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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> disaster. the family of two students killed by a barge, sued for millions of dollars. >> how this horrifying new video of the collision would help them in court. >> i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. >> how the family is on the verge of a civil lawsuit. new video comes to light. in the delaware river, they're unable to steer out of the way
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of the boat. it's hit, leaving 35 tourists to swim for their lives. >> if you look at the video, not a single passenger was able to successfully get their life preserver on. >> reporter: there's an issue of life preservers will be a focus as it was that day. >> how many persons under water? >> i'm going to get the people. i don't have time to talk to you. >> is it possible any life jackets to the person underwater? >> helpless passengers were not told to put on life jackets until seconds before they hit. only a few survived. their families are bringing a suit. >> every parents want to know why their child died. secondly, they want to make sure it never happens again. >> the captain pushing the barge was sentenced to a year
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for his part of the accident. wjz eyewitness news. >> now the wrongful death suits have been filed against the company with the tug boat company and the city of philadelphia, among others. charged with attacking 16 year old cory alsby. he claims he was in self- defense. the judge announced her decision in the afternoon. stole prescription drugs. it's not his first attack. more on this unusual heist. megan.
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>> reporter: police say 52 year old walked into this cvs last month and held a syringe with the aids virus and threatened to stab if she didn't open the case containing medication and got away with $27,000 in prescription pills. >> it's really bizarre. i guess you don't need a gun nowadays to hold up somebody. >> reporter: and investigators say cvs wasn't his first hit. also responsible for an attempted robbery in october at the bank of america involving another and a 4 year old child. surveillance images captured them with what appears to be a taser. he ran with the woman pointing outside and screamed police. believed to make an arrest before anyone was hurt. >> it's not something we've ever heard of here, a syringe being used of as a weapon to
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imply someone will do harm. >> reporter: investigators say they found the prescription drug stolen from cvs and now faces multiple charges including robbery and assault. police have confirmed the blood in the syringe and testing to see if it was indeed infected with the aids virus. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, meghan. and judge denied bail earlier today. montgomery county apartment complex admits he set the fire. take a look at the flames. quickly spread to other buildings causing more than a million dollars in damage. he admitted he set the fire but investigators won't say why he did it. a hazing death at the florida university, more than a
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dozen marching band members face charges, one of the largest in u.s. history. >> reporter: authorities announced 13 people in connection with the hazing death of robert champion. >> most are hazing resulting in death. felonies of the third degree. >> reporter: champion was a drum major in the a&m marching band. he was found in the back of a bus and died a few hours later. they say he was beaten during a hazing ritual. >> one would could have expected his college experience would have included being pummeled to death. >> i think they should be punished. >> reporter: the family already sued the bus company and now sue the school. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: just this week,
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two music professors were also fired for participating in band hazing. still urging witnesses to come forward and more charges could be filed in the case. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the autopsy revealed champion was beaten all over his body and he died from internal bleeding. found the birds monday by an intersection near easton. they think they died after eating remains from a poison fox. they've seen it a lot. it's a familiar crime to kill a bald eagle. man searching for organ is searching across the country. now the concept born right here in baltimore. wjz is live at john hopkins hospital where the program is
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rapidly growing. kai? >> that's right. this is announced yesterday. already showing promise. >> reporter: a giant in social media is leveraging its people power to donate life america to encourage its users to become organ donors. in maryland alone, people are waiting for organ tissue or eye transplants. >> to have the ability to social network with people you care about and people you feel comfortable with. >> there are 200 million people in the u.s. on facebook. there are a billion people in the world on facebook. >> reporter: the idea was home grown here in baltimore. dr. andrew is the director of liver transplant. he and the coo were at the university. there's a problem of
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transplants. the rest, they say, is history. >> we haven't done a good enough job about the importance of organ donation. >> reporter: near death in 2009 from a failing liver. he credits his donor with saving his life. >> i spend every minute i have talking about organ donation. i cannot emphasize how important it is for everyone to at least consider that. >> people are used to using this tool to communicate with family and friends to get the opinions of people they respect. why couldn't they use that for this problem? >> so through facebook, you you can go to donate life maryland and go to the motor vehicle administration in maryland to sign up to become an organ doe donor. back to you.
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persistence pays off for a local student that's already overcomed the odds. sterling saunders received the academic assistance award. with cerebral palsy, wasn't expecting to go to college but graduated later this month. he's the son of the sports anchor, stan saunders. new arrive arrivals. these pig lets. these female, one male babies are doing great. but won't be this small for long. warthogs get to up 300 pounds. coming up, tanning trouble. how this bronzed mom's tanning addiction has her catching heat from police tonight.
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>> did what i had to do to survive. >> forgotten in a jail cell for days. the lengths that college student went to survive. >> imagine walking across the water here at the inner harbor. now one man said he's planning to do just that. i'm jessica kartalija. i'll explain, coming up on wjz. >> how many showers are coming to the region? i'm bob turk with the complete first weather warning forecast, coming up next. >> complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson, and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station.
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it's cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather caste is coming up. police say the pilot was thrown from the aircraft while the passenger was trapped inside the wreckage. both were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. each in the home suffered damage but no one hurt. the cause of the crash under investigation. forgotten in jail. that's what a college student in california claims happened to him. daniel was handcuffed in a filthy holding cell and left there for five days without food or water. he became so desperate, he drank his own europe and broke his glasses and tried to kill himself with the shards before guards found him. shocking sad news about one
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of the nfl's greatest and most popular players. junior seau shot himself in the chest at what appears to be a suicide. the fiery line backer retired in 2009 after playing seasons with the san diego charges. the grief stricken mother could only cry out for help. >> why you never telling me? police say no suicide note was found. two years ago, seau survived a plunge in an suv. he told police he fell asleep at the wheel. junior was 43 years old. the delegate deal. he now wants to leave china
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with his family. he's escaped from house arrest. u.s. officials say they've reached an agreement away from where he was held captive. took her 6 year old in a tanning bed. he loves to tan but would never subject her 6 year old daughter to it. the little girl told her she got burned tanning with mommy. said she got it while playing in the backyard. you heard the saying finders keepers, losers weepers, that doesn't apply to a million dollar lottery ticket. the buyer awarded the jackpot even though she threw the ticket away. a lottery scanning device incorrectly told her the ticket was worthless. another woman found the ticket in a trash and cash it in. she plans to, you think, appeal
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the ruling. >> reporter: he comes from a long line of stunt performers. now a seventh generation member wants to shock charm city with another incredible stunt where he will literally walk over the inner harbor. the tight rope walk will start here at the ripley's believe it or not auditorium and will end at a crane 300 feet into the water. he'll do it without wearing a safety harness or without a net and he'll be a hundred feet above the water. the boss on may 9th comes just one month before he plans to cross the tight rope before
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niagara falls. >> i remember thinking i'd like to be the first one to do that. >> reporter: he said he's not worried about falling. >> i've walked in heavy downpour and all of that is part of our training regiment. i'm prepared for the worst case. >> reporter: the walk should take for 15 to 20 minutes. at the inner harbor, i'm jessica kartalija. wjz eyewitness news. >> takes on niagara falls on the 15th, with no safety net. that's not such a big deal. we've been doing our own stunts on wjz for years. >> where have i been? i show up everyday. that's a stunt. >> can you imagine?
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>> no. >> all right. let's take a look at radar. it just might propagate southward enough to the morning. if the trend continues, you might see showers continue north and east to the baltimore region and might extend to the west. watch it rain overnight. we didn't have a whole lot this morning. take a look. it's cooled a bit. west, it got warmer. it was in the 80s, upper 80s in virginia today. to 60 in d.c. so the east winds. now, tomorrow is a pretty good
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shot. should bring the clouds more to expect to get in the upper 70s and maybe 80 degrees. if we get that warm in the atmosphere, there's a pretty good shot we'll see rain in the morning and then late in the afternoon as some of the heating up of the atmosphere creates showers or thundershowers in the region. not a great chance, but we'll keep it in the forecast as you see right now, a lot of stuff in pennsylvania and new york. jersey and new york and might clip our region. one thing is for sure. it's expected to get a lot warmer. particularly, friday. by saturday, it clears out a little bit. maybe a brief shower friday afternoon and then drier and cooler conditions for the weekend. looks pretty good for sunday and monday. southeast winds, five knots in the bay. bay temp around 60. later tonight, 56 tomorrow. upper 70s.
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could be around 80 with a passing shower, possible. again on friday and still very, very warm. back in the 80s. dry and cooling down air for sunday and monday. looks nice for sunday and monday. back in the 70s. denise? >> thank you, bob. if the orioles can make it there, they can make t anywhere. >> we're talking about new york going against the yankees on a big night next in sports. ,,,,,,
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the calendar says may, so it's still early in the baseball season, but no matter when orioles go against the yankees, it's optimism going for a series win in the bronx.
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jake arrieta with nine strikeouts. the oriole line-up with seven. eight shutout innings. even got to second base. a 5-0 orioles win. they take 2 out of 3. after success in the bronx, they're off to boston to the red sox and you can see the saturday and sunday games. right here, it's masn on wjz. we told you about the death of junior seau earlier in the show. other news, suspension players involved in the play to injure scandal in new orleans.
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jonathan forfeiting $1.5 million salary. his own incentive to injure opponents. an accusation he vehemently denies and vows to fight the suspension. welcomes back to baltimore. the veteran defensive lineman signed a contract. he missed two of the last three seasons. he started the career with the ravens ten years ago and also played for carolina and the redskins. the washington capitals clash with the new york rangers. game three of the series. cap trail, second period. 1-1. it's still that way in a second overtime. still playing. game and series still tied. against albany, the visiting great danes go to baltimore and the upset, not even close.
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19-8, albany, advance to play for the title. unc finishes with 5-8. lowe you laloyola at its conference. 4-2. bob and starts in gate 6 in the derby saturday. union rags, the second favorite. maryland's dog is listed at a 50-1 long shot. in the derby, they could win. >> thank you, mark. coming up, it's a sale that will make you sing. >> just soulful. up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rumors screaming for the screen tonight at an art auction in new york city. the famous painting by edward produced to t-shirts. there are four versions of the 1895 pastel and this is the only one in private hands. tonight, it sold for just under $120 million. that's a record price for a single piece of art sold at auction. >> take my ,, i bathed it in miracles. director: [ sighs ] cut! sorry to interrupt. when's the show? well, if we don't find an audience, all we'll ever do is rehearse. maybe you should try every door direct mail. just select the zip codes
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letterman is next with nora jones. i'm vic


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