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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. we have a winner. after 10 days of watching and waiting, the biggest lottery jackpot has been claimed. why the megamillions mystery may never be solved. hello, everybody. here's what people are talking about tonight. the winner comes forward. for more than a week, rumors circulated about who has the golden megamillions ticket sold in baltimore county. tonight, we have brand-new information that may put those rumors to rest. >> reporter: national headlines have been focused on the mysterious maryland winner ever since the megamillions reached $656 million. wjz confirms late monday night,
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someone has come forward to claim the winning ticket sold at this 7/11. split with two other national winners, it's worth $105 million after taxes. rumors have been flying about exactly who holds that winning ticket. a single mother of seven made national headlines when she claimed to have it, but later changed her story. >> i don't know what's going on. too much. >> reporter: she told the media the ticket was hidden in the mcdonald's where she worked, then claimed she misplaced it, even hiring a lawyer. it's still not clear whether wilson is the winner who came forward on monday. maryland lottery officials tell wjz the person who won wishes to remain anonymous. we may never know who won the ticket here in maryland. maryland lottery will hold a press conference on tuesday
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morning. >> and that news conference will be at lottery headquarters. for instant updates on the maryland megamillions winner, log on to a head-on crash kills two people. one of the cars crossed the center line and slammed into the other car. one woman died in the each of those cars. down to the wire in maryland's general assembly and just in time, lawmakers come to a compromise on the state's controversial tax hikes. we explain what's in and what's out. >> reporter: in less than an hour, it's going to cost 10s of thousands marylanders millions more to live in the state. marylanders will spend $36 billion to keep the state in operation in the coming year.
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>> none of this is easy. the budget as it concludes will not be the budget i had submitted, the administration submitted, but it won't be the senate budget either. >> reporter: and more of that money may be yours. earning less than $100,000 will see no change. but individuals making $100,000 or more and couples making $150,000 will see their taxes go up, their exemptions go down. >> it will be the product of a compromise. it protects education, job creation, and allows us to move forward as a free people facing tough times with the willingness to make tough decisions called for. >> reporter: also proposing another $60 million in cuts. the other big news for marylanders is what's not going to happen. there will be no sales tax on gasoline and no increase in the state's general sales tax.
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now back to you on tv hill. >> the general assembly also raised tobacco taxes and doubled the flush tax. tragedy in prince george's county. a young boy is dead after accidentally shooting himself. the 6-year-old shot himself this afternoon in the clinton home where he lived with his great grandmother. he found the gun in a backpack. detectives are talking to the gun's owner to decide if he'll face charges. george zimmerman, the man who killed a florida teen will not be charged with first degree murder. the nation waits to see if he'll face other charges in the death. wjz is live and we have details of the newest twist in the trayvon martin case and the rallies in maryland tonight. >> reporter: they will not send it to a grand jury to decide. from the night it happened, more questions than answers swirled around the shooting death of trayvon martin killed while walking home by a florida
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neighborhood watch member. it's now certain the shooter will not face first degree murder. it takes a grand jury to bring that charge, and the prosecutor is not taking the case to that jury. >> i think if the public would be patient, they would understand this is a very complicated area of the law and we'll do everything to make sure that the public has the answers they need. >> it's our expectations there will not be charges filed. >> reporter: he claims he shot in self-defense. children rallied. while inside, a prayer service was held for martin, his family, and developments in florida. >> and the justice of your cause will shine like the noon-day sun. >> individuals, families, organizations are all concerned about what's happening in florida. >> florida.
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>> i thought it was important for her to see a group of people getting together to hopefully pray for a fair outcome to this situation. >> reporter: even though first degree murder is no longer an option, the special prosecutor can file a lesser charge such as manslaughter. >> thank you. no time frame has been set for the prosecution to announce its decision. exposed on the internet. police say they have caught the man who sexually exploited hundreds of teenagers, including at least one here in maryland. officers arrested him in indiana. they say he blackmailed the teens to perform sex acts and recorded them on his computer. one of the victims is a 14-year-old boy from prince george's county. prosecutors worry he may have targeted even more boys. maryland at risk of burning. our extremely dry weather is turning fields into tinderboxes. we have more on the dry, windy
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conditions that have set off red flag warnings across the state. >> reporter: dry, windy conditions are the perfect recipe for a disaster with brush fires breaking out around maryland. >> the fuels are dry, the forrest floor is dry, the leaves are dry. as soon as the wind comes up and you have a source of ignition, you're off to the races with how fast the fire will spread. >> reporter: chopper 13 shows you firefighters working to extinguish the latest fire on echo drive. >> since friday we've responded to about 50 brush fires here in the county. this wind can help fuel a fire and help it spread quickly. >> reporter: i'm back behind the woods and this is where the largest brush fire has been so far. it burned more than 5 acres here on saturday. you can hear the dry underbrush crackle under your feet. fire crews statewide are at the ready. these are the locations of the
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three biggest fires that have ignited in the last three days. the most serious in hartford county. >> they had all this evacuate. you could smell it up to darlington. >> reporter: the danger will continue until we get a soaking rain. the department of natural resources has people in their cars ready to go when ever the next fire hits. and let's get the latest on those advisories. we are tracking the dry, windy conditions from the first warning weather center. >> we've had some gorgeous days. the rainfall deficit has been growing. we're over 4 inches on the year, an inch on the month. we have red flag warnings that go back into effect from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. the winds are going back to the
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15-30-mile an hour range again tomorrow. that's because the cold front is going through. we want to show you the radar. there are scattered showers out there. it's not the soaking rain we need that mike was talking about, but we have another chance of showers coming up in the forecast. holy baseball, batman, no more orioles game for one opening day streaker. mark harvey jumped on to the field wearing only a cape and batman underwear last friday. he was wrestled by police, spent 13 hours in jail, but was released without being charged. however, he is banned from the stadium for life. one trade off, he has gained some notoriety. video of his escapade has 100,000 hits on youtube. coming up, searching for clues after a terrifying plane crash. a stormy start to a titanic
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tribute. the problem that is delaying this cruise ship's big trip. unloading sweet cargo in the inner harbor. why this is such a historic day for domino sugar. that's just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. after some dry days and high winds creating a high fire danger threat, looks like we have the chance for showers around the state and we'll have that forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is partly cloudy, 54 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. first, two philadelphia firefighters are killed battling a five-alarm blaze at an unoccupied warehouse. three other firefighters were injured. the property owner has been cited several times, and they were preparing to take him to court. they are now looking into criminal negligence charges. well, we can now hear the 911 calls from terrified residents after a navy fighter jet crashed in virginia beach. the f-18 came down friday in the middle of an apartment complex. the navy says the jet experienced a catastrophic malfunction during take off. this caller describes what he saw shortly after the plane hit
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the ground. >> i'm looking at it right now, ma'am. >> is it in the water? >> no. it hit an apartment complex. i saw the um, um, the pilot bail out. >> investigators have recovered the flight recorder and the navy says most of the debris will be cleaned up by the end of the week. no one was killed in that crash. the two men arrested in friday's shooting rampage in tulsa have confessed to the crimes. according to court documents, they admitted to shooting the five victims. three of them died. all of the victims are african american and police believe england may have been seeking revenge for the murder of his father a couple of years ago. quick thinking helped save his classmates after a bus driver faints. this video shows the driver passing out and the bus careening out of control. that's when jeremy ran up to the
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front. he got the bus off the road, and then pulled the keys from the ignition. the bus came to a stop and not one of the students were injured. >> i'm just thinking, i just want to stop the truck because i don't want to crash and i don't want to know what it feels like. i just don't want to die. >> once the bus stopped, another student began performing cpr on the driver. the school says the driver suffered a heart attack and is in grave condition. a memorial cruise marking the 100th anniversary of the titanic hits a snag. the voyage is retracing the route of the ill-fated ship. the cruise has been delayed by high winds. a memorial service will be held at sea april 15th. it will take place at the exact spot where the titanic sank. carrying some historic cargo, take a live look at the domino sugar plant. that's where the company
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received its biggest sugar shipment ever. we have more on this sweet delivery. >> reporter: nearly 96 million pounds of sugar have arrived in baltimore. >> this is the largest vessel east of the mississippi for raw sugar of any refinery that we've had. >> reporter: it took the 60-foot long vessel two and a half weeks to travel from gautemala. >> our main problem was with weather. >> reporter: it will take 16 days for all the sugar to be unloaded. domino sugar produces 6.5 million pounds of sugar a day, shipped throughout the day. this is 99% pure sugar. the refining process takes out 1% of its impurities. the iconic company will celebrate its 90th birthday next month and plan representatives say this record-breaking shipment shows that domino
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sugars will be around for another 90 years. >> getting something like this in is a sure sign that the industry is sign and that manufacturing for us is going to continue to grow. >> 500 people work at the domino plant. it is official, the people of danville, vermont is celebrating spring. a 65-pound cinder block crashes through the ice on joe's pond. the residents enter a contest to guess the exact time when the ice will give out. despite the warm spring, the ice melted three days later than last year. in 1992, it didn't happen until may the 6th. boy, they know how to have fun in vermont, huh? let's wait for the cinder block to drop through joe's pond. >> you're reading that story, i'm like wow, that's interesting. we've had spring all winter
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long. >> sure have. >> we have a cool down coming down as we are officially in spring. before we get to that, we want to start with the radar. we have a few showers out there. not the needed rain that we really do need right now because it's so dry. we have that high fire danger. we do have showers out there. this will help a little bit. having on and off throughout the afternoon and for southern parts of maryland. earlier today, sunshine once again. that gave way to increasing clouds and then these scattered showers as this front starts to make its way through. we have more and more fun to talk about with the chance for showers. the winds remain high. they do back off a little bit overnight. we're looking at about 5-50 miles an hour sustained. tomorrow, these are going back up. a high fire danger tomorrow. red flag warnings almost statewide, despite the fact there's a chance for showers.
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it's so dry out there. the temperatures, we've been above average, beautiful-feeling afternoon. still 53 degrees outside. there is cooler air and it's coming our way. we topped out at 68 degrees. the average is 62. we'll be below that average over the next few afternoons with the fronts coming down from the north. they're also bringing cooler air. that's part of the forecast for at least about three days. then we have another warm upcoming. like all yearlong, it will be short lived. here's the first front tonight and into tomorrow. that will get out of here. another front will come our way on wednesday. just the chance for scattered showers, not a real good dose of rain, but we have that chance. here's the first one. that gets out of here. here's the next one on wednesday. the winds will remain high, so the high-fire danger is going to continue for the second part of the week as we dry it out. on the water, small craft advisories go back into effect with the high winds. tonight, breezy at times going
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down to 44 degrees. tomorrow, scattered showers are possible. we'll see clouds, few peaks of sunshine, and a high of 60 degrees. we go down from there on wednesday. more clouds around in the mid-50s. it will still be cool and windy on thursday. the dry conditions really reenforce themselves thursday into friday. then we'll watch for another chance of showers on saturday, but not a real big rain. this is something we'll be tracking and we will keep you updated. >> thank you. coming up, a great start to a new sea on for the orioles. we have the hot-hitting star who came up big against the yankees and the player who left them disappointed. next in sports.
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bummer. it was a streak. it stopped. >> that's a long season.
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>> that's right. >> three straight wins got the season going for the orioles. all three of those victories featured excellent work by the orioles starting pitcher. tonight mattis got his turn. he declared this year a clean slate. the slate is clean, but the opponent is tough. mattis facing the yanks. baltimore native ripping a single to bring hope derek jeter. it was 1-zip new york. facing nova, his second homerun of the season. he had four hits in the game. mattis would give up three more runs in the fourth inning. not a good night for the lefty. the os lose this one to the yankees 6-2. that's 10 straight losses for mattis. that goes back to last year. >> i'd like to be able to go deeper in the game and give the
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team a chance to win the game. i'm not happy at all with today. i'm on the right track. >> tomorrow night, chen makes his debut. japanese pitcher yu darvish made his debut tonight. he was purchased at a cost of more than $100 million. he didn't dazzle. gave up four runs to the seattle mariners in the first inning. his texas teammates scored a ton of runs to save the day and the rangers beat seattle 1 # 1-5. college basketball news. michael parker announces he's leaving the university of maryland. in a statement, the sophomore says he needs to go to a school where he's more wanted and needed. he averaged just 4 points per game this last season in limited
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playing time. football news, the nfl has denied an appeal by new orleans saints head coach shawn payton who will have to serve a full one-year suspension. payton made his appeal last week, but the commissioner ruled the full punishment will stand. orioles, yankees tonight, a chance to get back at the guys from new york. >> that's,,,,,,,,,,,,
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