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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he almost drilled him in the ribs. visibility not peak hours right now for hitter. >> gary: twilight time is not a hitters time. lights are on here. but obviously still a lot of sunshine. and markakis will foul that one away. and holds the count at 2-2. >> jim: didn't take me long to have veteran pitchers tell me when you start games you are here at 6:00 but start an hour later the lights don't take effect until you get into daylight savings at 8:30. so you probably have an hour and a half where hitters don't see as well as they will later on. take advantage of it. >> gary: here's the 2-2 to
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markakis. ground ball to short. >> jim: a bunch of high heaters and the good breaking ball. morales again makes nice pitch. red sox infield do the rest. >> gary: so with the third inning in a row orioles with a lead off man on will not get him moved around. two down. and that will bring up adam jones. probably bobby looked at the numbers and deciding to leave morales in and not have a right anker ready. jones has had a double and single in the ball game today. these bull pens have been used. toward the middle pedroia will get over in front of it. and we remain 6-6 ball game.
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bottom half of the 12th inning. top of the order due up for boston. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide.
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save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. this will be the sixth reliever used by the orioles. good job by kevin gregg. >> real good job. and matt lindstrom that has done a real good job you can see the strike out per inning not a lot of walks. so he will come in and back to back days and pitch for the or
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yam -- orioles. again hard thrower. >> gary: we go to the bottom half of the 12th inning. aviles will lead it off. two hits in the ball game. 2-5 game and hitting at .264. lindstrom. strike one. the orioles bull pen may have given up one run but they have been effective. both of these pens have. that will go to short. hardy there. it's hard to believe that jj
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hardy had shoulder problems and had to get a cortisone shot the way he has recovered. american league's best shortstop. 30 home runs. the most put outs. even though he did have the ankle problem and played 129 games. >> gary: here's ryan sweeney. sweeney contributed to this one. he's got a four game hit streak not. picked up a couple singles. an rbi. back in the fourth inning. sweeney with an rbi. home run by middlebrooks and then in the eighth inning that tied the ball game up. lindstrom pitch to him up high. the orioles have the two home runs. the three run homer by andino. and then the rbi double by
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reynolds in the eighth inning. gave the orioles the lead at 6- 5. bottom of the eighth red sox tied it up. great pitch. >> jim: wow. that was the breaking ball right there. >> gary: lindstrom to throw one. it looked like it dropped off the table. you've got the fast ball right and in and breaking ball swooping down. that's what tells you if you have good stuff it -- you will get hitters out. pedroia a single back in the first inning. about five hours ago. >> jim: tommy hunter was lights out. only that infield hit the first three innings. and then the orioles get a
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bunch of runs and he was never the same. >> gary: he faced the minimum. pedroia ha the only hit in the first three hining -- three innings. but then a run and four hits for the red sox. hunter was out of the ball game. >> jim: dangerous count. >> gary: 3-0. >> jim: it's still a dangerous count. no doubt gets the green light. dustin was talking today i was asking about his ability to make contact he said sometimes i get myself in trouble. i put too many balls in play. >> gary: he didn't have to there. pedroia reaches. and that will bring up gonzalez. 0-5 in the ball game. take a look here.
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still available. not many. the orioles closer scott, clayton mortensen available. that's it. >> jim: not exactly the way you want to go through your bull pen. >> gary: lobs that one up. second base. shortstop is there. hardy will put it away.
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>> gary: here's what it looks like going to the 13th. andino the fourth gave the orioles the point of 5-0 lead. how about the bull pens? >> jim: yeah they have been magnificent. the red sox bull pen as we have dually noted struggled early on. they were talking about it today. more defined roles. six runs coming into this game 41 plus innings. >> gary: and here is matt wieters. left hander. franklin morales. and wieters will take it for a
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strike. a walk and a run scored. otherwise an 0-4 in the ball game. moral -- morales left handers done work already in this game. and that will be taken inside for a ball. orioles obviously have now thought about who they will use if this thing really starts going deep if they have to find a starter. jim johnson will probably go two innings if needed. >> jim: that wouldn't be a problem expect what does that do -- >> gary: base hit up the middle. wieters is on. orioles for the fourth consecutive inning.
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>> jim: so that is four straight innings. >> gary: now do you ask chris davis the designated hitter that has struck out five times to bunt. >> jim: let's see again because of what went on chavez is in left. you got reynolds on deck. so i would imagine if you do bunt them over reynolds get to chavez. >> gary: they will play middlebrooks in at third. davis does not show bunt. will take it inside for ball. it's been a long day. five strike outs in the ball game for chris davis that came in with a hot bath. 4-10 in the series starting the game. >> jim hunter: he's going to another lefty. >> gary: after a pitch delivered by morales. >> jim: well have seen rich
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hill and he's dropped his arm angle. obviously valentine thinks hill is the guy to bring in. >> gary: here he comes. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. this is a limited time offer, so don't wait. get fios at this great low price. act now and you'll get $250 back.
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but hurry. this incredible offer ends june 2nd. call 1.888.get.fios. fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> gary: so using just about everybody available to get the matchups you want he goes for a chill. >> jim: native boston pitched on friday night. just one batter. those are against the numbers
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that bobby valentine is looking at. you have a deep bull pen. so you bring him in. you still have chris davis with a one ball count at the plate. the orioles again fourth straight inning. >> gary: it's appeasing. the walk in the tenth. single by refuels. single hardy. 12th single wieters. wieters on at third. middlebrooks will still stay on. hills delivery to him. trike on the inside corper. 1-1. >> jim hunter: yeah he hooks him. i guess maybe that has something to do with it. threw him a curveball the other night. hit it into right field. that put the orioles ahead 5-4 at the time.
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>> gary: no lead at first. wieters on it. there is a little chopper. that is a foul ball. foul ball immediately called by jim hoy. bobby valentine coming out to argue. >> jim: from my great advantage point he caught the ball in foul territory. his feet are in foul territory and the ball is in foul territory. now he might have waited a moment. >> gary: going down the first base umpire. jim joyce for confirmation i guess. most home plate umpires -- and
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home plate umpire jim hoy was right. and a ground ball to first. gonzalez there is one. nice scoop made and aviles doubles it up. he had to hustle that. he had to get down and over. >> jim: i asked gonzalez did you play other sports? he said oh yeah i was a quarterback. he has a good throwing arm. left-handed. nice little play right there by aviles. turn it quickly. not a good way to get runs. >> gary: four consecutive innings. lead off man on. not able to move him. two down nobody on. mark reynolds will be going for the long ball. he has singled, doubled; walked three times. perfect day for him at the
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plate. and inside from the left hander. two home runs eight rbis and 187 batting average for the orioles third and first baseman in the ball game. each team with a dozen hits on the board. and six runs each. and strike called to reynolds and he turns away. >> jim: well really hasn't changed. game started at 1:35. huge strike zone. >> gary: one ball one strike delivery. and this a little bit low. >> jim: rich hill 13 games. 13 starts. orioles get him out of the organization where back in 2007 actually had a real go ahead year. 11 wins. eight losses. never could get the release
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point. really struggled with his wind up. changed his arm angle. >> gary: that is way inside. so three ball one strike count on reynolds. see if he gets the pitch to drive here. two down and nobody on in the 13th inning. >> jim: i don't give into him if i'm rich hill. but again we'll see what he does. >> gary: here's the 3-2. and got him. reynolds with the count 3-2 as he came in. he didn't give in. got the pitch on that inside corner. got him to start to swing. hills 3-2 delivery on the way and just fouled it off. >> he made a great point a
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couple innings ago. people down the right field line they get up because they want the strike out. the people down the third baseline they are getting up to stay warm. clapping, standing. going tommy further out to right field. >> jim: and another five innings. >> gary: none of advanced. fights it off again. count remains three balls and two strikes. keeps defying the odds in this game with the bull pen effectiveness. bull pen getting thirds runners on and not able to advance them. here's the 3-2 again. outside. so the walk surrenders by hill
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and another good at bat. and for reynolds again will be the fourth walk he's picked up. >> jim: 76 at bats without a home run. that changed on friday night. let somebody else beat you. >> gary: first time he's had four walks in his ball game in a career. so with two down chavez. chavez see if he can do something with two away. chavez had only one at bat popped out to the pitcher attempting to bunt. >> jim: rich hill survivor of
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sports medicine. i mean june 9th of last year had tommy john surgery already back pitching. >> gary: how many are doing that now? that pitch on the inside corner. >> jim: talk of the oriole trader percentile of success is in the low 90s. >> gary: some people want the operation even if it's wrong. they think they will be better. runner goes and nobody to cover and a stolen base. >> jim: he went on the first move. >> gary: hill was not paying much tension there to mark reynolds decides to take off. >> jim: watch this first move. the minute the leg goes past the pitching rubber you can't two to first. that's how you steal on lefties. just time them. go on their first move. >> gary: first stolen base of
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the year. now chavez takes the strike. >> jim: big swoop and curve ball that stays up. look at the numbers. again not a lot of opportunities. >> gary: two ball two strike count two away. chavez pops it up. gonzalez foul territory. no runs. one hit. no errors and a runner left in scoring position.
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the bull pen obviously 13 inning game friday went deep. here they are again. >> jim: today of course got to have those innings up there because they take them off the board here. you usually look out you can count all the zeros and all that. can't do it here at fenway. >> gary: lipped symptom. mcdonald coming on to run for ortiz. after ortiz led it off with a double and will ultimately score. >> jim: called up his last
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time up. actually got into james ho's face. >> gary: mcdonald .174. lindstrom on the mound. that will be a base hit. hustling to get it into chavez. the red sox have the lead off man on. >> jim: and they have speed. little sacrifice at bat. >> gary: now cody ross checking. wilson came on to play a couple innings. >> jim: you've got to think
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they will be bunting here. maybe they take one shot. fastball buys covering. again good speed with mcdonald. you're at home you need a win. you have lost four in a row. all you have to do is score one. >> gary: he's not had a sacrifice. in fact only three for the red sox. two of those by aviles and he doesn't bunt. not there any way. fouls it back for a strike. >> jim: a lot of times because i mean that is baseball tradition unless you talk to people like charlie thought the breaking bam was harder to bunt. it's usually fastball first pitch. they will give you an out and take it. >> gary: now bunt shows it up high. >> jim: the reason the breaking ball is so hard to bunt. especially the hard breaking ball you would like to keep the bat head higher than the handle. when the slider goes down tilt
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or goes down most hitters they drop that bat head below the handle. that's where you get the pop ups. >> mcdonald at first base. not a particularly big lead. lindstrom's drove reon the way. the bottom of the 13th tied at sixth. the orioles have had their leadoff man on for four consecutive innings and could not move them around. red sox this is the first time they've had the lead off man on base. lynn symptom delivery and a towering pop up. first base side. wieters, reynolds oh my. >> jim: mark reynolds came in. i know he was calling for it. matt wieters is a take charge type of guy. i don't know if he didn't see
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it or the spin effect. i just don't think -- i don't know what happened to be quite honest. that is a ball that needs to be caught. cody ross gets the second opportunity. >> gary: big chance for ross right there. and ross with a two ball two strike count. mcdonald off first. the pitch will be up high. and the count will go to 3-2. >> jim: that is another factor. matt lindstrom coming in control. only two walks and 11 innings. even though he did walk pedroia last inning. >> gary: 3-2 delivery. and another one. this time wieters coming back and will not have a play on it.


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