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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the simpson resident. the simpsons actually stayed at the watneys house during the las vegas tournament last fall. so it was just a matter of returning the favor. david: do you think there's any gamesmanship? you know, at 2:00 in the morning? jim: there was some talk that maybe the air-conditioning could be dropped extremely low in that guest area of the house. david: you know, the clock alarm comes on on a pollingtsa station. -- polka station. nick: put the sprinklers on early outside his brm. jim: would you do that david? david: oh, yes. i have an air compressor in my garage that will come on garage that will come on intermittently.
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telling them that that's the room that the smelly dog always sleeps in. nick: ryan moore had this putt 40 feet. doesn't do much i would say. just judging all the different colors to have green. the burnt bits and the green bits. jim: wow, that is really ugly. it's been a lean year for nick. he's been very surprisingly -- it's been very surprisingly slim pickings for him. only one top 10 finish, after last year winning at two prestigious sites. doral and then aron mick.
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nick: he started the year with a very strong grip and was blocking his shots right. that's what he's been working on with butch. trying to ease that hand around. that's quite a big change in your grip slowly through the season. jim: webb simpson. this is a good way to come in again, he's not birdied very often. but let's see what webb can do with it. it can get a little speedy. nick: yeah, if you just think of tracking it, as we would say. just get it on line and hope it's got the right speed. just crawl in. no. jim: he respected that speed too much. nick: yeah, that was a pretty short stroke on that one.
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jim: watney with a bogey build on the way. nick: yeah. he needs to hole it for our mcilroy-fowler sunday afternoon. jim: your dream pairing. nick: so i'm pulling for him to hole it. jim: plus, who wants to send a guy off into the night with a six on the last hole? we've already seen it with stewart cink. nick: probably one of the few putts on the golf course you actually can just aim right half and firm. jim: watney's got it. even with a penalty shot on the 18th, he escapes with a five.
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36 out, 36 in. 72 for watney. he drops back into a tie with mcilroy for fourth. nick: so that does upset things, then. so that would be mcilroy-watney and then cink-fowler. what were we thinking with our math? jim: i told you. nick: got it all wrong. jim: webb simpson for a round of 69. he's going to to be the he's going to to be the overnight leader. watney had the lead after friday night and now it will be simpson's lead tonight.
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it's going to be some final round tomorrow. we look forward to having you back with us. here's the lineup tonight on cbs -- jim nantz, nick faldo and the crew. we'll see you at 3:00 tomorrow back here in charlotte, north carolina. my new place isn't that far away. it's 15 miles away ! with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, we can video chat on skype. you're gonna get lost ! this has gps. well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. the droid razr by motorola now only $99.99. hurry in, offer ends may 13th.
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courtroom commotion. the men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks appear in court.
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their surprising tactic that threw off the judge and frustrated victims' families. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. five accused terrorists, including the alleged mastermind appeared before a judge today at guantanamo bay. the suspected terrorists tried several times to delay the hearing. >> reporter: the man who claims to be the mastermind of the september 11th terrorist attacks and his four coconspirators, refused to cooperate during their arraignment at guantanamo bay. khalid sheikh mohammed sat silently at the defense table. he ignored the judge's questions, including whether he even understood the charges. judge james poll fired back, saying, one cannot choose not to participate and frustrate the normal course of business. the five men pulled out their ear pieces so they could not hear the arabic translations of the proceedings. some started reading. and at one point, two of them
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prayed. ramsey ben alshib said, maybe they are going to kill us and say we committed suicide. six family members who lost loved ones 10 years ago were in the courtroom, watching the events unfold. >> others who either couldn't go or didn't want to watched on closed-circuit television at four military bases here in the united states. including fort hamilton, here in brooklyn, new york. many say what they saw in that courtroom frustrated them. >> reporter: deborah burlingame lost her brother charles. he was the pilot that crashed into the pentagon. >> they're engaged in jihad in the courtroom of. >> reporter: this saturday second arraignment for the defendants. the first trial was stopped when the obama administration tried to shut down guantanamo bay and bring the civilian cases to new york city. >> justice has been denied so long. so long. >> reporter: legal expert says it could take years for this trial to conclude.
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drew levinson,. >> each defendant faces the death penalty if convicted. the military tribunal is still going on. and none of the defendants have entered pleas yet. we'll have an update tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. a maryland community is in shock tonight, after two women are shot inside a howard county church office. wjz is live. weijia jiang tells us how the victims are being remembered. weijia? >> reporter: adam, a service just wrapped up here at st. johns. and even though the tragedy didn't happen here, the congregations across the country are praying for the victims tonight who were so devoted to their faith. >> reporter: for the st. peter's episcopal church community, the horror that unfolded inside is impossible to make sense of. >> people seem to be turning away from god, toward the worldly things. >> reporter: a janitor found 62- year-old reverend mary margaret cone. and brenda brewington, shot inside an office, prompting a
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massive search for the gunman. police found him in nearby woods. 56-year-old douglas franklin jones, a homeless man, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> it is wrong. the guy is obviously mentally ill and had problems. that's the kind of people the church likes to help. >> reporter: police say jones had been coming to the church's food pantry. >> in past weeks, the staff told us he's been difficult. belligerent and argumentive. and apparently some of the staff members asked him not to come back. >> reporter: the shooting has rattled episcopalians across the country. reverend cone, a corector at the church. >> many of us remember her very fondly and are saddened as any of us would be about the loss of someone we cared about. >> reporter: and loved ones came to the home of brenda brewington to mourn with her family. >> i really hope that the lord will bring them peace and comfort. >> reporter: and the leaders at
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st. peters had originally planned to hold sunday services here. but they've changed their mind and services will be normal tomorrow. and many people here are calling that very courageous. live in ellicott city, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> certainly is. thank you very much. burlington died at the scene of that shooting and reverend cone is being kept on life support so her family can donate her organs. a 5-year-old boy brings a gun to school. it happened in baltimore. a teacher found the gun yesterday in the boy's backpack. the boy's mother, 37-year-old bernettea anderson is charged with several including giving access to a firearm. police say the weapon was a 22- caliber handgun. kind of a mix of rain and sun today and a lot of clouds. let's take a live look outside now. it's still cloudy out there. looks like the sun was trying to peek through not long ago. meteorologist bernadette woods is live with an updated look.
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>> sort of the opposite of the last couple of days. we started out with clouds, then had sunshine. today, we had sunshine and then the clouds moved in. we'll show you also a couple of showers and thunderstorms out is there. but the majority are still down to our south. and that's where most of them are going to stay. but a shower or thunderstorm is not out of the question as we head through the evening hours. now, we'll switch it over and show you temperatures. we did peek out close to 87 degrees. it is very muggy outside. we'll have the forecast coming up that takes us through the weekend. texting while driving, we all know it's dangerous. but now tonight, as mike schuh reports, an insurance agency is taking matters into its own hands to teach teenagers. >> reporter: teens are involved in 41,000 accidents. and car crashes, being their number 1 killer. that's why cecilia woodlawn's mom brought her here. a driving simulator, demonstrating that texting and driving just don't mix. it takes cecilia about 10
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seconds to crash while texting. >> i told her he was coming -- she was coming. and that's about it. this morning being she tried to sleep. and i woke her up. come on, let's go. >> reporter: cecilia has her permit. but mom feels someone other than her needs needs to teach this lesson about texting and driving. >> they put everything aside for that phone. and that's not like the most important thing. >> it's hard. >> how did you do? >> not good. >> reporter: studies show you can't be successful at texting and driving. this teen confirms it. >> people really need to not text and drive. >> it's not just about texting. but texting is the number 1 distraction. >> reporter: this insurance agency wants them to learn in a place where they won't get hurt. >> reporter: unless they think they're going to be stopped for texting or driving or talking on their phone and driving, i think they're going to continue to do it. >> and if you think using a hands-free device while talking
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and driving is less distracting, think again. studies have shown it is the active conversation which is distracting, not holding this up to your head. in glen burnie, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> good safety reminder there. the insurance agent says she is going to try to bring back that demonstrator. quite a huge gathering at the inner harbor today for a really great cause. a little excitement there at the fiesta 5k. more than 85 teams and 2,000 walkers and runners participate in the event. it features als research. he began this after he was diagnosed with the disease in 2007. you have a couple of different walks down there. the kinetic race downtown was crazy. and the weather was perfect. bernadette will have details on that coming up. also tonight, a fireball rips through a rally in armenia. more than 100 are hurt when
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balloons ignite. and then explode over the crowd. this is just unbelievable video. it's a shocking accident. the college student there hit by a bus. you're not going to believe what happens next. it's quite surprising. also, an animal rescue that is quite amazing. a horse trapped, air-lifted to safety. we'll tell you how it all went down. stay with us. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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it's cloudy and 69 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette will have details coming up, including some rain in the first warning weather forecast in just a moment. a fire ball tears through a crowd at a political rally in armenia. apparently a cigarette ignited hundreds of balloons that were filled up with hydrogen. dozens are still being treated in the hospital tonight. the explosion happened just two days before armenia's parliamentary elections. authorities are now trying to figure out who is responsible for the accident. an end of semester tradition at the university of texas, nearly turns tragic. we should tell you that this video may be hard to watch. >> so the student here was participating in a foam sword fight when he ran out into the street and was hit by a bus. amazingly, if you keep watching the video here, beyond the crowd, that 18-year-old, he got up and just walked away.
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he wasn't seriously hurt. the driver of the buzz was given a ticket for running a red light. three horses are rescued from a deep ravine, after falling off a trail in southern california. the horses report of an annual ride that travels more than 60 miles in four days. authorities say that two of the horses had to be tranquilized before they had to be air- lifted to safety. a fourth horse didn't make it. and none of the riders were seriously hurt. it's flower mart time in baltimore. another activity in downtown. a spring time tradition, where vendors sell everything from flowers to crafts to my favorite, those lemon sticks. they're so good. as a way for baltimoreans to buy flowers for their gardens. you can stop by any time until 8:00 tonight. the flowers are still out there. in fact, i spent sometime, putting in flowers this morning. still have the dirt under my nails. >> they're so beautiful, though. >> yes. rain is starting to move in now, huh? >> just a couple of showers.
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nothing huge. more clouds than showers. and it was a beautiful morning. we were down at the march of dimes. march of babies walk. had a great time. but got interfered with a couple of others. crazy morning. this is where we sit right now. temperatures have come down a little muggy. 69 degrees. clouds around. a shower or two. stay with us. and we'll have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we're going to start out with doppler radar. nothing all that heavy. notice everything sort of something from the negotiate and drifting off to the south. so that's where we're going to keep most of these showers and storms to the south of us. but out west, what's in pennsylvania will come our way. and around us, just a spotty shower or two right now. as we head through the evening hours, there's still a chance for the shower or thundershowers. overnight, we're going to have fog form. we'll switch it over and show you, this is how it has been looking today. had some sunshine earlier. then the clouds coming in with
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that storm system. it's going to continue with the area through the overnight hours. winds have turned around to the east. for us in baltimore, this really knocks down our temperatures. at this point, we were at 80 degrees. down to 69. wind is going to continue out of the east tomorrow. we're not going to continue quite as high today. average is 71. we're going to be closer to that average tomorrow afternoon, with that easterly wind. but we're also going to have that front still generally in the area. with it around, the chance of that fog during the morning, a little drizzle. and then as it all slowly push off to the south tomorrow afternoon. clouds will start to mix with sunshine. however, out to the west, there's yet another storm system coming our way. a very messy pattern. staying on top of us. but that's going to be changing. we're still dealing with this one. that gets out of here. on monday, a little bit of a break, before the next one comes our way. you'll see the very slow motion. that's going to continue also. here's that next one coming in
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our direction. the chance for showers holds off until tuesday. although the clouds will proceed that front. then a shower or thunderstorm, as we said tuesday. that will continue into wednesday. the forecast look like this. on the waters, east winds at about 5 to 10 knots. tonight, shower, thunderstorm possible. 62 for our low. and take a look at the forecast for the next couple of days. 70s high. tuesday. a little more sunshine. 72 and then we have the chance for showers or thunderstorms tuesday into wednesday before that front gets out of here on wednesday. >> thank you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stan is here with the wjz the fan sports report. orioles now on a good streak. they're doing really well. but they're in second place.
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one game in the american league east. orioles, early magic continues. birds won their fourth straight series. they beat boston today. 8-2. and lest we forget, they own four straight wins, including 10 of their last 12. that's pretty doggone good. top two, pitcher aaron cook lets this get away from him. it's a pass ball. chris davis breaking in. and as he scores, he accidentally, oh, man. he garbs crook's knee. you but guess what. crook stayed in the game. shouldn't have. because in the next inning, the third. adam jones did the mash, the monster mash. without out over the parking lot against the green monster. that made it 5-0. a 7-1 bird third inning. on 7 hits. on the bay, jason hamill was outstanding. he had a shutout going through 6. lasted 6 and 2-thirds.
6:28 pm
by the way, the bullpen hasn't allowed but only one run maybe in two innings. here's hamill, after the game. sorry, a more abbreviated sports. what we'll do is let you know that we will have the orioles, seeing if they can get the sweep against boston, here on wjz 13, at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow. >> that's going to be a good game. >> we were going to have jason hamill talk to you. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month,
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