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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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dangerous and destructive. tornadoes tear through texas forcing thousands to take cover. >> the injuries and the devastation in dallas tonight. hello, i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. the footage is stunning. tornadoes so stunning they lift tractor trailers clear off the ground. we have a closer look of the terrifying storms. >> my house, oh my god, oh my god! >> reporter: lancaster resident vincent tang climbed up on the roof of his house to get these images of a tornado. >> oh my god! >> reporter: debris can be seen
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flying through the air. >> in my entire life i was never scared like this. >> reporter: at least two tornadoes touched down early tuesday afternoon. one driver captured this dramatic video of a tornado forming right over the roadway in arlington. the twister scattered tractor trailers across that parking lot. one landed on top of a car, others lodged in trees. don henderson rode out the storm in the bathroom of her business which is now almost completely destroyed. >> this is material things, and it's really sad, but we're okay, and that's the main part. >> reporter: some of lancaster is so badly damaged the city doesn't want its residents outside in the dark. >> we have established a curfew from 7:00 p.m. tonight through 7:00 a.m. in the morning. >> reporter: firefighters salvage what they could from damaged homes. homeowners tried to fetch their belongings in the pouring rain. residents of a damaged nursing home in arlington had to be
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relocated after riding out the storm safely. >> they had sought refuge in the center of the building so that helped immensely in limiting what happened out here. >> reporter: the full extent of the did he trucks is still unknown. >> let's get over to meteorologist bernadette woods in the first warning weather crown tear. >> we're going to take you back to this afternoon when the storms were going through. these were huge tornadoes, very destructive. at this point we have not heard of any deaths which is incredible news. so those are two storms going off to the northeast, both producing tornadoes as we've seen on all the videos, then after that another one did follow. and in addition to all that, notice when we put it into motion the bright black and white areas that show up. notice the scale at the top. that's almost the highest level. that produced numerous reports of hail. we are talking baseball-sized hail. now that threat has moved off to the east.
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it's not quite finished yet but it is out of dallas. back over to you. >> thank you, bernadette. our current dry weather is creating a dangerous situation as skyeye chopper 13 discovered near the bay bridge. a brushfire sends flames and thick black smoke into the air. you can see the fire burning through 500 acres of a marsh area in queen anne county. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get it under control. skyeye chopper 13 was over a deadly accident in rosedale. a man was crushed to death. police tell us the man was working on a truce tore trairnl garage on -- on a tractor- trailer in a garage on lake drive. tonight the votes are in. mitt romney wins all three republican primaries in maryland, wisconsin, and washington, d.c. rick santorum is a distant second at 30%. newt gingrich and ron paul round out the top four. wjz is live. adam may has reaction to the results. >> reporter: at this point mitt
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romney is practically a sha-in for the gop nomination. here in maryland he had good news. not only did he win but he also found broader support than he has in other states. >> we've won a great victory tonight. >> reporter: mitt romney declares victory in the maryland republican primary. exit polling shows romney did well with very conservative voters. >> i want to restore to america the economic values of frame and opportunity and limited government that have made us the powerhouse of the world. >> reporter: there was plenty of parking at polling places. turnout was extremely low. in fact, this particular polling place is usually one of the busiest but turnout was 15%. >> people fought and died for this right so i haven't missed an election. >> democrats heavily won presidential choice. many republicans admit low enthus see. a. >> you know what i mean by lack of choices for presidential campaign. >> reporter: but you're still
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here. >> i'm here because i should be here. >> reporter: exit polling also shows 72% of maryland republicans picked romney because they think he has the best chance to beat president obama. >> he's the type of republican that can do well here. >> it's going to be a 50/50 race. incumbent presidents are never easy to beat but lea the organization, he has the skill set, he has the experience, and he has the fund-raising ability to be very competitive with the sitting president of the united states. >> reporter: and ron paul, rick santorum and newt gingrich all remain in the race but tonight between all three states mitt romney picked up almost 75 delegates and that makes it nearly impossible for any of the other candidates to catch up. reporting links adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> also tonight, ben cardin easily won the democratic primary for senate. the republican primary is too close to call. stay with us for complete coverage of campaign 2012.
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you can see all of the results at a bomb scare empties schools on the eastern shore as schoolworkers spotted a handwritten note on a door at kent middle school in chestertown. it said there was a bomb inside kent middle and all other county schools set to detonate today. more than 2500 students were evacuated while the bomb squad checked all schools. no explosive devices were found. police are still looking for the person behind the hoax. classes will resume tomorrow. anne arundel county police say they have caught the man who is spying on women at this restaurant. police say michael villa took pictures of women using the bathroom at that time richy highway restaurant. he was arrested after workers recognized him going into the bathroom. he is a registered sex offender. anne arundel county's leadership is more in question now more than ever. a top police commander is calling on federal investigators to look into the abuse of power allegations
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against county executive john leopold. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: just weeks after two anne arundel county police unions ash vote of no confidence and indicted county executive john leopold and police chief john teare the department's second in command speaks publicly. >> i believe those votes of no confidence are a cry out for help. >> reporter: and he wants that help to come from the u.s. department of justice. deputy police chief emerson davis says' called on justice officials to investigate allegations of misconduct and wrong-doing within the debt. allegations that stem from the county executive's criminal indictment last month. leopold is accused of make police officers assigned to protect him use the state's criminal database to dig up dirt and making those officers drive him to sexual encounters. >> who knew what and who is going to be held accountable. this is the biggest black eye
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we've had in the department in 35 years. >> it gives a great deal of credence. >> reporter: the union president applauds the deputy chief have for speaking out after police chief teare refused to answer questions. he has ignored calls to resign and can only be fired by the county executive. >> the real bad guy is county executive john leopold. all of this focuses on the chief of police and as long as the focus remains on the chief the ext executive is not going to get rid of him. >> reporter: they are currently reviewing the request for investigation. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the case against leopold heads to court later this year. a college community comes together to remember two students lost over the weekend. one of them killed by a hit-and- run driver who is still on the loose. wjz is live. meagan mccorkle has more. >> reporter: police still have not located that driver that killed 20-year-old ryan bailey and now they're asking for the
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public's help. a sea of tiny lights flicker for lives lost too soon. >> there's no reason we should try to get to grips with what happened. >> reporter: towson university junior 20-year-old ryan bailey killed early saturday morning in a hit-and-run accident. >> she was walking at the wrong place at the wrong time. it doesn't help the fact that we don't know who it is. >> reporter: she was near york road at washington avenue when he was struck by an older model silver or white boxy car. that driver just kept going. the cam spues also reeling from another student death over the weekend. 27-year-old timothy coyer, an iraq veteran, was found dead inside his apartment saturday afternoon. investigators are still trying to determine how he died but say it is not considered suspicious. >> he was the most outgoing person you would ever meet. he touched everyone he talked to. >> for the university, losing
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two students in just one day is an unpress dented heart break. >> any student death is a tragedy, but to have two students die in one day has just been overwhelming. >> reporter: so what we can do is carry them in our hearts as we move forward on our lives of love. >> reporter: now the campus comes together to figure out how to move on. and a $2,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in that hit- and-run. reporting live, meagan mccorkle, wjz. >> the towson university counseling center has offered grief counselors to help students with the loss. sushi is being blamed for a salmonella scare here in maryland and around the country. at least 90 people in 19 states are sick from the outbreak. health investigators think spicey tuna rolls served at several different restaurants could be to blame. they warn the outbreak is expanding. he's one of the happiest birds around, and now he can smile from the rear of your
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car. the orioles are offering license plates featuring the cartoon bird. for more information go to and click on links and numbers. and remember wjz is your place for complete opening day coverage this friday. our special live coverage of the orioles and the twins begins at 2:00 p.m. right here on wjz 13. >> bernadette tells us we may have pretty good weather. coming up, how a woman managed to land this plane after her husband collapsed in the cockpit. >> people make mistakes every day. mine just happened to be shown on camera. >> a father asking for forgiveness. the embarrassing mistake he made with his children and his explanation for the error. lottery mystery. who is the winner of the mega millions, and sat single mom who claims she has the winning ticket?
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forecast is coming up. three people are hurt when a minivan crashes into a krispy kreme doughnut shop. it happened in richmond virginia. two painters were working when the van drove straight into the building. no word on what caused the crash. new details about why a student allegedly shot and killed seven people at a small christian university in oakland, california. police say 43-year-old juan goh opened fire at the school when he couldn't find the administrator he was looking for. he was a nursing student until he was expelled two months ago. he was reportedly upset. students teased him about his poor english. super market stunner. a plane crashes through the roof of a florida store near orlando. five people were hurt. police say the plane took off from a nearby airport shortly before the crash. 911 tapes from witnesses detail the terrifying moments just after the plane went through the roof. >> oh my god, an airplane just
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went into the publix store! >> a plane went into the publix? >> i'm on a cell phone in the parking lot. >> two people in the plane were taken to the hospital. initial reports indicate the plane add mechanical problem. no flying experience, yet an 80-year-old woman makes an amazing emergency landing in wisconsin. the woman's 81-year-old husband suffered an apparent heart attack in mid-air while he was flying the plane. she immediately called for help and the pilot in the second plane helped coach her down. her husband died at the hospital but the woman was not seriously hurt. the mega millions lottery mystery deepens. the baltimore woman who claims she won still has not cashed in. mike hellgren spoking with the woman who says she holds the winning ticket. >> i was so shocked. >> reporter: the mystery lady
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was all smiles in the new york post claiming she won the big mega millions prize. now she seems confused. >> for me, i'm stuck. i'm still shocked right now. >> reporter: you're in shock because you believe you won or because -- >> it's very confusing. >> reporter: you think you've won? >> reporter: during a new interview inside her home she wouldn't produce the winning particular. >> i'm not going to tell until i make surety's right. >> reporter: no one has come here to lottery headquarters but we can confirm ms. wilson has hired a lawyer. maryland lottery officials have gotten attention from around the world. they say they're no closer to identifying the winner. >> one of the worst thing that could happen is for a person to erroneously believe the winning ticket has been closed only to have the actual holder of the
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ticket throw away the ticket. >> reporter: they say the winning ticket was part of a pal and they want to share. wilson claims the wing ticket is separate, the cash hers. after 6:00, she came outside her home and asked for privacy and said her lawyer would be holding a press conference soon. >> you told your kids r. they excited? >> they're excited, because it's a different life. >> reporter: the winner has up to 182 days to claim the prize. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> well, after taxes, maryland's winner will get $105 million. a texas man leaves his two young children in a van while he shops for a gun. now he could face charles. this is surveillance video of the man in the gun store. investigators say left his two young children in a van outside for almost an hour. the 21-year-old father says he didn't realize how much time had gone by. the children are now in
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protective services care. extreme discount. a gas station's mistake gives some lucky customers great dee. as you can see cars lined up to fill up in des moines, iowa. gas was being sold for just 39 cents a gallon. it was all because of an error at the pump. the mistake was fixed but not before lots of people cashed in on the unbelievably low price. where is bob turk this week? anywhere near des moines, iowa? >> i bolt he couldn't get there fast enough. onto the weather for today. it was a spectacular evening. we've said this a couple of times but probably a top ten day, that's for sure. a cold start to the day but we topped out at 70 degrees. back above average. we started out at 32 degrees, and that was below average so quite a swing today. at this hour we're coming in at 53 degrees, still hanging on to 60 in d.c. we'll show you that the immediate metro area is pretty much in the 50s except
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for d.c. when you head down toward that direction. a little bit warmer by a couple of degrees. here's the situation. a light wind is out there because we do have a front moving our way. it sort of shut off the northerly wind we have in the last couple days. what's going to happen is today we had clear skies and gorgeous sunshine but during the evening hours a couple of clouds coming in from the west. even a few showers that really died out. it's all part of the front that's going to move our way. here's that front on a bigger sky. there are more showers but it's not a big front. not a whole lot to the. so we will see the chance for a shower overnight, then tomorrow maybe the chance of a couple of showers as this front comes through but that's about it. so here's how it works. here's that front coming across our area tomorrow, but even more importantly, by thursday it pushes off to the south. it doesn't look like it goes all that far but it's far enough south to change our weather pattern for the next two storms coming our way. they're going to take this track to the south, and that is fantastic news because for the
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home opener on friday it looks like it is going to be sunny and nice. on the waters tomorrow a small craft advisory. tonight pretty quiet, 46 degrees. tomorrow a couple of showers are possible. up to 70 and breezy. for the next five days temperatures come down a little bit as we clear out once again. look at this friday afternoon. and in this on saturday we could see some more clouds towards easter sunday. coming up, the orioles shuffle the roster just days before the season opener. >> mark has the latest on who's ♪
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a lot of orange and black over this city. >> a familiar theme heading into a new year for the orioles. the season ahead for the o's is going to hinge on how well they pitch. you've heard that before. they were the worst in the
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majors last year so they've reached across the world for help but not all of that help is going to be available when the season starts on friday. one will begin the year on the disabled list. he suffered from elbow soreness. he will remain in service to build up his strength and is eligible to join the big league roster in two weeks. jake arrieta has the opening day asanement against the twins. pregame coverage comes your way friday at 2:00. the orioles pitcher of the future has arrived in salisbury. dillon bundy joined his delmarva shorebird teammates. he spent some time in care so that. he is scheduled to start delmarva's season opener thursday. the ravens will welcome in a new crop of rookies in three weeks. today they unveiled the new-
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look uniforms. ray rice represented at the fashion show in new york with nike. no dramatic changes, just some adjustments to the trim with sleeker lines and logos. rice said of the changes you lookg you feel good, you play good. pawght cap on one of the greatest seasons in college basketball history brittney griner and the lady bears beat notre dame. they never trailed in route to an 80-61 victory. baylor wins 40 games in a single season finishing unbeaten 40-0. and she will be back next year. she's just a junior. >> wow. >> wow. she's definitely going pro some,
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if you are looking for a steal on real estate or you would like to own your own town you are in luck. buford, wyoming is for sale. there's a minimum bid of $100,000. only one person lives there. he says he hopes whoever buys the 10 eight, will move into it the 21st century. >> i think the first thing is to change ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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