judge katie. >> maryland's first couple joined the nation's first couple in a special dinner for british prime minister with 360 guest. it's the biggest state dinner the obama's have ever thrown. >> i wonder what they ate. boy, they look beautiful. >> i don't know. we're doing a newscast so we couldn't go. >> otherwise we would have been there. coming up, which group of people will soon get a break from tsa. >> and have child beauty pageants gone too far?
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>> another steller day. >> it's wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 66 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. your complete forecast coming up. a tractor trailer slams into a school bus in pennsylvania. 22 people killed and most were children. police are investigating the cause of the crash. a man on trial for sex assault opens fire outside court. he shot two by standers in front of the jefferson county courthouse and hit his ex-wife and daughter. >> 16 years after his daughter's murder the father speaks out about putting children on display. she was killed in 1996 after appearing in a christmas
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parade. her father suggest putting her in the public eye may have contributed to her killing. the prosecutors cleared the parents and her death remains an unsolved mystery. >> starting monday at four of the nation's biggest airports the tsa will allow people 35 years or older to leave their shoes and light outer wear on. they've complained about embarrassing screenings. >> this warm weather may want to make you kick back with a nice glass of wine but the heat is causing problems for the local wineries. they're budding too early leaving them as a vulnurable to frost. i think they might drink less because they're not stuck
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inside. >> people are drinking chilled wine more to cool down. wine coolers, i assume. let's take a look at the weather. more warm weather on the way. 66 now and the barometer rising. humidity low. temperatures around region, 54, pretty comfortable. 55 in oakland. we're warm in the central portion of the state and it's going to stay warm, at least through tomorrow, i mean exceptionally warm. 56 -- the average high the 53. just keep that in mind. 53 is the average high. 33 is the average low and some of the suburban areas the average low in the upper 20s. 83 and 14 are the records. tomorrow's record is 82. we might get to that tomorrow. here in the east, not a cloud in site. take you up to maine with a bit of snow and sleet.
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that's the only cold spot in the east. you can see in the extreme southern portions. clear skies, a beautiful night, tomorrow another great day. tomorrow night a little bit of moisture from the mississippi valley might bring us a scattered shower, thunder shower in a couple of spots. this front coming down from new england has cooler air in it and if it gets to our region temperatures will be in the 60s rather than the low 70s or 80s. it looks like jersey north would be cooler now but the winds off the ocean much cooler components and the winds from the south, south west and a risk of scattered showers. it looks like most of the day tomorrow is going to be plain old warm. tonight clear, mild, 49, maybe the upper 50s in the city. tomorrow sunny and warm. let's go for 80 with clouds coming in tonight. maybe a shower, thunder shower.
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71, 66, 68 warming up again in the low 70s by monday. >> thank you, bob. it's a football fair well for a couple of ravens. >> they are taking the free agent road ,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal -- to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work.
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a lot of grumbling and mumbling about some of the ravens we lost. >> it happens all the time. fans get attached to the players but this is business. long time raven johnson refuses to use the cliche it's not about the money because being a free agent is about the money and the san diego chargers offered more than baltimore so johnson is headed west. he agrees to a four year contract to play in san diego ending his run of nine seasons. he was drafted out of alabama in 2003. he says it is with mixed emotions he leaves baltimore.
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defense i have -- defensive lineman kory also leaves. he goes to the colts. in college basketball, baltimore's greyhounds have adopted a football mentality as they head to the march madness. they've talked about being like the ravens, tough and hardworking. in the tournament for the first time in 18 years they play ohio state in pittsburgh of all places. >> other than the fact that the steelers play here, i really like it because we're ravens fans in baltimore and a lot of the ravens are following this game. everybody who loves pittsburgh says the same thing, what a great place it is. >> it was in pittsburgh 15 years ago today that state
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knocked off south carolina. they're a 15 seed playing ohio state in pittsburgh tomorrow night. our final pittsburgh reference of the night. the orioles played the pirates. j.j. had two hits for the o's and his first home run for the spring but the o's lose 11-5. opening day just about three weeks away. weeks away. they could play tomorrow here ,,
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maryland is celebrating two zoo chimpanzees are pregnant. they're getting ultrasounds to check on their babies. they will be the first babies in six years. >> we'll have to have a baby shower. >> i think so. >> the march madness bracket preview is up next. that's it for tonight. >> thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryla,,,,,,,,
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welcome to the verizon 4g lte bracket preview show i'm otis livingston this is fordham head coach and ncaa expert tom pecora. thank you for coming in today. >> great being here. >> let's get to the south bracket and that's where kentucky is the number one seed. it's hard to keep them away from new orleans in the final four. >> their talent level is tremendous. john calipari does a wonderful job. he will have them locked in and ready to go. >> how is losing in the sec
11:31 pm
tournament affect them? >> i think it gets them focused. number one seeds that lost in their conference tournament that gives coaches opportunities to say i told you so. get on track and do what we need to do. >> john calipari has talented team and your bik for best bracket wears a kentucky uniform. >> anthony davis, if you haven't hachance to see him play, watch ken again and with a what he is capable of doing. >> number one overall seed in the town. which team has a best chance to been a sleeper. >> look agent xavier team. they were top in the country. went through rough patch there but are back and playing well and have a great back court and as a ten seed with holloway in the back court could shake things up. >> keep an eye on xavier. when we return on the verizon 4g lte bracket preview show, we will break down the mid west bracket for you. stay with us.
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welcome back to the verizon 4g lte lact preview show. now we are in the mid west region where north carolina the top seed. talented bunch coached by roy williams. see them in the time four? >> i do but they will have a tough go of it and if they get knocked off in that bracket, kansas is a team to surprise. >> not a lot of separation between the team. >> think tiwill be a great game. talk about a game played above the rim. robinson just a tremendous
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player for kansas. a lot of thoroughbreds on the court. >> who is your pick? >> robinson, great power. we played them a few years back and i was kidding that kansas city had eight lottery picks and he was one of them. >> which player do you like the most innic ?k. >> harris is a special one and they will get healthy again and that will be a key for them even though their talent level is so high you want to get back having those rotations you had throughout the season. >> let's look at the sleeper team in the mid west bracket. >> i like belmont. the bruins have taken duke to a one-point game earlier in the year. couple years ago they gave them a great scare. style of play similar to the old princeton team. if they can get through the first round against georgetown they can wreak havoc. >> wrapping up our preview shows. do you think all four number one seeds will make it to the final four? >> everyone looks at their bracket and thinks that but it never happens. go with the chalk. i think the western bracket is going to be so tough for michigan state. i can see a marquette fighting in there and a missouri
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eastern standard time with duke taking on lehigh. thanks for watching the verizon 4g lte bracket preview show. for tom pecora and i'm otis livingston. enjoy the games, everybody.


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