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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's exactly 6 o'clock. that's a live look at the fog hovering near the tops of the high-rises downtown. in the sur rounding area it is touching the ground and effecting traffic. sharon is watching that for you. tim williams is in for marty bass. >> thunderstorm s rolled in last night and warm, moist air stayed in place. we have thunderstorms moving in later this afternoon. radar shows that we are sitting in the middle of a warm front mooifing -- moving through the region. with the thunderstorms, the chance of some severe thunderstorms. wind and maybe the potential for some hail. our forecast today goes up to 87. the record is 90. we look for clouds and sun with a heavy thunderstorm in the late
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afternoon and early evening. 62 tonight. tomorrow 83, we will look for widely scattered showers. the sky is brightening but there's still limited visibility. >> that is for sure. we're going to show you our traffic cameras in just a minute. an accident on the jfx in the northbound direction right at the beltway with. we -- beltway. we also have an accident on 95 and fire andtivety between middle down -- activity between middle down and frederick. we're looking at light volume, but if you look outside it's heavy fog. there's a look at 95 at white marsh boulevard and a look at greens berg avenue, you can barely see the road there. wjz 13 is always on, log onto back over to you. we're going to stick with our traffic theme. it was the first night of the additional
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closures on the jfx. all the north bound lanes were shut down at 28th street. they will be closed through the early part of next week every night. in the southbound direction only one of three lanes is opened. go to and click on news. here's what people will be talking at today. in howard county shouting ring out inside -- shots ringing out outside a church. police try to figure out what led to violence. monique is live with the story. >> reporter: good morning everyone. police believe that shooter later took his own life. right now they're still trying to figure out who he is and the motive. >> to rifk acts of -- horrific acts of violence. around 5:20 thursday afternoon two women
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were shot inside an office at the church. one of the women died. >> we had a kos kus toad -- custodian call 911. he was cleaning and found the women. >> the surviving victim was rushed to shock trauma. maryland state police searched above and on the ground. officers searched the church building and scoured the area. they found a man dead in the woods near by. he was suffering from a gunshot wound: -- wound. a gun was found near the body. police are trying to determine if he was the shooter. >> thoughts and prayers to the victim's families. very troubling and shocking to hear what happened so close to home. >> people are wondering what happened and why. >> it's very troubling. you hear about this kind of stuff but never think that -- i don't
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know. it's just really weird. >> we're still working to determine who the man in the woods may have been. we certainly are looking into the possibility that this might be related. >> reporter: police have yet to identify any of the people involved in the shooting. back to you. >> the woman who survived is listed in critical condition. stay with wjz and for updates on this investigation. in the city another arrest could be made in the death of a 13-year-old girl. on tuesday two boys confessed to shooting her accidentally and disposing of her body in an alley. according to our media partner, the sun, police found dna from one of the boy's mothers on her bra. prosecutors have not filed any charns against the woman -- charges against the woman as of yet. one judge, one conviction and one acquit l. we have more
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on yesterday's unexpected decision. >> reporter: a skruj has convicted -- judge has convicted one brother and acquitted another in a case that's been closely watched. >> eliyahu werdesheim guilt of false imprisonment and assault in the 2010 beats of teen corey -- beating of teen core by ausby. his brother avi acquitted. >> eliyahu werdesheim is very upset, he's disappointed. i'm disappointed in the verdict. >> the werdesheim brothers responded to a suspicious call by the neighborhood watch group. they confronted ausby. the judge ruled eliyahu werdesheim relied on his military training to take ausby down and injured him by hitting him in the head with the radio. the judge rejected claims he acted in self-defense. the victim, corey ausby, refused to testify. his attorney says their happy. >> this case was never about
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money, it was about justice. we got it today. >> the altercation sparked racial conflict. >> i think that's why consistent training is important. >> the state's attorney says the verdict sends a message about the scope of groups. >> i think neighborhood watch organizations do serve an important roll but they have to work with the police and law enforcement. >> the brothers are to longer affiliated with the organization. >> reporter: the victim's family has decided to drop a civil suit against the brothers. >> he was found not guilty of the use of a deadly weapon. another lawsuit has been filed by yardly love's mother on the second anniversary of her daughter's death. she is suing who la cross coaches at the university of virginia. she want ts to hold george hugely's
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coaches responsible for his daughter's death. he will be sentenced in august. sharon love just filed a wrongful death suit against him last week. a surprise announcement for baltimore city's top cop. he is leaving the police force. why commissioner fed bealefeld is stepping done. >> fred bealefeld will retire in august. revealing in a statement, this was a tough decision for me and my family but now is the right time to bring my career to a close. he spent most of his life working on the force, the last 4.5 years at the top. >> she's such a special person. he's going to be missed. when i choose him i knew he was the right person for the job. >> he told us just months ago he had no plans to leave. >> this is who i am. this is
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what i do. i still love doing it. >> mayor rawlings blake said he's been an effective leader we will miss. he's seen success under his watch. the murder rate is down. the department has been hit with several high profile corruption scandals. >> there were challenges for him. i think he was a good public servant. >> i hate to see him go. he's a real pillar in this community, kind of holding us up. >> the nationwide search for a new commissioner will begin immediately. >> the mayor's office says bealefeld will assist the next commission with their transaction. today the april unemployment numbers will be coming out. 163,000 new jobs, while the unemployment rate has been holding steady at 8.2%. the number of americans applying for new unemployment benefits fell
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by 27,000 last week. that's the largest weekly drop in a year. the ravens are now dealing with the possibility of playing the entire season without terrence suggs. he has a torn achilles tendon and is expected to have surgery as early as next week. the linebacker says the injury happened last weekend in arizona during conditioning testing. generally a torn achilles requires extended time off to recover. he suggests he will play some of the next season. we will examine how the team and fans are dealing with the loss of the reigning defensive player of the year. the yankees suffer a huge home to their playoff hopes. rivera's career may be over. he has saved more games than any
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other reliever in major league baseball history. a reminder, the oriels have moved to boston to begin a three game series tonight. you can see tomorrow afternoon's game at 1:00 and sunday afternoon's game at 1:30 as we play the red sox add finway park. >> they may have some showers and some storms like we've had in boston. this graphic gives you an idea of where the storms are moving through. we're on the warm side of this front moving through here now. it's going to be dragging across region. as a result, we're going to have potential ly some showers around thunderstorms. 87 -- and thunderstorms. . 87 our high. at 6:11, who let the dogs out. that is a huge --
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>> if you don't know the story about d os er you're about to. get ready for the maryland half marathon. we have the cofoundeders. it's a great e -- event. we're going to tell you all about it when the eyewitness morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,
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good morning. we're looking at temperatures in the 60s, starting off muggy. a lot of moisture out there. we have storms rolling into the region this afternoon coming in from the west and southwest. ahead of that warm air. these storms are going to present a problem. we are in a light risk category for severe weather today. take a look at this graphic.
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slight risk for us means from washington down and all points around the rest of the state are in the light risk. for us that's going to mean potential hail and some damaging winds. that's this afternoon and early evening. right now the dew point is cloes close -- close to the temperatures, that's why we have the following. we have 57 in bel air, 60 koe you lum bee yeah -- low -- columbia. winds will uniformly shift to the west and southwest bringing in the storms that we are expecting to see this afternoon. we can say any time after late lunch hour into the early dinner hour. a front moving through tomorrow will bring us another chance of showers. temperatures go from near 90 today to the 80s and the
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70s. today going up near 87. other night -- over night lows around 62. we're going to 78 or so for sunday through wednesday. here is sharon with the traffic. >> hi. we've had heavy fog since the beginning. it's caused a few problems. we have an accident on the northbound lanes of the jfx, a over turned vehicle. fire activity still working in york road. there's a look at your speeds on the bellway. no real changes. we don't have much volume out there. there is a look at 95 just north of white marsh
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boulevard, no delays there either. this traffic report is brought to you by your tow toyota dealer. back over to you. weather looks good outside. ron is outside. >> >> reporter: looking good, feeling good. we're at the university of maryland medical center getting ready for the big maryland half marathon on sunday. we have michael green and john sevil the cofounder. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> reporter: let's talk about your parents an how this all started. >> well, this started four years ago. this is our 4th year putting on the race. it supports the cancer center. my mom is a 22 year breast cancer survivor. i hope they're watching. hi mom and dad. have to get that out of the way. really this is -- we have a lot of fun with this race. it's a serious cause. this year we
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raised over $1 million over the 4 years. >> reporter: you have to be proud. 13.1 miles. >> the weather is going to be beautiful. it's a great family event. come it and cheer the runners on and make a donation. >> reporter: we have d os er the dog here for a reason. if you haven't heard this story, listen to this. >> thanks for being here. slsz we're a sproud -- >> reporter: we're a proud spencer. >> -- sponsor. >> he is the fame dog that couldn't take the pressure of dogs running past his front yard, had to jump into the action. he ran the last 8.5 miles, crossed the finish line and then went home. he ran back home. we decided to set up a fundraising page for him. he gave him a me dal because he
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finished the race. he deserved it. last year he raised $25,000 from his page. this year we're going to keep him on a shorter leech. we're not going to let him run out through the course. he's going to be there in his dog house. anybody who donates $50 to him this year is going to get a dog, a little dog they can take home. >> reporter: that is awesome. that is great . you're going to have -- listen to this. how many runners? >> over 1,700 runners on sunday. >> reporter: it's all for the benefit of the university of maryland cancer center. this is going to be a great event. by the way guys, mark will be running in the half marathon. what number will he be? >> number 13. >> reporter: thank you . s í -- thank
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you. always great to see you. back to you on tv hill. have a great weekend. we will see you point. >> have a good weekend yourself. >> still to come this morning on wjz. >> wjz investigates, what it is like sitting in the driver's seat an seeing things through the eye offense a senior driver the eye offense a senior driver -- eyes of a senior,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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. it is 6:23. when an older driver hit a boy his parents target the people who should not get behind the wheels. the testing over older drivers. >> this marks the spot where a student was struck and killed setting his parents on a mission to ensure something lake this doesn't happen to -- like this doesn't happen to another family. no one knew this ride home from the farmers market would be the last for 20-year-old nathan craz a. now his parents only have pictures to remember their middle child. >> it was just heartbreaking. i thought that he would figure out a solution to some world problem. >> riding down university
6:24 am
parkway last february an 83-year-old driver turns into nathan's path as she pull s into her driver. he goes over her car and trapped underneath. she gets out of the car and sits down of >> minutes and minutes are going by and with each passing minute he's losing brain cells. >> after 6 months waiting for nathan to come out of a coma his parents make the hard et cetera choice, take -- heartest choice, taking hip off -- hardest choice, take him off life support. they believe some olders drivers shouldn't -- older drivers shouldn't be behind the wheel. they want the state to require them to take competency tests. >> you're not saying get these people off the road all together? >> we want to get the risky drivers off the road. >> john spent decades developing plans for government
6:25 am
retesting but realized forcing a competency test on a older driver is a bad driver. >> testing is unfair. if we had tools that could target in and find the bad apples that could be one thing. we don't have those. >> drivers 65 and older have fewer fatal accidents but they also less. when you consider the number of miles that drive the fatal accident rate increases sharply. when they're 80 it's four times higher than younger drivers. there's no denying we go through physical changes as we age. glsz there -- >> there's changes this vision and hearing. they may begin to have problems with mreks -- remreks time. >> a simulator shows the differences between a typical
6:26 am
driver's vision and on older driver. >> it's gray out the side windows and everything in the front isn't as vivid. >> nathan's parents say reevaluateing older drivers can save lives. >> this is something that's going to save a lot of heart ache among many people. >> several area proms allow seen -- programs allow seniors to test their driving skills and help them adjust to physical changes. you can find livengs link -- links to them at next up this morning. >> good morning, everyone. a deadly shooting at a church. coming up, was it a murder suicide? >> really think that they should question why they did this in the first place. >> julius henson t political
6:27 am
consultant who wrote the script of the robocalls prepares to take the stand himself. he discusses his case with wjz. >> a def devastate -- devastating low to the ravens title hopes -- blow to the ravens title hopes. the serious injury to the reigning defensive player of the year. >> we have plenty of fog. we will take a look at our traffic cameras. >> near record temperatures going up this afternoon along with some thunderstorms moving in. >> neil harper is a successful actor with a ivy league education. learn mb at -- more about a free program from them on this morning's e,, [ male announcer ] it sizzles, ready for anything.
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and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is napthali bryant and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. it's 6:30. that's a live
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look at our front door. we have a lot of fog on tv hill. it's area wide. you will see it on the traffic cameras. sharon is watching the roads. it is tim williams in for marty bass. >> good morning everyone. we had thunderstorms roll through that brought a lot of moisture with them. we have this fog in place. it's gij to be with us until dpsh it's going to be -- it's going to be with us until the sun comes up. looking at the radar -- let's try that again. looking at the radar, look what's moving in. temperatures near 90. we're going up to around 87 we'll call it with our forecast lows in the 60s. heavy thunderstorms could be in our future. we will talk about it in a bit. sharon with traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. it is definitely foggy out there.
6:32 am
we have plenty of accidents, one of them on the beltway on 95 on the right shoulder. a crash in the city light at east pratt at the howard county line. fire activity continues in parkton between middle down and frederick. no major delays out there. starting the see the west side creep down a bit at 48 miles an hour. still looking good despite the fog. there's a live look at 95 just north of white marsh, no delays there. this traffic is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you. jfx was closed between 10:00 last night and 4:00 a.m. this morning as it will be every
6:33 am
night through next week. that's the scene as crews shut down the lane. you can find your best way around this reconstruction propro jekt by going -- project by going to one woman is dead, another hospitalized. monique is live with the latest about what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning don't -- everyone. it's the last place you'd expect something like that to happen. police are still trying to put all the pieces together. >> horrific acts of violence in a skak red place. around 5:20 two women were shot inside an office at the church in the 3600 block of rogers avenue. one of the women died.
6:34 am
>> we had a custodian call 911. he was clean ing and found the women. >> the surviving victim was rushed to shock trauma. maryland state police searched above and on the ground unsure of the shooters location. they searched the church building and the area. a short time later they found a man dead in the woods near by. he was suffering from a gunshot wound. a gun was found near the body. police are trying to determine if he was the church shooter. >> thoughts an prayers go out to the victim's families. >> people in the air dwra are -- area are stunned the hear the news >> it's troubling. you hear about this kind of stuff but never think that- -- i don't know. >> we're still working to determine who the man in the wood is. we're looking into the
6:35 am
possibility this might be related. >> reporter: this morning it's still not clear exactly how the people involved in this shooting were connected to that church. back to you. >> as of this morning police have not identified any of the three people to us. that counterfeit goods raid at the flea market is considered the largest seizure ever. federal authorities say they seized more than 200,000 items. the merchandise would have been worth $47 million if it was real. five people have been charged with selling the stuff. two social workers who saved a baby girl get surprise recognition. the governor and mayor stephanie rawlings blake give honor.
6:36 am
a mother stabbed her daughter and the workers threw chairs at her and held her down. the plan on trial -- the man on trial for writing the script of the robocalls will testify on his own defense. we spoke exclusively with jell laws julius -- julius when ton. >> will you take the stand? >> yes, i'm going to take the stand probe starting tomorrow. >> julius henson awaiting his turn to tell jurors about the robocall he wrote. it sparked controversy by telling 112,000 registered democrats that there was no need to go vote was martin omaly was already winning. >> relax, everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch on tv tonight. >> that call already earned a
6:37 am
criminal con vuks for the -- conviction for the campaign manager. it did not contain the authority authorization. henson says he'll tell the jury it's not his fault. >> we're going to convince them that the call was not my responsibility. the auto call tag that's in question was not my responsibility. it was outside the scope of an adviser. as a matter of fact, i advised the campaign to use an authority line. they choose mott not to -- not to. >> the jury is dppted to begin -- expected to begin deliberating that case next week. if you have a computer you can look at documents written by osama bin laden. now 17 of the documents have been released on line by the combatting terrorism center at west point.
6:38 am
they offer insight into his tactics and some of his targets. >> he was asking for attacks on the united states, president obama. he said they're trying to kill vice president biden, the secretary of defense. we should focus on these guys. >> the most revealing revelations is his frustrations for the crumbling of his network. the suicide over nfl player junior seau is lingering talks about hard hits playing football. players are leading the push for me research on -- for more research on the last effects of a career's worth of collisions. sdlsz -- >> what concerns me is the repeated trauma. i've had three concussions. >> more than 1,5 #00 form --
6:39 am
1,50 oh former pliers -- 1,500 players are suing the nfl. terrence suggs may miss all or most of the upcoming season. here is mark with more on his injury and the impact on the team's championship hopes. >> terrence suggs suffered a torn achilles tendon. the ravens are now rocked with news their star linebacker is heading to surgery. he's dedicated himself to fitness. suggs suffered a to achilles during off season training in arizona. it's a potentially season ending
6:40 am
injury. suggs says he's amazed that some people have written him off. he vows to be back as early as october or as late as november. it's a scenario that has ravens fans concerned about their team's dominant defense. they call in to today to wjz fm. >> we have to look at it from a stand up point now. the other guys have to step up. >> it's going to be a tough year. i think we can still make the playoffs. it got harder today. >> among those that may be called in, rookie courtny upshaw who they selected in the draft. >> suggs h l see a specialist -- will see a specialist next week. the oriels begin a three game series in boston tomorrow. you can see tomorrow's game at 1 o'clock and sunday's game at
6:41 am
1:30 live on wjz 13. could see some widely scattered showers up around boston, like we'll have here. when thunderstorms roll through this evening they could be strong, but not lasting. >> as song as last night? >> yes, but in pockets. 9 #00 is our record. we could easily get to 90 in parts of the area. cumberland hit 90 yesterday. that's your forecast. >> all right. come inging up on this morning's -- coming up on this morning's coffee with, it's neil harper. also, we will update your traffic and the fog this morning and tim is here with more first warning weather after this. don't forget mother's day is just around the corner.
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good morning to you. got some severe thunderstorms last night roll through, some hail and some damages winds. we're in the same risk for storms the roll through here today. we could have some hail, some damaging winds. temperatures starting in the 60s, the dew point is around 61. the air is sat rated. slow down, low beams, please. definitely take your time this morning. it's going to be a slow go. 57 the cool spot on the map. wind will uniformly shift to the west and southwest into this afternoon. that's going to bring in warm air and some thunderstorms that are already starting to form across kentucky moving into west virginia. they will start to lose their punch over the mountains but they will be
6:46 am
close. as the warm front that's bringing in the warm air moves out, we have a cool front and move through here tomorrow. those come -- combinations of e events are going to keep showers in our forecast through tomorrow morning. it's going to be a nice weekend after all. no advisories in e -- effect. 87 today, heavy thunderstorm possible in the afternoon and evening. 83 tomorrow, 75, 74, 78 and 74 for the next five days. sgltsz >> thank you -- >> thank you. here is traffic. >> good morning, everyone. if you are just about to head out, we are still have some fog out there. we also have some accidents. one of them on the inner loop at the beltway, still on the shoulder. fire accelerate -- activity at
6:47 am
7 #00 eastbound. there's a live -- 70 eastbound. there's a live look at 295. there's a look at the beltway on the topside at delaney valley road. visit your toyota dialer today and test driver the camry. it's ready. are you ? back over to you. we have hill harper. the interview was furnished by the college board. >> welcome to the morning edition. a round of applause. >> hey . >> i was ring your resume. -- i was reading your resume. you may be the most over qualified actor in the united states. >> that hurts me feelings. i makes me feel like it's not a good thing to be.
6:48 am
that's not very nice of you. >> what do you do with acting? you could be a lawyer, educate ore? >> you sound like my mom. >> [ laughter] >> you're hurting my feelings. no, listen , i'm very proud to be an actor who has a wide educational background. there's a saying that people say don't be jack of all trades. i believe that all of us have the compassion to masters of many things. i'm glad that i have a law degree from harvard and my masters. at the same time i'm proud to be on a successful show like csi new york. >> most people with degrees from harvard like yours become president of the united states. on csi you're making more money than president of the united states. well done. tell your mother to relax. >> let's say this, i was a
6:49 am
class mate and friend out of our current president. i couldn't be more proud of the work he's doing and to call him a friend. he's the same guy today he was back at harvard. he's somebody working hard and committed to doing the right thing. >> if you know somebody on csi you're opposed to dropping their name as opposed to the vice ver have. let's get into this because it's important, it's the big future, a way for parents and kids to sit at home and bring the college advisory inside of the kitchen and talk about the next step for kids. take it away fw here. -- from here. >> this great website big is completely free. what it does is it did mist fies the college education process. there's a lot of fear out there about going to college, about how much it costs, how much it
6:50 am
costs to apply, let alone how much it costs to go. a lot of fears about financial aid packages, grants, misinformation. this tells you the true cost of college but also helps you identify a route in a way for you to get a college education. this is -- it's true for anybody. if you want to go to college, go to big and figure out how to navigate that process. >> is it free or is there a charge? >> completely free. no charge, no credit card required. the college board is a nonprofit that set this up. that's why i'm really supporting it. i had people in my life that i was coming up through the public education system and i had people telling me i could do it, i could go to college and this is how. they showed me how to pill out the applications. a lot of people out there -- the resources are being cut in high school and folks don't have access to counsel hers that tell them -- counselors that tell them that. this is a way to do
6:51 am
it on line. the success i've had if my life i con contribute to my -- i tribute contribute to my education background -- contribute to my educational background. >> aisle -- i'm going through this with my son. it has a lot of information in one site. you can surf other locations from here. it's a great starting point. it really schl relevant -- it really is. >> it's a one stop shop. there's so much information out there about how to do it. even people whether --if you're from a family that people vice haven't -- haven't gone to college, this helps you. if you're from a family that isn't on line, you can go to your local public library, get on line. there's
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no excuses. college can be for anybody. >> got you. our time has run short. >> it's free, it's nonprofit, check it out, folks. we always enjoy you being with us. next time we're interviewing the president of the united states, we're going to drop your name. >> thank you so much. >> thank you . bye-bye. >> that's a great website. >> wish i had it when the boys were coming up. >> it's big. i mean, it's a daunting task. >> yes. >> we're taking a break and coming back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition.
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5 until 7:00. here come your updates from sharon and tim. >> we have thunderstorms in the forecast for late this afternoon into the evening. 87 for our high. 83 on saturday. 75, 74 rand into the 70 -- and into the 70s for the rest of the five day period. let's send it over the sharon. we don't have any major delays but we have some major fog out there. we have that accident still there at 95. east frat, that one in the clearing stages. fire activity in parkton, that's been there all morning. speeds down to 54 ron the west side of the beltway. over all, that's not bad for this hour. there's a look at the beltway at exit 17 and a lot of fog out there.
6:56 am
back over to you. howard county police investigate the shooting of two women inside a church. the women were shot inside an office on rogers avenue. one woman died, the other has been taken to shock trauma. police later found a man dead in the woods. they have yet to confirm the he was the shooter. fred bealefeld is stepping down. he has worked with the police department for 30 years. he will retire on august the 1st. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. also a did diplomatic dehim ma over the fate of one man in china. ,,,,,,,,t for fog
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