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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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campaign cash. president obama talks about his support of same-sex marriage while raising millions of dollars for his re-election bid. >> everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, is treated fairly. you will have a chance to weigh in on this. the manhunt endd. law enforcement officials track down adam mayes and rescue his two young kidnapping victims. and sour deal. jpmorgan says there were errors, sloppiness and bad judgment, as it announces it lost $2 billion in a hedge fund. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, may 11, 2012. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm danielle nottingham.
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president obama is hoping his new stance on same-sex marriage translates into a windfall for his re-election campaign. the president headlined west coast fund-raisers in two states on thursday and in each he tauted his historic support for same-sex marriage. television cameras were kept far away from the california home of george clooney, the actor hosted a record-breaking fund-raiser that netted president obama's campaign $15 million. and it came one day after the president announced he supports the top gay rights issue. during the dinner, the president went after republican rival mitt romney, saying romney is, quote, backwards on equality. earlier at a fund-raiser in seattle, the president drew cheers when he hit on the theme of gay rights. >> you should be able to give your kids a chance to do even better than you. no matter who you are, no matter
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where you come from, no matter what you look like, no matter what your last name, no matter who you love. >> president obama has said his support of same-sex marriage could end up costing him votes in swing states, but wednesday's announcement is expected to motivate some campaign donors to get off the sidelines. >> i expect now you'll see some events selling out more quickly. you certainly see some people that were withholding funds, now jumping on in full force support of supporting this president. >> cbs news learned the president had plans to make his stance on same-sex marriage public next week, before gay and lesbian fund-raiser with singer ricky martin and then in another fund-raiser in june with rock star pink, but the announcement was moved up after vice president joe biden publicly embraced marriage equality over the weekend. biden apologized to president obama for forcing the issue.
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the president accepted and said he knew biden was speaking from the heart. meanwhile, mitt romney has been forced to respond to allegations that he targeted a high school classmate for being gay. romney apologized for what he described as stupid high school pranks and said there was no harm intended. jan crawford has our report. >> reporter: as first reported by "the washington post," romney and other students, 46 years ago at the prestitigious cranbrook school teased a student and hatched a plan. they held him down as romney clipped his blond hair. phillip maxwell, a classmate involved in the incident, told cbs news he believes it was an assault and battery. now a lawyer in michigan, maxwell said, i've carried this story with with me a long time. it was just a black mark on my character that i didn't stop it. four other classmates confirmed the incident to "the post" saying the student john lauber was nonconformist.
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lauber revealed he was a homosexual and died eight years ago of liver cancer. romney was first asked about the incident on a radio show. >> you know, i don't remember that incident. and i'll tell you, i certainly don't believe that i or -- i can't speak for other people, of course, thought the fellow was homosexual. that was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s. >> he told fox news -- >> i don't recall the incident myself, but i've seen the reports. i'm not going to argue with that. there's no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. >> reporter: the article shows that in high school romney had a gregarious side, a practical joker who kept friends laughing. it was the side of him that ann said on "cbs this morning". people didn't know. >> i still look at him as the boy i met in high school, when he was playing all the jokes and really just being crazy, pretty crazy. there's a wild and crazy man inside of there. >> reporter: other classmates
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we talked to said they had never heard of this incident and that it was completely out of character for romney, who they said was very funny but never malicious. jan crawford, cbs news, washington. the manhunt for adam mayes is over and the two tennessee sisters he allegedly kidnapped have been rescued. mayes had been on the run for nearly two weeks, charged with killing jo ann bain and her eldest daughter. the search for mayes and bain's youngest daughters ended last night. a tip led law enforcement officials to a wooded area in northeast mississippi. >> an officer observed alexandria bain in a heavily wooded area approximately 100 yards behind the church. officers immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands. mayes pulled a semi-automatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head. >> he was pronounced dead at an
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area hospital. the two girls are not harmed, suffering from dehydration and poison ivy. they've been hospitalized for observation. at least eight people were injured when an apparent tornado touched down in southeast texas. the twister hit the small town about 85 miles west of houston last night. a hospital lost part of its roof and 25 cars of a freight train were derailed. the injured were working at a fund-raiser at the local high school. >> our coach realized what was going on and he grabbed us all and stuck us in a closet to keep us safe. the press box at the football field was gone. so, all of that was just blown away. >> another twister was spotted about 85 miles to the southwest. more rough weather, including heavy rain and a possible thunderstorm is expected today. a milestone in the effort to battle the aids virus. the first drug shown to prevent hiv infection, truvada, has been approved by an fda panel.
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truvada has been used since 2004 to treat people already infected. the fda panel recommended the use of truvada for uninfected people at high risk. a final decision is expected june 15th. on the "cbs moneywatch," big losses and an even bigger embarrassment for the nation's largest bank. americans appear to be souring on the president's handling of the economy. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, danielle. jpmorgan chase makes a stunning announcement, admitting it lost $2 billion in a matter of weeks. the money was in a derivative portfolio that was actually designed to help control jpmorgan's risks. in a conference call ceo jamie dimon characterized the losses as a result of sloppiness and bad judgment. the bank expected to make a $200 million profit for this quarter. it's now saying it will lose $800 million. shares of jpmorgan's stock fell
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7% in after-hour trading. other bank stocks dropped as well. slow growth in china sent overseas markets tumbling. me kay lost 0.5% and hang seng fell more than 1%. on wall street blue chips broke a six day losing streak. dow was up 19 points while the nasdaq was down 1. fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. the weekly applications fell by 1,000 for the week ending may 5th, suggesting job growth could be picking up. however, long-term unemployment runs out in eight states meaning about 200,000 people will stop receiving benefits. another record low for mortgage rates. the average on a 30-year fixed rate dipped to 3.83%. the 15-year mortgage, which is popular for homeowners looking to refinance, also reached a record low. despite those historic rates, we have not seen a boost in home sales. and with the economy issue number one in this year's election, president obama isn't making the grade.
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a new poll by the associated press finds the majority of americans, 52%, disapprove of his handling of the economy. the poll also found 65% disapprove of his handling of gas prices despite a steady decline in fuel cost. on average, gas is nearly 20 cents cheaper per gallon since the beginning of april. that's good news for drivers. >> thank you, ashley morrison here in new york. coming up next, new details in the foiled airliner bomb plot. did a news leak jeopardize key parts of the sting operation? this is the "cbs morning news." it's showtime for savings. excuse me, sir, how much are you charging for your popcorn? $4.00. $4.00. i'm just going to let the people have a choice. $1.00 for popcorn. come and get it. guess we'll make it two. you got it. progressive showed me my options, i'm showing you yours. $1.00, fresh popcorn. enjoy the show.
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defense officials say it was the 22nd successful test firing out of 27 tries. al qaeda terrorist in yemen are paying a heavy price for trying to bomb a u.s.-bound jet liner this week. the plot was foiled by an undercover agent whose existence was revealed by a leak that angered u.s. intelligence officials. susan mcginis has more. >> reporter: the u.s. launched air strikes in yemen thursday killing as many as seven militants. it was the second attack against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in less than a week. last weekend a drone attack killed fahd al quso, a key commander for the group. he was also wanted for the bombing of the "uss cole" in 2000. the air strikes are the latest blow for the terrorist group. earlier this week, the cia and foreign intelligence agencies foiled a plan to bomb an american-bound airliner. the operation involved a double agent posing as a suicide
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bomber, who handed the bomb over to the u.s. and had also told officials where to locate al quso. >> this was one of the most sophisticated intelligence operations we've ever run. we were having access to extremely vital information. >> reporter: but the operation was nearly blown when someone leaked information about it to the associated press, forcing agents to wrap it up ahead of schedule. senator joseph lieberman, chairman of the homeland security committee, says he believes the leak interrupted parts of the operation that were not yet completed. >> they did something really harmful to our national security. and i hope we catch them. >> reporter: defense secretary leon panetta said the leak not only hurt this operation but could make it harder to recruit future informants. >> to be able to do that and do that effectively, you have to protect these people. >> reporter: experts say the double agent is probably in hiding with a new identity. >> that was susan mcginnis reporting. the justice department civil rights division has taken the unusual step of filing suit
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against a local law enforcement chief, arizona's controversial sheriff joe arpaio. the shafb sheriff has been dogged by years by claims that his department systematically violates the rights of hispanic. they say they were forced to sue because arpaio wouldn't work with investigators. >> we have to fix the problem. problems are systematic. sheriff arpaio has been identified as a person involved in creating the culture that has problematic implications. >> arpaio remains defiant saying he welcomes the suit. government investigates interviewed the prostitute at the heart of the secret service scandal in colombia. she met u.s. officials at u.s. embassy in madrid yesterday. nearly four weeks ago she spent the night with an agent who was in colombia in advance of the president's trip. when he refused to pay her the
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agreed price, she called police. the affair cost eight officers and supervisors their job. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, the nuggets gold-plated performance against the l.a. lakers keeps denver's playoff hopes alive. pes alive. ♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides...
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los angeles, 69. now for a check of today's national forecast. heavy rain and possibly tornadoes will batter much of south and central texas in southwest louisiana. scattered showers and thunderstorms will reach from minnesota to western nebraska. most of the rest of the country will be dry and pleasant. in sports, a dominating nba playoff performance by the denver nuggets. playing at home last night, the nuggets last the lakers all the way. ty law son scored 32 points, 15 in the first quarter. denver's 113-96 win forces a seventh game in the round one series tomorrow night in l.a. in boston, a tight fourth quarter climaxed with kevin garnett's turn-around jumper giving the celtics the lead over atlanta. the celts held on to win the game 83-80. and the first round series to advance to the eastern
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conference semifinals. and boston will face philly in that series after the sixers andre was fouled with two second to go, down by one to the bulls. he sank both free throws to force a 79-78 upset win and first round victory. to baseball and a doubleheader in baltimore. in the first game, the or orioles set an american league record by hitting home runs in each of their first three at-bats and went on to beat the texas rangers 6-5. in the night cap, josh hamilton crushed a two-run homer in the first inning and the rangers wound up with a 7-3 victory. in pittsburgh, the nationals' young ace steven strasburg put on a show striking out 13 pirates, including one stretch of seven in a row. his 13th "k" ended with the bases loaded and the nats went
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on to a 4-2 victory. when we return, skyscraper controversy. plans for one world trade center to be the country's tallest building hit a snag after a slight design change. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., 74. atlanta, sunny, 78. st. louis, 78. denver, 54. seattle, 67. in health news, a skin cancer expert says a sunburn you get at 18 can lead to skin cancer when you're 40, but such warnings aren't getting through. a recent study asks adults under age 30 if they've had a sunburn
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in the last year. half said yes. just about the same percentage as ten years earlier. if you're worried that the end of the world is this december, take heart. recently discovered mayan ruins tell a different story. national geographic experts examined murals in in guatemala. some claim the world end on december 22, 2012 but the murals show the date marks the start of a new rotation and an endless cycle of time. a design change to one world trade center is raising questions about whether it will still be the tallest building in the u.s. developers rejected an enclosure that had been planned around a tall needle that will sit atop the building because it would be hard to maintain. without the enclosure, the needle could be considered an antenna, which means the building will fall short of reaching record height. coming up on your local news on "cbs morning news," more on jpmorgan's $2 billion trading
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4 minutes before 5 o'clock on this friday morning. a lovely moon to greet you. marty is in the first warning weather center. >> the eastern horizon is already starting to get bright. very clear start to the day. it's going to be a sunny day and a fine afternoon. 48 on tv hill now. 70 at lunch on a way to a high of 73. don, take it away. the kentucky whit by winner -- derby winner i'll have another one hits the track for a practice run. >> it's big truck day at the baltimore museum of industry. already in the news this morning, the president's support of same sex marriage draws strong reaction from both sides in maryland. >> the nationwide search ends
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for a fugitive on the run with two young girls. with the baltimore grand prix in jeopardy is new leader takes on. more news, weather and your first news, weather and your first traffic report of the morning i, i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, news, weather and your first traffic report of the morning i, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is napthali bryant and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you.
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it is 5 o'clock, it's already the lightest it's been at this time in a while. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at


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