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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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from the trial and its final witnesses today. derek? >> and closing arguments as the jury sat through six days of testimony, all about that robocall about that campaign of republican former governor ehrlich. >> julius henson faces charges that he corn spired with paul schurick that he suppressed voter turnout. henson claims the call used reverse psychology, not to suppress votes but to inspire them. several voters testified they did go out and vote, after receiving the robocall. >> reporter: the state's own witness, proved that the calls were, in fact. prosecutors say the calls were deceptive. saying not to worry. democrat martin o'malley was winning. even though the polls were open. the calls also did not contain
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the legally required authority line. indicating that it was paid for by the ehrlich campaign. >> it comes down to mr. schurick in the ehrlich campaign. had to -- it was their responsibility to put an authority line on that call. i recommended that they do so. i went around them to get them to do so. they refused. that is not my responsibility. so i have no clue whatsoever why i'm here. >> reporter: the jury will begin deciding henson's guilt or innocence during their deliberations just after closing arguments, tomorrow. we're live at the courthouse. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. a separate jury convicted paul schurick. he served one month of home detention and must complete 500 hours of community sense. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene and captain mike perry has more. >> we are at franklin and monroe, denise this. is in southwest baltimore. where a baltimore city medic
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unit, as it was transitioning through a center, was struck on the side by a sport utility vehicle. we do know of several injuries. apparently none of the persons on board the medic unit. they did, however, have to call a second ambulance to take their patient, which they were apparently transporting to a local area hospital. several ambulances were called for the vehicle that struck the ambulance. we know those several people were taken from that vehicle. and then taken to a local area hospital. no word on their condition. city police have pretty much closed off monroe, or franklin and monroe here. mostly monroe street, southbound. so you can expect delays coming southbound out of the north section of baltimore, as police continue their investigation. back to you. >> all right. thank you, captain mike perry, in sky eye chopper 13. an update on the towson cardiologist, accused of performing hundreds of unnecessary stent procedures. wjz continues to follow the story. and mike hellgren is in the newsroom with the new
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information. mike? >> reporter: denise, a judge in baltimore county denied mark meday's appeal to have his medical license reinstated. according to the baltimore sun, the judge is upholding an earlier decision by the in maryland board of physicians. the board says meday's medical license cannot be reinstated for rat least two years -- at least two years. >> meday is also facing hundreds of civil lawsuits from former patients. two people are dead in a horrible crash in a winding stretch of road in harford county. one of the victims works for the county. wjz spent the day on the scene in fallston. mike schuh with the latest on the investigation into that crash. >> reporter: by their nature, head-on accidents are very violent. the speed limit out here is 50. that means it would be the equivalent of a regular car running into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour. when you look at these pictures, it's reasonable to wonder how anyone survived at
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all. >> reporter: the drivers took the brunt of the impact. and of the four people spread out over three vehicles, they're the ones who died. >> the harford vehicle struck the first vehicle. >> reporter: this is the county maintenance truck. the driver had a passenger in the cab. >> sources tell us, that investigators are looking at whether the driver had some sort of medical emergency that would cause him to cross over the center line. >> the white truck hit the black suv square, head-on. and unable to stop, this red jeep plowed into the back. >> the reconstructionists will be going through, taking measurements to the cause of the accident. >> reporter: late today, he said it's 59-year-old donald jones of bel air. the driver. black suv is from essex. police have also released the names of the injured. inside that work truck for the
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county, it is 36-year-old david walters of bel air. he is in stable condition at shock trauma. and 51-year-old mikuler of fallston maryland. he was the driver of that red jeep. reporting from fallston, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> police cannot say when its crash team will make the results was investigation available. family, friends and parishioners, bid a somber farewell, to mary marguerite cone. killed in a shooting at her howard county church. wjz is live. adam may has more on that. >> people are just having a hard time understanding the cruel irony of that crime. a generous woman, killed by a man she was trying to help. >> reporter: sad rainy day. hundreds turn out for the funeral of reverend dr. mary marguerite cone. >> what kind of loss do you think this is for the
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community? >> a tremendous one. >> last thursday, a homeless man killed reverend cone and church secretary brenda burlington. they have been feeding douglas jones regularly. but he was turned away after becoming belligerent. >> she was very spiritual. very giving. didn't need any strangers. >> is it tough to make sense of this tragedy? >> it's tough, yeah. >> reporter: many attending the funeral say reverend cone was a key figure in many families. >> she baptized my nephews. and she married my sister and her husband. >> we will always be sad. we know that she has been blessed and she will continue to bless us, just through the memory of her spirit. >> reporter: and reverend cone was passionate about social issues. she had helping veterans suffering from post traumatic stress order. and also people living with a.i.d.s. and hiv. >> what a loss.
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thank you, adam. brenda brewington's funeral is set for thursday. another dangerous device, seized by tsa. an alert tsa spotted this stun gun. yesterday, in a woman's carry- on bag. this is getting ready to fly to ohio where she lives. the woman was cited and she was allowed to catch her flight. >> reporter: maryland congressman, dutch rube ruppersberger is back on shore, after being overaccess. >> reporter: ruppersberger traveled, with leaders of the house and senate del everintelligence committee. tonight, he talks with wjz about what he witnessed. >> reporter: on the heels of president obama's surprise trip to afghanistan, a delegation of high-ranking senate committees, a key member touched ground in afghanistan. spending several days meeting with afghan leaders and
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traveling to the border. making sure u.s. intelligence personnel have the resources they need after u.s. troops pull out in 2014. we spent 10 years there. we've lost american lives. we want to make sure that when we leave, that we are protected from another 9/11 attack. >> reporter: congressman ruppersberger's killing comes after the killing of maryland national guard mashanty. and since that attack, the afghan army is being trained to identify threats within their ranks. >> it's extremely important that the afghan militaries are trained well and stand up and stop them from the things that they're doing, the attacks, the training of terrorists. the making of bombs. >> congressman ruppersberger also met with the members of the maryland national guard, serving in afghanistan. vic? >> more than 500 local soldiers have served there, since the start of the war, four have have been killed in action. the local drought is getting worse.
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a drought watch is in effect for western and central maryland. a drought watch is already in effect for eastern shore. stream flow and ground water levels are below normal for much of the state. we are seeing some needed rain in the region tonight. a live look outside right now. we need the rain for a while to keep making up for this deficit. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking live doppler radar. >> quick look at radar. we've had spotty rain throughout the afternoon and evening hours. not a lot of it. but there is still a bit more to the west of us. and there will probably be more developing overnight. close look around the baltimore region. you see showers moving through. but none of it is of the heavy variety. most areas getting less than two-tenths of an inch. take a look at temperatures in the area. hasn't moved much there. warm are -- warmer to the south. a little sunshine. pax river at 74. oakland at 63. now, there's another chance we'll see more showers and maybe heavier rain tomorrow. bernadette woods has a look at
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the wednesday forecast. >> that's right. two parts of the storm system are coming through. this is going to bring another round of scattered showers and maybe even an increased chance of thunderstorms. then dryer air will follow for the second half of the week. we'll have all of that coming up for your forecast. back inside. >> okay. bernadette and bob. thank you. a member of the famous high- flying wolinda family prepares to walk over the inner harbor. wjz has more on what is expected to be a breathtaking show. >> reporter: vic, it's supposed to be spectacular. nick wolinda is getting ready, as we speak. he's checking things out at the inner harbor here. it's all part of the opening of riply's believe it or not in baltimore. >> for seven generations, the wolinda family has performed death-defying stunts. >> are you nervous? >> excited. >> now, we meet nick wolinda, as he prepares for his next
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challenging stunt, a walk over baltimore's inner harbor. >> when you are up there now. walk me through. what is it going to look like? >> this will actually be mounted in this area. it will start here. and picture a huge barge with a crane on it, out about 300 feed out that way. >> reporter: wolinda's walk is a tribute to his great grandfather carl, who died while performing in puerto rico in 1978. >> my grandfather said it best. he said everything is on the wire. and the rest is just waiting. and that's what we love to do best. >> reporter: in 1973, carl wolinda walked over the harbor on a rope. >> is very special. because he had walked here almost 40 years now. it's exciting to come back and recreate something that my great grandfather had done a while ago. >> what's going through your head? >> you know what? it will be just like you and me talking right now. and tell be time to go. and i'll say, excuse me for a minute. and i'll go and walk. >> reporter: wolinda, will walk
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the lect of a football field without a net or safety harness. and. >> reporter: well, i asked nick woe linda -- wolinda what will happen if it's sprinkling. he said it will help him out. the suede on the bottom of his shoe creates a stickiness that will help him on the rope. but we should mention, wind, he says, is not a factor. but lightning is. if, for any reason, there is lightning in the area, he will not be on that tight rope. and we cannot blame him. we're live at the inner harbor, jessica kartalija. >> i am having difficulty getting this. i think you should be on a tight rope and show us. >> i will be out there. but i will not be wearing the heels i'm wearing right now. >> thank you. we'll be watching the high wire walk tomorrow evening. >> i'll be watching. you bet. still to come. teenage drivers.
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an eye-opening study of what put them in the most danger behind the wheel. bomb squad. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, laying a new underground natural gas line next to this one. is raising concern about the environment. that story as eyewitness news continues. and how long will the rain stick around? don't miss the updated forecast coming up. blatch ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 69 degrees with some
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showers in directly maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. it's not just backyards that will be dug up. opponents of a proposed natural gas pipeline say some of maryland's most scenic open space is at risk. alex demetrick reports, it's a local flash point in the energy, versus environment debate. >> reporter: natural gas pipelines don't surface often. most go underground, for hundreds, even thousands of miles. one of columbia gas transmission lines runs under maryland. the energy provider wants to add a second line. >> people better wake up, whether they're on this route or not. because these gas and energy companies are muscling up. >> reporter: state senator robert zerkin is challenging the pipeline. not just because he lives next door to part of it. >> this is coming to come right through here. without any regard whatsoever for the environment. >> reporter: the additional would run through owings mills and harford. following the existing line built 40 years okay. a 20-mile run, through 80
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private properties, as well as state land and parks like beaver run. >> they're going right through oregon ridge. >> reporter: in a statement to wjz, columbia gas transmission says we make every effort to ensure that they minimize impacts to the community and that the area is returned to its previous condition, once construction is completed. but opponents say it's really connected to new drilling techniques that have unlocked vast storages of natural gas to must be moved to make money. >> we're just local communities out here. but we're going to fight this thing as hard as we can. . >> reporter: now a hearing on had this proposed pipeline. and public comment is welcomed. a list on president obama's campaign stops. the president's visit is scheduled for next month on june 12th. it will send a fundraiser to a private home followed by reception at a local hotel. it could be the president's only campaign stop in maryland.
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governor martin o'mal secalling -- o'malley is calling on democrats to attend. rick santorum is throwing his support behind mitt romney. santorum cites dedication to pro-romney initiatives. stay with us for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates and the issues. >> well, if you're looking at the design ideas, the bso's showcase is for you. this is up and running for towson. and monique griego has more. >> reporter: the landscaping in the house itself are idyllic. but step inside, and it's a design dream come true. >> it's a great way to showcase what you do. >> reporter: paula henry is just one of the designers whose work is being displayed at the baltimore symphony's association, 36th annual at greater showhouse. >> this side board was a great piece. >> reporter: this was held at cromwell valley park.
6:19 pm
>> we re-created or redesigned it. and we have 17, 18 designers there in every room. >> reporter: the showcase gives local designers the opportunity to transform a bare room into whatever they envision. ask then people are then invited to take a tour. >> they want the same rooms that they can relate to their own homes. >> it really can be life- changing for people. to have someone come in and give them guidance, where they need it so they can make their home what they really want it to be. >> reporter: in addition to the design tips, every room has a book like this, with a list of items and how much you can buy them for. >> there's great things the designers have brought in to showcase their rooms that people can cake home with them. >> reporter: all of the proceed goes to the bso's educational program. and it's open through the 20th. >> anybody who. s to come in and meet a great designer should come out to see us. >> reporter: monique griego. wjz eyewitness news. >> tickets are $25 in advance. $30 at the door. and for a link, log onto
6:20 pm wish they'd come to my house. >> i've been to your house. i don't think you need any. take a look at temps and temps and conscience. light rain in the area. tonight, maybe a little rain at the ball game. south/southeast winds at 6. come back and take a look at the rain after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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live look outside right now. take a look at a little drizzle here and there. >> this is good. >> with all of these clouds, we need steady rain, like all day. that's what we really need. couple of inches of rain over 24 hours. the reservoirs are pretty full. but it's just that the ground water in many areas is not what it should be. and the stream levels are not what they should be this time of year. particularly for spring. take a look at temps. we have a little rain. spotty rain. not a whole lot. but some folks, we see some showers this evening. and there may be another batch coming in overnight. 65 in oakland. 70, cumberland now. 74, a little warmer to the south. had sunshine earlier. 63, ocean city. we're at 69 degrees. locally, 66 to 70 down by the bay. southerly and southeasterly winds. that will continue to keep us in this rather warm and humid air mass tonight. late tomorrow afternoon, i think probably by tomorrow
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night. winds go back to the west. should begin to dry us up. but in between, we have a pretty good shot at getting maybe half inch of rain, hopefully. because of this system developing in southern area of texas, louisiana. it's going to head out to the east, get gulf and atlantic moisture with it. in the meantime, the rain going to the area today. most of it to the north. didn't get across the region. northwest areas get -- most areas getting a tenth or less. but there's another batch to the west. this is actually a frontal system with showers and thundershowers with it. the thunder probably diminished tonight. because of the loss of daytime heat being. the front is going to slow down and stall out across our region. and when that happens, low pressure developing down here. we told you about. should move up that front. bring moisture with it. and give us another chance of rain. wednesday, wednesday afternoon. and should cut out sometime wednesday evening. maybe heavier showers with it. thursday. end of the week.
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dry air comes back over the region. bay temp now, around 62 degrees. and the winds will be diminishing down to 10 knots. tonight, then, a few showers here and there. maybe later on. overnight, a thundershower around the region. 63. mid-70s tomorrow. any sun will create some more thundershower activity. so we may get some decent showers tomorrow afternoon. before it clears out late tomorrow night. >> okay. >> thank you very much, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. hit-and-run. the wild video you have to see to believe. and why police released it. desperate search. a woman and her daughter found dead. two others missing. the surprise arrest in the case. on position. without a backup camera, the driver couldn't see me. i'm mary bubala. coming up, the startling view. and why many ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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69 degrees in the region. hello and thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people people are talking about tonight.
6:29 pm
breaking news working for the cia. he was given the sophisticated new underwear bomb and handed it over to agents. randall pinkston reports for wjz from the white house, with more information. u.s. countterrorism officials say the foiled bomb plot never posed a danger to the american people. officials are not identifying that person but say aqab, the al qaeda branch in yemen, was behind the investigation. >> the aqap has been clearly determined to pursue these attempted attacks. and we are going to do everything in our power to stop them, long before they get to an aircraft. >> reporter: officials say the device had all of the hallmarks of ibra ham alasiry, the mastermind behind the underwear bomb that failed in 2009. as well as the 2010 attempt to hide explosives in toner
6:30 pm
cartridges, shipped on cargo planes. >> reporter: the white house says president obama is pleased with the work of counter terrorism agents, in foiling this terrorism plot. the cia had help from former intelligence services. >> reporter: on capitol hill, lawmakers got briefings. >> bomb analysts are going through it right now to see exactly what this device is capable of. can it penetrate our detection systems? and what we have to do. >> reporter: officials described this as an upgraded underwear bomb that didn't contain any metallic parts. they are trying to determine if it tried to slip through security. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> once again, the would-be bomber in that operation was actually an informant, working for the cia. he is now working safely out of yemen. new search and twist for the little girls, after their
6:31 pm
mom and found buried in shallow graves. the bodies of 14-year-old jane and adrianne. police suspect a family friend, adam mays is responsible. police are searching for 12- year-old alexandria, and 8-year- old kia leah bane. police say tonight, his wife and mother helped in the crime. they are charged with kidnapping. no word on a motive. a maryland woman will need extensive surgery after being attacked by a dog. police say the victim was speaking with the rottweiler's owner when the dog attacked. the dog has been quarantined for 10 days. police say it has no history of biting or attacking anyone. and it is not clear what provoked the dog. anne arundel county police are looking for the man who robbed a bank in laurel. take a look at surveillance pictures of the suspect. police say he threatened the
6:32 pm
teller. and demanded money. anyone with information is asked to call metro crimestoppers. should hospitals and universities fund baltimore schools? the chairman of the city tax and finance committee wants to impose a $500 bed tax on colleges and hospitals that do not pay property taxes. political reporter pat warren says, the plan is to funnel that money into school construction. >> reporter: while johns hopkins university students gib their school year -- begin their school years with the ritual moves into freshly- appointed dorms, baltimore city school students return to outmode buildings. councilman stokes wants to charge $500 a bed and use that money for city schools. >> the hospitals and universities are currently paying a special tax or fee to the city of baltimore. but that will run out in about two more years. >> reporter: in 2010, the city entered a six-year agreement that schools and hospitals not subject to property taxes would
6:33 pm
make direct payments to the city, totaling $20.4 million dollars. >> we're suggesting that rather than stop that, that money still come from our universities and hospitals hospitals to support school construction, for new schools for children in baltimore city. >> reporter: a johns hopkins university spokesman says the six-year deal should stand. >> two years ago, we had good discussions with the mayor. and good discussions with the city council. and we hammered out this agreement, to which all sides agreed. and we expected going forward, it would continue to be a collaborative process. >> reporter: if johns hopkins is any example, there would have to be a whole lot more discussion, with colleges, universities and hospitals, before they take a position on extending payment in lieu of taxes. now, i'm pat warren, back to you on tv hill. >> the mayor says she has no intention of superseding the existing agreement. an eye-opening study on teenage drivers.
6:34 pm
research found that the risk of dying increases dramatically, when there are other teens in the car. and plummets when there is an adult looking on. the study points to triple a as a good reason for graduated licensing systems. when you put your car in reverse, tragedy could be just behind your bumper. >> and vic, it is a growing number of backup accidents tonight. wjz investigates. speaking with one woman who shares the heartbreaking reason she wants all cars to have backup cameras. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 3-year-old bana shiewn dies in her driveway in frederick, maryland. >> she was the cutest, funniest little girl. my heart breaks for her. and it always will. >> reporter: an suv backing up, running over her. the driver is her own mother. she thinks her daughter is safely inside the house. >> she was running outside to tell my sister something. >> reporter: melissa femur is
6:35 pm
her aunt. it is a tragedy that plays out at least twice a week across the country. and in 70% of the traggix accidents, -- tragic accident, it is a parent or relative who is behind the wheel. >> the only person my sister could blame was herself. and that's what she did. >> melissa's sister begged her to warn others about the dangers lurking behind her wheels. >> she had said to me, make sure this doesn't happen. you can do that. i know you can do that. >> reporter: but just last month, a man pulling out of a parking lot never saw 5-year- old samaya jones behind him. >> she was my only child. and you never get her back. you never get closure on something like this. >> reporter: nearly 400 died in backup accidents, more than twice the number in the previous five years. >> reporter: even small to mid- sized suvs like this one, there
6:36 pm
are big blind spots. nothing in the rear-view mirror either. but if i actually backed up right now. look at what is at risk. this stroll ner the blind spot. >> reporter: which is easy to see with this rear-view camera. >> reporter: if you drive a minivan, your blind spot is up to 28 feet. an suv is 39. and if you're at the wheel of a truck, it can be a whopping 50 feet. >> it can happen to anybody. anywhere, any time. your kids, someone else's kids. >> reporter: backup cameras are now standard in nearly half of all new vehicles. but zeta's family wants them in all of them. >> it's frustrate being. i figured by now this would be done. and it hasn't been done. >> reporter: president bush signed a law for it to be put in this year. but the bill has been delayed due to more studies. >> the bill has been passed. make it happen. >> reporter: a one-size-fits all solution would not make sense for all vehicles. triple a supports backup
6:37 pm
cameras across the board. >> certainly the comp -- combination of the camera and turning your head, we believe the go a far step in the right direction. >> why do you think it is taking so long for the government to take action on this? >> they want to review more statistics. how many more kids need to die? all it takes is one moment of not knowing what is behind your car, and your entire life changes. >> the government hopes to make cameras standard on all vehicles in the 2014 model year the. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a controversial proposal to change the way billions of dollars in federal emergency preparedness funds are distributed. easy and delicious frittata recipes for mother's day. and who is top on the list ever 175 athletes of all time? for these and more stories,
6:38 pm
read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. a super hero is now searching the streets of saginaw, michigan. she is the asthma warrior. she admits she has asthma. but that doesn't stop her from keeping an eye out on streets. calling police when needed. >> why is she not showing her face? >> well, a lot of super heroes like to remain anonymous. >> she has a mask. she's the masked admasuper-- asthma super hero. still to come. young children, strapped to the hood of a car. wait until you hear why. fatal fall. a teenager jumps from the back of a bus. why did he do it? bob turk. first warning weather center. much-needed showers still on tap. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast
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a florida teenager who jumped from a moving has died.
6:42 pm
16-year-old jesse has been on life support since he left the rear emergency exit friday. the family says they don't know why he jumped. but they were told his brain stem snapped in the fall. organ recovery specialists say the teen's organs could save up to eight lives. three teenagers are walking on the sidewalk, when all of a sudden, the car slams into one of them. the 18-year-old was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. he is expected to recover. the 19-year-old driver was arrested minutes after the accident. and he is charged with assault, regless driving. assault. witnesses say they saw the two strapping children to the hood of the vehicle. the driver is facing dwi charges. and both parents are charged with child neglect.
6:43 pm
the children, between the ages of 4 and 7, were not hurt. michigan teenager turns some heads after creating a sweet dress for her prom. check out this one of a kind prom dress, made out of starburst candy wrappers. it took 18,000 to complete the ensemble. she even accessorized. friends and family helped collect it. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. we're learning more about the bomb plot, broken up by the cia. including the man suspected of building the device. that story next on the evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪
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we could be in store for more rain tonight. live look outside. what is in store for the week? wjz is live. meteorologist bern dets woods and bob turk are updating the forecast. for the orioles game tonight, there is drizzle out here now. rounds of rain and drizzle. but as we head into tomorrow,
6:47 pm
more rain and maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. that's starting tomorrow morning, continuing on and off as we head through the afternoon. and evening, tomorrow evening, we still have that chance. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> let's just hope it picks up decent rain. my computer just went completely blank. yes, it did. all right. we've got shower activity around the region. looks like tomorrow, a chance of showers. and some maybe isolated thunderstorms could bring decent rain. should end by thursday, with sunshine returning. temperatures to upper 60s to the low 70s. there we go. thank you very much. finally came back. okay. 69 on thursday. there will be some cloud in the the afternoon. chilly air moves in ahead. nice friday and saturday. and clouds come back on, yes, sunday, mother's day. could be a shower late in the afternoon. back up in the mid-70s. denise? >> thank you, bob. beyonce opens up about being a new mother. mark steines has more now from hollywood. coming up on entertainment tonight. beyonce, the exclusive et interview. that's right.
6:48 pm
the new mother and fashion icon is talking only to nancy o'dell, at new york's famed met gala. >> stunning. >> as if you wouldn't look stunning. >> oh, thank you. i just decided i was going to go a few hours ago. i was rushing. i'm so happy i made it. >> you are worth the wait. let pee tell you. >> beyonce decided to come after getting an invite from her sister. they escorted the new mom right to nancy, where she did her only interview of the night. >> how is the baby? >> she's so good. she's sleeping. >> is that what she is doing tonight? >> my mom is with her tonight. and my husband is there, too. >> that's good, too. what's the best thing about being a mom so far? >> i have such a full life. i feel like now i know the reason why i was born. >> and we will have that entire interview for you tonight on et. including what she told nancy about wanting to have more
6:49 pm
babies. plus, new video of ashton kutcher pushing a paparazzo to the ground. that and more coming up on entertaintment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13. and still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the orioles are counting on one of their best pitchers to shut down the tough texas rangers tonight of. >> mark has a live report from the ballpark next in sports. ,,,
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well, the orioles get another shot at the pesky rangers. mark is at the ballpark. he's live at wjz the farn sports report. mark? >> we have a light drizzle falling at the ballpark now. this will be another battle between two facefirst-placed teams. and in the course of a long baseball season, you have your very high, highs and low, lows. and orioles have experienced that in back-to-back games. the high, followed last night by the low of a blowout loss here to the rangers. and baseball season, the key to survival is keeping those right in the middle. no matter how high you may feel in one game or how low in the next. manager buck showalter feels like his guys understand the proper mindset. and o's are getting a lot of attention because they're in first place. but as buck always says, you're only as good as your next starting pitcher. last night, brian brian matusz,
6:53 pm
admittedly, was not good enough. threw in three home runs. a 14-3 oriole defeat. but win or lose, it's just one game in ray long season. and that's how the o's have to continue to look at it. >> our guys get the length of the season. this is a mature group, as far as, you know, you get your nose bloodied. a lot. you get a feel for for the reality of this competition. and how quickly things in a sport that you play every day. so i'm real proud of the way they've handled some of the attention that they've gotten. but i'm also proud that they have gotten it. >> reporter: jake arrieta is tonight's orioles starting pitcher. he's gotten some attention for how well he threw in his last outing. eight shutout innings against the yankees in new york. it's arrieta against the rangers, 7:05, game time masn. something i want to show you from last night's game. it's a lesson from fan etiquette. rangers lost the bat.
6:54 pm
and the bat whirl into the stand. s. a couple of fans would wrestle for possession of the souvenir. now, the guy with the o's bat got it. but was not greedy. he would find a young fan nearby and give the bat to the guy. that's how you do it. kudos to an o's fan, doing the right thing. football news to pass along. the ravens have made another free-agent signing. they picked up kick returner, jacobi jones, who last played for the houston texans. also good news about the guy they signed yesterday. defense ryan mcbean. he appealed his suspension, that he had violated the league's performance-enhancing drug policy. it was a six-game suspension. the league has dropped that to a three-game suspension. all right. let's talk about college lacrosse, as we get ready for the may madness and the ncaa tournament, which starts this week. yesterday, we heard from the top seed loyola greyhounds, catching up with the number 2
6:55 pm
national seeds. johns hopkins. hopkins is a perennial national power. and they have experience on their side, heading into this tournament. >> the good thing is, we have a good core of seniors that, you know, are very, very good leaders. and they realize that you know, this could very well be the last week. if we don't do our job and practice. so we're just going to put our best foot forward every day. and reload that message to the young guys. >> reporter: and the quest for the national title begins on their home turf, this sunday, when they play host to sony brook in a first round game. the winner will advance to annapolis, to face survivors of the lehigh game. o's and texas rangers. birds looking to bounce back from a tough loss last night. jake arrieta to throw. highlights tonight at 11:00. back to you for now. >> thank you, mark. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,
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that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. >> here's the cbs evening news >> pelley: tonight, catching a terrorist. new details about how u.s. and other intelligence agencies
6:59 pm
stopped a plot to blow up a jetliner headed to the united states. john miller has the latest on the investigation. he once said g.m. should go bankrupt. now mitt romney is claiming credit for saving the company. we'll talk to political director john dickerson. the immigration mess. bill whitaker with american children forced to move to a foreign land. >> i was scared. i was shocked. i was nervous. >> pelley: and byron pitts with a former crook now doing the lord's work. >> i used to love money and use people. now i love people and use money. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there are late-breaking developments this evening in that alleged bomb plot in which al qaeda allegedly tried to put a bomb on an airplane bound for the united states. the "new york times", the s


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