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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hazing charges. six months after florida&a&m band member dies. >> more than a dozen people now are under arrest. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> he dies after a severe beating on the team bus. today, 13 people face criminal charges in the death of a florida a&m drum major. dick brennan reports, robert champion's death is exposing the harsh tradition of college hazing. >> reporter: authorities in orange county, florida, announced charges in connection with the hazing death of 26- year-old robert champion. >> the majority of those charges are hazing, resulting in death. felonies of the third degree. >> reporter: champion was a drum major in the marching 100. florida a&m's famed marching band. he was found unresponsive on a
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band bus on november 19th of last year. he died a few hours later. investigators say he was beaten during a hazing ritual. >> no one could have expected that his college experience would include being pummeled to death. >> reporter: authorities say there was no one fatal blow. champion suffered bruises to his chest, arms and back. he went into shock and died of internal bleeding. some of those facing charges have not yet been arrested. and more charges could be filed. >> let me strongly state that i urge anyone who has facts about this homicide to come forth and tell the whole truth. >> reporter: champion's parents say the charges are long overdue. >> when someone loses their life with a crime, i think it should be punishable. >> reporter: the family has already sued the buzz company, -- bus company, fabulous coach line. >> they're going to have to clean house. they're going to have to step up and do what they know is the right thing to do. >> reporter: just this week,
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two music professors were fired for participating in band hazing. dick brennan, wjz eyewitness news. >> champion's mother says she is disappointed that she department file more severe charges. the felony hazing charges carry maximum penalties of up to five years. breaking news. junior seau, nfl linebacker, was found dead inside his san diego home. he was found dead inside his home, suffering from a gunshot wound. few other details are available right now. seau was a linebacker, playing for the san diego chargers and new england patriots. seau was just 43 years old. wjz will have much more on this breaking news, coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. the reason behind the plot. some new details emerging in the foiled plan to bomb a cleveland bridge. vic has more on the self-
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proclaimed group of anarchists. >> reporter: many of the discussions were recorded by law enforcement. on the tapes, the men discuss possible action at the g-8 meeting at camp david in maryland. or the republican national convention in tampa. the war, they said, was against -- auto war, they said, was against the 1%. they agreed to attack a bridge near a large city's corporate district. they were hoping to force the government to put security on every bridge in america. the men were arrested before they had a chance to put anyone in danger. >> thank you. the men are charged with conspiring to use explosive materials to blow up the bridge. they're being held without bond. floating helpless, a duck boat full of tourists, is crushed by a barge in philadelphia. now, video, difficult video of that accident is released. alex demetrick has those images and why they suddenly come to light two years later. alex? >> reporter: the reason is an impending civil lawsuit. and a warning to viewers.
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some may find these images disturbing. >> reporter: the duck boat lost power in 2010. unable to steer or get out of the way of a massive barge, the boat's mate jumped overboard, just seconds before the duck boat is hit, leaving 35 tourists to swim for their lives. >> there was a barge coming. and we got plowed into the water. >> if you look at the video, not a single passenger was able to successfully get their life preserver on. >> reporter: lawyer bob mungal united statesy -- brought it before. >> how many persons are in the water, over? >> no idea. don't even have time to talk to you right now. i'm going to get the people. >> rodge e-- roger, captain. if possible, request that you send life jackets or flotation devices to any persons in the water. >> reporter: passengers were allegedly told not to put on their life jackets until seconds before they were hit. all but two passengers survived. after days of searching, the bodies of two students visiting
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from hungary were recovered. their families are bringing the suit. >> every parent wants to know why their child died. secondly, they want to make sure that it never happens again. >> reporter: families of the two students who were killed in that accident will be traveling to philadelphia next week for the start of that civil trial. kai? >> alex. thank you. the captain of the tugboat pushing that barge was sentenced to a year in prison for his part in the accident. . on the defense, today, one of two brothers charged in the controversial beating case testifies. weijia jiang was in the courtroom and has more on eli werdesheim's version of the alleged attack. >> reporter: eliayahu werdesheim has never denied hitting cory osbee. but he has said all along that it happened in self-defense. and that is exactly what he said on the stand. he started testifying at 9:30 this morning, painting an opposite picture of what the state did in its case. werdesheim said he was responding to a call for an
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orthodox jewish watch group. he said the alleged victim was peering into houses and trying car doors to see if any were unlocked. werdesheim says the teen became upset when he realized he was being watched. then he retrieved a wooden plank, with nails protruding out of it. werdesheim said he got out of the car to try to calm osbee down. but the teenager started running toward him. werdesheim said, quote, he was on me, very, very quickly. i had no time to think. i deflected my right hand with his left hand. i pulled down my right hand and hit him with my left hand. it's a very different picture from what prosecutors say happened. they say werdesheim and his 22- year-old brother osbee profiled him, got him to the ground, and repeat -- beat him repeatedly with a walkie-talkie. depending how long this takes, bee could have a verdict as early as this afternoon. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> and both brothers face multiple charges, including assault and false imprisonment. >> the crime and trial made national headlines. now you can see some of the evidence that convicted george huguely in yeardley love's murder. adam may is in the newsroom to explain when and where the evidence is. >> the charlottesville circuit court plans to offer two opportunities from the evidence from the murder trial. huguely was found guilty in second-degree murder of yeardley love's may 2010 death. both were fourth year university of lacrosse players from right here in maryland. the evidence includes a 64- minute tape of huguely's interrogation. all will be made public at 9:30 on may 15th. love's family is also filing a $100 million civil lawsuit against huguely. and he's going to be officially sentenced later this summer. kai? >> electronic twices will not be allowed during the presentations and recording of
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the materials presented will be strictly prohibited. investigators now say a fire that displaced more than 100 people in chevy chase was intentionally set. flames broke out in an apartment complex on terrence drive yesterday afternoon. 34 units were damaged. late last night, 24-year-old 24- year-old abraham kiflu went to the police station and confessed to setting the fire. he is now charged with arson. the motive, unclear. but he is a relative of a tenant who was living in the building at the time. it's a mild, overcast afternoon. outside, it's cloudy. and some sun is in and out today. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. hi, bern. >> hello, kai and everybody out there. and yesterday, we cleared out during the afternoon. take a look at first warning doppler radar. there's another round of scattered showers and thundershowers to our west. and some of these could become strong as we head through the next couple of hours. but you notice, they're drifting off to the southeast.
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you see one making its way to west virginia. there probably are more to come over the next few hours. easterly winds and clouds over baltimore, keeping us very cool. but where the sun has come out to our south and west, it has warmed up pretty nicely. 79 now in cumberland. and compared to yesterday at this time, not as drastically cooler out west. but here in baltimore, 15 degrees cooler. the ups and downs continue. and we'll have that forecast coming up. >> bernadette, thank you. let's check in on our roads. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. we have some problems out there. we do have a water main break that's definitely affecting traffic. that has willow spring closed between center place and woodly road. take dundalk road as your alternate. as far as 95 goes, in the northbound direction, slowing there from 32 to 100. and the west side inner loop, delays stretch southwestern boulevard to security boulevard. traveling on the north side inner loop, stop and go there, from bel air road, to 95. minor delay on the outer loop.
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that will show you down -- slow you down from york road to charles street. and accidents include west northern parkway at park heights avenue. also, south mlk at washington boulevard. let's take a live look. you can see, everything moving along just fine there, on the harrisburg expressway at warren road. this traffic report brought to you by accord restoration. if your property has been damaged by fire, flooding or storms, you can trust the restoration experts at accord. visit their websites at accord back to you. if you're traveling to maryland's eastern shore this weekend, you should plan for traffic on the bay bridge. it's spring fest in ocean city. and the maryland transportation authority is warning, there will be a high vol volume of traffic thursday through sunday. if eastbound traffic is heavy, the westbound span will respond with two-way traffic. they recommend motorists travel on off-peak hours. >> so it begins, right? still ahead, charged with child endangerment. the accusations a new jersey
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mom who loves to tan, is facing. teens and marijuana. the numbers of users take a significant jump. why parents are being blamed. dr. filmto the rescue. -- how he saves the lives miles away from euthannization. mild afternoon. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating your first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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it's 64 degrees and cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. disturbing video out of canada, out of a young man being run over by a taxi. you can see a group of men kicking and jumping on the cab. then watch as the driver runs over one of the men and keeps going. police say it happened after an argument broke out. the driver said he is charged with hit and run and other
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offenses. the victim is in stable condition. tyler perry's studio in atlanta. dozens of firefighters were on the scene, trying to put out the four-alarm fire last night. no injuries reported. but the flames did do damage to the studio's back lot. the cause of the fire is under investigation. friends and family of late cbs news legend mike wallace celebrate his life. scott pelley reports for wjz, for a memorial service held for wallace in new york. ♪ [ music ] >> so here's to life ♪ and every joy it brings ♪ >> barbara cook, who mike once profiled for "60 minutes." one of mike's seven grandchildren, wallace bour gois said this is one of his favorite pictures. >> it was one of those pictures nobody knew was being taken. >> mike loved being mike
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wallace. >> reporter: 60 minutes producer bob anderson traveled the world with mike for 18 years. >> sometimes when we entered an airport and people hadn't realized mike was there, he'd look up at a flight monitor and in his distinct voice, bellow out, "i see united is running late again ." [ laughter ] >> i was part of a cabal that sent a mysteryious letter, ostensibly from the so-called genius sperm bank, inviting mike to join various nobel prize winners in making a deposit or donation or whatever it's called: [ laughter ] he roamed the hall, brandishing that letter. [ laughter ] >> chris wallace, now the host of fox news sunday, remembered the last time he saw mike. shortly before his death. >> reporter: even in his diminished state, there was no
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one who was more fun to be around. he was still mike wallace. and that was still plenty. so long. [ applause ] ♪ [ music ] [ applause ] >> he set the bar high. mike wallace passed away on april 7th, at the age of 93. the roller coaster week on wall street continues. [ stock bells ring regular ] >> most are down. s&p is off 4. but the nasdaq is up 9. let's go to new york right now. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: stocks fell on news that private companies hired fewer workers than expected last month. the payroll company adp says employers added 119,000 workers, compared to more than 200,000 the prior months. the figures come two days
4:18 pm
before the monthly jobs market report. 17 companies that use the euro say the unemployment rate rose to nearly 7%. and about half are officially in recession. target says it will phase out amazon's kindle e-reader at its stores this month. the retailer say its won't carry the reader anymore because of a possible conflict of interest. some say it could be because apple is going to open kiosks, where it will sell kindle's rival, the ipad. a poll by travel and leisure magazine found travelers complained about la guardia's check-in and security process. readers say it's the worst when it comes to design and cleanliness. travelers voted minneapolis the best airport in the country. that's your money watch. for more, go to
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in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. illit -- a litter of puppies and their mother are saved from being euthanized. ask they have dr. phil to thank. the dogs were hours from being put down. when he was contacted by the dr. gray foundation. dr. phil wanted to save the dogs, which are gendos, a north korean breed he has at home. >> very cool. >> did dr. phil stopped the euthanasia scheduled for that day. and we were able to get the dogs the next day. >> the mother and her eight pups are now with a foster family and doing well. the foundation says they will be up for adoption. >> dr. phil comes to the rescue. >> apparently that dog does hunt. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. free college courses at two of the country's most elite universities. we'll tell you how to sign up, coming up.
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the past comes back to haunt george zimmerman. what he said seven years ago that is sparking controversy. cool and cloudy today. are we at risk for more spring thunderstorms? wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,
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all right. it is really overcast. >> what a beautiful day, bernadette. what a fantastic phenomenal, sparkly day. how about that for spin? >> honestly, i don't mind days like this. today is not the prettiest of days for people who like the sunshine and the warmth, which is most of the world. we'll start out with first warning doppler radar. but a couple of storms and thunderstorms firing to the west. the thing is, these will become strong. they're drifting down to the southeast. most of this will stay west of baltimore, it will die down as it moves our way.
4:24 pm
last night, scattered showers and storms out there. we've hung tough with the clouds over baltimore today. but out to the west and off to the north, that sunshine has returned. and that's where you see the winds all over the place, whereas in the city, an efforterly wind, over baltimore -- easterly wind, over baltimore, brings in that cooler air off the water. notice, we're at 64 degrees. it's only 56 in elkton. but you head inland. 84 in cumberland. 76 in hagerstown. and still warm air to the south. it's trying to get in there. but when you get that easterly wind, it's just not possible. look at this swing, compared to yesterday. 18 degrees cooler. 25 degrees cooler in ocean city, bringing in that air watch -- off the water once again. we thought it would be a warm one. we sort of got halted with temperatures in baltimore. 65 degrees. and as far as our temperatures go for the rest of the week, we still are forecast being a warm -- forecasting a warm second half of the week. but probably not as drastic as we originally thought. we thought more would move our way. but at the same time, we have a
4:25 pm
storm track, just off to our north, which is going to bring a few different storms our way. you notice, it's also bringing in that cooler air off the ocean. as you just sawa -- saw in that graphic you were talking b. a little break. then here's the next round that will move our way tomorrow. then a bit of a break. then another round friday into saturday. varying chances. we have a chance for a shower or thunderstorms, each and every day, going into the weekend. here's that storm track, just off to our north. shower, thunderstorm possible tomorrow. clouds mixing with sunshine, as we head through the afternoon. and as we get that sun, those temperatures are really going to start jumping. on friday, a pop-up shower or thunderstorm possible. we think even more in the way of sun. that's right. this is going to be one of the warmest days of the next few. then even on saturday, you see a front passing by to the north. still a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. but again, we think highs probably getting into the 80s. so the forecast goes like this on the water. southeast winds. not going to keep temperatures pretty stable. we're not dropping much
4:26 pm
tonight. a shower or thunderstorm is possible. then tomorrow, we are going up a little higher, about 80 for our high. clouds and sunshine. just a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. then we'll take a look at the next couple of days in our five- day, later on. >> good. another nice day, just like today. >> phenomenal. believe it. >> thank you. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. at 10:00, it's an episode of csi. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. o's road trip continues in boston. it's masn on wjz. you can see saturday's game at 1:00. and sunday's game at 1:30, against the red sox. both live here on wjz. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. it's a masterpiece that has been an iconic image in finances and pop culture. could an auction make it one of the most -- the most expensive paintings in the world? san francisco police face
4:27 pm
off with protestors, taking over a vacant building. a man is injured on board the u.s. u.s. kid -- uss kid. how he lost several fingers. brazen taliban attack. hours after president obama signs a peace deal in afghanistan. is it possible to eliminate the insurgents? eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this.
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it is 4:30. 64 degrees. mostly cloudy. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> president obama is back home after a surprise trip to afghanistan. as manuel gallegus reports, just as the president left, the taliban made their presence felt. >> reporter: president obama returned to the white house this morning, after making a
4:31 pm
surprise visit to afghanistan. a series of comploigzs rocked -- explosions rocked the capital city of kabul, less than two hours after he left. a taliban spokesman tells cbs news, the terrorist group launched a suicide car bombing attack after learning the president was in the country. they say the attack was meant to show the taliban is still strong and still a threat. despite the violence, the president says the u.s. can see what he called the light of a new day in afghanistan. >> our goal is to destroy al qaeda. and we are on a path to do exactly that. >> reporter: combat troops are scheduled to pull out of afghanistan in 2014. but some american forces will remain. president obama signed an agreement with president obama hamid karzai, to help train local soldiers and provide support in counter counterterrorism efforts, potentially keeping troops in afghanistan, through 2024. >> we must finish the job we started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> there are still questions about the readiness of the
4:32 pm
afghan forces to take control of their country. but u.s. commanders are starting to see progress on the ground. >> for the first time i felt as though there was some sense of nation hood there that frankly i hadn't felt for the previous eight years. >> but this serves as a reminder, the taliban intends to keep fighting. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, praised the president's trip to afghanistan and stressed the importance of u.s. security in afghanistan. kai has more on what the university of penn state is doing. >> reporter: they are giving more than a million dollars in football bowl revenues to its new center for child research and treatment. this started in the wake of the child sex abuse allegations against sandusky, a long-time penn state coach. it will offer treatment for abused children. it will also sponsor research
4:33 pm
into the prevention, detection and treatment of abuse. the funding is more than twice the amount that penn state had promised in december. vic? >> kai, thank you. sandusky faces charges of alleged sexual abuse of boys over 15 years. he maintains his innocence. a new jersey woman is accused of taking her 6-year- old daughter inside a tanning bed with her. as kathryn brown reports for wjz, the woman is now facing child endangerment charges. >> innocent. i'm innocent. >> reporter: patricia censle, darkly tanned and defending herself against child endangerment charges. >> look at my daughter's picture. red hair. >> reporter: prosecutors say she brought her 6-year-old daughter anna into a tanning salon with her and allowed her to get into a tanning bed. she says it is all a misunderstanding. >> i'm a great mother. i would die right now for her. >> reporter: anna told the
4:34 pm
school nurlsz she got the-- nurse, she got the sun burn while tanning with mommy. >> yes, she's 6 years old. yes, she goes tanning with me, but not in the booth. >> reporter: she said she has never allowed her fair-skinned daughter in a tanning bed. she explains she got the sun burn while playing outside. >> did you get a sun burn? >> yeah. >> reporter: censle says she is a good mother. and she wants the world to know it. >> you seem very emotional. >> i'm emotional. >> are you worried about losing your daughter? >> not at all. she's home. they're not taking her away. she's home. >> reporter: in new jersey, anyone under the age of 14 is prohibited from using tanning salons. an old web page is giving new insight into the mind of accused murderer, george zimmerman. updates to a my space page shows zimmerman talking about mexicans living in his neighborhood. zimmerman is charged with the shooting of trayvon martin in
4:35 pm
florida. martin's family shows that the video shows zimmerman has a history of racially profiling neighbors. the body of cory gains was found in the bay off the resort town. he was last seen april 21st at the sandbar. investigators have ordered an autopsy. new legal troubles today for the chestertown man, dressed as frosty the snowman. kevin walsh is again facing disorderly conduct charges, after allegedly cursing out officers at his home. he allegedly scuffled with police and kicked a police dog. he was released on his own recognizance. a new study shows that many teenagers are saying no to most drugs, but they are still experimenting with so-called gateway drugs. marymary bubala is live in the newsroom with are more -- with more on why police say parents
4:36 pm
may be partly to blame. >> reporter: many teens are smoking marijuana. in fact, the study finds that the number of teens who light up at least once a month, is up 19% in 2008, to 27% last year. researchers say many parents are warning their children about harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. but are more lenient with prescriptions like marijuana and drugs. they suggest a strong link between teens who smoke marijuana illegally, and the use. drugs later on. >> the study also found that one in 10 teens reported abusing prescription pain medication in the past year. that's down from 14 in 2010. newt gingrich is officially bowing out of the presidential race. in tonight's campaign 2012 report. danielle nottingham reports. the announcement puts mitt romney one step closer to the nomination. >> reporter: newt gingrich ended his run for the white house, with an announcement in his adopted home state of virginia. >> reporter: today, i'm suspending the campaign. but suspending the campaign
4:37 pm
does not mean suspending citizenship. calista and i are committed to be active citizens. >> reporter: with his wife calista by his side, gingrich thanked his supporters for sticking with him, when many had counted him out. gingrich won the south carolina and georgia primaries. but his campaign soon fell flat. the former house speaker could not keep up in the polls and struggled to raise money. gingrich is dropping out with his campaign, more than $4 million in debt. >> reporter: gingrich was one of mitt mitt romney's harshest critics during the gop primary race. but now says he is helping to defeat president obama. >> reporter: romney made an appearance in chantily. he spoke in front of small business owners. taking aim at president obama's economic record. >> i will focus on trying to make the environment better for small business.
4:38 pm
for entrepreneurs. for innovators. for rob job creators, small businesses, big businesses, middle-sized businesses. democrats say they like a strong economy. they just don't like businesses very much. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he made no mention of gingrich during the event. but the obama campaign released a video reminding voter what is gingrich said about mitt romney in november. >> are you calling mitt romney a lizar? -- liar? >> yes. >> they said given his age, it's not likely he'll run in 2016. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll keep you up to date on the candidates and the issues. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is standing by her decision to close several recreation centers, saying hard choices have to be made. >> the status quo is not an option. we know that we have an
4:39 pm
outdated system of rec centers that were built for a time that has passed. >> reporter: the mayor says the city will spend $19 million building and expanding other rec centers across the city. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, officials will shut down four baltimore rec centers after the conclusion of summer programs in late august. it is a mild spring afternoon, across central maryland, outside. cloudy. and feels a bit humid. bob is here now with the updated numbers. bob? >> oddly enough, just 40 to 50 miles southwest of us, it's a lot sunnier and a lot warmer. and because of that dividing line, we have showers breaking out across portions of far western maryland. around here, it's quiet. but as you can see around the hancock, berkeley springs area, in the adjacent areas of west virginia, shower and even thundershower activity developing this afternoon. moving off to the east/southeast, hagerstown, you'll probably see one. but it looks like as it runs into the cooler, actually, marine air in our area,
4:40 pm
probably most of these showers will die out before they hit the mountains. so there's a slight chance west of us. temperature-wise, a big contrast here. cumberland, 81. last hour, they were up to 84. go to the other side of the state, with the winds off the ocean. elkton is only at 56. right down the road. d.c., 73. we're at 64. we've kept in this marine air all day long. looks like tomorrow, we finally get into warmer air. and maybe we'll see a scattered shower or thundershower tomorrow. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now william kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hello, kristy. >> hello, denise. hello, everyone. delays continue to stretch out. on the west side inner loop, slow there from security to -- 70 to security boulevard. also slow around york road to harford road. average speed at this point, about 30 miles an hour. northbound 95, stop and go there, from 32 to 100. and accidents include baltimore national pike at tollgate road.
4:41 pm
also eastern avenue at south haven. and finally, south mlk at washington boulevard. let's now take a live look. as you can see, there's a a look let the jones falls expressway. things moving a bit slower heading out of downtown. but the pace is still moving along. this traffic report is brought to you by pizza bolis. stop in and get one of two medium cheese pizzas. maryland zoo is showing off new residents. wart hog piglets. almost ready to meet the public. the new mom and children are doing fine and getting a lot of bonding time. zoocoopers say the wart hogs may be -- zookeepers say the ward hogs may be fun but they're very charismatic. >> even a wart hog is darling when it's teeny. what kuhna maat that tima. >> famous. straight ahead. left in a jail cell for days, how it happened and what police
4:42 pm
are saying to a san diego man. deadly crash. the changes new york is making on a deadly stretch of highway. and it is mostly cloudy and mild. bob has the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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riot police move in to break up an occupy protest in san francisco. just before dawn. they were camped out in a vacant building. they moved in during the mayday protest yesterday. they said they wanted a building for the public to offer free housing and healthcare. protestors who refused to leave were arrested. somali pirates, accused of killing four americans during a highjacking on the high seas could pay the ultimate price for their crimes. three somalis, charged in the lye jacking of an american yacht last year. jean and scott adam, bob and phyllis riggle were found dead. each of the somal -- somalis
4:46 pm
have pleaded guilty. steps are being taken to try to prevent another such tragedy. >> work rues are adding new safety walls to that highway where the suv crashed. experts say the low guardrails are partially to blame for the accident that took the lives of seven people. the suv was speeding when it clipped the inside jersey wall. but it crossed three lanes and flipped over on its side before it landed in the bronx zoo. transportation officials say they are being replaced by taller, higher guardrails. >> police say everyone in the suv was wearing a seat belt. but that did not save them. imagine being thrown in jail, then forgotten about. that's what happened to a university of california student. 23-year-old daniel jiang was left inside a dea holding cell for nearly five days without food or water, after being arrested in a drug raid. he says has cries were ignored and he had to drink his own urine to survive.
4:47 pm
he was eventual -- eventually found. dea is apologizing for the incident. police say workers at a day care in westport, pass mass, locked up, leaving a 3-year-old alone inside. when her father went to pick her up, he couldn't find her. when the father broke in, he found the child crying and shaking in the bathroom. the incident is being investigated. a cannon backfires and seriously injures a worker. greg meriweather reports, several were on board as the accident unfolded. his face covered in severe burns, dark soot, a supervisor from the uss kid is taken off of the ship on a stretcher. he lost several fingers after a cannon fis fires. -- misfires. something known as blow-back. >> he was in a great deal of pain. i could tell just by seeing him. >> reporter: he was among the 70 vets on board the uss kid
4:48 pm
for the memorial service. >> this was our memorial service for our departed ship mates and their wives. >> reporter: captain bob led this, which included a prayer, followed by a cannon salute. >> all three went off. but the third is the one that got him. >> the injured workerp, tim nesbit has worked there for about 15 years. >> we've never had this happen in almost 30 years here. >> a service to remember and pray for vets who passed on. and a sad and sudden change for those who honored a man who dedicated much of his life to honoring veterans. >> he remains hospitalized this afternoon. a high schoolteacher in iowa, gets caught giving a student prescription drugs. 40-year-old adam may -- adam jones, excuse me, is accused of offering xanax, to one of has students who accepted the pills. prosecutors say he may have offered the student the drugs after she told him she felt stressed out. jones has been placed on leave and will only face misdemeanor
4:49 pm
charges since xanax is not an illegal drug. the student will not face any crim charges. starting this fall, several harvard and mit classes will be available for on line. they have teamed up to develop edx. it allows students to complete certificate fist are course work. they have committed $30 million to the project. both say they are trying to keep public education in the public domain. this painting will hit the auction block tonight. the screen is expected to fetch more than $80 million at sotheby's. the 1895 pastel is perhaps the most reproduced piece of art ever created. the most expensive paintszing ever sold is pablo picasso's nude green leaves and bust, which brought in more than $106 million two years ago. sky watchers get ready, to be treated to the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. in three days, it will be what
4:50 pm
astron mysts call, -- astronommists call super moon saturday. it will be 30% bigger and brighter than any other moon this year. the last super moon happened in october of last year. >> i'm going to be looking for it. it is cloudy and mild. and going to get warmer at the end of the week. >> bob has the updated first >> bob has the updated first warning forecast ,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
here's a live look outside right now. i think this is the first time this year, i actually felt the humidity. >> yeah. it's humid. >> it may be moist. but it's only in the 60s here. >> moist. that's a nice word. >> yesterday, we were in the low 80s. but the dew point kept getting lower and drying out. this afternoon, it's a lot more moisture in the air. but it's a lot cooler. compared to the hot summer day. yes, it's moist out. we have some showers that have developed to the west of us. in fact, portions of washington county, allegheny county, gaping a few showers right now. they're moving into the west virginia area. some of those folks, we'll see showers, and even thunder and brief gusty winds, with some of those showers that are going on to the west. i'm not thinking they'll ever make it past frederick.
4:54 pm
we're in this very cool, compared to out there. marine air, which is very stable. so it does not support those showers and storms. 64 now. humidity is up to 75%. now, in the middle of january, when the humidity is 75%, and it's 30 degrees out, you are going to feel cold. but you're not going to feel humidity. 64 degrees. it's a bit on the humid side. east/northeast winds at 12. and they have been out of the ocean component all day long. barometer holding steady. look to the west. 76, 81, 82. this is where the shower activity developing, heading down into west virginia and virginia. mainly staying south of potomac, where it's pretty warm. as you head east, look at this. 54 now. 59 in elkton. 64. tomorrow, we have a chance of getting back into that warm air. if we do, there will be an increased risk of scattered showers and storms tomorrow. 50s to the mid-60s to low to mid-70s, south and west.
4:55 pm
huge contrast. we still have these east winds. we'll probably stay in that cool air or basically marine air tonight. but probably get into some of that warmer air tomorrow. that will help fuel some. s. this morning, had some showers move across the region, mainly north of the city. right now, just a few popping up in the mountains. there's another one coming through tomorrow afternoon. again, chance of scattered shower or thundershower activity. looks like friday will be the warmest day. saturday, weak front coming true. it will begin to dry us out and cool us out. cool down by the middle of the afternoon saturday. bay temp, up to 60, by the way. tonight, maybe a brief shower. mainly west and southwest of us. 58. tomorrow, maybe up to 80 if we get some of that sun. shower or thundershower in some areas by afternoon. a little hard to pinpoint exactly where it's going to happen. but with more humidity and warmer temps, it's likely to happen. >> 80 again. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight.
4:56 pm
>> for the first time, we're hearing from the baltimore brothers accused of beating an african american teenager. i'm weijia jiang, at the courthouse, with what they say happened. i was paying too much with cable. paying so much, you want better quality. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. get verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing. i was just in a... in a trance watching it. [ male announcer ] want even more value? choose a two-year contract and pick your bonus: hbo and cinemax for 12 months... or a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. fios internet...the speed, you can't compare. i'm able to take care of things much faster now. [ male announcer ] get fios: $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years -- plus your choice of bonuses with a two year contract. last chance, this great deal ends may 5th. is change good? in this case, change is very good. [ male announcer ] call 1.866.685.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities
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that's 1.866.685.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead.
4:58 pm
coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. taking the stand in his own defense. testimony from the beating of a person. >> who now is under arrest. i'm mike hellgren. why the woman on neuroevolution is drawing fire from biology professors. and how it could affect a commencement speech. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking
4:59 pm
news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. was it self-defense? neighborhood watch volunteers, accused of beating a teenager. >> reporter: one of two brothers now tell his side of the story. >> hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> for the first time, we hear from one of the baltimore brothers accused of beating an african american teen. the suspect tells the judge, the teen attacked them first. wjz is live at the courthouse, weijia jiang has reaction from the defense's star witness. >> reporter: the state is actually wrapping up with closing arguments. and both sides agree, this was a neighborhood watch gone terribly wrong. but both sides also claim they are the vict


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