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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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school vehicle was traveling on 152 towards route 1 when it crossed the center lane, striking the first vehicle. >> reporter: this is the county school's maintenance truck. the driver had a passenger in the cab. >> sources tell us that investigators are looking at whether the driver of the county truck had some sort of medical emergency that would cause him to cross over the center line. >> the white truck hit the black suv square, head on. and unable to stop, this red jeep plowed into the back. >> the traffic reconstruction will be going through, taking measurements, to determine the cause of the accident. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the school district says it is too early to talk about their employee. she did say that they're devastated. and counselors have been sent to the central maintenance shop to offer help. >> reporter: this road was closed for over three hours in both directions. late this afternoon, police identified the driver in that school truck. it is 59-year-old donald jones from bel air. the driver of the black suv
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that was hit from the front and the back. that has been identified -- or that person has been identified as 46-year-old ronald buck hold of essex, maryland. reporting live, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> police say the two men in serious condition are 36-year- old david walters, sr., of bel air. and 51-year-old mike uler of fallston. both are at shock trauma tonight. we have an update on a carson cardiologist, accused of performing hundreds of stint procedures. >> reporter: well, a baltimore county judge denies mark meday's license appealed. the judge is upholding an earlier decision. the board said that he falsified records to justify the unnecessary placement of heart stents. his medical license cannot be reinstated for two years. >> meday is also facing hundreds of civil lawsuits from
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former patients. a jury will begin looking at whether the election night robocalls in 2010 amounted to the part of fraud for julius henson. derek valcourt explains, jurors heard from the last witnesses today. derek? >> reporter: in all, jurors heard six days of testimony. all about that robocall from the campaign. republican former governor bob ehrlich. closing arguments begin tomorrow morning. >> reporter: julius henson's testimony in his criminal trial for election fraud is over. >> i think it went extremely well. >> reporter: henson faces charges that he conspired with ehrlich campaign manager, paul schurick, to suppress voter turnout. henson maintains that they used reverse psychology not to suprez votes but -- to suppress votes but to inspire them. several testified they went out and voted. >> reporter: prosecutors say the robocall was desect --
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deceptive, saying it sounded like it was coming from the democrats, not to worry that democrat martin o'malley was winning. the call also did not require the legally-required authority line. >> it comes down to mr. schurick in the ehrlich campaign, had to, had the responsibility to put an authority line on that call. i recommended that he do so. i went around them to get them to do so. they refused. that is not my responsibility. so i have no clue whatsoever why i'm here. >> reporter: it is expected that the jury will begin their deliberations by midafternoon tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. we're live at the courthouse. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. a separate jury convicted campaign manager paul schurick in december. he served one month of home detention and must complete 500 hours of community service.
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one of the women murdered inside a howard county church is laid to rest. this afternoon, the family gathered at the home of reverend mary marguerite turnage. >> seems like everyone i spoke with at that funeral today, used the same words to describe reverend cone. warm and caring. >> reporter: sad hearts today outside of the cathedral of incarnation, as hundreds turned out for the funeral of reverend dr. mary cone. >> what kind of loss disowng this is for the -- do you think this is for the community? >> last one. >> st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city, had been feeding douglas jones regularly. but he was turned away, after becoming belligerent. and he came back with a gun. >> she was very spiritual. she was very giving. >> reporter: reverend cone just married this couple a couple of years ago. >> is it tough to make sense of this tragedy? >> yes. >> reporter: many say reverend
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cone was a key figure in recent memories. >> she baptized our children. and she married my sister and her husband. >> we also know that she has been blessed. and she's going to continue to bless us, just through the memory of her spirit. >> reporter: and reverend cone had a passion for social justice. she worked with veterans, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. and also people living with a.i.d.s. and hiv. reporting live, adam may. wjz eyewitness news. >> brenda brewington's funeral is set for thursday at st. john's parish in ellicott city. the tsa seizes a stun gun from a passenger's carry-on bag at bwi marshall airport. a woman attempted to bring the stun gun onto a plane headed for columbus, ohio. she was allowed to catch her flight after she received a citation. it is the latest in a string of weapons found in bags at bwi marshall. and major concerns at security
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airports worldwide, as the cia stops a plot to blow up a plane worldwide. the fbi is taking the bomb apart, and discovering more about the planned attack. >> reporter: u.s. counterterrorism officials say the foiled bomb plot never posed a danger to the american people. the would-be bomber never made it to an airport or a plane. officials are not identifying that person. but say aqap, the al qaeda branch in yemen, was behind the operation. >> reporter: the aqap has been clearly determined to continue to pursue these attempted attacks. and we are going to do everything in our power to stop them, long before they get to an aircraft. >> reporter: officials say the device had all of the hallmarks of ibra ham alasiry, the mastermind behind the underwear bomb that failed over detroit in 2009, as well as the 2010 attempt to hide explosives in toner cartridges, shipped on cargo planes. >> reporter: the white house
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says president obama is pleased with the work of counter terrorism agents in foiling this plot. the cia had help from an informant and foreign intelligence services. >> reporter: on capitol hill, lawmakers got closed-door briefings on the operation. >> bomb analysts are going through it right now. to see exactly what this device is capable of. can it penetrate our detection systems and what we have to do to go out against it. >> reporter: officials describe this new device as an upgraded underwear bomb that did not contain any metallic parts. they also expressed confidence in current screening measures. >> reporter: randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> the tsa is sending an airport security guide to other countries and international air carriers as refreshers, on protecting u.s. bomb flights from hidden explosives. baltimore is on president obama's list of campaign spots, as he battles to keep the white
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house on the list. he'll attend a fundraiser at a private baltimore home. followed by a reception at a local hotel. governor martin o'malley is calling on democrats to attend. meanwhile, the president's republican arrival -- rival is receiving a big endorsement. rick santorum is throwing his support behind mitt romney. stay with wjz for complete campaign coverage, 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates and the issues. some light rain arrives in maryland. outside tonight, it's humid and cloudy. how long will these conditions last? wjz is live at first warning weather. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking the showers. we'll start inside with bob. >> it's been spotty and rather light. take a quick look at radar. there's still a few batches of light rain moving across the region. most of it now to the east of us am but there will be more rain in the light variety, from time to time.
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if you're heading out to the game tonight, could rain just a little bit across the region. take a look temperature-wise right now. it's been pretty much in the upper 60s and low 70s. and that's where we're probably going to stay at least for the next several hours. maybe dropping into the mid-60s if you're heading out this evening. tomorrow, more chances of rain in the area. bernadette with the umbrella has a look at what we expect maybe wednesday. bernadette? >> that's right. there are two parts to the storm. second part comes our way, tomorrow into early thursday morning. you are really not going to notice a break between the two. but in this pattern, there's another low that will come up from the south, bringing another round of rain and maybe a few thunderstorms. that's what we're looking at for the forecast tomorrow. this does move out of here thursday. and changes company for the end of the week. we'll have that forecast coming up. back inside. >> still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. america keeps gaining weight. the alarming news about obesity and how it will affect taxpayers. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, laying a new
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underground natural gas line, next to this one. is raising concern about the environment. that story as eyewitness news continues. for us, that's what we have passion -- that's what we love to do. >> i'm jessica kartalija. coming up on wjz. we talk with tight rope walker, nick wolinda, as he prepares to walk over the inner harbor. >> cloudy and humid. when will the skies clear? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,
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it's cloudy and 69 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. it's not just backyards that will be dug up. opponents ever a proposed natural gas pipeline face some of maryland's most scenic open spaces at risk. alex demetrick reports, it's a flash point in the energy
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versus the environment debate. >> natural gas pipelines don't surface often. most go underground. one of the gas transmission lines runs under maryland. the energy provider wants to provide a second line. >> people better wake up, whether they're on this route or not. because these gas and energy companies are muscling up. >> reporter: state senator robert zerkin is challenging the pipeline. >> company is going to come right through here. without any regard whatsoever for the environment. >> reporter: this will run from fallston to harford county. following the existing line, built 40 years ago. a 21-mile run through 80 private properties, as well as state land and parks like beaver run. >> the green spring valley. they're going right through oregon ridge. >> in a statement to wjz, columbia gas transmission says we make every effort to ensure that construction activities minimize activity. and that the area is returned
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to the previous condition, once construction is completed. but opponents say it's really connected to new drilling techniques that have unlocked vast storage. >> we're just local communities out here. but we're going to fight this thing as hard as we can. >> alex denetrick, wjz -- alex demetrick, week eyewitness news. >> a hearing on the proposed pipeline will be held at 7:00, at the lodge at public ridge. public comment is welcome. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at traffic control. hi again, kristy. >> well, tonight your wait may be a long one. major delays. delays begin at 895. they go all the way to baltimore national pike. as far as the west side outer loop, not much heavier there. heavy from 95 to security boulevard. night lightens up just a little bit. then you're looking at another half hour. northbound 95, heavy delays there as well. that's from the 895 split. past the beltway on the
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northeast corner. harrisburg expressway. really backed up in the northbound direction from shawan to belfast. and plenty of accidents. bel air road at elm way. orleans street at north chester. also, frederick road at south hilton. let's take a live look. you can see, things are just continuing to crawl along the beltway there on greenspring avenue. and the same situation there. you can see things are barely moving. this traffic report is brought to you by the people's pink party at pimlico. it is coming friday, may 18th. to get all of the details, visit back to you. >> kristy, thank you. a harsh are high wire. a member of the famous flying rolinda family is getting ready to walk over the inner harbor. wjz is live downtown. jessica kartalija has more on the final preparations for this stunt. jessica, is he steady? is he balanced? have you seen him do it yet? >> no, mary. not up quite yet. but he tells me, he is not nervous at all.
5:17 pm
he says he is so used to doing this. it is in his dna. his great grandfather did this on a much smaller scale. only 60 feet up. only, right? and nick wolinda is going to be 100 feet up, rain or shine. take a look. >> reporter: for seven generations, the wolingda family-- wolinda family has performed death-defying stunts. >> are you nervous? >> excited. >> reporter: now, we'll meet nick wolinda, for his next challenging stunt. a walk over baltimore's inner harbor. >> when you are up there now, walk me through. what is it going to look like? >> the capable will be mounted in this area. it will start here. and picture a huge barming with a-- barge with a crane on it. >> reporter: wolinda's walk is a tribute to his great grandfather carl, who died while performing in puerto rico in 1978. >> my grandfather said it best. he said life is on the water. for us, that's what we love to do is to be on a wire.
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>> reporter: 4:30. what's going through your head? >> you know what? i will -- it will just be like you and me talking right now. and it will be time to go. and i'll say, excuse me for a minute. and i'll go and walk. >> reporter: wolinda, who walked the length of a football field, without a net or safety harness. >> the most challenging thing you do in your daily life? >> parenting. absolutely parenting. >> okay. >> reporter: isn't that the truth? wolinda tells me that his kids are so used to seeing him do this, the last time he did one over in pittsburgh, he said the kids were actually playing with their nintendos and couldn't care less. he was watching them from the wire, looking down. we should also mention, this is the first time that anyone has walked over water to a crane in the middle of the harbor. guys, it's going to be interesting. 5:15 tomorrow. back to you on tv hill. >> yeah, jessica. because it's sort of like a moving target, right? that the wire could move more
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than normal. >> reporter: right. and speaking of moving. we should also mention he says wind is not a factor or the rain. it's only lightning that could ground him and have to postpone it. >> all right. we will check in with bob, who is sitting next to me. thank you. wjz will definitely be there. as nick wolinda walks over the inner harbor. we'll bring you his stunt tomorrow night at 5:00 and 6:00. unless, bob, there's lightning. >> that's pretty much prime time for thunderstorms. >> okay. >> if it's just rain, still going to do it. >> yep. >> unbelievable. let's take a look at temps and conditions. light rains in the region now. 69 degrees. south/southeast winds at 7. barometer falling a little bit. come back and take a look at more shower activity after this. ,,,,,,,,
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all right. cloudy skies. some pockets of rain here and there. not as much as we'd like to see. it's going to be cloudy. might as well just have rain all day long. we've had spotty rain. airport really as of this hour, they're only had about a tenth of an inch. that's about it. take a quick look at radar. still little batches of rain moving across the area.
5:23 pm
none of it is heavy. if you're heading out to the game tonight, you might get wet for 20 minutes. then it will dry up. i think maybe for several hours, it will probably be rain- free. take a look at temperatures now. we're at 69. 73, warm spot. d.c., 72. pax river. and oakland, 65. the extremes right there. 70 in cumberland. finally, 67 in hagerstown. and elkton as well. right now, locally, 64, the cool spot. westminster has showers. 71 by the bay there. kent island and annapolis. rock hall at 68. southerly and southeasterly winds. southersoutherly winds will keep us in this warm air mass. late tomorrow night, winds go back to the west. it should begin to dry us out. but in between, we have a pretty good shot of getting showers out. in fact, there's another shot of low pressure down here in texas. by the way, this had a tremendous drought. this low pressure expected to head out of the east and northeast. and approach our region
5:24 pm
sometime tomorrow afternoon. a lot is going to fall across virginia, carolinas, and the eastern shore that really needs the rain. but with this front in the area today and tonight, some shower activity. now, to the west, along the actual frontal boundary, there are showers there, and thundershowers developing. you can see it clearing out there. this batch out here. looks like it may be in our region tonight. there is still a risk of showers. maybe thunder. then it stops for a while. then tomorrow, during the afternoon. that second impulse of showers comes up our way. behind it, as i said, it dries out. thursday looks like a pretty decent day. sunny. it will be a few clouds developing in the afternoon. but friday into saturday looks very, very pleasant. winds on the bay, diminishing. looks quite breezy. bay temp now, around 62 degrees. tonight, spotty showers. and then overnight, late tonight, maybe a shower or thundershower. tomorrow, scattered showers. maybe a thunderstorm. yes. and maybe in some areas, decent
5:25 pm
rain can come with those particular thundershowers. so most of that runs off. but we had today is very beneficial. >> all right, bob. thank you. some of america's greatest baseball players never made it to the major leagues because of seg segregation. the negro league is educating baltimore about those times. there's a big fundraiser for the museum on saturday. >> i grew up in a segregated town in north carolina. >> reporter: bart simmons played for the baltimore eli giants of the negro leagues. his dream was a museum, which opened in baltimore, honoring the league's players. and their story passed. >> i know he'd be very proud of the progress we've made over the years. and also, he'd be proud of where we're going in the future. >> reporter: the future includes saturday's museum fundraiser at marriott's hunt valley inn. >> we are encouraging a lot of people to come out and support
5:26 pm
us. al bumbree. ken valentine. >> for the negro leagues, it's not just baseball. it's about history. >> so many things that occurred that we relate about negro league ball players, had to do with what was going on in our history at the time. >> reporter: now a time to remember burt who died in 2009. and baltimore's leon day. and celebrate their achievements. letting the players and the coaches and community members know about the museum and how important it is for them to bring the kids to the museum. and sometimes, some of the parents, too. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the museum is located on patterson avenue, just off liberty road. i had the honor of hosting saturday's hunt valley fundraiser. you can find out more information on our website, >> you can tell these are dedicated folks who help us remember. >> they are.
5:27 pm
>> they're enthusiastic. but dedicated. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. back on u.s. soil. congressman dutch ruppersberger opens up about his trip to afghanistan. what he witnessed in the war zone. a kidnapping in tennessee. who police arrest in the case. and why the frantic search is still under way. wish your health could look like this? i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll tell you where you can get free design tips from the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:30. 69 degrees and cloudy. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. congressman dutch ruppersberger is back on u.s. soil, after a trip to afghanistan, with leaders of the house and senate intelligence committee. tonight, he talks with wjz about what he witnessed. >> reporter: on the heels of president obama's surprise trip to afghanistan, a delegation of high-ranking members of the house and senate intelligence committees, including maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger, touched ground in afghanistan. traveling to the pakistan border regions, making sure u.s. intelligence personnel have the resources they need, after u.s. troops pull out in 2014. >> we spent 10 years there. we've lost american lives. we want to plaque sure that when -- make sure that when we leave, we are protected from another 9/11 style attack.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: this comes after the killing of guard robert marchanti. and since that attack, the afghan army is being trained to identify threats within their ranks. >> it's extremely important that the afghan military are trained well and stand up and stop them from the things that they're doing, the attacks, the training of terrorists, the making of bombs. >> congressman ruppersberger also met with members of the maryland national guard. they have had four killed in action. two arrests are made in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a tennessee mother and her three daughters. denise is in the newsroom with more on the arrest. and the manhunt. >> police in several states are searching for 35-year-old adam mays. today, they arrested his wife and his mother on experience charges. now, mays' is expected of kidnapping joanne bane and her three young daughters. police say baines' body and
5:32 pm
that of her oldest daughter, were found in a shallow grave, in a mississippi home, linked to mays. mays' wife admit she'd drove them to the property in mississippi. the fbi believes the two youngest daughters are still alive and with the fugitive. >> police say adam mays was a family friend and was helping the bane family move to arizona. the family of missing utah mother susan powell is hoping someone will help them find her. the father of the main suspect is set to go on trial. >> last february, 7-year-old charlie and 5-year-old braden were killed. police say josh powell walked a social worker out of his home and attacked his two sons with a hatchet, before starting a gas-fueled blaze that consumed the house within minutes before
5:33 pm
killing everyone inside. >> ma'am -- >> he blew up the house and the kids! >> i already felt numb. but it just took my breath away. >> the fact that he killed those boys, and the way he killed them. what kind of a monster -- it pointed out what kind of a person he really was. >> reporter: now, josh powell's father, steven powell, is on trial, charged with 14 counts of voyeurism. during a search of the washington state home, the elder powell shared with his son, police found secretly- recorded images of women, including susan powell, who has been missing since 2009. with the wounds of their grandsons' death still fresh, the coxes hope that steven powell will finally provide them with answers they have been looking for. >> he needs to tell the true and correct. tell us what happened to our daughter. >> reporter: from the beginning, josh powell maintained susan disappeared from their utah home, while he and his sons were on a midnight camping trip in the desert.
5:34 pm
chuck and judy cox say their former son-in-law was very close with their father. and they're convinced that steven powell knows what happened to their daughter. >> reporter: opening statements in steven powell's trial are expected tomorrow. we're following breaking news right now. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene. what's going on, captain mike? >> reporter: hello, mary. we're in towson. this occurred at dulaney valley road at the entrance to goucher college. two-vehicle collision. looked like it was pretty significant, initially. air bag deployment. called with rescue. now, a medic unit is on the scene. persons that were trapped. and the door was popped open. paramedics are rendering assistance here at the scene as you can see. baltimore county police are conducting the investigation. they have closed one lane of northbound dulaney valley road, right at the entrance to goucher college. so it's a little glaze. you come out of towson. back to you on tv hill. >> all right, captain mike. thank you. in tonight's healthwatch.
5:35 pm
an alarming new report predicts 40% of americans will be obese by the year 2030. that means an additional 30 million people will be obese in 13 years. that's going to cost an additional $539 billion in medical expenditures. according to the american journal of medicine. this is based on a 2008 study that did not include children. one out of three children in the united states is currently considered obese or overweight. a new device promises to give new freedom to millions of people with diabetes. bigat shaban has a look at what is being called a look at the artificial pancreas. >> reporter: 38-year-old tracy cohen has type 1 diabetes. so she watches every bite. >> in terms of either carbohydrates or how much insulin i need. >> reporter: a pump on her stomach injects her with the
5:36 pm
insulin her pancreas can't create on its own. for more than 30 years, tracy has had to test her blood sugar levels up to 15 times a day. then type the dosage of insulin she needs into the pump. but now, she's testing out a revolutionary device in santa barbara. it's called the artificial pancreas. >> i don't have to go in and say, my blood sugar is this. therefore, i'm going to do this. it figures is all out for you. >> while many use a pump and glucose monitor, researchers are using a device to connect the two. >> it takes some of the thought process and some of the hassles of interacting with pumps. and sensors. and automates that so that the patient doesn't have to do that work. >> reporter: when the monitor senses a need for insulin, the pump automatically inject its into the patient through a small coil. >> researchers hope the device will be an option for the nearly 3 million meshes --
5:37 pm
americans with type 1 diabetes. many suffer with symptoms since childhood. >> reporter: tracy says the artificial pan pancreas would free her up. >> they mean the world to me. and i want to be around for them. >> reporter: and less time dealing with her diabetes. bigat shaban, cbs news, santa barbara. >> reporter: right now, the artificial pancreas is being tested at hospitals. but researchers will soon let parenting be tested in their everyday lives. 100,000 vehicles are being recalled by chrysler, due to a problem with the brakes. the affected models are the 2011 and 2012 chrysler 300. the automaker says an overheating fuse could cause the brakes and electronic system to malfunction. so far, no accidents relating to the problem, have been reported. acclaimed children's author, maurice sendac has died. he had the signature book, "where the wild things are."
5:38 pm
sendak was seen as an author who told the truth about childhood, which sometimes led communities to ban his book. he was 83 years old. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a controversial proposal to change the way billions of dollars in federal emergency preparedness funds are distributed. easy and delicious frittatas. and who is number 9 in the suns' list of top 175 athletes of all time. read these stories and more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. >> i like how you said frittata. well, if you are looking for a design idea from the experts, the bso's designer showcase is just for you. the annual fundraiser is up and running in towson. monique griego has a look at this week's house. >> reporter: the landscaping and the house itself are ideal.
5:39 pm
but step inside, and it's a design dream come true. >> it's a great way to showcase what you do. >> reporter: paula is one of the designers whose work is being displayed. >> this side board was a custom- made piece. >> reporter: this year, the fundraiser is being held at the egg house in cromwell valley park. >> we re-created or redesigned it. we have 17 on 18 designers there in every room. >> reporter: the showcase gives local designers the student to transform a bare room into whatever they envision. and people are then invited to take a tour. >> they want the same rooms they can relate to in their own homes. >> it really can be life- changing for people. to have them come in and give some sort of guidance where they need it so they can make their home where they really want it to be. >> reporter: in addition to the design tips, every room has a book like this, with a list of items. and how much you can buy them for. >> there's great things they
5:40 pm
have brought in. so people can take them home with them. >> reporter: all of the proceeds go to the educational program. >> anybody looking for great design ideas who wants to come in and meet a great designer, should come out to see us. >> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> and tickets for the fundraiser are $25 in advance. $30 at the door. for a link to more information, log onto it always helps to get help. right? >> yeah. you get good ideas from the same places. don't you? >> yeah. i always go every year. and you get ideas. like a color on the wall. still ahead on eyewitness news. danger on the job. how one man risks his life to save a coworker. a family shopping trip ends with a rescue. the unusual place a little boy became trapped. bob turk. the first warning weather center. more showers headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street.
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more breaking news from baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. let's go to captain mike perry with more. >> reporter: we are in lutherville, kai. over top of an accident. on i-83, north of 695.
5:44 pm
this is coming off the inner loop, to go harrisburg expressway. looks like a two-vehicle crash. a car collided. the car went off the roadway. 35eur7ds have been called to the scene. and you see one person now, being taken to the awaiting ambulance. no word on the continue -- condition of the vehicle. but you can see, it is blocking one lane, coming northbound on the harrisburg expressway. from the inner loop of the beltway, which is backing traffic up on the beltway. in fact, the traffic is backed up all the way beyond the jones falls expressway. it's rather wet out here. be careful. take your time. the roads are slippery. and we've seen several accidents this afternoon. state police are investigating this accident. and no word on how long it will take to clean this up. back to you on tv hill. >> wow. okay. thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. we know that light rain is moving through the area tonight. we just saw it outside tonight. our conditions are overcast and humid. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk shows us what -- what to expect for the next few
5:45 pm
days. >> reporter: for tonight, mainly areas of rain and drizzle. and there's a chance for thunderstorms later on tonight. that's the general theme for tomorrow. once again, we have a second part of the storm moving our way. chance for showers, rain. maybe even a thunderstorm as we head through the afternoon. and another mild day, topping out in the upper 70s. but by tomorrow night, we may see some of this starting to taper off. for more on that, here's bob. >> let's hope we get some decent rain with all of this stuff headed our way. 76 tomorrow. drying out by late tomorrow night. sunny to partly sunny thursday. upper 60s. beautiful, friday, saturday, low 70s. on sunday, some clouds. and maybe a brief shower sunday afternoon. high up to 76 on mother's day. kai? >> bob, thank you. a group of workishes risk their lives in new jersey to save a man who falls into acid. it started on a roof in a factory. dropping a man 40 feet into a vat of acid. a coworker jumped into the waist-high liquid.
5:46 pm
the injured worker remains in critical condition. the man who rescued him was also treated for burns. parents in indiana are accused of tying their children to their car. witnesses reportedly spotted the couple in ray liquor store parking lot, strapping four kids to the hood. vehicle. police say they drove several blocks before officers could pull them over. the driver is facing dui charges. and both parents are charged with child neglect. the kids were not hurt. a little boy in arkansas qualls for help after his hand gets stuck in ray gumball machine. the 2-year-old wandered away from has dad and became trapped after he reached way into the machine. firefighter his to break the glass, take apart the machine just to free him. the boy is okay. and he did keep a gum ball or two. for the first time, prince hary pays a visit to our nation's capital,a he continues to push to help wounded veterans. chip reid reports for wjz, the prince's work earns him a
5:47 pm
special award. >> reporter: on his first visit to washington. prince harry received the welcome fit for ray rock star. but this was no frivolous occasion. >> we must stand shoulder to shoulder with the boys. >> reporter: he was here to accept an award in recognition of his work -- on behalf of wounded servicemen and women, through an organization he founded with his brother, prince william. the prince even shared the stage with former secretary of state colin powell, who joked about his popularity with the ladies. >> we have a record number of single women attending this year. prince harry? >> earlier at the british embassy, he met with british and american troops whose respect he already earned. he is currently training to be an apache helicopter pilot. his visit here follows a trip in march to central america and the caribbean.
5:48 pm
his first official trip since the queen. >> i'm definitely not a diplomat. i've come representing my grandmother, essentially. >> reporter: it's all an effort to help shed the party image. for years, he was best known for playing polo, escorting beautiful women, getting into scuffles with photographers and on more than one occasion, appearing to be ineb riated. but in recent times, the prince, who is third in line to the throne, behind his father, prince charles, and his brother william, is sending a message that he's all grown up, as he told cbs news earlier this year. >> very primed in the position that we are. but with privilege comes the responsibilities is what they say. >> chip reid reporting. prince harry is third in line for the crown, behind, as you heard, his father, and brother william. check in for these stories and more coming up at 6:00. head-on crash. wjz continues to follow the investigation into this deadly
5:49 pm
three-car pileup in harford county. and... imagine leaving the house. backing out of your driveway. then the unthinkable. a child struck and killed. it happened to this maryland family. should backup cameras be required on all vehicles? mary bubala investigates. >> how many more kids need to die? >> next. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. new at 6:00 now. back to you. still to come. the o's hope to get back on track tonight. >> sports director mark viviano is live at camden yards. >> how are you doing? no rain here at the ballpark now. as we get ready for round 2. the rangers got a battle. we'll hear from manager buck ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ess news
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
the orioles have settled in for a stretch of nine straight home games. they take on the rangers after a tough loss. sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest. >> reporter: baseball season is so long, you're going to have
5:53 pm
your highs and your lows. and the orioles certainly have ridden the roller coaster here recently. sunday, right in the high of that epic win over the red sox. and the low of a blowout loss to the texas rangers. and the key to surviving a long season. keep the emotions there in the middle. no matter how the results may make you feel, high or low on a given night. and manager buck showalter understands his guys are given the proper mindset. o's have been given a lot of attention. but buck always points out, you're only as good as your next starting pitcher. and brian matusz was not enough. brandon schneider. it ended up a 14-3, orioles defeat. but it's just one game in a long season. and win or lose, that's how the o's have to look at it. >> our guys get the length of the season. this is a mature group. as far as -- you know, you get your nose bloodied a lot. you get a feel for the reality
5:54 pm
of this competition and how quickly things in a sport that you play every day. so i'm real proud of the way they've handled some of the attention that they have gotten. >> jake arrieta is there. eight shutout innings against new york. 7:05, game time on masn. i'll have more on the o's coming up, next hour. plus, football news, about the new football signing. plus, a look ahead at the ncaa lacrosse tournament. that's all ahead. costa cruises introduces seven new safety measures in the wake of the disaster in italy. among the changes, passengers will now receive emergency training before costa ships leave port. this is in response to the accident in january, where costa concordia ran aground,
5:55 pm
killing 30 people. a new monitoring system will also allow costa to control position of the course and all its ships in realtime. a disturbing discovery for the family of missing british girl, madeleine mccann. they say a travel website promoted this for portugal. madeleine disappeared five years ago. her parents are demanding the photo's removal. it's still unclear who is responsible for using it. actor john travolta fires back at sexual assault allegations. he faces a multimillion dollar lawsuit, from a masseur, who claims the actor touched his genitals and asked for sex during a massage. travolta calls the claims complete fiction. he also vows to file a counter lawsuit against the man and his attorney. i'm mike schuh in harford county. a three-vehicle accident. two people have died. one, a county employee. what happened here on mountain ,
5:56 pm
so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok?
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coming up now on wjz eyewitness news. a deadly wreck. two people killed in a head-on crash in harford county. new details on the victims. politics. the final witnesses of the trial of the man accused of the election day scandal. >> for us, that's what we have passion. that's what we love to do. >> i'm jessica kartalija coming up on wjz, we talk with tight rope walker, nick
5:59 pm
wolinda, as he prepares to walk over the inner harbor. welcome rain relief. how much will we get? don't miss the updated forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. final witnesses. the high-profile election night robocall scandal, widening to a close. >> tonight, julius henson says he has no clue why he's even on trial. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a jury will begin debating whether the election night robocalls amounted to fraud by julius henson. he's on trial for the scandal. derek valcourt


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