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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. that man believed to be the man to reel police officers inside his home and what happened that has police scouring the area for suspects. wjz is live on the story. weijia jiang spoke to the victim. weijia? >> reporter: he can't stop thinking about all the things he should have done but at the time, the suspects looked and acted absolutely legitimate. when two men outside george johnson on cook's lane told them they were police officers,
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he believed them. but soon the 75 year old realized -- >> they got me. >> reporter: got him for $3,000. the suspects told johnson to told them his cash because they were investigating if it was counterfeit. they had a photo book and glove and authoritative words. >> i never seen the money. they had it out of my hands. >> reporter: this is something baltimore knows all too well. now they're investigating whether the case is part of a bigger operation. >> if you're not confronted by police and if you have any questions as to their validity whether or not they're police officers, they have to see id. >> reporter: but many don't act. impersonators shot a group of homeowners who opened their doors in november. cops targeted the hispanic community. >> it's really scary and frightening people would even try to attempt something like
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that. it makes you wonder who you can trust. >> reporter: though emotionally scared by the attack, he realizes it could have been worse. >> i'm blessed. the money i can always get, but other thicks i can't. >> reporter: they were african american men in their 50s or 60s. he would have gone after them, but he's recovering from surgery. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, weijia, thank you. if you have any information on impersonators, call police. baltimore city police are also looking for a gunman after a woman was at a red light. it happened in the eastern northern parkway. the vehicle pulled up next to the woman's car and suddenly fired several shots. no word on a motive and the woman is expected to survive her injuries.
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mitt romney makes the event. susan mcginnis has the story. >> reporter: mitt romney delivered a line that brought the graduates of liberty university to their feet. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> reporter: romney worked to win over christian conservatives who have been lukewarm on his candidacy and commencement in the evangelical schools. >> your values will not always be the public admiration. the more you live by your beliefs, the more you endure the censure of the world. >> reporter: he mostly stayed
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away from divisive social issues. there were complaints about romney being mormon. while many voters are wary of romney's religion, they'd rather have him in the white house than president obama. >> the two people that are running, he may be the better choice. >> hearing his standpoint on marriage and other things we agree with him on definitely influenced my vote. >> reporter: romney avoided discussing his faith during the republican primary and sources inside his campaign say he doesn't plan to make a major speech on mormonism before the election. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> keep an eye for the candidates. remembering nfl legend
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junior seau. football coaches came at the stadium. seau was found dead earlier this month after a self- inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. the 43 year old's family agreed to donate seau's brain to scientists who are suffering sports-related head injuries. two killed in a car crash in new zealand. the vehicle drifted to the side of the road and rolled off. three of the students, two man and a young woman died at the scene and another student is listed in critical condition. the students were on their way to the famous trail there. a major traffic disruption in downtown baltimore tonight. the southbound jfx is closed and going to be closed until 4:00 a.m. these overnight shutdowns last for about a week. >> reporter: construction crews closed the main artery in southbound jfx for emergency repairs. >> as the month wears on, we'll
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be doing nightly closures in one direction or another to get this accomplished. >> reporter: the emergency work started after a routine inspection showed clogged and cracked pipes underground. it was built on fill and crews need to drill into the road and inject material inside to stabilize material for the broken pipes. >> it's hard on taxpayers' dollars. >> reporter: there's been weeks of traffic jams. >> it was bad! this is going to be a nightmare for at least two months. >> reporter: and at least $2 million in taxpayer expenses. >> the last time it was closed for repairs was 1987. keeping students safe, there's more parole cars on road as seniors celebrate their prom as two standout students from williams port were killed
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from prom. brandon cauliflower was speeding when he killed himself and his passenger, samantha kelly. police spoke about these enforcements. >> the kids are not the target of this enforcement. the whole goal of this enforcement is to keep the roads safe during the same hours the kids will be out. >> the special traffic detail started at 8:00 tonight and last until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. an elderly woman is pulled a safety after her southeast baltimore home broke out in fire. in river view this afternoon, trapping the woman inside the home and saw the smoke and was able to get her out. the woman was not hurt. b.g.e.'s program is designed to keep customers cool on the hot days of summer, but last year, the program ran into
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problems. gigi barnett says they're trying to protect the system now before summer strikes again. >> reporter: when baltimore's heat is the highest, they go to the cycling system to allow to shut off air-conditioning units to prevent blackouts. last year, when blistering temperatures topped 110 degrees, some complained they were left in the heat sweating for more than six hours. >> look at my face. i am sweating to death. >> reporter: but this year before the heat hits the area, b.g.e. plans to test their system on two separate days of the month and utility won't say when. >> the weather is going to be extremely hot that day, we don't want to do those activations then. >> reporter: the perk of the reward is that they get it if they enroll, but after the shutoff, many dropped rewards. they plan to test the system when most customers may be out.
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>> we wanted to stay away from the weekends and at least give our customers some parameter. we don't expect them to feel significantly different in their home. >> reporter: they will conduct it on a weekday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. they have more than 3,000 customers in the peak rewards program. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. now back to you. >> and b.g.e. said the peak rewards customers help the electrical system by 500 megawatts, the size of a medium power plant. that high wired daredevil is practicing again in canada with his walk across the niagara falls. he was between two cranes. earlier this week, we had a lot of people watching us on eyewitness news. the famous man walked across
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the inner harbor for some practice, and much anticipated june 15th walk across the falls expected to take 30 to 40 minutes. and when he does that kneeling thing, everybody in the newsroom does the gasp but apparently he does that once in a while. hopefully he doesn't do that otherwise people might have a heart attack. protests in europe sending thousands of demonstrators into the streets this weekend. >> for me, she went missing on my watch, so i have guilt. >> it's a mother's anguish. toddler vanishing on the beach and more on this search. and a bizarre bike ride. you're not going to believe this. the cyclist said he prefers to ride, not just any bike, but he prefers to do it in the buff. >> simple inventions by hopkins students could save millions of lives in developing countries.
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i'm mike mike. i'll have more on the way. >> i'm bernadette woods. i'll have your first warning forecast coming up. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports bernadette woods and sports with stan ,,,, you ready buddy?
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right now. bernadette will have the complete first weather forecast coming up in just a moment. look at all these people. widespread protest over europe's economic crisis. the most showed up in spain, one out of four people are currently out of work. thousands in madrid's central plaza to protest the job economy and protesting in italy and london. the search continues for a missing toddler from massachusetts. friends and family come together in the search for kayleigh harrison. she disappeared more than three weeks ago while at the beach in rock port with her mother. they hope she'll be found safe. >> there's a chance that she's out there and she's alive and that's what you hold on to and that's what keeps you from going nuts. >> kayleigh disappeared after her mother went to the ocean and the little girl was
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probably swept up to sea but the older sister said she saw someone take kayleigh. police have not been able to confirm that. two dogs related to the mascot from a major university were allegedly poisened when someone dumped fish, antifreeze and buried them in the yard. they were related to toughy, for north carolina state university. their breeder said the dogs had to be euthanized because of her injuries. police in houston had to face the naked truth when it came to arresting this person here. the dash cam video shows this individual riding a unicycle in the buff. police say he wasn't drunk or disorderly. he liked the way it felt, he said. he was charged with indecent exposure and distracting other drivers. yeah, that might be a little
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bit of a distraction, huh? the lack of access to medicine in countries is a real problem. grant students right here in hopkins are on a path to change that. >> reporter: come witness the creation of life-saving inventions. a hopkins lab, simple solutions that kill millions found by grad students. want to gauge the health of a fetus? listen to the heartbeat. even simple tools are unavailable making treatment impossible. thousands of these will change that using common cell phone parts and amplified microphone and digital counter, ten bucks. >> so you know for a fact it's going to save lives? >> yes. >> reporter: also, these will
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stop uncontrolled bleeding. >> this is the major death killing mothers every year. >> reporter: a drop of blood on this paper will identify the fever and get them treated sooner. once perfected, they will cost 3 cents. they're learning to achieve greatness, make greatness the goal. >> the main goal is to go out there and save millions of lives. there are mothers and babies dying unnecessarily. >> reporter: none of these inventions are ready for the marketplace yet. it could be one to five years before they're shipped in developing countries. at john hopkins, wjz eyewitness news, back to you. >> these are possible because of the help with the low-cost medical devices. let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods because i know a lot of people
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who would like a repeat of yesterday. it was just beautiful. >> they had time for it or not, it was just so spectacular. >> in their pool today. >> there were a lot of people on their boats too. all in their bathing suits too. >> we're getting close. >> we are getting close. >> perfect. >> okay, today, this is where we topped out. 79 degrees. our average is 73. a wonderful day out there today, but of course, we do have some changes coming our way. 66 degrees in baltimore. 56 in oakland and take you closer to the metro area in the low to mid 60s. still hanging on in d.c. it was a bit of a breathe with the warm air our way and light winds out there tonight. we could see fog forming because of that and then tomorrow, sunshine in the morning and then clouds take over because of this storm system right in here.
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it's still developing and moving in our direction and the thing is that it's taking up a lot of moisture as it moves our way and it's a slow mover. the clouds come during the day tomorrow and showers out west, but it looks like most of the rain is put off until tomorrow night. it will be okay for mother's day. and then the storm sort of stalls out in our area monday into tuesday and maybe even into early wednesday before it gets out of here, so a couple of days with the chance for some need ed rain. we're below average in the rainfall department. the bay temp is now 64 degrees. so partly cloudy out there tonight, dropping down to 53 degrees, pretty quiet. we see the chance for showers out west early in the day and the rest holding off until tomorrow night. 79 for the high and after that, take a look. increase the chances for rain and maybe the thunderstorms monday into tuesday and then
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wednesday. we're going to have to watch this slowly because it will be in the area, keeping the chances for showers around and when it does, we warm it up for the second half of the weekend. >> hopefully a good weekend again, bern. thank you. another win. stan will have the highlights of this great game coming up next.
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stan is here with the wjz fan sports report. can't wait to see the highlights from this game. >> the only thing that beats winning is -- >> -- winning consistently, stan. >> you've been watching. win over tampa bay. the o''s lead the rays in the revamped american league division. 2-1 when adam turned the ball
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into chopped liver. butter fingers and that helped the birds come in for a 4-1 advantage. however, top six rays see the light. the birds, luke scott, two runs scored. off that double and suddenly, it's 4-3, baltimore. rays are in the major league debut, after toiling nearly a dozen near the major, the opportunity for a home run. offense, top of the score board. right there. 5-3. later in the ninth, jim has nineteen consecutive outs. tampa bay with the final of 5- 3. so masn on wjz tomorrow, mother's day, all you mommies. the birds sweep the rays right here. game time is at 1:30.
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ncaa first round quarter in loyola of maryland, the man to be determined what will stop him. that's from sports 101. in the end, it's loyola winning by the final of 17-5. their women will play penn tomorrow at that same ridley athletic conference in the ncaa tournament. will host stoney brook and now you're looking at division 3 playoffs at stephenson in the fourth consecutive tournament and they win over birmingham. they advance in the ncaa division tournament. on the ladies side, we'll keep it going. tulsa university. penn state and they face their former coach. there's ashley putting it up 1-
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0, but in the end, oh, my, penn state wins at 15-8. telson wins with 14 losses. other women games finding maryland over massachusetts and unc, 14-7. finally, last but not least, hockey, stanley cup playoffs. new york rangers eliminated the washington caps and advance to the eastern conference finals against the new jersey devils starting monday. in new york, nba real quick, boston beat philadelphia 91-90 and lebron is the mvp for the third time in four years. >> not a shocker. still to come, how this still to come, how this puppy is caring for ,,,,
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