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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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politics from the pulpit >> good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. days after president obama announces his support for same sex marriage, pastors and priests from across maryland take to the pulpits with their reaction. in some cases, condemnation against the president. derrick has more on this. >> reporter: both sides are hoping that the president's position will help sway votes their way, when the issue hits maryland's ballot in november. when president obama announced
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that his position position on same sex marriage has evolved -- >> i think same sex marriage should get married. >> >> reporter: it out raged some african-american pastors -- >> he has said to african- americans -- >> reporter: he is so opposed to same sex marriage, he told church members he would not support the president and predicts that the president will lose the election. he and many other leaders are pouring their energy into putting it on the ballot in november. >> >> reporter: in maryland. some of the strongest opposition to the law has come from the black community. 30% of the population. some african-american religious leaders are preaching about it. >> god said that in every home, there needs to be a representation of his glory to manhood and femininity.
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>> to me, this is fundamentally an issue of separation of church and state. >> reporter: this pastor is one of the few black pastors who supports the current law. >> we should not subject our three logical understanding prevent other citizens of this country from having equal rights. >> reporter: so far, voters in 30 states have rejected same sex marriage, but equality expers believe this is a sign of the changing times >> i think things have shifted in our direction, here. >> >> reporter: many african- american religious leaders say they will continue to support the president even if they do not agree with him on this one issue. thanks so much, derrick. polls show 50% of americans say they favor same sex marriage and the most recent poll shows that the support is coming from a majority of democrats, independents, nonreligious voters and catholics. >> >> a shocking discovery on the
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u.s. mexican border. 49 decap tated bodies mutilated remains left along the road at monterrey, mexico. a message appears to refer to a drug cartel. that area has become a battle ground between feuding gangs. >> >> a public hearing on the prostitution scandal involving secret service agents in columbia. mark sullivan and acting inspector charles edwards will testify on may 23rd. nine agents were fired after allegedly partying with 20 prostitutes last month in advance of president obama's trip to that country >> another big mess on wall street. we have learned at least three executives at jp morgan chase are on their way out after bad trades cost the bank $2 billion. >> >> reporting on the problem and the brews battle over banking regulations. >> reporter: the "wall street
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journal" reports three executives at jp morgan chase will resign in the wake of a $2 billion trade loss. the shakeup comes in the apology of the man who runs the nation's largest bank. >> we made a terrible mistake. >> reporter: a trader nicknamed the london whale, managed the investments. >> the strategy we had, badly monitored and should never have happened. >> reporter: c exo jaime diamond said last month, he was wrong to ignore warning signs, but he said the bank is not in danger of failing >> we are still going to earn a lot of money. we hurt ourselves an our credibility and you have to fully expect to pay the price for that. >> >> reporter: that has already happened. the price of jp morgan's stock dropped and securities and exchange commission has launched and investigation. more than three years later, some say the banking industry
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is taking on too much risk. >> jp morgan chase and jaime diamond have the brightest guys in the room. if they have these problems, god knows how many others have these. this could lead us pack to where we were in 2008. >> reporter: lawmakers backing an overhaul bill are pushing for a final version that lead to this $2 billion. and the chief investment officer in question worked for the company for three decades and reportedly offered to resign last week. >> >> another business shakeup. this one at internet giant yahoo. the company announced ceo scott thompson left his post after reports surfaced about him lying about his college degree. ross levinson will take his
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place >> maryland lawmakers are going to return to annapolis for a a three day special session beginning tomorrow. they were unable to agree on a spending plan during the 90-day regular session that ended last month. triggers a dooms day budget with more than $500 million cuts to education and other services. several northeast baltimore neighborhoods are on edge tonight. gigi barnett reports investigators have released new information about a string of daytime burglaries. >> reporter: in the north harp perville area baltimore city, detectives seeing a climbing trend, home burglaries in the middle of the day. >> i didn't know about all of this. >> reporter: detectives say in the last month, thieves were in
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hit this block three times. burglars hit homes on echo dale avenue as well. tonight, police are renewing their warnings to stay safe. >> lock the are doors and windows, more importantly, if you see anything suspicious, call police. >> >> reporter: now, police are canvassing neighborhoods and passing out safety books to homeowners explaining how thieves break in. it all starts with a knock on the door. >> if they receive no answer to the door, they will go to the rear of the location and try to gain entry. >> >> reporter: neighbors say they are starting to see more alarm salesmen. >> someone stopped by two days ago to offer us security. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, "wjz" "eyewitness news" >> anyone with information is asked to call police and tipsters can remain anonymous. >> >> police make an arrest in a
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deadly stabbing that happened this afternoon. police say that a 34-year-old man was stabbed in the chest and later died at the hospital. a possible suspect is in custody tonight >> three-alarm fire engulfs a car dealership. it happened at the buick gmc dealership. fire officials say they found heavy smoke and fire in the repair shop and the fire spread to the roof. fortunately, no one was hurt. so far, no word on what caused that fire. >> >> a candlelight vigil honors fallen police officers, attorney general eric holder lead the lighting of the candles and reading of 162 fallen officer's names who died in 2011, nationwide, including baltimore city officer william corebet. it marks the beginning of national police week. >> we honor their service and sacrifice. although they are missing from
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the crowd of heros tonight, in memory and spirit, they are still with us. >> alot of people come from all over the country for this national police week drawing between 20,000 and 40,000 attend des to dc over the next seven days. >> >> quite a mother's day surprise at today's orioles game. imagine not seeing your son for almost a year and there he is, larger than life. 30,000 packed camden fields, some fanses -- another delivered his message from thousands of miles away. >> i want to say, "hi," to my folks at the game, today, mom, dad, i hope you are enjoying the game. >> i was very surprised. >> reporter: she was shocked to see her son >> i want to watch it again. i got so surprised i didn't get to get it all. >> reporter: captain daniel love and his brother are currently serving in
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afghanistan. >> >> i want to say happy mother's day to you, mom -- >> i'm looking forward to him coming home sometime this summer. very proud of our boys, lover them very much. >> >> crowds went crazy to that. happy mother's day to all of you moms out there >> by the way, the game was pretty exciting in case you missed it. stan will be a live report in about 15 minutes. >> mr. we have much more coming up. >> >> a deer plungens into this giant hole. we'll take you inside of this tricky mountainside rescue >> an unlikely graduate, how this college graduate earned his ivy league tassle. i'm tim williams with more on the race for rain. >> >> bernadette woods, coming up your first warning forecast. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cloudy, 69 degrees in central maryland. bernadette will have the complete weather forecast coming up. first, seven people are dead after flames tear through a hotel in japan. firefighters fight desparately to get to the seven trapped on the second and third floors, but the fire was too intense.
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the investigation is still underway tonight into the cause of the fire >> more than 2,000-acres damaged why wildfires in arizona take a look at what it did. here, this is what crews were dealing with. people living in the area were evacuated voluntarily still for word on what sparked the fire >> a scare plungens 160 feet into the hole into the mountain in canada and walks away with only a scratch. search and rescue pulled -- the man was trapped in hole for two hours before help finally arrived. >> >> you get cold very fax. but but was warm enough and i
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knew that these guys would caller is -p and call they used a rope and pully similar it t system to get the man back up into the air. >> >> hoping for a new park, but tim williams reports that time is running route on the deal. >> reporter: behind the roosevelt park recreation center in hamden is the making of what could be a state-of-the- art skate board park for the baltimore area. >> right now, the conditions arest are pretty poor. nothing here is really well done. it's all beat up and just kind of at that timerred. >> reporter: daniel oliver is a member of the state park of baltimore and one of the growing numbers 0 of skate borders that use this park for a lack of a nicer place to go. >> this park as the potential to be something amazing and something that would attract people from all around the
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country. >> you don't have to worry about getting hit by cars. >> >> reporter: many of these are makeshift and potentially dangerous. >> they have been donated by businesses, some by our organization and alot of 0 them built by the kids. every trash day, there is a collection of different ones. >> the nonprofit group is raising money to create a better facility. the group has secured a limited grant and is still racing the clock. the city will back the organization $75,000 of fund- raising, but they only have two weeks to do it. >> less tan 20 days to raise another $15,000. we have been working on this for seven years. >> >> reporter: now, they need your help and hoping to keep the wheels rolling on their fund-raiser. >> >> for more information on the skate park or to make a donation, look for the story at "wjz."
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com. >> >> space shuttle enterprise is separated from its high-flying escort. check out the time lapse video, pretty neat. last month, the enterprise hitched a ride on top of that jet to the big apple. next month, it will be transferred to a tug boat and taken to the final destination. >> >> a janitor at columbia university earns a degree in english. scott phillipi, bachelor of arts. >> he took full advantage of free courses for employees, so for 10 years, he juggled his full-time job and he took one or two courses a semester, finally, today, the ivy league janitor walked across the stage and accepted his degree. the 52-year-old is not planning to stop here he is planning to work towards his martyr's
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degree. towards his master's degree. >> good for him. >> >> that's an inspiration. . yesterday, we talked about how spectacular it was the first half of today was just as nice all of the signs of the next storm moving in. clouds came in and in some cases, rain already did. we'll start out with first warning doppler radar, most of that is off to our north or out west. western maryland has already seen a couple of thunderstorms. in the metro area, maybe a few sprinkles many that's all we have seen, you get the idea, there is a storm moving in and this is a slow moving storm and it is going to continue to be around here for a couple of i thats,ist off to the south, notice that batch of rain coming up from richmond from the spread over maryland in the next couple of hours, we'll take you back to this morning. sunshine before the clouds came in, now, you can see in the last couple of frames, there is the rain and thunderstorms out
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to the west. southerly winds while this is going on. probably will be seeing some mist and fog because of that. it's still warm outside. 69, 71 in washington, d.c we topped out at 82 degrees. we'll be closer to the average for the next afternoon or two, but most of this week will be warm, even with the storm aroundent here's a learner look at the storm coming from the south. it's so slow moving, we we will see rounds of thunderstorms and rain tonight tomorrow into tuesday. maybe even still hanging around until wednesday, here's how it looks. we go through monday, tuesday, it is still hanging around. monday night into tuesday, chance of heaviest rain around here. we have not gotten a lot of rain lately. we have had clouds, not a good measurable rainfall. we are hoping to get that out of the storm system right here. by wednesday afternoon, it starts to pull away and a
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bigger warmup for the second half of the week. along the waters, winds out of the south, dropping down to 10 nauts tomorrow, we'll see some rain move in and tomorrow, rounds of rain, rounds of thunderstorm possible. 71 for our high. we have bumped up a little bit from there. thunderstorms possible with the heaviest portion monday night into tuesday with that real center for low passing by. even then, a chance of showers on wednesday >> coming up next, here in sports, a jaw dropping game, sports, a jaw dropping game, fans have ,,,,,,
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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the fan sports report, close game at the end. >> that's when the orioles are at their best. backs to the wall. at one point, they were losing
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7-1 before getting their game in gear and unsuccessfully rallies for a loss. no sweep of tampa bay, but they are leading in the american league division by one. all together, now, orioles -- behind on the scoreboard, 9-7, adam jones, rodriguez, throwing a little high. making it 9, birds within one and we have a different ball game. for the birds to win very next batter. matt -- grounder, ends the game and the rays hold on for dear life with the 9-8 victory. . >> big situations, did a good job today it was a good ball game all the way around. what do you say?
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>> i say yankees in town tomorrow for two. >> >> top draft pick linebacker, courtney upshaw drew alot of looks he might be counted on since terrell will be gone most of the season. is. i have to come in and compete, if i'm able to get on the field an make plays, that's what i want to do. >> >> reporter: the quest continuing for the men's division one, and john hopkins, number two seed, hosting stoneybrook. first round matchup. today's man with the plan, chris, three goals and four assists. hopkins wins it 19-9. get aload of this, immediately after the game, the coach sent them a thriller. pennsylvania at lee high university. unseated maryland here in black. under 10 seconds left.
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game ties at nine. cocaptain, joe comings. shoots and scores the go ahead game winner six seconds left on the clock. maryland wins in nine. the terps now face the bluejays in the quarter finals, also if annapolis next saturday. nba, two games for you. it was indiana losing to miami 95-and clippers eliminated memphis 82-72 >> matt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> have you ever heard the saying marriage is like a marathon, one couple is taking that seriously. they decided to get married after completing a race. wedding party joined in, too. wonder if they will mark their anniversary with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for us tonight. be sure to watch don and marty beginning at 4:55 am. thanks for watching "wjz," maryland's news station. "criminal minds" next, have a great weekend everyone an


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