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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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same-sex marriage. president obama defends his position in front of a very partisan crowd. shareholders meeting. jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon faces off with investors angry over a $2 billion blunder. and dangerous wildfire. in arizona massive flames and choking smoke threatened a historic mining town, but residents refuse to leave. captioning funded by cbs good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm manuel gallegus. we begin with politics and president obama's efforts to energize his pre-core voting blocks, women, young people, and gays and lesbians.
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at a fund-raiser here in new york yesterday hosted by musician ricky martin, the president defended his controversial decision to support same-sex marriage. >> i want everybody treated fairly in this country. we have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. that doesn't weaken families. that strengthens families. it's the right thing to do. >> so far the president's support of same-sex marriage does not appear to be helping him in the polls. according to a new cbs news/new york times poll says 58% say it has no effect on their vote, while 25% say they are less likely to vote for him. and republican mitt romney now has a three-point lead over the president in the race for the white house. in colorado republicans defeated a civil unions bill. governor john hickenlooper called a special session
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yesterday hoping to pass a law that would give same-sex couples rights similar to married couples, but republican-controlled house committee voted down the measure. meantime republican ron paul says he's done spending money on the race for the white house, but he hasn't given up the fight. he said yesterday he plans to continue to battle for delegates and carry a strong message to the gop in tampa. now to the $2 billion blunder at jpmorgan chase. a top executive has stepped down. shares are falling and today the ceo is going to get an earful at the shareholders' meeting in florida. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on that. good morning, susan. >> good morning, manuel. that's $2 billion and counting. these are expected to keep on mounting. more executives are expected to be shown the door and now the president is out there talking about what he thinks needs to be done. jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon will face shareholders at the
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company's annual meeting today. they've seen the stocks drop 13% since last week's announcement that the company lost more than $2 billion in a derivative trading blunder, but jpmorgan chase remains the largest profit bank with profits of over $19 billion last year. >> you have a trillion-dollar balance sheet with jpmorgan. $2 million is not really something for them to be talking about. >> reporter: the massive trading error caught the attention of president obama. he talked about the need for financial regulation during a taping of "the view" airing today. >> they were making bets in these derivative markets. we don't know all the details yet. it's going be investigated. but this is why we passed wall street reform. >> reporter: congress passed wall street reform known as dodd/frank two years ago, but much of it has not yet taken effect. jpmorgan has spent more than $21
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million trying to water down the rules. jamie dimon has been a critic of the change on wall street. >> not only was he the golden boy of wall street, but he was leading a very effective charge to undo dodd/frank. >> reporter: the president said while georgia p is big enough to handle the loss, it may not be the case for other banks. >> you can have a bank making same bets and we might have had to step in. >> reporter: congress has announced new hearings on financial regulation. now anna drew, the executive who's due to be fired, will receive $14 million upon her departure. manuel, that could be reduced if she is found to have acted improper improperly. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. thank you, susan. in arizona several wildfires continue to burn out of control. hundreds of firefighters are battling the 1,300-acre base near the historic mining town of crown king. 350 residents have been ordered to evacuate, but most aren't leaving. one resident says she knows the people who may have accidentally
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started the fire. >> they feel horrible. they think it's all their fault, and it's not their fault. it was an accident and i hope they're listening to this right now because it's an accident. >> another wildfire in the tanto national forest has burned more than 3,000 acres and is still not contained. california governor jerry brown is proposing deep budget cuts to close a deficit budget gap. he's calling for health care cuts that would affect the poor and elderly and he wants workers to take a 5% pay cut and he his plan would also cut funding to courts and postpone payments to schools. on the "cbs moneywatch," oil prices dip, and a warning about unfriendly skies. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, manuel. well, it was a volatile day for stocks overseas.
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concerns about the greek economic crisis sent stocks lower yesterday. the dow fell 125 points. the nasdaq gave back 31. oil prices are down as well. oil prices fell to $94 a barrel today in asia. it's a continuation of a two-week selloff that has dropped the price of crude to a five-month low. the pilots at united airlines have launched an ad campaign called the unfriendly skies. temperature pilots have been negotiates a new contract since december 2009. the pilots say united is neglecting safety by outsourcing 67% of its flights to regional carriers. united says safety is its highest priority and the union p.r. campaign is another negotiating strategy. the founder of best buy is stepping down. an investigator found that richard schultz knew that the ce o'was having a relationship with a female employee and did not tell an audit committee.
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and, manny, as facebook prepares for a public stock offering, half of the americans just asked in a recent poll think that it's a passing fad. more than 14 million americans log into facebook at least once a week and half of them tell the abc pollsters they thing the company is valued too high. either way, it's been fun while it's lasted. >> they said the deals were aed if too. >> right. there you go. >> ashley morrison in new york. thanks again. it is graduation season for millions of college students. while these should be happy times, they face a grim economic reality. half of recent college graduates cannot find full-time jobs. jim axelrod spoke with one of them. >> reporter: gian forbes got good grades and a degree two years ago. the only thing she didn't get, a full-time job. >> they said it was, you know, you get a degree and you'll get a job and you're going to be a step ahead of everybody and that really hasn't been the case. >> reporter: the 23-year-old wants to break into the fashion
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industry, so she's blogging as a paid intern at one website and working part-time at another. >> i've sent out hundreds of resumes, like at least 300 in the past two years. >> you're smiling. i imagine there's times you want to scream. >> reporter: forbes majored in english, but a recent study found that employers most likely to hire graduates with engineering, business, accounting, or computer science degrees. another study by rutgers university found more than a quarter of recent grads say their jobs have been work beg low the level of their education, the same percentage that have moved in with their parents to save money. the median salary for recessionary graduates for their first job is $27,000, about $3,000 less than those who graduated before the recession began. between the internship and her her part-time job, forbes makes $300 a week. forbes tells us she believes eventually the breaks will go her way and she'll do well, but
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in a rutgers study, only about half the graduates, 48% believe they'll do better financially than their parents. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. coming up on the morning news, roger clemens under fire. a star witness in his perjury trial testified he gave the seven-time cy young award winner steroids. seven-time cy young award winner steroids. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can do more of the things that i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision
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coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in. three, two, one. >> a russian soyuz rocket lauchbed early today in kazakhstan, carrying three fresh crew members to the international space station. they include astronaut joseph, a spaceship veteran aboard the ride. the judge in john edwards' corruption trial threw out most of the plant testimony by the first witness. former federal election chair
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commissioner scott thomas told the jury yesterday that using nearly a million dollars in contributions to conceal edwards' affair was not illegal. prosecutors said thomas's opinion was irrelevant and the judge agreed. now to the perjury trial of former baseball great, roger clemens. he said he personally gave clemens several steroid injections. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: roger clemens left the u.s. district courthouse monday after hearing damaging testimony from his chief accuser. on the stand, former clemens trainer brian mcnamee said he injected the star pitcher eight to ten times in 1998 while the two were working for the toronto blue jays. mcnamee said clemens requested the shots, and it was done in clemens' hotel room. clemens said he received vitamin
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b shots and never used steroids. the government is trying him for perjury. mcnamee's testimony is key because two weeks ago andy pettitte waffled on the stand when asked about his teammate using poerms enhancing drugs. mcnamee explained in detail the first injection, how everything was laid out on the table, the needle. gauze, alcohol, and steroids. he also testified he knew what he was doing was illegal. the defense is expected to cross-examine mcnamee tuesday. >> the defense wants to basically get a lot of pretty embarrassing and salacious details in front of the jury because they want to portray mcnamee as somebody who's desperate. >> reporter: they'll try to convince jurors that vials were tainted because of the way he stored them. the prosecution claims the items have tested positive for both steroids and clemens' dna.
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danielle noting harnottingham, florida. repercussions from the hazing death of a florida drum major. they say the band program will be on hold until hazing investigations are complete. drum major robert champion died in november after being severely beaten aboard a band bus. straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, nba playoff thunder. russell westbrook and kevin durant lead oklahoma city against the lakers. kevin durant lead oklahoma city against the lakers. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle. that's why i take care, with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious.
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here's a look add today's forecast in some cities around the here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, showers, 63. miami, thunderstorms, 86. chaurks partly sunny, dallas, partly cloudy, and l.a., 74 grease. now for a check of today's national forecast. it will be wet in the east from new england to the carolinas with scattered thundershowers in georgia and florida. heavy thunderstorms will rage across the south -- south texas in with flood producing rain in the rio grand valley. thunderstorms will progress in the upper midwest as the day goes on. the west will be dry with near record heat continuing in the desert southwest. now to sports. and nba second playoff action. l.a. lakers and oklahoma city. kevin durant set the tone for thunder in the first quarter, driving for a slam dunk. dur raumt had 25 points in the game, and russell westbrook had
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27 including an alley-oop pass from durant for a third quarter slam. thunder, 119, lakers, 90. in boston he slammed past to tie it with the 76ers with the celtics. the phillies' evan turner hit an acrobatic reverse layup to put the 76ers back in front. they hung on to win 82-81 to tie the second round eastern series at a game apiece. now to baseball. cubs at cardinals. chicago built a 3-0 lead on hair's home runner. it was tied at 4-4 in the eighth when alfonso soriano smacked an rbi to the left. cubs went on to a 6-4 victory. red sox left-hander jon lester put on a show for the crowd against the mar nevers throwing his second complete game of the season. he struck out alex to end the game. a 6-1 red sox victory, their fourth straight at home. and, finally, to the stanley
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cup playoffs. devils and rangers. in the third period dan girardi scored, giving the rangers all they really need. henrik lundqvist stopped 21 shorts. new york shut out new jersey, 3-1, in game one of their second round series. >> when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and attention, walmart shoppers. a wayward rattlesnake proves it's got some bite. wayward rattlesnake proves it's got some bite. kiwi. soy milk. impulse buy. gift horse. king crab. rhubarb pie. lettuce shower. made by bees. toucan sam. that's not cheese. grass fed. curry. gingersnaps. soup can tower. 5% cash back. right now, get 5% cash back at grocery stores. it pays to discover. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., thunderstorms, 76. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms, 80, st. louis, sunny, denver, sunny, seattle, sunny and 76. here's another look at this morning's top stories. president obama defended his view supporting same-sex
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marriage at a fund-raiser in new york yesterday saying it strengthens families. and the ceo of jpmorgan chase, jamie dimon, will face angry shareholders in florida. he's expected to apoll jaz for his company's $2 billion investment blunder. a scary school bus accident in southern illinois injured at least 11 sixth graders and the bus driver, but looking at the wrecked bus, it's amazing that none of the 34 people onboard was killed when it collided with a tractor trailer rig yesterday. police in northern mississippi are warning people to take precautions after two people died in highway shootings in the past week. the similar shootings happened three days apart. both vehicles had pulled to the side of the road, leading investigators to suspect the killer may be posing as a police officer. the first tropical storm of the season has formed off the coast of mexico. tropical storm aletta is centered about 60 miles off
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mexico's southwest coast and is not currently a threat to land. a washington state man is recovering after a run-in with a rattlesnake at a walmart store. 47-year-old michael cray was in the outdoor garden center when he benlts down to pick up what he thought was a stick and it turned out to be a rattler. >> i reached down grab it and it got me. it stayed on. when i got it off, it curled up. i seen kids out there. i jumped all over the snake. stomped it dead. >> other shoppers raced him to the hospital where he was given anti-venom. reality shows influence popular babies' names. the most popular girls' names last year were sophia, isabella, and emma. for boys, jacob was tops for the
4:53 am
13th year in a row. mason, the name of kourtney kardashian's son jumped ten spots to number two and william was third. coming up after your local news on "cbs morning news," tom selleck's star of the hit show "blue blood." i'm manuel gallegus. this is "cbs morning news." u ma. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] on the first day you take it. ♪
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tuesday morning. a damp and humid day. >> i was shocked. you walk out the door and it's this close to you. first warning doppler, we have shower activity in the area. where it's not raining, it will be before not too long. mid-70s by lunch and on the way to the upper 70s. here is what we have our eye on for you today. evidence from the trial of george huguely going on display. the port of baltimore hosts the roll on roll off rodeo. in the news, newly released
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recordings asthma hem erupts in downtown baltimore. what the police are saying about the chaotic night. the state senate is poised to pass an income tax increase during the special session later today. the orioles look to keep their lead in the division as they host the yankees downtown. more news, first warning weather and first traffic report in a couple of minutes. ,
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