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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv. wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> terror trial. the 9/11 mastermind hauled into court. >> the day of reckoning has come. >> what he and other suspects did to frustrate the junk judge and vic -- judge and victims' families. the five men who planned the 9/11 attacks appear in court charged with the murder of each single person who died on september 11th. tonight, drew levenson reports for wjz on what happened inside the courtroom and reaction from families who lost loved ones. >> khalid sheikh mohammed, the man who claims to have orchestrated the 9/11 terror attack tried to disrupt court. he and his four co-conspirators
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refused to answer the judge's questions and read, prayed and refused to listen to translations. >> they're doing everything to delay justice. >> because of their behavior, what was supposed to be a simple arraignment at guantanamo bay turned into an all-day affair that went into the night. the lawyers for the five men said their clients would not enter plees. the defendants face nearly 3,000 murder charges for the two-on-one attacks. six family members who lost loved ones were in the courtroom. others who couldn't go or didn't want to go to court, watched the proceedings at closed circuit television at four military bases including fort hamilton. many said what they saw frustrated them. debra's brother was the pilot of the flight that crashed into the pentagon. >> they're engaging in jihad of the courtroom. we expect this is what they're going to do for the entirety of
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this trial. >> reporter: this is the second arraignment for the defendants. the first trial was stopped when the obama administration tried to shut down guantanamo. >> justice has been denied so long. i don't understand why this wasn't done three years ago. >> reporter: legal experts say this could be done three years before there's a verdict in this case. at fort hamilton, wjz eyewitness news. >> here in maryland about 80 people watched it at fort meade. a delegation is reeling from a shooting. two women shot in a church building from a -- believed to be man they were trying to help. >> reporter: they announced there will be a special service to start the road to recovery and will take place bravely at the very spot the violence unfolded. the gruesome discovery a janitor made inside st. peter's
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church has rattled the episcopal community. >> people seem to be turning away from god toward worldly things. >> reporter: people say 56-year- old douglas franklin jones shot reverend mary margaret kohn and 59-year-old brenda brewington. it's prompted other congregations to reach out. >> i've been amazed to be reminded how interconnected we all are as we've all been just starting to let what's happened sink in. >> reporter: even more troubling, police say the gunman had been going to the st. peter's food pantry for help. s.w.a.t. teams found him dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in nearby woods where he lived. >> we are working on identifying to whom that gun is registered. >> reporter: in light of what happened inside their building, leaders had planned on holding sunday services here at st. john's about a mile away. they've changed their minds and will resume as normal. >> i do think it's very cages to begin healing that way and people here in st. john's and
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all around the community will be praying with them and for them. >> reporter: loved ones mourned at brewington's home with her family and family of kohn focused on the good. >> many of us remember her very fondly. >> reporter: that special service is scheduled for sunday at 10:00. it is private only open to members of st. peter's. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia jiang with the latest. funeral arrangements are got available. for more information about sending memorial donations, go to and then click on "news." a robber makes an unusual threat to steal from a bank in anne arundel county. police say this man passed a note to a teller threatening to use a chemical weapon. this man got away with cash, but no one was hurt. a driver dies after his car stops right in the middle of the beltway. the accident happened early this morning near richie highway in glen burnie. police tell us a car stopped in the left lane and a pickup
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slammed into it killing the driver of the car. the highway was closed for about five hours. it is back open tonight. driving home, the dangers of texting behind the wheel. today, some teenagers got a firsthand look at the risk of distracted driving. mike shue reports an insurance agency is helping teach teens the important lesson for the road. >> reporter: too often, these are caused by distracted drivers. teens are involved in 41,000 accidents and car crashes being their number one killer. that's why cecilia's mom brought her here. a driving simulator demonstrating that texting and driving just don't mix. it takes cecelia about 10 seconds to crash while texting. >> i told her she was coming no ifs, buts about it. >> reporter: she has her pemplet, but mom feels someone other than her needs to teach this lesson about texting and driving. >> they put everything aside before the phone and it's not the most important thing. >> it's hard because you can't
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do both at one time weather out- - >> referee: -- >> reporter: studies show you can't be successful. >> this insurance agent spence dlart 5,000 -- spent $5,000 bringing this test here. >> unless they think they're going to be stopped tore texting and driving or talking on their phone and driving, they're going to do it. >> reporter: if you continue to use a hand's free device on your phone is less distracting, think again. it's the act of conversation that is distracting not holding this up to your head. in glen burnie, wjz. >> the insurance agent says she's going to try to big bring back -- bring back the demonstrator next year operating during school hours. president obama officially kicks off his presidential campaign and stops off in two key states six months before the selection. here is a look at the president take the stage in virginia
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earlier today. he and the first lady campaigned at ohio state university and both speeches president obama highlighted the successes of his first timpner and larbled out -- first term and lashed out as mitt romney. >> the challenges we face right now, the challenge we faced for over a decade is it harder work hasn't led to higher incomes. it's that bigger profits haven't led to better jobs. and governor romney doesn't seem to get that. >> president obama also returned to the theme of moving the country forward. it will be his campaign slogan for 2012. polls put them in a virtual tie. a scare for a young fan at the orioles-red sox game in boston. puntos swung and missed, but that flew into the stands and hit a little boy. he was taken out of fenway park
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and to a nearby hospital, that little child there. witnesses say he appeared to be conscious when he was put into an ambulance. there is no update on his condition tonight. a grief stricken howard county family gets support from a baltimore raven. ray rice is hoping to help cyber bullying inspired to join the fight after a tragic loss. >> cara, megan and gloria, they lost a sister. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a heartbreaking speech from the father of 15- year-old howard county teenager grace mccomas after being bullied on social media web sites, she took her own life on easter. >> torture, it's got to change. >> reporter: at this meeting in howard county, parents and students heard from ravens running back ray rice. >> it's about saving lives now because this bullying thing has gotten out of hand. you know, so many touching stories you hear about it and
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it's like, why. >> reporter: rice said he dealt with putdowns himself as a child and hopes victims of bullying remember it gets better. >> a lot of kids can relate to me because i wasn't the prototype nfl guy. i'm a little guy and grew up in a small town and i just paved my way throughout life. i want to let these kids know they're not alone. >> reporter: in the case, police say there is an ongoing investigation. her father is calling on people to be leaders. >> hold the influence you have. [ indiscernible ] >> a touch of grace there. a recent survey of middle school students found almost nine out of 10 say they have been cyber bullied. only about 5% of kids say they would tell their parents it's a good idea to have a conversation with their kids on that issue. many kids and heroes they have saved. hundreds gathered at the baltimore convention center downtown for this event. it pays tribute to the
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state'smedical emergency personnel who saves lives every day and recognizes shock trauma and the role it plays in medical care and the nation's armed forces. more to come on wjz eyewitness news. a frightening collision. why the driver who caused this crash is in more trouble tonight. details about the penn state sex abuse scandal. the latest accusation surfacing against jerry sandusky. why he could be in more trouble. they were detained in iran accused of spying. now a happier chapter for this couple. setting the stage for cirque du soleil:i'm at the first mariner arena. the show is in town. we'll take you behind the scenes. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. it was a warm start to the weekend, but we have cooler air headed our way. the forecast coming up. complete coverage continues
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with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's mostly cloudy and 65 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette will have the first complete weather forecast in just a moment. check out this shocking video of a police chase and crash in seattle all caught on tape. the person in the car happened to be a dash camera rolling when it happened. police say the suv that hit his car also hit a bus. the suspect ran away and was caught a short time later. three people on the bus were
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hurt. no one in the car was injured. more accusers could be stepping forward in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. new court documents now suggest there are at least 17 accusers that is more than the original 10 alleged victims. the former penn state football coach has pleaded not guilty to more than 50 counts of child sex abuse dating back to 1994. so far the attorney general's office has refused to comment citing a court-imposed gag order. two bodies recovered after afame family digs -- family disappeared. three sisters and a mother were abducted last week. the fbi did not say whose bodies have been found. authorities are now offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in the case. a would-be thief is fighting for his life after he was badly burned in california. police say the man was trying to steal copper wiring from a power substation in san bernardino when he was shocked by more than 30,000 volts of electricity.
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witnesses say the man was fully engulfed in flames by the time they ran up to see what was happening. >> he kept standing screaming, screaming, screaming. i couldn't get in. i had the fire extinguisher and he wouldn't come, but he started to roll. >> that man is now in the hospital in extremely grave condition. at this point, he has not been arrested or charged with any crimes. two american hikers tie the knot three years after they were detained and accused of spying in iran. they exchanged vows today at a private ceremony in san francisco. bauer proposed to slowd while they were in prison in iran with a ring he made out of threads with his shirt. their friend was also arrested and held in tehran for more than two years. cirque du soleil has turned circus performance noose an art form and -- has turned art performances into an art form. tonight, the crew started setting up before day break. >> reporter: an army of
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performers from 15 different countries bring the magic of michael jackson to the first mariner arena in the latest circumstance you due soleil tour -- cirque du soleil tour. the stage must be set. more than 200 crew members rolled in on saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. >> they have it down to a science. it's putting together a piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: spokeswoman says the crew did away with the big tent and this arena-style show may think some audience members to think they're the a concert. >> it's very different. it's a very rock concert meets cirque du soleil. ♪ dancing, dancing >> reporter: the show, michael jackson the immortal tour brings the pop icon song to acrobats, dancers and contortionists. some of his former band members are in the show and the performance of life and ears --
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eyes and ears. >> it's a tribute to his life and very exciting. you want to get up and dance. >> reporter: after this weekend's show, it goes to hampton, virginia, next. at the first mariner arena, -- wjz eyewitness news. >> it's the largest touring production in the world. there is one more show in baltimore tomorrow afternoon. i think there's a couple of tickets left. have you seen the super moon hiding behind all our clouds tonight? pretty tough to see it here. the moon is at its closest point to the earth which mean tonight's full moon looks bigger and brighter than it usually does. that's why they call it the super monday -- super moon. if the clouds clear out, you should catch it about 1:35-- 11:35, is anybody going to see it? >> you may be poking through the clouds the farther north you go. >> yeah, get in the car and drive fast. >> it is so cool from what we
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hear at least if you didn't get a chance to see it. kathy who runs our cameras over there says she's searching everywhere earlier trying to get us a shot. >> no luck? nothing? too many clouds. sorry, folks. we're trying. >> that's what we're dealing with right now, the clouds in the forecast. we're going to take you to our satellite radar and show you there's a front passing by to the south of us. a couple sprinkles out there today. the clouds were hang tough for awhile, but they are starting to break up a little bit. it's worth taking a look to try at least. the other thing with the front passing by to the south, the easterly wind and where the higher clouds are breaking up. they're being replaced by lower clouds. the easterly wind usually filled with moisture. it comes in off the ocean and the bay. it's a cooler wind for us and has a lot of fog and we may get drizzle in the fog during the overnight hours. 65 degrees is where we sit in baltimore right now. it's a mild night out there. we did manage a high of 80 degrees this afternoon. that's above average. we're going to be a little lower tomorrow because that easterly wind will continue.
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here is the front. it's a very slow mover and very strung out. it's lost a lot of strength and slowly it's going to move off to the south and the clouds eventually giving way to some sunshine during the day tomorrow. we get a bit of a break on monday before this next front comes our way. that's more so our issue tuesday into wednesday. first up, the current one is the slow mover eventually moving off to our south tomorrow. clouds mixing with some sunshine. those clouds start to come back in on monday with this next front. chance for showers and thunderstorms is going to hold off until tuesday or wednesday as it passes through. temperatures will be up and down with these fronts going by. we'll take you through those in just a moment. out on the waters though, east winds only 5-10 knots during the day and bay temps up to 62 degrees after this warm day. tonight, we're going down to 58. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm dying down, but we could see drizzle during the overnight hours. clouds mixing with some sunshine during the afternoon. 70s for our high. 72 on monday. up to 78 on tuesday. as that front comes through,
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we'll get knocked back down about 70 on thursday. adam? >> thank you so much. check in with tim and gigi tomorrow afternoon with the forecast. next in sports, stan has more good news for you o's fans. how they are poised for a sweep in boston. is this season for real? that and more comi,,,, i bathed it in miracles. director: [ sighs ] cut! sorry to interrupt. when's the show?
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i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area. stan, wjz the orioles are hot, but that derby was really great today too. lots to talk about. >> my goodness. this is good to talk about. what a spectacular finish for an improblem winner during today's 138th rung the kentucky derby. -- running of the kentucky derby. his favorite bodemeister on his way to victory or maybe not. from the outside, i'll have
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another. a coke with derby first time rider gutierrez. he gathers steam for a long run and surpasses bodemeister and number three gal han. it's i'll have another winning by a length and a half. he's the first derby winner out of the post. i'll have never paid $1,62.09. the orioles early magic continues. they won their fourth straight series. they beat boston in bean town 8- 2. boston starter aaron cook uncorked a fastball that gets beyond the reach jarrod saltalamacchia. while scoring, he accidently spikes his knee. cook stayed in the game. in the next inning the third, jones did the monster mash. you don't know that song. way beyond the famed green monster of the parking lot,
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that made it 5-0. mark reynolds came up and smacked a three-run homer that added to a seven-run birds third frame on seven hits. call it 8-0. jason hamels starting pitcher today 4-1. outstanding. he had a shutout going through 6 2/3. his e.r.a. is 2.09. from boston, birds win 8-2. here is hamels following the fourth straight including 10-12 of their last. >> felt good. felt good. i was able to establish the strike zone early in a big inning like you mentioned. really takes the stress out of the situation and kind of opened up the strike zone and just attack. our hitters really did a great job coming out early for us today and made it stand up. >> the birds sweep the low sox in the final gamest road trip -- game of the road trip that has them at 4-1. tomorrow right here on wjz. from syracuse, coach jim adams ranked loyola of maryland university team shocked
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syracuse in syracuse. 13-7, they claim their second big east title. they rolled the shoulders of kara burk. she is great one out of delany high school with four goals and one assist. loyola becomes the first team to have both their men's and women's team in america to go to the upcoming ncaa tournament. that's a real nice thing. we got to get out of here they say. we're out of time. indiana, the clippers and oklahoma city all win in the nba. wish we had 15 34eu7bs to do sports. -- minutes to do sports. >> black-eyed susan just weeks away. >> i'll be there. >> stan, thank you so much. still to come on eyewitness news, did you hear what shaquille o'neal did? >> he has his phd. >> wheel tell -- we'll tell you what he did off the court. you won't believe his gpa. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore,
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the more we help make opportunity possible. he already mastered his skills on the court and now nba legend shaquille o'neal is getting his phd in education. [ cheers and applause ] >> he really had to duck down there for it, didn't he? big man received his doctorate from berry university in miami, florida. he took 16 courses over a span of 4 1/2 years carrying a grade point average of 3.8. that is pretty good. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hey, we found a look at the super moon everyone is talking aboutunfortunately, that's not here in


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