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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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meghan mccorkell is at the church where a prayer service will take place tonight. >> police are still trying to track down how the homeless man got this gun. the tragedy has left the community heartbroken. >> reverend mary marguerite dedicated her life to st. peter's church. the 62-year-old ended up shot inside. the trigger man was there. a homeless man received food from the food bank shot cone. and church administrative assistant. loved ones gathered nearby, still reeling from the tragedy. >> people seem to be turning away from god, toward the worldly things. i hope any event as sad as this will help people to turn a heart toward god. >> reporter: authorities say douglas franklin was angry at the church. of they recovered the handgun. police say he had recently
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became belligerent and argumentive. >> we don't think these two victims were specifically targeted. we happening that they happen to be the ones working in the church office at the same time he came in with the gun. >> they prompted a massive search with the gunman. the episcopal diocese says it is saddened beyond words and immediately offered prayers for the victims. >> i'm a father. and knowing that that could ham in -- happen in a church, of all things. my wife and i are active in our church. and i just can't imagine something like that happening. she was a wonderful woman. >> and reverend cone is still in critical condition at shock trauma at last check. brenda brewington. has died from this. >> thank you. complete coverage continues now in ellicott city. megan mccorkell is at st.
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peter's church, where a prayer service will begin for the victims. >> a church service is scheduled around 6:00 tonight for a night of prayer and fellowship in the wake of this horrifying tragedy. they are praying for mary marguerite coin, still in the hospital tonight, still in critical condition. the 62-year-old is the co- rector here at st. peter's, and just an integral part of this community. we have learned that coin has multiple educational degrees in psychology, social work, and pastoral counseling. she was apparently putting those degrees to work, as she tried to help the shooter, a man police have identified as douglas franklin jones. now, the administrative assistant here at the church, 59-year-old brenda brewington, killed in that attack last night. a memorial service will be held for her, at nearby st. johns, next thursday. st. johns will also open their doors to members of st. peter's congregation on sunday morning at 10:30.
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we'll stay out here reporting live. i'm meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> megan, thank you. and we didn't know exactly how long the gunman had been living in the woods near the church. but police did recover his personal belongings at a campsite there. wjz will have new information on that. students in northeast baltimore find a gun inside northwood elementary school. a teacher safely recovered the weapon and notified police. an adult has been arrested in connection with the incident. baltimore city public schools' code of conduct prohibits weapons on school grounds. a carroll county man forces several schools to go on lockdown. police have the man's admission to police. >> reporter: mary, the westminster man says he accidentally shot himself in the hands and leg, but made up a story to cover up his mistake. 52-year-old john coker reported the shooting. he told police he was confronted by a shooter. police locked down schools as
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they launched an intense search for the gunman. but coker has admitted he accidentally shot himself and fabricated the story because he feared he would be evicted by his landlord for using a gun inside the home. coker was charged with filing false report and treated for a wound at shock trauma. a man began testifying in his own defense. political consultant julius henson has a lot to say. >> reporter: henson wants to convince the jury that the ehrlich campaign chose not to take his advice. and he says, they are ultimately responsible for those robocalls. >> emerging from the courthouse, julius henson had few words for reporters. >> it's doing well. it's okay. >> reporter: henson took the stand in his own defense, friday afternoon, detailing for jurors, his own consulting work for the failed election
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campaign for bob ehrlich for governor. >> i'm testifying. and i think that should remain in the courthouse. but i'll be happy to talk to you when my testimony is over. >> reporter: when henson returns to court monday, he will be asked about his role in the controversial election night robocall, that prosecutors say amounted to illegal fraud. the calls went out to registered democrats before poles he'll -- polls close, -- closed. >> reporter: henson admits he wrote the call but blames the ehrlich campaign for the legal calls. a senior adviser and confidant testified he had no knowledge of the robocall until after the election. henson predicts he will be vindicated. >> i'm fortified by tens of thousands of people praying all over this country and will be victorious. >> reporter: henson will return to court monday to continue his testimony. jurors will likely begin their deliberations next week.
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at the courthouse, wjz eyewitness news. >> henson faces the possibility of up to 12 years in prison. ehrlich's campaign manager, paul schurick, was sentenced to home detention and community service on the same charges. captain mike perry is above a scene. >> we are at west camden street at howard street, mary. with what looks like a light rail train, versus a car. looks like the vehicle was struck in the vicinity of howard and camden. at this point, it is not clear exactly how many people or if anyone was injured result of -- as a result of this collision. there are no medic units currently on the scene. we do have transit police on the scene. they blocked off camden street in its entirety. at howard. you can't get on from that direction as investigators continue to determine the cause of this collision. it's not known at this time. but it's not adversely affecting traffic on howard street. as you can see, investigators
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are still talking to the train operator. back to you. maryland leaders agreed to a special session to resolve the state's budget issues. governor martin o'malley says lawmakers will convene on may 13th. the special session is needed because the general assembly failed to pass an income tax pag. over a -- package. >> over a period of three days. they will need to avoid $512 million in cuts. one day after a surprise announcement. baltimore police commissioner fred bealefeld is opening up about his decision to retire. wjz is live at headquarters. the commissioner just finished speaking about his reasons for leaving. pat? >> reporter: that's right. commissioner bealefeld's announcement may come as a surprise to the city. but he tells wjz, he's turning 50 in august. and it's time for the next stage in his life. >> reporter: commissioner fred bealefeld commands the 8th largest police agency in the country. and he still does his policing on his feet. his dogged pursuit of
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knuckleheads and bad guys with guns has led to some of the lowest crime rates and violence in the city's history. >> i inherited a police department that was averaging 100,000 adult arrests. and we're make half that number and being much, much more successful. and that's not dependent on the weather. that's not signs of the zodiac or high tides at the harbor. that's a concerted, conscious effort, a very deliberate leadership change in what this police department was doing before i took over. and so, i will take credit for that. >> reporter: he also believes in community contact, like pitching tents with scouts and greeting citizens where they live. and he told everyone he would cast a net for crooked cops. >> now everyone is surprised, like oh, my goodness, there is corruption in the rank. i told you i was going crabby. i told you i was going crabby. and now, you are surprised i brought back crabs?
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>> his biggest regret? >> i came here, being kind. my biggest regret is leaving that behind. in my next chapter of my life, i won't be a cop. >> reporter: his future. >> there are a lot of adventures i want to have. >> reporter: well, if there's more adventure out there than being a baltimore city police commissioner, or baltimore city cop, he'd be the one to find it. his retirement takes effect in august. reporting live from downtown, i'm pat warren. now, back to you on tv hill. >> all right, pat. thank you. the mayor has already begun a nationwide search for bealefeld's replacement. the latest job numbers are out. and the news is disappointing. the labor department says hiring has slowed down. only 115,000 jobs were added in april. the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8.1%. but the decrease is mainly because americans are giving up on their job searches. this news from the labor department sa sends wall street
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diving today. here's a look at the closing numbers. dow is down 168 points. s&p up 22. and the nasdaq is down 68. today's disappointing jobs report sent the price of crude oil below 100 dollars a barrel for the first time in three months. traders fear a slowdown will result in lower demand for oil. it's a mild and humid friday afternoon. here's a mix of sun and clouds outside. and we're watching for the chance of stormy cl. -- weather. let's cherk in with bob turk. -- check in with bob turk. >> we have right now, activity, south of washington. heading down towards southern maryland. this stuff is going to move across p.g. county. and across portions of charles county. and mainly into st. mary's county. take a quick look down to the south of the area. and really, one, two, three separate thundershowers down there. these aren't particularly strong at this point. but we have a possibility later on tonight, as a front down across portions of pennsylvania and new york.
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could create more storms yet tonight. until even about 11:00, midnight late tonight. we could still get activity. could see gusty winds and hail as well. take a look at temperatures. it's finally got into the warm air this afternoon. we have been stuck in the ocean for so many days. 84 now. the cool spot, 68. d.c. now, showers close by. they're at 82 degrees. tomorrow, a front will cross the region. however, it looks like it will be far enough south to keep the showers across virginia. and we'll get into cooler and refreshing air in the afternoon. tomorrow night, looks beautiful. sunday looks nice as well. mary? >> fans will have the chance to see the ravens up close and personal this year. 200 people will be randomly chosen from a lottery to watch training camp sessions at the team's owings mills facility. the ravens will also allow the public, though, to watch some of its off-site practices this summer. the first will be august 4th at
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m&t bank stadium. then august 12th at the naval academy. and stevenson university on august 19th. all of the sessions are free and open to the public. it's baltimore's annual rite of spring. wjz live in mount vernon. jessica kartalija has a look at this year's theme. jessica? >> vic, this is one of my favorite assignments of the year. we're already two deep in lemon peppermint sticks. this is patrick and spencer. it's such a wonderful day to be out here. and it's not so crowded yet. it's the first year that it hasn't been super hot. take a look. >> reporter: for celia rose and her dad leo, flower mart is an annual tradition. >> he gets a new hat every year for easter. and little by little, we decorate it. >> reporter: baltimore's annual rite of spring. 130 vendors, displace food, flowers and of course, hats. >> well, you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> reporter: last year,
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celia rose took first place for her hats. this year, it's tough competition. >> what is on your hat? >> um, flowers. lady bugs, butterflies. and bumble bees. and humming birds. >> this year's theme, a cornucopia of rainbow flowers, lemon peppermint sticks and sweet melodies. flower mart 2012 charms all generations. >> so excited. >> the two day event is packed with activities. >> how soon will -- excited are you to be at flower mart this year? >> if you don't have a green thumb like me, you may want to go for the green. and go with the bronze. they have everything this year. this is studio 617. and a man named brian made this.
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this sell more my speed. it goes right in a pot. and you're done. >> no watering required at all. >> no watering required. and it lasts all year. >> thank you very much. flower mart is open until 8:00. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. secret service scandal. we're hearing from the prostitute who triggered the whole thing. what she's saying about the united states security. a baltimore school turns into a crime scene. what police are saying about a teen murdered near the campus. 3,000 americans murdered. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, the mastermind behind 9/11, now faces his own possible death sentence, as eyewitness news continues. possible storms on the way. how the weather will impact your weekend. don't police the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a northwest baltimore elementary school is shut down after an 18-year-old is found murdered behind the school. monique griego has more on the reaction from parents. >> reporter: just after 7:00, on this foggy baltimore morning, a gruesome discovery turns windsor mills elementary into a crime scene. >> and when i seen the yellow tape, i was like, somebody has gotten shot or is dead over there. >> reporter: deborah lyle was right. police say just beyond this jungle gym, a woman walking her dog discovered the body. an 18-year-old boy who had been shot multiple times. >> just paranoid. because my parent goes over -- kids go over there and play. >> reporter: although parents were notified not to bring their kids to school, police don't know of any link to the campus. >> at this point, we don't see a link to the school. but it is early in the investigation. >> reporter: investigators believe the homicide may be related to a shots fired call
5:19 pm
that came in around midnight, from a block away. >> the person heard a gunshot. officers did a canvas of the neighborhood, and didn't discover anything. >> reporter: as for lyle, seeing officersa the school left them shaking up. >> were you afraid when you saw at the school it could have been a student? >> yes, i was. i was praying it wasn't somebody that goes to that school. but there's still a chance. >> reporter: monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> wjz contacted school administrators, but they declined to comment. hi, vic. hi, everyone. traveling home this afternoon. deputily going to be somewhat of a headache for you. northbound on the harrisburg expressway. delays stretch there from shawan to belfast. delays now extend from stevenson road to perring parkway. also, on the outer loop, you're looking at about 30 minutes there, that begins at providence road. goes to security boulevard.
5:20 pm
as far as 95 goes, in that northbound direction, backed up there from eastern avenue, well past whitemarsh boulevard. jones falls expressway, in the northbound direction. an accident there at ruxton road, blocking that left-hand lane. other accidents include loch raven boulevard at taylor boulevard. east belvedere at fenwick. also, harford road at north broadway. you can see things very heavy there. 95 in the northbound direction, just south of eastern avenue. and we'll take another live look. things a bit slow, coming out of downtown on the jones falls expressway. well past 28th street. this traffic report is brought to you by virginia tourism. love is at the heart of every virginia education. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. big changes at the national aquarium in baltimore. it's becoming more interactive for visitors. that includes the dolphin experience, which is more toned down, more educational, and open to everyone. >> reporter: the new dolphin discovery at the national aquarium still pleases the crowd.
5:21 pm
but now it's open and more interactive. families can wander in, watch the dolphins for as little or as long as they want, when they want. >> what brought this on was last fall, dollar days, we open the stadium up fully for everyone to come in. and we saw a magical thing happen. families stayed in here. grandmas and grandpas stayed in. >> and the aquarium had already scaled back the dolphin show, after two baby compin -- dolphins died last year. now, the atmosphere is calmer. the loud music is gone. although the dolphins still do tricks. but trainers are teaching kids why and how the dolphins jump, play and interact. we tested this group of sixth graders from west virginia. >> can anyone answer that question, why you're not supposed to feed a dolphin? >> because they'll get attached to humans. >> whenever you're out in the wild, you're not supposed to feed dolphins. >> reporter: but dolphin discovery still has fun built
5:22 pm
in. >> and what kids should know, there is still very much a splash zone. >> ticket prices are going up slightly to offset some of the revenues lost from the paid dolphin show. >> that was my first question. >> gotta get a little wet. all the parents go, no. wawftd water splashing later tonight. dew point just drops. humidity just dropped. west winds at 7. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the evening and the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,, i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures in the mid-80s. actually drying out for the last hour. right now, the threat for storms doesn't seem to be that great. there's activity south of washington. they're going to be affecting southern maryland. but right now, nothing across north central maryland. take a look at temps now. this is as warm as it's been. 68 on the ocean there. 70 in oakland. d.c. now. shower activity, just south of washington, between fredericksburg and la plata down there. moving across southern maryland. see folks.
5:26 pm
seeing thunder and lightning activity. 80 in elkton now. sunny to partly cloudy skies. 72 in rock hall by the bay. kent island and island down to 71. right now, we have a west winds and humidity has dropped quite a bit. by 20%. and that does not help thunderstorms form. when you have dry air aloft. there is a front. still up to the north to our region. new york this afternoon. and has propagated some storms. particularly in central and northern p.a. some of those, we feel have a chance of at least getting into our region tonight. right now, this stuff in virginia is moving across southern maryland. not that strong. this area of showers. will see clouds eventually, cooler and dryer air, coming in tomorrow afternoon. so the warm, humid stuff we saw this afternoon. moving southward. less humid. a really pleasant late afternoon.
5:27 pm
sunny, looks beautiful. saturday night. for the full moon. comes up at 7:53. saturday night. it's going to be the biggest moon you ever see. because the moon is that much closer to the earth this weekend. looks like a really great second half of the weekend. northwest winds on the bay. bay temp around 60 degrees. tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms, probably at least until midnight, the way it looks like. 62 tomorrow. back up to 83 degrees. but it will be dryer, less humid in the afternoon. maybe a lingering shower in the morning. i think most of the activity in the baltimore area will be done by dawn. things get cloudy for noon. still ahead. the legacy of a fallen nfl star. how his death could help protect future football players. i'm ron matz, at lexington market. famous crab cake, ready to do some traveling.
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the story coming up here on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. it is 5:30. 84 degrees and partly sunny. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here of are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks has a hearing tomorrow in guantanamo bay which could lead to his death. alex demetrick reports, fort meade is one of a hand.
5:31 pm
of sites where that hearing will be seen. >> reporter: of all of the terror suspects held at a u.s. military prison in guantanamo bay, cuba. none approaches khalid sheikh mohammed's attacks. he admits he planned the 9/11 attacks for al qaeda. he will finally be arraigned for murdering 3,000 residents, saturday morning. >> we have to ensure that khalid sheikh mohammed and others, who are accused of these heinous crimes, are brought to justice. >> reporter: some families who lost loved ones in the attacks at the u.s. base in cuba for the hearing. it sets in motion, a military trial for khalid. and a live feed will be sent for other families to view. a few seats will also be open to the public. >> even if khalid pleads guilty. a key witness will be a man who graduated from owings mills high. and later joined al qaeda. majid chawn. >> this guy was in the center of things. he was part of a 14 high-grade terror suspects that the united
5:32 pm
states had isolated. >> to avoid his own possible death sentence, majid khan will testify against khalid. that's important. >> my expectation is that he's going to be a very valuable witness to the united states. >> reporter: because it could independently verify khalid as the mastermind of 9/11, without the legal entanglement of torture. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> since his admission to plotting the 9/11 attack. khalid sheikh mohammed says he welcomes the idea of becoming a martyr. a terrorist, dubbed jihad jane, is facing 15 years in prison. 18-year-old mohammed hassan khalid pled guilty to federal conspiracy in court. ellicott city honor student met the pennsylvania woman online and agreed to help recruit terrorists. hassan has since been in custody since this summer.
5:33 pm
>> the columbian prostitute at the center of the sex scandals speaks publicly for the first time. denise is in the newsroom with the woman's scathing comments. >> reporter: well, vic, she is calling 13 u.s. secret service agents, and i quote, idiots and fools for allowing the breach to happen. she says she could have easily obtained sensitive security information from the agents had she wanted to. she said she and more than 20 prostitutes followed the americans back to their rooms at the hotel carieb. and one of the men agreed to pay her $800. >> and i told him to wake up and giver me my gift that i asked him for. and he said, no. just go [ bleep ]. i'm not going to pay you. >> suarez said she never got her money. and she complained to columbian police, who called the u.s. embassy. >> of the 13 agents involved, 11 have been relieved of their white house duties. a show of force today in
5:34 pm
london, as security ramps up for the summer olympics. a warship from the royal navy, began military exercises on the tems river. -- names river. it will serve for the olympics which begin in late july. there appears to be an end between the diplomatic crisis in china, over political activist, chen guang chang. >> reporter: chinese activist, chen guang chang, may be heading to the u.s. americans are working on a deal to allow chen to study abroad and bring his family with him. >> progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. >> reporter: new york university issued a statement, saying cheng has long- established relationships with its faculty and has an invitation to be a scholar.
5:35 pm
the blind political victory -- activist had been under house arrest in rural china. but he escaped to beijing and took refuge at the american embassy. just as secretary of state condoleezza rice is -- secretary of state hillary clinton is in high talks. chen placed a call to capitol hill, making a direct appeal to clinton, through an interpreter. [ speaking in chinese ] >> i hope i can get more help from her. >> reporter: claiming he fears for her safety, chen said he wanted to leave with clinton, when she departs on saturday. >> it is not just about well- known activists. it's about the human rights and aspirations of more than a billion people. >> reporter: the u.s. says it will grant chen and his family visas, as soon as china makes its move. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> medical checkups show that chan is in good health.
5:36 pm
however, he did suffer three broken bones in his foot, during his escape. the family of the late junior seau will donate the former nfl star's brain for research into repetitive head injuries. seau's death was ruled a suicide. he was found dead in his home from a gunshot wound. the family says it's not speculating that concussions led to the suicide. seau played 20 seasons in the nfl. ravens' center matt burke has already decided to donate his brain for research after he dies. the nfl is facing several lawsuits from former players and their families over the long-term effects of concussions. lookly republican nominee -- likely republican nominee, mitt romney, meets with santorum. santorum has yet to endorse romney. the two reportedly met for 90 minutes in pittsburgh. but neither side released any details. before the meeting, santorum's aides said it would be a candid conversation about the roles
5:37 pm
social conservatism will play in the campaign. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. police commissioner fred bealefeld shares more about his decision to retire and what he plans to do next. coverage of a big weekend in high school lacrosse. and meet hammy smith. a long-time maryland trainer who has his first kentucky derby horse in in tomorrow's race. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and look for the updated forecast. a popular washington, d.c. destination is getting a major renovation. is $700 million will be spent to upgrade the national mall. it has been 36 years since the last major renovation. 25 million people visit the national mall every year. just about everyone has tasted a famous crab cake. as ron matz reports, it will
5:38 pm
challenge others for the best sandwich in america. you'll always find a crowd at favorly's, in world famous lexington market. bring folks from all over the country for a taste. >> and you're from buffalo? >> buffalo, new york. >> buffalo, new york? >> and you are? >> i'm mary rhine hold. >> yao-- >> reporter: now, adam richmond, from the travel channel, will feature these crab cakes. >> and it brings people. my biggest business is tourists from all over the country that want to come and get a good crab cake. >> reporter: started here in 1886. their crabcakes have won numerous awards. folks come for the food and more. >> atmosphere. you meet people all over the united states or various countries. >> reporter: faintly's famous crab cakes will be competing against 29 other sandwiches from around the country. >> they're going to do very well. because they don't have a lot
5:39 pm
of filler. they have crab meat. when you get that lump, raw crab cake, you're getting crab meat. >> reporter: a taste of baltimore, ready to take on the country. >> this kind of thing just -- just is a real big boost to the city and to us. and to lexington market. >> amazing. >> it's fabulous. >> best ever. >> yeah. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. the episode was taped in march. it is tentatively scheduled to air on june 27th. >> and to all of you other competitors out there, bring it on. >> exactly. >> keep filling those crab cakes with lump crabs, right? we like it that way. tigers, lions and bears. what is happening to the exotic animals tonight. a deadly cover-up. why police believe a pilot swallowed evidence after a crash. i'm bob turk. storms possible later tonight. but a nicer weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. copd makes it hard to breathe,,
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access to them. gigi barnett has more on how you can help children in need. >> reporter: encouraging her kids to read is critical for laura wrigley. >> reading is the foundation for learning, i think. >> reporter: that's why she brings in the baltimore book bank. >> we get most of our books from the community. and you have people who will go through their closet and donate whatever they have. >> reporter: the book bank is a nonprofit, that gives out free t-shirts and organizations to parents and t-shirts. one of their main goals is to reach children in need who many times don't have access to good books. >> any children have books on the home, it's extremely important. >> while they may look stocked up, books go fast. so on saturday, organizers hope book lovers will donate. >> there are thousands of kid the throughout baltimore and the entire state that desperately do need these books.
5:44 pm
>> oh. let's see who opening -- who else is in here. >> she has that message for other kids, too. >> hey, guys, there's a book bag for all -- every single book is free. you can go there. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the book drive is this saturday, in the poly western parking lot, from 9:00 to 2:00, rain or shine. bring any books down there. and books for adults or children. >> have to keep an eye on that guy. good promo. possible storms in the forecast outside. it's partly sunny and humid. as we head into the weekend. bob has a look at what we can can expect over the next few days. >> right now, radar, probably won't see any activity in the baltimore area. stuff up in pennsylvania. it's mainly mawe're looking at. mainly lightning and thunder across the horizon. take a look at tomorrow's forecast. it should dry out after the dawn area. a lot of sunshine and cooler
5:45 pm
and dry conditions. mid- to upper 70s, maybe into the low 80s before it's said and done. 70 looks beautiful. beautiful monday. a shower possible late tuesday. and again, a chance of a shower or thundershower on wednesday. but high only in the mid-70s once again. certainly above average. now, in today's energy saver, use outdoor lights with photo cell units or motion sensors, so they'll turn on only at night or when someone is present. they'll keep lights from burning continuously. a combined motion sensor will increase your energy savings even more. and a certified tradition can install them for you. for more information on how you can become an energy save are, go to scroll down the right-hand side of the page. and click on our special section. mary? an update on the giant sinkhole at a home in florida. the yard continues to sink in.
5:46 pm
so residents have been ordered to evacuate. right now, the hole is big enough to hold school buses, two of them. it's still not clear what caused the sink hole to form. but dry weather has been lingering in the area. a semi truck driver runs into a major problem on a flooded road in michigan. heavy rain left him stranded on top of his truck near flint. firefighters used a boat to reach the trucker and get him back to dry land. more than 5 inches of rain have fallen in the past several hours. stranding nearly a dozen cars in the area. so far, no injuries have been reported. an -- columbus zoo has returned surviving animals to a widow. thompson released dozens of exotic animals from their zanesville farm before killing himself. authorities were forced to shoot most of them. a hang-bride gliding -- hang gliding pilot in canada is accused of eating a piece of
5:47 pm
evidence after a crash. he was ordered last weekend, after a crash under his supervision. investigators are trying to figure out how she fell. investigators say he swallowed a video card from their video camera taken during their flight. >> there have been anyways -- x- rays taken. >> we have confirmed the memory card is still inside. >> place say the -- police say the woman was wearing her safety harness other but it wasn't attached to the glider. holding attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. they believe he is not giving them the entire information for "fast and furious." >> reporter: democrats and republicans on the house oversight committee received the briefing paper and 48-paged draft, accusing attorney general eric holder of obstructing congress's
5:48 pm
investigation into so-called gun walking. this is headed by republican darrell issa. >> today is groundhog day again. this committee has lost its patience to wait longer. >> reporter: the biggest gun- walking case, overseen by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, was called fast and furious. the investigation into who knew what when is in its second year. >> i'm not sure about the exact date. but i probably heard about fast and furious over the last few weeks. >> it later retracted a statement, but continues to insist, holder never knew details of the biggest case atf had going, even though he was repeatedly sent briefings and thousands of weapons were allowed into a foreign country, mexico. the next is an unofficial forum. members will get the chance to express their opinions on fast and furious. and the proposal for contempt.
5:49 pm
cheryl atkinson, washington. >> since 1995, only one attorney general has been found in contempt. and that was janet reno. a new study expresses concerns about baby boomers in asthma. it says the disease is misdiagnosed and undertreated. that means the risk for patients in their 60s are six times higher than those who are younger. a new look for a long- standing brand of transportation. greyhound has launched a line of luxury buses. there is also wi-fi outlets and power. 10 major cities with plans for expansion for next year. check in for eyewitness news. mary is shooting. one woman is dead.
5:50 pm
another fighting for her life. wjz has more on the suspected gunman. plus. : wjz investigates. i'm jessica kartalija. what it is like sitting in the driver's seat. and seeing things through the eyes of another driver. that's next. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. coming up all new at 6:00. but now, back to vic and mary. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. ravens put together a new game plan, after the sudden loss of terrell suggs. wjz is first to get reaction from john harbaugh. mark has the latest from the coach coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
news of a serious injury to terrell suggs. wjz is first to get reaction from coach john harbaugh. sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest. we caught up with the coach as he attended fallen heroes. harbaugh says he took a phone call from suggs. and it was difficult for the linebacker to tell the coach that he suffered a torn achilles tendon. harbaugh said suggs felt so bad, it made the coach feel bad for him.
5:54 pm
he may miss the whole year, but he vows he'll be able to play this year. harbaugh has a positive outlook. >> terrell suggs will be fine. he'll be back. he'll go to work on that rehab like no other. and he'll continue to be a huge part of what we're doing and he'll be a leader. and the young guys will step up. we're going to be fine. had a chance to talk to ray and a lot of the players. and you move forward. and that's all that's about. >> and one of the candidates to step in is rookie courtney upshaw. one week ago in alabama. could find himself trying to fill the shoes of terrell suggs. orioles shuffle their lineup. injury news for the baseball birds as they open a series in boston tonight. i'll have details ahead in sports at 6:00. we're less than three months to the summer olympics. and michael phelp is -- phelps is ready to roll.
5:55 pm
phelps admits he lost focus after his eight gold medals in 2008, but now he is back in form. >> i kind of feel like my old self. i'm swimming times like i used to. and races like i used to. so everything is coming back to me, what it was, i guess, before. >> you can see anderson cooper's interview with michael phelps and his coach. bob bowman, sunday, 60 minutes, here on wjz at 7:00. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. developing investigation. i'm mike hellgren at the home of one of the victims in the church shooting in ellicott city. we're learning more about the shooter and why he opened fire. , homicide of young people in america , has an impact on all of us.
5:56 pm
how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area
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one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. coming up right now on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. chaos. new details. and the man police believe is responsible. >> the man at the center of the 2010 election night, robocall controversy. takes the stand. what did julius henson tell jurors? i'm derek valcourt, coming up on eyewitness news. >> written enough law enforcement history to retire his badge. commissioner fred bealefeld explains why he's leaving. it is a humid and cloudy day. will thunderstorms wash out our weekend? find out in your first warning forecast.
5:59 pm
check in for these stories stories and the breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. sanctuary shooting. two women are shot inside a church. >> tonight, what we're learning about the suspected gunman. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> investigators say an angry, homeless man opened fire inside st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city, hurting those who were trying to help him. wjz is live. meghan mccorkell is at church tonight. but first, mike hellgren has the latest on the investigation. >> police say this man just shot at anyone inside the upper which. church. and one


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