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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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marriage momentum the president of the united states throws his support behind same- sex marriage. as maryland pushes to keep it out of the state. what this could mean for voters come november. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, here's what people are talking about tonight. >> president obama takes a stern stand on same-sex marriage. maryland has a petition to put the marriage equality law on the ballot. >> reporter: after years of saying his stance on same-sex marriage was evolving, president obama becomes the
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first president in history to come out for same-sex marriage. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: it comes days after north carolina votes to make marriage between a man and a woman. those against it tell wjz they are now close enough to getting the signatures they need to put the issue on the november ballot. >> for the thousands of voting citizens that are writing their names on these petitions we don't plan on losing. >> reporter: mccoy with the marriage alliance dismisses a new gallop poll. it shows most of americans now support same-sex marriage, that includes most democrats, independents, catholics and most religious voters. >> every time the voters have gone they voted that marriage should be defined as one man
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and one woman. >> momentum is certainly here in maryland. >> reporter: the president's support sa game changer -- sport is a game changer, especially since he's especially popular here in maryland. governor o'malley says he applauds the president's new stance and he thinks people will vote for same-sex marriage this november. >> signature for the maryland referendum are due at the end of june. a brutal robbery that shocks people around the country, now over half of the charges of those arrested have been thrown out. four people are charged in the attack on a drunk tourist outside the courthouse downtown on st. patrick's day. prosecutors have dropped 13 of the 24 initial charges including first degree assault. three of the defendants will be in court next week. new information emerges about the cia double agent who stopped al-qaida terrorists before they could blow up a
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plane bound for the united states. randall pinkston reports on the terror operation. >> reporter: the double agent who swirled al-qaida's latest plot also helped take out one of the famous leaders. he gave the u.s. information that led to last week's drone strike against alcuzo. but there's no indication that u.s. intelligence agents have gotten any closer to the bomb making master mind abraham hassan al-asiri. >> when does the bomb maker go down. my question is not did we stop the plot, my question is did we get enough information to stop the plotter and that's the bomb maker that's still out on the field. >> when your sitting on the table you have a simple priority and that is to ensure that even if you want to destroy the organization you
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don't put american or other lives at risk. >> reporter: muller told lawmakers that this the áf shows that the united states has to stop allies. >> aqap has attempted several attacks on the u.s. including the attempted bombing of u.s. bound cargo planes in 2010. >> reporter: even as the fbi takes apart this new and improved bomb. there are no immediate plans to change airport security screening. at the white house, randall pinkston, wjz. >> he will be relocated with his family and according to cbs news will be rewarded with a payment worth millions. a moving tribute to a state trooper who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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families today remembered state troopers who died in the line of duty. troopers sean chamber is name was added to the memorial. there is closure tonight for the family of two young students who died after their tug boat was plowed. the lawsuit ends with a multi million dollar settlement. kai jackson has more on the agreement and emotional words from the victim's families. >> reporter: it's a painful day for the families of the two people who died and for the survivors. . this video recently released shows what happened. the tug boat was hit and sunk. on wednesday a $17 million
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settlement was reached in the wrongful death case filed by families of the dead students. >> no amount of money can replace their priceless only children. >> reporter: 16-year-old doris whitmer and saval prince drowned. prosecutors say switner threw her life jacket to a boat employee as he jumped out. the thug boat president offered a statement saying we will never forget about switner and whitm er. >> thug boats with canopies are death traps. if you wear your life preserver and it goes down you will get trapped underneath the canopy. >> reporter: the 18 survivors will split a fee of $2 million that comes out to about $25,000
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per person. back to you. >> thank you, kai. after the accident the boat company changed its tours to shorten the amount of time spent in the water. maryland's top politicians reach a deal to raise taxes. lawmakers are expected to raise your taxes if you make more than $100,000. the move will prevent a doomsday budget fare. it's going to take a long longer than expected to fix earthquake damage at the basilica. repairs have been delayed while crews take a closer look at the damage. construction should start in july but it may not be finished until next year. a world famous daredevil attempts a death defying feat. the flying malinda tries to
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cross a tight rope without a net. >> reporter: nick rolinad made it across the harbor. the tight rope just 1 inch wide and it was the length of a football field. it was definitely without frightful moments. with his first steps, the crowd held their breath. >> if he makes a mistake he will die. >> i was like, oh my god i hope he don't fall. >> reporter: but seconds later near tragedy. >> i looked up and was talking to a friend of mine who was in the basket, and i slipped and he turned peal white and necked -- and he freaked out. he said are you okay, are you okay. >> reporter: the walk to celebrate the june's opening of ripley's believe it or not. and for this daredevil it was just the start. this was the last walk before
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he tries to cross the niagra falls. >> here a boat can catch him. but at the niagra falls, it's more difficult. >> reporter: those challenges inspiring young fans. do you think you could walk like that. >> yeah. >> reporter: you can? >> if i was bat man or spidey man. >> reporter: rolinda will leave for niagra falls to begin preparing for that walk. >> looks a little more like you were taking a sobriety test down there. >> i don't think it's a new career for me. >> thank you very much. to make rolinda make his entire walk, go to >> let it be known she passed. coming up a close call, a
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car goes flying into a car. the even bigger surprise after it happened. >> i wouldn't call myself a hero. i just did what anybody else would do. the unlikely person who wrestled a thief to the ground and the training that paid off for him. the rain is coming, but a beautiful day to our week. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast. a maryland man accused of spying, locked away in a cuban prison. every alan gross's wife fights to bring him home. her message to cuba and the world. >> do the right thing, allow him to come home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's hair from the '80s. there's an easier way to save. wooohooo... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. there's light rain and 69 degrees in central maryland right now. a house in boston suffering major damage when a car crashes into the front porch. everyone more shocking than -- even more shocking than the accident scene was that an 8- year-old boy was behind the wheel. the child started the bmw across the street and then put it in reverse. the young boy was not hurt and everybody inside the house escaped injury. a suspected suspect's escape from a grocery store is stopped by a 17-year-old bagger. this surveillance video shows robert bradford in the blue shirt wrestling the suspect to the ground. the man struck a security guard who initially tried to stop
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him, bradford is a member of the police explorer who trains teens who want to become officers. a murder may be -- the brother-in-law of adam mays thinks he's the father of the two young boys. detectives believe the girls are with him. the bodies of their mother and older sister were discovered near may's home in mississippi. indonesian officials believe they have found the bodies of two people killed in a plane. the new aircraft was in a demonstration flight. air traffic controllers say they lost contact with the plane less than an hour after take off. a maryland family caught up in an international nightmare convicted of spying. his wife tries desperately to bring him home. i recently spoke with her about how she's holding up and what
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this has done to her family. >> two years, five months, six day, baltimore native alan gross wastes away in a cuban prison. >> to see him getting more depressed, weaker, it's a very helpless feeling. >> reporter: judy gross shares her deepest fears. she admits she worries whether her 63-year-old husband will ever come home to her family. >> do i ever think i will see him on u.s. soil, sometimes i wonder. >> you're worried that he might die there? >> i think about it a lot. >> reporter: alan still has 12 years left on his sentence. he has always insisted he went to cuba to improve internet access for the young jewish community. >> did you break law. >> we now know he broke cuban law, we did not know that until
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he was arrested. >> reporter: is there anything more you think can be done to secure his release? >> my hope right now is justice will allow him to come home to visit his mother. >> reporter: alan's 90-year-old mother is dying of cancer. >> she cries every day that i talk to her that she is not going to see her son. it's inhumane. >> reporter: the cuban government has allowed judy to visit her husband in prison. >> that's what's so ironic about it. i talk to him and he feels like he's right there. and then i have to remember, he's pretty far away. >> reporter: to keep alan close she rereads her letter. like this emotional thanksgiving note to his daughter. >> in all honesty i cannot remember the last time we were
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all together. so despite all of my circumstances and distant location, at least this year i can write, say to you that we still have so much to be thankful for. we still have each other. >> alan promises to return to cuba to finish his sentence if he's allowed to visit his mother. his name is synonymous with health care. vidal sasoon has died today. he died of natural causes at his home in los angeles and he was 84 years old. well this may shock you, a centuries old ritual in india gathers large crowds and an equal amount of criticism. take a look as babies are
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tosses off a roof of a temple and men catch them with sheets. people believe it will make their children stronger. >> you notice not one of those children are crying. >> we can't hear it. >> no i'm just saying you can see their faces, you know. >> okay. i didn't see the faces but i believe you. time now to check in with bob. >> or have a lifelong fear of trampolines. that's a bouncing baby boy and bouncing baby girl. we had some rain. yes it rained all evening it wasn't all that heavy but it was steady and this is just the kind of rain we need to get into the ground water and streams. it's just beginning to end here in baltimore. we have one little batch across cal county that will move over the next hour and then that will do it. 59 with the rain, north- northwest winds at five. the barometer on the way back
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up. only 49 in oakland. it's clearing up there. rain still, 50 probably stopped running there about 5:00 in the morning. that's where rain is moving across eastern sections. it could pick up another quarter inch or more. 59 rock hall. 56 up in westminster. the winds have turned back to the northwest that will eventually later tonight and tomorrow pick up the winds will get stronger and bring in drier air, behind this front that gave us the rain and shower activity. steady rain across virginia and north carolina. that's what moved in here earlier this evening it's all moving off to new england. they're going to get decent rain around here. just west of garrett county and we'll see a good deal of sunshine with very pleasant conditions. it'll be breezy but this high moves in friday and saturday. and most of sunday looked great by sunday night maybe a shower can move in and warmer air tries to get into the region as well. northwest bay 10 to 15 with higher gusts at 25 knots and because that could be a small
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craft advisory on the bay. tomorrow the bay temp around 52. sunsets at 8:09. the days are getting nice and long. eastern shores still three to four more hours of rain. 70degrees tomorrow. probably most of the day will be in the mid- and upper 60s with the breeze and a few clouds it'll feel a little bit on the cool side in the shade. the next five days beautiful friday just a perfect day. 73, 45 tomorrow night, 48 friday night. 75 on saturday, 76 on mother's day. maybe a shower late at night and a chance of a thunderstorm. nine and more humidity on monday. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. clouds and rain over ,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at southwest airlines, we're always looking for new ways to make you happy. and we know what really makes you happy are new places to fly. now you can fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to atlanta. book all of our destinations only at ♪ the orioles get an unexpected night off.
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>> we were just talking about them having the best record in baseball, well it's a long season. as we mentioned a rain out tonight. that gives the orioles a moment to ponder what has suddenly become a problem with the pitching staff. pounded by the texans rangers the last two nights the o's are going to have to play the rangers twice tomorrow. the double header starts at 4:00 and the o's will not have one of their scheduled starting pitchers. jason hamel will miss his assignment because of a sore right knee. he has been their best starter. it's time toed a just. >> you know the depth that we had tried to accomplish, it happens to every club. it's part of the game. >> reporter: it comes one night after that incredible power display put on by josh hamilton. that's hamilton during the rain delay this evening using the
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tarp as a slip and slide with his teammates. expecting good weather for the 4:00 starter tomorrow. suggs says the injury was a partial tear not as bad as some thought. he says he expects to be able to play in 2012 maybe missing half of the regular season. hockey play offs, the resilient capitals have played game seven with the new york rangers in a must win in dc tonight, alex ovechkin started the scoring. a 2-1 win forces a decisive game seven tomorrow. and birmingham southern, tyler reed had a big night in the game. a 13-2 win. stevenson will face gettysburg. kentucky derby winner i'll have another emerged from his stable to get his first work out on
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the track. a light jogging tour of the race surface. he'll face 13 challengers but the big race now 10 days away. they had a t-shirt give away at the game time which was rained out. they'll give out t-shirt at game time, double header tomorrow. coming up, picasso, poloque,
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thrashers french fries is a boardwalk treat and now they're getting some national recognition. it was named one of america's
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15 best french fries. they praised the freshly fried potatoes and the side of vinegar instead of ketchup. she is the picasso of pooches. the bulldog from san antonio showed an interest in painting as soon as he brought her home from the rescue shelter. piper's paintings are sold through her facebook page. >> they,,,,,,
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